Today’s flyovers of giant sinkhole released — Shows new access road being built on edge of subsidence zone? (VIDEOS)

Published: January 24th, 2013 at 3:34 pm ET


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Assumption Parish Police Jury, Jan. 24, 2013:

New access road being built

Evacuated access road

Watch more flyover footage here

Published: January 24th, 2013 at 3:34 pm ET


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27 comments to Today’s flyovers of giant sinkhole released — Shows new access road being built on edge of subsidence zone? (VIDEOS)

  • vivvi

    They still dont want us to have a good look at it, do they. You would think that just ONCE we might get a comprehensive view of it instead of a 20 second peek at part of it.

    • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

      A higher view from above would show as I have been saying. The sinkhole affected area now is at 30 acres + and growing. Thats what they dont want you to see too much. And that water is now at the edge of some of the other storage caverns and well sites.

    • Pierpont

      These people know that releasing only a 20 sec clip is going to generate cries of "Foul ball!!" but that's better than what the cries would be if it were all shown.

      It's like the gap in the Watergate tapes. Nixon knew that by doctoring the tapes there would be a huge cry of "Foul ball!!" but what was on the tapes was so bad it had to be spliced out anyway — probably evidence of criminal activity.

      I thought at one point there was an independent group sending up their own plane.

      This is the first clip I've seen where Texas Brine has removed all of the gear from the parking area adjacent the hole. It has been swept clean. I've been waiting for this. It can't be a good sign . . . Would like to be able to see the area around the storage tanks to see what's left there.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    How many access roads will they have to build..until they admit to serious this really is?

  • Lion76 Lion76

    doesn't take a genius to read between the lines of what is going on here

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    Great access road alright. As a boat ramp mabey for the hazmat cleanup crew boats. Actually you could launch a jetski or small boat right there and go all the way to the gulf from the sinkhole. Its now all connected. Sinkhole, bayou and the gulf.

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    Misspelled "maybe" , my bad.

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    Sinkhole question of the day? What if anything is being put in place of the petroleum products being removed from the salt dome storage caverns as to not leave open void cavaties? These will become sinkholes as the salt dome becomes more erroded from contact with water if not filled with something right?

    • gottagetoffthegrid

      Good point. they will need to put something in. Hopefully they don't use water 😉
      I'm only half kidding. TB is about as competent as TEPCO.

      Poly urathane foam might be an option. You can't use conventional cement grout because it's made with water

    • Thad

      TM 2020
      the top of the salt is 700' under ground the tops of the other caverns 2,000 -2,500ft additional down in the salt–
      The product displaced for transfer is either by expansion or by pumping in brine—In some cases water- 3bbl water dissolves 1 bbl salt–

  • amberlight amberlight

    They call that a road!? Looks more like a beach to me…

  • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

    I'm pretty sure they said a road *and access pad to the sinkhole. I'm also pretty sure they aren't done yet, nor is it very easy to build a road from scratch in the middle of a 5 foot deep cypress swamp.

  • gottagetoffthegrid

    Looks like they are going to build a bit of a plant there to me.
    Probably a water – oil separation plant. Hey it's $95 a bbl and they didn't need to drill baby drill. (Sigh)

    They still need to start a sheet pile wall around the site to cut off the water inflow.

  • UpcountryMaui

    Thinking out-loud on this…

    The only thing I can think of a solution to this would be to inject into the collapsing cavern a slurry composition of hydraulic cement, heavy filler (sand, pulverized gravel, decomposed granite dust, etc.), light filler (Styrofoam beads, short fiberglass fibers, glass beads, etc.) to completely fill it with a self solidifying mass/entity the same relative density as the salt dome material.

    This would take an enormous amount of material to accomplish this, though.

  • irhologram

    Or we could collect human hair from donors all over the world and stuff it down the "throat," like the former plan to soak up oil in the gulf. Just kidding, of course, but they weren't before. Reminded me of Chaney's suggestion we duck tape plastic over the windows to prevent radiation exposure.. But if you choked the throat of the sinkhole with glass beads or foam or cement, you'd destabilize the dome even further because of pressure that would then have no relief except to find the path of least resistance and blow somewhere else…especially now that the sinkhole "bottom" has been compromised, causing it to rise, not from deposits, but from upheaval, as of November…65 feet. But let's say they COULD drill enough relief wells everywhere that bubbles indicate underground gas pressure. 1) Is it safe to puncture this size and depth unknown, highly pressurized, origin unknown methane/oil "filed" with dozens or maybe even hundreds of relief wells, considering release now being observed in peoples back yards, and possibly the origin of myriad spontaneous fires in the bayou swamp…wells that themselves, may further weaken the geo-stability (I could hardly believe Freedomrox link yesterday showing pressures of 360+ and the Ceri seismograph was literally off the chart) 2). What material would then go where the draining and emptying pockets of oil/methane vacated and how much toxic gas cocktail mix can the atmosphere safely "vent"? Would venting ever end?

    • UpcountryMaui

      Actually, I was thinking along the lines that the entire former brine cavity would have to be filled, not the sinkhole funnel itself.

      We've seen what just trying to plug the sinkhole would do with these frequent "burps" of vegetation.

      There are formulations of lightweight concrete with various fillers that that would have a similar density and elasticity to the salt itself such that the filled cavity would be less likely to shift or distort under the natural forces exerted within the salt dome.

  • irhologram

    3. Did you ever consider that the way this has been "managed" may mean that "they" intend to declare imminent domain, pay pennies on the dollar after rendering the entire industrial/gulf oil/gas producing, refining, shipping area…unfit for habitation…so they can harvest the biggest mother load ever? Not that they SAID they were planning to do this in LA or anything. Too hard to stomach, to wrap our minds around from a government corporate structure that loves you? 2003 figures among the 50 states: Louisiana’s rankings in
    Including the Outer Continental Shelf
    1st in crude oil
    2nd in natural gas
    2nd in total energy
    2nd in refining capacity
    2nd in primary petrochemical production
    Because of the existence of a concentration of refineries and distribution points for tankers, barges, and pipelines along the Gulf of Mexico it was logical to look for storage in this geographic area. A large number of subsurface salt domes were identified across Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi. The subsurface storage of crude oil in salt caverns offered the best security for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR), low environmental risk, and also the least costly storage mechanism, as salt dome storage is considered about one-tenth the cost of surface storage of crude oil.
    Storage locations along the Gulf Coast in Louisiana and Texas were selected because they provided the most flexible means for connecting the SPR storage…

  • irhologram

    None of that is new information to those here. But I posted it as relevant to possible motives and expectations.
    This report is couched in terms a out the value of wetlands. But what it deals with is the strategic use of oil reserves, not preservation and mega expansion through Port Fourchon. Of course, you know all this. But putting it in perspective with the progression of events may be useful? Here's the resource.

  • irhologram

    Comma after not preservation, … Bottom line: Isn't it possible that since they announced this mega expansion agenda, and have carried out many of the details from the above policy papers…is it possible this is going according to this decade old agenda statement? If you DO view this as a non local, agenda driven event, do the pieces fit?

    • PavewayIII PavewayIII

      You sound surprised that companies are doing what they always do and the government they bought off isn't regulating them enough. It isn't not conspiracy that needs to be exposed. It isn't even news.

      They're not going to get any help from Louisiana unless they want their now-worthless houses jacked up for flood prevention.

      Assumption Parish is building a nice community center where they'll eventually hold six-week disaster updates. They also exempted Bayou Corne residents from garbage fees.

      Texas Brine is only obligated to hand out evacuation checks to them every week and is begrudgingly doing that.

      If Bayou Corne was a rich, white suburb in Virginia full of lawyers and politicians, then this would have been mainstream media news with damage estimates in the $100's of millions. Jindal would have been outraged and the situation would have been 'solved' a long time ago. But's not – it's a little community in the Bayou with regular people (apparently without political connections) that were just minding their own business and trying to get by. They just want to know what their mailing address will be this summer.

  • markww markww

    TimeMachine did you feel the earthquake last night

    Large write up EARTHQUAKE EAST TEXAS 4.1 might have damage. Also is this from fracking,methane or salt dome problems???

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Here is a couple back-articles on the area.

    East Texas 3.7M earthquake
    May 10 2012

    East Texas rocked again by 2.7M earthquake near Timpson
    May 20 2012

    Fracking earthquake in East Texas near Timpson
    Dec 23,2012