Nuclear Expert: Tokyo radiation data “terrifying” after Fukushima meltdowns — US knew city was in jeopardy since beginning and didn’t warn people (VIDEO)

Published: May 12th, 2012 at 3:55 pm ET
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Arnie Gundersen Interviewed by Mike Adams
May 11, 2012

“Gundersen is chief engineer of energy consulting company Fairewinds Associates and a former nuclear power industry executive” -Wikipedia

At 10:30 in

FOIA requests from NRC [...]

They had data from the roof of the embassy in Tokyo in the first week that was terrifying, yet they never made that information public.

We had a business man in Tokyo who was staying on the same block as the embassy take a sample from the rooftop of his hotel and levels were hotter than a pistol, and this was six months after the accident.

We have known that Tokyo was jeopardized at the beginning of this accident, since it was happening, and really didn’t do much to warn the citizens.

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Published: May 12th, 2012 at 3:55 pm ET
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31 comments to Nuclear Expert: Tokyo radiation data “terrifying” after Fukushima meltdowns — US knew city was in jeopardy since beginning and didn’t warn people (VIDEO)

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Governments are not going to warn the public of dangers like this, don't expect them to.

    All the people who need to know, already know. They don't want a panic. They have their places all set up.

    All we can do is, help each other through this. They are not going to be there for the public.

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  • Bobby Smith bob

    Way would the US warn Tokyo?

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    • SacxtraTV

      Lets see, um. Common sense. Not a psychopath. Not a corrupt PAL. (pal works both ways, I can put up with the already "pepe le pew" dusting, but you unleash this and you go from PAL to terrorist.

      It sure the hell isn't the AMERICAN PEOPLE VS THE JAPANEESE PEOPLE we are pals. We try to help each other.

      I say they are going to have a real problem when both Americans and Japaneese PEOPLE (not governments) label the friggin Japanese Government + TEPCO = NEO TERRORISTS.

      What other definition can there be? Love to hear an answer from these disgusting corrupt governments, of BOTH countries.

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  • el

    interestingly and tragically–I was watching a video on Hiroshima and Nagasaki A bombs last night……I recommend to anyone if they have time, to watch a few of the old reports, the real footage ones. Its hard to watch, BUT–there is A LOT of info in those movies that isnt mentioned now at all.

    I learned that 5 min after the first explosion, a "black, sticky substance rained down"
    This was dirty Nuke fallout–it fell everywhere.

    Notice, just a few days ago, some expert in an article was talking about the "black substance everywhere"

    OH YEAH and there was prior knowledge of the attack on Pearl Harbor also….


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    • Max1 Max1

      It was burnt soot that rained down… thus the color.
      Of course that the burnt soot was caused by the radiation explosion of the bombs is the cause of the radiological contamination. Thus the black rain of death…
      … So, incinerating contaminated debris never creates soot, right?


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  • alpha-tracker

    The Energy Department released in November or December 2011 an excel-like file from its own monitoring done on rooftops of embassies and other buildings in Tokyo and thereabouts. The longitude and latitudes are provided (though I think there are some errors) and the data and references to lab methods are extremely hard to make sense of. However, this file contains probably the best set of data made public so far showing levels of strontiums lingering in Tokyo air in March/April 2011. The csv file can be downloaded and viewed in excel. I have something I am writing about this but never completed it because I wasn't sure of anyone's interest in it.

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  • taterbug

    I just hope some reporter would ask a specific quetion about this and demand the White House's give definitive answer. It would be interesting to monitor the routes of AF1 when it travels to the far east. POTUS had his Hawaii vacation changed last December. Wonder if it was radiation and not the excuse given. Does anyone have any data of the the plume during that time period ? Was it near Hawaii the week he was supposed to go?

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    • el

      Would this be proof of a conspiracy? or that the Pres is smart enough not to knowingly fly thru the death cloud?

      Please understand there is a Foreign Entity in the White House, it is very much NOT following the requests of the People–and hasn't had a POTUS that has been for the people since Kennedy was killed…

      We havent had a 4th estate for decades. To be a reporter you have to be parroting propaganda from the State. They dont let "us" anywhere near the Govt Officials.

      Do you see whats happening at the Summit in Chicago on the 20th? Think a independent reporter will get anywhere near there?

      We are being conditioned for Control. Every (almost) news report is approved by the State.

      ….you must come to understand this. This is fact.

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      • Grayfox

        el, are you a birther? What's up with harboring that conviction anyway?

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        • americancommntr

          What's up with you not harboring any doubts about a President who couldn't produce a birth certificate for years, then came up with one a sheriff in AZ could prove was faked?

          What's up with thinking there's nothing wrong with having a President who could not gain a security clearance by the usual means? Or who has social security number issues?

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      • tomarsandbeyond tomarsandbeyond

        I don't think the press is THAT controlled, like old-style Soviet Union-type control. But there are huge interests and a handful of corporations allied together that set the agenda of what will be covered and how. They treat the whole Fukushima problem as if its some little accident, that will get fixed shortly, maybe of less import than the tsunami and quake damage themselves. Thankfully sites like this one let more information get out.
        The main stream media is naturally allied with the state and corporations; the US Government probably isn't censoring Fukushima news, the establishment media are doing it themselves,

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  • el

    birther? no. im aware of the debate. Its a distraction.

    What Im saying is America has had a Coup infiltrate the White House. It happened decades ago.
    But the image is that the US still has 3 Branches of Govt. It does not.

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  • Sam

    CONDITION IN JAPAN. The earthquake did damage
    to others as well. Big coverup going on right now.

    Maybe some brave Japanese citizens can give us some
    information. our American experts have been quiet
    on this. Few names thrown out but no details.

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  • CB CB

    I remember this video, and I remember it being deleted. Uploaded by AFAskygoddess on Mar 17, 2011 US military EVACUATING JAPAN – nuclear reactor meltdown reaction

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  • vital1 vital1


    "It hits hard on how the ALTERNATIVE media has let us down all this time–out of fear"

    This ALTERNATIVE media Green Planet FM organization was willing to do an interview and air it on FM radio. If any of you have data you can forward to alternative media contact them and see if they will do a story or interview. I know a lot of enenews users have been finding it frustrating trying to convince friends and relatives how serious the Fukushima disaster is.

    My Geiger Counter detections in the Southern Hemisphere have been helpful in getting publicity on the seriousness of the situation at Fukushima.
    A New Zealand radio station Green Planet FM has aired an interview with me.

    It is now available as a podcast for listening on line, or for download. Because it is on a radio station it carries more weight when trying to convince friends and relatives. It has with mine. So if you can use it as a resource please do. In the Interview I point people to enenews, Fairewinds, Dr Busby and Dr Caldicott.

    The podcast link is at the top of the page, and the interview starts after a bit of an introduction on synchronicity.–NZ.html#00000193

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  • vital1 vital1

    I am saying try the media organizations, don't assume they will not do a story, interview, or a show. You don't need to be an expert to get the word out there, just have good data to back up what you say.

    I have sent in information to media organizations, and a lot did not respond. Every now and then a media organization will take it up, and then you will have a chance to inform a lot of people, and save some lives.

    Enviro Reporter's Michael Collins is a good example of this.

    So all of you keep on trying! If enough of us yell loud enough, we will be heard!

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  • Max1 Max1

    America is in full election season…
    … Corporate interests decide the news.

    Yes, odd that even the so called independent news in America have dropped this like a hot potato. Not as catchy as say, FBI Foils Own Plot, or something. America is backasswards, IMO. The media, independent and Corporate, as backasswards as the news they're following.

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  • el

    Not to mention, If people call into question whether Fukushima was an act of war–the safety of ALL Plants with Stuxnet security in the US would come under question (bad)

    if people ask about Stuxnet, an Israeli product, It calls into question the security and vulnerability of all industrial systems that have it in the US other than nuclear. (worse)

    If people ask about THAT, it calls into question contracting the state of Israel to be trusted with this task of security….(really bad)

    Much of the "alternative media" is controlled opposition, and that explains the silence.

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  • alvinroast

    Thank you for your comment. I was starting to wonder why no one in "alternative media" was willing to discuss Fukushima and Stuxnet. Sometimes it helps just to know you're not alone in seeing what's happening.

    As for the Tokyo data that the US had – I think there will be blowback since that amounts to aiding and abetting a genocide.

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  • VanneV anne

    In the case of Fukushima, the units should never have been in operation in the first place, and failing that, should have been decommissioned after 20 or 30 years. The earthquake broke the pipes for cooling and there was no way to stop a meltdown with or without a tsunami. Talk of Stuxnet, for which there is no evidence, is a red herring for the lapses and deception regarding safety at Fukushima. The real culprit is the nuclear industry and attempts to place the blame elsewhere just delays the decommissioning of all nuclear reactors and dramatically increases the risk that there will be no more life on the earth.

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