“BREAKING NEWS – Scientists detect Fukushima radiation on North American shores” — Coastal communities ‘concerned’ — Over 7 Bq/m3 of cesium from dock in Pacific Northwest — Professor: It indicates arrival of other radioactive substances — “Represents potential radiological health risk” (VIDEO)

Published: April 6th, 2015 at 10:26 am ET


Statesman Journal, Apr 6, 2015: BREAKING NEWS Scientists detect Fukushima radiation on North American shores — Seaborne radiation from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear disaster has reached North America… cesium-134 and cesium-137 in a sample of seawater taken in February from a dock on Vancouver Island… It’s the first time radioactivity from the March 2011 triple meltdown has been identified on West Coast shores [see: April 2011 — California seawater squeezed from kelp sample had 400,000 Bq/m3 of Iodine-131]… sample was taken Feb. 19… It contained 1.5 becquerels per cubic meter (Bq/m3) of cesium-134, the Fukushima fingerprint, and 5 Bq/m3 of cesium-137 [actually 1.4 and 5.8, respectively]… Fukushima radiation concerns coastal communities… models have predicted that in general, the plume would hit the shore in the north first, then head south toward California… currents can be unpredictable… Woods Hole has received support from the National Science Foundation to analyze about 250 seawater samples that will be collected next month…

CTVNews, Apr 6, 2015: First low-level trace of Fukushima radioactivity detected off B.C. — But the levels are so low they are likely of little concern… Still, researchers say this is the first detectable of radioactivity from Fukushima found in a water sample taken from the U.S. and Canadian West Coast… Ken Buesseler, a marine chemist at WHOI who has been measuring radioactivity in Pacific seawater since 2011, says it’s been important to carefully monitor the oceans, given that the Fukushima disaster saw the largest accidental release of radioactive contaminants to the oceans in history.

Buesseler’s statement: “Even if the levels were twice as high, you could still swim in the ocean for six hours every day for a year and receive a dose more than a thousand times less than a single dental X-ray. While that’s not zero, that’s a very low risk.. We expect more of the sites will show detectable levels… Predicting the spread of radiation becomes more complex the closer it gets.”

CBC Radio, March 2015: Four years after the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, scientists like UVic’s Jay Cullen are still monitoring the Pacific waters near us for radiation. Listen to what he’s found and what he hasn’tCullen: “If we see cesium-134 in a water sample or a fish for example we know that that’s been affected by the Fukushima disaster… Not only is cesium a marker for other isotopes that were released… it also represents a potential radiological health risk because if its internalized… it can damage our cells and cause illness. So the risk of illness appearing in individuals relates to the activity, how much of that isotope ends up in their body. Given the nature of this disaster, with most of the isotopes going into the North Pacific Ocean, the most likely way that a human being would be exposed to this radioactivity at this point would be through the consumption of seafood.” >> Full interview here

Watch Woods Hole’s latest projection of Fukushima Cs-137 levels through 2021 here

Published: April 6th, 2015 at 10:26 am ET


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425 comments to “BREAKING NEWS – Scientists detect Fukushima radiation on North American shores” — Coastal communities ‘concerned’ — Over 7 Bq/m3 of cesium from dock in Pacific Northwest — Professor: It indicates arrival of other radioactive substances — “Represents potential radiological health risk” (VIDEO)

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    "the most likely way that a human being would be exposed to this radioactivity at this point would be through the consumption of seafood.”

  • Cisco Cisco

    You effing lying shill!

    "Even if the levels were twice as high, you could still swim in the ocean for six hours every day for a year and receive a dose more than a thousand times less than a single dental X-ray. While that’s not zero, that’s a very low risk.

    • demise demise

      Cisco is really gullible. You are following in a trap laid by a paid nuke hack and laying all your eggs in his paid for opinion.

      There are hot spots and cool spots. If you swim in a hot spot, you just got a full chest x-ray from a short swim. Also, things are getting worse and the source of the problem is actually getting worse and will never stop.

      • UH, Cisco is adding his sarcasm. Not gullible at all. 🙂 this whole thread is going to a mass of statements from everyone here and quotes pointing out the assininity of the crap lines from experts.

        Yes, we all look on with anger and horror as the media spins reach new heights. 🙂

        • Gentle Giant Gentle Giant

          Kenny Boy is just following orders from his Eugenicist Bankster Corporatist Government Bosses and singing the chorus line from Simon and Garfunkel's "The Boxer"…."Lie,lie,lie,…lie,lie,lie,lie,lie,lie,lie…..lie, lie,lie,….lie,lie,lie,lie,lie,lie,lie,…lie,lie,lie,lie,LIE!"
          Maybe he'll make a cameo appearance on "Dancing with the Starfish" if his partner hasn't completely melted away. Excuse me if I missed a lie or two….there are just so many……some bigger than others….

  • Cisco Cisco

    Since Kenny Boy has been testing and handling all those samples that don't amount to more than dental X-rays, we'll see how he fares over time with that bioaccumulation he's not counting. Maybe he forgot about Madam Currie? Suck it up Kenny!

    • I think it's funny that we all call Buesseler, Kenny-boy.
      Of course, I also call him, "Wood's hole". That he is.
      That guy should be taken out to the Pacific and held under the tritiated water for a few…

  • Nick

    KB: Low levels detected. I cannot comment on Plutonium or other actinides since I just don't have the funding to look for those other nasties oozing 24/7/365 from Fukushima.

    Joe Public: If it's safe to swim in what happened to the starfish? The walruses? Whales? Sea-lions? Sardines? Sea Urchins?

    KB: At this juncture we can't say for sure WHY all these marine deaths are occurring. Our best guess is warm water.

    JP: Isn't radiation harmful at the atomic level?

    KB: We live in a radioactive world…… get used to it. Now excuse me, I have to get back to fundraising my efforts to further obfuscate the severity of this disaster.

    • Aemilius Aemilius

      So, in response to the US Governments apparent lack of interest in monitoring radiation levels in the Pacific Ocean or food that comes from it following the meltdowns at Fukushima, Senior Scientist Ken Buessler of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, an independent non-profit organization, takes the reins and strikes out on his own to launch a crowd funded water sampling program and produces a map above showing radiation levels that are of no real concern. Judging by that, it looks like the government was right all along…. there's absolutely nothing to worry about! What a relief that a qualified knowledgable person is still actually able to do something to keep the public informed…. Thanks Ken! It's nice to know there are still impartial experts and academics out there that can really give us the straight facts when the government won't.

      Honestly…. it's a nice story, and it almost sounds believable (well maybe to someone recovering from a botched hemispherectomy anyway), but knowing as we do that Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution recieves the bulk of its funding through grants and contracts from The National Science Foundation (a US Government agency), along with other government and military contracts, think about it….

      How "independent" could it really be?

    • Aemilius Aemilius

      It's well known now that Dr. Robert Ballard, also of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, during his search for Titanic, was actually on a secret mission for the Navy scouting locations where nuclear submarines could be secretly dumped without anyone noticing. The search for Titanic (as he himself said) was really just a cover story for the mission.

      Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution is provably funded by and has done/is doing secret work for the government and military going at least as far back as the phony research ship Glomar Explorer that was actually designed to secretly retrieve pieces of a sunken Soviet submarine under the guise of doing "ocean research" (that's right, they don't throw all that money at WHOI for nothing).

      Now I'm just supposed to believe everything is above board? With the history of US government lies and deceit about Hanford, and the history of TEPCO lies and deceit about the Fukushima disaster…. I don't.

    • Aemilius Aemilius

      In view of all that…. Why the hell should I trust Ken Buessler? The US government shut down all radiation monitoring between San Diego and Alaska, and I don't think Ken Buessler would be able to get away with just deciding on his own to arrange some grass roots crowd funded monitoring program that might possibly expose radiation levels the government would not like exposed without getting fired and/or discredited…. unless, of course, he had permission (orders?) to do so and the results to be announced were arrived at and decided on well in advance of the "operation".

      I wish I was wrong…. but I don't think I am.

    • Magda

      'KB: At this juncture we can't say for sure WHY all these marine deaths are occurring. Our best guess is warm water.'

      KB – We know the rigors of science demand that you have established certainty through proper data collection and testing, but some situations won't wait for that lengthy process to be completed. The public needs to be warned that what has happened to the those marine species will be moving further up the food chain,

      Surely you could have just vaguely hinted at the 'r' word.

      • We Not They Finally

        Nice try, Kenny, at the loopy good cop/bad cop routine. But you're playing in the wrong arena to start with. We just want the radiation testing. You're not doing it,you say? The feds aren't doing it? No one is doing it? Yeah, very believable [sarc]….

  • 😐

    "so low they are LIKELY of little concern…"
    [emphasis added]

    "Not only is cesium a marker for OTHER ISOTOPES that were released… it also represents a potential radiological health RISK because if its INTERNALIZED… it can damage our cells and cause illness."
    [emphasis added]

    >>> If it's internalized. (?)

    IMO – It's not IF but WHEN.
    If it's in the water, then it's in the air and will sooner or later accumulate into the soil that grows food. It already has.

    I remember a time when a person could swim in the ocean all day and not get an X-ray. 😥 Dang!

    • Shaker1

      Actually, this is just the start of the massage that will relax us to take bigger numbers.

      But, really…Single digits in m3 when there are exponential numbers per cubic litre at the source.

      I understand, but personally I'm sick of the risk models. They automatically inform one that

      a) There is risk.
      b) That quite a bit of the population (50%?) of the population is at increased risk as much of the population does not fit their 'man' used in the calculation models based upon what might be the limits of imagination and circumstance.
      c) That the dispersion is somehow equal over a given area, which has been proven to obviously wrong (the accumulation biologically).

      I might believe what they say the tests yield, but those doing the testing have not come close to satisfying me that they have done dilligence. Hey, it's seen that those semi-permanent monitors place up off the groud register quite a bit less than the earth upon which they sit. While in places like here is WA where it's damp and constantly washed out/away, go to somewhere such as Phoenix or Albuquerque and try to make that point.

    • 😐

      Comparisons with X-rays and CT scans “meaningless” — Inhaling particles increases radiation exposure by “a factor of a trillion” says expert

      Published: March 22nd, 2011
      at 12:32 pm ET
      By ENENews


    • 😐 more…

      Children and X-rays


      "By sharpening our perceptions more subtle radiation effects can often become observable where once they went unnoticed."

      "For example, a series of X-rays received by a young child may cause temporary depression of the white blood cells, and ten days to two weeks after the exposure the child will get influenza or some other infectious disease. Ordinarily the parent views the two events as unconnected."

      (credit Mack)
      from: http://www.ratical.org/radiation/NRBE/NRBE8.html

      Original comment:
      November 25, 2012 at 1:56 pm

      Think about it.

      • melting mermaid melting mermaid

        Well that pisses me. I can't tell you how many times my baby girl was xrayed. 50 maybe. And she has low white blood cell count and they don't know why. They took so much blood from her she had to have multiple infusions of someone else's blood. It's all so crazy and I feel so helpless to do anything about it. I mean, they're trying to help help her, right? It's a confusing time to be human.

        • melting mermaid melting mermaid

          Damn, pisses me off.

          • I understand mm.

            IMO – People don't read the fine print and doctors don't get paid for patients who are well. It is crazy.

          • West Aussie West Aussie

            Hi Melting Mermaid, and I'm sorry to read that your child is sick. My wife and mother are dealing with the health system at the moment and I'm appalled.
            What they consider adequate and competent care is belied by the fact that ALL the patients who have had any kind of surgery at the recently opened Fiona-Stanley hospital to go and be blood-tested for all the major blood-borne diseases. They have discovered that the private firm responsible for sterilization at the hospital (SERCO!) are sending 'sterilized' surgical instruments back with blood and tissue on them.
            It's being played-down in the media so I doubt if we'll get much more than a muted, half-hearted, response from the government.
            What I find interesting is that the private hospitals make no such data available yet it was one of those private hospitals that enabled my wife's surgery to become infected.
            All this hospital mayhem makes no sense until you connect the disparate dots from the badly designed nuclear reactors sitting like ducks next to an angry sea, to the lack of accountability within the public/private hospital system, to see that it's a slow (and not so slow) parade of new and innovative sicknesses to be treated at the general expense of the tax-paying public and very personal expense for the people directly affected.
            All this sickness makes for very big profits.
            It's the GROWTH industry of the new age! ;-[
            I hope that your daughter has a better time soon.

        • Time Is Short Time Is Short

          We will all experience lowering white blood cell counts. That's what happens first with radiation exposure. After that, …

          I'm sorry about your baby girl, MM. You and she are in our prayers.

    • 😐 even more…

      "A 40-year old woman who has a coronary CT scan has a 1 in 270 chance of getting cancer from that single scan. This statistic DOUBLES for a 20 year old Woman."


      Nuclear Proponents can keep spewing their rhetoric, but sooner or later people are going to catch on to the deception, that bananas, cosmic rays and X-rays are not a good comparison to the ingestion of a hot particle.

      • Metalbeard Metalbeard

        Your post is inconstent. First you talk about CT scans and medical procedures.Then you talk about ingesting a hot particle. Have you done the calculation for the internal commited dose for inhaling a hot particle? Many have conducted such calculations and can back out a source term for the dfose. Frankly the certainty of a cancer from a single stray isolated hot particle has not been confirmed. What matters is internal committed dose and not the single magic bullet ranging down on our heads. I say our because I share the air and frankly don't care about a lone hot particle. A couple thousand of them over a cubic meter is another matter. When internal emitters are a health concern then people should take protective action.

        • -1

          "…the certainty of a cancer from a single stray isolated hot particle has not been confirmed." – the entity

          NOT TRUE. 😐

          Risk assessments are designed to keep those who may still be healthy a glimmer of hope that it won't be them.

          Number crunching and RISK assessments are nothing more than a shell game. When one become horribly sick, then the risk assessment becomes meaningless.

          Dr. Andy Kanter, MD, MPH, President of the Board of Directors of Physicians for Social Responsibility, has studied radioactive plume projections from nuclear reactor accident scenarios and other public health impacts of nuclear radiation dispersion. He is the director of Health Information Systems/Medical Informatics for the Millennium Villages Project for the Earth Institute at Columbia University as well as an Asst. Prof. for Clinical Biomedical Informatics and Clinical Epidemiology at Columbia University.

          “Even a single hot particle consumed or inhaled into the body can cause a cancer.”

          Published: May 8th, 2012 at 12:17 pm ET
          By ENENews


        • Time Is Short Time Is Short

          I didn't post this, but thanks to the person that did:

          Imagine multiple particles of this, doing the same thing in your lungs and tissues, for billions of years well after you are dead:


          There is no such thing as 'harmless' radiation, especially if it is ingested or absorbed into the body.

          This is what the world is now experiencing, with the quantities of these particles in our bodies increasing daily.

          Life will not survive this.

      • Marushka Marushka

        World Health Organization. Health hazards from radiocesium following the Chernobyl nuclear accident: Report on a WHO meeting. Environmental Health. 24. 

        "Six… pathways are possible by which exposure may occur following a nuclear accident…" (pg. 4).
        Ground shine–Cloud shine–Deposition on skin and clothing 
        Ingestion–Inhalation–Absorption from skin

        "… root uptake of cesium will be substantially higher for acid soils with a low clay and a high organic matter content and may continue for many years in some soil conditions…. the external and internal doses will be roughly the same for the fifty year period after the accident." (pg. 8-9).

        "Direct exposure from deposited radionuclides together with the ingestion pathway was estimated to be three orders of magnitude greater than that from inhalation or exposure to airborne radionuclides (cloud shine)." (pg. 23).

        [three orders of magnitude = 1,000X
        direct exposure plus ingestion 1,000x worse
        inhalation is still long-term, internal exposure]

  • dunkilo

    low level..traces…a very low risk,of the Truth coming out that is.BS FACTOR 10 to the 3rd power.DDSS

  • Nick

    I have asked repeatedly for some geek in Silicon Valley to light a social media fire about TF2 (The Fukushima Fiasco). SV prides itself in driving
    social change.

    So how about it? Anyone willing to go on the record to state that nuclear anything sucks? Or are ALL of you so wedded to your military-industrial teats to drop off?

    Face it, the world yawns. Any takers?

    "So, is Silicon Valley becoming the "epicenter of social change," as Michelle Quinn, the San Jose Mercury News reporter who approached me, suggests in her column? It remains to be seen whether the tech sector will continue to have an outsized impact on social and political issues driving the national dialogue. But one thing is certain: there's never been a time when tech industry leaders have had this much impact on the advocacy world and political climate."


  • earthsmith earthsmith

    ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ….almost forgot it is still nap time.
    The land of Milk, Honey, and corporate(gov.) hush money.

  • Homolumina Homolumina

    How do the fizzing particles spread in the water ? Are they not sticking together in carpets ? How deep do they travel ? How many different isotopes are being created and released in this disaster ? How many and which ones are being measured and why ? How many of those that start out in Japan end up here and are not being taken in by all the ocean organisms along their way ? How can it be that the isotopes arrived just yet when common sense tells me that they must have arrived way way earlier, like a year after the disaster ? How can it be that the ocean currents delivered them here just now ? How far are they going to be blown inland once they wash up on the shores, accumulating ? In how do they form other radioactive elements because they might react with natural elements in the water ? Are those new molecules detected ? Studied ? What is really going on Ken Buesseler ? You have been caught telling obscene lies before. Why should I believe you now ?

  • Nick

    As some of you know, I am an avid TATAL teller. I abhor many human released toxins that are toxic at the atomic level. If Round-up is TATAL?

    Why not cesium-1324/137? Not to mention all the other nasty radioactive goodies oozing 24/7/365/till the sun goes red giant from Fukushima?

    "(NaturalNews) The blockbuster herbicide Roundup causes damage to the human endocrine system at levels that people could easily — and legally — be exposed to, according to a new study conducted by researchers from Flinders University in Australia. "


    • Shaker1

      OT, but rather than Round-Up (and I think it's quite ludicrous that farmers have constraints upon its use but what might be the less-informed general public has none…) try a mix of dishwasher detergent, vinegar, and epsom salts. Takes care of the weeds in the cracks of my sidewalks and driveway. Much more gentle to the environment.

      PS It drives me absolutely crazy to see common people spray this stuff before themselves, then walk directly into the area they've sprayed. There were specific lawns that my dog found irresistable on her walks that I wouldn't allow her to step foot in them.

      • 4Yahshua

        4~9~5997 (out of 6000) in this "Doomsday Apocalypse"!
        Last Evil Days of "Manmean"! Yahshua Son of Yahweh Returns
        VERY SOON! Pray NOW to be SAVED and SEALED! Revelation 14:1
        HalleluYah! Hebrew: "Praise ye Yah!"

        Even just vinegar in a spray bottle will kill the weeds. Round Up just keeps on killing wherever it is sprayed. Weeds, plants, birds, US! And, few people know that golf courses are very toxic to walk on because of all the chemicals used for the pretty grass.


    • Nick

      OT still…but here's some fodder about Monsanto…

      "In a single publicly made phrase, Moar has admitted that the Monsanto-funded science is sheer propaganda – essentially that they indeed have dozens, if not hundreds of employees out making sure that no science which tells the truth about their cancer-causing products ever garners any credibility whatsoever in the information age."


  • The only surprising news is that they are starting to admit it.

    • Gentle Giant Gentle Giant

      These psychos must have a pact where they think they are absolved from all of their evil wrongdoings by confessing the sins which they have inflicted, with malice, on all life on this Earth. Or they just get an extra $ bonus ,promotion, or award, for doing so. The psopsyety we live in is extremely psick.

      • We Not They Finally

        Minimal admissions to cushion the ongoing public shocks is hardly the same as confessing their sins. Psychopaths don't think that they sinned in the first place. It just comes with the territory.

  • American Phoenix57

    (San Francisco) April 3, 2015 – This is “Your Radiation, This Week.” United States.

    (In Counts per Minute, 50 CPM is an Alert Level)

    291 CPM Boston, MA,

    271 CPM New York City, NY
    230 CPM Atlanta, GA
    465 CPM Miami, FL
    205 CPM Chicago, IL
    252 CPM Des Moines, IA
    371 CPM Aberdeen SD
    339 CPM Kansas City, KA
    347 CPM Tulsa, OK
    474 CPM Little Rock, AR
    423 CPM Dallas TX
    316 CPM Lubbock, TX
    366 CPM South Valley, NM
    658 CPM Albuquerque, NM* Highest
    429 CPM Grand Junction, CO
    647 CPM Billings, MT
    560 CPM Phoenix, AZ*
    143 CPM Las Vegas, NV
    514 CPM San Diego, CA
    324 CPM Los Angeles, CA
    228 CPM San Francisco, CA
    459 CPM Spokane, WA

    We are getting fried all across America and the Northern hemisphere! These totals do not include the Alpha emitters like the 200 hundred tons of Plutonium mox fuel that burned (and continue to burn) at Fukushima!

  • amberlight amberlight

    I've always been a very healthy, active person—and still am reasonably so at age 70—but I'm starting to notice changes that I don't believe can be attributed solely to old age. I recently went from northern California, where I live in the coastal range, to southwest Florida to help care for my mother for a couple of months.

    A week or so after my arrival my heart started beating rapidly and erratically, skipping beats, etc. I have this reaction if I eat too much wheat, but I hadn't eaten any when this started up. One glaring difference between here and my home territory is that at home we have weaker cell phone signals (sometimes dropping out altogether) and no WiFi. Here there are cell towers all over the place and I can pick up a dozen or more WiFi signals of varying strengths. One of my brothers decided that he couldn't live with just a wired internet connection while spending time here, so he had WiFi installed. Smooth move, bro. I may have to leave here and drop Mom (94 with dementia) back in your lap sooner than expected.

    I guess if nuclear radiation doesn't get us then electro-magnetic radiation will! For most it will be a double whammy of both, not to mention GMOs, glyphosate, mercury….

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Amber get in and have your heart checked out.

      Nuclear will make the heart behave this way as the blood absorbs the charges which then affect the natural heart beat/rhythm.

      This is something you should not ignore and they do have drugs to combat these erratic heart behaviors.

      • C-137 replaces potassium if I remember right. got to have right natural balance since radioactive type = heart muscle, tissue damage.

        • Low Dose Radiation Dangers To Children Start At 10 Bq/Kg; List Of Symptoms And Health Issues Caused By Fukushima, Chernobyl, TMI

          • Metalbeard Metalbeard

            Dr. G, You state that Bq/kg is a unit of dose. This is gravely incorrect and shows a fundamental misunderstanding of converting a a radioactivity level to a dose level. Thus I surmise there are many more glaring technical errors that any first year health physics student can point out on your site. Frankly I'm disappointed you of all people would make such an egregious blunder.

            • Sam Sam

              Yo MeatBALL is it not too late for you tonight to be so stern in your
              put down of Dr. G.? Not good for your heart to have it adrenalized so
              late at night prior to sleep. You need to be more civil in correcting people.

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              glad you brought up dose metalbeard. The WHO says they dont understand it. Do you? Weighting factors are guesses derived from various lab tests, often in vitro. Tissue weighting factors are not adequately incorporated in REM equivalent dose figures

              "Emerging evidence suggests that radiation exposure
              may increase the risk of cardiovascular and
              possible other non-cancer diseases. However, the me
              chanisms involved are still unclear and further
              research is needed"

              "the RBE is not a well-defined physical quantity, since it varies somewhat with the type of tissue and with the precise place of absorption within the cell.
              it has been suggested that the health impact of contamination by alpha emitters might have been substantially underestimated."

            • Please be sure to go correct the Russian researchers that developed this method and studied 300,000 children in Belarus, by using it.

              Surely they did it all wrong, and you are the expert who can dismiss all of their research, results and conclusions, with an upheld nose, a wave of your hand and a snort.

              Please keep on correcting everyone here, or anywhere else for that matter, for everything they try to do.. It is always wrong, and you are always right..

              Bow to the almighty Metal, who is God of this world and the next too.. Whoever dares to disagree with him shall be put to death, as God is always right, and punishes the evil doers who lie and cheat and are always wrong.


            • danger kitty danger kitty

              metalbeard/socref –>> Last night you referred to Fukushima as a 'one time event'. An astonishing disconnect from reality.
              YOU HAVE NO CREDIBILITY. In fact, sir, you blow. up.

    • American Phoenix57

      Could also be the fumes and residue of 2 million gallons of Corexit sprayed in the Gulf during the BP Oil Rig blowout. The seafood is all tainted and is being forced fed to the prison population and school children because no one wants it.

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        All explained here:

        'Vampire of Macondo : Life, Crimes, Curses in South Louisiana on the Gulf of Blood That Powerful Forces Do Not Want You to Know'

        "The untold story of genocide of Americans by the petrochemical military industrial complex, of how BP's Deepwater Horizon catastrophe has sickened and killed thousands of people on the Gulf of Mexico Coast and government covered it up. Hear heart-rending cries of the victims. Read thoroughly documented evidence of crimes by Big Oil, the military, the seafood and tourism industries, health care providers, and corrupt government leaders. Vampire of Macondo exposes far more than media, BP, the government or courts are telling about the historic Gulf oil catastrophe that began Earth Day, 2010 and continues to destroy human life and the environment. This event is by United Nations definition, a crime against humanity, as detailed in Vampire of Macondo."


        Interesting that this book is only available used, and at $43.87. Somebody somewhere doesn't want this book read.

        And don't forget that all the radiation in the mid-West that doesn't get absorbed by the land and agriculture, will flow into and down the Mississippi River when it rains/snow melts.

    • ISPC

      Yes. amberlight. obewanspeaks gave to you the best advice possible. It is only sensible to have your heart checked out thoroughly. There is increasing evidence that exposure to certain radionuclides increases the possibility of both heart and brain attacks. Northern California and Florida were, and are being heavily contaminated with radiation from the FDNPP.


      Yes. amberlight. I hope you have visited the combating radiation forum here. There are many sensible and affordable ways that we can attempt to protect ourselves from the radiation onslaught.

      But, I agree with obewanspeaks. Get a check up ASAP. OK?

    • amberlight amberlight

      Thanks to everyone who weighed in on the heart issue. I'm aware that radiation triggers heart problems, and mine is already compromised by the genetic tendency for cardiovascular anomalies. Being very aware of any changes in my physical health—for instance, I began having minor digestive issues very abruptly several months ago—and knowing that the west coast is in the crosshairs of nuke contamination, I surmised that my heart and other organs have been affected by radiation and adding EMF bombardment on top of it is not doing my poor ticker any favors. Tests have shown conclusively that EMF will affect cardiac regularity.

      Dealing with damage control with my mentally impaired mother leaves little time to take care of myself, but Wonder Woman needs to retire from this merry-go-round. I have an appointment with a physical therapist who can suggest local docs that are not drug and scalpel happy.

      Hang in there, gang, and as they say, "Don't let the bastards get you down!"

  • Checkmate

    Sure swimming in the ocean for 6 hours is no problem…these people aren't clueless, they are just the biggest damn liars in the galaxy.

    Fish are in water and radioactive meat. For those of you…the common sense is a dental x-ray you do not swallow…so the whole damn statement is so unbelievably bogus!!! What do you think happens when you swim…there is some intake of water in the mouth, nose, and through the skin. Those lying Bastards are not telling you that you swallow some of the isotopes.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Kelp boy has to show some numbers.
    I think he is low balling it.
    The mock-up is not accounting for on-going emissions.

  • from a distance from a distance

    "Oregon State Parks" left a comment on the Statesman Journal article saying there are 3 state-run radiation sampling sites, "there is no threat to human health" and the results are here:


    Link to Statesman Journal article (where THERE ARE ONLY PRO-NUKE COMMENTS)

    Do you think ENEWSERS need to comment OUTSIDE of Enenews to give readers the OTHER SIDE OF THE STORY ???

    • Shaker1

      They definitely need to be challenged, from a distance. Good luck, though, with a site like that. They are as heavily moderated (maybe moreso) than any other site. We all began as a single cell and idea…

      Definite science is always behind the facts. I have respect for science, but in real life, scientists are simply observers and reporters. They're subject to the same circumstance as any other human, maybe more versed in the discipline or the language, but still human. In this case, though, by attempting to divorce themselves from subjectivity, like studying a rock to whom one hardly relates beyond the sharing and limits of elemental make-up, there is something missing. Treating humans as objects may be convenient to assuage sense of responsibility, but that in itself is a wholly subjective adventure that takes comfort in consensus.

    • i replied, told them to tell it to the 35,000 dead sea lions

  • wetpwcas1 wetpwcas1

    O ken, just wait until Dana reads this article of nothing but lies, he will be calling you out for a debate but you don't have the guts to step up to the plate, do you Ken? Good folks who know the TRUTH that comment & leave great links, I want to thank all of you.
    Much Love

  • Daisy207

    How can anyone compare x-rays to heavy man made radioactive metal atoms (like plutonium) that are emitting alpha, beta or gamma radiation. Has this guy ever taken a modern physics course in college – or even finished high school.

  • razzz razzz

    They have gone from using bananas to now dental x-rays as descriptors. They are already leaning towards warning of hot spots because radioactive fallout plumes in seawater are not dispersing as they had hoped. Not to mention continued releases from Daiichi topping out because the radioactive contamination bleeding from the site is actually getting worse and adding to the nonstop plume concentrations.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Radiation plume map:
    Pacific Ocean Currents Map from Fukushima Discharge:

    Much of the radiation released by Fukushima has been estimated incorrectly.
    The washout of nuclear fuel dust that settled on land and ocean following the explosions has been ignored.
    Leaching from the 3 nuclear cores in the groundwater into the underground river that flows under the ruins has been ignored in estimates. (Tepco claims cores are inside containment vessels.)
    Leaking from the tank farm has not been tracked into the ocean.
    Perhaps 100 to 200 tonnes of cooling water rinses corium splatter off the walls of containment vessels, but is not recovered. Instead, it is lost as it pours down into the corium lava tubes through the basemats.
    The radiation that is coming to the west coast of the US and Canada will be many times higher than the estimates.

    Where are the missing cores, Japan? 😉

    • Shaker1

      And. again, simplyinfo has good perspective upon this.


      "The test samples were collected seven months ago, with the exception of sample CS109 that remains undated."

      "Pacific contamination levels during 1960′s atomic bomb testing in the Pacific reached 30 bq/m3."

      "Combined cesium readings off the northern California coast were at 8.1 bq/m3 in August of 2014."

      "The phase of 2014-2015 is considered the early onset of the contamination plume reaching the US west coast."

      The rest is worth the read.

      • The Fuku leaks article is great. It cites a study that anticipates water off North American coast could reach up to 30 Bq/m3:

        Rossi, Vincent, Van Sebille, Erik, Gupta, Alexander Sen, Garcon, Veronique (2013). Multi-decadal Projections of Surface and Interior Pathways of the Fukushima Cesium-137 Radioactive Plume. Deep-Sea Research I, 80, 37-46.

        However, the problem with the Rossi study is that it doesn't address ongoing releases, as noted by Fukuleaks "ocean releases were admitted to be much longer in duration by TEPCO in late 2013 and again in 2014. There is also a wide variance in estimated total releases to the sea, making projections more complicated."

        Let us not forget that TEPCO has admitted that the reactor fuel from unit 1 cannot be found (and is probably located in the river running under the plant):


        Remember the German Risk analysis (e..g, see http://majiasblog.blogspot.com/2015/03/ground-water-contamination-rising-at.html)

        8 Bq/m3 is just the very BEGINNING of a radiological assault that is going to result in severe bio-accumulation of genotoxic radionuclides in sea life and all who consume it.

        Bio-accumulation and bio-magnification of radionuclides by already stressed systems could precipitate cascading chains of collapse…

        Future of northern Japan and North American Pacific coast don't look too healthy unless toxic assault halted now!

  • Checkmate

    Amber…The number one ranked hospital and doctors in America are at the Cleveland Clinic located in Cleveland, OH and also in Weston, FL near Miami. A Dr. Pinski is in Weston and he is fantastic, take it from me, a former patient. He will find the problem and correct it. The Mayo Clinic is in Jacksonville, FL and ranked number two in the nation and they are great too, but I have had more success at the Cleveland in Weston with Dr. Pinski… All the best to you…

  • Checkmate

    I mention the rank as far as referring to their specialty in hearts…

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Good hospitals and I was having erratic heart problems too the past couple of years and various high blood pressure readings and I now take a 1/4 aspirin as needed a couple times a week, if needed, and still use the (DE) in my coffee and all of the erratic heart behavior and heart pains have gone away.

    Both these items are negatively charged which may be canceling/pulling out the manmade radioactive positive charges we are all consuming daily.

    Have no clue if this routine will help others..but here is some info. Never felt better!

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      for blood pressure and heart irregularities, some suggest lysine, vitamin C, Niacin, argenine and magnesium. A look at a standard book on nutrition shows many are deficient in magnesium with sub optimal nutrition in many vitamins

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Pulling from a well through a water softener and then the drinkable through a reverse osmosis system.

        Could take a sandblaster to the showers and not remove the hard water stains/layers.. the water is loaded with magnesium and minerals.

    • Gentle Giant Gentle Giant

      Obe, ionizing radiation covers the whole spectrum from + to – which makes it so insidious. Alpha particles are positive with 2 extra positrons. Beta particles are negative with an extra electron. Gamma particles are neutral but can do the most damage. Then there are the unknown unknown particles which we, by definition, don't know anything about (CERN might, but they won't tell). I drink the positively charged colloidal silver in the mornings to get rid of infectious diseases by boosting the immune system as well as rid the body of negatively charged Beta particles . Then at night, I use the negatively charged FOOD GRADE Diatomaceous Earth to get at the positively charged Alpha particles and take zeolite to trap neutral Gamma particles and get them out of my system. A high quality multi-vitamin should be taken a little later in the morning to replenish the body of any vitamins and nutrients that were taken away by the late night and early morning chelating cleanses . To learn more about colloidal silver, GOTENERGY4U.COM and click on the "FREE CS" tab.

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    The doctors were unanimous; The 500 lb super sized hailstone could not have killed the man underneath it because it weighed less than the background level of snow in his yard.

    The police were in agreement; while firing an automatic rifle in a schoolroom is dangerous, its completely safe out at the ballpark because the bullets will be widely disbursed.

    The hospital was clear; the CAT scan x-rays are completely safe because they are far less than the medical radiation used to treat radiation induced cancers.

    The beach party planners were befuddled; Why did the guests complain of the small amount of sand that accidentally fell into the pig roast when it was infinitesimally smaller than all the sand on the beach?

    Ken Buesseler was certain; even though they dont test for americium which is considered dangerous at one half a becquerel per liter, and even though plutonium and strontium and americium bioaccumulate to hundreds or even tens of thousands of times and are millions of times more toxic than background potassium40 by radiation alone, not even counting heavy metal effects, and even though they are incorporated in specific locations like bone where your blood is made, giving you leukemia, and even though Fukushima was the largest ongoing release of the worst possible long lasting poison in history, he and his government funded prestigious institution are certain it is harmless

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      In other news, the entire science staff was blinded on monday when they had fun looking in each others eyes with laser pens because the power was less than background solar radiation…

      Doctor to patient with an iron nail sticking out of his head; "its nothing to worry about Mr Dough, the amount of iron in that nail is less than the blood harmlessly flowing in your veins. Take two of these for pain, you can pay the $200 office visit copay on your way out. Dont forget to smile"

      The medic explained to the woman that, even though that was the largest diamondback he had ever seen, the rattlesnake bite was completely harmless because venom is just made of proteins and is a fraction of the proteins naturally occurring in her body, and not only that it would dilute as it circulated in her blood stream.

      On the TV interview the next day he explained that the medical staff were perplexed at the exact cause of the womans death but think it might be due to climate change. However they were able to determine she died of a mortality event and are hoping for government funding to monitor the situation closely

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        For you, Code:

        'Video: UN Climate Change Official Says “We Should Make Every Effort” To Depopulate The Planet'

        "Officials within the UN are pushing the notion that the human population should be reduced in order to effectively combat climate change."

        “Obviously less people would exert less pressure on the natural resources,” Figueres answered, also noting that estimates suggest the Earth’s population will rise to nine billion by 2050."

        "She has also repeatedly said that a Chinese style communist dictatorship is better suited than the U.S. constitutional system to fight “global warming.”

        Figueres told Bloomberg News last year that the Chinese government (which continues to enforce forced abortions, infanticide and compulsory sterilization) is “doing it right” when it comes to climate change, even though China is by far the biggest emitter of greenhouse gasses."

        "The head of the UN’s leading climate change panel is providing a platform, and in some cases actively pushing for a policy enforced by a dictatorship that hunts down mothers who become pregnant with their second child, abducts them off the street and takes them to government controlled hospitals where they are drugged and their baby is killed – all in the name of saving the planet."


        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          Thanks TIS. I listened and read. I have read, and it seems to make sense, that climate change is being "leveraged" by unscrupulous powers, that the science has been corrupted. Fine, take carbon displacement (not carbon increase) out of politics, Im for it.

          But the article was loaded with emotional triggers like "radical environmentalists are pushing to de-industrialize the world." and "hordes of elitist filth just begging to be on the front line of the extermination policy."

          Who does that appeal to?…what does it even mean?

          There are about 150,000 wolves in the world. You are pushing for 9,000,000,000 people and associating population reduction with evil hordes of elitist eugenicist filth? A tad grotesque no?

          One thing seems certain; you love hordes of people. People everywhere..every national park filled with people, every beach…who needs seclusion, who needs wolves, who needs the rainforest anyway? Save every human embryo…collect every drop of sperm, every egg because theres potential precious human life there. Theres work to be done and time is short

      • Aemilius Aemilius

        Hah! Nicely done.

  • AirSepTech AirSepTech

    “Even if the levels were twice as high, you could still swim in the ocean for six hours every day for a year and receive a dose more than a thousand times less than a single dental X-ray."

    Lemme see if a have this right. Twice as high?

    So I could swim for 12 hours a day—OK—for a year—OK—for a thousand years—OK—to equal a single dental X-ray—Really?

    Are you fucking kidding me? What an asshole. What does this mean, other than nothing? Watch out for the sharks, some walk on land.

    I am ashamed to be on a planet with the likes of people like that.


    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      In the Rense/Shimatsu interview, Shimatsu was talking about 100's of tons of weapons grade Pu-241 being dumped at sea off the coast of Fukushima:


      In a few years, even breathing in the smell of the ocean will drop you in a few days, if not sooner. No one will be swimming.

      Both Rense and Shimatsu made it very clear it's time to make your medium-term plans now. What that means is, it's time to make and work your bucket lists, because in a few years people will be getting sick in large masses, hospitals will be full, no room or care, and you and your family will be occupied by far greater problems.

      Shimatsu also brought up the cyanide pills that will be distributed by the government, one for everyone in your family. Either take the pill and die quietly, or die slowly and in pain from untreatable radiation sickness. It may not be cyanide, but there will be death pills.

      What are you going to do with your children? Your parents? Yourselves? This is our future.

      • harv33021

        Reminds me of that classic movie, On The Beach. Yep, a real case of doo doo happens. That was the plan all along and we will not change it. It is too late. We did not make the cut, so to speak. Damn.

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        Shimatzu also talked about the muon detectors that were aimed at the reactor cores and found nothing more than a fuel rod or two.

        Well… it would also have been aimed at the Spent Fuel Pools, and they apparently didn't 'see' anything up there, either. Sooo, the pools are empty?

        And no one wants to confirm or deny whether or not the Common Spent Fuel Pool is still there. Nada, zip, nothing – the biggest motherlode of spent fuel and MOX fuel on site. Most likely bigger than all the cores and SPF's put together, by far. Maybe double or triple, or bigger. All gone up in flames.

        Oh, well, someone will compare it to bananas.

      • The Japanese would not hand out ANY KI tablets, nor did they warn anyone during the Fuku accident about the meltdowns.

        Will they be perfectly willing to hand out suicide pills?

        • Time Is Short Time Is Short

          Whatever suits the people in charge, Doc.

          I would be worried, next time an NPP goes up, if they did pass out Ki tablets. How would we know they aren't really suicide pills? It would solve a lot of their problems.

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        More Shimatsu information on the underground weapons facility at Fukushima, and who is behind it:

        'Subway Cult Martyred For The Foundation’s Warhead-Makers In Fukushima'

        "This second article of a retrospective series on the 20th anniversary of the 1995 Tokyo Subway Gassing is by an editor with Tokyo’s then only two investigative reporting teams, one with the Japan Times Weekly and other at Takarjima 30 magazine. The yearlong probe exposed tneo-militarist politicians who created the Aum Shinrikyo sect as a front for covert acquisition and smuggling of weapons of mass destruction into Japan’s secret arsenal.

        This essay focuses on the Aum Shinrikyo’s Science and Technology Ministry, an elite cadre that its chief Hideo Murai described as the highly visible “Foundation” dedicated to combating the globalist regime. Its other purpose was to protect the “Second Foundation,” a clandestine network of scientists and engineers that produces nuclear warheads at hidden labs inside civilian power plants, including the Fukushima complex."


  • Nick

    Test not what your government won't test for you!

    We all consume a slew of stuff that sewage treatment plants can't filter out.


    Folks, I can't emphasize this enough, when something is toxic at the atomic level, it doesn't matter at what parts per billion/trillion it exists in stuff we consume.

    What gets me really riled up is the possibility that GMO foods are being developed to be radiation tolerant (only these patented genes will propagate, etc.).

    The entire chemical/GMO intensive global agriculture efforts are going to
    end badly.

    We are all conned into thinking that "at such a such level" a given toxin is PERFECTLY safe for you and yours to consume.


    It is the invisible threat from radioactive poisons that will sure as shit, cause immeasureable suffering.

    I have absolutely zero confidence that enough sentient beings will become
    cognizant of what is being done to us all at the molecular level. Atoms are just too small, and the minds of men even smaller!!!

    • Shaker1

      "What gets me really riled up is the possibility that GMO foods are being developed to be radiation tolerant (only these patented genes will propagate, etc.)."

      And just what good will it do to make the plants thrive in radiation? Are we next for the modification that will allow us to eat that stuff then? Genetic change may be an ongoing fact of life's existence (I think it is), but it's quite different when that change is imposed by those too short-sighted or caring about the residual effects of the imposition. Nature generally gets rid of abominations like theirs fairly quickly. It's a fact that they are going to have to keep coming up with different modified strains in cycles as nature is allowed to do her thing with them. As one gets deeper into the cycle from new to compromised, the use of the chemicals (and at the end of this cycle chemicals that have already been banned for their toxic nature) increases to keep that strain useful as long as possible.

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      "Test not what your government won't test for you!"

      Ich bin ein Fukushimer!

  • Sam Sam

    Until there are independent labs doing testing these are
    the results to be expected. Bottom line is ECONOMICS. 1.Have
    to keep coastal and inland property values up so the illusion
    of property wealth is preserved (to refi and borrow against and sell)
    2. To keep local economies going so people feel "safe" to visit,
    eat the fish and go in the ocean 3. lastly to avoid panic.

    unfortunately the ongoing mega draught may do the job of
    depopulating large areas of the West Coast in future years
    if not enough rain comes through. is desalination an
    answer with tritium and other nuclides in the water?

    My Dr. recently said when I mentioned radiation in the ocean.
    said don't eat the fish then and wash your vegetables. Little
    does he know about the uptake of radiation into body of plants
    and fallout. Not surprised. the third cause
    of death is by Dr's and hospitals. Always question authority.

  • Nick

    "Can the U.S. Government Revive Nuclear Power?
    Three Experts Debate What’s Holding It Back—and What the Feds Can Do to Turn It Around."


    As long as fools beat the drums for nuclear insanity we will NEVER admit that fission piles and fools' pools were a colossal mistake.

    Then there is the weapons' side. Talk about insanity.

    I bet that there is enough toxic radioactive stuff to make GMI a certainty. (global mass insanity)

    To revive nuclear power in the US will only happen when my body is dead and my ashes blowing in the wind, for I will continue to fight against this toxic technology.

    Don't give me that "after Fukushima, the nuclear industry is actually safer" crap. I don't buy it.

    I offend people everyday with my no nuke stance. Too bad for them!

  • Nick

    "“Am I concerned? Yes I am,” said Abrams. “And that’s because I know radiation pretty well. I’ve been training (medical) residents for 60 years and part of that training is a respect for the effects. It shakes up the cell and it goes after the genetic material … The bottom line is that (radiation) is a carcinogenic agent.”


    Shakes up the cell ….and…goes after the genetic material.


  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    oops..This guy also sees what is really going "on"..

  • bf9 bf9

    I'm pretty sure that I remember Ken saying something to the effect of (paraphrased) "we don't expect anything higher than than 3 Bq/L at most and if it is then we will be worried".

    Well now it's 7, and soon it will be 10 and more. Does that mean it's time to panic? 😉

  • hbjon hbjon

    The reality of radiation arriving on our shore is truly something to behold. One can easily say that under different circumstances, it would be considered an act of war. But who do we declare war against? Daylight come and me want to go home.

  • Aemilius Aemilius

    Just thinking…. they always seem to compare any exposure to a harmless Dental X-ray, and I suppose they are harmless, at least in the sense of a small quantity of radiation being selectively applied to the head or neck region of an adult man or woman.

    But, it seems to me that this same harmless Dental X-Ray, when applied to the abdomen of a recently pregnant adult woman can potentially have disastrous consequences (leukemia, birth defects, etc.).

    I guess that's probably why they don't refer to exposure levels being as harmless as an Abdominal X-Ray…. for a developing fetus there's no such thing.

    • hbjon hbjon

      How does that make you feel when you think about the disastrous consequences that happen as a result of intentionally exposing people to high energy spectra to cause harm? It makes me feel bad 🙁 There is no safe amount of radiation when you consider the alpha, beta, and gamma releases of unstable nuclei.

      • Aemilius Aemilius

        Extinction was always imminent, and looking back at he whole thing…. the human race relly looks more and more like an evolutionary mistake. Funny or sad depending on ones point of view I suppose….

        "Life is a comedy to those who think, and a tragedy to those who feel." – Horace Walpole

        • hbjon hbjon

          Anticipating pleasure and avoiding pain will drive the human race. Those two qualities are all that are needed and when one considers how the survival activity of a very few are strenuous on the survival of the many, one can easily see how this is all going to pan out. What is a person worth in monetary value? It is my belief that even the lowest among us is worth more than his/her weight in gold.

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          extinction appears to be an emerging and immanent event. An Emerging Immanent Extinction Level Event! Lets all sing along;

          Old MacDonald had a farm, EIELE
          From his farm he could see the sea, EIELE
          with a dead bird here and a dead star there
          here a fish, there a whale, everywhere a dead seal
          Old MacDonald had a farm, EIELE

          Then old kelp boy Ken came on TV, EIELE
          The ocean is safe for you and me, EIELE
          with a dead duck here and a dead auk there
          here a dolphin, there a pelican, everywhere a dying american

    • irhologram

      If dental x-Rays were taken every day, they would not be harmless. That's why technicians leave the room. And even for one, they put a lead apron over your thyroid and lap.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        but irhologram the claim wasnt an x-ray a day it was one thousands (!) of an x-ray a year; “Even if the levels were twice as high, you could still swim in the ocean for six hours every day for a year and receive a dose more than a thousand times less than a single dental X-ray."

        So we shouldn't argue, in this case, about how bad a dental x-ray is if taken every day, but rather how internal emitters are worse, or hot particles, or bio-accumulation, or perhaps most importantly, how they arent testing for the worst fallout, or the sum total of all fallout. Or we should argue that an equal amount of radiation from different sources has a different biological effect. Americium is dangerous at half a becquerel per liter and bioaccumulates much more than cesium.

    • There are plenty of medical doctors who will xray a pregnant woman on the abdomen, and state this on their websites.

  • Sol Man

    Professor Buesseler and the many of his ilk; what can be said about them?

    Interestingly, in the days of Confucius (551-479BC), and on the other side of the world, that a man that has lost his humanity, he is not, then, a man. People must maintain their humanity to maintain "acceptable form." The nuclear people have this problem

    I have asked previously, whether it be radiation, chemicals (voc's), tainted food and water- anything harmful, when was it that people decided to let their babies be exposed to these toxins?

    The statement is not that they might be harmful, it is, that they are harmful, and the children, regardless of age, are definitely hurt by them!

    I only hope that someday people will come up out of their trance!

  • curly

    So nothing to worry about. Seven month ago every sea creature gets a dental x-ray every 12 hours, three a day, 21 a week, 84 a month and 1008 a year. Did I get the math right? Go back to woods hole ken and eat some sushi.

  • NoFixedID

    What about the hot particles? The quintillion tiny chunks of unadulterated N core that shot out from reactor 3, and maybe elsewhere? The ones that are too small to detect with a Geiger counter, but roast your organs and DNA? The ones that peppered the air filters and lungs of the inhabitants of Tokyo? The ones that travelled hundreds of kilometres inland when the wind was from the east, but blew mostly out to sea? Where are they now?

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    And radiated sea-life.

    All from one nuclear plant.

    Rather than capping it off, it's left to spew forever.

  • bo bo

    'Nosebleed won't stop' tweets ( mostly U.S. )

    Meanwhile – people are bleeding from their ears in Japan – earbleed (耳血) tweets

    • bo bo

      There's a slang in Japan similar to 'nosebleed' as in 'nosebleed seats' at a concert-bleeding from ears signifies 'excitement' so there are some tweets mixed in that are not real earbleeds. But many are 'WTF?!' real accounts by kids.

      • Yes, I noticed buttt overall, the radiation symptoms fill up that search you did. I've had a few relatives saying since 3-11-11, MY kid! Never had a nosebleed before. Some adults too.

        Chicken Little had a nosebleed
        And didn't know what to do.
        She tweeted to the whole world.
        And they ignored that too.

        (Someone slap me)

    • bowling

      © Bo. this makes me very sad. i am trying to get my friend to not go to japan. i do not get good internet so, i cannot see the fukushima cams very well. the main threads are getting too intense and scary to me. I think I will.just stay in forums and stay away from controversial politics, conspiracy theories , and religion for a while. also shill jousting. i had been watching it for years. i had no idea how unnerving it is. i almost dont wanna come back anymore. is that normal?

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        It is very normal, bowling. We are only 4 years into the extinction of all life on earth, and it's going to be a painful and violent process.

        The articles on Enenews, the posts that people make on the threads, are only going to get much, much worse. Anytime you need to take a break, take one. Spend time with the family, anything that will take your mind off what is going on.

        I like to say, if we leave with anything, we will leave with our memories. Go out and make the most wonderful memories you can, and help others make wonderful memories for themselves. It may be all we have left.

        Some people say the only reason to live is hope – hope for a better future. There is no hope here, only the growing awareness of impending extinction. There will be many people that crack under the strain of this. Tread carefully here and other Fukushima sites if you feel it is affecting your health too negatively. Only you can take care of yourself.

        Good luck.

      • Aw bowling…you have the strength of your own good ethics and morality plus the many good friends here sharing wisdoms and compassion. Post or comment when you do feel like it and always take comfort in the empathy you can draw upon. 🙂

      • bo bo

        Hi bowling,

        I was feeling sick last night & could not write. I'm so sorry I keep spooking you with these tweets. Each time Kenny downplays radiation I get fired up to post something that counters his disinfo and go overboard.

        About your question on how to change people's opinions about visiting..

        Well first of all the good thing is they are only visiting. Hopefully.. just for a short trip…? Are they thinking of living there long-term? And hopefully not near fukushima? If they are thinking of Tokyo, I guess the one thing you can mention is the story of the trains. And if you can, dig up the stories from Belarus where people started just keeling over at bus stops etc. after Chernobyl, and make a comparison. ( ← I know the account is somewhere, I read it in Japanese)

        But unfortunately they'll still go home and google some more, then immediately run into propaganda which downplay danger of radiation, and also propaganda that laugh at 'fearmongers' and that will be the end of the story.

        • bo bo

          If they are into Japanese culture, and that's why they are visiting, how about suggesting Japanese websites to 'learn about Japan' and that website be something like saigaijouhou, zukunashi, asyura, kikkochan or whitefood? ( I can get proper links later )

          Maybe have a discussion about Japanese politics.. start light 'Hey how bout that Taro Yamamoto guy, he's handsome, no?' and then steer conversation deeper to why Taro Yamamoto is regarded as a hero there? Then, show this person some articles about Taro, maybe on saigaijouhou blog.., which is a no holds barred blog that also happen to post recent spikes in unit 2 temps, and train delays paralyzing Tokyo traffic?

          In Japanese there's a type of communication called 'nemawashi' which means 'digging around the root of the tree to uproot'

          I don't usually like that kind of method but it is needed to deal with the brainwashed, since the only other option is virtual excommunication from family & friends. The risk of telling the truth about radiation is big.

          Also I really hope u stay bowling. Your insights from your unique experiences I always have enjoyed reading & u've got more guts & brains than u give yourself credit. I do hope u get some rest though.
          Love bo

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Trying to get those catheter goggles done, but way to many regulations, insurances etc., hanging leaches in the way.

    Paper towels I already have. 🙂

    My advice is to stock up on paper towels and diapers..

  • American Phoenix57

    At the end of the day future humans will have to wear filtration bandanas, masks or something yet invented to prevent inhaling radionuclides. Future food and water will be able to be produced (indoors) and distributed without any pollution.

    Getting to that point in the future will be the challenge. The corporate environmental poisons fluoride (tap water), mercury (vaccines), trimethylaluminium (chemtrails), glyphosate/2-4D (roundup), Genetically modified food and many more mad science experiments will take out millions if not billions before then unless we wake up en masse and jail the 500 hundred or so psychopathic people behind the destruction of humanity.

    Time to make some noise people. Call your congress critter or sleazy senator (repeatedly) and blast then with a dose of I'm mad a hell and I'm not going to take it any more! Otherwise relax and enjoy what you have left of this wild ride called life. Good luck to all my newsers friends.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Brilliant! 😉

  • rogerthat

    Thanks Nick. More Abrams:


    … “The underlying premise that has to be considered as you talk about radioactivity, the water and people being exposed to it, is that the effects of radiation are cumulative,” Abrams said. “They add up over time. The question is, what is the turning point? And that’s why the common sense is to avoid radiation as much as you can.” …

    … However, Abrams issues his own warning about those scientists declaring the low-level radiation to be absolutely “safe” based on a viewpoint that he says isn’t completely science. “Physicists, or at least some of them, are the people in the nuclear industry itself,” said Abrams. “They play down (the risks) at such low doses, but they never talk about it as being cumulative.”

    With risks that can’t be quantified and consequences that won’t be verified, the radioactive waters coming to the coast this year seem to fit in the category of activities, products and habits no one can label “healthy.”

    “Keep the exposure to radiation down,” Abrams said. “But you’ve got to go on living and doing your thing and if that thing is just riding the waves, the joy and the pleasure probably exceed the risk.” …

  • MM

    Anyone have Pacific Ocean data pre-Fukushima? I was remembering 1 to 2 beq total..


  • Ki11more Ki11more

    Whats that you say Abe?


    Throw yourself upon thy sword…… (Hara Kiri)…. although you actually need to have some honour first i believe….Abe…hmmm not so much.

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      Abe has been invited by John Boehner to speak to Congress on the anniversary of Emperor Hirohito's birthday:

      'Boehner Alienates WW II Vets By Inviting Japan’s PM To Speak on Emperor’s Birthday'


      I'm sure there will be some 'people' there that have something to say to the good Abe. Maybe some Enewser's, perhaps? Certainly some pissed off vets.

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        Commentary: Could Japanese vivisection of U.S. POWs be harbinger of scores of further unknown atrocities?

        "Details of the immeasurable and horrific suffering of the eight U.S. POWs were released ahead of Abe's visit to the United States, and this time, it will be Washington's turn to tell the prime minister to own up to Japan's historical wrongdoings and to stop disrespecting the wartime victims and the international community by attempting to whitewash over war crimes and blatantly trying to rewrite a rosier history for itself."

        April 7 2015


        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          A 'fluffy' blunder.
          Boehner is great at it.
          Some I'm sure are intentional.
          Some I'm sure aren't.
          But this it the news today.

          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            Typo, "is', the news today.
            If anyone thinks that Japan would not blatantly contaminate the rest of the international community and deny it,they need to think again.

            • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

              So true Heart , only someone who is capable of being a warcriminal , would try to hide warcrimes from the collective consciouss..were it is needed to learn about ourselfes..and how past mistakes could happen to begin with..

              Maybe could it be , that "man" fit's the profile..lot's of indicator's there demonstrated so far..where is the deafening international outrage ??..

  • Jebus Jebus

    I'm sorry. I feel this… 😐

    Oceans Promise

    This mind hears the news I knew
    Sounding a guilty hearts deal
    Pain of my soul rushing through
    Cold waters life I steal

    Suffering creatures silent
    Oceans of screams I feel
    Denials approved by science
    Visions of nothing real

    Pursuits of hungry greed
    Seas of broken chains
    Split by Man indeed
    A reckoning remains

  • Jebus Jebus

    The Promise

    Oxygen-depleted toxic oceans had key role in mass extinction over 200 million years ago. April 1, 2015

    "Changes in the biochemical balance of the ocean were a crucial factor in the end-Triassic mass extinction, during which half of all plant, animal and marine life on Earth perished, according to new research."

    "These changes have the potential to disrupt nutrient cycles and alter food chains essential for the survival of marine ecosystems. Our data now provides direct evidence that anoxic, and ultimately euxinic, conditions severely affected food chains."


  • PlowboyGrownUp

    Interesting note found on cesium "Almost all caesium produced from nuclear fission comes from beta decay of originally more neutron-rich fission products, passing through various isotopes of iodine and of xenon.[54] Because iodine and xenon are volatile and can diffuse through nuclear fuel or air, radioactive caesium is often created far from the original site of fission". Wiki

    • Bungalow Phil Bungalow Phil

      Do you have a link PBGU? I would like to read that.

    • Metalbeard Metalbeard

      You are correct. Many people wrongly assume that the presence of cesium 137 means that plutonium or uranium must be nearby. In fact most if not all cesium in the environment comes from secondary reactions since the actual fission product production fraction of cesium is quite low.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

        “…Caesium-137 (137
        55Cs, Cs-137), cesium-137, or radiocaesium, is a radioactive isotope of caesium which is formed as one of the more common fission products by the nuclear fission of uranium-235 and other fissionable isotopes in nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons. It is among the most problematic of the short-to-medium-lifetime fission products because it easily moves and spreads in nature due to the high water solubility of caesium's most common chemical compounds, which are salts….”

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

        Experts: Fukushima ‘globally enhanced’ cesium-137 levels in air by 2 to 3 orders of magnitude — Radioactive plume that reached Europe “contaminated the land, and as a consequence the whole food chain” — Concentrations greatly underestimated
        August 4th, 201

      • PlowboyGrownUp

        "Spent fuel". "Because of its beta decay (to 137mBa), 137Cs is a strong emitter of gamma radiation.[50] Its half-life makes it the principal medium-lived fission product along with 90Sr—both are responsible for radioactivity of spent nuclear fuel after several years of cooling up to several hundred years after use.[51] For example 137Cs together with 90Sr currently generate the largest source of radioactivity generated in the area around the Chernobyl disaster" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caesium

      • Metalspeak

        Wrongly assume

        quite low

        Now what was that you said?

        What was the point?

        Where are you going?

        Where have you been?

        Never mind…


      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

        “…Wikipedia provides some details on the distribution of cesium-137 due to human activities:
        “’Small amounts of caesium-134 and caesium-137 were released into the environment during nearly all nuclear weapon tests and some nuclear accidents, most notably the Chernobyl disaster.
        “’Caesium-137 is unique in that it is totally anthropogenic. Unlike most other radioisotopes, caesium-137 is not produced from its non-radioactive isotope, but from uranium. It did not occur in nature before nuclear weapons testing began. By observing the characteristic gamma rays emitted by this isotope, it is possible to determine whether the contents of a given sealed container were made before or after the advent of atomic bomb explosions. This procedure has been used by researchers to check the authenticity of certain rare wines, most notably the purported “Jefferson bottles”.’…
        “As the EPA notes:
        ‘’Cesium-133 is the only naturally occurring isotope and is non-radioactive; all other isotopes, including cesium-137, are produced by human activity….’
        “But internal emitters steadily and continuously emit radiation for as long as the particle remains radioactive, or until the person dies – whichever occurs first. As such, they are much more dangerous.
        “As the head of a Tokyo-area medical clinic – Dr. Junro Fuse, Internist and head of Kosugi Medical Clinic – said:
        “’Risk from internal exposure is 200-600 times greater than risk from external exposure….’…”

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    " Experiments with dogs showed that a single dose of 3.8 millicuries (140 MBq, 4.1 μg of caesium-137) per kilogram is lethal within three weeks;[113] smaller amounts may cause infertility and cancer" Wiki

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Went wrong place?
      Well, I guess after the TMI Nuclear Meltdown they really prepared for all the death with this placement of the hospital right next to the cemetery. Less drive time no doubt! Can't make this crap up!

    • Metalbeard Metalbeard

      No one has died as a direct result of TMI. Some 40 years later surely even the most pessimistic epidemiological studies would have concluded a large spike in excess cancer rates from workers at the unaffected Unit 1 next door and the surrounding community. Net no such evidence exists to support such a study. The lessons learned from TMI has resulted in a very robust and resilient technology. Fukushima an earlier vintage technology, showed to be more resilient in terms of what natutre threw at it. The takeaway is that maybe there has been much exaggeration regarding radiological consequences to the point that reason versus rhetoric can prevail. Furthermore, maybe this is clear evidence that the environmental impact of three full scale meltdowns have been grossly misrepresented in the media and by those ideolocally opposed to an energy source that actually can adressxsome of the fundamental challenges modern life has foisted on the environment.

      • In Metal world

        No one ever dies

        No one ever gets sick

        All radiation is good for you via hormesis theory

        • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

          quote Dr.Goodheart :

          "In Metal world

          No one ever dies

          No one ever gets sick"


          This is what Metal sing's when getting out of bed for a new day of shilling the world closer in to the "night"..

          Probably leaving out the last sentence..


          I'm the urban space man, baby; I've got speed
          I've got everything I need
          I'm the urban spaceman, baby; I can fly
          I'm a supersonic guy

          I don't need pleasure
          I don't feel pain
          If you were to knock me down I'd just get up again
          I'm the urban spaceman, baby; I'm makin' out
          I'm all about


          I wake up every morning with a smile upon my face
          My natural exuberance spills out all over the place

          I'm the urban spaceman, I'm intelligent and clean
          Know what I mean?
          I'm the urban spaceman, as a lover second to none
          It's a lot of fun

          I never let my friends down
          I've never made a boob
          I'm a glossy magazine, an advert in the tube

          I'm the urban spaceman, baby; here comes the twist–
          I DON'T EXIST

      • Surely you just innocently FORGOT the 2,400 open air nuclear bomb tests, didn't you?

        Number Of Deaths From 2,400 Nuclear Atmospheric Bomb Tests, Exploded During 1945-1998

        Let me guess.. no one died or got sick from those either, right?


      • -1

        "But the BIG LIE remains officially in tact. Expect to hear all week [forever] that TMI was "a success story" because 'no one was killed.'"

        "Official estimates said a uniform dose to all persons in the region was equivalent to a single chest x-ray. But pregnant women are no longer x-rayed because it has long been known a single dose can do catastrophic damage to an embryo or fetus in utero."

        "Harvey Wasserman has been writing about atomic energy and the green alternatives since 1973. His 1982 assertion to Bryant Gumbel on NBC's TODAY Show that people were killed at TMI sparked a national mailing from the reactor industry demanding a retraction. NBC was later bought by Westinghouse, still a major force pushing atomic power."


        I personally know people who have suffered and died because of TMI. IMHO – I have no doubt. Those who make this BIG LIE claim are heartless idiots who most likely have some sort of Nuclear agenda.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

        36 Years of Three Mile Island’s Lethal Lies … and Still Counting
        Harvey Wasserman | March 27, 2015 4:46 pm

        “…3. When TMI’s radiation poured into the atmosphere the industry had (and still has) no idea how much escaped, but denied it was of any significance even though stack monitors failed and dosimeters in the field indicated high releases (plant owners claimed they were “defective”). Only due to the work of the great Dr. Ernest Sternglass, recently departed, was public attention turned to the potential harm this radiation could do.
        “4. When animals nearby suffered mass mutations and death, the industry denied it. When the plague was confirmed by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and the Baltimore News-American, the industry denied the damage could be related to radiation….

        “7. When humans nearby were born with Down’s Syndrome and other mutations, and then adults began dying, the industry denied it, then denied any connection to TMI, but then did pay at least $15 million in out-of-court settlements to affected families on condition they not speak about it in public….
        “20. By estimate of Hiroaki Koide, assistant professor at Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute, some 30 times as much Cesium 137 has been released at Fukushima as was released during the bombing of Hiroshima….
        “36. As we commemorate this tragic anniversary, we must note that this list of reactor nightmares could go very very far past 36. But let’s hope it doesn’t take that many more…

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

          years to realize the folly of this failed technology.
          “In honor of the many many victims of Three Mile Island, and of the great Dr. Sternglass and so many dedicated experts and activists, we must turn this sad litany into the action needed to shut down ALL the world’s reactors so we don’t have to experience this nightmare yet again.
          “The lives we save will be our own … and those of our children … and theirs …”

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        'The Truth About the Three Mile Island Disaster'

        "The disaster at Unit 2 of the Three Mile Island (TMI) nuclear power plant near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, began on March 28, 1979. Now, 35 years later, the reality, not only of what happened, but also the long-term aftermath and effects, remain cloaked in mystery and misinformation. Ironically, despite today’s popular “too much information” shorthand, TMI is a story of too little information. Beyond Nuclear has endeavored to dig into the lies and myths and uncover the truth about TMI."


        On the ground TMI reporting (not for the weak of stomach – very detailed):


      • Bungalow Phil Bungalow Phil

        They lie Metalbeard. Your only refuge is the fiction that they create. Too bad you can't see the forest for the trees.

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