Top Official Warns: Sinkhole could go ‘a lot’ further, potential is substantial — ‘A lot’ of information has yet to come out (VIDEO)

Published: November 8th, 2012 at 10:30 pm ET


Interview with Louisiana State Representative Joe Harrison
Host Marlin Folse
Nov. 5, 2012
h/t rainbeaudais

At 25:45 in

Louisiana State Representative Joe Harrison: The potential of it is substantial.

Host Marlin Folse: It could go a lot further?

Harrison: Yes, and that is the concern.


Folse: Are you convinced… are the people being leveled with up to this point before the meeting, if they’ve got about all of information that you need to get out, or do you think they’re still hiding some underneath the carpet?

Harrison: There is still a lot of information that has to come out. A lot… I don’t want to misspeak or start any rumors or make accusations, that’s not what my job is.

Watch: [intlink id=”sheriff-warns-giant-louisiana-sinkhole-could-expand-beyond-control-video” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: November 8th, 2012 at 10:30 pm ET


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24 comments to Top Official Warns: Sinkhole could go ‘a lot’ further, potential is substantial — ‘A lot’ of information has yet to come out (VIDEO)

  • dosdos dosdos

    Well, start with anything they try to do to stop the influx of the fractured strata into the cavern is going to be futile. Rock is heavier than anything they can pump into it. That means the sinkhole has the potential to grow to equal the size (volume) of the failed cavern. That hasn't been discussed yet.

  • PavewayIII PavewayIII

    Harrison was describing the width and depth of the sinkhole as shown on an older slide as 600' wide and 450' deep, "…but the potential is substantial." [referring to possible growth] That's when Folse interrupts and asks if it can go further.

    I think it's pretty obvious to most people that it hasn't ever stopped growing and there's no reason to think that it *will* stop growing anytime in the near future. There's way too much fill inside the cavern that hasn't been accounted for outside the cavern or sinkhole.

  • jec jec

    So Shaw expert says LOT of information yet to come out:
    Oil fingerprint of sinkehole crude –From BP Gulf wells??
    Gas Pressure rising — YES?
    Fracture of shale layers — YES?
    Larger area of homes to be evacutated? YES?
    Just what else could cause the US and State government to try and do a "fukushima coverup"??

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Did I hear – Good corporate citizens…I'm choking and coughs "who dumps shakes and mixes toxins together".

    I'm sure there is information that hasn't been told, but I heard they are good corporate citizens (sarc).

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    Sinkhole concern – Nuke plant in possible path! – According to my calculations – if the most recent estimates / projections are correct, there is a Nuclear power plant in Killona Louisianna (48&3/4 miles due west)(Waterford Steam Electric Station Unit #3) that is in the path of the situation(and New Orleans is 33&3/4 miles due west of that) – If the sinkhole in bayou corne, the most recent blow out oil spill off the tip of New Orleans and the BP deep horizon blowout / spill are indeed connected which in my opinion are, then besides the lower part of the state being in danger, common sense says that this nuclear plant is possibly in jepordy as well. Not a word of this has been mentioned as of yet. Why the National media is not picking up on this catastrophe or why Governor Jindal has not addressed his citizens is puzzeling and upsetting. Should be a consideration at this point right?

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi timemachine2020

      Do you ever wonder, what they might have dumped in there?

      • WindorSolarPlease

        HMMMM lets see what is around there..You mentioned a Nuclear Plant

        Nuclear plant waste…ummmmm where to dump?

    • richard richard

      my thoughts are that the state is in danger also, although it may take half a life time to play out. But if i was a resident, i'd be making relocation plans to higher ground. yesterday.

      • WindorSolarPlease

        My thoughts also richard. I would rather be safe than sorry..This may play out soon or many years from now, who knows.
        For now, we know it's not getting better.

    • NoNukes NoNukes

      I know many different types of news junkies–alternative radio types, MSNBC types, Rush Limbaugh types, etc.–and none of them know anything about this sinkhole catastrophe. The silence is stunning.

    • Anthony Anthony

      Lordy, like it needs to get worse, right? Safety should be all over this!!!

    • davidh7426 davidh7426

      My apologies Timemachine2020 for correcting you, but Killona & New Orleans are both to the East of the sinkhole.

      If the sink-hole should ever be in a position to affect Killona, then it would be game over anyway as the Gulf of Mexico at 34 miles south-west is actually closer

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    WindorSolar – I have suspicions and they only speculation at this point -but thay have confirmed radioactive readings at the sinkhole and they claim that it is the result of nuclear waste products from the Deep Water Horizon drilling and production platform that exploded that they supposedly had permission to put in there and I do know that radioactive materials are used in the drilling and production at big drill sites. On the other hand I also know that the government has long advocated the disposal of nuclear waster is salt domes which they do to this day in New Mexico. For a long period the State of New Mexico stopped this activity and eventually was continued. I also know that the Govenmetn had a lot of waste and nowhere to put it for a while. It is possible and again this is only speculation but it is possible with the governmants track record of hiding and decieving the citizens (either with or without the states permission) they may have inserted some in the salt domes in southern Texas, louisianna and off the southern louisianna shore line underground salt domes. Sure seems plausible that they could insert some spent fuel rods or waste fluids down existing well casings into some of these salt domes. I sincerely hope that there is no merit to my thoughts but it is a possibility.

    • WindorSolarPlease

      timemachine2020, unfortunately I agree that it is a possibility.

    • Radio VicFromOregon

      timemachine2020, you sadly may be on the mark. But, i think it more likely, like Cataclysmic, that it is a business deal, but, i'd throw in local government involvement instead of the Feds as i think your scenario suggests. Yet, maybe you're right and this goes higher.

      • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

        Point taken, guess I have seen so many past state and federal level cover ups exposed that it was a natural reaction and like I said earlier at this time is merely speculation. Regardless of who is responsible there needs to be independant close monotoring and daily readings taken and anylized to confirm the elements contained in the radiation. There is always a fingerprint as to where it originated. Don't forget that there is a nuclear reactor only 48 miles due west of this sinkhole as well that raises questions also. At this point there is no doubt that the state is not doing enough in my opinion to protect their citizens and there is undoubtedly a corruption factor that plays into this scenario somehow. I sure hope that in the BP settlement that Obama imposed on them did not have a clause that exempted them from future damage liability if in fact it turns out that they have punctured a salt dome by directional drilling that is causing some kind of dominoe effect. There are too many facts surfacing and coincidences like for example the Deepwater Horizon explosion, the most recent blow out oil spill just off the new orleans coast and the sinkhole situation are in a perfect line of each other. The fact that there is a nuclear reactor lying on that exact line between new orleans and the sinkhole has me nervious as well. I sent the NRC an email asking them to monitor the plant for any signs of sinking and to keep an eye on the sinkhole situation. Time will tell.

    • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

      Speaking of the deep water horizon, sinkholes, and Japan Earthquakes, here is a video from a year ago, and he talks about speaks about the geology of Japan and what is happening, and the macondo well debacle the fracture of the salt dome, called for folks to get out of that area. Now, he also weaves a few conspiracy theories in there, which I take with a grain of salt, if you will, but his geology, pictures, and maps, are indeed worth the watch.. I forgot he ever talked about the salt dome and the drilling, I might have even thought he was a bit looney toons, but the diagrams/pics are worth checking out as it sure seems to explain some bubbling in the bayou..

      I was searching for his explanation of the earthquakes in Japan for Richard, and decided to give it another watch. Glad I did because it surely connects the dots, and remember, you don't have to believe 100% of what he, or anyone says, that does not mean that some of what he says isn't true.

  • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

    @timemachine2020 I think there is some merit to your thoughts and it is not only nuclear waste, but we have also detonated nuclear charges in salt domes.. so many different types of tests, and the conclusion was, the salt dome is perfect.

    I also know that the we have plenty of incidences where high level waste has been dumped at low level waste facilities. The dump site doesn't even check it when it comes in..??? They just unload it. It is not like they have geigers.. It can often go unnoticed for some time, and even when noticed, is it the truck driver's responsibility? Now is he supposed to drive it back where it came from, often times across many states? No, just leave it where it is..and then along comes the next load.

    What a mess.

    So, I have very little doubt high level waste got down there, only I don't credit the government. Somebody got paid to look the other way. Once the high level waste is found, noticed, whatever, it seems it is a tax payer problem. Now what??

    I also have to wonder about that radioactive drill bit thing that went missing at Haliburton. I gather it is used in drilling or fracking, so, is it possible that all the drilling/fracking liquid that comes into contact with it might not end up radioactive?

    I wonder about all that so called, NORM, sure seems like Norm gets blamed for a lot of elevated radiation.. Even the acronym is designed to help us not get too concerned.

    Only the tip of the iceberg.

    • Radio VicFromOregon

      I go with the greedy business guy, but, with a local county commissioner or some such taking care that paperwork doesn't arise ad questions don't need answering. I think the elopement is about to made public.

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    What a crude and rude thing that man contaminates those marvelous and precious salt domes. Wikipedia says they can be 1 to 6 kilometers wide. Sulfur is often found in salt domes. Ironic since sulfur is considered a good anti radiation remedy.

    "Early research identified sulfur-containing antioxidants as among those with the most beneficial therapeutic effects.
    Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) is the classical sulfur compound and a powerful anti-oxidant A Japanese study showed that even low concentrations of DMSO had radio-protective effects through the facilitation of DNA double-strand break repair, providing protection against radiation damage at all cellular levels in the whole body."

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    Why don't they try emptying that butane cavern closest to the sinkhole to see if that stops or alieviates some pressure on the bubbleing in the bayous and flareing sites. Seems to me that with the impending salt dome collapse that is approaching the 1.7 billion barrels of butane stored so closely they would wnat to get that out of there anyway. At least partially and try the same on a few other storage caverns in that vicinity as well. Mabey they could find the leak that way, kinda like you would when your looking for a innertube leak in a water tank. My dad was a geologist and a geophysist, I think some of him may have rubbed off on me lol. My prayers go out to the bayou corne residents and assumption parrish families affected.