Top U.S. Official: “The reality is, no technology exists anywhere to solve problem” of Fukushima’s melted fuel — TV: Molten mass “will scorch into the earth” if not cooled, a ‘China Syndrome’; Geysers of radioactive steam shooting up for miles around (VIDEOS)

Published: July 3rd, 2014 at 2:19 pm ET


NHK Nuclear Watch: US View on Fukushima Daiichi, July 2, 2014 (at 2:00 in):

  • NHK: Experts say that one of the most difficult challenges of decommissioning the plant is removing fuel debris… And Magwood says that there is no magic wand to wipeout this problem.
  • William Magwood, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission: I think people have to be realistic how difficult this is, how long it’s going to take. During my visit to Japan this week, people have asked me from time to time, “Are there technologies in the US that can help solve this problem?” The reality is there is no technology that exists anywhere to solve this problem.
  • Watch the NHK broadcast here

Modern Marvels, History Channel (at 11:30 in):

  • Narrator: With the [water] pumps off, the core is being uncovered and its temperature is over 2,000 degrees and rising. When the core reaches 5,000 degrees it will melt, becoming a molten mass — metallic lava that will burn through the 8 inch steel containment vessel. Once out of the plant it will scorch into the earth itself. What happens next could become an unrivaled technological disaster.
  • Wilborn Hampton, New York Times reporter: They reach the water table, it will immediately turn to steam, boiling steam. There will be geysers of radioactivity steam shooting up in parking lots and driveways and streets and houses for miles around.
  • Narrator: The nightmare scenario is known as the ‘China Syndrome’. Land surrounding the plant will become uninhabitable. A study some years earlier has suggested upwards of 40,000 people could die if the ‘China Syndrome’ becomes reality.
  • Watch the History Channel broadcast here

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Published: July 3rd, 2014 at 2:19 pm ET


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277 comments to Top U.S. Official: “The reality is, no technology exists anywhere to solve problem” of Fukushima’s melted fuel — TV: Molten mass “will scorch into the earth” if not cooled, a ‘China Syndrome’; Geysers of radioactive steam shooting up for miles around (VIDEOS)

  • Japan Syndrome has already happened, multiple times.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      The Cat is now out of the like hell!

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      +311 you got that right Dr.!! I can't even count the number of times we see that entire region inundated in steam/smoke while checking with Tomioka cam,Iwaki,etc. doesn't have fog as thick as pea soup,or should I say "Pu Soup"?!! I was heading out the door for a breather but saw a new thread and wanted to jump in on your short,concise comment before signing out. Take care Dr.G and thanks for your great work! I finally have been able to go through your site the way I wanted and it's a great resource worth recommending to all!! I do wonder now if the mention of the "radioactive steam geysers" without cooling water was actually a "veiled hint" from someone "in the know" who assumed we'd put together what we SEE happening there often,the flurry of activity at 1F,record-high radiation detections in water,cementing of seabed & reading this story "between the lines" and it also might reflect why I've observed alarm-level radiation spikes indicative of "something passing by"on a timeframe consistent with some nasty footage of release events that often seem "planned" to occur in the middle of the night when the place is deserted(?)! Maybe they just let the crap burn itself out when they drop the "hot potato",in this case the "potato" being a bundle of melting crap or turn off the spigot providing water to pour down into the hellholes holding their coriums? They've proven to be both incompetent and full of shit so far though…:( …Take Care

  • Where are those multiple melted out coriums TEPCO?

    There are plenty of ways that they could find out where they went..

    So far, no interest, no pressure, and the world does not even know what is going on, due to the 99.9% coverup of the Fukushima mega disaster.

    • papacares papacares

      @ drG
      you, I and everyone in the know realizes the coriums are dispersed and who knows where they are, it has been over 3 years now – these heavy metal molten masses are impossible to recover – tons and tons of never ending destruction (the blob) some moving fast through what it encounters and some being slowed yet burning ever burning dispersing the destruction these death machines were created for. Was the convenience worth it? Humankind existed for thousands of years before these death machines were built and lived rather well. Yet within a single generation these death machines and their builders have succeeded in the destruction of the planet and mankind as it had previously been known.

  • Ontological Ontological

    Were all gonna die if this is allowed to continue. 40k could be dead is such a round number, where/when did that get dreamed up?

  • Sickputer

    Yes, the "Japan Syndromes" already occurred and the nuclear fog was intense (and still is). But the big explosions were less than predicted.

    40,000 deaths? Although that scenario did not occur, 40 million central Japanese are in the middle stages of radiation poisoning. Many more millions worldwide have contamination in their body from Fukushima Daiichi fallout.

    It will get worse…

  • Radioactive Smoke/Steam Coming Out Of Ground And #3 Reactor Building At Fukushima 2011- 2014 via @AGreenRoad

    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

      I love your site as it's so full of info , it loads so slow for me though and throws me off . I believe this has been discussed already here but I'm frustrated . Simple tips are needed thanks

  • cosmic charlie cosmic charlie

    “Are there technologies in the US that can help solve this problem?” So far the only "tech" they have used is the MSM blowing BS up our behinds. They are protecting their profits instead of protecting the people. Just malignant human nature doing it's thing………

  • Why would any intelligent being create a power system that when there's a problem there is no way, no technology, to fix it?

    Saying that tritium can be released into the environment in some special way without harm is an overly optimistic view. Just another downplay. (Some might call it a lie.) 😯

    A lie or not giving all the information needed is the same thing. Just like with TMI. The engineer at the first press conference LIED, flat out, the reporters had no idea they were in a radioactive environment.

    The power company lies at 16:00 minutes in.

    This statement sums up Fukushima pretty well.

    "The reality is there is no technology that exists anywhere to solve this problem."
    – William Magwood,
    US Nuclear Regulatory Commission

    Seems very clear to me.

    So, if there's NO TECHNOLOGY that can fix this, then what is the realistic short and long term outlook? The experts don't want to talk about that. 😉

    This entire Fuku event has went beyond even the scariest episode of the twilight zone that I've ever seen.

    Something's Going To Happen – Get Ready

    • Radio Radio

      ChasAsa, "Intelligent being" is the operative word you used.

    • nedlifromvermont

      Hey ChasAha … Don't you think that the manufacturer of these systems that have exploded and which can't be recovered, and which will go on polluting our small planet for hundreds and thousands of years … namely the very wealthy, powerful and well-connected company knowm as the General Electric Company … my great granddaddy Chas. A. Coffin's company no less, ought to have something to say on this matter?

      Just asking?

      Are they not intelligent beings?

      peace my friend …

      • Runningonlove Runningonlove

        Nedli, I don't suppose you have any descendants of great grandpappy
        still active in the upper strata at GE? Give 'em a call, and say,
        "How about trying to save some of your own flesh and blood?"
        I know it's a long shot, but they surely must know "Something's
        going to happen"…

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      Chas Ah- Great video- "everyone asks the question why, but it's too late" so true. Leave it to the twilight zone….

    • itsanuclearwar

      Material Misrepresentations of Material Facts. Throw in with a Duty to Disclose.

  • clamshellernh clamshellernh

    Let's put on our "thinking caps "
    Our worst fears are out of the box .
    How long do we have ?
    And how long do we have before the masses go into full fledge panic
    Fear will rule the day
    And really Marshall law ? Ridiculous they will not do what they are told for too long before they go and take care of their own families , wouldn't you .

    Are we any more prepared than most .

    I ask this of us to answer because we are in the end game .

    I'm soaking everyday with as much joy as I can fill it with , I will love and I will live as long as I can .
    I'm afraid too though .

    They say we never get more than we can handle ………

    • nedlifromvermont

      I'm with you clamsheller … Hang in there … Say, are you still doing the Japanese Consulate protest in Beantown? Maybe we can meet up with the WNTF's newly arrived in Mass. I'm coming from Brattletown, VT … We should start to meet up … if it's endgame time, as you suggest …

      Let me know!

      • clamshellernh clamshellernh

        Yes the Japanese consulate occurs every Thursday morning at 8 to 9 , it's a vigil . I'm setting up an email addy for sharing as we should really start getting together in our own areas .

        I want to see us start the discussion on the event in NYC scheduled for sept 21 a Sunday no less , it's seems to me that is saying it's their event and I'm mad as hell , I want to see a statement from them addressing nuclear power as I'm finding it scary that so many are jumping on the nuclear is the clean and clear alternative .

        I have been writing them over and over and gotten nothing back but a form for helping with the event .

        Just who is this leader mckibbon and his partner ????

        I did go to one event in Portland last year and they are sooo organized and no one is stopping any protests's scary .

        This is supposed to be a big event and a good time us old anti nukers to re emerge …

        I want to know who is supporting them aside from individuals …we have to correct the masses .

        Sorry off topic but in the vein of discussion ..I will be starting to seek discourse from this group in the other ot forum and share what IS going on with us anti nukers in regards to the demo .

        • Be careful with

          How Pro Nuclear And Anti 99% Corporations Control Eco Environmental Organizations Like Greenpeace, Sierra Club, via @AGreenRoad

          • clamshellernh clamshellernh

            Thanks for the link
            They are a scary lot
            Something is very wrong
            They get treated like royalty by police
            And like I said the organization is sooo professional
            We could take a page out of their book but I fear we would be squashed , that's why it's importaint that they do not get the upper hand at this event ..
            I'll read this now ..thanks again
            I'll take any and all info on this guy and org and get it out .

          • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

            Why aren't leaders around the world calling for a soultion to Fukushima? This has been a mystery to me from day 1 after three blew up.

            Are the elite on counting on the Google boys to complete agenda 2045? Do they really believe Immortality is just a few billion dollars away. Are they counting on robotic bodies that aren't effected by radiation, disease etc.


            • lucius.cornelius

              Are the elite on counting on the Google boys to complete agenda 2045? Do they really believe Immortality is just a few billion dollars away. Are they counting on robotic bodies that aren't effected by radiation, disease etc.

              Assorted reactions;
              Those we think of as "the elite" aren't. They are just actors and stooges and low level officials playing a role, the real elite being safely ensconsed underground in long stay bunkers. As crazy as this sounds, it's starting to contain a grain of 'might just be true'. It would certainly explain a few things.

              The whole "this is the depopulation agenda at work" thing doesn't make much sense as the so called elite are going to have problems after we've all died. Radiation doesn't give a damn about personal wealth or social standing.

              Robots that can stand radioactivity? What breakthrough do they have in mind? Is there anything that can withstand prolonged exposure to concentrated radioactivity?

              Why isn't anyone calling for a solution? Because that would mean admitting there was a problem, which means admitting there have been lies. No one will forgive lies on this scale. If word got out how bad it appears to be, you can kiss goodbye to civilised society over night. Why pay your bills? Why go to work? Why do anything other than line your nest as quickly and as comfortably as possible, before the soft stuff really starts to impact the atmosphere circulation device?

              I refer us back to the headline – "no…

          • clamshellernh clamshellernh

            Thank you again as I said above I'm having problems with your site , always have and it's so valuable , so I went to you tube and searched for the video and got more than a few to watch , just posting in the event that anyone else is having problems with site .

            You tube "greenwashers"

        • nedlifromvermont

          Got it! May be able to make it down next Thursday 7/10 … and I will check the off topic forum … away to Falmouth on the morrow for the weekend … goin' right by Entergy's Pilgrim plant in Plymouth … evacuation plan for the outer Cape? … SWIM EAST …!!!

          Hope to meet up with you soon! 'Newsers! Start to join up with your fellow 'newsers … who knows what might happen? In the spirit of Karen Silkwood we will come by the million ….

          • clamshellernh clamshellernh

            It's right off the highway , at the federal reserve where occupy was held south station ..catch up with you ot ..very busy there with traffic and parking . So be prepared

        • We Not They Finally

          clamsheller, thanks for mentioning the weekly vigil. We didn't know. May try and show up.

          • clamshellernh clamshellernh

            I'll contact the woman who is in charge of it as well , she's here somewhere but I'm not sure if she posts . Great lady !
            I PM her to ask if I can give out her Facebook page here .
            She is also talking about the event in NYC in September .
            We also have others here from our area I'll contact and I would suggest we do the same .
            I was also thinking of a google newsgroup for our area ?
            I have a list of regional anti nuke orgs I'm contacting next week as well . I have posted on ot page a few and will do more there today !
            Looking forward to putting on my boots

    • itsanuclearwar

      They have the United Nations Army to rely on. Bring in the soldiers from across the oceans. I'm sure there are many that despise Americans, and not because of our so called freedom, but because our government is/are the true terrorists. There are always foreign armies/soldiers set up here in the US, which includes the Russians and I believe the Chinese.

        • itsanuclearwar

          I'm referring to Marshall Law. Be assured that TPTB have considered every angle. They have already surveyed groups of American soldiers asking if they would fire on Americans. All over the country the US Military along with foreign troops have been training in communities for civil disobedience. If Marshall Law doesn't cut it, they will bring in foreign troops. In the mean time, they keep creating false flag events for the purpose of more gun control laws, and it is working. It has worked all over the world, it works here too.

          The Pentagon has also armed local police and sheriffs to the teeth with military weapons and vehicles. All of the Federal agencies have also been armed to the teeth recently. They are preparing. There is a whole lot more info regarding this available all over the internet. FEMA Camps and more.

          • itsanuclearwar

            Marshall Law was declared in New Orleans with Katrina when they brought in contract soldiers and confiscated all firearms with door to door sweeps.

          • clamshellernh clamshellernh

            I still remember one of the last chapters in Howard zinns book the history of the United States and I am a true believer that the ones that will be ordered to do Marshall law will revolt and go take care of their own families .
            I'm not saying that many may not die first .

  • Keep in mind, Entergy is the slum lord of nuke, they are the worst of the crap, they need to be shut down now.

    Fired security guard whistleblowers speak out against Palisades at NRC meeting

    As reported by the Kalamazoo Gazette and Michigan Radio, three security guard force whistleblowers spoke out an a Nuclear Regulatory Commission public meeting last night, alleging that they were terminated from Entergy's Palisades atomic reactor because they raised safety and security concerns.

  • dosdos dosdos

    There is no technology to clean up William Magwood it seems, despite an obvious conflict of interest with the nuclear industry.

  • Bungalow Phil Bungalow Phil

    The possibility of RadioACTIVE geysers was already reached and discussed on this site by others and myself. Just because it is now on TV doesn't mean it is higher or lower in probability more likely it was not considered a possibility without this forum picking apart TEPCO's diversionary tactics. Even with the lack of what reliable INFORMATION being disseminated it appears here as if our efforts are being rewarded by a keener sense of awareness. What do you think is happening here WORLD AT LARGE watching TV? Read the posts on this site and learn or maybe you have and here is where you get educated. The battle is fought here by those who are stymied by lack of information, disinformation and blackouts yet the loggers on are diligent, decent people that see the value in pursuing the truth…leaving no stone unturned, no snippet of information unexamined, unwaivering in the face of insurmountable odds. Thanks for the tip TV-Top Official we will re-examine it.

    • +++++++!!!!!
      My son (hadn't heard from him for 2 months) and 2 friends showed up unexpectedly today….they already *get* the Fuki-nuke problems but after showing them new stuff from here they've hit warrior mode and "we gotta amp up our health and friend's health info even more". It's choking me up but damn, I'm so proud of their determination. They're bringing me worms to see if we can get my soil back nearer to like it used to be, bless their hearts.

      • clamshellernh clamshellernh

        Thanks for sharing that I'm smiling now
        You do know that worms have been used to clean up polluted areas
        Amy Stewart wrote it ..I'll look for it and post . Can do it now or I'll loose this reply ..

        • Actually it's the radiation that killed mine. Radiation from ice layers a foot deep in places from crazy weather….deep snow melting and re-freezing for months all over my yard. 🙂

          The poor worms didn't stand a chance. Hence the attempt to repopulate in various spots from pockets my son found in the woods and see what happens.

          • clamshellernh clamshellernh

            Wow that's really awful , do you have a noticeable decline in compost making ? Are there any other reports about the worm population declining from anyone in your area ? We have an extension service where I am from , do you have one in your area that has documented this from other gardeners ? Radiation kills the micro organisms in the soil as the studies from chernoble have shown us and this is big stuff as far as a healthy environment for food production and as we all know it's connected . You are an apple growing state I presume ? Hmm worms are pretty resilient little creatures I'll have to check into that . My compost is fine so far and worm population as well but I'm in the ne

    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

      I'm waiting on vanne our scribe to get here tonight as she has the magic touch when it comes to pulling up this info that has been discussed prior ,and everything else she brings to the table , while even though we do talk things to death and seem redundant , We are providing a much needed service to those that are new or just not joining in the discussion as I did for a long time .
      I just feel that needed to be pointed out .
      Now how do I find the radioACTIVE geysers discussion ?..

      • clamshellernh clamshellernh


        For other uses, see Scribe (disambiguation).

        Jean Miélot, a European author and scribe, at work
        A scribe is a person who writes books or documents by hand as a profession and helps keep track of records. The profession, previously found in all literate cultures in some form, lost most of its importance and status with the advent of printing. The work could involve copying books, including sacred texts, or secretarial and administrative duties, such as taking of dictation and the keeping of business, judicial and, historical records for kings, nobles, temples, and cities. Later the profession developed into public servants, journalists, accountants, typists, and lawyers. In societies with low literacy rates, street-corner letter-writers (and readers) may still be found providing a service.[citation needed]

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      = Nuclear phreatic steam explosions.

  • earthsmith earthsmith

    Yeah right! They technology alright….it's called media blackout! Can't wait to hear their cry me a river excuses

  • Bungalow Phil Bungalow Phil

    TEPCO corporate theme song.
    Dang me, dang me they ought to get a rope and hang me…high from the highest treeeee, baby don't you wait for me.
    Nuke it NOW. The only way to end it.

  • Bungalow Phil Bungalow Phil

    Fukushima Fires Up Atomic Industry’s Removal-of-Liability Drive. Read it and weep folks they still insist on finding "new" markets to spread their DEATH MACHINES.

  • dosdos dosdos

    If you see Nuclear Matters, it's an Exelon mouthpiece designed to keep existing nuclear plants running, despite financial burdens they are facing now, and promote new ones.

  • WesternKyMan


    Tomorrow, tomorrow
    tomorrow we will have the technology
    Tomorrow, tomorrow
    We will clean this up, wait and see
    Tomorrow, tomorrow

    The problem is, it's always tomorrow when things will change. But sometimes, tomorrow never comes.

  • westpac99

    Clamshellernh, obewanspeaks, RAZZZ, stock, Dr. Goodheart, davidh7426, Angela_R, Sickputer, Ontological, nick, just to name a few, but all are welcome, a well funded, organized effort is in process…. can't explain here due to extreme privacy concerns. If interested email me @

    For those who are pissed off enough to get involved without compromising your identity email me. We will get on a conference call together and explain. I am sick and tired of being deceived by the PTB that are not looking out on our behalf. Time for change is NOW!

    You can even create a new email address if that makes you feel more comfortable send me your email address and username ONLY so I can verify on this enenews website. I can go ahead and start the confirmation process to allow people who are on the same side of anti-nukes to get involved. NO money is being requested as this project is funded by a well funded group that is mad as hell just like you and me.

    I will have to confirm everyones login name to verify your not a shill. This may take time depending on how often you post here on enenews. I forgot to mention, I will only allow those who posted prior to today (July 3, 2014) so a track record must be established prior to knowing of this newly formed group. Thanks everyone.

    Just email me your enenews username and I can fill you in from there.

    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

      Hmmm how do I know I can trust you ?
      Sorry I'm not trying to be rude
      I just need a tiny bit more to go on here

    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

      You have mail

    • Sparky Sparky

      Westpac99, you've got mail.
      Let's redefine "Independence Day", for life.

      "We will not go quietly into the night…."


    • 52Rockwell

      I did it:)
      Im stupid or brave. They have us all by now anyway. I did a google advanced search on the username and he/she does go back for awhile. Hey… I throw no rocks! My house is made of glass :)Try it youself. He/she told me they are a writer and only looking for activist. He/she lives in Hawaii he/she/it sez..
      I told them Im only into legal actions , no arrests wanted 🙂
      My Bails-bondman tole me I should start paying a retainer fee as it is 🙂
      I dont need that kinda trouble. , No More 🙂

      • 52Rockwell

        Here is the reply I recieved:
        Russell, You live in Hawaii? what is your user name with enenews? check this out:
        Thank you for your interest. Here is where I am coming from.

        I have two young children that I love more than anything in the world. I hope it never happens but I dread the day they pass before me from any kind of sickness brought about from nuclear energy.

        I am not a fancy colorful writer, I call it the way I see it. I get straight to the point. I am college educated, but have no experience in the nuclear science arena. I have a good amount of common sense, decent organizational skills. EVERYTHING I stand for and plan on getting involved with will be legal.

        I am so tired of reading the B.S. the officials put out in the media, pure propaganda. So sad isn’t it, it’s all about the money. I am obsessed with doing everything I can to improve the world I live in and nuclear power in not an option.

        Preliminary plan:
        organize a core group of people with similar desires and goals to prioritize the most important tasks.
        Make a broad list of related problems that need to get addressed
        formulate a plan to solve these problems
        figure a budget
        Organize with other anti-nuke people together to get on the same page
        determine a timeline to start each item on list

        Money: There is NO money being requested. I am connected to a group that has DEEP pockets and has the same desire and aspirations as I do.

        I need to work together with people much…

    • bo bo

      Hi westpac, have you contacted Radchick, arclight ( of nuclearnews ) Kevin Blanch, Dr. Helen Caldicott, Kevin Kamps, BeaitifulGirlbyDana, professor Hiroaki Koide, Former prime minister Junichiro Koizumi, Taro Yamamoto, Takashi Hirose, Dr. Yuri Bandshevsky, Mako Oshidori, Onodekita, Yuri Hiranuma, … these are just off the top of my head – I am sure stock or Dr G can come up with an even better list. It would be great to see some of these people get the funding they need.

      (Btw – fellow newsers – whatever happened to Alexander Higgins?)

      But in the meantime, you've got mail too. Using my throwaway e mail.

  • I find it interesting that now in the NHK video (sourced from TEPCO?) at 2:00 to 2:09 the corium is shown to drop in 3 or 4 giant 30 ton droplets into the bottom of containment. It reminded me of the 3 booms heard when reactor 3 exploded. The timing was about right.

    IMHO TEPCO is gradually positioning itself (themselves) to admit that the core of unit 3 was vaporized and ejected in 3 giant steam explosions. That admission will be a few years down the road, most likely. They need to move slowly lest anybody notice their changed admissions.

  • jonnyboy jonnyboy

    does anyone else here realize that the article was quoting the HISTORY CHANNEL??? ha…. i mean… ha….. its so sensational.. check your heads people…

    • The NHK video is CURRENT NEWS. Check your facts.

    • My head is fine, thank you.

      Yes, Modern Marvels is a History Channel show. Their format is somewhat 'sensational'. What else is it supposed to be? Maybe, a reality show style documentary? That would be far too scary. Although, maybe people really do need the poop scared out of them in order to finally get the point here.

      🙂 Ha…!

      The point is… we are consistently LIED TO at every turn by the almighty Nuclear Power Industry and the governments that go along with it.

      How can the Nuclear Industry be allowed to BLATANTLY LIE and put millions, if not billions, of people at risk around the world and suffer no consequences?

      The game is rigged and we are all the pawns.

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      jonnyboy- Three Mile Island happened….the history channel showed the documentary made about the meltdown.

  • The big take away form this is the NRC has acknowledged there is no technology to handle this – this is great news for us battling nuclear – if they can not fix their horrific problems then they can not stay in business!!! Legal needs to get on this more.

  • rogerthat

    ''The reality is there is no technology that exists anywhere to solve this problem''

    ''an unrivaled technological disaster''

    ''There will be geysers of radioactivity steam shooting up in parking lots and driveways and streets and houses for miles around'

    – hey, don't these guys read Forbes? don't they know it's criminal? quick, quick, report them to the thought police! call Captain Conca, he will bang their coconuts together until they recant.

  • vital1 vital1

    In the interview he talks about having to release Tritium. Tritium is something to be very concerned about. This video brings up a lot of independent research on the biological effects of radioactive Tritium releases.

    04.12.2011 – Radioactive Berkeley: No Safe Dose


    The video also expressed a public concern over children visiting the Lawrence Hall of Science to exposure to tritium emissions from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s (LBNL) National Tritium Labeling Facility.


    Just commenting in these forums keeps this information in a closed loop.

    Get the message out there on how serious the Fukushima nuclear disaster is
    quickly, and efficiently. You don’t need to explain anything just distribute the lifesaver.pdf or create your own, hand it out, mailbox it, Facebook it, Twitter it, or email it. Think outside the box, put it on public notice boards, hand it out to people, or put it into letter boxes when you go for a walk.

    The more people we educate the sooner change will happen.

  • Angela_R

    This is not the first time that I've noticed an attempt has been made to tell us the realities. Time and again we mention others who will not listen, and we call them ostriches.

    As I place the last jigsaw piece in place, I look back and think of those who were close to that truth for a long, long time. I now think of the scientists who worked, attempting to explain, the frustration, the horror they have lived with, and yet in my cocoon, I was in part protected. So for that, I thank them.

    The profiteers, I don't. But your money will not help you and it certainly will not buy friends.

    I am reminded of "they will throw their silver into the street…"
    for luminous beings* they are not.

    * thank you MeltingMermaid for a different term to describe 'good angels'

  • rogerthat

    … Anyhow, we have progress. Remember the bad old days, when the mantra ''nuclear power is inherently safe'' was endlessly parroted by the industry and its scientists, and by politicians and officials? I haven't heard that one for a long time now.
    Instead, it's looking like a hell of a way to boil water. Hey, we need some tea, let's fire us up a nuclear power plant! We may end up boiling the earth, but at least we'll have a good strong cuppa.

    New Zealand is nuclear-free. Perhaps it's because they already have boiling mud and don't need any more:
    God loves New Zealand, he gave us boiling mud,
    God's the full quid, because that isn't all he did,
    God gave us rugby, because you can't kick boiling mud,
    God gave us sheep…because you can't shear boiling mud,
    God gave us cricket…because you can't lose at boiling mud,
    God gave us Australia…because you can't live in boiling mud.
    God loves New Zealand, he gave us boiling mud…

    If anyone can find a video of this song by Fred Dagg (John Clarke), it's a hoot.

  • weeman

    Tell me something I don't know, no technology exsists, have you not learned anything from past experiences and the answer is no, why it is not as if you have not been trying, still no way of make inert or even a proper disposal method, nothing, not a, sweet FA.
    If you can't get near corium in chernobyl and areas of TMI Have not been entered since accident, what makes you think you are going to be able to stand on top of the reactors at Fukushima and remove the fuel, you know and I know the radiation is massive.
    The answer is, time on a unimaginable time frame, at the moment the only answer?
    We in trouble if corium has left the building, fingers crossed.


    Germany is trying to send its nuke waste to the USA, why is this even being discussed, much less likely? All in the name of greed and lies.

  • Does everyone out there realize that the average world temperature has not gone up a single bit in the last 15 years?

    More wild weather sure. Global warming has stalled, it was happening, now we are more likely to get cooling.

    Lets hope its a real mini ice age

    • The additional aerosols and soot from intensifying industrial activity worldwide that have been wafted into the upper atmosphere are causing increased reflection of solar radiation back into space. This is called global dimming.

      Read about global dimming here:

      This is offsetting the additional heat trapping due to the continued increases in greenhouse gas concentrations.

      What this means is, if the world were to experience an economic collapse, and worldwide industrial activity also collapses, the aerosols and soot would diminish quickly, and global dimming would quickly vanish. This would leave our accumulating greenhouse gasses to have their effect with no offsetting influence. Global warming would then accelerate!!

      If you don't know who to believe, just look at the loss of sea ice at both poles. Global warming and climate change is REAL!

      • We Not They Finally

        Maybe AND BUT…: Global dimming is a TERRIBLE deliberate wreckage of natural weather systems. Never should have been done in the first place and has to STOP. See Dane Wigington on that whole topic — he's very thorough.

        • We Not They Finally

          P.S. I should have clarified. Global dimming isn't just what you say. So-called "aerosols" is also chemtrails!! Which is disastrous, planet-wrecking, and has to STOP.

          Maybe clarify what you MEAN. Because apparently what you have SAID does not help — to the contrary. IMHO.

          • We Not They Finally

            Really. If you are weighing in in favor of chemtrails, you need to SAY so, not dress it up in cr-p about the value of "global dimming." Because if that is what you are callihg "global dimming," it's killing us off and NO ONE should be defending it.

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              Can we agree to call it geoengineering?

              (Shame to call it that; most engineers are decent people. But that's what it really is ….)

              • I am not defending global dimming. I agree that it is just another straw on the camel's back.

                My point is that global dimming is masking the damage we are doing to the planet, and global dimming might not 'be there for us' in the long run. But the greenhouse gasses definitely WILL!!!

      • itsanuclearwar

        First of all Wikipedia is about as reliable as snopes and or quackwatch, in other words, unreliable and many times flat out lies. Most of the time they just follow the official party line of BULL SHIT. This instant is more BS. The government/military/industrial war machine straight up owns the weather and can do what ever they want with it. That includes melting the ice at both poles. That is what they are doing.

        And yes it is obvious to me that you are supporting the use of chemtrails. Besides the fact that your claims regarding what you refer to as "global dimming" is incorrect.

        Global warming and climate change is a fraud. All of the weather all over the world now is manmade weather modification. There is no refuting this fact.

    • We Not They Finally

      I'd check out Dane Wigington on that, stock. He says that yes, they can geoengineer extreme cold, but then it boomerangs back to warming. Also that the National Weather Center is controlled by Raytheon, mega weapons manufacturer, and that they have the meteorologists fudge the data. We just discovered Wigington recently — he's committed and he's great. At

      Incidentally, he's NOT in denial about Fukushima — just thinks that we hit tipping point before that even happened. Tremendously knowledgable with his specialty, geoengineering.

  • name999 name999

    I don,t hope for a mini – ice age…geo-science…that is what we are stuck with.

  • I moved to chile to get away from the fallout I think that moving SOUTH is the best thing anyone can do to protect themselves. com down here!!1

    I put up some videos…

  • Radio Radio

    So why was the last 4 summers been the hottest on record? And, those are land temps you are referring to, not ocean temps. Those who financially benefit from debunking global warming work at putting reinterpretations of reports, cherry picking more facts and figures than the other side is accused of doing! I really feel that if a person wants to know about climate change, which has periodical global warming as part of it's theory, then you need to read EVERYTHING, and i mean everything. Nearly every scientist and government stalled on accepting this theory with as much gusto as they deny nuclear dangers and are only accepting it now because realizing the ramifications of the effects on high population densities is staggering. What temperatures we are having today will be because of what was dumped into the system 50 years ago, not last year. This is a staggered, accumulated systemic response, much like radioisotopes released 50 years ago just now having an effect, which is hard to grasp. To reduce heating 200 years from now, we need to reduce dumping now.

    • vital1 vital1

      A lot of Kryton was released from Fukushima, add this to the climate change dynamic.

      Climate risks by radioactive krypton-85 from nuclear fission
      Atmospheric-electrical and air-chemical effects of ionizing radiation in the atmosphere.

      “The study shows that krypton-85 from nuclear fission enhances air ionization and, thus, interferes with the atmospheric-electrical system and the water balance of the earth atmosphere. This is reason for concern: There are unforeseeable effects for weather and climate if the krypton-85 content of the earth atmosphere continues to rise. There may be a krypton-specific greenhouse effect and a collapse of the natural atmospheric-electrical field. In addition, human well-being may be expected to be impaired as a result of the diminished atmospheric-electrical field. There is also the risk of radiochemical actions and effects caused-by krypton-85-containing plumes in other air-borne pollutants like the latters' transformation to aggressive oxidants. This implies radiation smog and more acid rain in the countries exposed. This study summarizes findings
      gained in these issues by various sciences, analyses them and elaborates
      hypotheses on the actions and effects of krypton-85 on the air, the atmosphere and the climate. (orig./HP) ;”

    • itsanuclearwar

      Seems that you are cherry picking the info, regardless if it is correct, to push the global warming fraud.

      Did you " read EVERYTHING, and i mean everything" in order to "wants to know about climate change". You come across as if you know what you are talking about but I don't believe that you "read EVERYTHING, and i mean everything".

      You stated: "Nearly every scientist and government stalled on accepting this theory with as much gusto as they deny nuclear dangers and are only accepting it now because realizing the ramifications of the effects on high population densities is staggering"

      That is complete BS. There is so much wrong with that statement. First off, just as with the nuclear experts, nearly all of the weather scientist are paid liers and promote the official lie of what was once called global warming but is now officialy climate change. If you had "read EVERYTHING, and i mean everything" then you would have known about the hackers that got all the emails from the "world experts" (regarding global warming) from that university in England which exposed there lies in fabricating the global warming fraud. Of course the media never mentioned this fact nor has any of the other of fraudsters pushing this lie.


      • itsanuclearwar

        How about "The Report From Iron Mountain", surely you would have read that. That report from the 1960s is where they first came up with the idea too use the weather to control the masses. Of course you would know everything there is to know about weather modification if you had "read EVERYTHING, and i mean everything", but you fail to mention anything about the US Air Force 1996 document titled "Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025" or anything else about weather modification. And here it is 2014 and they already own the weather and are using as a force multiplier against their own country. TREASON no matter how you slice and dice it.

        Then you want us to believe that the government is looking out for the public when you state " realizing the ramifications of the effects on high population densities is staggering". Get real, they are poisoning the food ,water, and the air in so many ways, including the global warming fraud and/or actions.

        The rest of your statement is more propaganda promoting the global warming fraud which I don't have the time to expose nor do I fill a need to address.

        You are very good at writing and I am sure that you will come back with something that gives the impression that you are an expert and never wrong, but the truth cannot be made untrue with political writing no matter how clever.

    • 52Rockwell

      Agreed!Well Said.

      • 52Rockwell

        But PLEASE lets dont fracture this group with the well worn political discussions of the day. Im sure we all take sides. It is our nature ,if we spilt over those we will lose our main focus. NUKE ARE KILLING US NOW. Stop the nukes ,and then we can work out the details in a new Continental Congressional convention, or split off into separate ,but Confederated States. My Choice,btw. We are so divided now ,we need a D-I-V-O-R-C=E.

      • 52Rockwell

        BTW I was agreeing with Radio. Global warming is real.

  • earthsmith earthsmith

    I agree with stock on the cooling period coming upon us.
    Poles shifting
    Earthquakes then volcanoes
    The universe is drastic without humans
    Throw in the modem day human and it's catastrophic

  • zogerke zogerke

    Magwood (us nra official) said that the japanese decide things differently- the us team uses voting and debate….the japanese team nra uses consensus. that is interesting. consensus requires all to agree…and in some consensus, any one member can block a decision (quaker.) i wonder what the japanese process is. maybe not enough has happened due to a lack of 100% agreement and consensus in the nra decisoion making body?, maybe that's part of their not moving forward, being stuck in place, ineffective?

    Thoug the ineffectiveness is that nothing can be done. sigh.

    • We Not They Finally

      That's a false crappy distinction. With the NRC, "voting and debate" just means that if you dissent in favor of sanity, YOU get voted off the island…. Then what you wind up with is [duh] consensus anyway.

    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

      Oh my sounds like a GA at occupy , how do they get anything done ? I remember having a six hour ga on what color to wear to a demo , and we still didn't decide …pain in the ass but looking back I have to laugh .

  • Whatever country you live in any nuclear crisis that may have or may happen in the future will be met with lies and deceit. It just so happens that the Japanese have a "free market" economy installed by the USA gov after conquering the Japanese with two nuclear bombs detonated on two separate cities. Therefore the lies surrounding the actual truth are also for the investors and stockholders of Tepco. Additional pressure from a western international committee that was relying on a Rokkasho Japanese reprocessing plant to process nuclear waste from there own nuke power and de-commissioned A-bombs.

    Oh yeah, both links won't let me see the nhk vid up here in bc Canada. Don't worry friends. I totally believe there is no solution to cleaning up Fukushima as for one they can't get near the cores or can robots. Most people work awful damn hard to keep there head in the sand. On the other hand it seems certain people are working even harder to maintain this ignorance.
    Divorce yourself from this economy as much as possible to limit the power The Power That Be .


  • We Not They Finally

    Wonder if William Magwood of the NRC will get to keep his job after giving this interview, or go the way of Gregory Jackzo.

  • Jebus Jebus

    I am really surprised that no one picked up on this.

    Talk about a conflict of interest inside a conflict of interest.

    WASHINGTON, June 18, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — After seeking and then getting an international job promoting nuclear power while serving on the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), Commissioner William D. Magwood is being urged to resign immediately by 34 leading national and local groups, including Friends of the Earth, Physicians for Social Responsibility, the Sierra Club Nuclear Free Campaign, and the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy. According to the letter the groups submitted today to Magwood and his fellow Commissioners, Magwood "fatally compromised" his role as an independent safety regulator by failing to recuse himself from NRC safety decisions while negotiating for and accepting the position of Director-General with the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development's (OECD) Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA). By charter, the NEA actively promotes the use of nuclear energy and the economic interests of its member governments, including governments that own or sponsor U.S. nuclear licensees and applicants.

    I'm not sure how to evaluate this with the above Japan trip and statements.

    Is it a wolf in sheep's clothing or a sheep in wolf's clothing?

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      Great catch Jebus.

      • Jebus Jebus

        I'm baffled and befuddled by this political shapeshifting.

        The only thing that I can come up with is that behind the scenes, the political establishment is completely spun out by the conflict of interest in their allegence to nuclear power and their horror at the events unfolding in Japan and indeed across the northern hemisphere.

        Kind of like the sudden realization that you are eating your own shit…

        • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

          jebus…What if they are upset because he is saying out loud…"there is nothing we can do to fix this" maybe that's what they meant about him being totally corrupted.

      • Sickputer

        Magwood is a brazen unethical nucleoape. In China such public disclosure of bureaucratic enrichment would lead to a firing squad. In America he will probably get a slap on the wrist or nothing at all. It seems the big players pay to support both major parties in elections and they expect their 100% guaranteed winners to toe the nuclear line.

        One more notch on the nucleoape belt. One day their pants will fall and the silent majority will view the Emperor in his new clothes.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      It was posted here a couple of days ago, maybe on the Forum?

    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

      Or maybe they are preparing us for the kill

  • Jebus Jebus

    Bill Magwood, NRC Democrat, Is 'Treacherous, Miserable Liar' And 'First-Class Rat,' Says Harry Reid

    Posted: 07/30/2012 12:16 am Updated: 07/30/2012 2:13 am

    "That man I will never, ever forget what a treacherous, miserable liar he is. I met with him because Pete Rouse asked me to meet with him. I said, 'Is he OK on Yucca Mountain?' Pete said, 'Yeah.' So I went through some detail with him as to how important this was to me. 'Senator, I know this industry like the back of my hand. You don't have to worry about me,' [Magwood said]. And the conversation was much deeper than that."

    Late in 2011, HuffPost reported that Magwood was working with Republicans and the nuclear industry to oust then-NRC Chairman Greg Jaczko, just as he had done to his boss Terry Lash at the Department of Energy in the 1990s.

    "What I eventually found was that he had been deceptive and disloyal," Lash said of his then-number two, when told what Reid said. "I'm surprised at the strength of it, but it's certainly consistent with what I've seen."

  • Jebus Jebus

    Bernie Sanders, Bill Magwood Square Off Over Nuclear Commission Fight

    Posted: 12/15/11 06:06 PM ET

    WASHINGTON — Sen. Bernie Sanders grilled a nuclear commissioner at a hearing Thursday, demanding to know whether he intended to step into the top job if an effort to oust Gregory Jaczko, chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, was successful.

    The Vermont independent also questioned the witness, Commissioner Bill Magwood, about his ties to the Japanese company that owns the failed Fukushima nuclear facility. In doing so, Sanders read a Huffington Post article into the record. Magwood confirmed that he had consulted for the company, but called reporting on the connection "outrageous." He also refused to rule out replacing Jaczko.

  • Jebus Jebus

    And finally, here's your end game…

    Tiny power plants hold promise for nuclear energy

    By LORI HINNANT April 17, 2014 5:12 PM

    William Magwood, the incoming director of the Paris-based forum for nuclear energy countries, said the U.S. expects the first licensing applications to build one of the small, modular nuclear reactors in the second half of 2014, a key test to learn whether they can exist beyond the theoretical.

    "Anything with nuclear takes a while, and that's appropriate when you're talking about a technology that has to be built correctly," Magwood said in an interview ahead of his formal introduction this week to his new post. "We haven't built one, so we don't know whether they're going to be financially successful."

    "A small reactor … can be built for a fraction of that cost," Magwood said, describing the proposed costs as about one-tenth of a smaller reactor. Companies pitching the projects say they could be built near population centers, but Magwood said that would need serious vetting.

    They have, he later cautioned, "a possibility that's not yet proven."–finance.html

    Lemons from poison lemonade, it's all nuclear power…

  • Jebus Jebus

    Commissioner William D. Magwood

    Mr. Magwood served seven years as the Director of Nuclear Energy with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), where he was the senior nuclear technology official in the United States Government. He oversaw the restoration of the Federal nuclear technology program and led the creation of "Nuclear Power 2010," “Generation IV,” and other innovative initiatives—including successful efforts that helped reverse the decline in American nuclear technology education. During his tenure at DOE, Mr. Magwood was recognized as a strong advocate of international technology cooperation and served as Chairman of both the Generation IV International Forum and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Steering Committee on Nuclear Energy.

    Prior to his appointments at DOE, Mr. Magwood managed electric utility research and nuclear policy programs at the Edison Electric Institute in Washington, D.C. Before that, he was a scientist at Westinghouse Electric Corporation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Mr. Magwood holds a B.S. degree in physics and a B.A. degree in English from Carnegie-Mellon University. He also holds an M.F.A. degree from the University of Pittsburgh.

    Any questions as to the intent of this individual?

    NRC motto: Always, spin a nuclear disaster, into more nuclear waste…

  • Clamsheller, I have to reply down here with you on the earthworm subject. (Grrrr, makes the page reload if I use the correct reply box under your post up there.) Then the reload takes 5 minutes. So…

    The farm extension agency is a couple of towns from here and years ago I found them to be the backbone of the pesticide/ag hub for all the farmers around this county. They definitely despise eco-freaks, tree huggers and probably worms. They're solidly in cahoots with the forestry spraying programs and highway right of way sprays too. I got nowhere with them on past fights. They're still into glysophates are good for you. I want to pull my last hairs out.

    Locally here's what's interesting. My neighbor hasn't been finding live healthy worms either and a day after we talked she called me. She bumped into a friend who said, just out of the blue, that she wanted to buy a couple types of worms now, since her property/gardens don't have any this year (and she is an avid fisherlady too).

    My compost is not working and aging correctly the past 2 years….first I thought it was the weather, me being lazy about tending it, etc. I have several, all organic, that always used to be in different stages but now, just moldy and leaves not breaking down. Had a guy turn and fluff the layers last year. Didn't help. Occasionally I see marble bugs in damp areas, fire ants or other small insects, but typically no earthworms and I guess no microbes, or not enough of them.

    I'll keep…

    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

      Our extension service also was an extension of the Agro industry and big time promoters for ortho ect . But they changed with the times to understand organic as better they are the ones one has to go thru for your organic certification too , can you believe that ? and I was told I had to take pesticide classes to get it . Made no sense to me . They do transitional organic to stay in the fold and to wean the farmers off pesticides .
      It takes three years of staying off all pesticides to get the certified organic stamp .
      I never used any pesticides as I did bio dynamically .
      I know your area the ortho people are in full force .

      Just like any govt agency the industry is entrenched .
      Got to take to good with the bad I guess
      After a few years I didn't even bother getting the cert as I had loyal customers ,stores and resturaunteers that knew me and my practices . The farmers market is another story .
      If your looking for worms for your compost only use red worms you can order them thru any field and stream like magazine . They don't survive well outside of compost .

      Do you have nettles growing in your area ? If so load your compost with it the worms will come .
      I feel pretty lucky so far where I am crossing my fingers things don't change a quickly as it seems it has on the west coast .
      Look into compost tea to enrich your soil too , not just the water and compost but the kind you add molasses to and an oxygen provider . This will help restore the…

      • I grow nettles in the mini climate area of my yard that they like. (A spring tonic for me and the compost.) I seed compost with all kinds of nature's bio organisms which later in turn, beefs up flower and garden beds but lately, since the land and worms took their horrible radiation hit, no one knows if the soil is too irradiated for them to ever make a comeback.

        Both my sons are experienced with over 20 years of building organic soil mixes for a living, and restoring barren soils for people. If they can't do it it's a nuclear radiation overload that's permanent. So wish us and the worms luck. The food chain destruction tipping point is getting more real by the day. 🙁

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Wow, I finally figured out how to log in.(Bottom of page) No way to solve the problem, eh? The nuke boys cashed a cold check, did they? The people I know, that have done that, are in jail…

    Time to go to sleep (logging out) night everyone. (Day)

  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

    " The reality is there is no technology that exists anywhere to solve this problem."

    This is what Japan said almost immediately after the meltdowns. That when the technology was invented that would allow them into the reactor containment vessels, in 20 to 40 years, they would then deal with it. Very early on it was reported here on ENEnews.

    • Shaker1

      Well, I wonder how they feel looking like a bunch of drunken campers who have been trying to piss on the forest fire they started.

      How quickly one runs out of beers, huh?

      And then to remain thinking that it's still possible if they just had enough beer?

      And to have the desire to keep drinking and be able to stand long enough to actually accomplish it?

      Personally I believe anything is possible, and in the short run may even appear smart, but once the long run is approached to disregard that anything is possible only proves one an idiot.

      Experiment? OK. To repeat the experiment in public, over and over and over and over, and continue to do so? How smart is that?

      That said, and risking seeing more of this technology, I truly would wish to see some technology that allows them to mitigate this on a greater level than the campers with beer. As it is, though, that's all it is.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    You nuke guys can start shooting yourselves in the temples, now. Don't worry, the technology to bring you back doesn't exist, but in forty years…who knows?

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      uni- When I went to reply to your post this whole site just reset and all the headlines and comments were gone. I had to reload the page twice to get back here and respond. I suggest the nuke guys go diving for the missing coriums…there is no reason to waste good brass. 😉

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        A glitch in the matrix? Sentinels released? I felt like I shouldn't have written the post, but then I thought, " They didn't think twice about endangering everyone else with no available means to protect us!" 40 years out is just ridiculous contingency planning.

        Hey, I think I'll go to the bank and ask for a low interest loan. Hey, in 40 years I could mutate and grow a superpower. X-men style. I'm getting my shoes on…

  • Ana Ana

    Off the Fuku topic but on the no tech exists regarding WIPP topic, Los Alamos admitted that errors were made re their barrels of waste. I put that in the "no shit Sherlock file". Tech (lack of) AND human stupidity are the problem and always will be.
    Ana in Sacramento

  • We Not They Finally

    They are trying to say that when it "finally" becomes The China Syndrome you'll know, because geysers of radioactive steam in full view will lead the way? Like "You'll know when Godzilla has arrived" and anything less than that is NOT "The China Syndrome"?

    Nice try, guys…

  • 52Rockwell and others wanting to be a part of something positive –that's straight-up and in the open –might be interested in the Green Party (which has a plank opposed to nuclear power) and in Lawrence Lessig's activities –of past and of late –per:




  • clamshellernh clamshellernh

    Eesh friends

  • rockyourworld

    run hillary? the fix is in! she's the next puppet for our real government, big oil and king cheney!

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      I'm with 52Rockwell and will also take that bet!! Anyone in doubt should go back to the old ENE favorite,"follow the money"! The nuke-puke lobbyists have put all their eggs into backing the Republican Party who will be tasked with being chosen to carry the atomic torch and most of the surviving,mutating schmucks will finish last in the human race,where NOBODY "wins",not even "in the know" scum hiding in their bunkers as though they expect to someday crawl back out from under their rock to inherit a world worth living in if inhabitable by ANY living thing at all(?!! 🙁
      Also +311 NBO for;"Once we start self censoring our thoughts "they" have won"!-I'm 100% sure that at least 3 of the worst things that pose obstacles with great negative impacts on my life & those nearest/dearest to me came about as a result of what I've had to say as well as what I HAVEN'T DONE to support TPTB or their slimy agenda,but if their "sheople/lemming indoctrination programming" didn't work on me,what makes them think f#%king with me & mine will get them anything except another 200 angry,TRUTHFUL rants that I hope & pray helps in the fight against the apathy that allows them to continue with their foul crap??!!I grew up surrounded by combat-hardened war vets who taught me plenty & the day TSHTF it'll be clear to EVERYONE how fragile the NWO "was" and why TPTB are justifiably soiling their undies at the thought of where they'll stand when those with "skills" are ALL out…

      • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

        Johnny Blade- there is no point in living without the freedom of speech and thought. The PTB have already destroyed the planet to enrich themselves, what else can they threaten us with? Death? That will come to all lifeforms as the radiation saturates the planet. I am with Sister Megan Rice who said the only thing she was sorry about is that she had not started fighting the nuclear cartel sooner.
        (Not her exact words)

        • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

          NBO,just saw your post as I was exiting and wanted to say +311 as usual my friend!! I'm not sure to what extreme our responses & actions are prescribed under the circumstances that made our lives a living nightmare with grotesque surgical scars & organs body parts ravaged with malignant tumors and the only GOOD left in this world as far as people are concerned,found en masse right here and my heart & soul is incarcerated as I'm also with Sister Megan Rice in "spirit",if not soon "physically" as well(?)!! I hope that I get to do something as noble & selfless for ALL of what's good left of humanity and nature someday and my rambling words coming straight from my heart are the best I can do under my present circumstances unfortunately! KNOW that I care deeply about more people in this single venue,ENEnewser's,than I do for all of the others in all walks of life elsewhere put together! Sad but TRUE!, YOU guys & gals have become my extended "family" and I'm proud of each & every one of you!! 🙂 Take Care my friend and always know,"The TRUTH is what hurts "them" the MOST"!! TIP IT!!!

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        cont'd-all out for the 1%er's blood!! I don't promote ANY situation or acts that would make things any harder for those like my wife and our loved ones & friends,or ANYONE whose position and status allows suffering more and sooner as any mass civil uprising would,but sacrifices will have to be made and not "if" but "when" my wife dies from her cancer I won't have anything left to encourage me to remain "civilized" according to ANYONE'S definition of the word. In other words,"If I manage to outlive my 311-sickened wife & family members left now,I will not hesitate to join forces with whoever is fighting against the BS and would lay down my life for any of my 'NEWSER friends as well in the process"!!(I probably just made the "guest list" for the "special-suites" at one FEMA camp or another and "fearing reprisals" isn't part of how I was built! I may piss & moan often,but I'm always justified in doing so via REAL news updates telling of what's been done,is being done(to us)and where it's going if more people don't wake up and finally say & DO something about it!! If that makes me some kind of an "a-hole,or enemy of the state,etc.",then so be it!P.S.,my late step-dad was a recon Marine for 2,11-month tours of 'Nam,all of 1969 & most of '70 & then a cop for 17 years before PTSD & then Agent Orange took him away from us right before we were sposed to go to DC for the 200th B-day bash for the USMC.52Rock's "Kentucky Windage"post comes to mind &…

        • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

          comforts me knowing what great targets those baby-blue UN helmets would make under such circumstances! Semper Fi!!! 🙂 I can't speak for younger generation who may well have been fully "indoctrinated" aka "dumbed down" into submission & likely to either surrender or sell out my fellow Americans or TRUE "freedom-loving" people from any nation ruled by tyrant's,but a bunch of old goats with most of their lives behind us now and still able to justify the trophies and "expert marksman" lapel badges tucked away with whatever goodies will be broken out regardless of which party's "tool" is in office when the sky finishes falling and the time has come to STFU and flip the selector to "Rock & Roll"??!! The PTB have been weighed,they have been measured,and they've ALL been found wanting. I'd prefer a peaceful resolution to all of what's happened & finally publicized(YEARS "AFTER" the fact in the case of 3/11-Fukushima!) but the battle lines have been drawn! Nobody has to show up with six-guns blazing-but they do have to SHOW UP!! Okay I guess the signs of another seizure coming SOON in my most beloved has effectively taken me off the air for now(?)! 🙁 Stay tuned for more (anti-nukepuke)hate & discontent to follow…if I'm still around or "able",that is(?)!! Take Care ALL! Hope all had a nice July 4th despite my own reluctance to celebrate so-called"freedom" or "independence" in USA!It was little more than a sad reminder that TPTB wipe their ass with our…

          • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

            Constitution!! 🙁 Have a great day & weekend ALL,even if I'm NOT… Rant OVER

            • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

              All the best to you Johnny Blade- to you and yours peace and health …the two most valuable things right now.

            • Sparky Sparky

              Hey JohnnyB, I hope you and your wife find some moments of peace and joy in between the chaos. I appreciate how dedicated you are to each other, and to promoting truth, despite the difficulties it presents. I hope you get some comfort in knowing that many of us here on Enenews care and are sending their best wishes for a better future for you and yours, and for this beautiful planet of ours.

            • Sol Man

              In regards to a potential trip to a FEMA camp you know that various armored vehicles, probably ammunition and so on is made of DU? So, not good for the people that are crewing them because they are all getting irradiated. Even the local police with those mraps parked in the back lot or somewhere in storage are emitting radiation to all within range. The du keeps getting distributed through the system.

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