Top Japan Official: There have been various discussions on location of melted fuel — We ‘think’ we are able to cool fuel inside primary containers and pressure vessels

Published: November 19th, 2011 at 12:53 pm ET


Nov. 19 — Disaster minister Goshi Hosono at a Thursday news conference attended by Tepco officials:

“There have been various discussions on whether the fuel remains inside the pressure vessels, or has dropped to the (outer) primary container . . . and our explanation is that we think we are able to slowly cool the fuel including that inside the primary containers and the pressure vessels.”


Published: November 19th, 2011 at 12:53 pm ET


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28 comments to Top Japan Official: There have been various discussions on location of melted fuel — We ‘think’ we are able to cool fuel inside primary containers and pressure vessels

  • Hogweed

    From linked article

    Adding to signs of further progress in restoration efforts, the amount of radioactive substances currently leaking from the crippled reactors has further declined to a maximum of 60 million becquerels per hour, or around a one 13-millionth of the level seen in the early days of the crisis, which was triggered by the devastating March 11 earthquake and tsunami.

    The estimate means someone standing in the crippled plant for one year, would be exposed to up to 0.1 millisieverts of radiation, far below the government-set limit of 1 millisievert per year.

    Eh?? The reporters on the bux passed through 1 millisievert per hour at one point. If they;d stood there for a year they’d be dead.

  • Cindy

    Don’t they know that the cat is out of the bag ?

    The fuel has left the building ?

    We saw steam goming up out of the ground …Derr !!!

  • Ariana

    This is a huge crock of horse shit. These people are criminals. Did you all see the post about radiation meters next to parks and primary schools not being up to govt standards? That will be their excuse when the children start dropping dead. I hope those bastards rot.

    • arewedeadyet

      Well bastards lie and children die .. that will be the next 25 years of Japan’s existence. I would like someone who is educated in these matters to come up with a couple realistic scenario’s about what impact the event will have on the regiona and the planet as a whole. Including both the worst case scenario- and the status quo for now. It seems that a lot more can go wrong here than what is currently happening or am missing something ?

  • Grampybone Grampybone

    The fuel may be in the containment vessel. TEPCO can’t get into areas close to the fuel to confirm hence they are saying it’s under control. Rather than telling the public that cold shut down has happened they should say “I DON’T KNOW!”.

  • Cindy

    Here is an NHK movie from the journalists theat went through by bus..

    • Hogweed

      “Several thousand microsieverts per hour” according to the NHK reporter on the bus from that link. That’s the highest reported yet I’ve seen.

      How much is “several” in this case I wonder???

      • Hogweed

        from 4 mins in . Radiation level increases from 300 microsieverts per hour to several thousand microsieverts per hour “and the bus is accelerating”!!!!!

        • Hogweed

          I notice NHK edits the video straight after the reactor 3/4 area peak at several thousand microsieverts and jumps on. It was at this point that the journalists were told to put down their cameras and not photograph reactor 2 area (but it was ok for them to film towards the sea – info from other media on bus). What was in the area of reactor 2 they didn’t want us to see and NHK is happy to oblige them by not showing?

  • dosdos dosdos

    I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…… Keep smiling!

  • harengus_acidophilus

    Maybe they are able to cool down the _remainig fuel_. I guess they talk about remainig microscopic parts of it in the RPV.
    The condition of the coria.. err… “this is somthing completely different, we talk about RPV” …next question please.


  • Tanuki San

    If you read between the lines of what Hosono said, he doesn’t mention whether fuel has escaped both the pressure vessels & primary containments or not, he basically just said they can slowly cool whatever is in the pressure vessels & primary containments. I can’t tell by the infrared images whether or not anything has escaped the primary containments, maybe someone else here can?

    • Bobby1

      It is like having a bucket full of water, and it springs a leak. There are still a few drops left in the bucket afterward.

      There is probably still some fuel left in #1, enough to cause an explosion, but #2 and #3 leaked out a long time ago.

  • westcoastguy westcoastguy

    like i said yesterday(forgot where i posted it so i cant look at it): i was on google earth and realized that fukushima daiini is inside the exclusion zone. has anyone else noticed this? am i a bit late lol

    • Steven Steven

      Daiini had it’s own (10km) exclusion zone which was quickly superceded by the Daiichi zone. Since then very little has been heard about the status there.

  • Captain Quark Captain Quark

    I’m sure the next explanation will be the radioactive materials at Fukushima actually absorb the worlds latent radioactivity like a big vacuum cleaner or magnet, this makes Japan the least radioactive country in the world! from now on the government is scheduling a meltdown every 6 months to protect the citizens from radiation poisoning.

    Come on is it really THAT hard to believe after the bullshit they have been feeding us?….

  • kintaman kintaman

    When the illnesses from the fallout in Japan start to appear you can rest assure that people will want the blood of those who lied (TEPCO, government/politicians, newscasters, hired “experts”, etc).

    Surely these people must realize that. Where do they think they can run? There is no running from the blood lust revenge of those affected by this.

    • Al-Chemisto

      (you do maybe, but these folks?)
      They are spoon fed by their masters every second.

      “What do I do next?”
      “What do I say next?”

      “Please wipe my bottom!”

      They have no idea where they are being maneuvered, they
      only care about being “with master.”

  • Ann Coltour of Faux News says more radiation is good for you. I heard a rumor that Faux News owners are going to open a health spa at Fukushima and rename the plant as a medical center.

    People will pay big money to walk through the the zones with high radiation, and that will pay for everything. Those without money will be allowed to get ‘free’ radiation treatments.

    No need to worry everyone.. Ann is taking care of everything, all by herself.

    The nuke industry is going to turn itself into the new health spa.

    Any DU weapons fired anywhere in the world will now be charged for, as they are now considered ‘health’ promoting devices.

  • Captain Quark Captain Quark

    Is now a good time to comment they are actually conducting tours of CHernobyl?

    As for radiation therapy, look at the US 60 years ago. They believed radiation was so good for you they had radioactive water purifiers and televisions called radiation king. Ah the good ol days……

  • odiez1 odiez1

    Doomsday Device anyone?