Tokyo getting 5 times more radioactive fallout than prefectures closer to Fukushima

Published: October 3rd, 2012 at 11:54 pm ET


August 2012 Fallout Date by Prefecture:

  • Shinjuku, Tokyo: 10.5 MBq/km2 total cesium-134 and -137
  • Saitama, Saitama: 2.27 MBq/km2 total cesium-134 and -137 (20 km N of Tokyo)
  • Maebashi, Gunma: 1.8 MBq/km2 total cesium-134 and -137 (100 km NW of Tokyo)

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Published: October 3rd, 2012 at 11:54 pm ET


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12 comments to Tokyo getting 5 times more radioactive fallout than prefectures closer to Fukushima

    • thoriumnow thoriumnow

      Wow, thank you for this! Back when TEPCO released that altered image of one of the buildings it was suggested that it was evidence of a weapons program they were hiding. I had no idea the allegations went back so much further.

      My previous comment on this still stands though. The world should get together and give Japan amnesty for any such program. This would allow them to come clean on just what is really happening in the plant, which would do two things. First, Japan would no longer have to expend time and energy on maintaining this facade, time and energy I am sure we can all agree would be better spent on fixing problems.

      And second, scientists and engineers who are on the outside would be able to offer more genuine assistance now fully armed with the facts on the ground.

      We need to do whatever it takes to minimize the scope of this disaster. Acting like grownups would be a good start.

      • thoriumnow thoriumnow

        Thank you too!

        Do you agree we should be lobbying our respective governments to grant amnesty to Japan for whatever weapons research they've conducted in hopes that it betters the chances of a good outcome to all of this?

        • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

          Amnesty? From what?

          No, I think the USA and others have colluded for far to long in and within the nuclear complex..

          No amnesty what so ever for nuclear greed mongers.. also, allowing amnesty, or no consequences for this egregious danger to all living species should be punished.

          But they won't be.. there is no need for amnesty as it will never be publically admitted.. the Industry wouldn't allow it, even if the Japanese intended to tell all.

          I do agree we should be demanding from our respective governments the end to this "technology" that will alter forever the dna makeup of millions of living things.

          • thoriumnow thoriumnow

            Amnesty for developing nuclear weapons.

            Which means Japan and TEPCO can spend more time on fixing what's wrong instead of covering things up.

            No question that our energy policy is corrupt. What's more important? Prosecuting people for the crimes they've committed? Or making it possible to maybe prevent another million (or billion?) deaths from cancer?

            C'mon, think this through.

  • Sol Man

    Is there research as to how radiation affects the brain; the ability to discern facts and come up with logical conclusions to a problem? How does repeated doses of radiation effect relationships between people?

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Yes, it lowers the IQ. There is a lot of information on the FORUM: Effects of low level radiation. Some are just comments, but there are links to a lot of articles. One article studied children in the mountains of Sweden who had been exposed to more radiation from Chernobyl. Their IQs were lower than people not in the mountains.

      • arclight arclight

        MIT No-Evacuations Study Debunked

        watch this video from 9.40 minutes which describes chromasonal damage evidence from chernobyl that were ignored by MIT

        from the comments
        ian goddard
        "….However, this MIT study was useful for generating media headlines leading the public to believe evacuations from nuclear disasters are unnecessary."

        there was also a video describing the norway sweden study but i couldnt find it so i will post this

        Chernobyl fallout impaired mental development of Swedish infants

        16 August 2007

        Radioactive fallout from the Chernobyl disaster impaired the mental development of Swedish children that were still in the womb at the time of the incident. That's the conclusion of a new study by US-based researchers, showing that affected children went on to perform poorly at school. The findings suggest that infants are endangered by radiation exposure at levels previously thought to be safe.

        Economists Douglas Almond and Lena Edlund from Columbia University, New York, US, and their Stockholm University colleague Mårten Palme, carried out an analysis of the academic achievements of more than 560,000 Swedish children born between 1983 and 1988.

        one you posted ! 🙂

  • arclight arclight

    so the reactor chimney stacks are working then..

    thats the thing.. the tepguv are monitoring in the wrong places. and on purpose..

    first .. look downwind
    second.. just look
    third.. why dont they bloody look?

    Chris Busby analysed dust from an apartment in Tokyo recently from an air conditioning filter.

    100,000`s of bequerels per kilogram!
    mechanics and airconditioning engineers would need to be nuclear licensed in the UK to work with these filters

    High Cesium and Pb210.. awaiting results for full spectroposcy

    and admin you know im bad at counting 😉
    cuoldnt resist this food for thought link

    New nuclear reactor now being built North of Tokyo

    Economy, trade and industry minister Yukio Edano, who is charged with
    supervising the power industry, said the resumption had been a
    procedural matter and was a decision by the company.

    But he added that the operator of the nuclear plant must still meet
    safety standards before power generation can begin there. (see above watchdog link for more on this sentence! :/ )

  • Urban27

    The fallout map shows an area noth-east of Tokyo which have got more radioactivity. Dan it be there is something more leaking in that area. It has been an accident in that area before.

  • Paiute023 Paiute023

    My girlfriend was in Shinjuku on business in March of 2012!!!! and came home with radiation sickness.that was the reason for me ,getting to meet you all ,here, on .i can only imagine the children suffering there,now.their small voices being "hushed-up".