Tokyo Press Conference: Cancer is clearly increasing in Fukushima children, many experts starting to get concerned — Tepco has committed a crime; We’re going to the police tomorrow (VIDEO)

Published: December 17th, 2013 at 5:39 pm ET


Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan, Dec. 17, 2013:

At 4:45 in

Ruiko Mutoh, Representative of Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Plaintiffs: In the thyroid tests which were conducted on people under the age of 18 in 2011 and 2012, of 230,000 children who were tested, 59 have been found to have either thyroid cancer or potential likelihood of such cancer. According to the Fukushima Prefectural Health Survey it’s been one-way declared that these kind of health effects are unrelated to the radiation caused by the nuclear disaster. However this clear increase in the frequency is something that many more scholars and experts are starting to say that we need to look at the causes and the facts behind this more. The effects of this disaster are continuing to expand even today.

At 17:45 in

Mutoh: So if Tepco had not been concerned with financial considerations, but had at an early stage taken the required measures, then the situation would not have become as serious as it is today, and I believe that this is a criminal act. Tomorrow on behalf of the Fukushima nuclear disaster plaintiffs, we will be taking the second stage of complaints to the Fukushima Prefectural police and this includes complaints on behalf of 6,042 people who submitted them as part of our action.

Watch the full press conference here

See also: [intlink id=”gundersen-all-of-japan-is-contaminated-govt-covering-up-enormous-exposures-to-public-epidemic-is-just-beginning-evacuee-we-are-in-fact-dying-in-fukushima-what-happened-to-us-will-soon-affec” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: December 17th, 2013 at 5:39 pm ET


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136 comments to Tokyo Press Conference: Cancer is clearly increasing in Fukushima children, many experts starting to get concerned — Tepco has committed a crime; We’re going to the police tomorrow (VIDEO)

  • harengus_acidophilus

    Tomorrow …

    Tomorrow it's a state secret.


    • Paiute023 Paiute023

      #OperationBrightFuture ………>>>>>>>>….Must Promote EVACUATIONS !!! MUST get the Kids out of harm's Way…..use this hash tag on twitter and or FB. God Bless ALL

    • The Japanese government has a past history of censoring negative information about health damage caused by corporate malfeasance, as in the mercury poisoning cases during the ’50s and ’60s, the HIV-tainted blood cases in the ’80s, and the Dioxin contamination problem in the ’90s. It has often avoided detailed epidemiological studies that might show a wider range of harm. In the Minamata mercury poisoning case, the central government even worked with the polluting corporations to minimize evidence showing the cause and range of the illness, in consideration of the negative economic impact such revelations would have. One reason Japan government agencies have a long history of favoring corporate entities like TEPCO over the welfare of citizens is the common practice of bureaucrats retiring to prime posts in the industries they once regulated.

  • Alpha1

    This is not a crime you report to the key stone cops, it is an act of war against humanity and an act of war!!!

    Pure violation of the proliferation treaty and an act of war for the world is being exposed to the worst nuclear bomb ever one that drops every day for the last three years. Chernobyl is an ant compared to FUK U…

  • Cisco Cisco

    Such bullsh#t! It's like all these genius scientists were born yesterday…"we need to look at the causes and the facts behind this more". History/Chernobyl tells the story. It is the road map. What's the matter with these folks…sh#t for brains or complicit in the coverup.

    However this clear increase in the frequency is something that many more scholars and experts are starting to say that we need to look at the causes and the facts behind this more."

    Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment

    Written by Alexey V. Yablokov (Center for Russian Environmental Policy, Moscow, Russia), Vassily B. Nesterenko, and Alexey V. Nesterenko (Institute of Radiation Safety, Minsk, Belarus). Consulting Editor Janette D. Sherman-Nevinger (Environmental Institute, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan).
    Volume 1181, December 2009

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      Cisco said:

      "or complicit in the coverup."

      Yes, we told them this would happen more and more in frequency years ago and they are still ignoring the blatant truth. Every horrible thing that is happening was easily foretold. It takes no rocket scientist to know that.

      We are now saying that every human being on the planet will be dead in less than five years, and they are probably going to ignore this too as they continue the cover up to the day they die.

      Insane is being on the tracks knowing the train is coming.

      Stupid is staying on the tracks as it hurls towards you.

      How do you spell, japenese?

    • Dr. Paolo Scampa – 9 Tons Of Radiotoxic Isotopes Came Out Of Fukushima, Enough To Kill The Whole Human Race By Internal Radiation; via @AGreenRoad

  • American Phoenix57

    Not to worry. . .the figured out a solution.

    Fracking Fukushima starring Michael Moore and Ken Buesseler opens soon in a backyard near you.

    • m a x l i

      >>>Could nuclear waste storage and hydraulic fracturing go hand in hand? Scientists are suggesting that hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, could be the solution to the America’s nuclear waste storage issues.
      A presentation made at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union argued that nuclear waste could be stored in fracking boreholes which go deep into the Earth.<<<

      Pleaaase, someone tell me this is a satire!

      >>>Since the nuclear fluid mixture would be heavier than the fluid typically used in fracking, it would move downward.
      "It’s basic physics here — if it’s heavier than rock, the fracture will propagate down"<<<

      Yeah, I believe you. It's what they like to tell about plutonium, for instance. It's heavy – that's why it doesn't propagate anywhere far. Now they found Fukushima-plutonium in Lithuania. Lithuania is only 2/3 around the globe. That's not very far, I suppose. Basic physics my arse!

      >>>“As long as fluids are pumped at the proper rate, the heavy slurry of radioactive waste would fall straight down in a long, finger-like projection towards the Earth’s core, and it wouldn’t spread outward” LiveScience added.<<<

      Yeah, correct! It's like: As long as a nuclear reactor is cooled at the proper rate, it cannot melt down. So what are you waiting for? Nothing can go wrong!

      Where do they find people like that?

      • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

        Why would it be satire? Fracking fluids have been deemed "proprietary" and "industry secret" by the courts. As such, apparently the EPA won't regulate them (because, you know somehow that puts them above the law?). I've been saying since that knowledge came out that as responsible Corporations, the drilling companies have a duty to their shareholders to maximize investment. And what better way to do that than to charge other industries to get rid of their toxic waste? No fuss, no muss…just pump it into any well that is no longer (or never did, or was never intended to) producing.

        I thought too small, evidently. I had no idea at the time that anyone would be stupid enough to suggest nuclear waste, I thought toxic chemicals were bad enough. There's been far too much proof that pumping underground creates massive, widespread contamination and damage. But, the way our system works, once it spreads and time goes by, there is no legal way to prove culpability.

        I want my government back.

    • Maybe just add it to tobacco? Oh, they already did that…

      Fukushima, Radiation, Smokers And Tobacco; What Is The Danger? via @AGreenRoad

  • Socrates

    If there was recklessness or gross negligence, and children died or were injured, why would that not be a crime?

    • AllenH AllenH (Scary, but not alarming !?)

      They were not muslim, but because its a Cristian thing its not a crime. Hahahaha, this kills indiscriminatelyl

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      Socrates said:

      "why would that not be a crime?"

      Why? Because the rothschilds say it isn't.

      Who owns GE, japan, the military, the intelligence agencies, govt, and the media?

      • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

        @James Tekton: "Why? Because the rothschilds say it isn't.

        Who owns GE, japan, the military, the intelligence agencies, govt, and the media?"

        I'll tell you who owns all that, the lobbyists and the corporate boardrooms, boards staffed by old money, new money, and blue blood families.

        The club of elites have been setting up the Yiddish for so long as their whipping boy and fall guy they can taste it. Folks like you help dress up the Rothschild clan in the mythic robes of the invisible emperor of the world. The ruling class has been doing this kind of ethnic scapegoating in Europe since before the Weimar bankers, since before the Medici's in Venice. . .

      • 富岡_Blue_Heron 富岡_Blue_Heron

        Sooner or later they all whip out their armbands and start goose-stepping around the place….

    • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

      The crime is beyond gross negligence in operating the plant (maybe there was some there).

      Rather, the greater moral culpability lies in the crime of deliberately deceiving folks about the release, the exposure, and the danger, and then letting folks get sick. . .

    • Not unless it is measured, (it isn't) and not unless it is reported, which it will not be.

      Thus, no crime happened.

      They have had LOTS of practice with covering things up. This is just another blip on the radar screen..

      Get that eraser out.. When it doubt, unplug the machine or erase the computer hard drive.

  • davidh7426 davidh7426

    Does anybody else find it odd, that the number of unknown mystery illnesses has shot up the last couple of years.

    We have all these mass-death events not just in the Pacific, but other oceans too. Birds falling out of the sky, herds of animals just dropping like flies ( speaking of which, I haven't seen that many flies lately ).

    And now this…

    Mystery illness claims 4 lives in Montgomery County

    • Pete

      High radiation levels bring out animal aggression and mysterious illnesses, I wonder if it increases Human aggression as well. There seems to be a lot of violence in america lately, not that we dont always, but mass shootings, murder/suicides, even the cops are killing people in record numbers it seems.

      • davidh7426 davidh7426

        Actually Pete, I wonder if the increase in aggression might also be linked to this –

        Study says fracking chemicals interfere with endocrine functions, linked to heightened risks of cancer, low fertility rates and decreased sperm quality

        Apparently the chemicals can also have a neurological effect.

      • James Tekton James Tekton

        Pete said:

        "High radiation levels bring out animal aggression and mysterious illnesses,…"

        Everybody knows what the slow effects of radiation poisoning are on the human brain. Zombieism.

        There are only two ways to go in human expression. You are coming from a place of love, or a place of fear. Instinctively knowing the brain is being attacked, the fear is transmuted into anger. As the brain gets more and more contaminated, it makes the human being angry. Now, add some economic stress to that boiling explosive pot. What will you get?

        So, the supportive answer to your statement here is, yes. The agitations from the contaminations will lead to more and more violence. All this has been the plan all along to kill off the human species, as you all know.

  • jec jec

    Watch TEPCO defend themselves by saying the Prefecture(Japanese government) did not provide the necessary potassium (KI) to protect the childrens' thyroids from the radiation. And they did not! Or that the Japanese citizens traveled into the radiation plume because the Japanese government hid the SPEEDI data. A lot of people need to be charged for this coverup!

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    People get nuked when meltdowns happen, no matter the country.

    Can't be controlled, nuclear disasters are always out of control.

    Can't be controlled.

  • AllenH AllenH (Scary, but not alarming !?)

    Fuku, the first of many. Just wait till Fuku II gives it then watch the fireworks!

    • deaddolphins simonhhh

      AllenH….we don't need Fuku 11….Fuku 1 will deliver the goods…apocalyptic catastrophe on a global scale…10's of millions of cancers and deaths…Pacific ocean a death zone…for 1000's of years…10,000 Chernobyls at Fuku 1 delivered it's deadly brew/goo… stay tuned

  • weeman

    Artist: Aerosmith Lyrics by Tyler and perry

    There's somethin' wrong with the world today
    I don't know what it is
    Something's wrong with our eyes

    We're seeing things in a different way
    And God knows it ain't His
    It sure ain't no surprise

    We're livin' on the edge
    We're livin' on the edge
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    There's somethin' wrong with the world today
    The light bulb's gettin' dim
    There's meltdown in the sky

    If you can judge a wise man
    By the color of his skin
    Then mister you're a better man that I

    We're livin' on the edge
    You can't help yourself from fallin'
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    You can't help yourself at all
    Livin' on the edge
    You can't stop yourself from fallin'
    Livin' on the edge

    Tell me what you think about your sit-u-a-tion
    Complication – aggravation
    Is getting to you

    If chicken little tells you that the sky is fallin'
    Even if it wasn't would you still come crawlin'
    Back again?
    I bet you would my friend
    Again & again & again & again & again.

  • bsgcic bsgcic

    Going to the Japanese police does not sound very productive. The police are part of the Japanese government which is the body that is spreading the propaganda and lies in the first place. What is the point of going to the government's police?
    The challenge and only productive means to this is to rally the masses – the people.


      agreed bsgcic. I was thinking the very-same thing…

    • johnnyo

      it may seem pointless and I can certainly see where bsgcic and AS would doubt the efficacy of fat corrupt foxes gaurding the hen house….but I applaud this move. If our goal is to "rally the masses" every gesture that may possibly help to awaken the slumbering is IMHO to the good. Many Japanese will hear this news and be utterly aghast such a thing could be contemplated. Then….as days and weeks go by with constantly more horrific news and predictions…the thought that , hey…maybe I dont' have to just sit passively by watching our children and our future be decimated w/o even a peep of protest. Getting out in the street takes courage. Seeing your constabulary presented with clear crimes they refuse to redress may sew the seeds of such. I see no down side. Get their ineptness on the record in official documents…..
      use every last possible ember to stoke the bonfire of peaceful revolution.

      • bo bo

        Johnnyo – I agree any publicity is good – note this news so far is foreign correspondents' club, domestic press needs to pick this up in order for japanese people to take notice.

  • Socrates

    If the cops can't bust you.for killing children, and consumers can't sue you.for causing cancers and death, and you can make a whole pile of money, what is the name of that racket?

    Banking? No, close but not cigar.

    warmongering? No, you don't cause cancer.

    Nuclear? Bingo!!!!

    We have a winner!

    • SadieDog

      @Socrates – Its still the banksters. The money makers decide everything. No money, no nuclear. They are the deciders. "Give me control over a nation's money, and I care not who makes its laws" – Amschel Rothchild

  • Jebus Jebus

    Ya but, nobody's died from radiation at Fukushima, right?

    Fukushima-related deaths top 1,600

    According to Tokyo’s Mainichi newspaper, the deaths related to the nuclear disaster at Fukushima that struck following a catastrophic tsunami on March 11, 2011 have topped 1,600. These fatalities include people who died from radiation effects, fell victim of squalid living conditions and committed suicide.
    Read more:

    Then they go on to distract from the fact…

    • deaddolphins simonhhh

      TEPCO -Workers deaths are not reported
      Nuclear News, 21 November, 2013
      ” According to Ms. Chikako Nishiyama, a former member of the Kawauchi village Assembly, the official announcement that 3 Tepco workers being the number who died during their work at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant. Ms. Nishiyama commented that Tepco doesn’t count the workers if they died after their contracts ended. She also said that there were 100,000 workers shared between the work force that have worked at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant so far, also, 4.3% of 100,000 (4300) workers have reportedly died. Most of them have died of heart attacks. If they died suddenly then Tepco paid a huge amount of money (about 3 million yen) to their families, to keep them silent about the deaths. If they talk about the deaths; then their money that would be taken back. Therefore, nobody has said anything about it in the public domain…."Apart from Tepco workers, 64 members of the Self Defence Force and about 300 policemen have also died. They said that those policemen who work at the security check points of the no go zones in Fukushima prefecture are not wearing any protection; therefore, they have been exposed to huge amounts of ionizing radiation…."

  • Michele

    A nation that suffered the initial destruction of human life when bombs fell on Nagasaki and Hiroshima are attempting to tell their own people and the rest of us that they have no knowledge of nuclear energy as a result of three meltdowns and over 1,000 days of disregard for the Pacific, the lands, and the welfare of the world's people. Go to the militarized police with your complaints and enjoy your confinement, eat the rice from Fukushima when you are served. The leaders and scientists are only now becoming aware of the human toll from the nuclear nightmare at Fukushima. Forget Chernobyl, go to Fallujah, Iraq and study the results of the use of depleted uranium used in the US military attacks. I believe that Japan has a huge store of depleted uranium on hand; but, certainly all of the various components that are breaking down in Japan are more than deadly enough.

  • Socrates

    The old Mafia saying, no body, no crime….

    I just heard on NPR that the former Prime Minister of South Africa claimed that there was no such thing as AIDS. Bush 43 sent millions for antivirals since so many were needlessly dying. Treatment began even as the government denied that the disease existed. Isn't this a variation on the actions of the Japanese government and our own.

    And the band played on….. (again).

    Is the so – called international mom unity so morally bankrupt that their humanitarian interventions all involve bombing resource – rich countries that pose no military threat?

    We must save the children in Japan.

    • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

      This is getting a bit OT, but I feel I must correct something as I too heard that report on NPR. Bush 43's 'President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief', or 'PEPFAR' wasn't all it appeared, I'm afraid. Instead of providing the funds to the UN / WHO, who were already set up not only to provide treatment but also prevention and both sex and disease education, it largely went to recipients of Bush 43's other cause, his, "Faith Based Initiatives". As a result, condoms were not distributed that could've prevented further infection, and groups thought to be connected to women's health (ie possible abortion) were likewise shunned. The education that was provided focused on abstinence until marriage in a nation where long term multi-partner relationships were accepted and not uncommon. In short it was a very expensive proselytizing mission. Yes, it did some good. A lot of good, even. But it also sacrificed many lives in the name of trying to claim Africa for Christianity in the face of a growing Muslim population and for that it should not be lauded.

      What is happening in Japan is similar, except that instead of innocent lives being sacrificed for the values of a religion, they are being sacrificed for the values of Capitalism & Corporatism.

      • Socrates


        Yes! Thank you for telling the rest of the story. Bush 43 was all crying in his NearBeer while playing to his base of the "religious right." The money was diverted.

        Japan is worshiping money ala' Wall Street as a religion. The new Pope Francis is saying "use a condom and don't worship money."

        • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

          Well, he is saying the "don't worship money" part, anyway. While accepting amazing amounts of "Faith Based" contracts to provide social services once provided directly by the government. They're also buying up American hospitals, especially those with critical care units (Catholic hospitals hold that they can and must make certain decisions according to the beliefs of the organization rather than say, AMA recommendations). So, I'd say that's a mixed bag. I'm going to wait a limited time to see what he does rather than says.

          Condoms, however, still go against Canon, as does equality for women and other male-gender-variant people so there's not much he can do on those fronts.

  • Socrates

    "International community"

    Android mangled.

  • tarpus

    Lethal Injection
    Firing Squad
    Poison Gas

    …and many more to choose from. I prefer much less humane methods as these assholes from Tepco are less than human.

  • andagi andagi

    Dear Folks,
    …'Starting to get concerned' …okay, let's begin at the beginning 🙂 We need to help. Go 'Newsers'. Use translation 🙂
    Ruiko Mutoh 、福島核災害原告の代表者: 2011年と2012年の、230,000の18歳以下の人々の上に行なわれた甲状腺テストでテストされた子供たち、59歳は(今まで)甲状腺がんあるいはこのようながんの潜在的な可能性にかかっていることが判明しました。 福島 Prefectural 健康調査によれば、それは(今まで)これらの種類の健康上の効果が核災害によって起こされた放射能と無関係なそれであると宣言された一つの方法でした。

    • andagi andagi

      Dear Folks,
      Keep reading, posting and sharing ENENews -generating change worldwide 24/7.
      Aloha 🙂

      親愛なるフォーク, 日24時間/週7日世界的に ENENews を生成する変更を読んで、公表して、そして共有し続けてください. アロハ 🙂

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      神があなたたち、日本の人々を祝福しますように。 神があなたの政府があなたに嘘をつくのを阻止して、あなたを守って、そしてあなたを安全にしておきますように。 どうかあなたの人々に向かって私に私の怒りを許してください。 私の怒りはあなたの不正な政治家のためです。 私は両方のあなたの政府そして私のもので私のコメントで私の怒りを発散しました。 私はあなたの健康と平和を祈ります。 どうか私のを祈ってください。 これらは私が持っている考えです: Tepco がそれを吸うことができます。 IAEA とNRCは滅茶苦茶になることができます。 どうか私が若干の平和を見いだすのを手伝ってください。

  • Sparky Sparky

    Hi Andagi, translation:
    It became clear the representative of the Fukushima nuclear disaster plaintiff that children, 59 years old tested on a thyroid gland test performed on 230,000 people in 2011 and 2012 18 years or younger suffered from potential possibility of thyroid carcinoma or such a cancer (so far). According to Fukushima Prefectural health investigation, it was a method of the one which was declared when it was it which was unrelated to the radioactivity that a health effect was woken up by nuclear disaster of the kinds of these (so far).

    And I read a change to generate ENENews worldwide on 7th in a / week for 24 hours on dear Falk, a day and announce it and please continue sharing it. Aloha

    [Sparky's response: Thank you for your comments.]

    • andagi andagi

      Dear Sparky,
      Thank you so much! 🙂
      This is the best I can do. We ALL must try, together! 🙂
      Keep reading and posting on ENENews! 🙂
      親愛なるスパーキー, どうもありがとうございます! 🙂 これは私が尽くすことができるベストです。 我々はすべて、一緒に、試みなくてはなりません! 🙂 ENENews の上に読んで、そして公表し続けてください! 🙂
      Aloha 🙂

    • andagi andagi

      Dear Sparky,
      Is this censorship too? Aw geesh!

      • Sparky Sparky

        私はそうでないことを希望します、しかし人は決して確かであり得ません。 用心深いとは立派です。 これらは困難な時です、しかし多くが一緒に達成され得ます。 人々は思うことをはっきり言って、そして安全で、そして健康に生きることが自由である必要があります。 国と場所が人間性と自然ほどには重要ではありません。 私は多くのことに関心を持っています。 私は大変子供たちと若い人々について心配しています。 Enenews はそうである良い場所、学んで、そして共有するべき良い場所です。 うまく Andagi を停止させてください。

        Sparky said:
        I hope not, but one can never be sure. Good to be cautious. These are difficult times, but much can be accomplished together. People need to be free to speak their minds and live safe and healthy. Country and place do not matter as much as humanity and nature. I am concerned about many things. I am very much concerned about the children and young people. Enenews is a good place to be, a good place to learn and share. Stay well Andagi.

        • Sparky Sparky

          This is how my message original message in Japanese was translated to English:

          "I hope not to be so, but a person can't be reliable at all. I am excellent to be cautious. These are difficult time, but it can be achieved together most. Speaking frankly, it is necessary for it to be free and to live for by security and health in the people thinking. A country and a place aren't important as human nature and nature. I am interested about most. I worry about children and young people very much. Enenews is a so good place, the good place that I learn it and should share. Please stop Andagi well."

          The translation leaves a bit to be desired.

        • Sparky Sparky

          あなた Andagi への良い健康状態。 あなたはここで歓迎されます。

          Sparky said,
          Good health to you Andagi. You are welcome here.

  • There are voices speaking out and more people are starting to take action… more and more with time… It takes time to break through the walls of denial..

    UN Human Rights Council Fukushima Report Extremely Critical Of TEPCO And Government; via @AGreenRoad

    Titantic and Costa Concordia – Example of Normalcy Bias In Fukushima Mega Disaster; via @AGreenRoad

  • whiteaglesoaring

    TEPCO could not cool the reactors BEFORE meltdown because the Siemens SCADA valve controllers would not let cooling water flow. Control room technicians didn't know the control valves hadn't opened and were not aware of the runaway reactions until it was too late. This is how the Stuxnet virus works… designed by the Israelis and the CIA, used on Iran's uranium enrichment centrifuges and found later in China, Russia, Indonesia, and Japan prior to the so-called "earthquake". The Israeli security contractor, Magna BSP, had left Fukushima a week before the disaster struck and were able to monitor the reactors from their headquarters in Dimona. In addition to their access to the computer network at Fukushima, they had installed monitors resembling gun-type mini-nukes inside the containment buildings. If there had been a 9.0 earthquake, the buildings shown in the tsunami videos would have already been demolished before the tsunami arrived. The evidence suggests that Israel nuked Fukushima in retribution for Japan's offer to enrich uranium for Iran. Motive, means, and opportunity.

    • myau

      @whiteaglesoaring,(a patriot no doubt) it seems you have given our enenewsers a whole new perspective on this ELE event. Let us assume I do agree with you about the alleged 9.0 earthquake with minimum initial building damages, but why would the Israeli and Cia went to such catastrophic measures with a secret nuke device to destroy FUKU
      now causing a possible ELE of the whole N.hemisphere destroying not only their good old USA supporter but Israel itself too and eventually the whole planet? This does not make any sense to me. I wish to read more input from you(links & source) and other enenewsers! Thanks

    • yohananw

      Caution: nazi propaganda thrives on disasters, scapegoating with big lies without reference to reliable if any sources.

      Right, you say the 9.0 earthquake and tsunami were faked, but that Fukushima NPP was actually caused by Israeli computer virus, security camera, nuke?

      Racist cheerleaders don't need to link to fuller explanation or to refer to any authority, a reference that one can check and test.


      • myau

        I assume you are referring to whiteaglesoaring's comment. I too have asked him for links and sources. Anyway,I think our gov/usa ought to do something to compensate (due to GE,illegal plu shipment,etc)all the suffering japanese people especially kids with cancers, usa has always been the hope and beacon of the world, and its people has always been the most compassionate in this world, we should immediately invite all sick kids even adults, to the US to have treatment and perhaps further implement an evacuation plan for all people willing to come and give them a piece of land (plenty of vacant land here)to settle,cause sooner or later Japan will be a waste land. This will only be a justified action on a greater humanitarian bases. The whole world will bless America! Thanks.

    • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

      I've brought up Stuxnet here before but I favor a simpler explanation: The earlier variant, the one that "only" caused pressure valve controllers to live in their own reality (instead of also spinning up centrifuge rotors to breakdown speed), got loose in the wild and infected nuke plant valves instead of nuke-production centrifuge valves. When the earthquake happened, a set of conditions occurred that triggered the virus to activate. Plant systems and operators were then unable to control the reactors, as the valves were sending bad signals and ignoring good instructions.

  • We Not They Finally

    As reported by now way back, by May 2012, 36% of the Fukushima area children already had thyroid growths, even if small nodules. The parents were stopped from getting second opinions and told to come back in two years!

    In the remarkable video made by the Japanese woman (reported yesterday on ENE News), she and both her children have had abnormal thyroids, yet could not even obtain a simple blood test to clock thyroid function! And Helen Caldicott (anti-nuke activist who is also a pediatrician) was very upset that no growths at all were being biopsied!

    So 59 out of 230,000 children with thyroid cancer has to be outlandishly LOW. It has to be WAY higher than that! Are they going to just let kids (adults, too!) die and then say that they died of something else?

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      WNTF siad:

      " Are they going to just let kids (adults, too!) die and then say that they died of something else?"

      Short answer: YES!

    • jec jec

      What is also of tremendous concern, no news of recent medical checks on the children..there are a lot more children than 200,000 there in the worse areas of exposure! Where are the records for thyroid testing for ALL the children. Guess the 59 was really the BEST case. These children should have initial screenings, and due to the fact noduals are SO rare in children, immediate followup with thyroid cancer specialists for more tests and biopsy if necessary. While thyroid cancer is supposed to be SLOW children that may not be the case. Parents need to be proactive, and take their children to doctors who will evaluate and treat them correctly. Take a holiday to Hawaii and see a thyroid specialist, get a diagnosis!

    • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

      Depends on the definition of, "Cancer". Perhaps in Japan the medical establishment has already put in place the new definition some in the AMA(USA) are trying to push through?

      At first I thought it was at the behest of the insurance companies, but it all depends on the implementation details of the new definition, doesn't it?

    • myau

      All the more urgent,we not they finally, these kids need treatment fast,they should be allowed to this country if their own gov is going to sacrifice them, no treatment,no blood test,no biopsies,what the hell happens in a modern nation like Jap. Can you actually hear these mothers' cry in your head. Please read my comment above about treatment & evacuation.Thanks.

  • We Not They Finally

    So they are sueing on behalf of 6,042 ill people? Am looking for that info to be printed somewhere. Or will they (God forbid) just drag the lawyers off to jail?

    • myau

      To jail most likely now that they have passed the secret gag law. I still stand by my comment about saving these kids, about treatment and evacuation as in the 7 comments above. Thanks.

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    And said:

    "Am looking for that info to be printed somewhere."

    Never going to happen. The sad truth of it all is, no real information is ever going to be known. Facts indicate that this is far worse than they may even indicate, much less talk about. This is why they instituted the lock down of free speech in japan. The truth of this most murderous shameful cowardly behaviour will never be known to the world's people right up to the day the world's people all die off from massive radiation poisoning.

    • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

      @James Tekton: ". . .Facts indicate that this is far worse than they may even indicate, much less talk about. This is why they instituted the lock down of free speech in japan. . . "

      Of course, all the hubbub about removing the intact rods from reactor 4 as well as the state secrets act help to distract and hide the fact that slightly more fuel rods have already melted-down and gone into the ground/water-table as fissioning corium from reactors 1,2, and 3 than are left at reactor 4.

      But consider whether the state secrets act and the tremendous anxiety over work at reactor 4 might also be concerned with hypothetical half assembled nuclear bomb cores built there, left rolling around on the floor. Now that would be a proper state secret. . .

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    If anyone here has not seen this , MUST SEE

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    What makes Tepco's actions any better than someone who goes on a shooting rampage at a school full of children?

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Its exactly the same thing!

      It's like somebody walking into a jam packed mall with a machine gun who starts shooting while spinning in a circle taking everything out 360 degrees and when the shooter runs out of bullets/people and/or the gun jams, the police instead come in and hand him more ammo and/or a new machine gun and then they open up the mall doors for more shoppers to enter for a repeat.

      In the real world the shooter would be taken out and the weapons removed and then the mall would be closed.

      Not with this Nuclear Power Industry since they can do what ever they want, anytime they want, via the power of the civil authority laws written.

      This is the problem with the Ancient Zeitgeist Matrix false paradigm/morals/values system created and that we have allowed to flourish all around us by those that we have given our sovereign powers too!

      The world entire is in deep shit now and it will not get better unless all Nuclear Power Plants are shut down worldwide. We should have taken away all their weapons/plants 60 years ago! 🙁

      • myau

        obewanspeaks, I do agree with you on shutting down all nuke plants worldwide,but the very immediate concern now is the Fuku mess which, by the majority opinion here so far, is beyond repair, no plans, no actions. And I wish to seek out your opinion if you would be so kind as to read a comment from whiteaglesoaring about 10 comments above. If there is any truth in his revelation, then we are blaming the wrong party ie jap/gov, even though it is also responsable for greed and carelessness to its'own people.Thanks.

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          I have heard such reports and I too was rather shocked that no damage was seen on shorelines/buildings/cars as the wave came in after such a large reported quake.

          The fact that a computer virus has been let loose in the world at large, that specifically affects Nuclear Power Plants, is the primary purpose that all of them and not some of them should be shut down immediately.

          The fact that this may have been some rogue event, where others were secretly involved, once again reinforces the need to shut them all down now. Since this could be repeated anywhere in the world if the power player chips do not fall in the right place or people do not play nicely.

          This is why we have a civil authority in place and instead of them looking at soda pop and fat and cell phones etc. they should be doing their job by shutting this Nuclear Industry down immediately worldwide.

          There is not much that goes on in this world today that is not a scam or some devious conspiracy/plot playing out, so I can't rule out any possibility concerning this Nuclear Disaster that happened in Japan. But then, I have not researched whiteaglesoaring's topic in depth and I am not sure that I even want too. If one smells a rat there usually is a rat hiding/hidden near by.

          All the civilizations created are simply human asset pools to be raped repeatedly by others who hold the control strings behind the scenes and these people are seldom seen anywhere on the game boards/governments laid out.

          • myau

            Agreed, but shutting down all plants is easier said than done, but should be on a case by case,especially aging GE Mark1 reactors first, the rest on a gradually fixed schedule. Hope all govs are reading this.Doubted but thanks.

          • yohananw

            When asked, do you believe white-eagle's report that Israeli computer virus, security camera, nuke caused Fukushima disaster? Instead of answering with simple questions like: What Siemens at Fukushima? what valve in the tsunami? where is the data? Instead of fouling out conspiracy and hate, O-Be-What-Pontificates "If one smells a rat…" No-name theory names a traditional scapegoat that doesnt require reference, source, substance.

            The generally held reported causes of the meltdowns at 3MI, Chernobyl and Fukushima were human design flaws and government-corporate operation errors. NPPs' vulnerability to stupidity, carelessness, risk-taking, hubris, greed etc seem to dwarf the dangers of cyber attacks.

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              Well it appears you have described the entire Government/Nuclear Industry practice worldwide, so why are they NPP's still in operation anywhere on the face of this Earth?

              If I ever smelled a rat, you better believe one is near/close by, or that rat just left the immediate area.. 🙂

              Have no clue if any rat was at Fukushima except for the ones that caused electrical fires..

      • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

        Concentrating Radium, Polonium and Uranium radioactive isotopes from widely dispersed and buried pitchblende was bad enough for the health of the a small number of the world's organisms 100 years ago. Then we had to out-do ourselves and go and create new, more powerful isotopes, and then purify and gather them as well.

        But we couldn't stop there – oh, no.

        We had to come up with highly efficient ways to take these incredibly damaging new creations and disperse them far more widely than the original natural Uranium, Radium and the like. Except, instead of leaving them safely underground, for the most part locked in solid rock, we dispersed our creations in the Biosphere.

        We are truly the least advanced species in Nature, not the most evolved and advanced. Despite our primary strength, which is the human brain, we are incredibly stupid and short-sighted.

  • retali8 retali8

    these people risk execution and being reported as "simply missing" just like the Fuku workers that perished and dropped dead over time,, that's why tepco only employed homeless or "single" males, check enenews history.. have followed this disaster since day 1…

  • Nick

    Japan is expanding it's military expenditures.

    Gotta have them drones to take out the peaceniks who blame cancer on Fukushima!

  • ftlt

    A comment sent to M Moore on his website..

    """" Mr. Moore: Off Topic.. I am confused by your seeming acceptance of the need to continue down a nuclear pathway in your recent film discussion ..

    Please, reexamine your stance… Read on Fukushima and realize, this is just another nuclear disaster in a long history of them with the certain promise of more on the way at an ever accelerating rate (if only because of scale).. If there is only one lesson to be learned from Fukushima, it is nuclear power is not safe nor controllable and it threatens mankind's small niche in time on this planet..

    We need to learn to "live well not better" – Morales of Bolivia

    The biosphere is already under assault from our unsustainable lifestyle of more, bigger, better and the hubris/greed of mankind.. Nuclear power is one of our worst offenses against our natural world – a hyper deadly toxin that lingers almost like nothing else there is..

    As a socialist, you should embrace a stance that protects the health and safety of all things – nuclear power is enemy of life as we know it on this planet

    Please study the dark side of nuclear power and not its sirens song…

  • Sol Man

    It would be great if the elected would give their constituents good representation in the affairs of the world instead of this:

  • pure water

    Reading now, I remember WHO`s report and all the claims that there will be no major consequences. Criminal words! Their power and money against human health, against the future. I remember how people from Fukushima presented their stories in UN. These organizations do not represent any of us!

  • How many of you have left a comment for the NRC on used fuel handling? Deadline is Dec 20. Try it, its better than preaching to the choir.

    • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

      Done, but I think that's sort of like signing an online petition and then expecting the CEO of some Corporation to go read it and be moved by it.

      Far more effective is to be loud. Educate the masses. Find venues where you can provide a really basic summary and back it up with citations should you entice a few people's curiosity. At this point, I'm not sure how effective public demonstrations are anymore as they are only effective if you can get the media to cover them *and* not downplay them. My hope lies with educating and engaging the 18-30 crowd as they know how to best utilize the media we are on right now, and they tend to be far less trusting of the established media as authority than those of us from the prior 2 or 3 generations.

      • Well its better than preaching to the choir.

        Agreed, the millenials are not stupid, although they have been hit with the worst of the Big Gov indoctrination, as well as living in the technological modern world.

    • Socrates

      I did. I hope mine goes into the Federal Register.

  • bozzy54

    Great book,

    American Prometheus
    A triumph and tragedy of
    J. Robert Oppenheimer

    By: Kai bird and Martin J. Sherman

    If I may.. Chapter 15 page 221

    Teller reportedly told him that separating out Strontium -90 from a chain reaction pile was feasible. But by May 1943,Oppenheimer had decided to recommend a delay in action on the proposal-for gruesome reason:" in this connection," he wrote Fermi, "I think that we should not attempt a plan unless we can poison food sufficient to fill a half a million men, since there is no doubt that the actrual number affected will,because of non-uniform distribution, be much smaller than this."

  • bozzy54

    Kill (fill) sorry typeO

  • Ray Deoactive Ray Deoactive

    Why is the government not telling the population the entire truth ,and preparing them for the worst possible outcome. Start with informing and then medication and if possible get people out of harms way. This should be nightly news around the world. F*ck the money losses Japanese people will cease to exist. Maybe the northern hemisphere will die off in a generation or two. There will be an accounting for this and many will go to jail or at least send them to the clean-up crew till they drop and make their families work at the clean up for generation after generation. That will be their legacy they've left for their family. Those rotten greedy BASTARDS!!

  • This is a severe tragedy! They knew that this is not safe and should have blocked it off before it spilled in the ocean and got the adults and children away from the area until it is safe. And with radiation, who knows how long that is. I hear Chernobyl is still contaminated! They did put zeolites into the water but have not given it to the people to detox it out of their bodies. I would make sure I used it if there is any doubt of radiation contamination (I live on the West Coast of the US and am sure my water is probably contaminated, so I add zeoyte to it). I don't want DNA or gene damage to my family!

  • jec jec

    Young people dying from heart failures in USA as well! Was it Lyme disease?? They didn't have it before they died, death shows hearts are inflamed. Is this similar to what is happening in Japan in addition to the cancers? The US deaths are increasing–see:

  • SO – It's WAY way past tomorrow !
    Is there any way that we can find out how the report to the Police went ??

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