Fukushima Part II? Tokyo to begin burning massive amounts of radioactive waste from disaster area — Burns will continue for at least 2.5 years, until March 2014 (VIDEO)

Published: September 30th, 2011 at 3:37 am ET


SOURCE: Meteomedia AG

We are basically recreating Fukushima all over again -Arnie Gundersen, nuclear engineer

Rubble from quake- and tsunami-hit areas to be disposed in Tokyo, Mainichi, September 29, 2011:

[Emphasis Added]

[…] Tokyo decided to process rubble from disaster-hit areas after detecting only 133 becquerels of radioactive cesium per kilogram of ash generated after rubble was incinerated […]

[D]ue to radiation fears, little progress has been made in efforts to dispose of such waste. […]

The metropolitan government intends to transport approximately 500,000 metric tons of rubble to facilities in the capital and dispose of them over a 2 1/2-year period from this coming October to March 2014. […]

The waste will be separate into burnable and unburnable items. Burnable waste will be incinerated […]

Tokyo Metropolitan Government will regularly measure the amount of radiation in the incinerated ash […]

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At 7:30 in (Transcript Summary)

Arnie Gundersen, chief nuclear engineer at Fairewinds Associates:

  • US would be burying 8,000 Bq/kg radioactive waste underground for thousands of years
  • Lots of serious ramifications from burning of nuclear waste
  • Material from Fukushima that was on the ground is now going airborne again
  • Towns now getting cesium redeposited on them by the burning of nuclear material
  • Clouds of radiation recontaminating areas deemed clean or low
  • Continues across to the Pacific Northwest
  • We are basically recreating Fukushima all over again
>> Have your voice be heard. Visit the discussion thread: [intlink id=”forum-about-japan-burning-radioactive-debris” type=”post”]What should be done about Japan burning radioactive debris until at least March 2014?[/intlink] <<


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Published: September 30th, 2011 at 3:37 am ET


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84 comments to Fukushima Part II? Tokyo to begin burning massive amounts of radioactive waste from disaster area — Burns will continue for at least 2.5 years, until March 2014 (VIDEO)

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Don’t they understand that this is not a safe way to get rid of radiation waste??!!??

    Is Canada, US, and Mexico standing together having talks with these people? There has to be other ways to deal with this waste.
    Maybe we are at the point that it doesn’t really matter, maybe our goose is already cooked??

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Want to clarify that…our goose means the “whole earth” not just a few Countries.

    • Hemisfear311 Hemisfear311

      Stupidity knows no boundaries.

      After re-ejecting some of the radiation into the air, they will probably use the remaining ashes in construction work.

      The non-burnable rubble can be ground into small pieces and also be used in construction work.

      The re-airborne particles will contaminate more stuff that will then have to be incinerated.

      And all the while the radioactive plumes from the plant continues to contaminate whatever they are contructing, which then has to be torn down and re-processed.

    • Steven Steven

      Bury it! You don’t need a degree in nuclear engineering to know that. Buy some time and just bury it, come back later when you have a better idea.

      • moonshellblue moonshellblue

        At least cover it with sand but until criticality or decay of corium has been achieved perhaps they cannot do this but burning is just going to pollute the entire planet even more.

      • Anthony Anthony

        Brilliantly rational alternative solution.

        • Misitu

          Brilliant as in luminescent as in glowing as in radiating.

          Rational as in irrational

          Alternative as in No alternative

          Solution as in dissolution



    Reactor 1. 405 Sieverts. Sept 30th, 2011.

    • Hemisfear311 Hemisfear311

      I remember back in March/April beeing terrified about readings of 1-2 Sieverts per hour. I must have been going through a process of some sort, since 405 Sv/hr doesn’t surprise me anymore, as I somehow feel it should.

      P.S. That avatar of yours says it all.

  • Cindy

    Japan is lifting some evacuation orders, as its safe to return home now. This area was affecting 59,000 people … was on yahoo news. Fukushima Dai-ichi is more stable now , hence the lifting of the evacuation orders…


    I can’t believe this !!

  • Kevin Kevin

    Given that we have been fed nothing but a pack of lies from the industry, Nuclear Agencies and Governments with respect to the impacts of this disaster and the mismanagement of its consequences it is time we stop accepting this complete and utter bullshit.

    This has to be the straw that finally breaks the back of this out of control radioactive camel.

    I am utterly fed up with the staggering incompetence and outrageous management of this unprecedented disaster. The people of Japan MUST stand up and call for a complete and thorough rethink of those responsible for managing this issue.

    From day one they have exhibited complete contempt for the citizens of this country and by extension all other people affected.

    We must pressure our governments and the relevant agencies to bring a halt to the never ending bullshit and actually begin to divulge the truth of these matters and manage what little they can do in the face of this unmitigated disaster in a responsible fashion.

    To burn the waste is criminal negligence resulting of the highest order resulting in nothing less than murder. They may not have had an opportunity to mitigate or prevent the original disaster but this action is indefensible and nothing short of a complete abandonment of such an outrageous plan is in order. We must insist upon a cease and desist order immediately.

  • I haven’t been over here for a while but this one is quite informative. You will need a spare 30 minutes.


    Keep up the good work over here.

  • markww markww

    To The Japanese Government : here are some ideas as to getting rid of the waste instead of burning and releasing radiation all over the areas again including the smoke coming to America.

    FIRST- use concrete grain silos and on the outside use spray on lead paint and in the inside walls then you fill with radioactive materials and put a steel lead impregnated shield around the silos and at the bottom of the silo

    SECOND- you can make a recovery pit or a disposal pit off site lead line it and then plastic and other covers over the top to put in low level stuff then shield cover the top and then add crushed rock lead particles and sand and dirt. Give this to a engineer and see if this will work besides re radiating everything from the smoke and the ocean and the Americas and the rest of the world. Mark

    • radegan

      Good thinking. I believe the Japanese are all becoming unhinged, a condition we could call “Tepco Brain” – where ongoing exposure has produced gooey, unthinking masses instead of normal tissue. Do we need more evidence than the idea of burning such masses of contaminated matter?

    • Anthony Anthony

      I think you are right too. I would add that it makes sense to bury ALL contaminated solids AT FUKUSHIMA (the most contaminated area of the country. This way, over the millennium, Japan MAY slowly ebb away from its toxicity in the majority of the land – leaving a radioactive dump and hotspot in a place humans have no chance anyways of decontaminating. Why create numerous hotspot dumps which may collectively make the ENTIRE country contaminated? Concentrate it.

    • Terranigma1 Terranigma1

      markww and radegan, these are such great ideas. Why are the Japanese/U.S. so clueless!??

  • micsam

    Genie is out of the bottle no one knows how put it back. You would THINK the nuk industry would first learn how to CONTROL these nuclear Catastrophes and provide safe storage of waste before going forward with permitting 40 yr old plants to operate or building new nuclear plants. Chernobyl is still emitting radiation 25yrs, Fukushima who knows how long radiation will emitting into the atmosphere, poor Mother Earth how much can she take?? it took the creating forces billions of yrs to create a perfect planet its taken man about 66 to screw it up. Where will the next catastrophe happen?? It may be happening right now, who knows?? but it will happen!! Only two things are infinite:
    The Universe and human stupidity. And I’m not certain about the former — Albert Einstein
    Nuclear power is a hell of a way to boil water— Albert Einstein

  • many moons

    I think the whole idea here is to disperse. They don’t try to clean up accidents anymore the focus is to disperse them and thus diminish their influence on a given area/population. BP did this in the gulf. BP’s argument was it’s a big body of water. It wasn’t about clean up it was about diluting. Seems like spreading radioactivity around to dilute it will only serve to contaminate larger areas.

    • Bob Hardin Bob Hardin

      But they are going to burn this stuff in “the capital city” (Tokyo). They are pulling the chair out from under themselves and then sitting down.

    • DaughterProduct

      Right- and all the other geriatric NPPs all over the planet will of course seize this opportunity to do some (more) voluminous dispersing of their own…mix it up real good, add liberal dashes of yuck from every/any Industry, Energy or otherwise…


      I still cannot get through to most of my friends & family about this. They truly think I have gone schizo…and stop talking to me at all. It isn’t like I’m whiny, aggressive, smug, or even pushy about it- I just present facts. They shut down, completely avoid me.

      “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…”

      Sure, sure: “Keep Calm, And Carry On”. I only wish they’d get that far with the conversation.

      • Misitu

        was explaining to brother and sister in law two days ago. they get the message and then go quiet. I guess this means brain goes into a kind of stall like a plane pointing its nose up too high.

        people do get the consequences and then (I suppose) the dinosaur hindbrain kicks in.

        sorry about no caps but this is an instant response.

        “it’s all just too too much to bear!”

  • catweazel

    i know where they got the idea of:

    honestly: look for a proper valley and do a depot with proper grounding, water processing plant attached and bury the stuff at 1 to 3 places. Put in there all the other nuclear rubbish and learn in a nearby new university how to deal with radioactive leftovers because that land is unknown as of today worldwide and doing that site may pay out later.
    and for all the no no no criers that will find faults in that suggestion: have a better one? dumping in sea? no. put it in massive cement? to much, no. burn it? no. dissolve it? no. bury it and learn how to cope with it? sounds not good but best so far to me.

  • dosdos dosdos

    Einstein was brilliant, but a little shy in wielding creative verbiage. I’ve always equated using nuclear energy to generate electricity with using a shotgun to swat flies. Both will get the job done, but you’re never happy with the final outcome.

  • If 133 becquerels of radioactive cesium per kilogram of ash, … then how much is entering (as well as other isotopes) the atmosphere while burning is from to produce this kilogram of ash ?
    100, ? 1,000 to one ? into the skies to fall elsewhere in Tokyo, ? Pacific Ocean, ? and the world ?
    500,000 metric tons of rubble equal how many tons of isotopes = how many future deaths ?
    This deadly waste in the air falling and being breathed and eaten is forever and ever !!
    The Gov. of the world must be eating anti nuke pills to allow this to happen, where’s mine ???

    • radegan

      If 133 becquerels of radioactive cesium per kilogram of ash, … then how much is entering (as well as other isotopes) the atmosphere while burning..

      We have two unknowns – the total input in becqs and the total amount remaining in the incinerator after combustion. Only with all those numbers will you know exactly what went into the atmosphere. What happens to it after that is well-known science.

      • radegan,
        The articles says they will be monitoring the air but will they publish or even be truthful about amounts, and consider what amounts of radiation from different areas collected may be from HOT SPOTS even with large amounts of Plutoniums ?
        Indeed, more unknowns !

        • Hemisfear311 Hemisfear311

          Will they be truthful about the amounts?

          In late July, ex-skf revealed that ashes from burning household waste contained very high levels of Cesium. The readings of the fly ashes exeeded 8,000 bq/kg.


          Rubble laying exposed on the ground outside should contain more radioactive particles than regular household waste. Just think about the rice hay that contaminated the meat from cows (and quite like likely still is).

          At least the question about their truthfulness is one less unknown.

          • Hemisfear311 Hemisfear311

            Edit: Late June, not July.

            @Admin: Would it be possible to add a feature, that would allow me to edit my own posts? I’d love to see that.

  • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky


    • Bobby1

      Holy cow. Wow. Just wow.

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      I have tried several times to post a comment to this. Something wierdly synchronistic is happening.

      My comments and questions are:
      1)Thanks you Toadmac for all your effort to give information.
      2) Where are the scientists who could set up a cpollection, monitoring, critique, advisory panel for all the accumulation of data we the just plain folks are accumulating? Please step forward: Arnie? Michio? C. Busby?, David Lachbaum? And all you others whose names I can’t include? The guy from U Texas/ Austin?

      Please, someone step forward and help us with expert analysis!

      In the meantime, the last time my PC wierded out in trying to post this, I got:

      this synchronistic piece of wisdom.
      Check it out! And thanks again Toad…

  • Anthony Anthony

    They are going to kill us all. I find it disturbing likewise that almost no Japanese people are talking about their plight with us since this has happened too. I appreciate the degree of difficulty this disaster presents, but at almost every step Japan has shown it is an awful neighbor of a country to live beside.

    I think a deep apology or acknowledgement to the rest of the world from Japan is long overdue. Japan’s continued selfish decision making like the burning of materials to release even more airborne isotopes to the world, is a deliberate damage inflicted on North America.

    Otherwise Japan’s actions seem murderous to me. They wouldn’t accept anyone doing this upwind of them, would they?

    • StillJill StillJill

      Anthony,…it has been postulated to me that some, perhaps many,…have a not-so-secret resentment towards the US for,..Oh, I don’t know,…1945?

      It has been further suggested to me by some 1/2 Japanese folks,…that they are happy the US is going down with them.

      • Anthony Anthony

        StillJill…. yeah, I hate to even think that way, and it is generalizing to the max…. but, I find the INTERNATIONAL SILENCE of Japanese citizens to be disturbing. I guess I believe if you don’t say sorry – then you are NOT sorry.

        They SHOULD be sorry about what has happened to the world and our lives. I would be.

        • moonshellblue moonshellblue

          GE should be sorry and Toshiba, etc. Corporations are too blame as well as government and media. I think in orders to save Japan’s economy they figure, may as well pollute the entire globe. I know it doesn’t make sense but neither does burning. I just cannot believe other countries are not outraged.

        • dharmasyd dharmasyd

          Did we, the USA, ever say “sorry” for Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Perhaps we did. But I don’t know, perhaps I missed it. Please correct me and let me know if we did apologize.

    • Terranigma1 Terranigma1

      If the Japanese were on the receiving end of those radioactive plumes, they would be protesting in the streets!

  • patb2009

    if you are going to burn the debris, truck it to
    Fukushima Dai-ini, burn the material and pump the gas through the filter stacks.

    the remaining radioactive ash, you can store on site at Dai-ini or Dai-ichi, and the filter elements can be changed routinely.

    no point doing anything else

  • Buffalojam

    While Many Moon’s theory of dispersion as a motive for Tepco’s incineration of it’s mountains of nuclear waste sounds plausible to me, I’d like to take it a step further. By engaging in such an incineration program, wouldn’t Tepco be affording itself the opportunity to burn anything it it wanted to at the accident sight (including stuff that should not have been there). They could also claim that all safety equipment and procedures were in place (even though it may not have been) at the time of the accident but has been burned.

  • Bob Hardin Bob Hardin

    Concrete doesn’t burn. So what is this “rubble” that they are going to “incinerate”?

  • alasanon

    Wouldn’t this be patently ILLEGAL in the U.S. and any other civilized country??!!

    This must violate international laws and treaties…same for their indiscriminate dumping into the Pacific Ocean!!

    They’ve got to think of other measures, such as burial containment. Talk to the Russians, Japan. That is just foolish and disgusting. NO WAY, Jose!

    That is so crazy!!!

    • alasanon

      They have to start working with all the experts from all over the world and go crazy about getting international support.

      If you’re going to be crazy, at least channel it in the best direction for your own survival!!…Not to mention, the world at large!!

      Japan is heading into full-blown crazyville!

    • Finch Finch

      think like the Japanese responsible for this. First of all, the other countries have to prove that the stuff came out of their chimneys. That will take time. What we see are the movements of a dead man.
      Think like them: Hiroshima was an absolute Trauma for them! True, they lost the war, they lost so many good people, but also, they lost their ability to build a bomb like U.S.A. as well! They were not allowed to build mass destruction weapons after having lost WWII. Until eternity! That’s why they started “peaceful” nuclear industry that fast! Sure, they wanted to become independent, but they were sitting on a bomb, as well. They knew it straight from the beginning, and this is the price, they always have been willing to pay for the sake of their national pride. So, the only ones who have trouble, is us, not them. The poor citizens never counted. Maruta. Logs. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unit_731

      • hanaloa hanaloa

        I we must never forget that it was primarily the US who exported nuclear technology to Japan in the wake of ww2…it seems to me that nuclear power was an imposition on Japan, not some realized dream of revenge…lest America forget this key point…furthermore, Japan and US, as well the the majority of other nuclear powers are in this together: just look at the US EPA, NRC and the so-called international nuclear watchdogs, the IAEA…the rich of the world have their own virtual country and itʻs called Fuck-the poor!

  • StillJill StillJill

    Japan MUST hold SOMETHING over TPTB’s heads,…Russia? Silent while this is happening AGAIN??? Why???? The US, silent???? Why?

    How do you suppose North and South Korea feel?

    And, you KNOW infanticide IS GOING ON!

    Indeed,…we must sit by and either watch this,…or surely know it’s happening!

    I’ve got the FUKU fatigue! 🙁

    • alasanon

      Yes, they will cover anything… Rick Perry’s new tie?…before they touch this subject in public media discourse!!

      Alternative news rumor is that Japan had the scoop on where trillion$ of U.S. money has been “lost”/embezzeled during all of this economic fallout and corruption and they were about to blow the whistle!…

  • madashell

    These reactors cover the world!

    Governments of the world are protecting one another by their silence. Each knowing that one day a reactor will fail on their watch and they won’t want other countries calling them out.
    It’s the good old boys club – I won’t tell on you if you don’t tell on me.

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      Well stated.

    • Anthony Anthony

      Agreed. And another aspect in play I believe is the truth is FAR TOO HARSH for average Joe Citizen to bear. I think when 311 happened – it was manifestation of the nuclear worst case scenario. We do not have equipment even to accurately measure the outputs- they are that high already! TPTB are going on *business as usual* because if everyone understood the fuller reality; all hell would break loose in society. There is nothing that can be done, so the good old boys are just moving it forward. I also believe they are hoping for the best like the rest of us.

  • StillJill StillJill

    thanks madashell,….my reasoning abilities seem to be failing me today. I was hoping it was deeper than just that,…but, you’re right I’m sure. Thanks,…could you also help me find the right bus to get on for ‘downtown’? 🙂

    • Finch Finch

      This is the perfect “shock treatment” for changing the actual system. The world faces a deep economical crisis right now, strikes are going on in half of Europe! A turmoil is starting and here comes Fukushima!
      I read a book in my holidays in August:
      The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism
      by Naomi Klein and I can assure: you don’t have to have a political opinion at all to count one and one together. Although I do not fully agree with the author, this is an eye-opening book.

  • StillJill StillJill

    I heard two things on Fox news in the last two days I wanted to mention. First was Bob Beckle on the ‘five’ Glenn Beck’s old spot. He was fighting with the other four about the future,…if a repub gets back in the helm,…Beckle said, “That is my WORST nightmare right there! Keeps me awake at night,…if that happens,…I guess I’ll have to do what my friends tell me to do, what they’re all doing,…pack my family up and move them all down to New Zealand.

    #2) This morning on Martha McCallems slot, they had an economist,..he said, “I am certain that there will be a recession in the first quarter of 2012”. The spot was over before I could get his name. His CERTAINTY spoke FUKU knowledge to me anyway!

    • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

      I’ll have to watch closely…it is possible they are setting up
      some dirty false-blame action in Albuquerque. I Hope some
      local authorities, some Real people in the military or FBI will
      take notice, that the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta will be
      patrolled by the “ASPECT” air-sampling reconnaissance plane.
      Apparently a joint EPA/FEMA trip….chilling to consider
      they are quietly rolling this out NOW, at THIS event…Why?
      I Hope some real Americans inside of Law Enforcement
      will stop the False-Blame attacks being set-up within our
      Cop Power Structures.

  • Flapdoodle Flapdoodle

    As a child of the 50’s I remember having to “duck and cover” under my school desk. From under the desk, I looked at the expanse of glass windows wondering if I would be shredded if it were a real attack.

    But one of the things we were told is that snow would be more radioactive than rain. Presumably the snow scours the air of radioactive particles better than rain. Is that still an accepted fact? There have already been a few snow storms North of me in Colorado, and in Oregon.

  • squodgy

    They’ve either totally lost the plot or it’s a case of saying:~

    “It wasn’t our fault so why should we suffer alone”

    In other words “F*#k the lot of us”

  • I’ve heard the same thing about snow. Snow feeds our mountain lake water supply. Hope your on a well Flapdoodle.
    Re: burning nuclear waste. The historic choice has been made. To preserve an economy instead of human life. Instead of attacking the problem head on with truth and compassion, the Japanese Government has decided to use lies and disdain for human life. No doubt even Tokyo should have been evacuated but that would have been bad for the economy. Burning radio active waste a symptom of the disease. Like radio active beef and radio active children’s pee. They don’t care about their own people why would they care about anyone else?
    Japanese culture works well for TEPCO. Shut up and don’t talk about it.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      All they care about is all the money they are making overseas building new nuclear power plants. There will be no one left in Japan to buy electricity. However, that will extend to the rest of the world in a single generation.

  • Anthony Anthony

    Japan sizes up Fukushima cleanup scope
    TOKYO — Japan faces the prospect of removing and disposing of 29 million cubic meters of soil contaminated by the world’s worst nuclear crisis in 25 years from an area nearly the size of Tokyo, the environment ministry said in the first official estimate of the scope and size of the cleanup.

    Six months after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami triggered reactor meltdowns, explosions and radiation leaks at Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant on Japan’s northeast coast, the size of the task of cleaning up is only now becoming clear.

    Contaminated zones where radiation levels need to be brought down could top 2,400 square kilometers (930 square miles), sprawling over Fukushima and four nearby prefectures, the ministry said in a report released on Tuesday.


  • OlympicLight OlympicLight

    This is a bad idea for so many reasons.

    1) Incinerating radioactive materials will not make them less radioactive. Obviously, these are heated particles, so adding more heat isn’t a sensible solution.

    2) Fukushima is still leaking so your burning pile will only grow since more and more buildings/objects will become radioactive and you’ll be stuck in this process.

    3) Burning this amount of waste will maximize the contamination zones, as the now extra heated particles will re-enter the atmosphere in the smoke.

    4) We’re now back to problem #2, so now the nuclear plants AND whatever waste your burning is now releasing toxic fumes.

    My solution…just bury the radioactive materials. Sand would probably be your best bet. And while your at it, why not save some lives and begin evacuating Tokyo…before bodies are the next thing they’ll be burning…

  • nuckelchen nuckelchen

    meteomedia ???
    i bet my ass that they were paid by the japan goverment.
    meteomedia wanne exanding their buisness in the asia area, so what?
    remember on transocean,
    same is meteomedia.
    and remember, that after two months it comes out, all animations of the spread were faked,

    meteomedia make nothing for free or for the “good thing”.
    they make only something if you insert a coin.
    and that is never a good sign….