“They lied to us”: Radiation release comparable to Chernobyl — Total core meltdown in all 3 reactors — Worst industrial catastrophe in world history (CNN VIDEO)

Published: June 22nd, 2011 at 5:14 am ET


Fukushima ‘still a ticking time bomb’, CNN, June 21, 2011:

Transcript Excerpts

[Emphasis Added]

ROMANS [CNN HOST]: Then Fukushima. The disaster that won’t go away. Nobody is paying attention. But is the nuclear meltdown more dangerous than ever? […] Michio Kaku on the biggest industrial catastrophe in history. […]

KAKU: In the last two weeks, everything we knew about that accident has been turned upside down. We were told three partial melt downs, don’t worry about it. Now we know it was 100 percent core melt in all three reactors. Radiation minimal that was released. Now we know it was comparable to radiation at Chernobyl. […]

ROMANS: In your view, did they not know how bad it was or they knew and didn’t tell […]

KAKU: […] We knew it was much more severe than they were saying, because radiation was coming out left and right. So in other words, they lied to us. […]

ROMANS: […] within hours not even a day, there were already statements from the company and International Atomic Energy Association saying there had been safe shut down of all reactors. […]

KAKU: […] in New York City, you can actually see it in the milk. You can actually see it has iodine, 131, actually spiked a little bit in our milk in New York City, but it is very small.

ROMANS: Just even hearing that, though, even hearing that you can detect it, that there’s a catastrophe, worst industrial catastrophe in history, we can see it in milk in New York, that’s frightening. […]

KAKU: […] Realize Chernobyl was one core’s worth radiation causing a $200 billion accident and it is still on- going. Here we have 20 cores worth of radiation. Three totally melted, one damaged and the [rest in] spent fuel pumps, 20 cores worth of highly radioactive materials. […]

Published: June 22nd, 2011 at 5:14 am ET


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107 comments to “They lied to us”: Radiation release comparable to Chernobyl — Total core meltdown in all 3 reactors — Worst industrial catastrophe in world history (CNN VIDEO)

  • They are constantly lying! And even worse, we believe that TEPCO is rigging their webcam to hide the dumping of spent fuel rods into the ocean! http://radioactive.eu.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=223:is-tepco-dumping-fuel-rods-in-the-sea&catid=38:fp-rokstories&Itemid=212

    • Breaking : Tragic Radiation News For America and Japan! *VIDEO*
      21/06/2011 by Ray

      To much lies has been coming out regarding Fukushima fallout. It is something in the Japanese ” Don`t loose face complex” that has been hindering the truth to come out. It is NOW well-known that the Japanese government admitted it kept in secret at least 5000 radiation measurements and assessments after the nuclear event which struck the Fukushima Daiichi NPP in March. This was done in order not to induce panic in the population, a representative of the staff dealing with the nuclear emergency told ITAR-TASS.

      “It was a wrong decision,” he admitted, pointing out that all upcoming information about Fukushima Daiichi will be spread immediately. The system which collects data about radiation leaks from the Japanese nuclear power plants does not work effectively, Japanese media have reported, according to the Russian agency….

      “Avoiding exposure is always the best plan but there is no way to avoid breathing in air contaminated with tiny hot particles. Inhalation issues are much more frightening than ingestion issues because you can pick and choose what you eat and drink but you can’t buy bottled air.”

      “Nuclear Toxicity Syndrome,” one of the books authored by Dr. Sircus, is about “how to survive in nuclear and chemical hell,” he says. Dr. Sircus, a founding guide of Gulf Coast Barefoot Doctors, deliverers of Detox Survival Kits to hundreds of Gulf Of Mexico BP oil and Corexit poisoned survivors….



    • Willie

      Magnitude 6.7 Quake Hits Off Japan’s Coast, Tsunami Advisory Issued

  • Also note the article published on ASAHI.com today… TEPCO can’t find 69 plant workers for radiation checks where they elaborate further: ” Government officials are criticizing TEPCO’s sloppy management of paperwork on the workers, saying it is now hampering follow-up radiation checks and allowed potential terrorists to enter the plant’s site”

    Same thing as with 1st responders at wtc… if you seen 2 much you better hush!

    • milk and cheese milk and cheese

      I wonder what happened to the original Fukushima 50 or the poor fellow who stepped into the radioactive water some months ago. Are they still alive? There is probably a reason why Tepco has such sloppy paperwork. But in the age of the Internet, is no one worker blogging about this?

  • Steven Steven

    There you go guys, we weren’t just imagining things after all.

  • milk and cheese milk and cheese

    I still trust Dr. Kaku, but why has it taken so long for the media to cover this? and if there is, as some aver, some huge conspiracy, why are they talking about it now?

  • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

    So now we are all calibrated.
    We were all interpreting this mess correctly. (which we all knew, of course)
    This is IT.
    TEOTWAWKI is not longer a metaphorical acronym.
    Like I have shared with a few close friends who I knew would listen.
    This is WWIII thermonuclear detonations in slow motion.
    Let alone that there is no end in sight to getting any semblance of control on #1 through #4.
    Now I am simply at a loss for words.

    • gerryhiles

      Yes fireguyjeff.

      It was all obvious from day one, for anyone with a tad of knowledge.

      I too am at a loss for words, unlike ranters like Taco.

      Anyone who really knows knows that everything is futile … as Arnie has virtually said

  • Novamind

    So now it appears that spent fuel rods are being dumped into the ocean. No big surprise there, what did we think they where going to do with them? Now its 20 times worse than thought, and 600 square miles are uninhabitable in Japan. Still no end in site or measure of control expected. Infant mortality rates are up. How much worse will it need to be before they sink it into the ground?

    • If they sink it, it means that whole japans underground water table will get contaminated. Not a viable option.

      • milk and cheese milk and cheese

        It already is contaminated.

      • Novamind

        If they do not sink it-the soil and the air get contaminated in Japan and the World. If they sink it Japan looses fresh water purity SINK-IT Its a no brainer! Damage Control pure and simple.

        • milk and cheese milk and cheese

          You do not know what will happen when they ‘sink it’. I believe adding more nuclear fuel to this fire will not only make things worse, it could make things MUCH worse.

          • Isn’t it true that the longer the material is outside the reactor—the worse it gets?
            (Some kind of magnification effect?)

            I’m trying to understand how this can happen—how the blob gets more radioactive over time.

            Any theories?

      • Misitu

        Not exactly the whole water table, unless/until enough radioactive rain falls on the other side of the central mountains and/or west of Tokyo.

        Not meaning to seem picky, but some things happen quite fast like changes to the local underground water systems/flows, and others much more slowly.


        • Misitu

          To Pu239: the radioactive decay products may be more or less radioactive than the original parent elements, and their halflives vary considerably, hence prediction is difficult unless you know a lot about the original fission event.

          Completely feasible, but I have no idea of the probabilities involved, that external material when irradiated will itself generate radioactive fission products.

          Basically, What A Mess.

    • “Finally, three months later, we are getting some numbers on what the real dangers are. And finally we can begin to understand the enormous cover-up of the nuclear doom that is reaching lungs all over the west coast of America, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii and at least half of Japan!” stated Dr. Mark Sircus.

      This video of the plant appears to show huge amounts of steam being produced as hot material,
      Be sure to see the end of…

    • Anthony Anthony

      I guess we have to resign ourselves to an obvious outcome. I tend to think this is going to end with the radiation being the winner. The last place I think can handle anymore additional issues is the ocean. But if it is going to go there ultimately(runoff, tsunami, explosion, groundwater assimilation, melt-though) then perhaps that’s a reality we have to accept in this stupid situation?

      I am not in anyway endorsing this as right action, but I am putting it out there so that maybe alternative theories may come into play while they futilely continue the land battle.

      I believe one day we wont be able to even approach Japan physically, because of the radiation levels. I hope to be wrong on this one for sure.

      • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

        Anthony, I wondered for days why Tepco would announce for days in advance that they would open unit 2’s doors “to lower humidity”. And why then finally they did it between 8 PM and 4 AM. First I thought they just didn’t want to be seen, until I looked at the wind forecast. Obviously they waited until they could be sure the wind would take the mess out to the East for several days to come.

      • Misitu

        Looking that way, Anthony, don’t keep your hopes up.

  • This is disaster caused by a private company that japanese public has to pay for (mentaly, phisicaly and financialy). Its time that people realise we were declared war by private corporations that have politicians in their pockets and there is a genocide enfolding.

  • milk and cheese milk and cheese

    It is time to realize that in cases like this, the cost is not to be measured in money. The Japanese government should have declared a national disaster months ago and used whatever means necessary to clean it up. Why is TEPCO still calling the shots?

    • Atlantis

      TEPCO (and other big firms) ARE/OWN the government. And so it is in most countries around. Fascism everywhere is the standard today, if you didn’t realize…

      • milk and cheese milk and cheese

        I can’t believe it is possible for people to allow their own children to die for the sake of money. Yes, I am a little naive.

        • Fall out man!

          Atlantis, Agreed, the big boys tell the government what to do, not the other way around.

          Milk and Cheese, Romans 1:18 onwards lays it out very clearly. A path from denying that which is obvious about God, through a downward spiral of progressively more evil character traits. Below that, as people reach the lowest ebb they take pleasure in getting others to do the same, and finally, the ultimate in depravity are people who have no natural affection, even for their own children. So there are indeed people who do not even love their own children, and there are a lot of them out there. People don’t see much of that in the west, so it shocks them, but in parts of Asia its rife. A classic example is some villages in Thailand with plenty of money that still sell their kids into sexual slavery. Yet other villages with no money may not. Another example is the belief amongst some Chinese that hugging a younger person takes length of life from the young one and gives it to the elder. Some older Chinese men will hug kids “too much” thinking they will live longer at the kid’s expense. So there are indeed people who do not love even their own children.

          That said, you can bet the power brokers and their families are not eating food from Fukushima province, and have moved further out than Tokyo. Even if they don’t love their families, you can bet they don’t want to die themselves. As I said, Romans 1:18 onwards lays it out very clearly with links between behavior and lifestyle that only modern social statistical information could prove to be true.

          In summary, it is entirely possible that the guys whose systematic falsification of safety data and minimization of maintenance caused this mess, do not even love their own children. (if they have any, given Japan’s birth rate)

    • cossack55

      I found it rather odd that Kaku weighted the degree of crisis based on $. How asinine. Just on the surface, a 1986 (Chernonbyl) dollar has roughly 40% more value than todays worthless script. The real Evil here is the Central Banks. Until they are eliminated, buildings razed to the ground and the soil covered in salt, this EVIL will continue.

      • Fall out man!

        Yeah, the elephant in the room is the number of long term dead. eg, the estimated 1 million extra cancer deaths in the 20 years after Chernobyl. (from memory 170,000 worth said to have occurred in North America), and the video shown on enenews the other day pointing out that in the year of Chernobyl still births in California spiked, the birth rate dropped and baby deaths went up. 45,000 baby reduction in the birth rate that year for California alone. No mention of that. That seems to be the elephant in the room that the so called “opposition” to nuke power carefully avoids mentioning. Until they point that out, the shills can keep claiming no deaths have occurred. Already babies will be dying in both Japan and the US in large numbers.

        The nuke industry isn’t stupid. They have a paid tame ‘opposition’ to shout, but avoid the key points. Its standard stuff in politics to neutralize an opposition. Give them leaders who argue their case very publicly, but argue it in such a way that the case is lost.

    • Anthony Anthony

      In a disaster like this cost is measured in LIFE.

  • I wrote both alexanderhigginsblog and arnie gunderson (as well as spoke to alexander higgings on the telephone) during the second week of the crisis.

    The reactor 2 apparently had fragments of spent fuel rods (from reactor 3), outside its containment building. So tepco as cleaver as they are reported that they had used robotic machinery “a bull-dozer” to crush it…

    That didn’t bode well with me…

    You can not just drive over a nuclear fuel rod to contain it.

    They would just simply bulldoze all the reactors at fukushima then… (and call it a day)…

    So all I could come up with (in respect to the situation is that tepco, pushed the spent fuel into the ocean by remote control)…

    There are reports from the nisa, nrc and tepco confirming the bulldozing of spent nuclear fuel cell fragments…

    They however did not state “where they bulldozed the Spent Fuel Fragments”

    This was also the same week oceanic radiation levels spiked from 7000 beq, to 7,000,000 beq…

    Told them so too;)

    • sorry charlie

      I think you got it. They are telling us they are dumping slightly radioactive water to help cover up the truth that they are dumping all kinds of radioactive material in the ocean…..the spikes tell all!!!!! It’s the old tell alittle truth mixed in with a lot of lie…..that should do it! They should call that a MOX lie.

  • irradiated californian

    OMG this is something we did not know
    i miss when bill nye talked about this stuff right after it happened, but i think he actually knew what he was talking about and wouldn’t sugarcoat things like cnn probably wanted him to so they always use kaka now. typical of MSM to hide the truth, yet people still hold them in high regards. take what they say lightly, those who frequent this site know better. if not, you should know better.

  • Novamind

    It is becoming obvious that TEPCO/JAPAN have no control on Fukushima. They say they are doing this or that or will tent them or will cool them. Its all been mass Bullshit. Where is sanity?
    Its time for another country or maybe countries to step in and put this problem to BED. With the interest of the world in mind, NOT just the interests of TEPCO, or JAPAN.

    • milk and cheese milk and cheese

      I don’t think it is possible to put this problem ‘to bed’. No one wants to tell the truth, that there is really nothing anyone can do…look at this, only three months on. What will happen in a year?
      so they put up cameras and move a few things around. I think the jig was up from the beginning and no one is actually in charge.

      • jump-ball jump-ball

        If Chernobyl’s cracking concrete sarcophagus can be covered with a 600 X 600 foot arched dome, so that containment work can be done inside (by an American company), some similiar or larger structure could be built over Fuku with the weight-bearing perimeter designed and placed outside the filled land under Fuku.

        Why Japan and other financial ‘leaders’, who have led the world into a 100 year, many-trillion dollar debt collapse, won’t undertake a large-as-necessay 1-2 trillion $ version of the Chernobyl dome, is beyond comprehension.

        • sorry charlie

          But what if that is physically impossible? The situation is impossible to fix… then you have the imposibility of fixing it even if it were fixabe….Due to high levels of radiation, that will kill the works right away, no construction is possible. Fukushima is only comparable to Chernobyl in terms of being MUCH worse.-That’s the problem-

          • jump-ball jump-ball

            They can’t start construction and build the Chernobyl arch over the still-too-radioactive sarcophagus there either, so the sections are being built some distance away on a rail-type structure so that components can be rolled into place over the unworkable center area and then fastened together.

        • jump-ball jump-ball

          (OT: Because the uncontrolled Fuku contamination is already here in CA, I went ahead yesterday and bought N95 valved masks and attempted to wear one on the return leg of my 20 mile bike ride. Answer is, you cannot wear even a valved mask while exercising: breathing is too constrained, too hot, air leaks out and back in the sides, not to mention drivers and other bikers acting as if you are contagious.)

        • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

          But not to forget it would have to be an earthquake- / tsunamisafe structure. And with all the leakage happening into the ground, I guess this is impossible.

      • Anthony Anthony

        I think you are both correct.

  • cossack55

    Michio: “To sum up, Fuku may kill off 90% of the world’s population.”

    Romans: “Wow. OK, thanks for the update Michio. Now on to important news. New WeinerPics have surfaced on the Web and the President goes golfing.”

  • Stacy

    Have there been any statements from that UN (atomic) meeting they had recently? I kind of thought it was interesting that suddenly, yesterday, there was an announcement on the extinction of the oceans.

    And for the record: TEPCO, Japan govt, etc are in no way being forthcoming…Kaku is a decoy,IMO. (To shut up people like those on this thread) For fun, here is some interesting reading.


    • Novamind

      The Extinction of the oceans announcement brought Fukushima to mind.

    • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno@yahoo.com

      I agree with you about M. Kaku. He nearly lost his job there in April when he began to report the truth and with an appropriate level of emotion; but he has since found his spineless side again. He is appearing more calm and has, somehow (one can only imagine), to report minimizing Fukushima data, along with, I personally feel, Mr. Gundersen. The U.S. military and covert organizations, can pat themselves on the back, for once again, so far, successfully undermining a rational, democratic response to a crisis that effects all humans and all non-humans alike.

  • Stacy

    Lol, cossack55…you hit the nail on the head!

    • sorry charlie

      Gerry what I can’t understand is why people call that a conspiracy theory….
      If they (the folks who exploded the buildings) wanted to do something secretive, would they have choosen to do it at night? We would never have seen or video taped exactly how it all came about. I think the folks wanted us to see their power and those of us who saw it for what it is…well hat just underlined how powerless we are to do anything about it and the people wha believed the fabled story of how the buildings were exploded, they got to watch it over and over to build a hatred toward the supposed attackers…where is the conspiracy…seems pretty clear….AND it worked very well I might add.

      • gerryhiles

        I do not know how to answer charlie, all I know is what is there to see.

      • TraderGreg

        It is an old communist trick – if you do not agree with us, we will pronounce you mentally ill, and send to gulag.

        We have the Soviet style propaganda mestasized right here at CNN, FOX, etc. Good journalism died in North America long time ago. Now, if you want good journalism, you need to go to former communist countries.

        • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno@yahoo.com

          You are correct. Actually, that sort of thing is fascist. The U.S.S.R. government under Stalin at the top, along with the Mao Era, Chinese government leaderships, were both fascist or similarly tyrannical. Both still had a dominant wealth/power class that practiced top/down power, rather than rational directly democratic power sharing among all citizens. We must not dissociate ourselves from the severity of our own fascism of the past 30 years in the U.S., which is far worse than any similar strategies that were successful for despots occurring earlier in history. The stakes are so much higher now given the increasingly delicate condition of our ecosystem (finite as it is for humans and most other lifeforms on the planet).

    • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno@yahoo.com

      You’re correct.

  • Steven Steven

    I’m sure these guys could put things right:

    T’birds intro : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RzCB3VRruE

    Last part of that vid looks familiar too. Spooky.

  • nomade

    Kaku underlines the cost of the cleanup but failed to mention that Tepco has no money. Tepco shares are now officially classified as junk bonds.

    Tepco’s insurance policy does not cover natural disasters.

    Japan is on its knees financially too. Tsunami and earthquake damage, thousands and thousands of refugees, high Yen (why is the Yen so high) hampering exports, food exports curtailed because of radioactivity, energy restrictions on manufacturing industry because the country’s nuclear power plants are all closed, FMI chooses now to demands that Japan repays its debt… etc etc.

    Japan also is at risk of going bankrupt.

    So who is going to pay for this clean up?

    It has to be the rest of the world.

    Instead of mitigating the disaster as much as possible by immediately rushing in international technical aid and support, the international community just sat on their hands and let Tepco get on with it.

    As a result of this decision for deliberate inaction, Fukusima is now going to cost a lot more to clean up. However the cost will be more spread out because each country will have to do its own cleaning up

    Or not, depending on the relative importance our governments place on public health interests vs oligarchy interests. In view of their previous performances, the clean up is likely to be as little as they can possibly get away with.

    I posted this article from a UK newspaper a couple of days ago and tipped enenews about it. Enenews didn’t see fit to use it and posts get buried very fast on here.

    But here it is again. The UK government’s assessment of a worst case scenario…what they were not saying publicly.


    That article is interesting because it contains exclusive links to UK government estimations regarding radiation doses and the estimated amount of fuel at the plant etc.


    And even THAT is an underestimate. They base thier worst case scenario on the assumption that the spent fuel pools contained only 560 spent fuel rods each.

    SFP #4 alone contains 1,535 according to NHK news yesterday (plus the reactor core and units 5&6 have even more than #4 I think?

    Oh and on NHK news today, they say that #3 is heating up but Tepco aren’t going to increase water injection because of the contaminated water problem.


    And Tepco are worried about the rain.


    “The company also piled up sandbags around building entrances to prevent rainwater from pouring in. But the measure may have only a limited effect, as some of the buildings had their roofs blown off by explosions.”


    FFS. MAY only have a limited effect? Do these Tepco people actually have a measurable IQ?

    The way things are going it looks like the rain will be all that’s cooling things down at Daiichi anyway… and the rainwater will flow unhindered into the sea.

    Mother Nature is going to be left to deal with the mess the psychotic apes have caused and she’s pretty stressed out by all the damage they’ve inflicted on her already. If I were her I’d get rid of the root cause of the problem and return this planet to less destructive species.

    • gerryhiles

      Too true nomade.

    • cossack55

      Good take. Tepco must/will do anything/everything so it appears the situation is under control. It is very easy to hoodwink stupid people. Below is my non-scientific Stupid People Index.

      % of Stupid People in a Given Population:

      USA 90%
      Japan 75%
      China 23%
      Russia 61%
      France 92%
      Germany 84%
      Greece 99%
      Ireland 82%
      UK 99%

      Again, these figures are based on historical imperatives as studied by me over 50 years.

    • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno@yahoo.com

      There is plenty of wealth hoarded by the wealthiest multinational corporations and neo-liberal multi-deca/centi millionaire and billioanires on the planet. The poor mouthing from governments is because these governments no longer tax this class of citizens since they are representing ONLY this class of citizens overall. Also, remember that there is at least $1.5 QUADrillion in derivatives debt on the planet. Therefore, if money were really based in anything but, as it is, in an international electronic/digital confidence game, no economy anywhere at all would work. The value of currency is arbitrary and completely fabricated by those in power. However, the fact that value is being stolen from world workers with increasing success by despots IS real.

    • Anthony Anthony

      I think what you’re saying about Mother Nature IS WHAT IS happening!

  • tony wilson

    years ago scientists studied why the survivors of plane crash’s,why some spend time trying to retrieve luggage from the overhead.
    it is true even when a plane is on fire on the ground some folks die trying to get the luggage down.
    shock programming..what do you do when the plane stops you get your luggage down.
    some peoples brains cannot handle the magnitude of a plane crash and fire so the brain shutsdown and the focus is on the things you have done before get your luggage.
    japan has a lot of people in a small space is resource poor and is normally super efficient.burning rubbish incinerating good or bad unwanted items,for the sake of a clean island.
    tepco are in shock mode burning, hiding and dumping evidence.
    using the municipal council systems to burn 1000s of tons of dosed up radiated sludge.
    autopilot lies actions and only working and thinking in the moment.
    with a total free hand to make it up as they go along.with from what i can see no external governmental pressure.

    kaku is better than nothing but the fact he is playing down the international contamination,shows he is scripted.
    probably in an orange jump suit in cuba.

  • gerryhiles

    Fact is that we are fucked.

    Nothing can be done to change the course of the Industrial Revolution, which culminated in the hubris of imagining that we could utilize and control “atomic energy”

    Over sixty years ago I knew that this was not possible – and said so, at the time, e.g. when the Dungeness nuclear power station was being constructed during the 1950s.

    No one listened.

    FAR too late are current doom-sayers.

    The critical factors happened long ago.

    It is all too late to do anything.

    • gerryhiles

      BTW Taco, I was saying much the same as you sixty years ago.

      You are a Jane-come-lately.

    • sorry charlie

      Well it was bound to happen.Somewhere, sometime. But one thing is puzzling, there must have been a lot of folks through the years who knew all along how disasterously dangerous nuclear energy is and they went a long with it….the most guilty people….and why hasn’t TEPCO and others shut down their reactors at plants around japan? Game over guys…lets preserve what little is left. I picture FUKU going up and the other reactors left burning while pandamonium erupts…..wouldn’t be long after the whole island would sink, lets face reality with courage..isn’t that all that is left?

  • nomade

    Has anyone got the rest of that video? It got cut off after the interviewer asked something.

  • BetaFlare

    They lie to us: CNN lie release comparable to 2002 Jenin bodypiles – zombies hamas is still seeking…

    Each news release is used to hide smtg bigger. Where are the todays real hidden issues?


  • retali8 retali8

    We might also cite the example of MOX fuel and plutonium, a substance so toxic “that a teaspoon-sized cube of it would suffice to kill 10 million people,” in Reactor 3 at Fukushima.

  • shaktasna999

    This situation is gravely upsetting but there is nothing more people can do now except sort how much cash they have for medicine/healthcare.

    The oceans will ultimately survive. The organisms they contain are far more diverse and resilient than people understand.

    Humans,however, are about to take a long collective nap. Humans have(in terms of geological changes) been made extinct a few times.

    There isn’t really anything left to argue about.

  • RandomGuy

    wasn’t Dr. Kaku one of the guys who told us that everything is fine?

  • gerryhiles

    Know one thing about about easily ditected ‘markers’ of fission products, such as radio-active iodine, with a short “half life”.

    They are nothing compared with a myriad other “new elements” now being released.

    We are fucked and nothing can be done.

  • Cindy

    If They actually are dumping fuel rods into the ocean, the salt water will corode through the external casings in only a few years.

    I was wondering what the huge crane was doing, and why it wasn’t showing up on the TEPCO cam..

    OMG !!!

  • Zardoz

    You lied too, Professor Kaka, along with all the rest of ’em, including Uncle Arnie. Kudos to CNN for providing a 3 month late showtime for nothing but yet another episode of your serial ‘Hanging By Fingernails’ theatrical bullshit, and thanks BIG TIME for another AWESOME show, Kaka. You are SO ENTERTAINING!

  • Net

    I bought extra frozen fish from Costco and tuna knowing it will be the last fish I would be eating. I also had a nice fish and chip dinner the week after the disaster–hopping it was not contaminated yet. Once the we finish it by the expiration date–that’s it. 🙁 I have about 2 years on a few cans. My husband thinks the milk is good and has convinced my son it is ok to drink. I do the best I can. I used evaporated on my son a few times and almond milk but he can tell the difference. rats! and I am keeping him from drinking it like he used to. So, the little he drinks in his cereal hopefully won’t be too bad.

    • AkDave AkDave

      At this time I would not drink the milk go with Evaporate most likely last years still, as for fish buy east coast only I think tuna gets canned in the fall? For USA

  • TraderGreg

    IMHO this Kaka interview was CYA bullshit.
    They can now claim that they reported on everything from day one, the best they could based on the available information.

    Pure smoke and mirrors. Kaka downplayed it the best he could, without losing too much self-respect.

  • Net

    Does anyone know if the hot particles are still floating around the West Coast? Should we be wearing masks like Gundersen suggested if unit 4 explodes. Has unit 4 exploded? There’s nothing we can do about what happened to us before we knew. I live on the west coast so I have been concerned from the beginning and have iodine tablets but didn’t take them because the dumb media and their doctors said it would do more harm than good because we weren’t being exposed to that much..

    • ocifferdave

      I want to know too. I’m in the process of making plans to move to Puerto Rico. May not follow all the way through until I get more info.

      • Misitu

        My advice ocifferdave is don’t hang about. But take your Spanish For Dummies on the plane with you. Compre ida pero no vuelta.

      • alasanon

        What about New Zealand? Kiwis are the best! I’ve heard good things about Puerto Rico as well, plus no extra paperwork needed!

  • my response to the shills’ comments, all posted at the site:

    First of all, it is not at all clear that workers at Fukushima have not died. Read the article: Contract workers registered with TEPCO have mysteriously disappeared from the contractor’s employment records. Mainichi: “Whereabouts of 30 nuclear power plant subcontractors unknown: Health Ministry”

    Second, there is considerable evidence of ongoing fission at the Fukushima plant reactors given the ongoing production of Iodine-131, which has a 8 day half life. See Gunderson’s Fairewinds updates http://www.fairewinds.com/ and Washington’s blog for an essay with citations on ongoing criticality http://georgewashington2.blogspot.com/2011/06/are-nuclear-reactions-still-occuring-at.html

    Third, spent-fuel pool #4 is an ongoing cataclysmic disaster. Building #4 was damaged by #3’s explosion and the spent fuel pool in #4’s attic was reported by the NYT to be cracked. This pool is full of rods and is leaking water and was recently found to be 2/3 empty, meaning there was a high likelihood that the fuel rods were exposed. http://www3.nhk.or.jp/daily/english/20_03.html

    Fourth, de-contamination of the radioactive water has not gone well and has had to be stopped over and over because of various problems

    Fifth, radiation releases continue to be very large
    “Estimates of the radioactive materials emitted double doors opening to the Fukushima No. 2 unit building $ 1.8 billion becquerels”


    • Misitu

      Well said, well documented. Thanks.

    • Many thanks @majia for links. Infact on this page so many links are there a veritable info base. Those of us interested in getting a hang of things subsequent to F1 will be grateful to these selfless folks. And to enenews.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    BS..BS..”They Lied to Us….
    The US has known the condition of Fukushima… damn near instantly and the initial response was delayed as national security..weapons production facilities were secured.
    CNN..the mouth-piece of the military…now feigns being mislead by the Japanese …BS.

  • AustralianCannonball



    OK first video is amazing. Second video backs up the plume.

  • jonjon

    MIchio Kaku seems to be the voice of the establishment. What a better way to look credible than to denounce the lies of the nuclear industry abroad and to tell us how much worse it is than they tell us.

    That’s good. But not good enough. In the end, the same question seems to be asked by the interviewer: Is it dangerous for the United States. To which Michio Kaku has been programmed to respond without hesitation, NOT AT ALL.

    When in fact we do know that there is a complete media blackout about nuclear fallouts both in the US and Europe (FRance especially). HOw about telling us the reactor 3 MOX fuel explosion went straight up in the upper atmosphere and came down on the US with the rain just a few days later?

    And why is it that monitoring of milk and tap water has stopped. Is it because there is absolutely no risk at all. Right, we shall believe that in good faith.

  • tony wilson

    kaku made a name for himself in the 70s working on string theory.
    now all his efforts are book promoting tv show theory and nuclear neg-pro theory.
    the bad guys are to blame but we in america are different,isolate the japanese nuclear cancer industry by calling them fools.
    this would not happen in america cos we have clever japs like kaku.
    always end the show so will this come to america no,really local jap problem.
    a tight bad scriptfrom the governments mr clever.
    who makes it all nice and easy for the simple folks to understand.
    i suppose his info is better than nothing but what about the morals of promoting his new book, on the back of the biggest plutonium release in history.

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      @tony wilson..Thanks for this comment..
      ….what Kaku is doing is very shallow….
      It’s so self-serving…..I can barely speak about it without devolving into a string of profanity.

      • tony wilson

        the classic interview was when he said.
        we nearly lost northern japan but thanks to brave pres no kan do getting tepco to pump seawater in we are now saved.
        a close call but we prevailed.
        like the problem is over..

        alas uncle arnie and crappy kaku are working to a script.

        controlled pressure release valve information blips from the homely good guys.
        who are really just like you only much much more cleverererer..

        • jonjon

          Tony Wilson, with all due respect, may I ask that you make a little effort with your writing when posting here. English is one of my second language, and unless it’s structured correctly, it’s hard for us, non native to follow. Thanks a lot

  • StillJill StillJill

    I couldn’t agree more! He’s become a “money makin’, mouthpiece automation!”