Top Radiation Expert: ‘Extremely dangerous’ situation in Japan — 14,000 km² of land contaminated by Fukushima — Mayor: Country will be dealing with this for generations to come — Officials thought hot spots would diminish with distance from plant… Why didn’t they?

Published: February 5th, 2014 at 9:01 am ET


Professor Vsevolod Kortov, prominent scientist and leader of the school of solid-state radiation physics, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Feb. 5, 2014: “I spoke at a press-conference in Fukushima City and offered explanations and some criticism. 20 millisievert a year is the occupational radiation dose for adults. I mean people employed at nuclear power plants 6 hours a day who afterwards go to a clean environment. And here it was planned to send both youngsters and old people to spend 24 hours in such radioactive zones. The results of the research carried out in Ukraine for 25 years after the Chernobyl disaster prove that living even in slightly contaminated areas for long periods of time is more harmful than receiving a one-time large radiation dose […] living on territories with even weak radioactivity for decades is extremely dangerous because internal radiation develops, immunity suffers and genetic problems occur. I said that this does not comply with standards accepted in Russia and Europe. […] Even the distance of hundreds and thousands of kilometres from nuclear stations is no security guarantee. Accidents of this kind outstep the borders of one state and clearly demonstrate the need for international cooperation […]”

Voice of Russia, Feb. 5, 2014: Due to serious problems with radioactive water leaks, the issue of reclamation of infested soils was recently ignored both by the local and international media. The area contaminated with radionuclides is about 14,000sq km […] The Japanese seem to have ignored the Chernobyl experience, Professor Kortov believes. […]

Emmett Messenger-Index, Feb. 4, 2014: […] Japanese public television producer Hideki Sasaki […] brought a team to America to document what’s happened since the above-ground nuclear tests over 50 years ago. The film crew said they are amazed how people from Japan are not troubled by the long-term effects of the fallout […] Japanese officials thought the fallout hot spots would diminish the farther away one got from the plant, Midori Yanagihara, researcher and translator from the team said. There are hot spots miles away from the plant. A big topic in Japan is finding out the age-old question, “Why?” In their research, the team found Emmett [Idaho] was the third hardest hit with fallout from the tests in Nevada, 800 miles away. […] They spent a couple of days visiting with Bill Reynolds, an Emmett downwinder with several medical issues he says were caused by exposure to the multitude of particles in the fallout. […] “It seems Japan cares more about what’s happening here in America to our people than our government does,” Reynolds said. Emmett Mayor Bill Butticci told the visitors, “We’ve seen this go down for generations in our country. For Japan, you’ll be dealing with it for generations to come.”

See also: [intlink id=”tv-were-talking-about-generations-of-people-being-affected-by-fukushima-and-also-their-healthcare-into-the-future-how-are-those-in-charge-getting-away-with-this-time-after-time-by-just-saying” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: February 5th, 2014 at 9:01 am ET


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110 comments to Top Radiation Expert: ‘Extremely dangerous’ situation in Japan — 14,000 km² of land contaminated by Fukushima — Mayor: Country will be dealing with this for generations to come — Officials thought hot spots would diminish with distance from plant… Why didn’t they?

  • Cisco Cisco

    Real data, volumes of it, were researched and studied after Chernobyl. The IAEC, the WHO, the nuclear cabal, and governments have waged a propaganda war about Chernobyl. They have systematically covered-up and attacked scientists and real data/research/findings, peddling their bogus claims about safety and mortality.

    The onslaught of recent MSM articles pushing the "no need to worry" line has been remarkable. They are hard at work pushing their shill scientists for repetitive statements about "no danger" to placate and numb the MSM and GP. These "no need to worry" pieces provide cover for the conspiring politicians who feed off the nuclear industry.

    • Arizonan Arizonan

      Cisco, well written accurate and spot on. The WHO IAEA NRC DOE Bechtel GE Areva TEPCO KEPCO Exelon etc….these ARE the criminal nuclear cabal, along with the politicians who feed off them. I have just made enquiries about starting an international court case against them. Im dead serious. I hope you all are.

      • Socrates


        As you know, I am trying to network with trial lawyers in the US to seek damages for residents of the US. There are some domestic defendants.

        Federal courts have limited jurisdiction under Article II of the constitution. Congress initially authorizes the nature of the cases by statute. Other judicial policies such as comity and conflict of laws and choice of laws are other issues. Then there is the doctrine of forum non convenes having to do with the convenience of witnesses.

        The plaintiffs in the USS Reagan v. Tepco are litigating a few of these issues. The judge, Janis Sammartino, will decide issues on the most narrow grounds.

        The Widows of 9-11 had their lawsuit against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia reinstated recently. In Japan, the utility companies are not liable but the government is. I am of the opinion that these jurisdictional issues should also be asserted in US District Court.

        Children's papillary thyroid cancer can be traced to radiation-induced deletions on a specific chromosome. Some children in the US already have this cancer which is most likely caused by Fukushima with the negligently-designed reactors.

        I also am of the opinion that every legal channel and remedy should be pursued. Every political candidate must be vetted for views on this global threat.

        The mortality and morbidity and resulting damages should be borne by the industry that caused those damages.

        • James Tekton James Tekton

          Nice work, Soc.

          Why does the word malfeasance come up?

          Dereliction of responsibility?

          Negligence, and purposeful harm done with malice and intent towards innocent people?

          We all need to sign up for a massive CLASS ACTION SUIT!


          • HoTaters HoTaters



            The commission of an act that is unequivocally illegal or completely wrongful.

            Malfeasance is a comprehensive term used in both civil and Criminal Law to describe any act that is wrongful. It is not a distinct crime or tort, but may be used generally to describe any act that is criminal or that is wrongful and gives rise to, or somehow contributes to, the injury of another person.

            Malfeasance is an affirmative act that is illegal or wrongful. In tort law it is distinct from misfeasance, which is an act that is not illegal but is improperly performed. It is also distinct from Nonfeasance, which is a failure to act that results in injury.

            The distinctions between malfeasance, misfeasance, and nonfeasance have little effect on tort law. Whether a claim of injury is for one or the other, the plaintiff must prove that the defendant owed a duty of care, that the duty was breached in some way, and that the breach caused injury to the plaintiff. One exception is that under the law of Strict Liability, the plaintiff need not show the absence of due care. The law of strict liability usually is applied to Product Liability cases, where a manufacturer can be held liable for harm done by a product that was harmful when it was placed on the market ….

        • We Not They Finally

          Hope that you are also collecting data on papillary thyroid cancer in ADULTS too. A close friend was recently diagnosed with stage 4 from out of the blue. AND with also another unrelated cancer simultaneously! Freakish.

          At the moment, they are not looking to sue — they are looking to save her life! But this was freakish, and odds-on caused by radioactivity.

          By the way, the widows of 9-11 need to be suing Dick Cheney and his cabal, and possibly the DOE itself. Saudi Arabia can be a bad place, but 9-11 they didn't do. Look up Dr. Judy Wood for actual PROOF of what happened, not official propaganda.

          • J.

            Judy Wood promulgates disinformation that has been thoroughly debunked by serious researchers. Her false claims include use of nuclear devices and/or space-based energy weapons to destroy the WTC. This risible disinformation is intended to discredit serious research.

            Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth is one organization that presents the facts. Judy Wood does not.

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            Were not all the supposed 9-11 hijackers Saudi Arabians?

            • hbjon hbjon

              With hypnosis, it matters not the race or national origin of those that are weaponized to carry out terroristic attacks upon a target.

              There are waves of men who believe that they have a woman trapped inside their bodies rushing to the hospital for a taxpayer paid sex change operation.

              Insanities and other irrational behavior is pretty easy to inflict upon unsuspecting, unconscious, suffering individuals. That is fact. Very easy to confirm in the laboratory.

              The possibility exists that an organization who wants Saudi Arabia to appear responsible for the 911 attacks, carried out the sinister plan.

        • We Not They Finally

          Socrates, do you have a WEBSITE which traces out the progress of medical research being done to back up potential lawsuits? "Radiation induced deletion of a certain chromosome" would surely not just be a factor for children, but also for adults.

          Do hospitals SAVE any of the cancerous tissue they operated on? (Though why would they?) Or if, even if the person is apparently in remission, does the blood still register that chromosomal deletion?

          Thanks. This is so needed!

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Socrates, did you see Dr. G's article posted re: DNA evidence can now establish that cancers can be traced to any specific nuclear facility in the world?

          He posted it last night, at one of the Fukushima article pages. I think it was the one where the report said the IAEA has advocated dumping contaminated water into the Pacific. If not, it's a later article under the "Fukushima" heading.

          Is this the "smoking gun" that will be needed for litigation and to kill off this harmful "industry" once and for all?

          • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

            I sent an email to the authors of said article several days ago asking for information as it relates to any possible testing in fukushima. It didn't bounce – so that's a good thing. Several cases of thyroid cancer have been seen in children of fukushima now so testing should have been done. Anyway, we'll see what happens.

      • weeman

        Who are they, more like who the hell do they think they are Judge, Jury and Executioner, what gives you the right a presidential order, you serve at our pleasure and we are not amused and we want our voices to be heard for better or worse, we are not the enemy, we are the conscience of the nation, off the world.
        We the people, for the people, by the people, the words that we should live by or it is not democracy.
        You think you know better than the people, think again.

      • We Not They Finally

        Arizonan, love the idea of prosecution and trial internationally. But the international power structure is so corrupt, it would probably have to be "a mock trial" in a separate forum.

        Nevertheless, any political action and education is always a good way to do.

    • usagi usagi

      It will be harder to hide the consequences this time. This ain't some soviet socialist backwater between ukraine and belarus, but 1/3 of the world's ocean. This one will be known and felt, and might finally make an impression on the public they try to hide these things from. Otherwise it's rods up and full steam ahead to the next meltdown.

    • Cisco Cisco

      There is no mystery as to what will happen to Japan and its people. Chernobyl is the road map, but Fukushima Daiichi is a 1000 times bigger.
      That is, up until this point. If the Daiichi site catches fire, that's another huge multiple. I wouldn't want to go there.

    • deaddolphins simonhhh

      "Fukushima Liar Gregory Jaczko, former chairman of U S Nuclear Regulatory Commission"
      One of the best video's I've seen yet regarding the lies and cover-up widespread in MSM globally…in-particular the snow job from Jaczko…if only they got on the other side and told the truth…arrrgggh

    • Radioactive Cars From Japan Being Refused And Shipped Back By Multiple Countries; via @AGreenRoad

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      I'm thinking of calling my 1st cousin who used to be chief operating engineer at Hanford and begging him to change his position and consider speaking to the truth. I doubt he'd do it, but he's retired and fairly old. It would give him a chance to vindicate himself. But I'm worried it could also get him or his family harmed.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Yes, a massive feeding frenzy off the Nuclear Industry runs the gambit throughout everything. Like maggots feeding at the government trough… 🙁

    • nedlifromvermont

      I still contend it comes down to the greed and idiocy running two or three, extremely wealthy and powerful, private companies: General Electric, Westinghouse and several oil companies …

      Twilight of market capitalism … when the capitalists destroyed the marketplace … for self-interest …

      and nobody knew who really pulled the trigger.

      How does a company back up and say, "We were wrong to pursue this technology …. without incurring a civil suit with damages in the trillions?

      Time for the politicians/Ausschwitz prison guards to re-examine their oaths to the Price-Anderson regime of no liability for nuclear technology pushers.

      It would start with Bernie Sanders, prominent New York Jew-turned-Vermonter, in the US Senate: to admit that the nuclear industry, spawned by the effort to stop and defeat Adolf Hitler, has turned the entire planet into a Nazi-style gas chamber. Wasn't it in the Bible? The oppressed shall become the oppressor …

      Waiting on you, Bernie, holding my breath.


      • +1

        These are some VERY powerful words.

        "…to admit that the nuclear industry, spawned by the effort to stop and defeat Adolf Hitler, has turned the entire planet into a Nazi-style gas chamber." – nedlifromvermont

        Anybody should be able to understand this comparison. 😉

        Note: The 'entire planet'.

      • Ontological Ontological

        Nedi, all our rocket scientists were former SS officers. Too bad they were bought off to lie about real science. And I will not hold my breath about Bernie Sanders. I knew him back in the Vt Yankee scam. He was as big a butt head, as the rest of the bunch hitting up the people of Church Street for money. A popular Bernie quote over heard in city hall park. "Those flowers are everyone, little boy, you mustn't pick those." Directed at my at the time 3 year old son who had lovingly picked his Mother a daisy from the many God planted park species growing in the grass. You see living with these people, knowing them from the City Hall park ground up. I knew Ben, Jerry, Bernie, Arnie etc. Wasn't very impressed then, and still not. I worked HARD to get clean air & dark skies, for Vermont against these idiots wanting more, and MORE of those GOD DAMNED yellow star destroying sodium vapor street lighting. Did not do me a damn bit of good. I hope at least Frank still has the Vermont Astronomical Society still up and running, despite the endless swath of nocturnal illumination trashing the rare night moths. I moved to get away from this sort of unique to Vermont bullshit. Sorry rant over.

  • When I think of having an 'experience' I think of places like Disneyland or scuba-diving.

    "The Japanese seem to have ignored the Chernobyl experience, Professor Kortov believes." – from above

    Chernobyl brings to mind words more like…
    catastrophic and 'nightmare'.

    "The Chernobyl disaster prove(s) that living even in slightly contaminated areas for long periods of time is more harmful than receiving a one-time large radiation dose…" – Kortov


  • They were also informed about exposing people to un-pemitted fresholds : P.16
    "The Japanese authorities have instead decided to change the thresholds tolerated radiation exposure to prevent the evacuation of densely populated areas. For the public, the threshold is increased from 1mSv / year to 100 mSv / year . Thus we see children and pregnant women and the fetuses they carry end up in area with radiation doses higher than allowed for nuclear workers (which is 50 mSv / year in normal times in the Anglo-Saxon countries, so in Japan), without first conducted tests to see their body's response to these radiations. There is no analogy to the workers regarding the cycle of exposure, because since the nuclear accident, these people live permanently in this radiated environment."

    • Bones Bones

      If one is so delusional to think the government, seriously at this point, is going to do ANYTHING morally right about Fukushima and tell you the truth about anything at all then you deserve to get exposed. If you are Japanese and believe that everything is a-ok like Daddy Abe says, then you deserve to get exposed. The statism I see coming from Japan has been sickening since the tight control of practically all media. If they haven't woken up to these simple facts that they are being lied to constantly and no your food, water, air, and land is probably not safe in most areas of Japan, but if you knowingly go to a high radiation area because the government says it's safe…then you deserve your exposure. You'd think they would be practicing some individualism and self-determinism at this point, but all I see is more cow-towing the line from Japan, inc., which is to say vomitous and cowardace and a victimized mentality. Not that they aren't victims, but that mentality will get NOTHING changed for the better in anyone's life. Just like farmers who produce food on those lands are guilty of mass poisoning and I don't care how nice they look; They are crooks who can't change and subject more innocents to their pain to make a buck. At some freaking point, the people have to own the damn accident basically! Surely, one cannot blame the "government" completely anymore as too many Japanese citizens are involved in this.

  • kintaman kintaman

    While this is horrifying news for all, especially those nearest Fukushima Daiichi I must say I feel some relief in reading this after having left Japan asap after 3.11 instead of had we stayed.

    ARREST those responsible for these crimes against humanity and the Earth. Punishment must be to go to Fukushima Daiichi and clean up work forever.

    • Bones Bones

      Glad you got out! It happened, Japan is contaminated, so either get out or accept you will be exposed to nuclear waste and you are doing so to your kids and their kids and their kids and their kids. I just don't see any personal responsibility from any Japanese still in the country. Why, after 3 years almost, is there no coherent group to combat this, coherent group running for governance around the country, and civilian shutdowns till the government complies? This is a Japanese problem and I don't see a bright future ahead based on how they have treated this…like little children running from a scary monster and staying under the covers saying, "there is no monster," over and over to yourself. That is what it feels like from any news besides from Japan. Even Ex-skf has gotten to tow the line now. It's amazing the double think on that site now. I can see the media working it's magic already. Japan will do NOTHING, but lie. Mark my words.

      • or-well

        Bones, there is a coherent group running for governance – Japan's Greens. 'Bout as well covered as yours or mine I guess. We don't hear much about the small groups of folks trying to dispel all the propaganda from their fellow citizens' minds.

        But you're right – every nation's people have to "own" their fight against their nuke industry, and every nations people have to "own" the consequences of their nuclear accidents.

        (Too bad we ALL "own" those consequences.)

        It's very hard for ANY anti-nuke human in ANY country to give much more than moral support to another nation's anti-nuke effort.

        It's fighting the commonalities like subsidisation, inherent unsafety, coverup, lies, lack of awareness, that helps. Folks need successes and alternatives they can point to, wherever those are.

        I wonder how it will go in the NEXT country to have a disaster?

      • bo bo

        20, 000 people protest nuclear against power in Tokyo, complete blackout by local and international media.

        Massive and angry protests have happened however it gets blacked out by the news media so it looked like people were completely quiet. Then, psychological negative campaigns over the media ensued (I am guessing) that portray critical images of 'hysterical moms who fear radiation' etc. so people who are aware, were made to feel afraid to speak up ( similar to the systematic marginalization of those who believe 9/1 1 was an inside job, by portraying them as 'wacky, paranoid tin foil hats')
        I believe death threats from yakuza is often employed to silence those who try to raise awareness.

        My point is, whatever protests have happened or is happening, most of it we will never hear about it.

        And yes, I probably should risk losing my oldest friend in Japan and yell at her over the phone that she should get the hell out of there, and that yes, it is completely insane that she just spent her savings to start a seafood restaurant. But I didn't and instead told her 'the place looks great.' So I'm also part of the problem.

  • P.15
    "As for workers at nuclear sites, in reference to the French specification, they must have a medical form of ability to be directly engaged in radiation work (DATR) . This is a radiographic test followed by a blood test, probably to see the reactions of the body of the worker subjected to nuclear radiation. Human beings should not be all equal regarding radiation. This certification is issued to adults (over 18). Note that some adults do not pass the test. In addition, workers are on nuclear environment site that radiates during their hours of service."

    • Homolumina Homolumina

      Do you know what exactly is being examined/determined/checked ? Previous radiation exposure ? Or are they radiated and then it is checked how they tolerate this ? I am confused and the link does not work for me

    • Exposure to radiation affects the white blood cell count.

      The greater the exposure, the lower the count.

      Get away from the radiation, and the count goes back up.

      Simple formula, anyone can watch this and monitor it.

      No expensive whole body internal radiation detectors needed.

  • Michele

    Undoubtedly greed is at play and in the case of the nuclear industry they have been supported by politics and MSM. Now, the insurance industry (Travelers) are mailing letters to policy holders informing them that any claim that is connected to nuclear/radiation will not be processed. They are including coverage for illness as well as payment for property if a policy holder has been evacuated from his home or business and will be unable to return. The insurance industry is protecting its assets knowing full well that the claims that will come in the near future would destroy them financially. If there was ever a clearer message that the world is dealing with an ELE, the insurance industry is stating it.

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      "If there was ever a clearer message that the world is dealing with an ELE, the insurance industry is stating it."

      God morning, Michele.

      Well said and thank you. It is good to see so many waking up and stating their truths like they do. It is good to speak your truth, no matter how harsh it is.

      Hopefully, it is not too late to stop this, but at this point in time there seems to be nothing to stop this horrendous evil from spreading it's killing radiation all over the planet.

      Some people actually think they will escape this by going to the Southern Hemisphere. Lol. It is just as bad, if not more radioactive in certain places down there. What we need is someone down in SA that is giving us good readings. Does anyone know if there is a Geiger down south that can check in here at the reporting station once in a while?


    • deaddolphins simonhhh


    • Michele
      I'm not doubting you on travelers insurance, but some evidence would be helpful.

      Where did you learn about these letters?

    • razzz razzz

      If you ever became sick, the insurance industry could just blame it on any radiation fallout or not payout for services maybe even cancel your policy right after you went and they approved you for a radiological procedure. Small print should be fascinating reading on the policy.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Yes, It's all very obvious! 🙁 The tainted deck of cards are being played right now…

  • or-well

    I doubt anyone can accurately say how much land in Japan is radioactively contaminated.

    First, there's the "legacy fallout".
    Then there's "routine releases".
    Then there's the uncertain amounts from accidents.
    Then there's the direct results of Fukushima.
    Then there's results of debris incineration & disposal.
    Then there's what has been transported through many vectors.

    A true, comprehensive survey of Japan or many other countries would reveal a truth none in power want exposed.

    "…living on territories with even weak radioactivity for decades is extremely dangerous because internal radiation develops, immunity suffers and genetic problems occur."

    However "leopard spotted" any given territory may be, there's no place on Earth not exposed.

    • or-well

      Visit the island
      of Honshu, Japan,
      on our Adventure Holiday Plan!
      Destination: the region, once named Tohoku
      since Fuku renamed Dead Region No-Go-To!
      With side-trips all around
      the No-Can-Go Plain
      as our well-trained Guides
      watch out for Black Rain!
      See Cities Deserted and Depopulated!
      See Nature Gone Rampant and Creatures Mutated!
      See Strange Glows at night
      while you fight off your fright!
      (We'll help you avoid getting Radio-noid!)
      You'll wear New Tradition rice-paper suits!
      (must be fit enough to run in melting boots!)
      You'll thrill to Adventure
      in finding lost treasures
      while Smiley-Face Dosimeters
      your exposure measure!
      At the end of your visit
      you'll be flown over Camps
      lit at night by still-living Human Glow Lamps!
      You'll never forget the sight of kids swarming
      as they shout at your 'copter
      their anti-nuke warning!
      And when you go home
      from this post-nuke disaster
      we hope you'll have learned
      that you must act faster
      because if you don't
      this won't be the last one.
      Brought to you by NITCO,
      the No Imminent Threat Company.

      • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

        or-well: :). Outstanding!

      • Gasser Gasser

        Yup or-well ma man, that sums it up and says it all…somebody out there put some guitar cords to this and sing it to the world.

        • or-well

          Gasser, Hi,
          I just realised that poem is two years old this month.
          As you said in a response to someone else here recently, it's free for the taking.
          I also saw you have 45 pieces!
          It soon adds up, doesn't it?
          I started a Steppenwolf one the other day but a bell rang in my head – ding ding! Sure enough, there was a "Gasser Classic"!
          God damn the nuclear pusher

        • demo demo

          Pls send Fuku poems to:
          Include poet's name, title of poem, and a statement that you understand and agree there'll be no monetary compensation. It's a labor of love that may not break even, a project of associated w/

          • or-well

            where might one read works submitted to this project?
            I went to the FRBayArea site and didn't find reference to it.

      • bo bo

        Happy 2 year anniversary or-well.
        Standing ovation to your ever growing steady body of work.

        Whenever your poetry gets posted I kind of feel like the way I felt opening the package including my monthly comic book when I received it in the mail.
        The subject is really dark so it's strange to say this, but I enjoy it very much.
        Thank you.

        • or-well

          bo, Hi. Thank You.
          Glad you enjoy.
          I got a kick out of that image of the monthly comic coming!
          Yeah, dark subject. Sometimes absurdity lightens it a bit.
          I think the above is when I "birthed" NITCO.
          Most of my NITCO stuff is unpublished tho cuz it's never on topic. (probably just as well, heh.)

      • Hot and Bothered Hot and Bothered

        Or-Well! So Great!

        Kinda reminds me of this gorillaz song I like.
        The lyrics also seem strangely appropriate to this entire Fuku disaster.
        "Built with plastic power" "Drive on engines till they weep"

        "So call the mainland from the beach
        All parties now washed up in bleach
        The waves are rising for this time of year
        And nobody knows what to do with the heat
        Under sunshine pylons we'll meet
        While rain is falling like rhinestones from the sky

        Helicopters fly over the beach
        Same time everyday, same routine
        Clear target in the summer when skies are blue
        It's part of the noise when winter comes
        It reverberates in my lungs
        Nature's corrupted in factories far away
        (Here we go again)
        (That's electric)"

        Gorillaz – Rhinestone Eyes

    • Arizonan Arizonan

      Exactly. We are all downwinders now, that's why international legal action is paramount.

      • Cisco Cisco

        AZ…"We are all donwinders now", and down-drinkers and down-eaters, too. The sh#t is everywhere and bio-accumulating every second.

        I'd sure like, some scientist to get into California's Central Valley and the San Joaquin, and get some counts off those vegetables that end up in virtually every supermarket in the country…Or, Oregon's and Washington's orchards and veggie farms.

        That would be a gas to see and hear how they would control and spin that one! First a "terrorist" to describe the perpetrator.

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      "I doubt anyone can accurately say how much land in Japan is radioactively contaminated."

      Howdy hey, Or.

      What many do not discuss, is that the radiation is far worse all over the Asian continent and most especially China. Can you imagine being in China and not even knowing there is a problem, or there is radiation coming down on you every day and night? They will never be told or most likely, probably never know how badly they are getting hammered with this horrid poisonous radiation there.

      It is sad, yes sad indeed that so many are being killed off without their permission, knowledge, or awareness. These wicked murderers from hell need to go through hell on earth first, before they are returned to that place of evil from whence they all have come.



  • tsfw tsfw

    And this is why I come here- since the beginning, you have been saying that hot spots would not diminish.

    Stop being right you guys!

  • ftlt

    Approximately 75 by 75 miles of contaminated land seems way low to me. Think one can factor that up a couple times to about 200 by 200 miles of land severely tainted by FUFU – at least

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      "Approximately 75 by 75 miles of contaminated land seems way low to me."

      Morning, F.

      Try, the entire northern hemisphere is contaminated, not just the small amount of land they describe. As always, and as what has become the norm, this is just another in the long string of lies and dis/mis-information being spewed out to the world's people as the whole ship sinks.

      The reason this horrendous ELE is NOT being addressed is because they are planning on locking everything down using martial law SOON, as the planned economic crash takes place as a cover. They plan to use foreign communist troops to shut down free speech and information flow in the USA. IT IS A COMMUNIST TAKEOVER LED BY THE SOETEROBAMA PUPPET. What they did to Iraq, the practice ground, is what they plan to do to the USA.

      After that, there will be few with the cajones to speak out. It is already happening in japan, and they do not care about themselves there. Most will just lay down and die kow-toeing to the evil until their last breath. Don't worry…be happy.



      • ftlt

        James: That is silly to compare the worldwide pollution to what Japan is faced with everyday.

        The ELE references on here are hysterical and laughable.. The ELE folks on here come off as cyber windup doll yokels IMO

        That this is a super horrible event – that is clear 10s perhaps 100s millions may suffer early deaths from it – that is clear… Untold billions of animals animals too – that is clear… The end of the world from FUFU is not clear.

        Simply put FUFU is real bad on a global scale – but, it ain't the END

    • Chernobyl was 25,000 square kilometers.

      Fuku = 14,000 square kilometers of LAND that has been contaminated in Japan.

      Multiply that by ??? because that is just 10-15% of the total radiation barfed up by Fuku, and 85% went over the ocean.

      Total = 140,000 square kilometers of ocean and land that was 'soiled' by the Fuku monster.

      Actually it is much, much higher than that, but it may take many years for the truth to come out..

      The bottom of the ocean 150 miles out measured 1,500 Bq/kg and at one point it was covered 98% with dead sea life, which has never been seen before.

      • ftlt

        Green: I rejected the 14000 KM of LAND as a low total Japan… It is much higher.

        It is clearly the worst effected LAND mass in the world by FUFU.

        I understand the risks elsewhere globally.

        The focus here is too American-centric. To suggest, that the Japanese are not at an unequal risk from FUFU radiation is pure nutz and horse manure IMO.

        I would not be surprised to seen most of Northern Honshu's population (to include Tokyo) moved within the next decade (Yes, too late).

        The tragedy perpetrated by their government on the Japanese people around FUFU is glimpse of what we all can expect and sooner rather than later. Hell, it already going on here and globally.

        And it not just from nuclear means either. We are entering a breakdown of global security and safety brought on by all forms of industrial/energy pollution and resource/land/water depletion/abuse on a scale that will make what came before look like child's play.

        We're screwed… FUFU is HUGE.. But in total, it represents a small slice of the horrors coming our way. All brought to us by believing in the mendacity of our leaders everywhere, our greed, our servile religious myths and their dogmas, our stupidity and a run a muck political/economic system that must fail by its very creed of a need to have growth in a closed system.

        I loath and fear FUFU… But, I don't see it as the only problem we face.

  • Ontological Ontological

    I agree these numbers are a joke. Try the entire world was coated to one degree or another by this garbage.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    "And here it was planned to send both youngsters and old people to spend 24 hours in such radioactive zones."
    Kind of says it all, don't it?
    Japan is toast, by their own hand. 😉

    The Japanese Government is corrupted by the criminal TEPCO and a criminal nuclear industry.
    Any executive or director who sent their own families overseas, while issuing orders and implementing policies condemning the Japanese people to early graves, should receive the ultimate punishment, don't you think?
    "Hand me down my pitchfork, Hanna. Got me some business in town to take care of."

  • pkjn

    Fukushima: 20,000 tons of radioactive liquid in the drain system
    5 February 2014 Voice of Russia

    It is a very significant problem for the Japanese because thousands of Japanese still live in places of temporary stay. The Japanese live in severe conditions posing a huge burden for the budget. For this reason Japan Government means to return the Japanese to their homes as soon as possible.

    20 millisievert a year is the occupational radiation dose for adults, people employed at nuclear power plants 6 hours a day who afterwards go to a clean environment. And in Japan it was planned to send both youngsters and old people to spend 24 hours in such radioactive zones.

    Living even in slightly contaminated areas for long periods of time is more harmful than receiving a one-time large radiation dose. Living on territories with even weak radioactivity for decades is extremely dangerous because internal radiation develops, immunity suffers and genetic problems occur.

  • Socrates

    We are going to have to fight for survival with just the present levels of documented releases. I was a downwinder in Nevada during the 40s and 50s. Some in my family have died from cancer. I have battled cancer since 1958.

    Now it is time to take these companies to court. Taking the profit out of nuclear energy is done by preventing the cabal from externalizing the damages while privatizing the profits.

    I have had six operations for melanoma. Exposure to ionizing radiation is associated with melanoma. In Canada, it is considered a risk factor. Following Chernobyl, I decided not to live in Europe because of the fallout. Now, the entire West Coast is contaminated, including the source of protein for over a billion people.

    I do not want money for my cancer. I do want to stop the destruction of the human race because I have children.

    The governments wanted power. The Security Council at the UN is the Club. That was bad enough in the arm's race and through proliferation.

    The entire world sits atop a nuclear tinderbox with meltdowns every decade. It is predicted that that will increase to one per year, even with third-generation technology. Michio Kaku states that these can meltdown just as easily.

    We are all downwinders now! We must confront this evil in court and at the ballot box. Signature children's illnesses are emerging from Fukushima radiation. Its in the DNA on the chromosome. Save the biopsies. You are going to need it in court as evidence.

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    "There is instead an apparent global conspiracy of authorities of all sorts to deny to the public reliably accurate, comprehensible, independently verifiable (where possible), and comprehensive information about not only the condition of the Fukushima power plant itself and its surrounding communities, but about the unceasing, uncontrolled release of radioactive debris into the air and water, creating a constantly increasing risk of growing harm to the global community."

    Fukushima Meltdowns: Global Denial At Work:

    It should say, Global COVER-UP At Work.


    • James Tekton James Tekton

      "Japanese authorities may be the worst current offenders against the truth, as well as the health and safety of their people."

      Oh gee, ya think so?

      Sorry, this is not really a laughing matter. It is an ELE.


      • James Tekton James Tekton

        "Just because no one seems to know what to do about Fukushima is no excuse to go on lying about and/or denying the dimensions of reality, whatever they might be."


      • unincredulous unincredulous

        5 minutes of infamy on Keith Olbermann's (or something similar) "Worst persons in the World." Then, it's back to saki and imported sushi. Suffering, oh, the suffering. I'm sure they really don't lose any sleep worrying over it.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    "14,000 km² of land contaminated by Fukushima"

    This in less than three years. Only 37 years remaining until decommissioning is completed.

    After only 25 years, Chernobyl concrete entombment has been cracking.

    So, in 25 years, Fukushima plant progress will probably have to be redone, so add another 25 years before the rest of the progress needs to be reworked. and then 25 years later, the second rework of the first progress will begin. So maybe in about 30, 000 years final decommissioning will be complete, and they can build an organic garden. Yeaahhhh!!

    • Angela_R

      unincredulous, most people do not realize that a shut down does not stop the radioactivity of a nuclear plant. Your post highlights the drawn out problems of decommissioning.

      What I cannot understand is why there appears to have been no attempt to seriously examine the Roy Process, first proposed around 1979. See

      I also note that the method for the clean up of the site at Fukushima by the Kesche Foundation, has again been raised, this time by orsobubu @ 5.58pm, Feb.5. His post gives the link to an interesting video. Both these processes seem to indicate promising outcomes. There may well be others. Why has there been no serious attempt to address the deactivation of radioactivity of, not the storage of, nuclear waste?

      Perhaps an attendee at Ron Wyden's 'gathering' might like to raise this question there, as Senator Wyden would be well aware of the problem of nuclear waste. Hanford, in neighbouring Washington State, has battled many years and billions of dollars to achieve decommissioning. Wyden's constituents can find form:
      For Barbara Boxer:

      (insert your individual senator's name in place of Wyden or Boxer as appropriate.)

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    Neither before nor after a nuclear incident are people willing to forgo the joys of radiation. Had the Soviet Union not deployed one half million persons to the Tchernobyl project, two things would have followed: a great deal of Europe would have been rendered uninhabitable and the water supply of all Ukraine would have been poisoned. Millions dead, millions more injured . . . economic nightmare, etc.
    Now what have the Japanese done? I know they have rounded up homeless people from Tokyo. Anything else worth mentioning? Put out false reports. Fiddle with one project and another. As far as I know no really major project has been undertaken.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Pretty sure the Pacific Ocean is now toast along with the Pacific fishing industry. Dead Sea Snot will soon move to/become Dead Land Snot.. 🙁

  • Daisy207

    Why do we need nuclear energy? The US has 157 refineries with a total daily capacity of roughly 18,500 gallons per day of refined product PER EVERY MAN WOMAN AND CHILD IN THE COUNTRY (USING 300,000,000 AS A POPULATION ESTIMATE BECAUSE I DON'T WANT TO PLAY WITH MORE THAN 1 SIGNIFICANT FIGURE). Now I might use in any given MONTH – 500 gallons including heating oil and gasoline in the winter. Even doubling that for my share in electric costs and transportation costs of goods and services that I need – this tells me a lot of imported crude is being processed and re-sold – to other countries. By the way – we don't bid on any middle eastern oil source on our stock exchange – so our dependence on that source of oil is just more BS in my opinion. And we cant use West Texas or Alaskan crude because congress says the sulfur is too high so we sell that. Botton line, the data are suggesting that we are not importing crude for domestic consumption – but to make a buck and they are holding every one in the country hostage to energy. Maybe its time to go back to riding horses, burning wood and growing our own food – but don't take away my internet and ENENEWS.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    You are very wise… 🙂

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    How long til the entire country is saturated with nuclear radiation?

    • It already is, but the levels of 'saturation' can keep increasing exponentially, so that the hormesis theory can be properly tested.

      Did you sign your permission slip for this radiation experiment to be performed on you?

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    A lot has been done over the years to make America a bad place. And the current lot of politicians and CEO's have no intention of rolling back the clock. So . . . But there is no New World to head out to with the wife (husband) and kids and start a new life. Nope. The whole planet is in for serious contamination. With some reflection and care one can still eat fairly well. One can avoid the doctors and their needles and pills. If you have children then it is a great deal of work to protect them from the official protectors–teachers, doctors, etc. As for radiation there is little we can do. Moving south of the equator is a luxury. And that area will eventually get saturated as well. I guess there are genuine Luciferians who are inspired to destroy human life on earth. They look fairly human and probably are, but something is wrong in their heads. Lots of loose screws. They grow up watching snuff videos and eating when available human flesh. Nauseating behavior. But gradually they get the gist of what the old folks are up to and dig in.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

    Time bombs keep going off for cancer-plagued families in Idaho who lived downwind of nuclear testing in the 1950s.
    “The SL-1, or Stationary Low-Power Reactor Number One, was a United States Army experimental nuclear power reactor which underwent a steam explosion and meltdown on January 3, 1961, killing its three operators. …
    “The facility, located at the National Reactor Testing Station (NRTS) approximately 40 miles (64 km) west of Idaho Falls, Idaho, was part of the Army Nuclear Power Program and was known as the Argonne Low Power Reactor (ALPR) during its design and build phase.,,,”
    The straight distance between Idaho Falls, ID and Emmett, ID is 224.90 mi
    The straight distance between Hanford Reservation, Washington to Emmett, ID is 215 miles.
    2,362 feet

    Idaho National lab is between Arco, ID and Idaho Falls. There are nuclear experiments going on all the time at the Idaho National lab.
    Emmett is 160 miles west of Arco, ID.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      I'm sure the hot spots in Japan are getting radiation from a lot more than just Fukushima. There have been many more nuclear accidents in Japan and they are incinerating nuclear waste all the time and probably dumping it out of sight and also sometimes near rivers, etc.

      Emmett, ID is not just suffering from nuclear testing, but from the meltdown from SL-1 in 1961, and they are downwind from Hanford Reservation. And there are nuclear experiments all the time at the Idaho National Lab.

      The earth and all its inhabitants can't take all these different nuclear radioactive events because it is bio-accumulative and the radioactive pollution increases for the first 250,000 years.

      They always refer to just one event, when everyone is exposed to an increasingly exponential number of events. Every nuclear event is in everyone's backyard.

      Shut them all down forever.

  • rogerthat

    or-well outstanding!!!

  • pkjn

    Mitsuhei Murata, Former Japanese Ambassador to Switzerland
    [email from Arnie Gundersen]
    Potential risk of internal exposure
    February 3, 2014

    We sent dust samples from the closet of our TOKYO home to the laboratory and were told the dust contained over 6,000 Bq/kg worth of cesium 137, while as for the moss from our carpark, we've got over 13,000 Bq/kg. Legally the dust and the moss are categorized as nuclear waste and should be treated accordingly. So my wife rang TOKYO's ward office about the dust and the moss but was told NOT to worry as you're NOT going to eat a whole kilogram of house dust or moss.

    We have a 3-year-old and although at this stage it's NOT likely that he's going to eat either the dust or the moss, we're NOT sure what else is lurking around in the surrounding environment. We also know that from the sand in the nearby playground TOKYO's ward office found approximate 800 Bq/kg.
    Are we just being paranoid at the unlikely risk of our child falling over and accidentally inhaling some random particles? Is this something we can forget and NOT bother about?
    Many thanks always for the informative threads and links.

  • I think the comparison between Fukushima Fallout and US A-bomb open air tests in the fifties is telling. No doubt the authorities have real data to extrapolate fukushima casualties from Nevada a-bomb fallout studies the army could have done. That data would doom the nuclear industry. Good for them it is secret army secrets. Lets drink to National Security. Then there is the story Kodak got secret warnings of fallout from US army, so their developing film wouldn't get ruined with hot particles.

    • bf9 bf9

      And it's hardly even a comparison…it's more of a contrast IMO. It was many months ago when it was said that the total release from Fukushima into the Pacific was 10x more than all tests. What about five years from now? Ten? Hardly even comparable at that point. But telling indeed, it's almost incomprehensible how much of this is going to be released unless we get our asses in gear and do something.

  • Sickputer

    Mark sez: "Then there is the story Kodak got secret warnings of fallout from US army, so their developing film wouldn't get ruined with hot particles."

    SP: One of my favorites in nuclear history. Kodak blackmailed the AEC (predecessor of the NRC) by threatening to release news from Kodak about how fallout was ruining their shipments of expensive film plates.

    Kodak won the threat and got advance notice of bomb fallout patterns.

    What if they had informed the public instead that we were being poisoned? They could have saved a lot of cancers and baby deaths. Would-be heroes don't get second chances. They instead turn into accomplices in crime.

  • Nick

    "Japanese officials thought the fallout hot spots would diminish the farther away one got from the plant.."

    If Fukushima is, indeed, NOT in what was called cold shutdown, then perhaps some radioactive xenon is still making it's way into the biosphere and daughtering down into Cesium134/137. Hence, radioactive contamination goes UP.

    Also, seems that burning of any radioactively contaminated material DOES NOT mean levels will go down.

    We know that Fukushima is still delivering it's toxins into the biosphere.

    We also know that the Japanese have an antiquated view towards incineration of waste.

    Therefore, expect the radioactive contamination to continue to increase.

    On a final note, the Japanese have reported toxic sewage sludge, some of which got incorporated into bricks of all things!

    Face it. It's a mess.

  • IMHO, there are many things about fallout that have been studied in secret. For example fallout is negatively charged and what that means. We always get reports of hotspots and generally uneven distribution. Perhaps negative charges and other phenomena contribute to this. Remember, radioactive material is constantly transforming as atom particles disintegrate changing atomic makeup of a given compound. Who knows what electro-magnetic principles are at play?
    I fully believe Army forces have been in the best position to study this phenomena from during to decades after initial a-bomb tests. Although the unprecedented radioactive discharge into the Pacific is a bio-accumulative wildcard. Good Luck, folks.

  • atomicistheword

    Pollen Not a Main Source of Radiation, Says Tokyo University Study…..

    I'd hardly call 10 subjects "each" in 2 regions conclusive science. What is conclusive though is that spring pollen IS a carrier of nuclioids and combining wind, dust and particle distribution via the carrier is a pathway to ingestion.

    Get your spring masks out Northern hemisphere.

    Snow to dust, to pollen, to lung, to attachment, to scarring or DNA mutation. It's not rocket science!