Tokyo Professor: Situation of Fukushima Reactor No. 2 is ‘beyond imagination’ — Worker: Undoubtedly it’s the most serious problem at plant… We are clueless

Published: July 3rd, 2013 at 12:52 pm ET


Title: Stunning Story from a Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Worker: Interview by Comedienne Oshidori Mako
Source: “Datsutte miru?” Magazine 9 (April 15, 2013); No Border Asia
Translation: World Network For Saving Children From Radiation
Date: June 23, 2013

– Then, what is the most serious problem?

Worker: That is undoubtedly reactor #2.

Professor of Tokyo University: As I thought! Even among researchers, the situation of reactor #2 is beyond imagination.

Workers: […] But we are clueless about reactor #2. […]

I’ll give you an extreme example. Let’s assume that the situation worsens to the point that it becomes impossible to pour water in order to cool off the reactor. For reactors #1, #3 and #4, a specialized squad prepared to bear the risks of radiation exposure can always enter the building and do the work required.

But in the case of reactor #2, radioactive emissions inside most buildings are extremely high that a prepared squad is likely to perish before it accomplishes its mission. […]

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Published: July 3rd, 2013 at 12:52 pm ET


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22 comments to Tokyo Professor: Situation of Fukushima Reactor No. 2 is ‘beyond imagination’ — Worker: Undoubtedly it’s the most serious problem at plant… We are clueless

  • combomelt combomelt

    That worker said it all with 1 word…. "clueless".

  • bwoodfield bwoodfield

    Mind-blowing article:

    "Some constructors have even put the sentence “Quality is not guaranteed” in the contract. Facilities built and supposed “to last for only one year” are still being used. It is normal that their condition deteriorates."

    "As I mentioned a little earlier, we are now working with people who subcontract with up to the ninth lower company.

    It is true that giving direct instructions without direct employment is illegal

    At work sites, team leaders can’t give instructions such as “this work should be done like this” in fear of being taxed with contract fraud in case the concerned person complains that “I received instructions from someone who I has no direct employment relationship with.” So, the leaders are afraid to give instructions"

    • We Not They Finally

      Yes. Read the article too and it's beyond mind-blowing. Japan is now the most disgraced, dishonorable nation on Earth, and they are the ones in charge of "saving" us? But the international bodies are COMPLICIT — the IAEA, the NRC, UNSCEAR. Shame on all of them. It would have been better if THEY had never been born, than the mass death and suffering they are inflicting on the world.

  • All of this is beyond imagination, however it is reality.

    "…in the case of reactor #2, radioactive emissions inside most buildings are extremely high that a prepared squad is likely to perish before it accomplishes its mission."

    It's just a matter of time.

    845 days
    2.31 YEARS

  • weeman

    Need workers here is how you do it, we need trained nuclear workers to keep plant stable, Japan has many engineering schools, offer anyone a free engineering degree if they agree to take level one nuclear engineering course and work at Fukushima till a prescribed dose is received and then pick a field in engineering.
    Workers are a priority or there will be no head way of any kind, even if it is only minuscule.
    If Japan restarts there nuclear reactors we will lose the majority of the qualified workers at Fukushima, eventually they will recieve max dosage and need to be replaced anyway, better get crackin, times a slipping.
    Tepco could not run a whore house never mind a nuclear reactor.

    • We Not They Finally

      Did you read the article? Your comments are all well-intended, but please READ THE ARTICLE. They will not PAY for more competent help. They will not even pay a living wage to people who risk their lives for others' criminality. They will not even pay for stable durable structures to help alleviate the damage. They all need to be strung up PENNILESS, ALL assets taken away forever from THEM, and made to face the wrath face-to-face of mothers of children whose lives are doomed.

      Instead they are acting like their own personal honor and dignity means a crap worth more than a puddle of doggy-doo by now, and who cares HOW many die, even if it is genocide of their own people.

      Like, I'm with you. But the international community will have to FORCE their way in to wrest control away from the greedy criminals, much less to do anything about the ongoing catastrophe. And with all the international bodies (IAEA, NRC, UNSCEAR) CORRUPT, that is unlikely to happen.

      Maybe people will get upset enough to FORCE international intervention when enough kids die on the street or are born deformed. But that may also be way too late. It may well be ALREADY too late.

      It's beyond heartbreak, but we still all do the best we can. You post a lot and it is clear how much you care.

      • weeman

        Yes I read the article and the low wages, this is not how to manage the situation and they made clear that if Japan restarts other nuclear reactors, there will be no competent workers on site, once the rubble is gone you will require more than just labors, this accident will require workers for hundreds of years.
        You can not remove spent fuel rods with labors, you need experienced workers that is for sure and as work progresses the levels of exposure is sure to rise and turn over of workers is paramount for there health and safety. How many liquidators at Chernobyl, how many at Fukushima, it is a crime the exposure they have allowed workers to receive.
        We fight the good fight together and yes keep me in check and debate is resolution, be well and keep up the posts, they are appreciated.


    This statement by the 'Worker' reveals the reason TEPCO has been so slow to respond in any credible fashion to this catastrophe:

    "The government allocates funds to TEPCO for the management of the nuclear power plant accident, but the money is not a grant. It is a debt and must be refunded in the future.
    Since the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant is not expected to generate profit in the future, it is normal that TEPCO seek to reduce its debt as much as possible."

    This is the harsh reality that applies to the global-wide boondoggle of nuclear power technologies. It's all about minimizing 'losses' to shareholders and executive management…

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      This is a load of crap (not you, AS). The Japanese government is printing trillions of yen out of thin air, just like everyone else. If they wanted to put a diamond encrusted sarcophagus over the entire site, they could do it.

      There is no concern for paying anything back to anyone, just as it is everywhere else. Debt repudiation, currency devaluation, it's all ready to go, and the elites will be the first ones to get relief.

      No, not for cost reasons, is the absolute minimum being done. If honest repair/remediation was to be performed, the world would know how much it truly costs to fix a blown nuclear reactor, and the sheer size of the bill would scare politicians and citizens into shutting down all the worldwide reactors. They only exist because of the lies that they are low-cost, clean, renewable energy producers. Any break in that meme and they're all gone.

      Billions of people will needlessly die in the process of keeping nuclear power alive.


        excellent points TIS. I agree, this has turned into a massive CYA on the part of the nuclear power industry…

  • eatliesndie eatliesndie

    "..specialized".. or "..prepaired" squad? lets not beat around the bush, should read "suicide" squad. Nuclear is crazy! …a nuclear power plant "malfunctions" and suicide squads are required…

    • combomelt combomelt

      Decades worth of daily suicide squads. Wow. Then what? Surely. Its the start of a new kind of sick hunger game hybrid. Daily reality tv coverage of the day's Squad, spotscenter style.!

      • eatliesndie eatliesndie

        Hey, that might help recover some costs! sell the TV rights…. and Redpill and others can test their theories, first hand….

  • jackassrig

    If these plants-1 through 4-degrade at 10% a year, in 5 years the plants will become a pile of rubble. TEPCO is not able to do basic maintenance to the concrete and steel of the structures. Fuku is slowly but surely degrading. As time passes, any earthquake could level the whole damn sorry mess. Fuku couldn't withstand a 9.1 when it was in relatively good condition. How does TEPCO expect these structures to withstand another earthquake? Time is on corrosions side. Salt, radiation embattlement, salt water sprayed on reactors, and lack of maintenance is slowly creeping up behind TEPCO for the kill. No engineering school teaches engineers how to cope with a nuclear meltdown. This is not suppose to happen. There is no material on earth that can withstand the heat of corium. Lack of equipment, lack of personnel, and lack of technology will eventually destroy what is left of this plant. This is not pessimistic. This is fact. The world leaders need to accept this fact and move to the next stage whatever that is. Awake from your deep slumber.

    • We Not They Finally

      That is SO well said. It's just that "moving the next stage" is unlikely to happen shy of something extraordinary. At the least, it would take MANY people of GREAT power and influence to abandon their high perch in life at enormous personal risk.

      Every now and then that happens and they are true heroes. But what is usually more likely to happen is like what happened to Matt Simmons. He had been Bush Sr.'s energy advisor and was respected in the oil industry. He went on MSNBC in August 2010 and announced that BP had drilled a hole into the seabed that would be gushing oil for decades. When asked why they didn't say that, he said with trepidation in his voice, "Because they would go to jail and lose their fortunes."

      Ten days later he was found dead at home in his hot tub.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Redpill… said.. there was no danger? Who is telling the truth?

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Never-ending contamination of the whole earth, non-stop, continuous, thanks to nuclear.

  • The article is good. They seem so casual about the other cooling systems but shouldn't they be building more permanent cooling systems for spent fuel pools? Its hard to imagine the state as described of reactor 2. All they can do is pour water on the mess they can't even monitor its so radio active. Knowing some of that coolant is leaking into the ocean. And basically the Japanese taxpayer is on the hook as major shareholder of TEPCO. So they would also like to start up more reactors to make some money back. And the 20 billion $US spent on Rokasho, the plutonium reprocessing plant,itself on a fault line, is reason to burn plutonium in old reactors. These people don't seem to learn. The key is Mr Abe's economic policies tied to nuclear it seems.

  • cybertruth cybertruth

    To all my Earth Brothers and Sisters and every living organism on this Planet:

    It is now time to face and accept the simple truth. On 3/11/2011 all life on Earth became terminally ill. It was not most of our fault but that does not remove the truth. All life has started the fast track on the final journey to our death.

    The Powers That Be are not ignoring the situation, however they are totally aware that there is ABSOLUTELY NO FIX so there is no need for any attention to be focused at the ustoppable disaster.

    Many of us have been closely watching and following and attempting to micro-manage a possible detour towards life, but that effort is futile. If you don't see this now, be ready for in minutes, days or weeks we will all have the true end in our sight. There is no fix, and there is no turning back.

    I accept that this truth hurts, burning through my soul like 400 pounds of aerosolized Plutonium. I send my unconditional love to all life on Earth and embrace all my kind Brothers and Sisters reading this with a love that burns hotter and brighter than all the combined stars in the known Universe.

    Love is and will always be the greatest energy source we have every possessed,

    Shalom from Cybertruth

    • ML

      Human form may not be necessary for Love. Love energizes the finite form, but isn't defined or confined by that form. Just follow what the Heart instructs.

  • H H

    @ around 190:00 in the video presentation of the Symposium on the "Medical and Ecological Consequences of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident,"

    Arnie Gundersen says the explosion in Unit 2 was different than the explosions in 1, 3 and 4.

    In Units 1, 3 and 4, it was the reactor building that exploded.

    In Unit 2, the containment exploded – there's a large crack 5” in diameter in the containment itself.

    • H H

      FYI, Arnie Gundersen also said Unit 1 was a hydrogen explosion; Unit 4 was a hydrogen explosion; Unit 3 started as a hydrogen explosion, and then there was a detonation shockwave and no containment can withstand that.