Top Japan official: Very strong possibility there is nuclear fuel outside containment vessel (VIDEO)

Published: December 27th, 2011 at 1:58 am ET


Goshi Hosono, Minister of State for the Nuclear Power Policy and Administration (Nuclear Accident Minister) with translator

Recorded Dec. 19, 2011

Transcript Summary

  • In regard to where the nuclear fuel might be there are 3 possibilities:
  • Possibility 1: In pressure vessel
  • Possibility 2: In containment vessel
  • “The third possibility is it [nuclear fuel] might have worked it’s way out through the containment vessel and be underneath it” […]
  • “In regard to that third possibility that some fuel may have worked its way out of the containment vessel and gone underneath it, I think there’s a very strong possibility…we think there is a strong possibility that some fuel is in that location as well.”

Published: December 27th, 2011 at 1:58 am ET


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59 comments to Top Japan official: Very strong possibility there is nuclear fuel outside containment vessel (VIDEO)

  • c

    Hello, my name is Chris Noland. I am the director of a Documentary titled “Surviving Japan”, a documentary I made as a volunteer in the disaster while I was living in Japan. The documentary shows the humanitarian and aid crisis that faced the people in the wake of both natural and nuclear disaster. It features true stories from those affected by the disaster, the government and even TEPCO. It highlights the struggle in dealing with: The Tsunami clean-up, lack of Government response to the disaster, radiation plus the future of nuclear power after the accident, a possible Cover-up of the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear disaster.

    I am currently seeking funding to complete this film for a March release.

    I would appreciate your assistance in any way, if not only by sharing the information on your blog and or social media networks.

    Thank you and have a Great New Year,

    Chris Noland

    Funding Link:


    • James Tekton James Tekton

      Welcome Chris,

      Looks like you are not the only one that is getting on the band wagon of documentaries to state their positions on this.

      • c

        But I lived there, I was in it..I did not go there for it…He did a great job, but my movie is the inside story post disaster for 6 months so when he left, at 1.67 microsieverts I was still there in 5 microsieverts with the children and residents who wanted answers from their Government, so my movie ends in the fall/autumn….

        • James2

          C I wish you the best of luck in getting this movie made.

          I still would like an insider’s view. Are the people of Japan generally passive, or angry? or still ignorant?

          I live in the US – and here too, it has been completely covered up by the government. The have simply refused to acknowledge the existence of this disaster.

          Things will not change until the people demand the truth. Not whatever they want to be the truth. Not what some scam artist wants to be the truth – the truth.

          • c

            It will get made its almost finished.

            The entire thing was covered up, when it happened they were busy showing what happened in stupid diagrams but never told anyone ANY of the health effects. People wanted to know but TEPCO and the Government have been tight lipped and wont move people out of dangerous areas.

            The Japanese people are protesting more and more. But like anywhere you have a large group of people that do not like unpleasant topics..

            I would never say they are ignorant, it has been a whirlwind of confusion with all the safety campaigns the Government is trying to feed people…

            The real tragedy will be if we do not learn anything from this disaster and press on this hyper consumer culture of powering and protecting the plant with the only substance that can wipe out mankind.

        • C, I posted this video here several months back on several topics so it is getting exposed !
          Thank you, Good luck on this an any future works !

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Hello Chris. Excellent work. Wish I could help you with at Donation. 🙁 I posted your COMMENT HERE at HP. It will take 20 minutes to appear.
      Thanks for posting.

      • c

        posting it around always helps too! every pair of hands helps! I only have two! =)

        • skizexq skizexq

          Thank you very much, Chris, for the inside scoop!

          re: the ene story: I was under the impression that the 4 reactors had spent fuel pools above the containment vessels, so it would seem obvious there would be more than a ‘very strong possiblity fuel is outside the containment vessel,” no? (not including the reactor fuel). ?

          • c

            In the Fukushima NPP the spent fuel pools were placed up high out of the containment vessel. So when the water went out of #4 spent fuel pool the rods were exposed to air. The rods are coated with Zirconium, when it is exposed to air it burns or ignites, so more than a strong possibility, there is debate among the scientific community whether they actually did burn or not, you have both opinions in my movie from experts I encountered. ( one was literally coming back to a kindergarten in Fukushima city we were at, met him by total accident.)

        • moonshellblue moonshellblue

          C, have you thought about offering people who donate a small gift such as a 100.00 dollars will give them a free copy of DVD, 50.00 a tee shirt, etc. I’m sure you have a tight budget but sometimes a small ‘tease’ or gift helps to motivate donations. Just a thought and good luck with your project.

          • c

            20 dollars gets u the DVD 100 gets you in the movie credits plus the signed dvd =)

            • James Tekton James Tekton

              Good morning C,

              Have you posted an address or setup a pay-pal account for people to help you out at?

              Could be a good idea.There are a few here that might contribute. Most of us are not really financially set, so please do not get discouraged if you are not inundated in cash from Enenewzers.

              Lets get this done. The sooner it gets out to the public the better. If your efforts come from a place of benevolence, you will succeed beyond your dreams. It is more important and humanitarian to shine the light on this, than to go after the money aspect.

              What exactly is the cost to make say 1,000 DVD’s?

              • c

                about $300 to buy the machine to do it yourself. I just need the editor first to get it out in time, I am not an editor by trade so it would take me a long, long time!

              • c

                I am mostly looking for people to spread the word for the next two weeks since its all or nothing funding and it will keep it in the back of peoples minds once its available so even a post or two on your social networks is a great donation!

                FYI the donation is just to pay the editor to finish by feb and possibly any travel expenses to film festivals but I think at this time of year probably just getting the editing money is enough.

    • Auntie Nuke

      Hi Chris — I’ll use this on today’s Nuclear Hotseat Podcast and post to our sites. All best to you! — Libbe (“Auntie Nuke”)

  • Cindy

    Here they are spoon feeding us that there is a strong possibility that the fuel has left the containment …

    Wonder how long they have known that it ‘Might have’ …

    And their next announcement is going to be …??

    • Kevin Kevin

      That is the first thought when one considers the track record and fashion of how former information has been released. It seems they only fess up to circumstances once it is no longer possible to cover them up. Sometimes in an effort to cover their consistent withholding of crucial details and other times when it is neccesary to release details that will become obvious in short order and it is on that front this gradual and public acceptance of this type of information seems ominous given the next chronological event as a result of core through the floor is a potential explosion once significant amounts reach the aquifer.

      There is no doubt that if (hardly an if in reality) core is throught the floor it happened sometime ago given the fact they admitted meltdowns occurred almost instantaneously.

      This all adds up to great potential for another explosive disaster in the very near future. But no worries, as the Guardian reported yesterday a mere 1/10 of radiation has been released when comparing Fukushima “estimates” to that of Chernobyl. Of course no one explains how 3-4 meltdowns emits 10 times less radiation then 1 meltdown but hey, welcome to the brave new “information age” world.

      • ion jean ion jean

        Half truths And Lies set the precedent for this topic since its inception

        In fact, coupled with another article posted here today; radioactive underground water distant from the plant site, it’s pretty safe to say the corium is “Cat Outta The Bag”

        How about everyone in the know, that includes all of us here, Caldicott, Gundersen, Busby, Mangano, Deagle, Moret, et al all the wonderful scientist and author and whistleblower Truthers, how about we all start saying…

        Bull Sh*t! That’s all that needs to be said, that says it all!

        I’m an intellectual who has come to appreciate the most ignorant of human speech and thought when it appears a total distillation of honesty and common sense.

        @ C: a unique perspective indeed you have suffered along with all the gamma rays plus…too bad the people of Japan were so easily fooled by their government/corporation;

        I really don’t think that would have gone down the same way if it happened in the U.S. Dumb and obese as Walmart moms may be, Americans today by and large won’t take one more ounce of crap from a single digit approval government…

        Good Luck NRC TEPCO IAEA there’s a tsunami of TRUTH headed right for you!

  • Goshi Hosano has a degree in law. He will say whatever needs to be said, that is his job, just like a defense lawyer for Charles Manson. They don’t know where the melted fuel is so how do they know all the fuel is close enough to temperature sensors such that all the melted fuel is below 100 degrees? Don’t know how people like Goshi sleep at night.

    • tomb1

      I do not understand this analysis. It claims to show R2, but shows a pile of rubble. But the building of R2 is in a relatively good condition, no rubble there.

      Anyway, I agree that the glowing something could well be fuel, yes.

    • jec jec

      Satellite photos show glowing fuel in the lagoon/ocean area, the soil around the reactors. Remember the boat hull sitting on land.the hull that just STAYS there, not moved? Well there is a red glowing batch of nuclear fuel near it..look at the satellite photos posted in the older part of this blog, a week or so ago. That was a GREAT discovery by an ENENEWS blogger…

  • Alice Alice

    For once, I’d like those in charge to be brutally honest.

    “We hate to inform you that as of now, radiation is spewing everywhere and we apologize if it happens to fall on you.”

    How difficult is that to say?

  • Alice Alice

    “Those cores? They’re gone. It’s in the oceans. Don’t eat any seafood because in all likelihood it’s contaminated.

    We may well be en route to hell in a hand basket. It was nice knowing you.”

    • skizexq skizexq

      it seems to me some of the fishermen of the west coast would want to know if their catches are radioactive, I mean some people have consciences, right?
      -Who has the DATA on the fish and crab and such? Or should we meter ea bite?
      I thought BC was doing some testing, but haven”t heard any figures anywhere.

    • many moons

      Yes Alice we are without a doubt going to hell in a hand basket…no doubt about it…WHY no doubts? Cause fuku hasn’t changed a thing! Even if Fuku isn’t the turning point the next one will be…As Dr. Phil says “you cain’t change what you don’t acknowledge,” and no one is acknowledging anything and it’s business as usual in the nuke industry….until another accident, then perhaps more…We are already living a nightmare and nothing’s changed…how much worse does it need to get???-well that’s clear VERY MUCH WORSE!!!!!!!
      That’s why I am aware of turning something on…using energy in as small a quantity as i can, and if everyone did that…we would put an end to Nukes…Because they rely on us to switch it on….we play a part in this disgusting industry…I’m want out!

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Buy a Geiger counter and carry it everywhere. Be obnoxious and take all the measurements you can while in public. The clicking and noise the instrument may make should be obnoxious enough to wake some people up. if not the noise, your very presence taking measurements should make some people curious. Then you can give them a “down and dirty” quick explanation of your findings. That’s my plan, anyway. I’m going to be as obnoxious, obvious, and out there with my Geiger counter as I possibly can be!

        Think about it — if there is a virtual army of us out there carrying Geiger counters, it has to wake some people up. You have to think of it in terms of the “infotainmnet” people are used to. If it has a sensational effect, some of the sheeple are bound to take notice. For the ones who still can use their brains, it’s bound to make them think and question, especially if the readings actually say something meaningful, and we can explain it to them.

  • affter333

    Why not use a robot it check it out
    how difficult is it?

    • dosdos dosdos

      They need a method that will not fail in the presence of high radiation. The radiation release is emf, the same as light, infra red, ultraviolet, radio waves, electricity, etc. Gamma radiation penetrates any metal except thick lead. Hence, you’d have all this emf bouncing around inside the robot, flooding and destroying the electronic components. Proper shielding would weigh down the robot so much, it couldn’t move.

      They are planning of using an endoscope (lens and fiber optic) that will survive the radiation in January to explore reactor 2 to try and see what conditions exist.

    • the russians used robots
      and so at fuku
      isn’t japan known for its electronic innovation?
      all for nothing i suppose

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    …ah..the pained face of someone covering their/company behind….
    …his little spittle of partial truth is not going to help the children of Fukushima….
    …nor save his soul….

  • jec jec

    Body language says it all, hes uncomfortable.

  • James2

    Have you ever seen boiling air?

    Blow this video up to full screen, look just to the right of the leftmost cooling tower.

    You’ll see what looks like a column of air boiling up out of #3 wreckage – doesn’t have any color, so doesn’t look like steam to me. But even though it is invisible, it is unmistakable.

    Thanks to pure water for posting this.

  • jec jec

    @james2 @purewater That “air”-looks wickedly radioactive…but they are in “cold shutdown” right? The “air plumes” are one reason for thinking TEPCO is doing smelting or some type of process to “immoblize” the radioactive fuel roda and corium..

  • James2

    “They” are doing whatever is behind the shining light.

    “It” is breathing fire directly from the belly of the #3 wreckage all on it’s own.

  • Perhapes a better question would be, …
    How could it have not worked its way out of the containment vessel !

  • unspokenhermit

    The half life means it’s only half gone,with it spewing constantly it will just keep accumulating!most of the radiation is going in the ocean and the ground water now,but a lot was blown out of containment and is circling the earth laying it down ran”DOOM”ly

    I recently discovered the following dispersion model, which someone had linked to Berkeley’s discussion page. It uses TEPCO emission data to model possible dispersion patterns for Neptunium and Plutonium

    If this model is accurate, it is very disturbing. Where are all of the so-called experts who claimed these elements were too heavy to travel far from the plant site?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Cancer..the illness in the future….
    They can’t say corium…they can’t say… RADIATION SICKNESS….

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Remember I like to watch worms crawl?..this guys face… my new screensaver.. for sure..

  • StillJill StillJill

    Good Morning Heart,…thanks for the chuckle,…ahhh yes,…I like watching CREATURES slither on their yellow bellys too!
    And,…like Whoopie says,….love the smell of napalm in the morning! 🙂

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    @StillJill…It is always so great to hear from you…I have to pay a bit more my real jobbie job…keep a good eye on it for me…BRB

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