Tokyo Press Conference: “Deliberate cover-up” of public’s exposure to Fukushima radiation and the health problems they are suffering from… This is now Japan’s biggest problem — “Continual, purposeful concealment of facts” — “Media will not properly report” what’s going on (VIDEO)

Published: February 22nd, 2014 at 4:36 pm ET


NPR’s ‘Weekend Edition’, Feb. 15, 2014: The cleanup at the crippled nuclear reactor at Fukushima, Japan has been plagued by problems. Contaminated water has leaked into the ocean, radiation levels are higher than originally announced and the Japanese public is suspicious that [TEPCO] isn’t telling the whole story. >> Listen to the broadcast here

NPR, Feb. 15, 2014: Some critics say that TEPCO can’t be trusted and that the world’s largest nuclear accident is still waiting to happen at Fukushima, such as an accidental nuclear reaction […] TEPCO dismisses predictions like this as alarmist. Japanese themselves are highly divided on the issue […] shutting down the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant will go on for a long time. TEPCO predicts it could last 30 or 40 years. Others say that estimate is blindly optimistic.

Asia-Pacific Journal, Mobilizing Nuclear Bias: The Fukushima Nuclear Crisis and the Politics of Uncertainty, Prof. Kyle Cleveland, Feb. 17, 2014: […] As we look to the early days of the crisis, it is tempting […] to conclude that after a somewhat hysterical first few weeks, the crisis abated, taking with it these unreasonable claims. However, over time critical media coverage has led to a gradual amplification of risk about nuclear danger that has given credence to claims previously taken as an over-reaction and panic. […] social activism is on the rise, bringing previously disengaged citizens into political movements that were previously the domain of activists, who are now being vindicated by recent events.

Press Conference at Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan, Feb. 21, 2014 — Kenichi Hasegawa, farmer evacuated from Iitate village in Fukushima Prefecture (at 10:15 in): The biggest problem in Japan now is the deliberate cover-up over the levels of radiation that people have been exposed to and the health problems that they have.  There is a continual purposeful concealment of facts that the media in Japan will not properly report.  So what we need is for foreign countries to put pressure on Japan and hopefully bring the truth to light.

Watch the press conference here

Published: February 22nd, 2014 at 4:36 pm ET


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252 comments to Tokyo Press Conference: “Deliberate cover-up” of public’s exposure to Fukushima radiation and the health problems they are suffering from… This is now Japan’s biggest problem — “Continual, purposeful concealment of facts” — “Media will not properly report” what’s going on (VIDEO)

  • Fukushima Dairy Video FEB24 2014 on Recent Water Event.

    Fukushima Dairy
    Report on Recent Events at Fukushima
    ie, 100 T Leakage of Highly Contaminated Water, that's,
    24 Trillion Beq of all beta nucleides most of which was absorbed by the ground
    includes Strontium 90 which is known to cause Leukemia
    TEPCO says, it hasn't reached the sea, but that's TEPCO speaking as always [cannot be trusted].
    Ultimately we will know the consequences.
    The Tank is located on the mountain side of the facility 700 meters from the sea side.

    ***"It was not a Leakage but an OverFlow"***
    The contaminated water flowed off the top of the tank.
    The tanks have a lid but there is space for air and an overflow pipe.

    ***"What happened was Not An Accident."***
    This is new information about this event.
    The leakage was discovered just before midnight on FEB19.
    TEPCO was attempting to transfer highly contaminated water to another tank, but, accidently the water went to
    a full tank which resulted in an overflow condition.

    ***"This is Very Strange."***
    At a press conference on FEB24 TEPCO admitted it was caused by the wrong settings of the values.
    A Value that should have been turned OFF was turned ON.
    Another Valve that should not have been turned OFF was turned OFF.

    • So the water was directed th wrong way to cause the overflow.

      ***"Nobody knows why."***
      Nobody knows Who did it.
      Nobody knows who, how or why someone did it.
      But someone had to have done it.

      So as the water proceeded to overflow the tank, the alarm TEPCO installed about 6 mo ago went off.
      So the FUkushima workers went to check the tank and didn't find any problem.
      9 hours later the water started overflowing and a worker found out.
      After that a TEPCO employee went to see the area to see what was going on but when he got there the valve
      settings had been corrected so that,
      The value that was ON had been turned OFF.The Value that was Off had been turned ON.[corrected positions]
      Someone had corrected the value settings before the TEPCO employee came to the tank area.
      At the press conference TEPCO said no one was supposed to be working in that area and no one was supposed
      to touch the value. So they don't know who did it.

      On the 24th TEPCO was busy interrogating the workers to resolve the mystery but no data have emerged to date.
      BUT IN THE PICTURES the tool, the lever, to change the value was still on the value and it shouldn't be left
      in that position as someone walking by could change the direction of the value.

      Considering the great risk the employees of Fukushima would be in resulting from such a serious event it seems
      unlikely that they would do this. But someone did it.
      TEPCO is investigating the problem.

      • TEPCO was supposed to report the ALARM event, just before midnight on FEB19, to the NRA but failed to do so,
        which would have stoppd the overflowing.
        So many mistakes, so may errors involved.
        But the cause of this severe accident is the possibility that someone might have touched the values for some reason.

  • Gradius

    Q: When they will ever learn?
    A: When over 7 billion people dies!

  • plantman008

    Is there any correlation between the polio like symptons that is occurring in Calif to the Fukushima radiation ? I would also like to know what the worst case scenario would be from a total core meltdown if that were to happen ?