Thousands living outside no-go zone are now packing up and evacuating

Published: June 7th, 2011 at 10:09 pm ET


Heartbreaking evacuations as Fukushima’s nuclear fallout spreads, ABC Australia, June 7, 2011:

Japan has doubled its estimate of the amount of radiation spewed out by the Fukushima nuclear plant in the week after the crisis began. It comes after confirmation that plutonium has been found outside the facility for the first time.

Even before these revelations Japanese authorities were urging residents living just outside the Fukushima no-go zone to leave. Thousands are now packing up and evacuating, fearing radiation in soil and the atmosphere could lead to health problems, especially in children. […]

Published: June 7th, 2011 at 10:09 pm ET


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69 comments to Thousands living outside no-go zone are now packing up and evacuating

  • James2

    Another Honey pot sarg?

    Jeez you must think I’m stupid… You don’t write like a reporter does.

    You off the phone with those Navy wives yet? How about the Military wives in Japan? You got them on speed dial.

    It’s morning now – they’re probably just waking up the the “fresh” air in Fukushima…

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Does anyone know what the hum is on the TBS/JNN live cam is?

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Oh god. What about Rooks…heart breaking for him and his young family.

  • I am distraught thinking about the people who are evacuating their homes. I can’t imagine what they are going through. so sad.

    I hear solar flares are disrupting the airwaves and weather. The roads in MN are buckling from the heat wave they are experiencing and their internet is whacky! (I heard that first hand on the phone today). I can barely wrap my mind around the weather gone wild all over. sigh

    How do we keep it together?

  • ZP

    I’m trying to figure out if this announcement should come as a surprise to anyone.

    The Emperor has not clothes!

  • James2

    Hey sarg, How are those assignments going.

    Oh one more thing to tell those poor terrified mothers and fathers and spouses of the USS Ronald Reagan crew – and of course the families of all those serving in Japan.

    Tell them to make sure their bank accounts are in good shape – that the VA medical system will surely not pay any special benefits for their children’s genetic defects after they die. You are working so hard to shovel this thing under the rug that it will be just like gulf war syndrome was and all the other strange military illnesses – like it never even happened.

    Or maybe you have enough pull with uncle Sam to get some special legislation passed. “The 2011 military special medical fund for Fukushima victims and their heirs” – has a good ring to it.

    You still have not answered my question though?

    Why in the world would a hard working, but pretty technically incompetent hacker such as yourself take on this assignment.

    Is it a political thing? Or is it simply about money? If it was about money, I would think you would have wired a check to my account already to try and shut me up…

  • Misitu

    Quoting the article
    “Yes I worry about that,” says farmer Takeshi Yamada. “Unfortunately it’s not just rumour but fact because readings show a high level of radioactivity in vegetables from here. I don’t think we’ll be able to grow anything from here for at least 10 years,” he says.

    I always felt truth was easier to handle than falsehood. You can’t plan anything if you don’t trust the information you need.

    The experts should be running an EDUCATION PROGRAMME to bring the facts to the top of the public agenda.

    This is not a ten year holiday, it is hundreds of years of uninhabitable devastation and hundreds of thousands of dying and deformed people. That’s the pretty version.

    In terms of education: I’m feeding some of these news items to a facebook page, from which I have had one grateful piece of positive feedback. Not to give away anything but I’m inclined to build on this with a facebook open group. But I believe this may clash with something already in place so, before this happens, any feedback from enenews posters will be appreciated.

    Misitu, Peru.

    • OneWhoRelates

      I would think as long as you cross link and promote at least passively donations to this site it would be ethical.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      It’s more like, you can’t farm for at least 500,000 years. Can’t breathe for that long either.

    • DrNature

      Get The WORD out any way you can to as many people as you can. The more sites the better.
      Millions of lives are at stake here!!

  • James2

    hey whoopie – just give me a sign if you’re real and remind me what you did for me yesterday.


  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    In the case of Fukushima, the explosion at Unit 3 was postulated to be a detonation of the nuclear fuel in the spent fuel pool (not a hydrogen explosion), leading to uncontained volatilized dust of plutonium and other radioactive materials to be sent far and wide. Traces of plutonium from Fukushima was detected here on the West Coast and as far as New England….. The amount of spent fuel in the single-reactor Vermont Yankee power plant alone, for example, exceeds the inventory in all four of the damaged Fukushima reactors combined.

  • James2

    Oh my,

    I just went over to a forum for USS Reagan families, and it’s lit up with links to this thread.

    Sorry folks to have to tell you the truth this way folks – but the PR hacker troll Sarg and his merry band have seen fit to try to hide every bit of information about what’s really happening in Fukushima.

    I know what I typed is cruel, and I appreciate what your loved ones have done. I served this country, I’m proud of it, and I simply cannot allow low-lifes like this to pull the wool over your eyes.

    Unfortunately everything I’ve posted is 100% true (except for the Hanford Reference – I’ve never been there).

    If your sons and daughters indeed did fly/sail through a cloud of MOX, then they likely are going to die from it within five years – that’s the facts based on the little research that has been done on mammal exposure to plutonium dioxide.

    That’s why you need to demand to your congresspeople – to the Navy and to the US government to come clean immediately on what was in that cloud on the morning of the 14th of March 2011.

    Good Luck and God Bless,

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      @James2 —
      Can you say where or give a link to:

      forum for USS Reagan families

      ? Thanks.

    • cossack55

      TPTB come clean. Please. I’m still engaged in Agent Orange and DPU battles with the scum. I’ll be long dead before this MOX exposure sees the light of day.

    • @ James2
      forum for USS Reagan families, can you post the link ?

  • James2

    Sarg must be better than I thought if he’s got those tree huggers at PBS telling lies.

    • cossack55

      A check for about $1 million and they will report anything you want. Who do they work for? Thats your answer.

  • James2

    Message to Capt. Burke:

    No sir. I love my country sir.

    However I cannot in good conscience allow this coverup of the tragedy happening at fukushima to kill even more innocent people than it has already…

    I applaud the work every one of your crewmembers have done on behalf of the United States of America, and I am proud to be American.

    I urge you to request to your commanders to release the data on exactly what type and quantity of particles were exposed to your crew. I believe this information will be vital to their health care and family planning going forward.

    The comment about Arlington and bodies was cruel I know. I sincerely apologize, however being a middie you know yourself it is true.

    Sir I applaud your service and I wish you and your family the best of luck in the future.



    P.S. I hope you can understand that I cannot email you under these circumstances…

  • James2


    Sarg. Tell your handlers you have a big day tomorrow.

    Send reinforcements to San Diego, you’re going to need them.

    • ocifferdave

      who r u talkin to?

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      I’m worried. I’ve been with this forum for several weeks, and the comments added here are valauble to me.
      I got also “hijacked” by these 4chan idiots the other day, and I thought with the new registration things would be ok.
      Obviously they’re not.
      We’re all seeing your posts here to the mysterious “sarg” (which means coffin by the way in German)..could you update us all what is going on??
      Peace. Thank you.


    Smoke or steam is coming from the first building on the left in this cam at (Japan time) June 8 13:10

    There is pinkish gray haze or clouds above the plant. My guess is that this haze is coming from the reactors because there is smoke/steam coming from the building on the far left and moving to the right, where one sees the haze/cloud…

    There is almost no haze to the immediate left of the far left building (I think its #1 but I’m not sure)


  • ionizing

    The greater Tokyo has a population of 35 million. This ionizing radiation is on going. It is time to evacuate and leave

    TEPCO and the Japanese Govt have to stop covering up and tell the truth.

  • Dr.Stranglelove

    Get out while you can still walk.

  • Yes, they’ve had warnings for Tokyo for some time now, so the writing is on the wall:

  • irradiated californian

    congrats on them for taking the initiative…but i know they don’t want to. pardon my language, but TEPCO has fucked these people over of their livelihoods and these people should be royally pissed off, for they have every right to be. i think they are handling this way too calmly, and i think that’s why what little action we see is what we see. there is no push in japan for TEPCO to get their shit together, and even the little push they are getting, it’s definitely not enough. they also are not getting the push from any other nation, at least not yet. all in all, this situation is totally fucked for the poor japanese who have to leave, and the japanese in general.

  • 21stCentury 21stCentury

    Is the Japanese Navy looking for a new home port ???

    Godzilla’s Hibakusha Navy

    • Novamind

      They should be at home helping some way!Defense Farse is more like it. Or are they trying to keep the ships from The Radioactive Fallout Contamination. I hear that it gets in ships water systems.

  • Sickputer

    I was playing tennis yesterday with a friend who works for a Geiger counter company (first time I have been outside for hard exercise since about March 11…and my nose started running with the sneezium crap as we call it now here. *;-) Had a bad headache all night.

    Anyway, I am better today…I asked him if they had a whole body scanner and if I could get a scanned (just half joking). He said yeh…for about $1500. Wow…and you thought an MRI was high!

    I guess the little kamikaze jumpers at the Island of Dreams probably aren’t getting much testing either. Just kidding…they probably aren’t doing much there now anyway…just waiting to see which fuel meltthrough (not meltdown…it’s way past that) is going to do some more unfunny business that they never saw coming.

    Yep Emmy…we have been batting around the old GD words lately here for a few weeks (Great Depression) as it appears this could be the event to push the recession into full scale meltthrough itself.

    I looked at a beautiful new white Prius in a parking lot today and thought what a great car that came from the ingenuity of the Japanese people. And will we ever see them make another model year. Sad.

    It’s getting kind of late now for my plan to have old Bruce Willis and me blow that plant into the ocean (hell come to think of it I’m two years older than him). *;-)

    The US government (uh…make that GE…there is no legitimate government in America anymore…probably hasn’t been one for 80 years) isn’t going to allow any such drastic action. Because that would just confirm that a nuclear plant out of control is so dangerous it must be buried in the sea regardless of the toxic waste in the water. Don’t know why they quibble now…Big Oil has already killed all marine life in east African waters…the spills there over the past 50 years in East Africa makes BP’s Gulf rig spill look like a dribble down my chin.

    The Eskimos in Alaska were worried about Big Oil drilling and…

  • Sickputer

    The Eskimos in Alaska were worried about Big Oil drilling and blowing out in the Arctic Circle because it is pretty hard to skim oil under the ice shelf. As they say…the oil will be gone in 400 years, but the Eskimos have been there for 20,000 years and the whales for eons.

    Won’t have to worry about it now…because the invisible stuff is going to do a number on them and they probably won’t make it another 20 years if they are lucky.

    We needed long ago to stop making a lot of things besides DDT to help us avoid having a silent spring with no eagles or songbirds. Now it won’t just be fragile eggshells threatened….

    Anne…sorry to bust your hopes about filtering the water…it just isn’t technically possible. The monster mad dog dog is loose on the streets and there isn’t a gun big enough in the dogcatcher’s arsenal to kill that brute. Take care…try not to stress. Now is not quite panic time…but things could change quick for the island residents. In any event as we say here about hurricanes…June too soon, July stand by, August it must, September remember, October all over. Sounds like a plausible timeline to consider.

  • Novamind
    Ya, sure they will, TEPCO’s responce to potentual problems is Amazing!

  • Novamind
    Come on in the Water is fine! Try not to step on the Dead Fish.

    • Ruffcut

      Damn, that video sound completely canned from the script of the GOM propaganda.
      “testing should prove that you want to send your kids into the water, for fun a games.”
      If I was ever to be on tv could I at least be puking on one of these talking, bobble heads, please.

  • Sickputer

    Good articles…got a chuckle and I needed that!

    “Tokyo Electric Power Company says it is making final preparations to activate special purification equipment to treat radioactive waste water at the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. The company plans to start up the system on June 15th.

    On Wednesday, TEPCO tested the control board of a US-developed device that adsorbs radioactive cesium. It also tested the pumps of a French device that uses special chemicals to settle radioactive substances in the water.”

    Wow…how ambitious…a machine nobody heard of from the US (must run on ex-rad pellets? *;-) and the Normandy Expresso Machine! Steam goes in and plutonium/cesium goes out…into the ocean. I bet Areva will build their sneaky disposal pipeline into the sea a lot faster than the Unit 4 wall gets built.

    June 15th huh? Well…I’m still thinking even for that tiny bandaid…June is Too Soon!

    • Novamind

      If TEPCO did what they say they are going to do….I bet most of this water accidently gets “spilled” by the Ocean when a Valve or maybe a Guage malfunctions, causing it to run into the sea from the end of a pipe hooked to the pump that they thought had been shut off,two days ago.


    Molten nuclear fuel in three reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant is likely to have burned through pressure vessels, not just the cores, Japan has said in a report in which it also acknowledges it was unprepared for an accident of the severity of Fukushima.

    It is the first time Japanese authorities have admitted the possibility that the fuel suffered “melt-through” – a more serious scenario than a core meltdown.

    The report, which is to be submitted to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), said fuel rods in reactors No 1, 2 and 3 had probably not only melted, but also breached their inner containment vessels and accumulated in the outer steel containment vessels.

    The plant’s operator, Tokyo Electric Power (Tepco), says it believes the molten fuel is being cooled by water that has built up in the bottom of the three reactor buildings.

  • Sickputer

    Anybody got a strange feeling about the massive worldwide food poisoning going on is a lot deeper story? Perhaps somebody with an axe to grind planted the biobug? I can think of several scenarios including links to the Japan issues. And the talk about some weird things happening around the German leader? Things that make you kinda go…they surely wouldn’t. But we know from past history they would. Oh well. Not going to slap tar on anybody until I have some proof on my brush.

    • magnolia

      Her announcement that Germany would have all nuclear reactors out of operation by 2020 is reason enough for retaliation. These people play hardball.

      The scientists at Ft Dietrick have been making bio weapons since the early 1940s, and have routinely tested them on unwitting Americans for decades. Don’t think for a second they have ever stopped developing them.

      Read Frank Albarelli’s “A Terrible Mistake” about the murder of bioweapons scientist Frank Olson, who was murdered when he began to get cold feet over the crimes committed.

      • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

        sorry, I think you’re mixing things up here. The German government has already passed a law in year 2000 to stop all nuclear plants in Germany until 2022.
        When Mrs Merkel was elected, she took this law back and made a deal with the 4 biggest electricity companies (who own the Germen reactors) to have the plants running for years and years and years to come…
        Only with publics riots and immense pressure by the oppsition parties (and Fuku as the last nail in the coffin) she could be forced to take this law back.
        Right now Germany is where it already was in 2000.
        People who celebrate HER for that have no idea what has been going on.
        So: if somebody would’ve wanted to “punish” us for our energy politics, they could’ve done that 10 years earlier.

        • magnolia

          @Bread and Butter

          Sorry, but you misunderstood me. The nuclear reactor people are livid that she went back on her original and continual pro nuclear stance and “caved” to the good guys.

          Trust me, we are both on the same side. I too live near Cattenom! I am not praising Merkel, but do think she is being “punished” for not standing firm in her pro-nuclear policy.

        • Dory

          Props and thanks for staying so calm in your response to that, BreadAndButter. I would probably have had some unpleasant language to go with it.. Have pulled myself together now.

          • Dory

            Adding: I was mainly refering to Sickputers and his “we know from history they would” BS.

      • Novamind

        So True.

      • Novamind

        Fort Dietrich was the source for the Anthrax in the envelopes and other things.

    • DrNature

      Enteritis is a common symptom of exposure to radiation, and often misdiagnosed as food poisoning.

      • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

        The actual e.coli poisoning is caused by a mutating e.coli bacteria. It seems to have developed in a company that produces and sells veggie sprouts (alfalfa, soy bean, etc…) all over northern Germany. It’s very sad that so far 22 people have died from it, but it was not the Mossad, not the Iranian regime, not the CIA.
        If “somebody” decided to erase mankind, I suggest they don’t use soybeans to do so.
        Peace to all and enjoy your lunch.

          • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

            Hey Magnolia,
            the point is: the food poisoning is in this case NOT a misdiagnosed radiation sickness.
            And quite obvoiusly the nasty sprouts ARE the reason, even when it might be too late to find any trace of them now (after weeks) in the company.
            Three of their employees fell sick, they delivered their produce to lots of restaurants and canteens where people have eaten who fell sick later. In 3 of 4 cases the source of the poisoning can not be found. I think the Guardian might post this tomorrow 😉
            But who cares about lousy sprouts while Fuku is steaming away? At least I don’t.

        • radegan

          If you steam the sprouts in Fuku steam they will be sterile enough to eat.

    • You mean, Say uncle and do their biding or more health and economic harm will come ??

  • nomade

    From today’s news on NHK…

    The Japanese government says it failed to publish some radiation data from the nuclear accident at the Fukushima Daiichi plant….it does not effect the evacuation steps that are NOW in place, almost three months later!


    “The science and technology ministry says it did not release radiation monitoring data from March 16th through April 4th and radiation measurements for soil on March 16th and 17th. The data was taken by the Fukushima prefectural government outside a 20-kilometer radius of the plant.”

  • nomade

    Here’s the rest of today’s news report.

    The govt will publish the radiation data on its website… at some unspecified time in the future.

    Take your time guys, no hurry! This just beggars belief.


    The ministry apologized for not disclosing the data.
    It says it thought the Fukushima government had already released it.

    The data was collected as a reference for deciding on evacuation measures and restrictions on food and water consumption. The ministry says the unpublished information does not affect the steps that are now in place.

    The ministry says it will publish the data on its website.

  • milk and cheese milk and cheese

    From all the evidence it doesn’t really matter where you run; it would just be postponing the inevitable. I am sorry for my friends in Japan. And everywhere else.

  • nomade

    It’s official. They’re going to open the doors of #2 to let the steam out. (To try and prevent an explosion I presume)

    Which way is the wind blowing?

  • Tens of thousands of people are still living in shelters in Japan, three months after a powerful earthquake and the ensuing tsunami devastated the country’s northeastern coast.
    The National Police Agency said on Saturday that over 90,000 people remain displaced in Japan as a result of the twin disasters in March.
    The agency put the quake and tsunami’s death toll at more than 15,000 people while 8,000 others are missing as a result of the double catastrophe.
    The government plans to build a…

  • blackmoon

    This is Off Topic, but a sign of our times.

    Nature unraveling: Giant rat plagues being reported across the globe