Top Hong Kong Newspaper: Fukushima is a global threat — Global response urgently needed — Situation could prove catastrophic for world

Published: October 29th, 2013 at 1:06 pm ET


Title: Crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant needs international help
Source: South China Morning Post (Subscription may be required)
Date: Oct. 29, 2013

Japan has a history of struggling to face up to the past. So, whether it has the crisis at the stricken nuclear plant at Fukushima under control, as it claims, has to be of concern. […] The series of failures, mistakes and untruths […] prove the government and [Tepco] are ill-equipped to deal with the challenges. The threat is global and a global response is urgently needed.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has sent mixed signals […] But this is no matter to be vague about. Hiding the true nature of the problem could prove catastrophic for the region and world. […] The meltdown of three of the plant’s six reactors has left the precise location of the melted cores unknown […]

Removing the spent rods will be difficult given the uncertainties. If any come into contact with each other or are exposed to air, gases with high levels of radiation will be released or, worse, there could be a catastrophic explosion.

[…] A call to the UN by 16 nuclear experts in an open letter should be heeded. Responsibility for the Fukushima site should be transferred to a worldwide engineering group overseen by independent nuclear scientists and a civil society panel.

See also: [intlink id=”international-scientists-japan-experts-must-be-allowed-to-report-health-consequences-of-fukushima-the-official-data-is-all-denial-pressured-to-downplay-true-impact-of-disaster” type=”post”]Letter from 16 nuclear experts to the United Nations[/intlink]

Published: October 29th, 2013 at 1:06 pm ET


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41 comments to Top Hong Kong Newspaper: Fukushima is a global threat — Global response urgently needed — Situation could prove catastrophic for world

  • weeman

    Not should, we demand that a international consortium of engineers, nuclear scientist and civilian panel take over the endeviour, we are in no mans land and the shovel has not been invented yet?

  • MichaelV MichaelV

    This is exactly what governments should be saying. I work around the news blackout by listening to SW reports from Beijing @ 9500-9800 Khz/31m.

  • jump-ball jump-ball

    Fuku is a shovel-ready project hiding in plain sight, but the only kind of shoveling we've seen so far is the 'perception management' variety conducted regularly for 2-plus years from TipToeCo, and national and world nuclear authorities.

    My 'bug-out' or 'bug-in-place' decision point will be when R4 collapses and these same corrupt 'leaders' continue to say and do nothing. Dr. Helen Caldicott for her part told 3 million coasttocoast radio listeners Sunday night on her 2 hour interview that when R4 SFP collapses she will be moving her children and grandchildren from Boston to Australia.

  • or-well

    After 31 months they should be making the correct distinction between fuel rods and fuel assemblies.

    That goes for all media and any who presume to speak as "experts" on the situation.

  • jump-ball jump-ball

    'FUKUSHIMA IS HERE' spelled out by humans 'On The Beach' in SFO, with nice photos: Maybe some new insight here from George Washington on the fallacy of the specious 'dilution solution' hypothesis: aquatic and atmospheric eddies will cause pockets of concentrated radiation, perhaps later explaining ongoing localized pathologies such as now being seen in seal pups, starfish, whales, tuna and perhaps other species:

  • Oncewaslost Oncewaslost

    Once again, people need to notice the alarmism, in that it counters the downplaying and damage control they have constantly rolled out since the event.

    So why all this rhetoric now? Inviting teh world to avert global catastrophe? One, because people then catastrophe has not already occurred. Two, bringing the world in and all the "experts" (which I guarantee you anyone who is anyone in the nuclear industry has been all over fukushima) will result in a definitive, "we cannot pull the fuel rods out" all teh experts agree! So we are going to bury it, or build a cask around it or whatever…

    We will then never know the status of teh fuel in the pool.

    For those interested in truth at Fuklushima, you need to look past the headlines and perception management.

    The largest threat since day one was the status of teh all teh spent fuel there.

    We should demand to know exactly that the status of all the fuel stored there is. Period.

    Leave the bullshit sensationalism up to the mind benders.



    And if you dont get it. Than you know Kans worse case scenario indeed unfolded just as the NRC FOI'd talking heads said it did.

    • rogerthat

      Spot on. Theatre of the absurd with a B movie script. Meltdowns, what meltdowns? Nuclear blast, what nuclear blast? Zirc fire in sfp4, you must be dreaming. Radiation zipping around the earth in the jet stream and trade winds, or contaminating the soil of the northern hemisphere, you must be dreaming, it all went into the sea. Testing? It's so safe we don't need to test. Safe, safe, safe, eat up, drink up, be merry, maybe tomorrow you die but, hey, in the long run we are all dead.

    • rogerthat

      I think Kan and Gunderson deserve credit; they tell people what to do should the worst happen. So if you believe, as do many here, that the worst happened in the first week, you know what to do, and you have a chance to beat the rush. Follow the money trail to the safe havens, to the safe foods, to the cleanest air and the cleanest seas.

    • We Not They Finally

      Oncewaslost, you don't seriously think that the SPF4 was the ONLY problem, or maybe even the leading problem? Many say that reactor 1 is the worst. No one can even get near reactor 2. Reactor 3 already long since blew plutonium sky high. And no one knows for sure about what's going on underground with possible weapons facility. (Yoichi Shimatsu apparently claims that and he's considered pretty credible.)

      SPF4 gets the most publicity, and OF COURSE it's horrendously dangerous. But the whole thing is just completely overwhelming. And obviously getting exponentially worse as we go along.

      And that "small" thing about the three 100-ton coriums "lost" somewhere down there…

      God help all the children out there. I HOPE they do better than what was left to them. I hope that they at least have that chance.

      • Oncewaslost Oncewaslost

        No I am not.

        When this site first came on line I was mostly interested in 3 and 1. But mostly 3.

        My comments here are reserved for 4 because that is the flavour of teh day, the reason behind the most recent rhetoric and the reactor/sfp all of the focus has been put on.

        Trust me before I was turfed off this site, commenting on reactor 3 was umm…. well lets just say what I was known for.

  • norbu norbu

    "Situation COULD prove CATASTROPHIC for world" Really….me thinks it is already a Catastrophic event. Very Sad……but we will never give up!

    • We Not They Finally

      Never give up WHAT? Potent question. Maybe it's the integrity of our own beings, our spirituality, our compassion, that OF COURSE we should "never give up." We just can't never give up what may have been irrevocably taken away frm our material world.

      Then again, if there is ever some sort of miracle, even if it's "a scientific miracle," or even if it helps at least some of the world's population, then yes, that's what we should want.

  • Clyde Scalf

    The sum of all fears is now a realization. Reactors 1,2,3, have breached their containment vessels and is melting to the core of the earth. With the amount of fizzable material it cannot be stopped. When that happens human life cannot exist to try to stop it and the world begins anew with 2.8 billion human lives lost.
    When the news sources go black, as they have in the past 30 days you need to act, not react. If you have to react then hold your loved ones tighter than you ever have.
    I too will go dark this evening.
    If your not a religious person I suggest you say a small prayer for your family.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      "2.8 billion lives lost." And this is just one nuclear accident. How many more in the over 400 reactors worldwide? Please shut them all down.

      • We Not They Finally

        Second that motion big-time. Even the threat of the electrical grid going down and multiple plants going into meltdown at once is terrifying.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    N U C L E A R . R U I N I N G . T H E . W O R L D

    Only thing to do is abandon the Northern Hemisphere.

  • To put the bad news simply.

    This has been an international affair since ground zero aka 3/11

    The Swiss, French, & Americans teams have all heavily been assisting the Japanese, they are all first responders. They were airborne and in route to the U.S.S. Ronald Regan within 24 hours of the venting taking place in reactor 1.

    China had readies multiple cargo platforms and naval vessels with rad. Monitoring equipment in the weeks following.

    While the iaea was sending public reports. Multiple state and government law enforcement departments were sent memos on the events taking place. In that time frame United states and Japanese officials sought media blackouts, as well as the help of viral marketing sources "such as twitter" to reduce panic and world wide market collapse…

    It's all a game and everyone is and always has been playing those part.

    The worst news is that Hong kings statement is due to public request. It has no actual bearing on crisis reduction, being that all current nuclear privy organizations on the planet have already been processing and sharing data on an internationally secure cable. So this is really just a mockery to provide the illusion that the government is actually demanding results…

    The truth is all nations want results…
    There just aren't any results left in light of actual solutions to curb the Merrythought in the troubled reactors.

  • *merry thoughts = runaway Coriums aka melt outs.

    Sorry damned touchscreens

  • razzz razzz

    Wonder what South China Morning Post's threshold is for a catastrophe that Fukushima, Daiichi hasn't met yet?

  • rogerthat

    ha ha tacoma, bring out the happy smiles to ward off the merrythoughts, you're on to something!!

  • razzz razzz

    Tuesday, October 29, 2013
    Nuclear Japan: Mitsubishi-AREVA JV Won Turkish Contract to Build 4-Reactor Nuclear Plant in Sinop on Black Sea

    I am sure the IAEA is delighted. Three melt downs on one site with no answers to stop the radioactive pollution, makes Japan an expert on building more nuclear power plants in earthquake prone Turkey.

  • rogerthat

    in passing, a google search for kan's quote that fukushima was (is) the ''most severe accident in the history of mankind'' shows that the story has been used on:
    huffington post

    no-one else. go mainstream media, go, you are doing a great job covering the big issues, keeping your readers in touch with the world. what would we do without you, our eyes and ears, holding governments, politicians, regulators, the corporate world to account. news on the hour, every hour, all you need to know to make the big decisions. arent we lucky.

  • FXofTruth

    It was really easy to tell that the Japanese were screwed right when the reactors blew up and the FIRST THING out from TEPCO was, "Nothing serious here, everything is under control." THE FIRST THING from them is a boldface lie!

    So, we have deadly radioactive fallout in congealed plumes moving straight for the West Coast of America. It is comforting to know that all of GE Corporate will eventually be plastered with this creation of theirs. All the jock supporters of "clean nuclear power" will also be plastered in deadly radiation, too.

    My prayer is that all the pain and suffering that people Worldwide will be facing and experiencing in the years to come from cancer and sicknesses, will be felt 1,000 times worst by all those that supported and constructed these, "Fires of Hell" machines. The work of Satan has been successfully accomplished by the very people who will also die from their own hands in this disaster!

  • bdais92

    Most Likely, all the top scientists ARE working on it, Im sure they have tons of still pictures and video from satellites ,drones,helicoptors and what ever else….. most likely they can answer every question that we have on this site….. unfortunately, they wont give any of that info out, most likely its as bad as everyone on here says or worse. But, evacuating Tokyo with 30 million people, would be a huge undertaking , so ALL of Japan and the entire northern Hemisphere would be impossible!! We are a huge experiment about what happens after a Nuclear catastrophe for the future to analyse

  • kintaman kintaman

    It is already too late. I am sure it was too late in the week following 3.11. I would really like to see/hear behind the scenes what was being said by the world leaders about this disaster.

  • mungo mungo

    Talking of newspapers, I notice that NHK now has a dedicated 'Nuclear watch' on it's listings..

  • lorenajazmin lorenajazmin

    Mungo, this is the link that worked for me to get to the Nuclear Watch page on its listings… since yours didn't let me through:

    Interesting, one of the few indications of some real coordination I have seen publicly acknowledged. A little late in the game… Tacomagrove, what you say makes sense.

    The peril coming up on November 8 seems heightened, though any typhoon or earthquake event at any time may be able to unleash this apocalyptic antithetical life as we have known it on planet earth…

    I have been following the threads here for at least a couple of months. Thank you all for your voices. At a time when no one around me is informed and most prefer not to be because of the overwhelming nature of it all… the depth of denial seems surreal at times… it is great to hear voices of real concern and engagement with the reality of this threat.

  • pkjn

    Japanese politician breaks taboo by giving letter to Emperor about Fukishima fears
    euronews – Nov 1, 2013‎
    A Japanese politician has caused a stir after handing a letter about the health impact of the Fukishima nuclear disaster to the Emperor.
    He says he wanted to draw attention to the plight of children affected.
    In eastern Japan there are children coming down with many health problems and there are people who are working in radioactive conditions who are just being ignored – this is the reality.
    There have been calls for him to resign.
    Japan’s Culture Minister said: “If we allow such action without any repercussion, it will encourage others to hand the Emperor letters at various events,”

  • We cannot have people handing letters to Emperors without permission.

    We cannot have people with loose lips talking down on Tokyo and Japan about radiation.

    We cannot have people saying stuff about plutonium and coriums underground…

    Gonna have to punish them all, cause they might spoil things for us..


  • Visionary Visionary

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    • How do you know the zeolite hasn't already captured the heavy metals to transport into your body.

      • Jinglepots jinglepots

        Hello Stock. Visionary explains it correctly. Zeolite only traps the heavy metal. It will not release it into the body. Hopefully the source of the zeolite is clean. With the condition of the oceans, one must wonder…is there a clean source of anything coming from the ocean?