Tokyo: Cesium at triple gov’t limit in radioactive compost made by elementary school children — Using fallen leaves!

Published: October 7th, 2011 at 11:23 am ET


SOURCE: Above-Limit Cesium Detected in Compost at Tokyo Elementary School, Jiji Press, October 6, 2011

Tokyo’s Bunkyo Ward said Thursday that radioactive cesium exceeding the government limit has been detected in compost made at an elementary school.

The compost, made from fallen leaves at the school, had radioactive cesium of 1,488 becquerels per kilogram, higher than the 400 becquerels set by the government […]

Five kindergartens and 20 elementary and junior high schools in the ward have been making compost […]

“Radioactive cesium is believed to exist in three states: dissolved in water, loosely bonded to organic materials such as moss and leaves, or tightly bonded to rock such as silicate salt.” –Kunihiro Yamada, aprofessor of environmental science at Kyoto Seika University via Mainichi, Oct. 7

Published: October 7th, 2011 at 11:23 am ET


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29 comments to Tokyo: Cesium at triple gov’t limit in radioactive compost made by elementary school children — Using fallen leaves!

  • maaa

    When will it end? Never. All thanks to Nuclear power.

    • Darth

      Screwed, and will forever be screwed.

      • TheWorldIsBlind

        Thank you Darth. Your common sense leads to an intelligence that apparently no1 seems to comprehend. We already know its over. Can we just skip to the day the article is released headlined:

        “Japan Admits – It’s all over – Japan is done”

        and we can all move the f*ck on and worry about the next nuclear plant that f*cking explodes.

        any bets as to where’s next??

        I’ll put $100 on USA

        • StPaulScout StPaulScout

          TWIB – What makes you think there will be anything for the rest of us to ‘move on’ to? If Japan is contaminated to the point that the country no longer functions, who will take care of the 54 reactors they have? You can’t flip a switch, turn them off, and walk away. If it gets to the point that the Fukushima site is so radioactive humans can’t be there, the entire world will be doomed eventualy. It is like a cancer that grows out slowly, devouring everything…..

    • americancommntr

      Two thought exercises:

      1) There have been a few references to research on the Internet showing that some plants are able to do some transmutation. Could be a bunch of baloney, but maybe not. Think of a cedar tree growing out of almost solid limestone bedrock in a roadcut. In most cases there is a thin but thick enough seem of clay the roots are growing in. In others there is just a crack. Trees can get some trace elements from dust, and trickling water. But there is a possibility of transmutation by plants. If so, maybe such a capability could be bio-engineered into soil bacterium with the bacterium programmed to have either a timed lifespan or a tendency to quickly lose those genes. Or maybe a nano machine could be invented to transmutate.

      It would all run the risk of the gray goo accident. But in this somewhere is the possibility of sowing something into the soil and environment, to change the radionuclides into something else not radioactive or not poisonous. I’ll readily admit this is very, very far out.

      2) It seems so unlikely that there should be an and a When virtually 98%, it seems, of the media is blacked out on the subject of Fukushima, or plays tiddlywink games with any news it does let out, how did these two come to be? There are hardly any other well known sites outside of these two and a few they link to, at least of which I am aware.

      So, to me, it seems that the people behind these websites have two possibilities. I have always held to the first, that they are truly heros, of the world, of history, standing up for what is right, and I am very thankful to God and to them for that. But the other possibility periodically chews on my thinking.

      It is that these two primary alternative voice sites, if not almost exclusive alternative voice sites, are being allowed by the same people censoring the rest of the news. Why would that be? Perhaps to control the bleeding of the truth out, so that when some important bit of news gets out, it is controlled only to that point. And then perhaps to spin it.

      When I see video of Arnie Gunderson, though, he truly seems like a good man, in the Biblical sense of the word. That gets out. I’ve worked for about probably 5,000 people in the business I used to have, and that builds ability to judge character and truthfulness. I guess the doubt, the second possibility comes from the incredible odds of there being these two sites, in a world so controlled of truth and full of lies, that, for instance, Building 7 can be imploded, and everyone just go along with it, for all practical purposes.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Siva Lingam, NRR
    The meeeting was a SHAM!
    Now’s the time to SCREAM OUR HEADS OFF!

  • Sickputer

    How deplorable is a national government that fails to protect the weakest members of society from a business the government co-sponsored with industry.

    There are few words to express how parents will feel when their children fall ill. Rage comes to mind.

  • Bob Hardin Bob Hardin

    Bunkyo is two miles from the Emperor’s palace.

  • Pitiful example’s of leadership these days !

  • karaa karaa

    I am reading this site almost every day since the beginning, want to be informed. thank you for the informations. As time goes by, I feel so sad and useless and sometimes do not have the energy to read once more so terrible news. I live in France. Far away and so close… I have the feeling that so mamy people just go sick and tired when we can do nothing. People in my neighbourhood are not interested any more. Friends and family is overfed. Will we slowly shut our mouth and brains? sorry, i am so sad.

    • karaa,
      You have family here that hears and listen to your words from deep in your thoughts, You are not alone, we all have each other when others do not have ears to feel your thoughts !

      Stay attune with us and share all you know and feel, we are all ears !

      • No no karaa, never alone … about 8,000 regulars here that care deeply and who are trying to get the rad word out. This is an inherently depressing situation … even if there were no news blackout. Hang in there, darlin. Visit the combat radiation forum and feel free to flip out. It is warranted and many, isolated like yourself, feel exactly the same.

  • Grampybone Grampybone

    What idiot thought having children make a compost pile was a good idea? Lets just have the kids go out and play in the dirt then measure how much shit they were exposed to…Methinks this is a bad idea. How about stay inside with gas mask on and make plans to get out of Japan.

  • Karaa, Dont feel like youre alone. Most people Ive talked to think Im on something or just misinformed. Nobody really wants to hear about it. My daughter (17) tells me “why worry about it if you cant do anything about it.” What does her future hold?
    At least we all have each other in this little blog. Hang in there. I hear you.

  • It is common for people to shut down and deny what is happening, because it is SO terrible. That will not help.

    Focus on the heart, focus on love. Keep the heart open, and act anyway, despite the suffering.

    It only takes a few people to keep the channel of truth open. Witness Gunderson and a few other scientists who act as truth tellers.

    • CB CB

      Nazi Experiments:
      The medical atrocities performed by the Nazis are well-documented, and undeniably horrifying, with Josef Mengele’s work on twins being especially disturbing. What’s also terrifying is how useful this information was to medical science. A large amount of our knowledge about how hypothermia and cold effect humans is based on this data. Many have raised questions about the morality of using data gathered under such horrific circumstances.
      Isn’t this what’s going on in Japan? A huge biological experiment? A holocaust?

      • Sickputer

        A lesson in economics and science. The Japanese in control make, break, and bend the rules without any fear of repercussion. They are like pompus wannabe little gods and they rule with crime lords, police, and military.

        Unfortunately for the ruling class… Science is no respector of their endless regulations. Runaway nuclear reactor fuel rods have little  fear of police firehoses and kills silently, indiscriminately, and like an invisible ninja in the sky, soil, water, fish and food. There is no safe castle keep… There is no religious monk to drive out the invisible snakes striking at will everywhere.  Holocaust? No… Far worse… It is an extermination unlike anything mere murderers could dream up. This is an alien invasion of Frankenstein laboratory  isotopes that may well be the beginning of a new race of mutant survivors. Mankind will survive in Japan, but the survivors will be nuclear mutants and shunned as outcasts by other populations. The Japanese who emigrate now will have an easier chance to assimilate into other countries. It’s going to be a culling of the young, weak, old, and even the strong may die of toxin-related illness. 

        The old saying is you can live three weeks without food, three days without water, but only three minutes without air. In Japan and soon to other countries there has been severe impacts on all three staples of life. Clean food, water, and air is becoming valuable than all the money in Bill Gates bank account. At least in the Northern Hemisphere. Mankind has a much better chance to survive in the southern climes.

  • StillJill StillJill

    I was thinking the very thing today,….thinking if the movie, “The Road”, had been an extra hour longer,…starting about 6 months prior to where it does,….we’d be living it I believe.

    I also got a flash,….maybe people do know,…and they want to die early,…so as to not have to use their kahoonies? (Dang,….how to spell those guys?) 🙂 Or,…see all the death and mutilations.

    My AA sponsor taught me 24 years ago,…”Jill, you need to learn how to live comfortably WITH unresolved problems”. Thanks Darleen,….I’m a slow learner,…but I’m learning-rest in peace friend,…

    • larry-andrew-nils

      i watched the road, it sucked.

      truth, i think, is that people are generally more willing to die for the good of humanity than kill, as portrayed in the ‘flick’.

      movie makers always give such a poor demonstration of hope in humankind.

      im really high right now, on weed. (i don’t give a better demonstration of humankind either, but i like to complain)… on weed.

      look at how people will die and not do a thing about who put them into the situation. it’s like they don’t believe there is an enemy. if it is true that the flat earth from the bible is the milky way and the characters all represent races, which… it is true, then there are one of those races here folks, killing us as a right of religious passage… or some such mumbo-jumbo…

      yes. we have to totally wake up.

      there is an enemy.

      • larry-andrew-nils

        wow, i re-read that after posting, and it sounds totally crazy.(if it weren’t true i would worry about my very sanity.)

      • Sickputer

        Well Larry…remember what General Patton said:

        “Don’t be a fool and die for your country. Let the other sonofabitch die for his. ”

        That seems to be a a fairly accurate portrayal of the kind of military help the American government is willing to help against the “enemy” (dangerous polluting Japanese nuclear plants).

        Our big ship USS Ronald Reagan turned tail and ran from the Texas-sized plutomium cloud and spent ten days scrubbing everything on deck with soap (washing their sizable amount of plutonium particles into the ocean to kill some poor smuck eating a fish in the year 5550 (assuming any humanoids are still alive).

        Obama is just not going to commit suicide troops to the Fukushima plant…not yet anyway.

        Oh yeah…The Pacific ocean is vast!….or so they like to say…but not vast enough for radioactive particles that travel in the air and others that fall into the sea and get ingested by shellfish and other sea creatures.

        Anybody for a tuna sandwich? Those big fish wintered off the Fukushima beaches through June and then migrated offshore to Oregon and California where the American tuna boats have been snapping them up!

        Oh, but this Japanese cook will sell you his cookbook for 1,000 yen on how to “remove” (oh yeah?) much of the radiation in fish and vegetables.

        Makes for interesting reading…

  • karaa karaa

    oh thank you so much for writing me, i didnt know we were so many. I still feel alone, I am, but after reading you and feeling your deep hmmm words are missing in english …. concern? love? presence… I cried once more but not so desesperatly as yesterday. Eyes open, heart open, we will have to fight.

  • StillJill StillJill

    karaa–“Eyes open, heart open, we will have to fight.” Quite PROFOUND my friend! That could be a contender for our mission statement, me thinks! 🙂

    You’re gonna fit right in!