“There have been nuclear explosions” — “Ongoing nuclear reaction taking place now” (VIDEO)

Published: May 17th, 2011 at 4:53 pm ET


“Situation at Fukushima out of control”, Russia Today, May 17, 2011:

Transcript Summary

  • 0:45 Raging radioactive inferno taking place inside the reactor… we believe probably outside the reactor
  • 1:00 The real situation is in fact far worse because there have been nuclear explosions we now know
  • 2:15 We know that it is still fissioning… ongoing nuclear reaction taking place now… it is still going on
  • 3:15 It’s very hard to know how you could take control of the situation… the situation is essentially out of control


Published: May 17th, 2011 at 4:53 pm ET


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83 comments to “There have been nuclear explosions” — “Ongoing nuclear reaction taking place now” (VIDEO)

  • Dr.Stranglelove

    If anybody really cared,a large “anti-Manhattan” project could be put together with scientists(not nuke-company stooges nor govt. lackies)from all over the world to find and fund methods of halting the radiaton release. If the Japanese did not permit this,they could be told to prepare to be targeted with nuclear bombs-again.

    • Cuica

      They DO care…. don’t you see? They care about money….shhhh don’t let the word get out we have a nuclear hell going on here our stock might devalue……they may not care about staying alive but they care about YEN and Dollars and ruby slippers, big ole diamonds ohhhh how the emeralds shine even greener in the glow of that reator out of control.

    • Cassie

      The seeming total lack of concern by governments or the people is the most puzzling. My previous cynical view of the world now seems naive.

      • Demosthenes

        Ditto, and I thought I was pretty cynical. I can barely watch the evening news without feeling sick when it’s over and no mention of japan, AGAIN!

        • Cassie

          I know, no mention on the boob tube… that is why my friends and family cannot believe there is any problem in Fukushima.

      • dan

        It takes a while for the magnitude of the whole thing to sink in. Going from all the happy crap we’ve been taught, to the sociopathic reality, is a pretty big shift.

        • Cassie

          Dan, yes it is too big of a shift for most.
          Maybe that is why they have to spoon feed the info to us
          over a period of months. And even then, there are going to be a lot of people who refuse to believe what we are facing.

          • dan

            I’m not so sure they’re spoon feeding to help us. My guess would be it’s more like putting a frog in a pot of water. Then slowly raising the heat until it boils. The frog won’t jump out if it’s heated up slowly. But turn up the heat quickly, and the frog will get out in a pretty big hurry. And in this case, we’re the frog.

  • xdrfox

    Japan’s Mount Aso, world’s largest strato-volcano stirs – alert level raised to 2

    • Pu239

      Funny that Aso and the first part of Fukushima sound like rebukes to us little earthlings from the heavens above.

      • Cassie

        I know, I have thought the same thing from the beginning.
        Editorial comment from the universe. 🙁

        • dan

          I can just hear Arnold Schwartenegger–now that he’s the MSM’s latest distraction–saying “fuku aso”.

          Too bad this volcano is in the south. We need one a little closer to fuku. Or maybe the lava could be collected somehow, and poured over the radioactive fuel?

  • tony wilson

    thank you russia today..
    shame on you the guardian and the bbc.
    i do wish when busby and gundersen go on these news programmes that the editors would give them more time.
    what the fuck else is more important than this rotten event.
    i may suggest to nhk japan that they bring back endurance game show.
    and we get all the japan government,tepco and frogs from areva nuclear and torture the bastards nice a slow.using different radioactive isotopes and a laughter track.

  • JWS

    Japan and Tepco need to be removed from the picture and get some REAL experts in there that are not worried about stock prices or “losing honor”.

    What a crock!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Moco

      You have to keep the stock priced propped up, til the top criminals can sell their holdings and reposition themselves to make whatever profit from the short side. But that is not likely to happen because there are so fewer counterparties.
      Now JPM can’t be gunning for Goldman, now. This play is totally different than like the financials misdeeds.
      The press is spewing bullshit. In all channels. Even the trolls are in full force.
      The facts are complete. The lying and lying by omission, is beyond reproach.
      The hand we are being dealt, is the “all in” of human history.

  • Anthony

    Japan envoy allays radiation fears

    There is no need of restriction on travel to Japan and screening of people or goods coming from Japan at foreign seaports and airports, the Japanese Ambassador to Qatar, Kenjiro Monji, said yesterday.
    “The spread of radioactive substance from the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Station, damaged in the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, is in such a low intensity and would not cause heath risk,” he said in a statement.
    The Government of Japan (GoJ) has requested other countries not to take measures such as import ban without scientific justification, so that the international movement of people and goods are not prevented due to unfounded rumours.
    The total amount of radioactive materials released so far is 10% of those released in Chernobyl.


    • Cassie

      Oh then I guess I can book a flight to Japan and stay beachside at Fukushima. Lovely I hear.
      What idiots.

      • Anthony

        I know I had to read it twice to make sure I wasn’t imagining the words! Its stuff like this that makes me question their intentions and integrity overall.

    • franzpick

      Did you want to mention that Eastern Russia refused entry of a boatload of radioactive used cars from Japan, that Morgan Stanley walked away from their 3.3 BIL note on their Tokyo office building, that marine shipping companies sending goods north of Tokyo are requiring their customers to purchase the containers which they do not want returned to their ships, and that restaurants from N.Y. to L.A. are testing their Pacific fish for radioactive contamination ?

      • Cassie

        The Japanese envoy forgot to mention those details.

      • Anthony

        Thanks you are right. How can we comprehend actions like this deliberate publication of untruths?

        • franzpick

          I’m new here tonight,and may very well be eventually ‘thrilled to death’ finding an active blog that refuses to be diverted from the worsening Fuku disaster news realities.

          Your unqualified quote of the Japanese envoy made you appear to me as a ‘party to the crime’, which I now suspect you are not, but the successful public awareness of the coverup-charade from my standpoint will come not from quoting the many, frequent financial and gov’t mistatements of reality, but rather from assembling and repeating the facts and events otherwise hidden by the authorities and the world press.

          • Cassie

            Keep reading dear.
            You are preaching to the choir.

          • Anthony

            Hmm – what I like about this site is the information tends to be shared, picked apart, aligned with other hypocritical or misleading publications. I think it is HIGHLY relevant to present to people I care about that Japan is promoting a safe place to bring the kids whilst we understand there are three full nuclear meltdowns occurring as we speak. I post articles found *off the radar* and from a wider geography to paint fuller pictures of info.

            Sometimes I think it is wiser for me to hold my opinion on things and allow others to form their own.

            Unless you are there personally, what information is there to consider than what is published? You filled in the gaps the article I pointed out *conveniently missed* for which I gave you props.

          • Cassie

            Anthony I found the Japanese envoy article an important one because it speaks to the continued dishonest and absurdity of the Japanese government in handling this crisis. Which does not bode well for our long term survival.

          • extra knight

            there is no such thing as an unqualified quote, there is however such things as leperchauns, fairies, elves and having a “both eyes wide shut” view of the world that one finds himself in. oh yes disinformation and doublespeak too. ta ta.

          • dan

            franzpick – Anthony’s posting of the article was sarcasm.

  • dan

    Japan is going BYE BYE says the revealerofsecrets. Buh Bye. Casey said the greater part of Japan would sink into the sea. I think it’s happening as we speak.

    • Cassie

      They say Atlantis sank for the same reason, uncontrolled
      nuclear explosions.

      Actually could Japan sink into the sea?
      What would happen then?

    • Godzilla

      Edgar Cayce was an American healer and prophet who worked in the 1920s until about 1945 or so, if I remember correctly. Yes, he said Japan would mostly go underwater ….. yeah, it’s possible. They have a caldera from a supervolcano explosion in one of the other islands ….. if Tokyo or another area on the main island turns into a supervolcano, it could subside underwater, forming a caldera. A huge earthquake on the land might cause subsidence too, though I don’t think over a huge area.

      I guess that would all be more likely if there are some large areas inland that are already below sea level.

      • Anthony

        There is liquefaction going on in Japan and water *pushing up* through the ground in the strangest random places. Your theory is not as far fetched as it might sound….

      • Steven

        This vid link worth a look, certainly they are experiencing strange problems in some areas :


      • Cassie

        A caldera is a big crater, but there would be rocks and lava on the sides of the crater? The magma has to go somewhere?

        Will go look at Cayce’s prediction, considered by many to be the greatest psychic of the 20th century. But he was wrong about some of this geological predictions…..


    • dan

      dan – FYI, we’re using the same name for posting, and it could get confusing.

  • SteveMT

    Japan is playing musical chairs with a whole lot of people and not very many chairs.

    Evacuate the people first. Think about the solution later. Two+ months of willy-nilly safety measures is way too long.

  • mikael

    They are still covering it up, they are still lying. And its a shame.
    To me its the essens of cherrypiking.
    The fallout readings are still not credible, by the simple fact that the surounding areas of Tokyo is highly contaminated, and they(gov and tepco) still dont know anything,
    The people of Japan must wake up, and if the old ones are to polite, then the young ones have to kick in some doors and demand answers and that, right now, its becomed a matter of what level of contamination already recived and that it Will cause siriouse helth problems for everyone.
    That is a mater of facts.
    The difference between internal radiation and external, usaly newer mentiond anywher in the MSM, is huge.
    The moment a Plutonium particle enter a body it a threat, and is the single moust poisomus coponent invented by humans.
    And the have in a peroid of 2 m. conducted 5 samplings, all with plut.
    And thats it, and since then nothing has comed out to the press.
    What do we call it inside TEPCO and their henghemen,
    collateral damage,
    and sorry folks but shitt happens.

    This is going from bad to realy bad, and the prospects are on the FOBAR scale.

  • In a month or so, after #1 explodes again, there will be international intervention via the US or UN militaries. I think that is why the world powers are not saying anything right now. Probably they have an intervention plan already or they have one currently being finalized. When the time is right, they won’t say anything, they will just move swiftly into Japan, arrest all the Tepco vermin and the Japanese government swine. Then they will bring in the world’s best and bury it all.

    • Cassie

      Rod, this is a very interesting supposition.

      I have been trying to figure out what is going on with the recent
      disclosure statements of that past 48 hours. It does seem plausible
      that this is the groundwork in run up to military or UN takeover
      of the site. It also explains the total silence from world leaders.
      And information black out.

      The action you describe can not come soon enough for me.
      I hope it is more than wishful thinking.

    • Godzilla

      Great idea, but wishful thinking.

    • dan

      I think they’re all in cahoots. So I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  • Barney

    I am going to say something that may not be appreciated in a forum.

    After Hiroshima and Nagasaki do you think the Japanese give a rats ass about fallout heading (here now) for the U.S.?

    This is a WORLD concern. At what point do we say enough is enough and take control of the situation? At this point all we can hope is that Japan sinks into the ocean.

    Maybe bomb it into the ocean.

  • Cindy

    Its hard not to speculate what is happening and what might happen, but it does seem like Japan is still trying to downplay things, and continues to smooth things over …

    Release the camera chickens Quick !! So we can find out the truth… DOH !

    • Moco

      Truth is, the telling of truth is dangerous to the masses.
      Truth is, if the US food industry reports any contamination, then the already dying economy, will take a bigger blow down towards its sewer GPS destination.

  • Heart of the Rose

    It’s looking pretty toasty live.

  • Dr.Stranglelove

    Nuke um back to the stone age. Oh wait, they have done that to themselves.

  • hawkeye

    you really dont want too have japan sink in the sea
    there would be 50 plus reactors in melt down
    not good

  • hawkeye

    but it can happen

  • hawkeye

    its a perfect shit storm

  • GI justice

    It was bound to happen. Japan has hundreds of earthquakes a year….they have hundreds of reators….boom it took a long time to happen. Those assholes are to stupid to shut down the other reactors in the face of all this…..those folks are VERY stupid.

    • Cassie

      It is becoming clear that we have been living on borrowed time.
      This was bound to happen sooner or later.
      Somewhere in the world.

      The sociopaths who run this world have taken everything from us.
      Or jobs, homes, pensions. We live in a toxic soup.
      Why did we think they would care about our lives?

  • Noah

    Focus on Regime change
    Meanwhile back at the White House

    During the greatest nuclear crisis in the history of mankind, the Obama Administration continues to focus on regime change in Libya. The concerns expressed have overshadowed minor priorities such as the contamination of the entire food chain of the Northern Hemisphere by airborne radioactive particulates emitted by the Fukushima Dai-ichi power plants.

    Obama restated his commitment to see this change take place. His firm commitment to his campaign promises to bring about change, is realized through the forceful overthrow of foreign governments and changes to the constitution through executive orders. With the use of Executive orders, the Congress and the Supreme Court need not engage in obstructing the will of the office of the President.

    Keeping his promise for change remains a center piece plank in his domestic & foreign policy.

    It is the position of this administration that the due to the insignificant levels of fallout, safe by all estimates, no action is required.

    However, we are very concerned about the value of TEPCO shares, as our banks hold interests in Japanese blue chip industries.

    • Noah

      Japan Needs Regime Change

      Unfortunately, it is Japan that needs regime change, as the present leadership threaten not only the people of Japan, but indeed, the genetic future of all life on planet earth.

  • Godzilla

    We already live in a toxic soup, Cassie. The Powers That Be won’t consider this to be more important to deal with than the Hanford Site or chemical Superfund sites, unless there are further explosions that unleash a lot of material into the stratosphere. Look at the air pollution and food additives from China, that’s been way worse than Fukushima and Chernobyl combined (my guess!).

    The coriums have likely already hit the groundwater in small amounts ……. whether they can eventually cause enough steam to escape into the atmosphere is uncertain. They’re probably becoming diluted and cooler, just as happened with the Elephant’s Foot at Chenobyl.

    • Cassie

      Gzilla. I agree, we already live in a toxic soup, so what is a few more dirty bits floating around with half lives of 14 billion years?

      Oh yes I am sure the corporate fat cats, just see this as an inconvenience and stock value problem. We are expendable, totally expendable. China poisons its own infants with tainted milk. GE nukes us back to the stone age.

      I am sure with all their $trillions they can mange to live underground or go off planet.

      • franzpick

        Sounds like you and Ann Coulter agree that ‘a little radiation is good for you’ ?

        The toxic soup in which we have for decades been living has very possibly just been fatally spiked with very long-lasting FukuSushi radiation, and if the Japanese and worldwide corporate and national neglect of the enfolding radioactive disaster continues, the fatcat $trillions will in no way buy them underground or off-planet survival.

        But perhaps I am missing the value of your use of sarcasm in place of factual analysis of the possible cataclysmic disaster ?

        • Anthony

          Wow, how do you get Cassie and Ann Coulter as being the same creature? Are you for real or just trying to stir up fights?

  • Manifest Irony

    So it turns out the early reports of chlorine-38 in the salt water used for cooling are true–recriticality–the fuel has melted into a critical mass and at this point has gone through all containment. In other words, the worst case scenario? And why isn’t this front page news across the world?

  • xdrfox

    What your diet can do to protect you from radiation.
    An update from Suzanne and Kylie, our head Naturopaths.
    In light of the events that have occurred in Japan recently, there has been much concern about what we can do to protect ourselves from radiation poisoning. Of course, it is crucial for the Japanese people to take steps to protect themselves and a good idea that we take some precautionary measures also.

    While researching this topic, it became clear that this is not something new. Since WW2 nuclear bombs have been detonated in Australia, Japan, the South Pacific and other places around the globe. We have also had to contend with Chernobyl, spent uranium from munitions and many other forms of radiation that are fast filling our environment including, on a more subtle level, computers, mobiles, power poles etc.

    So, while we have an acute situation in Japan at present, we also have a chronic low-grade exposure to radiation happening all over the globe. According to Parvo Airola PhD, ND, Iodine 131 from radiation fallout is a powerful carcinogen that can cause thyroid cancer, leukaemia and other forms of cancer that can occur many years after the initial exposure.

    What can we do to help counteract this very real threat? Well the people of Japan have been advised to take iodine even though the average Japanese person consumes around 12 mg of iodine a day. Here in the west, we are lucky to get 100 mcg’s of iodine a day!

    Luckily there are many foods that are high in nutrients that can help to protect us from radiation poisoning and help to boost our immune systems, and assist the liver to detox. Here are some of those:
    A food produced by fermenting rice, barley or soybeans with salt and a fungus kojikin, is known to reduce radiation sickness and is one of Japan’s traditional foods. I first read about this in Leslie Kenton’s book “The Wise Woman’s Passage To Power” where she sites research from a doctor in Japan who was treating the locals for radiation sickness after Hiroshima. He and his staff consumed a bowl of miso soup every day and did not succumb to the poisoning.
    Not only are they a great natural source of nutrients, they are very effective at removing radiation from the body as they contain sodium alginate and they are high in iodine. Try dulse or wakame flakes on sandwiches and salads, nori for making sushi and kelp sprinkled on vegies. Also, agar agar derived from sodium alginate in kelp, can be used as a thickening agent.
    Chlorophyll rich foods:
    Think green – spirulina, chlorella, wheat grass, barley grass, etc. have been shown in a number of studies to decrease radiation toxicity. Add a couple of teaspoons to a fresh fruit or vegie juice every day for optimal effects.
    Reishi Mushrooms (Ganoderma Lucidum):
    High in Beta-1,3 glucan and have been shown to offer protection from radiation in animal studies. I have recently started adding these thin brown slices to my morning cup of bancha (kukicha) tea. The bancha is alkalising and the mushrooms, as well as protecting from radiation, boost the immune system. With some added ginger and honey it makes a flavoursome and potent start to the day!
    Found in good levels in buckwheat, strengthens the capillary walls and in animal studies was shown to reduce the death rate from excessive X-Rays by 800 percent.
    Protects DNA from radiation damage and foods and herbs that are considered to be good sources of selenium are nettles, burdock root, organic yoghurt, kelp and organic brazil nuts.
    Holy Basil (Tulsi):
    Preliminary research shows that this lovely fragrant herb protects against radiation induced peroxidation thus helping to protect against the detrimental effects of low level radiation. It also increases glutathione and superoxide dismutase, important mediators in the liver helping the body deal with radiation. Tulsi is available as a tea but should be avoided in pregnancy and in large amounts.
    Fresh coriander:
    Can be grown easily in your backyard, is a natural heavy metal chelator and can be chopped up and added to many dishes for flavour as well as health benefits. Try adding it to a warming lentil soup for a yummy addition to your detoxing regime!

    We cannot avoid being exposed to radiation as well as other toxins in our environments. Hopefully we will not have to deal with such an acute level as our Japanese friends are now doing, but we can go a long way in protecting our bodies and keeping them healthy by consuming a healthy diet which includes as many of the above foods as possible.


    • Anna

      Good info. Brazil nuts are probably fine now but next crop- I would skip it. Brazil and Hazelnuts really suck up radioactivity.

  • dan

    Was that a body bag they were carrying at the end of the video?

  • Heart of the Rose


    This is a section of Agenda 21..all sections ..see 5.4….all of them weird. weird.. weird..

  • It’s a bit spooky that the Virgin Mary is alleged to have spoken in the 1970s at Akita, Japan, not far from Fukushima, about a dire catastrophe which might await humanity.

  • Jean Tanner

    I’ve been following this site for over a month and have decided to start chiming in. First comment to make- many thanks to those to created and maitin this site.
    My morning browsing consists of reading NHK then over here and to a few other places.
    Then I put up the most interesting articles on my fb wall, in the hope this will, on some very small level, get the news out.
    I can’t do much more at the moment.
    Just learn, learn and learn some more.
    Again, thanks to all who make enenergy work.

  • Jack

    Jean Tanner, and all…
    We can take these pages, like this particular string, from the top and
    all the way down to the end of the comments…
    and SAVE them down,
    MAKE Hardcopy handouts of the most important food safety-
    supplements-radiation protection info…
    MAKE Powerpoint slides, or, to just set up a meeting with people,
    and PROJECT onto a SCREEN, or use one of these new TVs, and put
    on a show for those present, where you follow these comments and
    replies, highly educative, with the links to other sources.
    In many cases, you will be giving internet usage instruction
    to those who aren’t internet savvy.
    You don’t need powerpoint if you can just project these pages
    onto a big enough screen.
    I HOPE this instructional suggestion will be taken to action in
    communities all over the world.
    Thank You Jean Tanner and all….

  • Jack

    Thanks, Dr. Fox, for another example of a really useful,
    nutritious Post. I had my heaping spoon of chlorella yesterday,
    and might get some more today.
    Also had a blender-raw-green-shake with Kale on banana, apple,
    and frozen blueberries, plus a little Ascorbate-C and Emergencee
    Acai berry flavor, a handful of ice.
    Zang Zang.
    I haven’t checked the past couple weeks, but I found
    the best price for Chlorella powder was at NutsOnline.com.
    They have a pound, 5-pound, and larger, at much better price than
    any of the tablet-formed chlorella brands.
    I’m thinking if I took it everyday, I’d be in scary good health.
    I tend to still eat burgers, indulgent treats.
    But I KNOW, even though I’m still eating Butter, and occasional
    cheese in stuff you buy prepared, and Mark-down yogurts about
    three times a week, I DON’T NEED that dairy stuff, like I was raised to believe, and I got the Sixty pound Weight-loss to Prove it!
    The more Fresh, Live, Quality stuff you eat, eliminating white flour
    and sugars, the happier you will be. I still cheat, like a psychologically-needy little regressed child. I got ice cream cones
    in the fridge, but i didn’t eat one yesterday. They don’t rule me.
    Go Dr. Fox!!
    I think of all the times I went to a diner where they garnished the
    plate with a piece of Kale, and ya jist left it there, like yuck.
    But now it seems to be soon one of the most cherished crops!
    Throw it in the blender, Zang! Fresh Live Green Nutrition!

    • Moco

      I don’t get the agenda 21 crap. I read all the searches. But planet sustainabilty is an important issue.
      The truely, thought of privileged, are available to the absolute best sources of science. Hey, we got the internet and EPA shuts down their data.

  • Benjamin

    Christians, do not be deceived. Remember how the Lord said they would speak lies to deceive the very Elect. ‘Project Bluebeam’ , ‘Webbots’ , all of these lies are from the devil to deceive the living from life.
    Rebuke the Devil.
    Mother and Father are real, Love is real.
    Never stop loving.

    Technology is a lie, the World Wide Web is a liar, the work of vanity.

  • Jack

    Thank You Benjamin.
    They think that by endlessly rehashing The Killing of Osama Bin Lodden….they can make it be true.
    Millions of poor folks don’t know any better.
    The Evil Falsehood Web-Spinners are in the positions of power.
    Thank You Jesus for keeping my Heart alive.

  • Terror & Catastrophe in Japan’s nuclear death camp.”The workers know they will die from radiation”. Is that not a terrible sentence from a bad investment in uranium?! and starting from raw materials is a deadly cancer. All world nuclear plants should be closed down because there are to many terrorists within and always looking from far to terminate peace and start wars.
    Those that look to depopulate the earth through murder avenues are a monster barbarian that should be scrolled to be judged as they conspire to kill innocent people. The End.