“They’re All Gone”: Shock as sardines vanish off California — Fishermen didn’t find a single one all summer — Scientist: This is about the entire Pacific coast… Canada, Mexico, U.S. — NOAA: We don’t know why; The young aren’t surviving

Published: January 14th, 2014 at 8:16 pm ET


Long Beach Press Telegram, Jan. 13, 2014: Sardine vanish off the coast; squid and anchovy fill the void for fishermen — [Larry Derr] has pulled up [Pacific sardines] by the ton since the 1980s […] it was a shock when he couldn’t find one of the shiny silver-blue coastal fish all summer […] anchovies have proven a poor replacement since sardines became scarce. Fortunately, a boom in market squid has propelled Derr and other coastal pelagic fishers. […] Some have attributed recent rashes of sea lion pup and pelican deaths to the sardine population decline, which began a few years ago and was officially recognized in December […] “Everybody’s calling me every day for sardines,” Derr said. “They’re all gone. Even Monterey Bay Aquarium is still waiting for some to restock one of their exhibits.” […]

Kerry Griffin, NOAA: “Is it El Nino? Pacific Decadal Oscillation? El Nina? Long-term climate change? More marine mammals eating sardines? Did they all go to Mexico or farther offshore? We don’t know.”

Russ Vetter, NOAA: “They haven’t had a good recruitment […] You have to have adults that produce the eggs and then environmental conditions that would allow them to grow and then to not have them eaten by pelicans and terns, etc. It’s always complicated about why a fish egg doesn’t make it through the problems but we do know that, when the ocean is on the cooler side, conditions aren’t right.”

Geoff Shester, scientist with Oceana: “This is about the entire Pacific coast including the U.S. and Mexico, not just British Columbia […] If fishermen have stopped fishing because they’ve hit their quota, that’s one thing. But they’re stopping because they can’t find any fish. That means fishery management is failing. […] We’re in an emergency situation right now. Any fishing is overfishing when the stock is in this condition.”

See also: [intlink id=”l-a-times-alarm-as-west-coast-sardine-crash-likely-radiating-throughout-ecosystem-experts-warn-marine-mammals-and-seabirds-are-starving-may-suffer-for-years-to-come” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: January 14th, 2014 at 8:16 pm ET


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172 comments to “They’re All Gone”: Shock as sardines vanish off California — Fishermen didn’t find a single one all summer — Scientist: This is about the entire Pacific coast… Canada, Mexico, U.S. — NOAA: We don’t know why; The young aren’t surviving

  • retali8 retali8

    Please before you read this site be aware of socref and take nothing he says too seriously, hes all about protecting his pay check in the nuclear industry , no doubting he cant sleep at night knowing what hes doing to countless millions with nuclear destruction…. its a real shame and must be stopped.

    • retali8 retali8

      socref needs to take into account and study here; http://www.ncf-net.org/radiation.htm

      but NO, he's on a mission to stop people from worrying about the consequences of nuclear, Fuku is being hidden, it can be hidden by mainstream manipulation, but hidden for exactly how long? until people start dropping dead left, right and center? Truth be known and shit hits the fan, lest we be informed and implement some measures to counter this daily nuclear attack and bio-accumulation of all isotopes on offer from Fuku Hell.

      • There's a whisper that fish eggs are very delicate (just like a fetus in a woman's body) Both fish eggs and baby's don't do well when there's the hint of nuclear contaminants around.

        • usagi usagi

          Young organisms are generally more sensitive to radiation than older ones. With development still ongoing, disruptions to DNA from ionizing radiation can cause consequences quickly in what would otherwise have been a normal development process.

          • Bones Bones

            Very important to point out. I can only imagine the fauna that mature very quickly or in the womb could be more susceptible than human babies and children due to less mass, being IN the contamination, and perhaps cellular composition or division that is faster or different than humans leading to less repair of the damage? These poor creatures have no choice, but to live in, eat, and breathe the contaminated water at all times of their life cycle. They have no escape. Even over land, deposition of radionuclides is fairly well known, like Neptunium and plutonium spread less far than say CS isotopes or I or Xe, but in the water the medium will transport completely different than atmospheric. So, while the coast land itself has hotspots, the ocean is much, much, much more contaminated. What was the percentage put into the Pacific just on 3/11? Were estimates in the 80-90% range? That is what I remember some crazy number. I like how NOAA always, ALWAYS avoids Fukushima. What a joke and that is not how a scientist operates so NOAA shouldn't be an authority for anyone.

            • gottagetoffthegrid

              its not just age. female human children are disproportionately affected by throid disease related to I131 exposure when compared to male children.

              • artika rama

                Bones USagi ggodg It has to do with DNA copying . Wherever there are fast multiplying cells , thats where a lot of DNA copying occurs and thats where you have the greatest risk for damage . Its not just young people/ animals but also tissues in older individuals where lots of DNA copying occurs are much more sensitive.
                An example gonads ( a lot of dna copying) are much more sensitive than muscle cells (much less DNA copying )

            • ManWithThePlan ManWithThePlan

              “Is it El Nino? Pacific Decadal Oscillation? El Nina? Long-term climate change? More marine mammals eating sardines? Did they all go to Mexico or farther offshore? We don’t know.”

              It's aliens. It's got to be!

              OT: Where did all the sardines go? If it's Fukushima radiation, shouldn't they have found them by now, either dead or mutated/weakened? I'm curious as to their actual absence.

        • makes a LOT of sense, but then again, these professional researchers at all of these biology labs and ocean research organizations do not seem to have a clue about this.

          And NOAA is reporting in their annual fisheries report that everything is fine, but they do NOT look at eggs or infant fish/sea creatures.

          That is where the most carnage is happening and it does not seem to show up in the NOAA report.

    • He does admit that he knows radiation is dangerous, so that's a start. Perhaps he needs more data on just how dangerous:

      Here's a chart from Joe Mangano showing how much infant deaths decrease when nuclear plants shut down:

      They do decrease significantly.

      How to explain why they don't decrease more? Could it be that nuclear plants are still dangerous for many years even after shutdown?

    • socref

      No. What should be allowed is a diverse point of view on this forum. Does this forum exist to propagate fear and uncertainty? No. We should all examine ourselves and our motives. From the get go I said there was a multiple meltdown. I dont have an issue with that.

      I will say on the record the following are supported by facts:

      1. Fukushima 3 did not experience a prompt criticality.
      2. The meltdowns were caused by the tsunami and not the earthquake
      3. There was no indication of uranium in the plume
      4. The effects of low low radiation (micro-Sv/hr) dose rates is not of catastropic proportions
      5. Bioaccumulation while occuring is not a significant health concern
      6. Radiation contamination while present is not a significant health concern
      7. Not all radiation is "dangerous"

      Now this is all I have maintained. If you have a "philosophy" of the "one drop rule" radiation, and "no safe radiation level" then you have bought into the real lie.

      • Sickputer


        And I respect your 7 main contentions.

        But virtually all of us here disagree and if you tattooed those seven points on the arm of every Japanese within 100 miles of Fukushima, they are still going to have bloody noses, permanent diarrhea, heart attacks, cancer, and early deaths. Just see if you can find any statistics from the Japanese authorities to prove otherwise. They have a Secret Law now. *;-)

        Keep plugging though…95% of the Japanese will disagree with you, but hey, you still have 10 million or so who agree with you. Mayors, politicians, nuclear workers (not on the east coast though)…

        I'll make a Bernie Cohen challenge to you…you swallow one gram of strontium 90 (or plutonium) and I'll eat a pound of those nasty radioactive bananas and throw in a handful of radioactive Brazil nuts to boot.

        …You might survive the plutonium for awhile, but one gram of strontium-90. Wow…that's one hot enchilada!

        Just having fun…peace out.

        Have to leave you guys for awhile…MS decided today is the death date of Windows 8.1 Pro Preview and my computer is in a few minutes going into total reinstall mode. Thanks MS for the beta…but I wish you had made a removal routine. 😉 Later!

      • 1. Fukushima 3 did not experience a prompt criticality.
        (why only state reactor 3)'…?
        2. The meltdowns were caused by the tsunami and not the earthquake
        (meltdowns is plural; the cause isn't our main concern);
        3. There was no indication of uranium in the plume
        (uranium pellets are actinides; their decay chain is present and thus it is well within the plume);
        4. The effects of low low radiation (micro-Sv/hr) dose rates is not of catastropic proportions.
        (Define catastrophic;…? Low low?);
        5. Bioaccumulation while occuring is not a significant health concern
        (significance is determined by those who are receiving the additional radiation);
        6. Radiation contamination while present is not a significant health concern.
        (significance is determined by those who are receiving the additional radiation);
        7. Not all radiation is "dangerous"
        (This is known by anyone that has seen the periodic table);

        Why can't you spell occurring correctly?

        • tsfw tsfw

          The nuc argument with Socref needs to die. He believes the navy officers symptoms are psychosomatic for gawd sake. He is not someone with whom you can speak reason.

        • socref

          1. Fukushima 3 did not experience a prompt criticality.
          (why only state reactor 3)'…?

          Because it was the one that Gundersen said "prompt criticality"

          2. The meltdowns were caused by the tsunami and not the earthquake
          (meltdowns is plural; the cause isn't our main concern);

          Some will disagree saying if the EQ caused the meltdown then Japan is SOL. The 50-ft tsunami killed so many and it sort of softens the effect that it would also destroy a 60 year old industrial site.

          3. There was no indication of uranium in the plume
          (uranium pellets are actinides; their decay chain is present and thus it is well within the plume);

          Fission products transport differently than uranium. No doubt there was fission products as we are trained to expect that.

          But actual uranium and plutonium – need more evidence

          4. The effects of low low radiation (micro-Sv/hr) dose rates is not of catastropic proportions.
          (Define catastrophic;…? Low low?);

          Catastrophic – everyone dies – 1 microSv

          5. Bioaccumulation while occuring is not a significant health concern

          (significance is determined by those who are receiving the additional radiation);

          how much?

          Why can't you spell occurring correctly?

          ADHD, no spell check

          • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

            SOCREF: You said, "I am reminded the Ahi tuna caught off Sendai fetched $700k USD not too long after the tragedy." What are you saying here? Please explain.

            • ManWithThePlan ManWithThePlan

              I think that he wanted to express a cautious cynical doubt as to dangers of the Fukushima radiation by stating that despite what us 'alarmists' say, rich idiots fork out dough for irradiated tuna, hence nullifying its radiation, and consequently nullifying our point of view. In a nutshell.

              I am also of the opinion that he thinks that this is all some game. Observe the way in which he pursues and confronts scientific facts posted by users like they are what's important here. I doubt he just wants to 'state his opinion' as he claims. Just a hunch.

      • Hey Soc,

        How about going over there and PROVING your 7 point theory by bathing in the basements of Fukushima, eating their local wild animals and mushrooms, and pitching a tent within 2 feet or on top of the bladder tanks.

        Let's see how long you last…

        It's easy to be an armchair expert, but have no actual boots on the ground, or skin in the game.

        If you don't want to go, send your Kids, or your grandkids, or your relatives kids and have them do the above.

        Tell us how it goes after about 3 months…

        PROVE your theory.

        Oh and drink the local Fuku water, wine and beer too.. it is really fresh.

    • "Please before you read this site be aware of socref and take nothing he says too seriously, hes all about protecting his pay check in the nuclear industry"

      Have you also considered that he has no idea what he is talking about…

      On many forums users are gauged by their ability to depict situations. Their general intelligence, and credibility is taken into account while they search through your personal information ect. They will ask you trigger questions, like "what do you think this means". All the while making a report on each and every user. They will go as far as asking you what field you work in, where did you learn x. ect. Leading to a report that either states you are capable or non capable of injuring the company tepco.

      They have reference boxes with copy paste information. IE. the radiation levels that we are seeing are safe.

      They make these statements because its all they actually know about nuclear power…
      They will assure you that everything is OK. While divulging your data in mass to the appropriate authorities. This could mean that the user is either working in promotions. (For pro nuclear agenda); or worse a government based agency which seeks to limit the amount of press coverage that fukushima receives.

      I state this because most nuclear operators likely sign a confidentiality clause; Limiting their ability to portray such a role unless otherwise fictional.

      And one wonders why I lurk now…
      Just a thought.

    • Arizonan Arizonan

      Please read, everybody. There is serious data in here about Chernobyl, atmospheric weapons testing fallout figures, and predictable health effects models for low level radiation based on hard data, not the ICRP's wishful guessing games:

    • combomelt combomelt

      @ALL NEWSERS….. enuffs enuff already, get over him he's being paid by the cabal fo sho……….lol everybody….
      SOCREF IS…….


      Thanks for the memories Pete, and btw did you file those tps reports with the covers yet?

  • eternal tao eternal tao

    Wow this is profound the repercussions are so massive. Enjoy every breath my fellow humans and try not to wallow in the sorrow that others have caused, instead rejoice in any positive interaction and thought that you ever have, that's what we all should be doing anyway!Love and good will to anyone who reads this 🙂

    • name999 name999

      I was very aware of how much I have right now, water to drink, food enough to buy and eat every day, warmth and comfort…could all be gone tomorrow.

      It is kind of hard to just try to smile and have fun as an antidote. It's like laughing and being happy
      when your beloved dies. It is worse.

      • usagi usagi

        Cherish. Each. Moment.

        No one really knows how much time we have left, especially in light of these developments. If nothing else, you must make it count!

    • bo bo

      Good to hear from you ET.

  • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

    The NOAA changed the fishing season for sardines. It was supposed to start in January and they have delayed it until July to see if the sardines can recover.

    I wonder what was behind this headline:

    West Coast sardine crash could "radiate" throughout ecosystem


    • Bones Bones

      Like you pointed out, words they use and how they are used like their order and placement are key to understanding what you are reading when it comes from a corporation or especially government. I completely agree with what you are implying.

      • MoonlightEmpire MoonlightEmpire

        And also know that they use key words in completely unrelated topics as a means of both mis-associating the terminology and mis-guiding anyone who happens to search the internet for certain key words.

        Notice how, since 2011, the words "meltdown" and "fallout" have entered the language of the general populace, but in no way referring to nuclear?

        Peace Bones, good to see you're around.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    This Nuclear Disaster appears to be final nail in the coffin pushing the Pacific Ocean ecosystem over the tipping point! It's all very bad and sad!

    Where have all fish gone? 98% coverage of sea snot on the ocean floor tells the true story! 🙁

    • name999 name999

      We just have to keep calling attention to this and staying awake to it all, trying to understand our place in witnessing
      this horrible murder. How to cope…how to have some peace and happiness.

      I know lots of techniques for self calming and I use everything I know to get through each day. To
      not let fear take control of me. It is a disciplined approach and is very helpful.

      The most basic ingredient is breath awareness and applying a variety of breath techniques. It helps but never makes the grief of this loss go away, the absolute inability to explain this to our children. To not feel responsible in some way. To have to surrender to what seems inevitable…like another earthquake. Or just what is happening now…thanks for reading Enenews community…

      • I have had Google Alert set for the following two phrases following the coverage around the world:
        – Fukushima
        – Nuclear

        Most of the news/story websites quote officials as all saying "..everything is fine, we have things in place to check food, water and imports etc."

        Over 70% of the sites however either do not publish my valid comments or links pointing back to enews as a reliable source with informed readers!

        The more 'THEY' try and control the message – the more I want to push back somehow.

        • James Tekton James Tekton

          "The more 'THEY' try and control the message – the more I want to push back somehow."

          Hey howdy, Web.

          We have been saying this since the beginning. Big kudos for putting up the good fight. Keep pushing. For most of the great contributors here, just writing about this, and expressing the sublime anger as politely as possible is pure therapy for the aware, and awakened here. We all know what is coming. Newcomers find out, but refuse to believe it.

          As more people find out this, the more it will seem hopeless. The politicos will keep taking the money even after it becomes worthless. They will believe in the promise of escape in the undergrounds until the day comes and the ride is out to the desert, and a trench filled with the bodies of the other minions that drank the serpentine kool-aid.

          Yes, Love to all as so well expressed above here. Blessings too. It's the Right Way. We can all live in a good foot way each day, being grateful for every deep breath. Right now, it is all we can do beside staying on the leading edge of information here.

          Knowledge is soothing, compared to not knowing anything. When this thing blows, this crew will have the first opportunities to make the last arrangements and preparations long before the mass mind of sheeple will. Give thanks for that. Watch the sun, and the earthquake activities. There are also lots of reasons to watch the skies. Big rocks are coming…down.


        • name999 name999

          good research…I'm not surprised though.

        • name999 name999

          you may want to add clean water.

  • Homo Insapiens Homo Insapiens


    A pale blue dot
    drifts about an average star
    in one unremarkable galaxy
    amongst uncountable many.

    From the abundant savanna
    apes emerge
    and name themselves

    Apes freely choose a new kind of fire
    to boil water most unwisely,
    naturally selecting themselves
    into silence.

    The cosmos so vast
    and without obligation,
    swirls in slow motion
    and frigid indifference.

  • zogerke zogerke

    thank you @retali8. it is true, the screenname persona he mentions above, first comment, is a planted entity that has been here to disrupt, annoy and spread misinformation, and when challenged it pretends to be terribly wounded by your words- don't be taken in and read old posts if you don't believe.
    And, @Stock, if you are reading this- Your research piece about the radiation levels in Alaskan islands was brilliant & amazing. You debunked the clever arguments of radiation on alsakan islands 'not being higher than the past' when they were being compared to levels found there during times in the 1960s of direct nuclear bomb tests – as though that should make us feel better. Your careful debunking and unpacking of the manipulative lies was really noteworthy. thank you.
    And @ ENEnews admin- were you suggesting that the entity dropsilla might be related to that pronuke Meese guy from brookhaven national labs?

    I have no time lately to be on here, yet read and appreciate those who post such good sites and links to real information about the harms we are dealing with. Keep digging, don't get dismayed by the little stuff and the squabbles. You are making an impact. By the way today i went to a workshop about surviving trauma and being resilient…all the squabbling on here seems a direct result of the amount of stress that so many folks are under, and how frightening this environmental mess is…and our fears for our health and our family. So, no wonder.

    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

      Z socref gave me a reply but I could not reply as there was no reply tag , there are more that will engage us first and gain our trust then pull this bs . Disrupt is the main goal seen it done in every occupy . Converting is not the goal . Confusion and disruption will always work in the favor of the masses organizing. They will pit us against each other too . We need some anonomous hacktivsts …before they start on us . Anyone familiar with the SOPA act.

    • zogerke zogerke

      And @anne for the japanese links to thermal images of the meltdowns…wow. Yes @ clamshellernh….we need more.

      It i,s so hard to let your heart be really broken for all this ecological destruction.

    • deaddolphins simonhhh

      The likes of @socref …I have come across this type many time …here is the "The Gentleman's Guide To Forum Spies.pdf"
      Speaks volumes about what you maybe up against…


      • soern

        thx for this very informing link. 🙂
        We don*t need socref do we? Really? No!
        ……..Ok, maybe as an example-
        Our Pro Nuke Guinea Pig…..
        IT seems to be resistant against education and information.
        So IT will repeat its poor minded comments ever and ever.
        Feel free to press your "report" button everytime it's getting boring. 🙂

      • socref

        This forum is open to ALL opinions. So the notion of a "forum spy" is sort of specious. Thanks

    • socref

      z – what misinformation exactly have I spread? Have I not said there is no supporting evidence to theories purported by some for a plausible Fukushima 3 prompt criticality vice hydrogen explosion? Havent I said "had there been a criticality that people would have received a very large neutron dose"?

  • Nemo Me Impune Lacessit Stax

    ultimate 'own goal!,very sad.

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      "40 dead whales in 2 weeks –"

      Good reporting Sadie.

      Some day, and hopefully sooner than later, when these reporters show up for more and more dead stories, they will first whip out the trusty Inspector, and give us the CPM first. After that, everything else can be reported.

      Just like on most foods, a first check of the Geiger is going to be normal. Foods will say on the labels: Organic GMO – EPA and FDA and every other fricking-A approved – This product is just barely below the standard 100 CPM acceptance level and may contain other unknown substances – Wash well.


  • clamshellernh clamshellernh

    Point of interest documentaries to put things in perspective for us that are seasoned and newcomers . This particular one was great and does not insult your intelligence…please share it with the folks that think we are nuts …A Hard Rain :
    Director: David Bradbury | Producer: David Bradbury
    Genre: Documentary | Produced In: 2007 | Story Teller's Country: Australia
    Tags: Australia, Ecology, Energy, Environment, Health, Human Rights, Oceania, Resources
    Synopsis: This is a documentary that had to be made! Twice Academy award nominee and five times AFI winner David Bradbury’s latest contribution, A Hard Rain, explores the ‘other side’ of the nuclear debate.

    Governments and most mainstream media are promoting that nuclear is now an attractive alternative to fossil fuels – the magic fix that will save us all from global warming. Nuclear power has taken on a clean and green spin from the low point 20 years ago which saw the Chernobyl meltdown.

    Traversing five countries – China, France, UK, Japan and Australia, and using what Bradbury learnt from his previous three nuclear documentaries (Public Enemy Number One, Jabiluka and Blowin' in the Wind), A Hard Rain takes a closer look at the global nuclear industry in its entirety – from the mining of uranium through to the nuclear power plant to the radioactive waste and weapons manufacturing. It exposes the hidden agendas behind this latest push for Australia to go nuclear.

    Included are interviews with some of the…

  • many moons

    "-You have to have adults that produce the eggs and then environmental conditions that would allow them to grow and then to not have them eaten by pelicans"

    Blame it on the pelicans….

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    One species down, more to follow.

  • shamwow shamwow

    It is very troubling to see the impact we have on the sea. Maybe it is over fishing combined with pollution in general but adding Fukushima juice to the mix is wiping out the remnants of sea life.

    Fukushima juice can't be stopped so things will just get worse.

    If I was a financial advisor I would recommend stocking up on canned sardines. You might make a killing.

  • Joe Ebslap Joe Ebslap

    Psychosomatic Sardines?

    • shamwow shamwow

      Which one are you referring to?

      The DSM III has dropped the category of Psychosomatic diseases, but according to the DSM II classification it has listed 10 categories of psycho-physiologic disorder:

      Skin disorders
      Muscoskeletal disorders
      Respiratory disorders
      Cardiovascular disorders
      Genitourinary disorders
      Endocrine disorders
      Disorders of organ of special sense – Chronic conjunctivitis
      Disorder of other types – Disturbances in the nervous system in which emotional factors play a significant role, such as multiple sclerosis.

      • name999 name999

        That is why I quit the profession entirely. It is completely misbegotten. And plays a considerable
        role in this
        whole tragedy unfolding before us.

        True lying sociopaths steering the boat.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Sad, the hubris of man. He thinks that he, is all he needs…

    The herring didn't fare so well either.

    Bleeding herring discovery alarms B.C. marine biologist 10

    According to emails from FOC, the federal authority had asked the marine biologist to send in 20 to 30 herring in September 2011, saying that would be “more than sufficient for the lab to look for clinical signs of disease and provide sufficient diagnostics.”

    She did, and hasn’t heard back since.


  • Sol Man

    An ancient Babylonian hymn seems to have been prescient on these events, from about 2,800 years ago "Lament for the Flutes of Tammuz:"
    "At his vanishing away she lifts up a lament,
    'Oh, my child! at his vanishing away she lifts up a lament;
    'My Damu!' at his vanishing away she lifts up a lament,…

    Her lament is the lament for an herb that grows not in the bed,
    Her lament is the lament for the corn that grows not in the ear.
    Her chamber is a possession that brings not forth a possession,
    A weary woman, a weary child, forspent.
    Her lament is for a great river, where no willows grow,
    Her lament is for a field, where corn and herbs grow not.
    Her lament is for a pool where fishes grow not.
    Her lament is for a thicket of reeds, where no reeds grow.
    Her lament is for woods, where tamarisks grow not.
    Her lament is for a wilderness where no cypresses grow.
    Her lament is for the depth of a garden of trees, where honey and
    wine grow not.
    Her lament is for meadows, where no plants grow.
    Her lament is for a palace, where length of life grows not."

    From "The Golden Bough," A Study of Magic and Religion, by Sir James Frazer, F.R.S, F.B.A
    Chapter XXIX, The Myth of Adonis, (1922)

    • name999 name999


    • zogerke zogerke

      @ solman! Wow. I know fraziers work and i have studied some of those praise and lament prayers. Sweet surprise to read that here. Thanks for posting.

      • Sol Man

        You're welcome, all and I am glad that you like it. I had put the book down after getting 2/3 of the way through it several years ago thinking that I will now finish it. It has smallish print on now yellowing pages. Two bookmarks were in it. I chose to start at the bookmark that was closer to the front of the book. It was one page in front of this Lament. The book revels in mystery, to me.

  • SophieQ

    Can people at NOAA be impeached? I mean, how ludicrous is it to pretend to not know what causes the massive die-off of marine life in the Pacific? Shouting 'Fire' in a movie theater will get you jail time – if there is no fire.
    Shouting 'there is no fire' while the movie theater is burning to the ground should be punishable with life in prison.
    Our movie theater is the Pacific Ocean. It is burning and the NOAA says "there is no fire."

    • Southbound Southbound

      Well said!

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      "I mean, how ludicrous is it to pretend to not know what causes the massive die-off of marine life in the Pacific?"

      Hello, Sophie.

      With the babylonian money god in their hands, and a gun to their head, they are told to say no truth, and have a nice day.

      What is becoming blaringly apparent to the American People, is the lies and BS is so stupid and blatant, no one believes these asshats anymore. The glaring truth is, the dis/mis-information that is regurgitated on the nightly drug TV, is leading to a faster panic amongst the tribe. Everybody knows they all lie and deceive. The clown show is almost ridiculously entertaining, were it not such a horrendously evil nasty Extinction Level Event we are all concerned about here.

      Everybody on board should be darn glad that we have Enenews, and that there is real information that flows here. Remember, knowledge is only powerful if it is used. Maybe some day, there will come hope for a solution to this killer event.

      Pray on.


    • socref

      Someone took the NOAA picture of tsunami wave heights and changed the axis titles to read "radiation". It was all over the internet and debunked by Snopes.

      Those are the people that should be impeached.


      • artika rama

        Scoref that's true , some idiot used the wrong map . thank god those kinds of idiots do NOT represent the antique movement (as pronuke is trying to imply )

        • artika rama

          Correction anti nuke movement (ps I hate autocorrect 🙂

        • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

          I have always suspected it was the "nuke industry" that started the misuse of that pic.. then they could debunk it and call the truth about Fukushima and the contamination BS and all who believed it nut jobs..

          …that pic was debunked here within hours of it first being posted wayyyyyyy back when..

          Socref bringing it up here 3 years later, kinda proves my point..

          I think his 15 minutes is up.. eh?

      • combomelt combomelt

        @ALL NEWSERS….. enuffs enuff already, get over him he's not paid by the cabal fo sho……….lol everybody…….socref is…….



        Thanks for the memories Pete, and btw did you file those tps reports with the covers yet?

        • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

          nice.. indoctrinated into untruth… gosh I hope he got a fat load of student debt for that! ..and he is the Cabal! lol! everything he ever learned has been tainted by what is good for the industry, not the species! Good snooping combomelt 🙂

        • Cisco Cisco

          combomelt…nice. Walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, but does he fly like a duck? Is this our socref? If Pete is our guy, he must be nuts to risk his exposure. But, if it is Pete, some uptown folks must be seriously concerned about ENENEWS.

          I think it's a coincidence, but I'm wishing you are right.

          • combomelt combomelt

            just google "socref nuclear safety". page 2 results 1/2WAY down gives an archive page from 2001, but its him, definitely the same arrogant soccer ref ene is dealing with. EVERYBODY GET OVER HIM, IGNORE OR PICK HIS BRAIN, LOTS OF PICKINS FOR EVERYONE!



        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          Nuclear Criticality Safety Division Newsletter
          . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
          "The award was presented during a
          local Oak Ridge/ Knoxville Section
          Dinner meeting in January.
          Pictured above, Peter Angelo
          presenting his paper.

          "ANS NCSD Best Paper Award
          (excerpts from BWXT-Y12 newsletter)
          Angelo receives ANS 2005 Best Paper award
          The American Nuclear Society-Nuclear
          Criticality Safety Division recognized nuclear engineer Peter Angelo with the 2005 Best Paper award for his paper presentation titled Personal Annunciation Device (PAD), a
          Wireless Technology for CAAS Compensatory nnunciation…"

          • Jebus Jebus

            Yes I believe he has been outed…

            Peter Angelo
            Take control of my profile

            Senior Staff Specialist Nuclear Engineer at NNSA Y-12 National Security Complex
            Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
            Knoxville, Tennessee

            1991 – 1995
            IFR Reactor Operations Physicst – Argonne National Laboratory
            1982 – 1986
            Senior Staff Nuclear Engineer – Southern California Edison

            1986 – 1991
            MS, MS, PhD in Nuclear Engineering, Engineering Physics – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

            Retrofit and proof tested the Rensselaer Critical Facility from HEU to LEU
            1977 – 1982
            BS in nuclear engineering – University of California, Santa Barbara


            Well Done…

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          “…Having lived next to a nuclear plant and a coal plant in my life, I would say I feel alot safer with the nuclear plant..”

          • artika rama

            Anne are we still discussing whether nuclear is worse than coal or vice versa ? And why ?

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

              No, I am just quoting Dr. Angelo from the writing referenced by combomelt. Socref said the exact same words on this website.

              However, it may be questioned whether socref is really Dr. Angelo, or just masquerading as him. Socref also quoted another nuclear engineer recently without listing the link. It sounded like he was listing his own qualifications.

              • Jebus Jebus

                anne, remember this boast, a few days ago?

                Retrofit and proof tested the Rensselaer Critical Facility from HEU to LEU

              • artika rama

                Anne it seems to me Scoref starts some irrelevant discussion and everyone keeps following it for hours /days and the whole thing is actually a way of misinforming people . Fukushima discussion was not about whether nuke is better than coal until Scoref started the discussion and anyone who would have a look at this site nowadays would think we are pro-coal . That's IMO part of pronuke propaganda .. It only helps pronukeers agenda.
                Secondly I don't think I want to know who Scoref really is . I respect everyone s privacy anonymity . People use knicknames to stay anonymous .
                As you know I am NOT defending Scoref but it s bugging me a bit that this forum is loosing its good quality because of personal attacks and insults and everyone trying to find out who Scoref is ,, it just doesn't seem right.
                What if we know who he is , what's the plan , what's next ? You know what I mean . this is not going anywhere ,
                Never mind who he is , or what he does ,, who cares 🙂 let's just have some good old fashioned discussions where we can learn something , 🙂 that's what this site used to be .

                • Jebus Jebus

                  "that's what this site used to be"

                  Until the industry saw that the truth was getting out.
                  Then along came peter…
                  And your tax money is paying for him to shill here…

                  • artika rama

                    Jebus I think in the end Scoref has done a better job than any of us of drawing attention to this site 🙂 there is no bad publicity . So let him talk and shill or do whatever he is doing , why should we be afraid of that ? We have nothing to hide , right . The more we discuss about it , the more the truth comes out . As long as we are fighting for the truth we should nt be afraid of any shills IMO .
                    In the end truth will come out .

                    • Sam Sam

                      Socref is waging his version of combat here.
                      We all know what his M.O. It misdirects and
                      hijacks and wears people out. Have we all not
                      reached the point of diminishing returns with
                      him. The best we all can do is report his
                      outrageous comments to the site administrator
                      time and time again and leave his posts in
                      isolation. He is a very safety expert
                      in the nuclear industry but leaving the plantation
                      to do combat here he has met his match and be
                      shown to be really lacking in so many ways. The truth
                      has come out. Time to move on!

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      Thats what I have been saying and doing.
                      Don't whine cause he's here.
                      I say, grow some balls and engage the lies.
                      Too many individuals on this site have no interest in searching for the truth elsewhere and only hang here to comment, without adding to the knowledge base that is enenews.
                      Find the truth and drag it back like the admin does. Sixty years of lies covering the truth. Easy pickins, if you just apply yourself.

                      I believe that peter proves every pro-nuclear lie and shows the world that there is an ongoing cover up of Fukushima.
                      The interest in this site, by the industry, would not be, if the damage that Fukushima is causing was false…

                    • artika rama

                      Sam I agree he is waging his combat , but who cares lol 🙂 let him do his thing . It serves the opposite . Seriously . He is showing the whole world , how insensitive , how self centered how short sighted , detached from reality these people are ,, how is that bad for our image :))

                    • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                      you nailed it artika rama! Peter has inadvertently exposed his 'profession' to even greater scrutiny. Such arrogance is typical of those who are long accustomed to winning arguments, behind closed doors. While he may be knowledgeable, he seriously underestimated the intelligence of those who regularly frequent this site…

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                      Sam, socref is not Dr. Angelo. socref is a chameleon masquerading as Dr. Angelo to make people afraid to argue with him and to give himself the authority he doesn't have on his own.

                      The sycophancy has already begun.

                      The nuclear industry practices the opposite of the scientific method. It has arrogance and kills people with impunity. Practically every word that comes out of socref's mouth is the opposite of the truth. These people will kill billions of people in order to line their own pockets. Too bad for them that they are just as vulnerable to radiation as everyone else. And their children and grandchildren are even more vulnerable to radiation. People who bow down to power are totally without any self respect.

                    • artika rama

                      Aftershock we are in this mess because of people like him . So arogant that they even try to tame nature . And the result is what we see today .
                      It's true Scoref is getting on some people's nerves but he can get on your nerves as long as you let him , as long as you take him seriously right , 🙂

                    • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                      he never intimated me, artika rama. In fact, I sat back and waited for him to dig the hole deeper and deeper. On another note, if you look at the timeline, as soon as he realized he was outed, he stopped posting. While I'm opposed to outing people in public forums (just isn't cricket), I can't help but laugh at how he brought it upon himself. It takes a certain kind of arrogance to dismiss so many people in one fell swoop. He did.

                      Any who may be reading my post, please don't pursue this foolish man, to his 'front door'. He's obviously over his head out here.

                      Should he bother to come back, I'd only request that he publicly apologize to "stock" for his attempts to demean his informative blog and efforts. Yes…an apology's in order…

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                  socref is not Dr. Angelo. socref is an imposter. He really doesn't know much about anything at all. He is the perfect troll. But do not underestimate him. I personally do not have the energy or time to keep countering his claims. He just used someone' argument against him (he wasn't called to respond to a riticality at Fukushima) that absense of evidence is not evidence of absense.

                  He is destroying this website. And now he has everyone thinking that he is a very authoritative, important, learned person. He has been here before under a different name, and has gotten some sophistication from previous trolls.

                  You can gave him. I have better things to do with my time. I really have no authority against pure evil.

                  • artika rama

                    Anne He knows about working on everyone's nerves , by creating his own theories and a lot of bullshit 🙂
                    Absence of evidence my xxx 🙂 nobody remembers Chernobyl I guess ,
                    Don't believe his bulls..t just saying things according to his misplaced logic , only to draw people into discussions and show dominance , that's his turn on .
                    There is no use getting into a REAL discussion with him . I gave up on that . The only thing that will change his mind will be when things really starts getting out of hand . when even msm can't hide it anymore . Except from that nothing can change his mind .
                    Even here now we are still talking about him lol ,, so this guy has been bugging us all lol ,, at least he has a talent in that right lol :)))
                    Not worth spending much time on him IMO .
                    Anyway I had enough Scoref for today .
                    Keep up the good work , I have learned a lot from you . Thanks .
                    Peace. 🙂

                  • califnative califnative (NY)

                    thank you anne, I agree this POS is destroying this website. Bait and catch where ever he can, people weed him out and exhaust one forum and he simply jumps to another forum to start up an endless cycle of garbage under the "I'm a nice guy" façade.

      • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

        SOCREF: You said, "I am reminded the Ahi tuna caught off Sendai fetched $700k USD not too long after the tragedy." What are you saying here?? Please explain.

  • name999 name999

    The US needs to strongly support the new leadership in Japan which is openly opposing

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      "The US needs to strongly support the new leadership in Japan which is openly opposing ABE."

      What's up, Name.

      Kinda reminds one of the first election between the usurper obama, and the traitor, macain. Both good communists. Our parade banner read: Bankster Puppet A (showing a picture of obama), or Bankster Puppet B (showing a picture of mccain)?

      There is no difference between any of these babylonians, no matter what color, or suit they ware. At the end of the day, they all bow down to to the ROTTENCHILDKILLER'S MONEY GOD.


      • jimbojamesiv

        You're a piece of work. Thinking you're not brainwashed but then say Obama and mcCain are communists.

        This is classic psy-ops–i.e. cognitive dissonance to divide and rule seemingly ordinary people. If you had a clue, you'd be on board with the communists, since we're the ones fighting the bastards, not the other way around.

  • bo bo

    NOAA: ' when the ocean is on the cooler side, conditions aren’t right.'

    They first said the oceans were too warm… then they say it is too cold… another time they say it is too acidic.. not sure yet, you see, we are scientists, so we don't jump onto conclusions unless we have long term testing and proof…

    But we are, somehow absolutely, 100% certain – the oceans are not too radioactive.

    We are sure of that.

    • nedlifromvermont

      @ bo: more like: "We are scientists, and our equipment and lab rent are very expensive. If we are to do any research at all we must get funding for equipment and lab rent from large corporations like General Electric and JP Morgan Chase. So naturally we cannot publish the research results that our benefactors do not want to see! What part of this equation do you not understand clueless public people? Do you need expensive equipment and lab rent. I thought not. You cannot understand these things, because math is involved; as in: I report the innocuous lies and my bank account is refilled.

      Move along clueless public person. There really is nothing here for you to see. You are blind to our tactics anyway. Go in peace my son, and remain ignorant."

      signed: entire scientific community of the contaminated planet Earth … except for a tiny minority we hear about here on our "lifeboat of truth website" … enenews.

      Thanks to the 'newsers, and to our loyal admin!!!

      • Ontological Ontological

        @Nedi Pat this guy on the back. Seems Vermonters are born with both common sense, and a brain. The Green Mountains are a special place. When GE trashed the night quiet with an engine they throttled ALL NIGHT LONG at sound levels I am sure were against the laws. Then they(GE) OWNED the hills again with there insistence to waste billions in Vulcan "Burp" guns testing used in Vietnam. The sound of that thing wrecked the peace of every last thing alive in those hills for YEARS! We are radical? Well, tell me why then. Imperialism.

  • Someone just forgot to feed the poor little fishies some radioactive fishfood…

    Milda, didn't you hire that teenager to feed the sardines some dried Fuku brand cesium chips while we were on vacation?

    Milda; "He forgot to feed the fish, and that is why they are now all dead…

    This theory is better than the biologists saying nothing at all, and getting paid for it. Where do we put in for a paycheck, btw?


  • cooterboy

    Good ole NOAA scientists can only blame, that which was taught to them. These parameters of known information are only based on cause and affect. When that doesn't work they stand there and say they don't know. All they have is a guessing game on their hands.

    What happened to investigating the possible? If the entire food chain appears to be falling apart then you need to start thinking outside the box like a scientist/biologist, which they can't do.

    This is all NOAA can come up with? What a bunch of Homer Simpson's we have. Duhhh, duhhhh. Think outside the box and take into consideration the 300-500 tons of highly radioactive water pouring into the ocean, every DAY, for the past 3 years might be a clue.

    But alas this chapter was not in their book at school. Nor in any book that sits on their shelves. "It is best to be silent and be thought of as a fool, than to speak up and remove all doubt."

    Well they have spoken and now have removed all doubt.


  • Ontological Ontological

    Where have all the sardines gone, long time passing…This horrible accident has completely wounded my soul. To conceive such impossibly stupid concepts 40 years ago was absolutely the LAST thing I expected. But then again, this is the nature humanity.

  • name999 name999

    And you have a plan to fix it. It is good to be positive. But hard to believe there is a plan to undo
    this. It seems to be an irreversible unfixable end game.

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    "It seems to be an irreversible unfixable end game."

    Yes, Name.

    What is a game to the babylonian money god freaks, is life and death to the world's populations of innocents.

    Even though the writers are calling it what it may well be, an ELE, there may still be a possibility. Maybe some day will bring forth a guilt ridden and repentant trillionaire or two, and they will whip out some sort of secret fixing tool to end this world exterminating Event/Drill.

    So say, the glass is half full until the fat lady sings, even though she is already deafening, and hard to take any more.


  • FXofTruth

    I find it hilarious that each of the "experts" comments above, avoids blaming the nuclear contamination coming from Japan as the culprit. They would rather chew their arm off, than say it was caused by the worst man-made ecological disaster in all the World's recorded history.

    Each one of them is gutless.
    Each one of them is a fraud.
    Each one of them has no credibility.

    There is nothing in the history of the Pacific Ocean food system's in California coastal waters or the Pacific Ocean as a whole that can be referenced to substantiate such a die-off of this scale.
    When the "clown experts" are obviously reaching and implying blame to everything but the MOST obvious and escalating reason, you know the seriousness of the situation.

    What is "not said" speaks volumes to what IS said on this subject.

    For the uninformed, unconcerned, and unimaginative Public who listen to these pathetic "talking heads" spew out to the media, is just more information about something that the majority of the Public THINKS doesn't affect their self-indulgent lives. "Who cares about a nuclear disaster happening in Japan? That's thousands of miles away and I have to get back to my TV shows!"

    The great awaking will happen in time. Unfortunately, the time to protect themselves will be too late. They have been getting contaminated by the food, water, and air. The accumulation of radiation in their bodies is growing. It's just a matter of "time" before their "card will get…

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    ..punched! 🙂

  • Tumrgrwer Tumrgrwer

    Is this what man does to get attention from the universe? We may have set off some form of galactic alarm. Can you imagine how this must look to the borg. Comming to get us they are. Sorry no links. Who needs sardines anyway?

  • CB CB

    Well the s@! ts hit the fan in the Pacific, and we all know when it hits the fan where it goes.

  • BlondyFu BlondyFu

    This is my first time posting. I have been following all of the articles on enenews for a few months now.This is so disturbing on so many levels I dont know exactly what to say. Thank you to all of you for posting.

    • Sickputer

      Welcome BF to the last outpost of sanity in the nuclear world. Excuse the brouhaha over recent posters. I personally reserve the right to be friends with even people who upset others here. I agree to disagree with them also. I like soccer so there's some common ground right there. Hidden agenda or mot, there is a human being behind every post (or maybe a human who programmed a posting bot 😉

      It would be a boring Brave New World if we were all alike.

      Have fun here, lurk or post, and always keep in mind a key slogan:

      Got your (clean) water yet? 🙂

  • deaddolphins simonhhh

    "Who needs sardines anyway?"…I switched to "pink salmon"…its easy to find at night…it glows green…I've learned to cut around the "white spots" tho…

  • Cisco Cisco

    Dear Admin,

    Thank you for your dedication and good work!

    I recommend you block/ban socref from this site. It is clearly evident that his posts are meant to disrupt, antagonize,
    and disseminate misinformation which throttles free speech and intellectual exchange. One would have to be intellectually
    challenged to believe his masquerade of being an "interested and learning" participant, with another view. That is preposterous.

    The idea to let this shill overwhelmingly seed the comments and monopolize the conversations with BS fabrications, lies and
    misinformation adds no value to the dialog. It does the opposite, it reduces ENENEWS's value. It compromises the purpose
    of this significant outpost and your important contribution; and, it will adversely inhibit constructive dialog. In turn, it compromises growing readership, and participation of real people versus professional shills pushing propaganda.

    I and others have expressed our disdain for this this shill's destructive posting. He's like spam. I respectfully suggest you do what needs to be done to any and all spammers.

    Best regards,

    • Sickputer

      I'm sorry Cisco…respect you enormously. But I disagree.

      When we start tattooing the wrists of people who don't offer anything more than written annoyances….then where do we go and what do we become? I don't see a flood of spam from this poster. I don't see that he has threatened anyone (others made remarks they should retract).

      Internet discussion forums live or die and it's never because of one dissenting voice who offered no threats to anyone that I recall.

      Admin has banned several people last year who got out of line. Let the mayor be the judge. It's his cloud city. We just bob and float. *;-)

      My two Internet cents and they could be worth exactly what I can buy with them. YMMV.

      I find the poster just a lost voice for a dying industry. The handwriting is already on the wall written in the blood of the Japanese people and from the unspoken anguish of the many creatures already dead and dying from Fukushima NPP.

    • socref

      If I make a sizeable donation to ENE they are not going to ban me.

      • Yeah, money talks, socref. You know that one.

        I'm not as generous as Sickputer. I think it's wrong to befriend people who support genocide.

      • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

        If I make a sizeable donation to ENE they are not going to ban me.

        10:1 you don't.

      • IF

        is the key word… Bet you won't give ENE one thin dime, much less a sizeable donation of something like 1 MILLION dollars.

        But try it.. Give ENE a million bucks and see what happens.

        Maybe they will promote you with 3 gold stars and shining radioactive pinpoints of light to illuminate your every post.

        Dare you, double dare you.. give ENE news a Million bucks..

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          Dr G…I know, its kind of fun to go back in time and rake the old ghosts over the coals. Time…an illusion made by moving slowly through space. Thats why we hitch wishes to a moonbeam.

    • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

      As annoying as socref may be.. there are many new folks here, and one thing we have learned over the last three years is that when someone comes here and says things that are not true, they are confronted with the truth.. this process can be very educational to those that are just learning.. or just watching. Remember the spent fuel boys? Kevin and James2.. then we got Joy and Patty. Brilliant minds, all of them..

      Socref is brilliant too.. he is just indoctrinated. Perhaps we should keep the truth coming and continue to provide information that counteracts the very expensive dis-info that the nuke industry has put out.. have a look at the numbers.. "These actions come after an extensive decade-long campaign in which companies and unions related to the industry have spent more than $600 million on lobbying and nearly $63 million on campaign contributions, according to an analysis by the Investigative Reporting Workshop at American University."

      and another interesting article.. http://breakingdefense.com/2012/06/our-nukes-cost-more-than-you-think-stimson-pegs-annual-nuke-spe/

      ..and everybody knows the tax payer pays the most.

      • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

        "The electric utility industry and the Atomic Energy Commission have been conducting a joint public relations campaign to sell the 10 percent annual growth in electric power production as a magical requirement of existence. And they pay for the campaign with public funds! This misuse of taxpayer funds by AEC is a scandal. The AEC admits doubling its public relations staff from 35 to 70 full-time Public Relations people, to "sell" the atom. Instead, the AEC and the electric utility industry should be sponsoring a serious public forum on the subject of electric power requirements.

        Indirectly, the electric utility industry is using tax money to brainwash the public through ads in national magazines, TV spots, etc. What funds the utilities expend are regarded as part of their tax deductible "costs." The public pays for these in addition to the regular charges it pays to provide a profit for the utilities."


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Radiation rising in Fukushima well


    "Tepco detected 2.4 million becquerels of strontium-90 and other materials emitting beta particles per liter of groundwater collected from the well Monday, the highest level yet."

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Me..I just open post..
    No big…

    • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

      I'm glad i see you're posting today Heart , yesterday was my first day i could sleep for 5 hours in a row , without nightmares..
      Now , where was you postings about population control again..?
      I missed them..

  • Nick

    The sardine catch collapses in a roughly 60 year cycle.

    Sea surface temperatures and zooplankton levels all play a role. As well as human wastes and poisons.

    I have intentionally NOT linked my findings as a challenge to the rest of you to find out for yourselves.

    Even if i did link, any argument I lay out would still be opened to interpretation by readers.

    Until I see radiation data, hard data, in Pacific waters, I can only guess what's going on.

    I think radiation may play a role, but I can't prove it.

    • I ask myself these questions.

      IF any real testing is ever done…

      Q: How many 'experts' will it take to test anchovies for radiation?
      A: 1

      Q: How long does it take for results?
      A: _ a. HOURS b. days c. week d. years!

      Q: When will results be made public?
      A: (silence)

      It's been like this for 3 years. I do not see it changing.

      It's like pleading the 5th Amendment when being questioned. They're not admitting quilt, but (most) everybody who knows anything about this global catastrophe knows they are full of hot air. That's if they say anything at all.

      My intuition says that radiation from Fukushima is and will be the 'trigger' for many more 'reason unknown' species die offs.

      • GOM GOM

        Chas: What a great post. Your senses are correct. But I fear another 'trigger'. Violence and mayhem when the masses get a clue…

  • Papa bear

    Storm coming better hide from the atomic tide. I found out about this nightmare in early Sept. Chemtrails and gmo foods all in one week. I was asleep now im wide awake. With much wisdom this is much sorrow, but it can save your life. I would like to thank all of you for your wisdom,insight,knowledge,and most of all for your love and concern for the children. Being a dad iam very concerned,living in San Clemente a five min. walk to the water. Grace and peace be unto you all. Papa bear

  • rodgersericv

    What's amazing is that NOAA people truly seem to not understand what the cause is. They have been brainwashed to believe that nothing is happening to the environment from the ongoing three Fukushima meltdowns. It is just like global warming deniers. They are Fukushima deniers.

    • wxman2001

      hmmm have to take issue with you there. I am a meteorologist who sees no evidence of global warming, it has actually cooled since the warmest year, 1998, as the sun's cycles change. The sun is by the far the main driver of climate, not CO2. C02 has been much higher in the ancient past (millions of years ago, and guess what? life flourished, especially plant life. Greenhouses actually pump it in to increase vegetation growth. No I see no warming, only cooling, and maybe a little ice age coming by 2020…But it is obvious to anyone not relying on the MSM for their infotainment' news that the meltdowns at Fuku are impacting the world, especially the Pacific and the sea/land interface of western North America.

  • utahruss utahruss


    Please come over to Fukushima The Naked Truth Forum. We are talking about that and solutions and we have links to the BEST VERIFIED information anywhere on the net.


    Thanks Russ Jensen Utah