Tokyo Shimbun: Fukushima worker says gov’t is lying

Published: December 17th, 2011 at 8:15 am ET


作業員「政府ウソばかり」, Tokyo Shimbun, Dec. 17, 2011:

Babelfish Translation

Only operator “government lie”

[…] The reactor says became cold with, as for that system quick fix ones. When as for this veteran “and earthquake occurs and stops being able to cool end. It is not the circumstance which can remove the nuclear fuel. As for the mass rubbish how doing? When you check circumstance lightly only, you cannot think,” that it was angry.

Another operator “as for government lie it is the [tsu] temporary. Someone the nuclear fuel going to the removal? As for damage although it is enormous, you want that and there is no with callous, saying. Why not saying true circumstance?” you said.

作業員「政府ウソばかり」, Tokyo Shimbun, Dec. 17, 2011:

Google Translate

Workers “just lying” government

“Stopped cold” past the “self-focusing,” remarks the prime minister down to depth, from Workers working in the field of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power is “not saying that the implication” “can not insert into the building barely, but do not even know how to retrieve a nuclear fuel, “and so on, up speechless with indignation mixed voices.

Completed its task, male workers saw on TV an interview the prime minister, “I do not know the meaning of the Japanese came. Do not know what someone is saying. No way out of the nuclear state that we see every day. What now but take decades, or stuck in rush anything this year, “and flabbergasted.

Workers have been responsible for the purification system of contaminated water is “I Really, I thought. There is no translation of the convergence. Now, while producing contaminated water in large amounts, just kept the temperature from the cooling of nuclear fuel. and far from steady state, “he said.

Workers also experienced “I do not know if you understand. Work has yet to converge. That the work exposure and still battling.”

Although the reactor has cooled, the system is not an emergency measure. This veteran, “the earthquake can also end 冷Yasenaku longer. Not picked up by the fuel situation. How to do a lot of trash. I can only imagine that the situation lightly,” and indignant.

Another worker also “The government is a pile of shit. Or who is going to remove the nuclear fuel. But extensive damage, no big deal to say. Do not say why the real situation,” he said.

Published: December 17th, 2011 at 8:15 am ET


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40 comments to Tokyo Shimbun: Fukushima worker says gov’t is lying

  • or-well

    Another worker “The government is a pile of shit.”

    LOL !

    “…up speechless with indignation mixed voices.”

    As are we.

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      I can understand the frustration by those in the group here regarding the translation issue,but I personally got everything I needed by reading “between the lines”…”The situation is far from stable,reactors are cooling but NOT from emergency measures”,”who will or even CAN remove the nuclear fuel required to be able to claim successful operation was carried out based on the REAL status of the reactors”,”the Govt. is lying”-and finally the closing sentence that sums it all up in just seven words that were the most clearly translated,accurate & descriptive enough for this irradiated brain to comprehend without the need for further ado;:”The Government Is A Pile Of Shit”!!!..(LMAO)….~Thank You for your eloquently worded,already acknowldged & understood perfect description of the status of those imbeciles ultimately charged with finding closure for the greatest threat to Japan and the world beyond’s well-being in history! I’ll just keep checking back from time to time to see if the place blew up yet so I know when I got a week’s “heads-up” regarding when to start getting the apt. here sealed up for an extended “shelter in place” period that seems imminent now regardless of what TEPCO & Japan “claim” they’ve accomplished there while fully expecting another explosion to go un-reported,that’s not to say there hasn’t been another one already in the R#6 bldg. being referred to in rumors of such(?)!! ~PEACE~

      • Enenews Admin

        For the resenting person(s) below, the translations of the headline seem quite clear, especially when coupled with the body.

        Yahoo: “Workers “just lying” government”
        Google: “Only operator ‘government lie'”

        Hence the headline “Tokyo Shimbun: Fukushima worker says gov’t is lying”

        Note: Comments need to try and be a bit more cordial

  • watcher watcher

    How does anyone get anything meaning full out of that translation. I find myself resenting the fact that I was lured to read it by the headline.

    • or-well

      I know eh ! Pretty weird. I just look for hot particles.

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      For me the interesting aspect is that workers are beginning to talk – this is a new development, I think.

      Better translations will appear soon (I hope).

      Let’s see whether this turns into a deluge of condemnation for the government and TEPCO or whether it fades away.

      • or-well

        If the J-media want stories they know where to get them.

        Can they/will they protect their sources tho ? (economically vulnerable workers)

        I never thought learning to speak Japanese would as valuable as it is now.

      • arclight arclight

        workers everywhere a begining to talk by the look of it!! never thought i would see this lot speaking publicly.. so there is hope for them all!!

        no nukes!!

        Cover-up of irradiated workers at Israeli nuclear plant
        Expert claims nuclear plant cover-up J by December 15, 2011

        “Workers at the Negev Nuclear Research Center underwent superficial and inadequate radiation exposure tests, an expert on radiation safety told the Petah Tikvah District Court.
        Dan Litai’s testimony came during a court hearing Dec. 12 in a case meant to determine whether former employees of the institute, located in southern Israel, should be recognized as the victims of work-related accidents after they were diagnosed with cancer.

        Litai, who served as a radiation safety engineer at the Negev Nuclear Research Center, claimed that until the late 1990s there was no department tasked with calculating and assessing the levels of internal radiation contamination, only external contamination.

        Last week, the court heard the testimony of Thelma Byrne, who headed the radiation safety department at the Soreq center.

        “I worked with materials whose nature was unknown. They didn’t tell us what we were exposed to,” she said, adding that the cancer victims could have been spared if they would have undergone preventive radiation exposure tests, but such tests were not given….”

        • aigeezer aigeezer

          Good find – engineer and department head starting to open up, not just cannon-fodder day-labor types.

          I hope something similar is imminent re Fukushima (and the whole sordid industry, for that matter).

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        maybe their not as intimidated by the Yakuza security & enforcement detail there now that the joint is crawling with military,govt. & technical staff compared to when they were a small crew & felt threatened or even knew their could be a “connection” to the goon squad & the missing workers who were either sickened or thought to be “whistle-blowers” that needed “silencing”(?)!! Every day’s new news leaves me less surprised regarding gloomy revelations from the “grapevine” & less trusting of anything put out via “official” channels! What else is new though,huh?lol…oh well,at least most of the people here for the right reasons is likely to buy the official “party line”BS and will stay on their toes until their own logic & common-sense matches the word coming from the smouldering shit pile @ Fukushitma NPP!! ~PEACE~

    • NoNukes NoNukes

      “flabbergasted.” I feel the same way.

      • arclight arclight

        sorry no nukes didnt see you there! i was on about no nukes the consept as opposed to no nukes the cool blogger! 🙂

        • NoNukes NoNukes

          lol, arclight. my “flabbergasted” post was not to you, but it was funny that was the word the translation came up with, exactly as as I have been feeling lately.

          The article about the engineers is a great find, gives a little hope. Your posts on the radiation thread are worrisome though, try not to breathe too much today, okay?

  • Jebus Jebus

    Can the media realize how complicite they are in this?

    Japanese media skeptical about containment claims
    Dec 17, 2011

    Tokyo: Japanese media simmered with doubts on Saturday about a government announcement that the world’s worst nuclear accident in 25 years had been contained with the tsunami-stricken Fukushima Daiichi plant in a state of cold shutdown….

    And the spin at the end of the article.

    But Jonathan Cobb, an expert at the British-based World Nuclear Association, said the authorities had put in additional conditions before “cold shutdown conditions” were reached, including ensuring the release of radioactive material was under control.

    “This criteria was also reached some time ago, the government has delayed declaration of cold shutdown conditions, one reason being to ensure the situation at the plant was stable,” Cobb said.

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      This Jonathan Cobb?

      “Dr Jonathan Cobb is Nuclear Policy Manager for British Nuclear Fuels (BNFL). He began his career in BNFL in 1994 after gaining a doctorate in chemistry at the University of Liverpool. At BNFL he has worked as a research associate and as a business and technology analyst. He is now leading BNFL’s climate change policy and the interaction of this with the nuclear industry. He is a member of the Electricity Generation Working Group of the Emissions Trading Group, a body affiliated with the Confederation of British Industry. He has submitted papers on behalf of BNFL to the UK government and other institutions on climate change. He is chairman of the Uranium Institute’s Climate Change Working Group.”


    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      Jonathan Cobb is a shill..a paid liar..simple as that.

  • Jebus Jebus

    It’s Q and A time…


    News Navigator: What is a ‘cold shutdown’ at the Fukushima nuclear plant?

    Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda has announced that the crippled Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Plant has achieved a stable state of cold shutdown. The Mainichi answers questions readers may have about cold shutdowns in the wake of the disaster at the plant.

    Question: What does it mean when a nuclear reactor has achieved a “cold shutdown?”….

  • Jebus Jebus

    Oops I guess I’ll close that tag…

  • or-well

    Media complicity
    People like Cobb
    (see posts 11:03 am & 11:18 am above)
    are content providers the media quote and I doubt they see themselves as part of the problem.

    As to media complicity, many have roles that do not force them to confront the issue. Those that DO may not “get it” until they realise their own welfare is at stake, directly or indirectly.

    Then they have a choice: rationalise away their involvement, “toe the line” and keep their job, or take a moral and/or ethical stand and maybe lose the job, and try to work in alternative media or do something else (which they may have no training for).

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      I imagine Arnie had to find his way through that thicket over the years. We are very lucky that he did.

      I have some sympathy for the industry people on a human level but I wish they’d all wake up before they do the unthinkable. It may already be too late. Their continued shilling is disgusting – I hope they choke on their bananas.

      • arclight arclight

        “I imagine Arnie had to find his way through that thicket over the years. We are very lucky that he did.”

        well said!!

  • dosdos dosdos

    Well, if it takes the PM getting up and lying big time to the public and the world to rile the people into taking a verbal stand, then maybe it was in the end something good.

  • Kushana

    Here is my quick translation of the article in two installments:

    Nuclear plant worker: “the government tells nothing but lies”

    Although the prime minister announced that a “cold shutdown condition” was achieved and even went so far as to declare: “the crisis is resolved”, workers from the Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant raised their voices, appalled and angry, stating things like: “I can’t comprehend the meaning of what he is saying” or “We can’t even properly enter these buildings, nobody knows how to extract the fuel.”

    Workers who watched the prime minister’s appearance on television after their shift made comments like the following:
    “Have I lost the ability to understand the Japanese language? I can’t comprehend the meaning of what he is saying. Judging from the condition of the nuclear power plant, which I see every day, this is impossible. It will still last for some decades, why the rush, why this obsession with declaring the accident over this year?”

  • Kushana

    Part 2 “the government tells nothing but lies”

    A worker who just arrived from his work at the water purifying system said: “I thought: this can’t be true. Nothing is resolved. There is still a great volume of contaminated water being produced, the temperatures are only stable because the cores are constantly cooled. It is still far from a stable condition.”

    A veteran worker agrees: “I don’t know how I am supposed to understand this. The work to stabilize the plant is just beginning. I still work while battling with radiation exposure.”

    Speaking of cooling the cores, the system is an emergency device, built in a rush. The veteran worker continues angrily: “If this device fails during another earthquake or similar event, it will be all over. We have no way to extract the fuel. What shall we do with the massive volume of toxic waste. I think that the government is downplaying the situation.”

    Another worker said: “The government is telling nothing but lies. Who is going in there to remove the fuel? The damage is enormous, so how can he talk about it in a way as if nothing serious is happening? Why doesn’t he say what the true situation is?”

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Imagine how disgusted and outraged these workers must be, to be ‘breaking ranks’ with TEPCO and saying things like this. The Japanese are known worldwide for their total submission to govt./authority ‘no matter what.’

    Re the translation – hard to get at the full meaning, but it did contain information – for instance how outraged these workers are, to go against all their coultural conditioning and speak out against authority; and how hazardous and out of control the situation at Daiichi actually is – and also … it was funny, that translation.

  • James2

    I’m not sure why the workers aren’t talking more – what are they going to do? fire them?

    That might save their lives.

    We all know the situation, and yet even we are surprised to hear the workers confirm that not only is it totally out of control, there’s no way to get it back into control.

  • Tumrgrwer Tumrgrwer

    Great translation Kushana, much better than the orignal info. This stuff is literally killing me. Thanx’s enenews for all this information, my head is now exploding!

  • Ron

    A few famous last words for you:

    “It’s simply impossible to imagine anything like Chernobyl happening in these reactors, despite all the problems they’re having.”

    “There is no question of a Chernobyl situation or of anything like the same threat to human health and safety … An accident like Chernobyl cannot happen again—this is a reactor of a different generation. Even in the worst-case scenario of a total coolant failure, the radiation released will be hundreds of times less than from Chernobyl.”

    And get a load of THIS one:

    “Just as important, said Iskhatov, the Japanese authorities have ‘acted quickly and effectively to communicate with the local residents—they don’t treat their population like idiots like ours did.’” – March 13, 2011 http:/

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Good post, Ron – ‘famous last words’.

    So many lies.

    I wonder if any heads will roll over all of this.

    If more people read enenews, with its excellent coverage — heads would roll for sure.

    Off topic a bit, but relevant in a way… Ron Paul was on Jay Leno, lots of applause and cheers from the audience. Ron Paul is about the only honest politician I know of, and a brave man. He’s for all the right things – limited – and Constitutional – govt., ending all of these foreign ‘wars’, an end to corporate welfare (such as enabled the whole nuclear power industry) – and more. You can see the Jay Leno segment on

  • parwie

    FIRST thing everybody should know about radiation:
    Even low-dose radiation is dangerous. Take time and watch it!

    SECOND thing:
    Measuring background radiation is useless. What’s really threatening your health are inhaled or ingested particles, that are not indicated by background radiation measurements. Take time and watch it!

    THIRD thing:
    First thing that happens after a nuclear accident is covering the truth. Take time and read at least “7.7. What Is the Total Number of Chernobyl Victims?” (p. 209)!

  • dosdos dosdos

    “…reducing public radiation exposure to a level that does not exceed 1mSv/year at the site boundary…”

    Why does my head spin every time I read this? Why is my brain flooded with scenarios on how to achieve this artificially?