Tokyo Mother: “Total media blackout” in Japan, lots of people developing symptoms related to Fukushima disaster (VIDEO) — “Many cases of sickness and death among young generations” not reported

Published: October 29th, 2013 at 10:06 pm ET


World Network For Saving Children From Radiation, Oct. 26, 2013: […] A case like this is just a tip of iceburg […] IKKO is a Buddhist monk. His life is ending. He is only 34 years old and lives in Hiwada town [near Koriyama] in Fukushima. He had a heart attack two days ago, and his doctor announced brain death. He is now connected to life-support. My sister in Fukushima knows him through her student […] She and IKKO got engaged and were planning to get married next year. She has just lost her father from cancer last April. He had worked at Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant […] My sister was present when IKKO had a heartattack and is in disbelief of what is taking place since he was fine before this […] There have been many cases of sickness and death among young generations in Fukushima although it is not reported by media.

Mari Takenouchi Mother from Tokyo, Japan during Q & A at Cinema Forum Fukushima, Published July 3, 2013 (at 2:20 in): In Japan, it’s really a total blackout of media, even though there are lots and lots of people who have been developing symptoms. That information itself cannot come out because of the control of the media and the doctors, like the Society of Medicine in Japan, are denying even now that there have been health damages […] I just wanted to remind you that this is really a real thing. It’s not only the anxiety, it is happening. I think this is the most important thing. But there are very few people who talk about this […] I was outside on the 15th of March in Tokyo, and then about 1 month later, I had fever of like 103ºF for 8 days. And this [baby] boy, he was totally healthy, now he’s OK, but at the time he had 101ºF fever on and off for 13 times in the duration of 3 months. He had rash all over and he was really, really sick […] he became real skinny and he stopped growing for 3 or 4 months. It is really happening. I have 2 nodules in my thyroid, and my boy has countless number of minor nodules. So what I wanted to stress most, the most important thing is the symptoms are happening. I want you to know, and I want you to spread this information.

Watch Takenouchi speak at the Q & A here

Published: October 29th, 2013 at 10:06 pm ET


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93 comments to Tokyo Mother: “Total media blackout” in Japan, lots of people developing symptoms related to Fukushima disaster (VIDEO) — “Many cases of sickness and death among young generations” not reported

  • I've just tweeted this to my 200 followers as a way of thanking "Mother from Tokyo".

    "I want you to spread this information."

    We will.

  • Oncewaslost Oncewaslost

    Such heartbreaking stuff, in the early days Iposted pleaded along with so many others begging people just to get out of there with their kids.

    We had people from Japan on here, telling us how difficult that would be, and how acceptance in other parts of Japan was difficult enough due to the odd impression that only those from Fukushima prefecture were effected.

    Busby and others put together programs to get kids out of there or some medicine in there.

    But the story was "cold shutdown" smile and you will be fine.

    ITs criminal.

    • lots of carma geddon going all the way around the world..

      The US is getting lots for exporting nukes.

      Japan is getting it's share for ignoring those affected by Hiroshima and Nagasaki, who said NO NUKES!

      It's a hard, painful lesson; a hard, hot rain is a fallin.

  • RJ RJ

    I have a coleague sitting behind me as I write this who's son lives in Tokyo. I don't. He's had a mysterious illness for many months now. I suggested it might be Fuku related. My colleague early speaks to me now. It's not just the media.

      • You planted the seed, and sometimes it lands on rocky ground.. there is nothing you can do. Some seeds grow, others don't.

        Don't stop planting seeds though…

        A forest can grow from planting even one seed, because one never knows… it might grow into a mighty redwood that lives for 2,000 years, and causes a huge forest to grow from it's seeds.

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        The denial is strong in this one.

      • Fall out man!

        That's a tough one. Sadly, most people just believe what they want to believe. Many (most?) people would sooner believe a nice lie than a difficult truth that might affect their lives (or finances even). The main stream media plays upon that. But at least you cared enough to try. Hopefully it will do some good.

        I have work mates who occasionally have to travel to Japan, thanks to the info from Enenews, they can at least try to eat more safely while they are there, and be sensible about where they travel. I suspect it also means they would not take a posting in Japan. But if someone is already committed and earning good money there, I suspect even if their life is on the line, they might sooner believe that contamination from Fukushima is not a problem.

        There are so many well crafted common myths about radiation and fallout "safety". Its very hard to cut through that with just a few words to a work mate. Especially if they have so much invested in believing all is safe.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Be Careful of the Sushi You Are About to Eat.

    Ever wonder why you are not reading news about the Fukushima nuclear reactor disaster?
    Oct 29 2013

    "Do you even realize what a catastrophe it is – and will be for the west coast of the United States? How about because of the fact that General Electric built all six reactors for plant and was integral in the construction of it. It just so happens that GE used to own NBC, CNBC and MSNBC as well. Rest assured that GE has made sure that Comcast, NBC’s new owner, has placed a media blackout on Fukushima at those news outlets. But it also happens that GE’s CEO, Jeff Immelt, has been tapped to be one of Obama’s “special” outside advisers. You can bet that Immelt made sure a general squelching of any news related to Fukushima was ordered by Obama. Why? Let’s find out."

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      “…The reactors for Units 1, 2, and 6 were supplied by General Electric, those for Units 3 and 5 by Toshiba, and Unit 4 by Hitachi….”

      • nedlifromvermont

        the designs, Anne, the designs were GE supplied … they insisted on buildingnthis design in the face of stiff criticism from both inside the company and from the NRC … along with all their lies about how re-racked spent fuel pools up attic, outside containment, were safe enough … this design alone is criminal negligence on all concerned, including, at the time of much 'fool pool' re-racking, the smiley re-racking engineer-in-chief in charge was our own Arnie Gunderson, who, thankfully, has mostly had a change of heart about the relative safety of large, profits motivated utilities to spend the money and time to really make nuclear as safe as it ought to be … except in reality, and because of the profits conundrum, nuclear power ought really never be allowed to exist in the first place …. simple logic …

        can you pronounce: NOT WORTH THE RISK?? … except the nucleocrat authorities never use the real costs for a magnitude 7 nuclear melt out event … they cheat by multiple orders of magnitude …

        really really obvious lies and scientifical fraud …

        because they are really really rich ….

        and so they can …..

        and we have been unable to believe in the cries of Chernobyl;

        … and Three Mile Island; ….

        and now sickened and dying Fukushima …..

        for shame and for shame …

        We are become death … the grim Reaper himself …

        peace …

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          It always matters who built the equipment. Unit 4 reactor had a crack in it before it was even installed. That wasn't part of the design. It also matters who was falsifying all the safety checks. Management also matters.

          It you are in a car accident and you wish to sue for liability, you sue the manufacturer. It is the manager and manufacturer who determine what design to use. They bear the ultimate responsibility.

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            Well at this point none of this matters because the entire premise of Nuclear Technology at this point is that it's a failed technology and we should shut them all down and deal realistically with the slew of negative consequences it will/has left behind for eons.

            All that has been and all that will be concerning Nuclear Technology has been one gigantic mistake and waste of human time/energy and it must come to an end quickly.

            Mothballs should be stacked 12 feet high in each of them as they become pathetic museum pieces for future generations to laugh and scowl at as they will realize how close their extermination really was at a time when man was struggling with his own identity..

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

              It does matter because it is TEPCO who will be removing damaged fuel rods from SFP #4, and who has been dumping nuclear waste into the ocean since 311 and even before.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          But it is Westinghouse (Toshiba) that is building the AP1000, and the Chinese are also building this reactor. I wish someone would use their zeal to stop the building of these flawed reactors.

          And the US is still running 23 reactors similar to Fukushima's, but they haven't melted down yet. I wish someone were trying to shut down all these reactors. And then there are the MOX reactors. Japan is still planning to use MOX in the future.

          The reason the manufacturer is responsible is because the design may have been altered, or defective parts used. Or in the case nuclear, the nuclear power plant may have been built on a site definitely unsuited for a nuclear power plant.

          Why is the UN allowing Japan to build reactors in Turkey? Why is the US allowing the Japanese (Toshiba) build reactors in the US? Why are the people killing us allowed to build more reactors? Shy didn't they shut down BP after the GOM disaster?

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            And as to who built the plant, that was Kajima which did the construction of all 6 reactor buildings. And who put MOX into unit #3 and into the SFP #4? That was TEPCO>

  • Most swallowed the blue pill, and are now part of the Matrix..

    Only a few chose the red pill.

    Being aware of the Matrix makes it no easier, seeing all of those who are still fast asleep and suffering immensely, because of it.


    But as the Dalai Lama says;

    never give up..

  • Planting a few more seeds….

    Low Dose Radiation And Abnormalities In Fetus – TERATOGENESIS via @AGreenRoad

    Child Leukemia, Breast, Thyroid Cancer Rates Increase RADICALLY Near Nuclear Power Plants; via @AGreenRoad

  • We Not They Finally

    We have to honor and spread so-called "anecdotal" accounts like those above. Hard data is OBVIOUSLY being suppressed. But the personal stories are so heart-breaking. They need to be published here, there, everywhere. Then let anyone look you in the eye and say they don't care.

  • We Not They Finally

    One fact ALONE: In May, 2012, a year and a half back, it was released that 60% of the children under the age of twelve in the Fukushima area already had DIABETES. Then not one word. The criminality of that alone is beyond belief. Untreated diabetes is a killer. And by now, the 60% has become WHAT? 80%? 100%?

    Upon research, it seems like the culprit with that is yytritium (not tritium — yytritium). A radioactive element you don't even heard about, that wrecks the pancreas.

    It would be good if someone in Japan started a national project of collecting people's personal stories. Then got them to the outside world, thousands at a time.

    • harengus_acidophilus

      Pls, don't mix facts.

      " (not tritium — yytritium). A radioactive element
      you don't even heard about, that wrecks the pancreas."

      First this element is called "Yttrium".
      In nature, there is only one (and stable) isotope: Y-89, but from nuclear fisson, we will get a lot of radioactive isotopes from this element.

      > (from wiki) At least 32 synthetic isotopes of yttrium
      > have been observed, and these range in atomic mass number
      > from 76 to 108.[25] The least stable of these is 106Y with
      > a half-life of >150 ns (76Y has a half-life of >200 ns)
      > and the most stable is 88Y with a half-life of 106.626 days.
      > Besides the isotopes 91Y, 87Y, and 90Y, with half-lives
      > of 58.51 days, 79.8 hours, and 64 hours, respectively,
      > all the other isotopes have half-lives of less than a day
      > and most of those have half-lives of less than an hour.

      It's not the Yttrium itself, it's the danger of radiation poisoning for every bode tissue, in which Y is accumulated.


  • vital1 vital1

    We have to do more than just talk about it on these forums!

    The more people we educated the sooner change will happen. Get the message out there on how serious the Fukushima nuclear disaster is quickly, and efficiently. You don’t need to explain anything just distribute the lifesaver.pdf or create your own, hand it out, mailbox it, Facebook it, Twitter it, or email it. Think outside the box, put it on public notice boards, hand it out to people, or put it into letter boxes when you go for a walk.

    • Mack Mack

      >> Yes and more tweeting of Enenews articles.

      It's easy to set up twitter account:

      >> Also, many on-line newspapers have places to post tips (anonymously). Submit Enenews articles to them… Comment on other articles outside of Enenews… If nothing else, at least "like" or thumbs up comments on articles that talk about Fukushima.

      And don't get discouraged.

      News on Fukushima is getting out –> A nuclearhotseat interview with Arnie Gundersen got close to 1/2 a million downloads from around the world, so this shows there is more awareness.

      • andagi andagi

        Dear Mack,
        'Go intrepid Newsers!!'
        Folks keep reading, posting and sharing wonderful ENENews! Generating change worldwide 24/7!
        Thank you Admin for all you do 🙂
        Take care all.

  • <homer>Mr. Immelt is head of building Nukes. . .ahahaha. . .too funny. . .

  • antipodes

    People at farmers markets hungry for news -fliers a great idea, Hands on material.

  • ti

    Just reminds me again how corrupt corporate funded governments are all around the world.

    Watch this 5min short on that exact matter.

  • hatrick penry

    And here's the story on the US media blackout…

    Something Wicked This Way Comes: The story of Plume-Gate, the world’s largest, provable cover-up:

    And here my song about Fukushima:

    Waking the sheeple up to Plume-Gate and the perils of nuclear power is like selling magazines…if they ain't buying, don't waste your time…move on to the next house!

    peace and love~HP

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Looks like we have a massive science experiment going on, which was approved by all parties of several governments involved, with the only exception being the unfortunate human/animal guinea pigs directly downwind of the planned designated Nuclear fallout areas.

    Pretty sick in the head stuff going on based on hatrick's findings!

    Ergo: We are all being exterminated slowly and yes it will necessarily be a painful demise! 🙁

  • Shaker1

    While one can make the excuse that we're all humans and suffer some kind of personal failures, this is a failure of the medical community in Japan. There's nothing that can be attributed to a single individual failure. Let's face it. In this day and age there are ways to get the information out. It's literally pathetic if one waits for some kind of 'objective' information or studies to prove what one sees with one's own eyes. I'm sorry, but the medical community involved is just chicken-shit. Need they wonder why trust is diminishing? Would one rather be foolish or dead? Apparently, some are choosing the latter.

  • babbo dorian babbo dorian

    The real evil commander in chief and, of course, the top guilty of all these murders is united stasi.
    They tested the atomic power in the already surrending Japan and….latter, they made this country their slave… in all senses.
    One of the very things they did was… impose nuclear conditions for both …. global war and business.
    Some of the stockholders of nuclear war machines like GE are …. united states senators…. and muchos more evil…
    The very war lords are the heavy stockholders ….. rotschild, rockefeller, etc etc

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Warlords has a very nice ring to it.. 🙂

  • zardoz2012 zardoz2012

    I am becoming very paranoid about the fruits and vegetables here in the US. I got some Golden Delicious apples on sale yesterday for 99 cents a pound in my neighborhood supermarket. One of them looked deformed, with one side of the apple not symmetrical to the other side. I checked the code on the apple sticker looked it up on Google and found that it was from Washington State. Now I don't want to eat any more apples for fear that they may contain Cs-137 or worse.

    I think I'm about done here. I can't take any more of this bad news. The news has been on a steep downhill curve (more like straight diagonal line) for the last few months, and if you apply the second derivative to this curve you can see for yourself that the chances of the news getting better any time soon is slim.

    The only thing I can do now is enjoy my days. I'll come back when all hell starts to break loose.

  • Slingerss Slingerss

    Your welcome!