“They Lied About Fukushima — There’s a Shock”

Published: May 17th, 2011 at 11:46 am ET


They Lied About Fukushima. There’s a Shock., Scienceblogs, May 17, 2011:

So it turns out that there *was* a meltdown around reactor #1. Quite a lot of people suspected this from the visual evidence, but TEPCO and the Japanese government denied, denied, denied. Accusations that those arguing for a meltdown were all internet conspiracy theorists (which also occurred early in the Katrina disaster as well, and in other instances) were used to discredit people who argued that a meltdown had, in fact occurred.

This is a useful thing to know, because it gives you a sense of the dynamic being built up between governments and ordinary people as things become less stable on the world scene. On the one hand, extreme events are more common due to climate change, lack of ability to maintain infrastructure, etc… On the other hand, the idea that there is a coherence to these events, and that historically it is risky to trust official versions is maligned as conspiracy theorism. […]

Published: May 17th, 2011 at 11:46 am ET


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24 comments to “They Lied About Fukushima — There’s a Shock”

  • justme

    Talk about the powers that be fucking you and you’re a mad conspiracy theorist …. and i dont get why but when people hear the word ‘conspiracy’ they tend to take things like they are non-truth based jokes…. simply amazing.

    • Atlantis

      I’m a “conspiracy theorist”. I’m proud of it. And more and more people do. Do you kow why ? Because in fact we are a new specy. We are true ivestigation journalists. We are real justice investigators. We collect HUGE amount of fact, data, opinion and testimony. We analyse them and make the truth appear out of secret. We are ignored, laughted at then fought. And in the end we’ll win. Simply because whatever people acting in secret do, truth happens in the light of time.
      Yes, I’m a “conspiracy theorist”, and we are legions to joint the fight.

      • extra knight

        unless of course conspiracy theorist means some semi-literate dysfunctional uncritically minded girlyboy/complacent stooge sitting behind a keyboard, one that cannot even possibly do even simple math. that’s a whole ‘nother ballgame right there. there is a difference.

      • Anthony

        China downplays nuclear report

        Beijing yesterday downplayed a United Nations report indicating that prohibited missile technology was shared by North Korea and Iran through a third country that diplomats have said was China.
        “This so-called ‘internal UN document’ is a UN expert group report. It does not represent the Security Council’s position or the position of the Security Council sanctions committee,” the foreign ministry said in a statement.

        The country is not named in the report, excerpts of which were provided, but diplomats said it was China, isolated North Korea’s closest ally.

        China has sought to bring North Korea back into the negotiations, which also include South Korea, Japan, Russia and the United States. AFP


        Maybe you are right about when there are facts to consider….

      • Hi guys please join us at thetruthxposed.com to uncover the TRUTH to the world!!!

    • kx

      the final victory will be ours, the true communist manifest, not that fascist(rothchild supported) experiments in the soviet block.

  • Blue

    A positive take and since no one really knows I think this could be the case if you have reason to prove this wrong please post. http://phronesisaical.blogspot.com/2011/05/fukushima-and-epistemology.html

    • fuckyoushima

      9.0 magnitude


      yeah, nobody knows shit.

    • Steven

      Yes nice words in your reference link from yet another expert, remember the whole industry was engineered by experts. How many times do you want to pay for their mistaken self confidence?

      Critical mass explosion risk or not, a very real threat exists from the spent fuel pools which contain many times more radioactive material than any reactor vessel, and these guys don’t want to even think about them because they forgot to think about them clearly in the design phase… thinking now would lead them to the inevitable conclusion that they were wrong, and physicists are far too clever to be wrong. One of these (the MOX pool at R3) has seemingly already popped it’s cork, another (R4) sits precariously amidst a tilted wreck of a structure, just waiting for another severe aftershock to reawaken and possibly spill it’s contents into the surrounding debris.

      That said I am also optimistic…. I’m hopeful that one day these modern priests of science will realise the damage they’ve done, repent, and maybe contribute something useful towards putting things right again.


    COPY— > o it turns out that there *was* a meltdown around reactor #1. Quite a lot of people suspected this from the visual evidence, but TEPCO and the Japanese government denied, denied, denied. Accusations that those arguing for a meltdown were all internet conspiracy theorists.


  • Reminds me of that Etrade commercial with that talking baby saying, “Wanna see my ‘shocked’ face”?

  • Russell

    Can you say population reduction?

  • mark V

    Yes, TEPCO and Japanese government lied, but in different context.

    Lying about ongoing category 7 nuclear accidend is not very nice, but they will say sorry, maybe even twice. But what if the meltdowns (I know, it’s unscientific) did not occur on the early days, as the new version of the events implies. Or they didn’t know, but tried to contain it, so incompetent, inadequate, badly orgaqnized, that they failed. The meltdowns finally started, let’s guess in the beginning of May.

    Once that comes to light, the reaction is obvious – why the hell didn’t you scream – all the world nations, we need help pleeeeaaaaseeee. Now it is probably too late. If you’ve seen any movies about mafia, you know how it works – a member lost, the system saved. This is now coming from all directions – govt knew only from media, a worker did mistake, Kan didn’t have IAEA’s N# in the phonebook (this is mine, can’t resist). So far for the nuc industry, puppet govs and financial criminals at the top.

    • extra knight

      oh they knew alright. simple as pie. just the fact that they lost cooling and back up power and cooling systems probably raised alot of red flags. the best example of that is the 30-60 day window they use to actually tell a partial truth about the past events, which is conveniently buried in a mountain of unscientific disinformation in the mean time.

      • Anthony

        If they believed it could return back to control they would have assigned an army to help. If they considered the outcome impossible, dire and insurmountable, they might *sacrifice* a Fukushima Fifty to give it the last good college try. Or at least to make appearances they gave effort. But you wouldn’t probably deliberately send thousands of workers in, like Russia previously, to ensure a successful conclusion, right? If you believed it was possible, you’d throw all you’ve got at it. They are not.

    • Anthony

      I hear you – but they either had a meltdown or not. It is a very simple thing to answer and you would have noticed the meltdown if you were, say in the country and definitely if you worked there at TEPCO.

  • How does SOROS play into “all of THIS”?

    • kx

      lol he paid 10% of the construction of a stupid way to boil water, he should loose 50% of is money for allowing this, and all other investors.

      ps> i have no ideia if he invested directly or not lolol

  • Dr.Stranglelove

    Time to break out the torches and pitchforks.

  • Heart of the Rose

    ..yes..but is it politically correct?