“This is a developing story”: NBC has learned there’s been a leak at Hanford — “Radioactive reading” near cracked container of radioactive waste

Published: February 10th, 2012 at 12:41 pm ET


Title: Department of Ecology looking into leak at DOE site
Source: NBC Right Now/KNDO/KNDU Tri-Cities, Yakima, WA
Author: Lisa Loevsky
Date: Posted: Feb 09, 2012 9:22 PM EST Updated: Feb 10, 2012 12:25 AM EST

Department of Ecology looking into leak at DOE site

NBC Right Now has learned there’s been a leak at the Central Waste Complex site, a Department of Energy facility at Hanford. […]

This is a developing story.

NBC’s information via Washington State Department of Ecology Radioactive Waste Program

  • Confirmed there was a radioactive reading found near a concrete box containing radioactive waste
  • Discovered on February 6th
  • Concrete container did have a crack
  • There has been a radioactive reading
  • Whether a substance actually leaked out of the box, and what it is, remains unknown
  • Conducting an investigation to see what the substance is and how long it’s been sitting out
  • Not letting anyone within 30 feet of the area

Anonymous Workers at State and Federal Agencies

[S]everal workers who do not wish to be identified in the Department of Ecology and the Environmental Protection Agency say there is concern about the way these containers are being stored at the Central Waste Complex.

If it’s not hazardous, who cares whether someone was exposed to it? (Emphasis Added)

Department of Energy spokesperson Geoff Tyree says that DOE cannot confirm that there is a leak, and that DOE workers say they have not found a crack. He adds that the material on the ground next to the container is not hazardous, and that workers are not exposed to it.

Read the report and check for updates at KNDO here

Published: February 10th, 2012 at 12:41 pm ET


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54 comments to “This is a developing story”: NBC has learned there’s been a leak at Hanford — “Radioactive reading” near cracked container of radioactive waste


    Lot’a “…he said” then “…she said” here.

    I’m impressed that someone’s come out from the MSM (NBC in this instance) and featured any-kind of a story on nuclear power. Perhaps it’s dawning on some of them, their kids are equally at risk…

  • jec jec

    News will become lost regarding the leak. However, the number of people concerned with Dukushima Fallout in the West Coast USA hsa grown, as have the actual dosimeters people are using. I cant think of anything which would worry the Hanford regulators more than knowing someone, the public, was observing and testing for radiation on their own. And reporting it via public websites..or blogs.

    • StillJill StillJill

      Yes jec,…I think you’re onto it. This story sounds and feels like “radon bottles” decoy to me. Oops,…yes,…see here,…here’s the tiny problem, whoopsey daisy! Won’t happen again! So sorry,…you can come closer than 30 feet now! Give me a freakin’ break!

    • Spectrometising

      Bullshit jec….Talk about corrosion. It even explains the 120Psi bolts not holding…possibly…very possibly. If this NRC doc is true, it would make nearly every nuke plant over a decade old a rust bucket.
      Have alook at this>>
      “seven reactor coolant pump studs were reduced by boric
      acid corrosion from a nominal 3.5 inches to between 1.0 and 1.5″….There is much more and its right under our noses.

      • Arnie Gunderson says the Mark reactors have a defect.. They stretch bolts on the cover and allow leaks of gases at pressures above 100 PSI.. which is what happens when you get a meltdown.

        He says that all of these reactors have this flaw, and it is what led to the hydrogen explosions.

        He says there is no fix.

        Of course, so far, he is only one saying any of this. Check his website for the video.. good stuff.

    • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

      Jec, you nailed that one right into their. I’m quite shocked that Hanford actually disclosed the fact that 85 Severts per hr were registered within several hundred ft. of the Columbia River. Exposure 1 to 2 severts per hr over a short period of time is a guaranteed death sentence within a couple of days. I wonder how much information about this is actually getting to those that live within range of the Hanford Reserve or downstream. They’re claim is that the water table is at a depth of 50ft and that saturation of this leak is 30ft to 50ft in to the ground. To say that the water table hasn’t been compromised is pure arrogance on Hanfords part since they do not know how long the breach has been ongoing. If the ground measurement is 85SevPhr then it has undoubtedly been leaking for some time. This means that the water table, thus the Columbia River has been compromised and those downriver can expect higher levels of cancer rates as a result.

  • many moons

    Jec, that is our biggest weapon in this war…the dosimeter!

  • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

    This is a re-post:
    February 10, 2012 at 2:44 pm · Reply
    Good Morning Capt!
    I have written (only emails) countless times to all my federal and state reps since last April. Other than form letters returned to me extolling their virtuous stand on all matters ecological, nothing has happened.
    I have done the same with the San Fran Chronicle, San Jose Mercury, the Oregonian…newspapers. I have contacted oped media types from Rachel Maddow to Glenn Beck with links, articles and info re: Fukushima, ongoing radiation. I did get back alot of bullshit from Beck….none of it relevant, mostly a hook to get you to pay attention to his ranting nonsense.
    I will look into your link, but I pretty much agree with Sickputer…..the only success we have is on an individual level, kind of “one-on-one”.
    I finally posted a couple music vids on you tube, first “Occupy Song – Occupy Everything”, then “Fukushima Dreamin” with the thought that “art” may be the catalyst for information. I know I’m not a musician, believe me. In fact I have never played anywhere but in my house, but as of yesterday, I had over 500 hits on the Fuku song, mostly in US and Canada, but also in 7 other countries. This has been more productive than any of the letters I’ve written. Right now I’m working on putting or-well’s hymn to music and will post it when its done.
    I’m not advocating NOT writing to the powerful. What I’m saying is everyone do whatever THEY can and whatever feels useful to get the word out that these fuckers are not only killing us all, but have succeeded in sweeping it under the rug. Well the rug has so much shit under it by now that said fuckers are starting to trip on the rug as they pass by on their way to wherever they are going in their haste to make $. If we all get under the rug and throw little chunks of truth out into the light of day for them to trip on, WE CAN WIN!

    Never give up!!

    • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

      And one more…
      In the meantime, here is a BIG leap forward in information. This is a Symposium re: Fukushima being held Feb. 24-25. If you go to the link and wander around on the site I believe it will give us all hope. Enenewser Majia is one of the speakers there and it will be live streamed on the web. It might be productive to email this link to media outlets, newspapers, etc.
      I contacted Rachel Maddow show with link to this event a while back….no return mail, but if all of us send her show a link, just maybe she will pay attention! Just google Rachel Maddow contact info and post this link.
      Keep on tryin….squeaky wheel gets the grease!!!


    • GoFrodo

      Art can be very powerful, in a time when so many people would tune out what they dismiss as a political rant or an environmental lecture.

      For the legislators, I think if we sum the nuclear issue up in practical terms of money lost and wasted, that might help while budget is such a critical issue. But will remediation expenses be less than burial and the inevitable spending on useless superficial healthcare that may treat arising “diseases” but not the root radiation poisoning? Anyway, they don’t always reject reason, but in this case maybe they will.

      I’m prepared to accept that they may not care or do anything about it. As many years as people have been protesting nuclear and breaking down the risks for our leaders, we were still put in danger.

  • StillJill StillJill

    PoorDaddy,…..Oh how I wanted you to team up with our or-well! I wanted that so much!
    And here it is! 🙂

    I thank you BOTH so! Can’t wait!

    O.K.,…..I’ll stay in the saddle another day! 🙂

    • GoFrodo

      What? They’re teaming up? Did I miss something?

      We have a lot of talent on this site. I am especially fond of AGreenRoad’s satirical discourses.

      I have always thought that we could easily make some kind of dark comedy channel or other produce (or compilation) with some of the people from this site.

      SNL, eat your heart out.

      • GoFrodo

        *product, not produce 😛

        • or-well

          GoFrodo, Jill just means PoorDaddy will be using something I did as some material for his own creative contribution.
          For what it’s worth, anything I put here is free for anyone to do with as they please, if they can think of a use for it or they can change it or whatever.
          BTW, dark comedic ‘produce’ sounds good to me! (the concept may get stolen, heh)

          • GoFrodo

            Oh, ok.

            😛 @ dark comedic produce. We have a lot of that, unfortunately. What used to be fiction.

          • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

            Sorry buddy, you’re a collaborator(sp)on this one! The music is only the medium to get the message out. And what a great message it is!

            • or-well

              PoorDaddy-QUESTION-if this seems weird, sorry – you do know I just changed words on a known piece right?
              I presume you do but…for all I know you’re Zoroastrian and may have never heard the original, so I gotta ask.

              • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

                Hi or-well. Yes, it is “bringing in the sheaves”, the old Christian Hymn. I’m old enough to remember singin it as a kid. The music itself will be very similar, but not exactly the same, and my attitude is exactly the same as yours about folks using it. Anyone feel free…no copyright crap. My purpose is to get the message out….thats all.
                Hmmm, lets see, a Zoroastrian is one of those guys that carves “Z’s” on stuff, right??

      • GoFrodo

        I also didn’t mean to imply that Fuku should be minimized in any way. It won’t be good if people get numb to it like it’s just another subject of the SNL politics show.

      • 🙂

        Rants and raves will cause you ill

        Humor and satire will make you still

        Find the peace

        Get into the power

        This is the hour

        For the victory


    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Yessss! Can’t wait to hear that! Lovely!!

  • WindorSolarPlease

    We know how dangerous Nuclear Power is and we know how toxic the waste is, we even know there has been illegal dumping, and the holding of unsecured waste.

    If we were to build something as dangerous as Nuclear Plants, we wouldn’t see the day of light.

    How can they legally build these monsters that are dangerous and threat to all of us?

  • LetThemEatYellowCake LetThemEatYellowCake

    Update to article same link: “The DOE is disputing reports from several of our sources claiming there’s a crack in a concrete radioactive waste container at the central waste complex. The written response says the leak in question is likely just melted snow.”


    • Is this leak on top of the 30 leaks that were reported recently?

      They need to stop issuing leak passes to this radioactive water..

      But the radioactive water is complaining, whining and crying… it wants out.

      The rumor is that this radioactive water on site is being ignored, not counted in votes, and so they are organizing a union, which will demand a large variety of things.

      If the authorities are smart, they will release the total radiation counts of the contaminated water on site, in the basements, filters, concentrated storage, barge, etc, and the union organizing will stop; or so I have heard.

      • The Radioactive water is complaining at both Hanford and Fukushima…

        Apply the above to BOTH… I am getting an earful from the radioactive water at both places.

        I am holding a phone in both ears and cannot even talk, with all of the complaining going on at both sites..

        What a bunch of whiners that radioactive water is.. All it wants to do is have a little freedom and get out, go on dates, get married with some humans and travel around the world..

        What is wrong with that?

  • LetThemEatYellowCake LetThemEatYellowCake

    Did you all catch this? “the leak in question is likely just melted snow”. I don’t understand. Do they keep melted snow on site in containers that can leak? Is it in non-melted snow too? Is there maybe not a leak and it fell that way? Does anyone know what the reading was yet? How much melted snow leaked? I’m so confused.

    • LetThemEatYellowCake LetThemEatYellowCake

      wtf is a melted snow leak or am I on xenon here..

      • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

        All I Know LTEYC is that a buffer zone of 30ft ain’t gonna get if the purported rate is 84sieverts per hour, I can tell you that right now! If the 84sieverts per hour is from snow melt then the world in DONE! What I want to know is how in the world they came up with that reading? Anyone not wearing the right protective gear taking the reading would have been dead the same day, so this is a deepening mystery.

        • LetThemEatYellowCake LetThemEatYellowCake

          oh dear – I didn’t think or make the connection that the 84 sieverts was possibly the same area? 30 feet certainly won’t do it you’re right! or anything if that’s the case.. the wording here drives me nuts.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Sure,….30 feet and you’re fine,…..But,……29 feet,….and you’re toast. So sorry! (Sarc)

    • LetThemEatYellowCake LetThemEatYellowCake

      😉 I also wonder when this likely just melted snow was last in a snow state and when and how it became nonhazardous enough to warrant a 30ft safety perimeter if indeed the stuff next to the container is the likely just melted snow.. or even if not, they never specified, just said the leak they couldn’t confirm was likely just melted snow, not the substance on the ground next to the container without a crack. Further, if this nonhazardous material with a radioactive reading brings alarm to the state, then it must have been hazardous at some point – when was that? When it was likely just nonmelted snow? I really can’t afford this new dictionary people seem to be using …

  • skizexq skizexq

    intel sed
    story still being looked into no one wants to talk

  • skizexq skizexq

    89 sieverts near water earlier reported on ene
    – any more on that oNE anyone?

  • skizexq skizexq

    my hometown not too far, esp depending on the wind direction, nuff sed.

  • Even the king can learn from the clown, who presents awful situations in humor…

    Keep it simple..

    keep em laughing..:)

  • Total Fukushima Radiation Released Into Ocean, Air, Groundwater, Storage Tanks, etc http://www.care2.com/c2c/share/detail/3069802
    A Green Road Blog

    Updated today…

  • stargazingangel

    This is the deal Hanford is a mess. GE/Dupont owned the Company that did this contamination before the dropping of the bomb on Japan. This is the site that made the plutonium for that bomb but continued to stockpile. It is the largest contanimated site in the US. Here is an idea of what is going on now to try to save the River, Pacific Ocean and of course the State and everyone downwind from it. It is far from over. I do commend the workers there trying to get this under control. But because this Gov played politics for so long and hid so much from the people we will never trust the Gov or any Company to be honest. We did not find out until the 80's that they had been doing controlled releases in the air, water and soil. Keep in mind GE owns MSNBC, NBC etc. They contol most of the media on Nuclear Energy.