Top nuclear official victim of home invasion — Burglars may have stolen secret info — Briefcase full of documents missing

Published: February 26th, 2013 at 4:25 pm ET


Jerusalem Post, Feb. 26, 2013: Unknown assailants burglarized the home of the head of the Israel Atomic Energy Commission […] and made off with a briefcase full of documents, a wallet, and a mobile device, police reported on Tuesday. The house belongs to Brigadier General Dr. Shaul Horev, head of the IAEC and a senior official in the Prime Minister’s Office. Horev is in charge of Israel’s nuclear energy policy, one of the most sensitive jobs in the security establishment.

Ynetnews: AEC chief falls victim to home invasion […] News of the break-in was initially placed under a gag order. According to available information, the thieves absconded with a Horev’s briefcase, wallet, computer and a communication device. A statement by the Atomic Energy Commission said that no sensitive material was compromised. It denied a computer was among the items stolen. […] Security sources said that on Tuesday, Horev’s wallet was found โ€“ with every one of his credentials inside โ€“ and that the communication device was recovered as well. It is believed that the break-in was a random criminal act.

Israel Hayom: Burglars may have stolen secret info from top nuclear official […] “We still don’t know exactly what was stolen, and we’ve launched an investigation,” a police spokesperson said.

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Published: February 26th, 2013 at 4:25 pm ET


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16 comments to Top nuclear official victim of home invasion — Burglars may have stolen secret info — Briefcase full of documents missing


    well folks, "…head of the IAEC and a senior [Israeli] official in the Prime Ministerโ€™s Office…" kinda says it all…

  • Beyond Zero Point

    This looks like another false flag from the "District of Columbia " and the "Israeli mossad". Man, I wish they would come up with a new script. Oh, and I forgot about Tepco,we must give credit where credit is due!

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Hmmm..Doesn't sound right that secret information is kept at a home residence??

  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    They can't even accurately describe the incident's basic details?!! A burglary is when an unoccupied home or business,etc. is broken into by thieves while nobody is there. A "home invasion" is a far more serious crime since the occupants were also there when their home or business was forcibly entered for ANY reason!(?)~The article starts out describing a burglary with petty thievery being the motive and goes on to call it a "home invasion" which implies someone was home & the perps may have had motives "other" than $$$!!(?) I wonder which of the two offenses were committed and their TRUE motives & what else NOT listed amongst the few items of value were? In fact if it was a home invasion-"why would "common" crooks force their way into a home where they would stand a high risk of encountering a heavily-armed,Israeli govt. official to steal a wallet,briefcase & few items of negligible value?!! I also wonder if the thieves know how potentially valuable their "prizes" are if in fact they do have possession of something "damning" to the nuke industry/govt.(s)?! I would assume there would be a treasure trove of juicy data related to things well beyond Israel's borders including actual status reports shared amongst & for "nukester eyes only" which IMO it's only value is thought of as how it relates to exposing the nuke industry to harm from those who seek to SHUT THEM DOWN,rather than for material gain via their filthy,useless WMD designs & secrets! ๐Ÿ˜ ~**

  • CB CB

    What's secret really?

  • We Not They Finally

    I hope that at least so-called "good guys" stole it with the intent of a new Wikileaks. I don't care if it was stolen for the purpose of outing the establishment. But then again, there are "bad guys" too. Maybe we'll never know.

  • We Not They Finally

    A briefcase full of documents stolen from the head of Israel's Atomic Energy Commission was "a random criminal act"? What would a NON-random criminal act look like?

  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    Thanks AFTERSHOCK,but these types of sideline stories,or "distractions"(?) always have a lot to say about mysterious,dramatic incidents without getting close to answering the REAL questions that arise in the minds of the readers and even seem to intentionally raise more suspicion and/or conjecture following inconsistencies published which IE;using both "burglary" AND "home-invasion" makes the BS detector bells & alarms go off since simply stating a "break-in" and theft had occurred instead?!! Maybe while we're "sleuthing" here on this "highly irregular" incident and the questions raised-at some other nuke facility,maybe near one of us(?!!)there's another nuclear disaster(s) underway holding promise of the coup-degas or expeditiously ensuring the "END GAME" is ON!!(?) Maybe they thought ALL nukesters have stacks of gold bars laying around the house like the guy who supposedly fled to Chile with his loot leaving his high-paying senior Plant Manager post and STILL not another word about HIM mentioned?!! He's probably IN some "chili"-canned chili with "ground beef" that might be a "little" bit higher in radiation from other lots,but they only look for horse meat these days so the "boys" down at the meat-packing plant needn't worry too much about it,or should I just say "fuggedaboudit"??!! ๐Ÿ˜ I can't wait for the day that one of these seemingly "small-potatoes" incidents winds up netting some seriously damaging revelations that damn them to…

  • We Not They Finally

    OF COURSE they took the briefcase but left the computer alone. What considerate "random criminals"….

  • irhologram
    And from the official blog of Defense News.

    It seems from the stories and piecing a timeline together from the comments sections, that 1/2 of our nuclear Navy has been docked like ducks in a row at Norfolk, VA since Dec. it's like they're proud of it…after, all, the culture still DOES remember Pearl Harbor…so this is sort of "in our faces," either knowing full well there wouldn't be an attack, or shamelessly inviting one….