Top US Nuclear Physicist: “Iodine-131 will be lethal after ingestion of 30 billionths of a gram” — Main worry is not a Chernobyl-type accident, rather it’s a melt-through of containment vessel — “Not possible to disprove China Syndrome”

Published: April 13th, 2015 at 3:59 pm ET


Alvin M. Weinberg, nuclear physicist (Director of Oak Ridge National Lab and pioneered the pressurized water reactors and boiling water reactors used in nuclear power plants, worked on the Manhattan Project, appointed to President’s Science Advisory Committee during the Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations), 1973:

  • The hazards of nuclear power plants and the related nuclear industries are reviewed
  • [A]re there concerns regarding the possibility that these systems may malfunction and cause hazard to people and to the environment? This is a perfectly legitimate question that deserves serious and thoughtful consideration; and it is this aspect of the matter that I shall address… The potential hazard of a nuclear system arises from the toxicity both of the materials that keep the system burning and from the fission product ashes. Plutonium-239… is lethal to man in doses of about 16 thousandths of a gram if ingested in the lungs; Strontium-90, with a half-life of 30 years, will be lethal if about 70 millionths of a gram is ingested; Iodine-131, with a half-life of eight days, will be lethal after ingestion of only about 30 billionths of a gram.
  • As I have said, even during the Manhattan Project, we realized that a nuclear reactor could undergo what is known as an excursion [see Chernobyl] – that is, if too many control rods were removed, the reactor power could surge to dangerous levels. This, however, is not the main worry, for such excursions are inherently self-limiting both in time and magnitude.
  • Rather, the worry is that in a very high-powered reactor, immediately after the chain reaction has stopped, the fission products at least momentarily continue to generate 7% as much energy… Thus a high-powered chain reactor must continue to be cooled for a considerable time after shutdown if fuel meltdowns are to be avoided. It was Edward Teller who some 25 years ago insisted with great prescience that in these respects nuclear reactors were potentially dangerous, and therefore they should be subjected to the most searching kind of technical scrutiny… The response of the engineer… was to build a… containment vessel around every reactor; the second [was] various back-up safety systems… to prevent the reactor core from melting. Why bother with the back-up cooling systems if the containment vessel in final analysis will catch whatever radioactive debris might be created in an accident and thus prevent harm befalling the public? And indeed this was the attitude in the earliest days… As long as reactors were relatively small we could prove by calculation that even if the coolant system and its back-up failed, the molten fuel could not generate enough heat to melt itself through the containment However, when reactors exceeded a certain size, then it was no longer possible to prove by calculation that an uncooled reactor fuel charge would not melt through its containment vessel. This hypothetical meltthrough is referred to as the China Syndrome for obvious reasons. Since we could not prove that a molten fuel puddle wouldn’t reach the basement of a power reactor, we also couldn’t prove whether it would continue to bore itself deeper into the ground. Whether or not the China Syndrome is a real possibility is moot. The point is, however, that it is not possible to disprove its existence. Thus, for these very large reactors, it is no longer possible to claim that the containment shell, which for smaller reactors could be relied upon to prevent radioactivity from reaching the public, was sufficient by itself. In consequence, the secondary back-up cooling systems… must now be viewed as the ultimate emergency protection against the China Syndrome… if one is trying to be practically 100 percent sure of always being able to cope with a reactor meltdown, then one must… be absolutely certain that the engineered safety features, particularly the emergency core cooling system, will work as planned.

View the report here

Published: April 13th, 2015 at 3:59 pm ET


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242 comments to Top US Nuclear Physicist: “Iodine-131 will be lethal after ingestion of 30 billionths of a gram” — Main worry is not a Chernobyl-type accident, rather it’s a melt-through of containment vessel — “Not possible to disprove China Syndrome”

  • bf9 bf9

    And here we find ourselves with the Pacific ocean in direct contact with multiple cores. Eejanaika.

  • melting mermaid melting mermaid
    At this point it's like pick your poison, or form of nuclear Armageddon. Slowly and painfully or hair-trigger fast. Either way, nuclear stole our futures. Somehow very, very few people seem to notice or care. Apart from you people of course. May God forgive mankind for what's happened to our beautiful blue/ green gem of a planet.

  • papacares papacares

    yes. anyone with half a brain knew just as this report states;
    "a serious accident every 1000 to 100,000 years – at least until the year 2000, looks quite good. The wastes from nuclear reactors will remain radio-active for extremely long times: if one thinks about it for a moment, the prolonged storage in vaults of wastes containing Plutonium-239 requires a long-term commitment by highly intelligent managers of such waste systems. Thus, the price exacted by permanent disposal of wastes in concrete vaults may be a commitment to a priesthood that will tend the vaults for times unimaginably longer than the time scale of any previous human endeavor" – so there you have it this death cult was recognized as a religion way back in 1973 when this report was written even then they knew what would ultimately happen – and some of you continue to argue with trolls, nuke = insanity

    • BanReactorsForever BanReactorsForever

      Nuclear indeed equals insanity. Nukers must be criminally charged. Nukers deserve hard labor doing contamination clean up. Nuke energy and weapons companies must be seized and liquidated to fund (partially) the thousands of years of clean up, waste management and security to protect future generations from the toxic lie that is nuclear.
      Ban Reactors Forever

      • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

        BanReactorsForever quote :
        "Nukers deserve hard labor doing contamination clean up."

        Yes..and working very humble with the victim's in hospital's..

        • BanReactorsForever BanReactorsForever

          Good call D.I.D,
          The nukers can serve the terminal child cancer victims who are paying for short term nuclear profits with their very lives

          • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

            Yes B.R.F , it's the least they can do , since they can not unload the pain of their victim's upon themselfes..

            Or stop their mess from "leaking/gushing/exploding" aka multyplying the natural background radiation..

            Or get it back out the environment..

            Or stop themselves from selling and producing the death by exterminating sentences..untill we slam it out of their hand's..or die trying..

            It's the least they can do..

    • bowling

      theres been a bad accident at least.every 5 years since it started 70 years ago. those are the accidents a species cannot afford to make. jebus documented at least 7 plutonium spacecraft crshing into the oceans in th 60s. 100 percent cancer rates in italy because of nuclear waste. there probably was little cancer pre1945

  • Time Is Short Time Is Short

    An international conference of scientists and nuclear engineers have gathered to discuss what is now being called, the 'Fukushima Unified Collapse Theory', or 'FUCT' for short. They have all agreed that we are 'FUCT', and further research is needed to see just how 'FUCT' we are.

    It has also been determined that after the initial phase of 'FUCT', that this has now become a global issue, otherwise known as 'Globally FUCT'. Clearly, with the vast resources available to these experts, we will soon know how 'Globally FUCT' we are.

    They thank you for your concern over being 'Globally FUCT', and are accepting all donations at either or 1-800-FUCT.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    Plutonium-239 .. 16 thousandths of a gram is lethal.

    Strontium-90 .. 70 millionths of a gram is lethal.

    Iodine-131 .. 30 billionths of a gram is lethal.

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      My, aren't we all cheery today!

    • razzz razzz

      "Plutonium-239 .. 16 thousandths of a gram is lethal.

      Strontium-90 .. 70 millionths of a gram is lethal.

      Iodine-131 .. 30 billionths of a gram is lethal."

      Notice how, the shorter the half life the more active the decay rate and the more dangerous the radioactive element is. Not always entirely true as some decay chains have in them daughter products that can be worse than a slow decaying radioactive parent element.

      A very fast decay rate is dangerous, a long decay rate can be slow death.

      There is more than just one type of radiocesium element(s), many kinds of plutonium elements, radioiodines, etc.

  • Chronologically collected images of sky damage from Barium, Cesium, Strontium, Plutonium, and Uranium inclusion in the air:

    The colors of death are lovely. Learn to protect your family employing a camera's diffraction grid, astronomical grade spectra scope, or a polarized filter by knowing how bad conditions are from a simple solar spectral observation daily, or when the now limited Sunlight is available. Monochromatic light scatter from these ELEments becomes obvious colors in properly acquired sky images.

    • A handy dandy isotope tool:

      From the story:

      “Iodine-131, with a half-life of eight days, will be lethal after ingestion of only about 30 billionths of a gram.”

      I – 131 decay chain:

      I-131 becomes ‘stable’ Xe131 with these health/environment issues:

      Health effects of xenon,
      Inhalation: This gas is inert and is classified as a simple asphyxiant. Inhalation in excessive concentrations can result in dizziness, nausea, vomiting, loss of consciousness, and death. Death may result from errors in judgment, confusion, or loss of consciousness which prevent self-rescue. At low oxygen concentrations, unconsciousness and death may occur in seconds without warning.

      Effects of xenon on the environment,
      Xenon is a rare atmospheric gas and as such is non-toxic and chemically inert. The extreme cold temperature (-244oC) will freeze organisms on contact. Weather will be forever changed due to more Xenon to the atmosphere.

      • Wow. Xenon. It won't give one cancer as one doesn't have time to grow cancer after being touched by xenon. Is this why there are pools of water (or, blobs, if you will), in the ocean, that are cooler than usual?

  • jec jec

    Guess we now know WHY the EPA stopping radiation monitoring..too late for North America if the small amount of I-131 if 30 billionth of a gram is fatal. Certainly the slow and tortured deaths of seals/sealions, whales, starfish other sea creatures are all demonstrating the truth of his statements. Since three days is all it takes to bring 1-131 to the USA via the jet stream…Just saying..

  • Time Is Short Time Is Short

    “Iodine-131 will be lethal after ingestion of 30 billionths of a gram”

    This guy gets it (with global fallout map)!!!

  • Sol Man

    I think that as far as catastrophes it doesn't get much worse than this. What's next?

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      Even WWIII would be a blip on the radar compared to Fukushima.

      Unless they started taking out more NPP's around the world.

      On second thought, Fukushima is still only 3 NPP's a some Spent Fuel Pools. It would be a bad thing to blow more up.

      I'm sure President Clinton or Bush will fix all this.

      "If you're 52 or younger, you've never voted in an election where a Bush or Clinton wasn't a candidate, running mate or in the Adminstration."
      — Robert Pondiscio (@rpondiscio) April 12, 2015

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      Oh Sol Man,I think we can both still think of a few things to fit that category. The ones we have to thank for all this have the bombs that I just can't see growing old & obsolete without being dropped[again]now that they have possibly even inadvertently begun "hardening" the human population to see those who survive Fukushima and the other ongoing nuclear disasters that I've begun to hypothesize have been occurring more frequently than we're led to believe since TPTB/BigNuke are less likely to let out,especially if they were of "human-error" or "failed equipment"causes,unlike the M9.0 EQ/tsunami that was not as convenient for the 20,000+ poor souls than it was/is for GE/TEPCO & Japangov.[?!] Early March2011 RadNet data showed higher spikes in many regions than the post-3/11/11 plumes were measured as when they made US landfall! Then it was GONE??!! [like the Beta radiation charts since]….I hate to say it but I see it as a 3 way toss up between{1} Israel turning Iran and??? into a smoldering,radioactive desert.{2}ISIL terrorists,etc. detonating a small,but potent tactical nuke in a major US and/or European city,provoking "God knows what"?in response[?] {3}India vs. Pakistan limited exchange,possible escalation & expanded conflict[?]{4}Russia/Ukraine/USA/EU="M.A.D." Doctrine~complete reset of planet Earth[thousands of years later…] I can't help but remember,it's "3-minutes to MIDNIGHT on the Doomsday Clock for a reason[s]!! 🙁 effin nuke crap!!…Takecare…

  • Cisco Cisco

    The next group of people that will be discriminated against will be three eyed Billy's.

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      @Cisco,it may be worse than that[??!!] The generations after that might discriminate against those who are healthy,normal & with "2-eyes"[where they're supposed to be!]by "pre-311" standards! 😐 I know that if I saw my neighbors bring home a normal,healthy grandchild while I followed my own cycloptic,squid-looking,creepy grandkids around with a broom,bucket & mop to clean up the trail of radioactive gooblygunk trailing from where their ass was supposed to be,I'd probably be jealous,spiteful & cursing the falling sky that brought with it the mutagens sure to alter what "would" have been "natural,human evolution" too??!! I can tell you this much,"it already hurts me deeply to have changed from "wanting" & "looking forward to" our daughter and/or my son blessing us with grandchildren",to absolutely DREADING the idea & thought of seeing another child I love from the moment it's born regardless of his/her physical appearance & health & born into a chaotic,shitty,hopelessly polluted & corrupt world…This attitude I now have,along with all of the unpleasant changes in the way I think & conduct my life ALL began to be adopted following 311 and became a constant state/frame of mind for me thoroughly when the cancer that struck my wife down & turned my smiles upside down ever since. I make no claims or presume to be better,smarter or more blessed or fu#%ed than anyone is what it is and I wish it weren't the case for me,you & the fishes in the deep blue…

  • earthsmith earthsmith

    Whoops A Daisy…..when is that whoremesis going to kick in?

    As they have destroyed this planets natural habitat I suggest talking to the atoms in your own body…..the subconscious exists for a reason, to take you to your higher conscious

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      Radiation Hormesis is the out of control nuke industry's "defensive tactic" in direct response to the threats posed by 311/Fukushima and the "LNT"research findings BigNuke has their pukey-kooks working overtime to TRY to debunk! It's no surprise that they would sink to despicable new lows to avoid being found & held accountable for the MILLIONS of others in the REAL world who did NOT respond as well as some of their laboratory control subjects,aka "human guinea pigs/Beagle dogs" who only saw limited success under optimal conditions that don't occur out in the real world where 311/Fukushima's THOUSANDS of carcino-mutagens continue pounding away at the DNA/building blocks of life and immune systems overwhelmed by the un-natural radiation our scumbag govt.& corporate leaders have assured will be present in our environment forever thanks to their irresponsible,incompetent & corrupt incorporation of half-tamed,failed & truly smart,"in the know" people understand and have been forced to "choose sides",including those who either promote the hormesis lies or the long-held LNT"low-doses ARE harmful" research findings/models[?!]
      It was not a surprise to find so many things that "were" among the stuff I had saved in previous computers were missing now from the web,as well as the computers & downloaded documents destroyed by sophisticated malware/viruses that destroyed or wiped from the hard drives under suspicious…

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        circumstances[??!!] 😐 I can't find it now[again,no surprise there!],but I do recall seeing something that shows a similar pattern which held that allegedly positive clinical trials & research findings supporting the hormesis theory[and continuation of the nuke industry unchallenged or changed] have conveniently left out the parts where many,if not ALL test subjects that initially responded well to their intentional irradiation had their short-lived improved health & immune systems strengthened,but developed 'Neutropenia" and other harmful maladies after being subjected to continued low-dose radiation under conditions/circumstances observed & documented by the govt. & nuke industry researchers monitoring the experiment funded by the vested parties who have the most to lose every time lies,altered/false data & findings are exposed and TPTB,beholden to their corporate sponsors & a continuous supply of nuclear-weapons grade material they generate,along with the mountains of nuclear waste and the convenient collaborative operations related to the crap technology & toxic products that generates profits,political power,electricity,sickness,suffering & death in addition to the promise of complete self-annihilation & destruction of life on Earth via nuclear WMD's. Propaganda & lies supporting their remaining in positions of power/authority serves no one except the worst examples of self-serving scum "killing us softly" with their nuke-happy,psycho song & dance routines!!

        • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

          p.s., how about an or-well and/or gasser Classic based on my mention of Helen Reddy's classic,"Killing Me Softly"[with their nukes]??!! 😉 Also, I apologize if it's becoming increasingly evident that I'm "losing it" lately[??!!] ~ Alls I can say is perhaps it's a response to my wife Sandy taking a turn for the worse recently[?!] 🙁 She only leaves bed to use the bathroom "if/when" she even makes it to the commode as she has had it "coming out of both ends" and I have this strong "feeling" is going to see her die even sooner than I've been psychologically trying to prepare myself for??!! My Internet service went unpaid this month and ends at midnight on 4/14/15,but I've prepared a statement for our daughter to log in under my account here & my Emails & maybe even FarceBook….I'm not as "strong or brave,etc." as some of you kind folks have given me credit for being during all of this,in fact I've gotten "weaker" and find myself actually "crying like a damned baby" when nobody can see me breaking down!! If I can't keep my emotions in check & begin to cry in front of her,I'm afraid she will get scared and just "give-up",instead of believing me when I keep lying to her,saying "everything's gonna be alright & we'll beat this thing" & grow old together like our grandparents did while inside I have a hard time believing we will even see our 24th wedding anniversary together on May 2nd,in just a couple weeks??!! 🙁 I REALLY HATE lying to her…

          • or-well

            Johnny Blade
            want you to know I hear you Brother.

            50 ways To Lose Your Country:

            "The problem is inside of nukes." she said to me,
            "The answer is to shut down all your NPPs,
            so I will help you in your struggle to be free,
            there must be fifty ways to lose your country."

            She said "It's bad your rads into our lives intrude,
            and now it's time to stop your worry about 'rude',
            so I repeat before we are completely screwed,
            there must be fifty ways to lose your country."

            "You blow up your toys, boys,
            vent up the stack, Jack,
            breathe the hot dust, Russ,
            say 'arrivaderci'.
            Poison the Sea, Lee,
            pollute the air, Jer,
            ruin the soil, Sol,
            there's sickness for all.
            Crap out the food, Dude,
            kill the young kids, Sid,
            sit on your hands, Stan,
            it looks like a plan."

            She said "It grieves me so to see you killing Life,
            and that to Nukes you've pledged as if it were a Wife,
            I wish you'd understand you're dealing now with Death,
            Nukes are the way to lose your country."

            • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

              THANKS or-well!!, I consider it a cherished gift and as always,you manage to 'cheer me up" in a macabre sort of way!lol 😉 It's 12:09am here now,so I guess my ISP is good for 23 and a half more hours??!! Something "good" to post about for a change. At least for me when I'm living it "1 day at a time"! I hope you & The Group have a Good Night and Great Day ahead of you tomorrow! 🙂 PEACE ALL

              • earthsmith earthsmith

                Hey Johnny Blade…sorry I don't do f$$king (sarc)…cause ain't no such thing…it's all Fucking real!!!,,###
                You think I give a fun,K #$#@&&#$&!!! $$
                Lot people deal with shit every giving day ….&#&@#$$&#!!!!!
                You ain't the only one brother…..lot people talk about 3/11
                TMI made my MOM cry that was day 1 for me
                I have given thanks to all on this site
                The clique can go Fuck themselvelves, because that's what they always do….yeah I'm talking.g to you!

                • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

                  WTF is that supposed to mean? Apologizing for "not doing sarcasm"? I don't remember asking you for SHIT and I just hope I'm "misunderstanding" the intention of the comment naming me. If you're saying something about how the majority of my comments are about shit we've been going through here[?]for the record,I admit to "venting/ranting" in these threads more than I should,but my wife's seizures,cancer,shitting/pissing herself and nearing death limits me being able to detail/document the many fucked up things I've seen & go through every day thanks to 311 & nuclear! You should feel lucky to be someplace where "lot people talk about 3/11",because I wish I was EVER part of a conversation that "I" didn't have to be the one doing all the talking & making their eyes roll behind my back,like the comments made which if spoken in English & fully understood would earn them an ass-beating or narrating of their own imperfection publicly,especially if they got something to say about my wife who cheated death for a long time before the grim reaper turned up the heat enough for me to understand that everything I ever set out here since the onset of her 311-triggered cancer & seizure disorder is about to end with her death,SOON!-I've never spoken or acted in a way that places her cancer & "shit we go through every given day" above the suffering of others & I've thanked all on this site who have been here all along for the right reasons & stayed out of BS,OT discussions…

                  • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

                    Johnny you have mail..

                    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

                      K,DiD, I'll check it out shortly.I was just finishing up here anyways. Glad I may have a few friends left here who actually DO want to hear updates and have an interest in how things are going here for us,my wife in particular! 🙂
                      I've got many reasons to respect you and be forever grateful to you no matter what else goes down my friend!! My sister is stuck alone in Texas now with no way to get back home to her own,familiar places & her own trusted Doctor's!! For her 48th Birthday which was today!,she was "gifted" with the news of some kind of "Blastoma" on or in her brain on top of her MS getting worse than ever and losing everything she owned to a fucking "tweaker",who loved his meth-pipe more than her or the idea of taking care of her like ANYONE with an ounce of decency would have done instead of robbing her and scaring her a thousand miles from her own home!! If someone doesn't like or care to hear about it they can %$@##@*&^**# themselves. My mom shed a tear too,and it wasn't her 1st!!….or last……

                  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

                    until the controversial subjects went too far and got under my skin and I disengaged without taking the crap to the next even more offensive & distracting level that I don't even bother going back to see & let become something that divides us. I'm not some pusillanimous little punk and if I beat up on myself for having failed in most of what I've tried to do with my life I can accept constructive criticism from someone I know is a friend who cares,rather than someone who riles me up from behind a fucking keyboard & monitor who seems to have something against me personally unless I'm mistaken about the mention of my name,my "problems" being minimal & everyone has them" or the "clique" and ".g"[whatever that is?]…but I'm resisting/reserving the impulse to say something unflattering that I guarantee would take this bullshit to the next level & trigger all the fucking hate & discontent the nuke-pukes manage to evoke from me and my shrinking cast of "friends" & family whose tears are REAL,whether they know or accept that the people close to us who are dying is directly related to 311/Fukushima and/or the whole,nasty-ass industry.FTR,if I'm reading into things correctly,this shit began when I saw the 2nd instance of an OT,totally non-nuke related issue and my offer to a certain,thankfully-absent malevolent instigator of nuke-puke origins to "bring it on too then??!!Latitude41.79N*Longitude87.81W for anyone wishing to "teach/be taught Lessons in Reality…

                    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

                      otherwise $#%@&**@#$#%%%@$#^,and furthermore,%#@$$&^**@%$#!!! why you,you,&%#$$@^$***!! 🙁 🙂 😐 😉 and so on! [LOL]

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    This thread subject is from a 1973 report. Not knocking it.


    "Chernobyl type accident"?

    Eating shit is for bacteria and flies. It is self evident that these 'authors' and hucksters believe the garbage they publish.

  • 😐

    Here's one of this guys other 'bright' ideas.

    "The Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion (ANP) project was ORNL's biggest program, using 25% of ORNL's budget. The ANP project's military goal was to produce a nuclear-powered aircraft (a bomber) to overcome the range limitations of jet-fueled aircraft at that time. That the project had little chance of success was not overlooked, but it provided employment and allowed ORNL to stay in the reactor development business."


    "ORNL successfully built and operated a prototype of an aircraft reactor power plant by creating the world's first molten salt fueled and cooled reactor called the ARE (Aircraft Reactor Experiment) in 1954, which set a record high temperature of operation of 1,600 °F (870 °C). Due to the radiation hazard posed to aircrew, and people on the ground in the event of a crash, new developments in ballistic missile technology, air refueling and longer range jet bombers, President Kennedy canceled the program in June 1961."

    "In a 1971 paper, Weinberg first used the term "Faustian bargain" to describe nuclear energy:"
    (to deal with the devil)

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      a molten salt nuclear powered atomic bomb carrying aircraft, what could go wrong?

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      What about that stupid "Orion" thing that used an unknown number of small nuclear explosions against a "push-plate" fixed to the bottom to keep detonating mini-nukes to propel the thing until it reached the speed needed to break free of earth's gravity and go "popping along" in outer space to its destination??!! I'm sure it wouldn't go over well with the locals should they ever land on a planet with intelligent life,especially when they wave goodbye to us and we nuke 'em via the propulsion system that allows it to lift off and return to Earth leaving a trail of nuclear detonations leading the survivors of the alien beings they nuked as they departed and/or any other "less than friendly" ET beings that might follow it back home and make craters surrounded by human & other Earthly crispy critters in response to Orion's parting gift or some creepy space freaks who share human interest in war,advances in killing technology & tact,or just seeking our resources,maybe even as it was suggested in these threads,"wanting to fillet our bony-asses & suck our brains out of our skulls like a strawberry shake?!!LOL IDK?, My comment can't be any dumber than the concept of "nuke-powered aircraft or space travel vehicles",right??!!lol… or.. Dumb idea,even if they used conventional rockets to launch them into space…

  • Checkmate

    Sometime this summer, they are finishing the building of a water plant in Carlsbad, CA that will remove salt from ocean water and be piped to San Diego for the residents. Why even bother when the radiation cannot be removed…just look at the seals for example. Nobody in their right mind would drink the Tritium…

    • Ki11more Ki11more

      but……but….whoremesis is good for you…….

    • GOM GOM

      My daughter(19) is down there. Before that, Santa Barbara. Has pretty bad asthma. I am gearing up for the call that she is sick. Although I am well educated in alternative therapies, radiation induced illness is pretty much the grim reaper.

      EISCAT and HAARP are being used to create this environment in Cali. Don't know why, yet. Friend of mine says all the nut trees are burned up. And where I live, the stores are out.
      Maybe an excuse to hose everything with Pacific water? Seems almost like a devious plan. Like Chas said, a 'Faustian bargain'.

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        Most likely an attempt to keep the radiation from getting into the interior of the US. Minimize the death as much as possible, for as long as possible, so the people in charge now don't get blamed for what is inevitable.

        Not that it works well, but they will do anything to hold on to power and/or avoid blame.

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    "if one is trying to be practically 100 percent sure of always being able to cope with a reactor meltdown, then one must… be absolutely certain that the engineered safety features, particularly the emergency core cooling system, will work as planned."

    I understand this man Alvin…very professional, very thoughtful. But I think he forgot to consider the Morely saddle-function failure modes of the Rockwell retro encabulator and its effect on the primary coolant recirculation pump transients.

    Alvin just had a bad day

    the retro encabulator

    • PlowboyGrownUp

      encabulator? whut? engineering joke.

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      He clearly never heard of Murphy's Law.

      For a scientist, he's an idiot.

      • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

        Hi T.I.S , i honestly wonder if without humans murphy's law would exist at all..maybe it's more of a consequence of us being blind in every direction we look or act.. within an interconnected existence..alway's screwing up more (way way more) then we are capable to fantom/see/realise..

        ..but would it exist enough to invent an expression for it ? Would animal's without us need one.. i doubt.. and if they do now..then it would be harder to prove they have to thank themselfes like we do..
        I would even say it would just be another way to mention OUR existence lol..

        • Technically, there are multiple great ele events that we predict have occurred. I am sure cosmically the Law is a Law all the same, in respects to Yellow Stone, and meteorites. Mars was also thought to have had an atmosphere at one time I believe…

          However I don't see other species damaging the planet to the extent we have.

          The law should be what ever humans can fuck up, they will fuck up. But with a culmination of love and support / effort and will; Things can change and get better. So Long as we pay attention and act when things truly need our attention.

          Much like why I am here today, thanks to the help of my friends:)
          Good to see you back. Hope you had a great weekend did:)

      • We Not They Finally

        Actually, he seems to have said that it was a bad bet, and "lethal" if the most microscopic amounts were ingested. If he were able to have called an MSM press conference at the time, I don't know that he would have survived — job-wise or otherwise.

  • Sol Man

    The exaltation of Life was never the motivating factor in the creation of, or the goal of, these death programs.

    Creations' genomes are under attack. This can't be fixed.

  • It's actually quite enlightening that the possibilities of nuclear core meltthrough or China Syndrome were well known by the scientists back in 73. Right around the time they were building Fukushima I believe. And while the technology has not improved meltthrough outcomes, it seems the management of the crisis in terms of information and "spin" has. Economic activity seems to have the disturbing side affect of destroying our planet. Be it nuclear reactors, fossil fuel or even marketing water through single serve disposable plastic vessels the making of money appears to be a perverse science. They have done a good job of convincing most of us that the economy trumps clean air, unadulterated food and pure water.

  • dosdos dosdos

    But, but, but, James Conca said that spent fuel is not toxic.

    "SNF [spent nuclear fuel] is primarily uranium oxide with some fission products and actinide elements produced from the fission process, but no toxic chemicals"

    • The Nuclear Scare Scam – Galen Winsor
      GW: Because we did silly things like recover some of the undissolved fuel elements out of the REDOX dissolver that burned a hole in it and we went in and sampled these things by remote process. We got it out into our hands and found out that we could walk around the lab with them barehanded and they wouldn’t hurt us. And we were standing there in the lab tossing them back and forth—uranium metal that wouldn’t dissolve in the boiling nitric acid. Well, if you find out that you can play with it, and it was only 90 days since that thing came out of the reactor and it doesn’t burn you, why should you be afraid of it?

      Taking spent fuel 90 days out of a reactor, and playing games with it by tossing it around from person to person.. Is that sane?

      • Doc; is this GW the same idiot who bragged about swimming in the spent-fuel pool? If so, videos of his talks are all over youtube, and dimwitts are pointing to what this guy has said as proof that Fukushimas (however many) melted reactors are NO problem.

        No, they cannot say what's caused so much death in the Pacific, but because of GW, they are sure it's not radionuclides.
        And Science is a real jerk, too.

        • dosdos dosdos

          It's not science that's the jerk, but the people who have a mistaken idea that they understand it too well to question what they want to believe.

          • bowling

            american nuclearist are like lysenkoists what they spout has no bearing to reality or science. everyone might as well get radium implants in their sinuses like frank zappa did for chronic sinusitis. lets all take radium baths and drink radium tonic. theres plenty of uranium mining and milling waste out there. it is really all quite beyond barbaraic at this point.

          • When I say, "Science", dos, I am talking about the mouthpieces for science.. And they have all been real jerks, in my opinion, for just over four years, now..

        • yes, that is the same guy.. This is where the hormesis theory starts.

          He is all about small modular reactors too.. He wants one every ten blocks, in every town.

    • We Not They Finally

      He did NOT even say that it was not toxic. He said it was not CHEMICALS. His paycheck for doing the likes of this will buy him nothing better than a VERY toxic location in Hell.

    • bowling

      The only statement more absolutely insane would be that astronauts should go to the international space station and take space walks without space suits. yet conca is published in forbes magazine.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Some more truth…

    Well almost.

    DNA Damaging Agents.

    Biological Monitoring of Environmental Genotoxicity in Southwestern Ontario

    It's worth reading…

  • We Not They Finally

    So the director of Oak Ridge (of all places) said that sub-microscopic doses of radiation are "lethal" all the way back in 1973. And we hear about this NOW?

    • GOM GOM

      I support his theories on the relationship between fracking and earthquakes. Most stuff he says makes sense. And that is why he is under fire.
      Although he is in Scottsdale, I think, it would be wise for him to get out of the US. He can run the site from anywhere. The last guy I thought should leave ended up with a 20 year prison term for "tax evasion". Bullshit. He said in one of his books that the feds were after him. Kevin Trudeau was smart enough to put his fortune in his wife's name.
      It seems you can't be too rich, successful, truthful,..or they come after you. Which is why I think sites like this are on borrowed time.

    • No surprise.. AGRP got Facebook account deleted, got kicked out of own group, lost all access to it, and had youtube account deleted 3 times temporarily by 'accident' then finally seems permanently with 2 strikes.

      Backup everything and everyone…

  • Jebus Jebus

    These guys gave up in 2013… 😐

    Global Hazards – April 2013

    Beginning with the April 2013 report, and until further notice, NCDC will no longer issue the Global Hazards component of its Monthly Climate report. This will be re-evaluated in September 2013. All previous Global Hazards reports will be maintained online.

    • Sam Sam

      Thanks Jebus;
      Looks like no scientist will examine the toxicities
      in the Pacific ocean since NCDC no longer issues Global
      Hazards reports. It takes big bucks to do this kind
      of analysis. Looks like we are on our own.
      The kitchen sink theory of toxicities in the Pacific
      as well as Code's thoughts on the heat released
      in Uranium decay can be an explanatory hypothesis
      as well as the unknowns happening on the sea floor-
      volcanic vents, ruptures etc..

    • They wrote AGRP and said to do their work for them, for free.

      So now AGRP is issuing those same kinds of reports, but not charging a dime.

  • Jebus Jebus

    If you swallow this pill, you will become a statistic averaging, cancer curve flattening, load balancing fool…

    U.S. Seafood Safe and Unaffected by Radiation Contamination from Japanese Nuclear Power Plant Incident; U.S. Monitoring Control Strategy Explained

    I don't see a date on it, mmaybe it just needs updating…

  • Sickputer

    Yes, the ocean is being cooked by Fukushima Fallout and even worse… Fukushima Flushout.

    Chernobyl pales as a much smaller single meltdown located far from the world's ocean. Soviet officials ordered men and women to their deaths by the tens of thousands and denied virtually all the deaths.

    Workers picked up deadly chunks of spent fuel rods by shovel and gathered them for burial in the ruined reactor. 600 to 1,100 helicopter crews flew 6,000 sorties dropping sand, lead, and boron in the early missions and finally 18,000 metric tons of wet concrete to form the crude tomb.

    Soviet nucleoapes say no pilots died. Hard to believe when we see photos of multiple collections contaminated helicopters (and many other land vehicles) gathered for burial decades after 1986. Too radioactive hot to fly, but no pilot crew members died?
    Fast forward four decades…huge Fukushima meltdowns generate enormous heat. 49 months post-meltdown and the site remains superheated, flushing poison into the ocean every second and as we saw on the Unit 1 robot cam before it died…aerial fallout is also unabated.

    Jet cannon and pump cooling by the Japanese is aided by natural cooling of sandstone water aquifer fissures beneath the wrecked reactors. Tidal flow in the lagoon flows in and out daily and dissipates some of the nuclear heat. Yet all three cooling efforts are like pissing on a forest fire.

    To be continued…

    • Sickputer


      The nucleoapes succeeded in creating a technology with a power equaling Mother Nature catastrophes. Their nuclear creation is a foul death-dealing destroyer of natural resources.

      How bad this man-made disaster will unfold over decades remains to be seen. Blaming this extinction level event on a beyond design-basis because the tsunami or an earthquake is huge is a desperate act by desperate nucleoapes. They have to constantly keep reinventing their lame excuse:

      SP: Meltout radioisotopes leaching across triple coria involves massive heat transfer and deadly nuclear particles eastward to North America via the Kuroshio Current .

      This year marks the first full 4 year circuit of Japanese meltdown radiation in Fukushima traversing the North Pacific Gyre. The knowledge of how we know this is unusual…the tale of lost shoes in 1990:

      The nucleoapes say all is well. Observers of ocean fish species and sea mammals disagree.

      As multiple ocean circuits unfold over time from Fukushima things will get worse. Man is the apex predator and our health depends on what we eat, breathe and drink. Nucleoapes have fouled the earth worse than any previous human entity.

      • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

        The 3 rogue nuclear reactors lost in the mudrock and sandstone beneath the reactor ruins are very hot.

        Kinda makes you wonder whether that there frozen underground wall enclosure for reactors1-4 is gonna ever work, don't it?


  • radiophobia

    Graph: Trends in Death Rates 1899-2013 (before nuclear age, during atmospheric bomb tests, then NPPs added)

    PS: hillarious-truth is spoken erroneously – becomes clear, if you inverse the headline:
    Jebus 12:01:
    "U.S. Seafood Safe and Unaffected by Radiation Contamination from Japanese Nuclear Power Plant Incident; U.S. Monitoring Control Strategy Explained"
    – isn't what they are saying: the Monitoring CONTROL Strategy they are explaining is to DECLARE U.S. Seafood Safe and Unaffected by Radiation Contamination from Japan …??! Why not 'monitoring strategy'? – why phrase 'monitoring CONTROL Strategy' ? Why should MONITORING have to be CONTROLLED?

  • radiophobia

    Sorry- graph until 2003

  • dosdos dosdos

    From the Wall Street Journal:

    A district court in western Japan on Tuesday blocked the restarting of two nuclear reactors operated by Kansai Electric Power Co.

    The Fukui District Court issued an injunction ordering the utility not to restart the Nos. 3-4 reactors at its Takahama nuclear power plant…

  • bo bo

    Fukui court cites HUMAN RIGHTS & PROHIBITS TAKAHAMA units 3&4 RESTART
    They ruled: even if the NRA in Japan OKs restart, it is a violation of human rights and not permitted.

    Kudos to the heroic prosecutors, esp Hiroyuki Kawai who most likely masterminded this !!!!!


    • bo bo

      Ooops I jumped in w/o seeing ur post DD (^ ^); sorry !!! Yaaaaaaaay!!!

    • bo bo

      This ruling sets a particularly awesome precedent because it's basically saying NRA and their standards are faulty and have no credibility.

      • melting mermaid melting mermaid

        It would be nice if the courts would now go after the faulty and incredulous NRC for crimes against humanity and genocide. We know there full of shit. We want all their money to ease the suffering of the billions who are going to die from their flagrant abuse of power. F the NRC and the filthy rich corporations that leave insurmountable death and disease and radioactive waste in their wake. They should have to give every dime back to the remediation of this mess. It wasn't just a natural disaster, it was years and years of lies and profit-mongering and cutting corners. Damn the NRC to hell, that's what they did to the rest of us. Sorry, good morning, my precious enenewsers @#$%%&%$#*#$?!

    • bo, that is awesome!

      Stuff like that portends a tipping point!

      Hope you are recovering well from your surgery

      aloha, stock out

      • Shaker1

        I read a translation of the ruling. Seems that Bo is correct and that the credibility of the parameters of the NRA is severely questioned. It's only one ruling about one plant, but let's hope it encourages others to keep at it in the courts.

        Let's see what Abe and his nuke friends will come up with here.

  • razzz razzz

    Courts anywhere could say, "No more restarts and shut the rest down until a fix is found for Daiichi." That would be the end of nuclear power generation but not the end of fallout from Daiichi or answers on how to deal with spent fuel rods. It would be headed in the correct direction.

  • Mike Lowery Mike Lowery

    These hem-hawin reports about "may have" and "possibly could" breach the reactor vessels are an insult to the collective human intelligence! First off, reactor 3 vaporized upon detonation along with much of the used fuel stored brilliantly above the reactor. Secondly: reactors 1 and 2 are so hot that robots can't even operate within the reactor areas. This means the fuel is sitting somewhere outside of the containment radiating into the environment! This sort of reporting is done just to ease the reality of the whole damn thing for the sheep!

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      Please keep in mind that very little of the 100 tonnes of nuclear fuel actually "vaporised" during the 3 rapid sequential explosions in Unit3.
      This might be helpful:
      "Little Boy was the codename for the type of atomic bomb dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945 by the Boeing B-29 Superfortress Enola Gay, piloted by Colonel Paul W. Tibbets, Jr., commander of the 509th Composite Group of the United States Army Air Forces. It was the first atomic bomb to be used in warfare. The Hiroshima bombing was the second artificial nuclear explosion in history, after the Trinity test, and the first uranium-based detonation. Approximately 600 to 860 milligrams (9.3 to 13.3 grains) of matter in the bomb were converted into the energy of heat and radiation. It exploded with an energy of approximately 15 kilotons of TNT (63 TJ).[1]"
      It took only 600 to 860 milligrams of matter to destroy a city, and snuf out 100,000 lives!

      Now "vaporize" and "converted into energy" are different concepts.
      But my point is that there was a lot of the core of Unit 3 left to become corium in the ground beneath the reactor ruins! 🙂

  • In Michigan, the land of Palisades leaking 440,000 Bq/m# of long live Tritium into the drinking water of 10 million people….in michigan, the Detroit news is saying we need more nuclear
    link here, and what I had to say is below

    Please drop a comment folks

    Graham Ross Leonard Cowan Incorrect, if waste was produced 2000 years ago, half of it would still be deadly toxic, the Plutonium

    Here is the inventory from Fukushima, you can view it or download my spreadsheet and see the halflives. they are dangerous for 10 half lives. The quickest of the forms of plutonium to half life away is 24000 years, times 10. And it has a danger multiplier of 112,000 compared to the average run of the mill radiation. It has a 1-2-3 punch, 2 as its daughter also decays and hits hard, 3 as heavy metal that gets into the human body and stays.

    So screw your bully false statements.

    Shut it down folks, it is nothing less than insane to make more.

    Inventory means a description of types and volume of radiation, check it out.

    • Funny that only 204 people have ever viewed my Inventory of Fukushima.

      I know numbers hurts, but people, numbers tell the real story….the tragic story.

      Check it out please

      • Sol Man

        Thanks for all of your work! That inventory is no longer at Fukushima, but dispersed into the world. It goes round and round, so we all ge t it with every breath, drink, and bite of food.

        Keeping the sub-micron dust off and out of our bodies is impossible.

        Have you noticed the light film on your car windshield?
        There be dust.

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          wow stock, your inventory is WAY off! Since youve been tinkering with numbers, the actual story has been unfolding;

          Almost no fallout from unit3 and complete removal of unit 4 SFP with units 3 5 and 6 to follow soon. No deaths, no harmful levels! (sarc)

          Do I read it right: we had an AVERAGE of 53 Bq/m of cerium taking the volume of the entire pacific?!

          Official numbers are here

          ps, why not put the isotope in the first column, followed by the various weight equivalents?

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

            An aggregate of false statements repeated and infinite times over and over again is pure, unadulterated misinformation and propaganda.

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              but I stopped my sarcasm…lets see…well an infinite number of times before I reached infinity. Are we still friends?

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                actually PT, you can be of some help; I recall you said that the Unit4 reactor was in fact partially filled. I cant find any info on that. Im trying to build a likely accident scenario for U4 since nobody else has one. How did you like my analysis of Unit3? Of course I had to leave out many details but it stands on quit a bit of evidence.

                Ive noticed people with native american heritage are unaccustomed to sarcasm. I think a person needs a little Brit, a little bushman blood, or especially some Jew…and as it turns out Im all that and more.

                Oddly, author on sarcasm John Haiman says sarcasm is unknown among the Hua, a group of New Guinea Highlanders. Go figure right?

                But the Ju' African bushmen cant get enough of the wise cracks. Their word for Christmas translates to "praise of the birth of the white man's god-chief."

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                  Official Coverup Obscures
                  The Collapse Of Reactor 4
                  See The Video Of What Is Being Demolished
                  At Fuksuhima Daiichi Here
                  By Yoichi Shimatsu
                  Exclusive To
                  “…My logical deduction back then – and since confirmed by leaks and official disclosures – was that Reactor 4 had been recently loaded with fresh fuel rods in preparation for start-up on March 12. Its planned operation was kept secret and unscheduled, and therefore had to be linked to illegal enrichment of weapons-grade uranium for the purpose of making nuclear warheads….”

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    Thanks PT for the Yoichi view.

                    Do you understand him to say unit 4 initiated the unit 3 explosion? This time line seems a little wonky;

                    "In contrast to the official story about hydrogen, the timeline of those initial days indicates a reverse chain of cause and effect: A nuclear blast inside Reactor 4 created enough heat to set its spent-fuel pool on fire, and also intensified the neutron bombardment against a degraded Reactor 3, which exploded in a mushroom cloud on the next day, March 15. That huge explosion, in turn, re-ignited the Reactor 4 spent-fuel fire."

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      No. He never said that Unit 4 initiated the unit 3 explosion. The lack of water and the broken cooling systems initiated all the explosions separately in the 4 different units.

                      Since you admitted that you are flaming, and you and Heart have admitted to want to keep me busy so I can't answer socref, I really find your questions completely insincere.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      PT, Im not insincere at all. You got it wrong about flaming too, I just got sarcastic about our good posters repeating the spent fuel success as gospel, saying anyone who didnt believe it was not operating on both lobes. I think if you read this again, you will see my source of confusion. If not, just explain the sequence, as you understand it.

                      "A nuclear blast inside Reactor 4 created enough heat to set its spent-fuel pool on fire, and also intensified the neutron bombardment against a degraded Reactor 3, which exploded in a mushroom cloud on the next day, March 15. That huge explosion, in turn, re-ignited the Reactor 4 spent-fuel fire."

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                  In general, I ignore whatever you say. So I'm not even interested on anything you say about Unit #3.

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    were on the same side PT, trying to expose the lies and horrendous fate that awaits the world due to the nuclear/government/military cabal. It wont be pretty, but the house of cards has to fall. Why try to save any of the rotten institutes?

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      Code, we are not on the same side at all and we are not now friends. Sounds to me like a North Korean or Chinese brain washing technique.

                      You are still thinking militarily thinking a solution is to be found in destroying institutions.

                      Destruction by people who want to destroy everything only brings about destruction.

                      My side recognizes the ultimate complete ruling of the universe by God, not by any man-made institutions whether economic, religious, or political or any man- made combination.

                      True empathy for the suffering and pain of innocents brings about the internalizing of that pain and suffering, a feeling of that same pain and suffering.

                      I am seeking through education to bring about a transformation of the heart.

                      Your reality is not my reality. Only through a transformation of the heart can nuclear technology be banned forever.

                      You seek destruction of institutions. I seek a transformation of the hearts of each individual in those institutions.

                      A recognition of the true nature of reality brings about pain and suffering and outrage in the heart. "Concern" doesn't realize the magnitude of the horror awaiting a nuclear world.

                      There is nothing wrong with the institution itself of a republic governed by laws. It is the hearts of the individuals that needs to be transformed so that every individual is protected not only by those laws seeking justice and equality for all but also protection in a safe environment. The physical environment…

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      The physical environment should be protecting the health of the individual as well as physical safety.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      PT says
                      "Only through a transformation of the heart can nuclear technology be banned forever."

                      This is a beautiful truth.

                      People on blogs dont really know each; theyve never met. Can you be certain were on opposite sides? And if we are, then you consider me a treasonous enemy of the state…the state that supports nuclear…how can that be good?

                      The only thing is this; is there TIME to change the hearts of all the corrupt elite, or the inertia of the institutes?

                      70 nuclear accidents proves that neither disasters nor anti nuclear sentiment is doing anything to change the hearts that need changing.

                      Theres an incredible 7 years of daily protest outside the WHO. When is the opening of hearts going to begin?

                      A realistic appraisal of the situation has to include human psychology. Im all for divine intervention, and thats not sarcasm, but time has run out. Maybe were supposed to take the PRACTICAL approach toward saving whats left to be saved… Can you open the hearts of mankind?…look at history

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      Code, you have attacked me many times for my belief in Jesus and as the Bible, especially the Christian New Testament, as the Word of God.

                      I am a pacifist and don't believe in violent revolution.

                      You are not transparent. You want to destroy institutions, but never state what institutions you would replace the destroyed institutions with.

                      You believe that a utopia is possible after a violent revolution. Don't you know that after a revolution, are the revolutionaries are shot and killed. Killing is never the answer. Killing will never get rid of nuclear technology.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      are = all

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      PT, once the hearts of men are opened…your solution, then we wont need the institues of the military, the gazillions of laws and the institutes trying to protect the public from the unscrupulous.

                      A laudable goal, but theres no time for it.

                      My solution is to hold the people in these corrupt institutes accountable. Too many to name and detail here, but we could start with the WHO, IAEA, TEPCO, and many other nuclear corps.

                      I would fire them lock stock and barrel…they can re-apply after theyve had psychopath testing

                      You on the other hand cant even accept me, an anti nuclearist. Yet you want to protect the people and companies promoting nuclear.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      Code, you always resort to straw arguments. I've never been in favor of protecting murderers. The law applies to all including those in the nuclear industry. The energy institutions need to turn to wind and solar and ban nuclear and fossil fuels. There are institutions that have banned new nuclear reactors in the past and they can do so in the future.

                      If all hearts are not transformed and ruled by goodness and compassion, destroying existing institutions will not change the world.

                      The US so-called Revolutionary War was not actually a revolution but self defense against a foreign government invasion.

                      People can defend themselves without weapons of mass destruction. Weapons of mass destruction kill off all people regardless of whether they are the invaders or the defenders.

                      It is fruitless to argue with out because you always misrepresent anything I say. You are just flaming and engaging in sophistry. Hope you enjoy your ill gotten pay check for flaming.

                    • Sam Sam

                      PraisingTruth you are great as our house archivist
                      bringing relevant and timely articles. P.T I am getting
                      weary though of your attacks on fellow posters.
                      You need to cool it. It serves no purpose whatsoever.

                      Religious consciousness plumbs the depths of hell and goes
                      to the highest lofty aspirations of the human spirit.
                      Religious consciousness is helpless against the sociopathic
                      and psychopathic consciousness. Good Nazi's went to Churches. American nuclear scientists pray to God as well.
                      Religion will never stop the Nuclear Destruction ongoing.

                      I would hope to see more compassion from you. We all
                      our suffering and trying to find a way to live in this.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      Sorry, Sam. People who attack me personally, including you, are attacking a pacifist and a anti-Nuke person. The people who attack me and who wish to kill me and to overthrow the US government are not on my side.

                      Pacifists have compassion. Violent revolutionaries have no compassion.

                      Please keep Japan Alex and ban me. I am tired of all the personal attacks.

                    • Sam Sam

                      So discouraged to read your reply though not surprised.
                      your archiving and source articles are of value.

                      I am in no way attacking you! If you can twist what I
                      said then live in your paranoid bubble.

                      No one here wishes to kill you and overthrow the
                      US Gov't. (where's your citations on this}

                      There are too many contradictions here. You too have
                      suffered greatly as you have self-disclosed over the years.
                      Be a person of Peace and not a warrior attacking others.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      Sam, what part of calling me paranoid is not an attack?

                      Heart of the Rose
                      April 26, 2013 at 9:02 am
                      PS..I think it's a bit early for foregiveness..contrition comes first…centuries of it.

                      April 26, 2013 at 9:21 am
                      agreed Heart. I just want 'others' to know, they'll be forgiven if they're willing to join those of us who want to move forward…

                      April 15, 2015 at 7:37 pm
                      It wont be pretty, but the house of cards has to fall. Why try to save any of the rotten institutes?

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      Contrition is derived from one's soul,P.

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      My name? my name? my name?
                      My, my.

                    • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

                      Ohlala , i had a big mouth back in the day's in anne's link lol.. i'm a bit relieved to see my own followup post beneath it..

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      59.5 rockwell
                      August 17, 2014 at 1:21 am
                      So Yall have accomplished your objective. Congrats. Mossad.Jew Bitches. Enenes is now another banter board about useless issues
                      Mein Volke Heieren Mine Voce.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      9.5 rockwell
                      August 17, 2014 at 4:13 pm • Reply
                      Fuck Israehell. They are all devil worshipors. God chastised them several times then he let the Bababalonions come in and defeat em and lead them with hooks in they mouths. You aignt no Christian. You are a Jew aplogist doing damage contol. Vanne I am goining to unlese my inner Demons and curse you…..Woe to you Zion, you have forsaken your 1 true God and fallen to worship Idols made of Stone and Brass.You shall wander over this Earth, welcome no where. Your children will curse you for your folley
             [p. 65]

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      Rockwell hasn't posted in several weeks, P.
                      Got a burr under your saddle or something?

                    • Sam Sam

                      Heart of Rose;
                      Praising the Truth reminds me of the Housing Block
                      ladies back in Communist Russia who had a window onto
                      the entrance door and elevator to the entire Apartment complex. They would keep dossiers on everybody and
                      report to the authorities. It is a paranoid mindset.

                      If P.T. is truly a Pacificist and Anti-Nuclurist we would see much more compassion and forgiveness no matter what P.T. has been through in her life. I do value her presence here in her presentation of archival materials. There are limits to
                      her attacking good people here on this site in my opinion.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      I have an engagement tonight and tomorrow with my relatives here and visiting, so I can't list all the threats I've received on this website. Just keep attacking me. It just hows how little you all are engaged in getting rid of nuclear energy and weapons. Also, it smacks of the psycho babble of flamers and misogyny. That's why I am so pro US, especially because of all the rights women have in our society and because it is illegal to be intolerant of Christians.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      My cannibal clan is tolerant of Christians…sometimes even relishing them. But the reverse is never true. Why, why do Christians judge and smite me so?

                      PT may think Im a hopeless heathen and heretic who she will see falling straight to hell from her cloudy vantage point above. But her bible teachings have rubbed off. I never said violent government overthrow…never.

                      NO, Im leaving it up to god! Im in favor of bringing all pro nuclearist liars, their government buddies, the science institute liars and down-players, and putting them…GENTLY… into the ocean about 10 kilometers offshore from Fukushima where they can enjoy a swim to shore. IF god wants to save them he can. The ones he wants to smite he can do so. The ones that make it shore I would immediately ship to the UK to repeat the process off Selafield…just in case God missed any sinners or psychos. Im looking for a Charlton Heston, 'ten commandments' type to captain the charter boat

                  • Sam Sam

                    Please save us from reading your dossiers on all those
                    who you said have attacked you. No time for victimhood
                    here. We all are too busy dealing with the nucleoapes
                    that come here and in furthering the cause of saving this
                    Earth and all its forms of life. Going to pass over your
                    comments though continue to read your source materials.

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                  I've posted many times the thermal images to Unit #4 which proves that there is fuel in the core of reactor #4. Also the videos which you only look at the corium out the north wall, but there are theremal iages there also which show the fuel in the reactor of #4.

              • bowling

       there ya go code the mutant telepaths in their church worshipping the omega bomb in planet of the apes with charleton heston as taylor aying my god its a cobalt bomb

            • bowling

              you are one.of the few to get what is going on at enenews for a long time ann. code knew it. there are people really concerned like you and code and inbetweeners trying to do damage control. cant say they are malevolent. like pun with the bs dry cask statement below. you have had a lot on your shoulders and and code and you have genuine and loving hearts. doont let their propaganda and pushing of cognitive dissonance get to you. let them stand alone and ignore them if u have to. in many respects its. not worth goung down a rabbit hole with some of the confabulations.

      • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

        Stock: 205. 🙂
        Saved and will use until all is in planned drycask storage yards.

    • PlowboyGrownUp

      I couldn't comment there on the Detroit article, I don't have face book or that other. Wanted to question his "zero carbon" number and link Dr Merola's article on CO2 depletion from the ground to the atmosphere

  • Cisco Cisco

    Who are the morons running this contest. They must be brain dead from drinking the water. The Jim Jones Kool-Aid award for this would be more appropriate.

    "Fukushima bottled water wins Gold Quality Award in internationally coveted Monde Selection"

  • This man is not serious! Haw can he assert that we can eat thousand of grams of these nuclear products before it kills us? He is a nuclear physicist I guess, not a medical doctor.
    That is the point with these scientists. They assume things that confort their believes. If so, Then we are no longuer dealing with science but religion.

    • bowling

      Few things going on here. Like stock says the guy is probably a psychopath. second that is so extreme it is psychotic and demented. so it is sociopathy or psychopathy with psychosis. its like saying an astronaut can take a space walk without a space suit on. every army navy and all their scientists, all their engineers in the world, construction workers.especially from rich countries, should be converging on japan to do something about fukushima. anything. entombment in concrete. draining the bay,. massive zeolite dams. massive alteration of geological structures in and around fukushima. a million men scientists engineers. huge barges to drain the bays. huge shields built. an undertaking never seen before. but the world sits back and japan mindlessly fiddles with toys r us.

  • curly

    Good mourning fellow lab rats. I woke up this mourning to a video on CNN of a robot getting fried in three hours in a basement at a "vintage" nuclear reactor at fuku. What a way to start a day!!! For some reason my radioactively compromised brain started thinking of the European biological attack on Native Americans a few centuries ago. They called it manifest destiny. Everything's OK, keep shopping.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    "Iodine-131, with a half-life of eight days, will be lethal after ingestion of only about 30 billionths of a gram."
    Did I just hear the pther shoe drop?
    There are some 35,000,000 residents of Tokyo, each of whom have gotten more than the fatal dose of Iodine-131.
    At least one of the 3 missing nuclear cores is sitting somewhere in the ground underneath the nuclear plant ruins at Fukushima.
    The duration and amount of the radiation releases from the corium has been steadily increasing since 311.
    Meaning that the criticalities have been increasing.
    Which means that the dose Tokyo residents are getting has been increasing over time.
    I have become increasingly alarmed by this phenomenon.
    Dr. Weinberg, if you are reading this thread, would you please post an answer to these questions:
    What is happening within the corium to cause ever-increasing radiation levels?
    Are you calling for the immediate evacuation of Fukushima Preficture and the greater Tokyo metropolitan area?

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      The real question here is this:
      If the fatal dose for I-131 is 30 billionths of a gram, how many of the residents of Tokyo have ingested a fatal dose of Iodine-131 since 311?
      Answer: All of them!
      Evacuate Tokyo.
      Tipping point.
      Tip it good!
      Stop nuclear in its tracks.
      End nuclear power now.

      Have a nice day, Tepco. 😉
      Where is the damn corium, eh, Tepco?

  • Nick

    In 1973 I took a chemistry class with a man who xeroxed articles on all sorts of societal/environmental issues.

    He was also an expert on chlorine chemistry and described to us in detail how the ozone layer was getting zapped by halides and other freons.

    I vividly remember trying to grasp stuff at the atomic level and he also
    copied articles on nuclear fission/ out of containment fears. I didn't read this particular article but I am certain that some of it, via cross referencing/siting/etc. shaped some of my thinking.

    I was a boy.

    Now I am older and I still really haven't a clue about what goes on at the atomic level.

    But I DO understand TATAL. Toxic at the atomic level (thanks in part to that distant teacher from long ago)…

  • TimV

    Don't know where to put this, I feel it must be examined again so here it is.
    I know it isn't "the" answer, but could it be a big player.

    • TimV

      I'll accept your answer if you can explain it better than
      "snake oil", that answer is to short and articule was from 2011.
      I did not get where you got "snake oil " comment /decision from.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Interesting drug, but probably a short term effect/remedy and not a long term solution for ongoing exposures.

        If the drug was that good it should be able to be administered to all cancer patients in order to stop the cancers that radiation exposures cause down the line after initial contact.

        "increasing the survival rate of mice exposed to typically lethal whole-body irradiation."

        So the effected soldier can/might be able to fight for another/one more day?

        When the Nukes start flying nobody will be will be over! 🙁

      • Nick

        I mean just that.

        The DOD promotes this drug, they are snake oil salesmen!

        Ex-rad may have some enzymatic effects that are beneficial in small doses, but I wouldn't classify it as a miracle drug.

        Besides, are we going to spray it to heal the earth?

        Snake oil.

  • Nick

    "Man Gets Prison Sentence For Collecting Rainwater On His Own Property"

    This is because it found to be radioactive, just like in my rain barrels!

    Heck….I-131 is the LEAST of our worries…….NOT.

    We got hosed folks. Deal with it. Admit it. Know it.

  • demise demise

    The FDA is a blatantly bought off entity. They say everything is OK, but the alternative is to except that there is a potential problem and the dominoes will begin to fall. They are making sure the first domino does not fall by completely ignoring the problem. This shows the level of corruption on this government where the people absolutely do not matter at all.

    When the it hits the fan, you are on your own!

  • Every time they talk about one form of radionuclide, they do not talk about the hundreds and thousands, more, flowing into the Pacific a'la Fukushima Daiichi (and who knows what else?)
    Most people think, "iodine; I put iodine on cuts.. I eat iodine in my salted foods, so how bad is iodine?" They do not comprehend what a HUGE difference this is. And this is why it (and so many other radioactive elements) will MURDER people.
    It won't be called murder because it will be, "due to disease". But, like in the dolphins, sea lions, seals, fish, and fish, and fish, sponges, cucumbers, kelp, etc…., and on and on; it is murder. We know this.

  • Nick

    "The Day the Robot Died."

    Maybe, just maybe, a few more semi-sentient beings will begin to realize how dangerous our irradiated world is.

    Then there is "The Blob", a weird blob of warm water in what used to be the
    most pristine body of water in the solar system, causing all manner of strange animal die-offs and altering weather patterns globally.

  • Marushka Marushka

    Meltdown is the PR myth. The truth is that the corium in reactors 1 and 2 were ejected into the atmosphere.

    Chuck Casto (NRC flew from D.C. to Japan) said >

    pg 40-42 — models for Severe Accident were 'right on' and should be consulted. "everything that's going on is in NUREG… that thing walks down all these events perfectly." [NUREG CR-6150, Oak Ridge, Tenn]
    how to mitigate it, other than keeping water on it."

    Reactors 1 and 2 – SRV valves wide open — in the case of Reactor 2, it was an 'ex-vessel' event.. No power, no cooling leads to melting nuclear materials… with high pressure building (reported 3-4 megapascals), no cooling, at that pressure… (a noise was heard, pressure dropped suddenly, that was the moment the corium was "violently ejected and dispersed."
    Severe Accident… Laguna Verde is easier to read than NUREG CR 6150.

    Cannot find via muons or other technology because Reactors 1 and 2 are essentially empty.

    worth reading NRC FOIA ET Transcript 16 March 2011

    • +1000

      And that is why there were more than likely 7 Melt outs.. from a combo of spent fuel pools and reactors..

    • I think you mean 3 (not 2?)

      However 1 did not experience a Nuclear explosion. Its Containment dome was leaching steam for several months without end. Meaning the bulk of its payload is present in the reactor.

      3. Its gone. Out the roof and in the air. You can even see the bulk of a few fuel pools taking flight if your watch it in slow motion. But this is easily confirmed based on the fuel rod fragments that were laying between reactors 3 and 4. (2) is a curiosity, as well as 5 and 6.

      But 1 is still home. Hence all the storage tanks on site. As there is no circulation present on site, via "traditional" Cooling methods.

      • Note. More on 1. After tracking the pressure and heat rising for some three months I estimated the temp to raise above the reactors mechanical integrity in june 2011. Which as many here will remember; was the beginning of the "fogging" Which held out for several months. That was the initial event that lead to the cover being implemented (which was the first priority after temporary relief and cooling alterations were made on site.

        Nuklechin likely still has the "fogging" In his archive. I believe the dates were between June 13 and June 24th 2011

        • Notes: To date the only reactor 4 footage I've found is the aljazeer footage. However there was a 8 p.m. (what appeared to be a nuclear event) On march 17th 2011. Which I can only describe as a fire lighting up the sky as if a nuclear event had taken place. The videos author claimed it was from the fukushima Daiichi Plant. However there was never any footage reported from the Tbs cam.

          I am under the impression there was 1 explosion completely undocumented. However it might take me months to find the footage that I am mentioning. (take it or leave it).

          However it was always interesting that we know that the tbs cam was on site recording and yet reactor 4's event waws never documented by the utility.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        Unit3 blew through the roof over the SFP, not the reactor. The reactor cover plates stayed on and were actually hammered pretty hard from above.

        Hard to know for sure how much of the core went up and out the pool and how much of the spent fuel was ejected.

        Philip puts great weight of evidence in the underwater pool photos. While some look way too blue and clear and pristine for my taste, I dont discount the evidence totally; otherwise they're faking it.

        The event bowed the equipment pool and pulled apart the concrete rings, but does it look like there is corium splatter everywhere? Maybe the core was aerosolized by then?

      • Marushka Marushka

        More detail on ex-vessel for Reactors 1 and 2 (corium ejected)
        NUREG CR 6150 is what Chuck Casto referred to as 'right on' for events at Daiichi 'not all at once. sequentially.'

        Reactor 3 "nuclear explosion of the reactor type"

        Spent fuel pools various stages of demise #1,2,3,4,5 and common.
        Spent fuel pool 3 was destroyed completely. NRC FOIA docs >> 'empty as in no long exists, G-O-N-E; confirmed by aerial images and 18 March 2011 by photos from parking lot.
        The Radioactive Rubble was between units 3 and 4 and bulldozed, reportedly brought radiation levels down 70%.
        Higher likelihood that that was from unit 3.

        The radiation readings to the northwest of Daiichi coincides with wind direction day sfp 4 fires.. Shine plus fires and wind direction.
        The explosion from unit 3 is what is thought to have damaged the underside of sfp 4, leading to its loss of water rapidly. Confirmed twice by NISA on 16 March 2011 as 'dry.' Later that same day, Japanese reversed themselves entirely. not the first or last time.

  • Marushka Marushka

    as for 'safe' nuclear — that is not possible

    "… there is no amount of radiation so small that it has no ill effects at all on anybody. There is actually no such thing as a minimum permissible dose. Perhaps we are talking about only a very small number of individual tragedies – the number of atomic age children with cancer, the new victims of leukemia, the damage to skin tissues here and reproductive systems there – perhaps these are too small to measure with statistics. But they nevertheless loom very large indeed in human and moral terms.

    Radiation, in its simplest terms – figuratively, literally and chemically – is poison. Nuclear explosions in the atmosphere are slowly but progressively poisoning our air, our earth, our water and our food. And it falls, let us remember, on both sides of the Iron Curtain, on all peoples of all lands, regardless of their political ideology, their way of life, their religion or the color of their skin. Beneath this bombardment of radiation which man has created, all men are indeed equal."

    ~ John F. Kennedy, 2 April 1960, Wisconsin

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Not sure we need to worry anymore, since all our hunting trips are doing just fine in killing everything on this planet. Humans are the did we get so fu$ked up?

    Yes Sir!
    Oh look there is animal over there!
    Yes Sir I see it!
    Bobby is the animal armed?
    No Sir!
    Bring me my rifle and I will kill it!
    Yes Sir Right away!

  • Bungalow Phil Bungalow Phil

    There's a primary containment vessel and a secondary containment vessel. There's a reactor pressure vessel. So this top nuclear scientist should be saying all three containment structures. No, he doesn't say that, does he? He appears to be talking to mushrooms or visualizing talking to mushrooms.
    In any event he is less than credible.


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