Tornadoes damage nuclear reactors in Alabama: ‘Unusual event’ after normal and alternate power supply unavailable for over 15 minutes — Same design as Fukushima

Published: April 28th, 2011 at 8:37 pm ET


Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant recovering after losing power, CNN, April 28, 2011:

Crews are working to restore power to a nuclear plant in northern Alabama.

The severe storms that cut across the Southeast Wednesday night also managed to knock out external power to three nuclear reactors at the Browns Ferry plant. […]

Browns Ferry hit by major storms, World Nuclear News, April 29, 2011:

[…] The three boiling water reactors at TVA’s Browns Ferry nuclear power plant in Alabama shut down automatically with cooling systems powered by “a combination of offsite transmission and on-site diesel generators.” However, the shutdown was notified as an ‘unusual event’ to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission “when the normal and alternate power supplies for essential equipment were unavailable for more than 15 minutes.” TVA stressed that “safety systems performed well.” 

The plant shut down on 27 April at 4.36 pm and units 2 and 3 achieved cold shutdown at 2.43 am and 5.45 am on 28 April respectively. TVA said that unit 1 was was being cooled and the priority now was to get that reactor into cold shutdown as well.

One 161 kV line is available to Browns Ferry, as are all the plant’s eight diesel generators. One of these was out of service for maintenance when the storms hit, but work was completed quickly and the generator put back to work. […]

Tornadoes damage reactors in U.S.; Backups work, CBS, April 28, 2011:

“The Browns Ferry units are among 23 U.S. reactors that are similar in design to the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan where backup generators were swept away in the tsunami that followed the massive earthquake on March 11,” Reuters reported.

Published: April 28th, 2011 at 8:37 pm ET


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97 comments to Tornadoes damage nuclear reactors in Alabama: ‘Unusual event’ after normal and alternate power supply unavailable for over 15 minutes — Same design as Fukushima

  • tony wilson

    those haarp guys you would think they would take a night off to celebrate the royal wedding..

  • David

    Please remember that what caused Fukushima was a tsunami disabling the backup generators, not loss of external power to the site.

    • Please remember that what caused Fukushima was an event that while entirely possible was one they decided they wouldn’t budget for.

      Just like very other nuclear powerplant in the world.

    • Cuica

      Please remember that the generators were built below sea level….???? Not good planning. So a low sea wall was built to correct the problem…as a friend said, it was designed to go wrong…then it did. And Tepco knew that….so now we suffer, so a few can profit…absurd.

      • PLEASE Remember They dont give a fuck and we are all DEAD

        • Cindy

          Brother did YOU hit the nail on the head!

        • ChristBro

          Bottom Line…. Trust NO ONE! Expect government controlled media deception. Do your own research and educate yourself on self-protection, survival tactics, and read “Revelations” if you want to know how it all turns out in the end.

        • Moco

          Warloc, you and others are tuffer than boiled owl shit.
          And would you want to be the last survivor anyway?
          Drink a beer or five relax, prepare but don’t try to convince others to waste enegy on the many fools.

  • When Wolf Blitzer (or whatever his name is) can come out with absurd statements like ‘WIth these extreme weather events like tornados and earthquakes happening everywhere…” you know the MSM is beyond recovery.

  • Tricky Dick

    New safet procedure: keep your fingers crossed and whistle Dixie.

  • Northern Exposure

    Even if they were having problems at Browns Ferry as we speak, do you really think they’d tell us ?

    Nope. The only reason this was released to the MSM was to provide proof of how “superior” the US backup system is for Nuke plants so that the public can sit back and say, “Whew, everything is under control as always.”

    Otherwise, this would have been non-news worthy and never would have made it past the editor’s desk.

    Psychology 101: Utilize every opportunity to show the plebians that a “Japan” situation could never happen here.

    • Bluetek 25

      Exactly right. NRC Meeting Webcast – “Briefing on Status of NRC Response to Events in Japan and Briefing on Station Blackout” 4/28/11 . If link does not work, go to U.S. NRC, Meeting Webcasts, Archives. 4/28/11

      NRC administrators answered questions from panel in public session this morning. Answers to important questions such as who is monitoring operator compliance were not given – no answer. Re: Station blackouts andWeather events, hurricanes and flooding – “we had to put diesel generators on barges during Katrina so we’ve learned how to think outside the box” (ooookkkk that’s reassuring) – re: tornado – no plan whatsoever.
      All security issues discussed in closed session.
      I now have NO confidence in the NRC after listening to this… They are flying by the seat of their pants on preparedness for disaster, and admitted no uniform plan, answer was “it will be site specific” read – we’ll figure it out when it happens, and there appears to be NO ANSWERS REGARDING NRC MONITORING OF OPERATOR COMPLIANCE IN THE EVENT OF A SAFETY VIOLATION OR PROBLEM. THE OPERATOR RUNS THE SHOW – Just LIKE TEPCO!!!!!
      “If you still believe the NRC is a nuclear watchdog, you are probably still sending your money to Bernie Madoff”…Arnie Gunderson, “Nuclear Regulatory Commission: Watchdog or Lapdog, Stamford Advocate, April 12, 2011.

  • Jay

    Sounds like we will be seeing many more excuses for nuclear plants exploding.

    The story I get is that the “stuxnet” worm or virus was a joint U.S. Israeli plan to shut down the Iranian nuclear program. But was it just designed to affect Iran. The story I read was that the way it works is to tell the plant operators that the reactors are operating normally on the gauges while in fact the core is overheating and melting down. A tornado might shut down the power coming from a nuclear power plant by ripping up the power lines, but I can’t hardly see how it could shut the plant down with physical damage. A tsunami? Yow that’s more believable. But then Americans believe just about anything the media tells them.

    • xdrfox

      Wonder if the roof was ripped off ?
      Over a 160 tornado’s !

    • M Curie

      lol stuxnet reportedly affects the centrifuges that enrich uranium in order to create nuclear fuel. It has nothing to do, as far as we know, with reactor operations. I know this is a fearmongering site but try to get some facts straight please.

      • Jay

        M Curie.
        Not trying to scare anyone unless to save their lives, but if you want to read the story, here it is.

        I’m not saying that I know it to be true because I don’t. But if someone tries to warn me about something and they sound anywhere near logical and reasonable, I’ll at least consider what they have to say. I’ll re-post it below.

      • Bluetek 25

        Madame Curie died from radiation poisoning. Her equipment, logs, notebooks, and journals were sequestered, found to be contaminated with radioactivity.
        Not a fear-mongering site at all, M Curie. I have been impressed by the scientific debate and accurate perceptions of reality in terms of world political and economic conditions and an understanding of covert attempts by some operators to distort accurate perceptions of reality for political or economic gain.
        What we have here M Curie are thinking realists and you are in denial, avoiding what Solzhenitsyn called “the desire not to know” or what Orwell described as “the will to disbelieve the horrible”.
        But do stick around, you just may learn something!

      • radegan

        I thought Stuxnet was aimed at Siemens controllers which have many industrial uses, both in centrifuges and reactors cooling systems, power plants in general and oil and gas installations. The horror is not the Stuxnet virus itself, but the breakthrough it represented in transmission, concealment, and propagation that is sure to be copied by terrorists, North Korea and genius nut cases in cabins in the woods.

      • M Curie is shill

        M Curie: who is we? Whom do you work for?


      • xdrfox

        Wow, M Curie, is that you again Afu ?

  • xdrfox

    and the cooling pools exposed to the sky !

    • Jet Fuel Genius

      M curie, you are way off base. Stuxnet was designed specifically to target fluid control systems. The centrifuges it attacked were ideal. So is the fluid control system at a nuclear facility. Oil refineries are equally at risk.

      The real truth is that Magna BSP, a Mossad front company got their only security contract ever at TEPCO, were based in Dimona, and had a full time two way data feed to fukushima all the way through the disaster. They told TEPCO about that connection on March 15 via an article printed in the Jerusalem Post. I wonder why they waited to tell TEPCO it existed. Stuxnet has two modes, random and administrative. It can be administered to optimize the damage. Once installed on the host system via a flash drive it causes that system to violate its normal security protocols.

      I am a lifer in the types of control systems Fukushima and Browns Ferry has. BOTH had modern Siemens controllers running the Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) system.

      Fukushima did not need any electrical systems operating AT ALL to keep itself from blowing up, when power is lost the reactor steam is diverted from the generator turbines to two totally separate steam turbines with totally separate water pumps needing only reactor steam to turn them. But the valves have to activate to re-divert the steam, all 8 valves on a total of 4 reactors failed to. In addition to this, another backup which injects borated water at a pre charged 3,500 PSI into the reactor to shut down all chain reactions also simultaneously failed at all 4 reactors. High pressure in all of the reactors proves the quake did not damage any of the infrastructure because the leaks that would have caused would have let the pressure go.

      SO, Disinfo agent M curie, all you did was inspire a comment from a master in the field – absent emergency backup control power keeping the virus alive; control power Magna BSP admitted was there the whole time, those valves, which open when there is no control power would have opened and nothing would have happened.

      I think your cronies sabotaged Browns Ferry with the virus and Haarped in an F4 to provide plausible cover for another Fukushima; fortunately the tva IS NOT STUPID, they learned from Fukushima and had their sysops run to cut the wires to the valves the virus was tampering with; it’s obvious because their phones and computers went out of control the moment shutdown was needed. FIGURE THE ODDS.

      Fukushima was sabotage and an act of war.

      • I hear that!

        Thanks. It feel like an act of war. That makes sense to me… Everyone knows the Japanese are precision planners & pretty uptight on the whole… They seem shocked by the astonishing TRIPLE whammy of this disaster. A FUBAR outcome doesn’t ring true for them–too out of context. If you’ve ever owned a Japanese vehicle, you learn that Japanese are pretty good at being technically reliable.

        And I was thinking that Israel/Saudis/Dubai were well-positioned to avoid fallout…hmmm?

        • I hear that!

          sorry, typo: It feels like an act of war!…too strange…

        • I hear that!

          Who am I kidding? The Japanese are UNUSUALLY good at being technically reliable!… That’s why I haven’t given up on their capabilities, but they need help, including Russia on site.

        • Anna

          According to Lueren Moret, Fuku was built on crumbly land. Why would the Japanese allow that? Just thinking out loud…I mean, just thinking in print.

      • Deetu 3

        @Jet Thanks for that..very,very interesting.

      • Anna

        @Jet Fuel genius, thanks for your insight. So, the Mossad have done this act of war?
        Why and why the Japanese?
        Do you think they intended to poison not only the Japanese but also North America?
        Do you think HAARP was used by anyone? (there are 10 HAARPS in the world)

        I have an interesting tidbit of info. 10 days before the earthquake the Chinese contacted a company in the USA that I get a product from for my practice. They wanted to buy all of the stock AND all of the stock that the company would ever make. This product has been proven to deal with radiation sickness and to remove metals from the body and protect the thyroid. The Chinese cut the company a check for a LOT. The company has many vendors and they were contemplating but not acting too quickly on the offer and then, boom, a massive earthquake. The company returned the check to the Chinese and have remained loyal to their previous customers/vendors in North America, etc.
        What do you think? It “appears” the Chinese knew that something was up.

  • Come on really we have enough BS for Japan. Stay on the green line and you have been cleared to travel. TSA is your friend And Nuke power is the answer. I have a Birth Certificate SEE.


    • Bluetek 25

      British Economy in the dumpster, repressive class system, unemployment like U.S. and the British taxpayers get to foot the bill for the Royal Wedding too! It’s a win-win!

  • My child and i live a handful of miles away from the Browns Ferry plant you’re talking about. And yes, i was already pretty tense with the worst tornado outbreak in 30 years going on outside our apartment. but i froze in terror as i listened to the weather reports warning that the storm had intensified once it left our area. then came the breathless moment the radio news said the plant had been damaged.

    that being said; *something* tells me the canvas is a little larger than only that.

    “Earthquake risk at TVA nuclear plants upgraded
    Nuclear plants safe despite new seismic maps, TVA says
    1:54 AM, Apr. 3, 2011”


    Road to Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant in Alabama is narrow, without shoulders

    * HOLLY HOLLMAN The Decatur Daily
    * First Posted: April 23, 2011 – 1:45 am–Browns-Ferry-Limited-Access/


    the quakes in TN, Arkansas & Missouri have been trembling off and on since i began keeping up with this map in March. along with other quake areas that shows have nuc plants nearby to as well.

    seems to me the whole idea all along was to build several plants near what anyone with eyes can see are fault lines. does it matter that the fault lines have been “mostly” inactive for years? all it takes is one. and seismology is not a very old science compared to others. readings have been kept, yes, but not for hundreds or thousands of years on this continent. how would anyone know for sure if this part of the world is overdue for a “big one” or not?

    -it gets better-

    read this one if you want a sardonic laugh. human nature being what it is, the same crap or something just as stupid can repeat.

    thanks for this website and the daily info guys, i’ve been silently reading and passing along links and info to others since this whole circus got going in March.

    (one slightly scared single mom who is slowly being sauteed in her own juices, tossed with a few wild isotopes, and a dash of oregano)

    • xdrfox

      @ Lill
      Hey Them tornado’s are scary and deadly as we saw again, “I am scared of them”, A F5 tore through my NC home area in May 6, 89, Talueka, NC 200 MPH on the ground and wind speeds inside of 300 MPH, 17 miles on the ground 1/2 mile wide and 5 to 7 times dancing off it, Killed 7 neighbors in rural country ! Been through a few others too ! You are suppose to be scared !
      How did your babies do through it and now ?

      • xdrfox

        What you know, found a news video of it !
        Check out the achors hair dew !

        • xdrfox

          This vid is not that good or accurate:
          They did not know or film the Heaviest damage areas nor are final reports in it.
          Others died from injuries afterwords, at least one person was missing and never found from my understanding, were taking blood samples from debarked trees to determine human or animal, many cattle were killed, debris was found from one house/plumbing company 100 miles away. Tiles were ripped from concrete floors, asphalt ripped from roadways. I saw many incredible sights !

        • Cindy

          Modified Mullet! LOL! Good God woman..tone it down! 🙂

      • Bluetek 25

        xdrfoxer- That is so terrifying. Watched the video on the tornado – and yes, nice hair – The sports announcer seemed pretty cool though!!

    • Bluetek 25

      Hey Lill, you are not alone, I am one slightly scared mom too. The tornado must have been terrifying. I watched the NRC meeting webcast tonight (from today) and the NRC’s response to questions about tornado preparations at nuclear plants was that the NRC had no spedific plans – that this kind of damage happens without warning and so it’s a totally reactionary response. I also live near two reactors (Limerick, Pa.) built on fault lines so dangerous that even the NRC has ranked them the 4th most vulnerable reactors in the country. I didn’t know this until recently, Fukushima has really raised my awareness and concern, well, we are in this together and I am glad you are here posting. Hope everything is getting better
      for you and your community tonight and that the problems at Brown’s Ferry are resolved ASAP!!

      • xdrfox

        When Charie came through here in 04, I took the kids to a Motel, at 2 am the Shingled roof was ripped off !

        : O

        Same night, A small tonado tore off a bigger one went between mine and a niegbors house blowing out my windows on the side of my house !

  • Heart of the Rose

    The HAARPies can’t take the night off or any night off.
    Just because science can do it ..doesn’t mean it should.
    A couple of situations have been created that will have to be maintained….FOREVER.

    • Anna

      Niether can the chemtrailers.

      Today, we SHOULD have blue skies instead of the gray sludge and rain we have been under for months. I see some glorious blue in small specs and THEN TONS and TONS of chemtrailing. They have painted the whole sky. GDammit! Can they please stop effing the world up? I am looking into immigrating. Honestly, I just want to call the goodwill truck if it goes through and give everything away and get on a plane to the southern hemisphere.

      They have manipulated the weather so much and I feel it has impacted what is going on in the tornado areas. If this is so, are they so stupid as to promote earthquakes around nuclear plants? I mean, so if they want to get the population down what good does it do if the whole country is ruined for thousands of lifetimes. Dumb shits.

  • A depressing little Japanese movie to cheer us up- about 6 reactors blowing up:

    My favourite quote from this movie:

    “Waiting to die isn’t living.”

    • Bluetek 25

      Wow, I think the horror of a nuclear apocalypse has been a part of the human psyche for a long time. This is a really dramatic and powerful movie. “On the Beach” is another depressing but all too real story of a nuclear disaster, no escape.

  • Jay

    Stuxnet virus possibly attacking Nuclear Power plants across the globe.

    I know of at least 5 other Nuclear power plants that have gone into emergency shutdown in recent days and only 1 that gave any kind of technical explanation.

  • geo

    “Unusual Event Remains in Effect at Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant –

    April 28, 2011 11:16 a.m. EDT

    Units 3 and 2 at TVA’s Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant achieved “cold shutdown” Thursday at 2:43 a.m. CDT and 5:45 a.m. CDT, respectively. “Cold shutdown” is achieved when the reactor coolant system temperature is cooled to 212 degrees Fahrenheit or less. Unit 1 is being cooled.

    The three Browns Ferry units automatically shut down on Wednesday, April 27, at 4:36 p.m. CDT when severe weather damaged TVA’s transmission system near the plant. Systems operated as designed to safely shutdown the units.

    Without sufficient offsite power available to the plant, seven of eight emergency diesel generators automatically started to provide power for the equipment needed to safely cool down the reactors. The eighth diesel generator was out of service for planned maintenance; it is expected to be returned to service today.

    TVA declared a Notification of Unusual Event – the lowest of the four levels of nuclear plant emergency classifications defined by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission – at 5:01 p.m. CDT Wednesday when the normal and alternate power supplies for essential equipment were unavailable for more than 15 minutes.

    The Notification of Unusual Event poses no threat to the public or to plant employees. Appropriate federal, state and local emergency management agencies were notified of the event.

    Priorities for the plant staff include bringing Unit 1 to “cold shutdown,” maintaining adequate supplies of diesel generator fuel onsite, returning the eighth diesel generator to service, protecting equipment necessary to maintain the units in a safe shutdown condition, and resolving computer and phone issues.

    Although one 161-kilovolt power line is available and providing power to the plant from the TVA power system, the plant’s diesel generators will continue to be used until additional, reliable offsite power is available.

    No injuries have been reported at Browns Ferry.

    The events and activities at Browns Ferry are not causing public health hazards.

    TVA emergency response centers have been activated in Chattanooga and at Browns Ferry.

    When the event was declared, Unit 2 was operating at reduced power to help stabilize the TVA power grid during the severe weather. The other units were at full power when the shutdowns occurred.


    A great picture of Fukushima reactor core type as seen in exact copy operating today in Brown’s Ferry Alabama which just had a shutdown crisis after losing all backup power due to tornadoes wednesday(which had a fire in 1975 too).

    Great story of the Brown’s Ferry nuke inspectors in 1975 using open flames to inspect seals started a fire that almost caused the meltdown and the incredible human incompetence that repeatedly circumvented all procedures at the plant during the fire.

  • geo

    Underneath 27 ft. of water lie 12 ft. tall stainless steel racks of spent nuclear full at the top of Unit 1.

    Brown Ferry nuclear reactor in Alabama which just had a shutdown failure after being cut off from emergency power last night by tornadoes

  • The Hanford List

    Public release date: 10-Oct-2006…”Lead author Amato Evan, a researcher at UW-Madison’s Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies (CIMSS), pored over 25 years of satellite data – dating from 1981 to 2006 – and noticed a correlation: During periods of intense hurricane activity, he found, dust (Saharan SAND) was relatively scarce in the atmosphere. In years when stronger dust storms rose up, on the other hand, fewer hurricanes swept through the Atlantic. …Evan decided to explore the correlations between dust (SAND) and hurricane activity after CIMSS research scientist Christopher Velden and others suggested that dust (SAND) storms moving over the tropical North Atlantic might be able to suppress the development of hurricanes.” Pls read the whole article:

    What is sand: SAND – insulator – NONreactive – suppressing element…

    Next proceed to 20+ Japanese Tsunami diving Plutonium (mox) Reactors: take aggressively reactive plutonium etc, negatively supercharged particles, Cesium-127, Strontium-90, Xenon-133 etcetc – and fill the atmosphere. What happens?

    – Tornadoes devastate South, killing at least 297 (AP 29Apr2011)
    – When the first wave of radiation hit Scandinavia 23.04.2011, meteorologists wondered about the weird and unusual winter snowstorms with heavy lightnings…

    Folks, This is THE shining AlGoReal globb all warming!

    See how it was done: Plutonium Reactor3 and at least 4 detonations … Full Sound:

  • Another strong argument for shutting these reactors down is that, should there be a large release of radiation, we will never know. The real figures are kept from us to prevent panic and so that the nuclear industry can protect itself and carry on nuking us.

    The so-called safe levels of background radiation are the same ones causing a decline in sperm counts and a cancer epidemic worldwide, although I have heard other environmental poisons are contributing to it.

    Low levels of radiation, as with low levels of plutonium, are highly dangerous. High levels kill cells, low levels mangle them and pass them up through the hereditary chain. Geiger counters are not giving us the full story. And those with the more sophisticated detectors are not giving us the numbers. If there’s something to hide, it’s not safe.

    I’m not a radiation expert, just someone with hundreds of bookmarks, so welcome any correction to (or corroboration of) this info.

  • Lill

    @ xdrfox
    thank you, she and i are fine now. just tired, tense and not sleeping right. not after a night of multiple tornado sirens and overlapping NOAA warnings. a good gust of wind wakes me up now.

    she came through fine, antsy but protected in a concrete-walled closet. she was in blankets, had her teddy bears and flashlight. she seems fine, but she is mildly autistic, so acting out a bit still.

    i used to storm chase a little with dad in the 60’s & 70’s. he was a Navy Meteorologist and Flight Instructor in WWII at Hickam Field. he raised me weather aware, taught me all i could soak up. i’m not usually too scared of twisters as long as i’m not caught out in the open, and if i can get to a secure shelter. it’s more worry about whether the place we’re sheltering can handle it or not. but i think my ‘scare threshold’ has lowered a notch since Wednesday. one supercell, fine, i’ll get through it. not a baker’s dozen all at the same time!

    Hi Bluetek
    wow, i’m the same, Fukushima has raised my awareness as well. reading where you’re located makes me worry. i’m listening now to local news radio, they’re keeping ongoing updates and relevant info. people are here from other states trying to find bodies, clear debris, get supplies in, whatever it takes. the radio announcer just said “You just cannot wait on the government to do anything” and went on to say that folks are helping each other quickly, not waiting on agencies to decide what to do.

    good practice for the future.

    just this on my mind: spring’s not over, and that storm built up. summer’s on the way; hot weather makes storms more intense. i can hope the wild weather is done, but i know it isn’t, not when i listen to meteorologists discuss why this super storm happened.

    between storm damages happening more frequently to nuc plants, and earthquakes near many, i’m beginning to see a huge problem just waiting to happen. adding to the ongoing Fukushima major nightmare.

    wish i could move us out in the boonies far away from all this crap before it gets stupid. a country girl can survive.

    • xdrfox

      Yes I remember running down stairs with my three babies and toddlers to the slop basement garage, Would have not helped much if we had received a direct hit !
      Alway been fascinated with, came out of Best Buy to parking lot on 92 in Daytona and 15 years ago and told the kids to hurry and get in the car there was going to be a tornado, they said Nah uh, we got out of the lot and turned to the first red light, by the time we were able to turn and green light on other side of 92 heading back east, a tornado set down in the Best by lot 100 yards N of where we were ! SWEAR !

    • Lill

      woops, found this, but (surprise!) the thing’s been removed.

      published Thursday, April 28th, 2011
      VIDEO: Aerial view of Tennessee Valley devastation

      “Page not found
      The requested page could not be found.”


  • xdrfox

    Does someone have LIVE GOOGLE Sat Map to take a look at ther outside of this plant, All I can find are older pictures of, most recent March 19th 11.

  • Lill

    trying to rake up relevant stuff xdrfox:

    history/data, read this, made my hackles rise:

    an older aerial view:

    this is *supposed* to be a ‘live’ view:

    i am leery of downloading software on my ancient, cranky, glitchy comp. if someone else wants to try, please do. this one says:

    “If you ever wanted to compare the satellite imagery data from Google Earth, Live Maps and Yahoo! Maps, look no further than Flash Earth (caution, this may be an illegal site)

    Flash Earth is a Adobe Flash based mapping service that works inside the browser and fetches mapping data and aerial pictures from several mapping websites including NASA, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Google.

    Flash Earth has not been formally endorsed by any of the imagery providers (Google, Microsoft, Yahoo! etc.) as it conflicts with their Terms of Use which states that the imagery should only by accessed via their official API, and not by any other means (which Flash Earth has done).

    Tip: if you know the coordinates of a location by its latitude and longitude, you can enter these figures into the search box and be taken to that position.

    below is a link for Free Trial GIS

    “Millions of people around the world have been using Google Maps and Google Earth for getting satellite view of their houses. Though many want to search for live satellite view of their houses, but it is not possible to get live satellite view because of the cost involved in a live operation. What Google actually do, they keep a database of locations of every place of our planet, and when you request for a location to get a glimpse of its satellite view, and you actually get the images that were stored in Google’s server. So, if you are looking for a live satellite images for free then it is not possible to see it in either Google Earth or Maps. But, Google always keep updating their images, for more information you can take a look into Google earth blogs.”

    i’m trying to find guaranteed live, but… sheesh. military/NASA/gov has it i’m fairly sure.

    to add to other comments elsewhere all over this site: nice. no frikkin wonder people stay sick constantly around here. i am not exaggerating, my girl and i have been constantly ill or recovering with one flu or other virus (including H1N1 last year), sinus/resp-infection or other since we moved here 3 years ago. before here, we might get sick once or twice a year. never before in either of our lives have we fought so much recurrent illnesses and the strangest virals. usually one on the heels of the last.

    • xdrfox

      “people stay sick constantly around here”
      Are you near the GULF ??
      Some good links, was looking for someone who pays for the subscription to live goggle sat.
      Most that have are looking at OLD Sat Photos.
      Live is a constant refreshing of the landscape, many use to help locate planes downs and lost the adventurous as on a few years ago, they found him without success of for he was much later found in a Ca, hill region way off from where thought to be.

      Anyway, To see the Plant now would be interesting if any outside damage, after the tornadoes this week, I thing we can all rest assured that a direct hit on a nuclear plant by one would be sure to put it into full meltdown and weather seems to be getting worse and we are not even into the peek of tornadoes yet, that will be this month !
      A Wind Tsunami will be just as devastating if it puts a or more into a full meltdown/ USA and seems to be more likely will happen sooner or later, look at the damage these tornadoes did to all structures, and a plant is no different as to the buildings strengths, forget earthquakes and the rest, we have a grave risk factor present not fully understood before by the public but may get footing to be exposed and the timing may be perfect now !

      • Lill

        @ xdrfox

        well not close by to the Gulf, but that might be moot considering winds. we live just north of the Tennessee River in very far northwestern Al, close to TN and Miss, and west of Browns Ferry by about 30 miles.

        you’re welcome for the links, not sure any would be of any great help, sadly. i was hoping for better results though.

        agreed, we have tons more on the horizon.

        oh emgee.. just found this. why am i not surprised. i heard on the radio that sirens weren’t able to sound off during the issued tornado warning due to loss of power. until now, i didn’t know *which* sirens. from the news reports they made it sound like these were the tornado sirens, as the radio news said police were going through neighborhoods running their squad car sirens to warn people of the approaching tornado danger. apparently that was inaccurate.

        published Saturday, April 30th, 2011
        Nuclear Sirens Conk Out In Storm
        by Dave Flessner

        “TVA safely shut down its Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant in Alabama with emergency backup power this week, but power outages across the Tennessee Valley still left the utility without enough emergency sirens to warn nearby residents of potential safety problems at both Browns Ferry in Alabama and the Sequoyah Nuclear Plant near Soddy-Daisy.

        In a notice to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission released Friday, TVA said more than 60 percent of its sirens around Browns Ferry and about a third of its warning sirens around Sequoyah were inoperable this week when electricity service was lost to the sirens following Wednesday’s tornadoes and wind storms.

        With so many sirens not working, TVA has had to be prepare plans to use police vehicles with loud- speakers to notify residents living within 10 miles of the plant should a nuclear accident occur.

        Most of the sirens were back in service Friday night at Sequoyah, according to NRC spokesman Ken Clark. But at Browns Ferry, TVA is still struggling to regain power after storms knocked down 90 transmission lines across TVA’s seven-state region, including all of those in Alabama. As of Friday night, 21 of those transmission lines were back in service, TVA spokeswoman Barbara Martocci said.

        TVA is relying upon its diesel-fired generators to provide power to circulate water into the spent fuel ponds and the reactor core of the Browns Ferry plant, where all three reactors shut down during the Wednesday storm.

        “The diesel generators are operating as they should, and we still have one 161,000 kilovolt line to Browns Ferry,” TVA spokesman Ray Golden said Friday night. “We hope to get a second line to the plant over the weekend.”

        TVA had to declare “an unusual event” — the lowest of four categories of alert at a nuclear plant — after the utility lost power to the three-unit Browns Ferry plant. TVA has used eight diesel generators and one of five transmission lines still operating to the plant to maintain Browns Ferry operations. The addition of a second 161,000-volt transmission line would allow TVA to be removed from the “unusual event” classification, Clark said.

        But before any of the reactors is started up for power generation, the two major 500,000-volt lines at the plant will have to be restored to service.

        At Sequoyah, the plant has continued normal operations, but EPB and other TVA distributors lost power lines serving some of the 108 sirens around Sequoyah.

        “We are working to eventually replace these sirens with equipment that will have dual capabilities [for electric or battery operation],” Golden said.”

        add to that, i could have sworn the radio announcer said that “a roof” had blown off of the plant during the time the storm was there at the plant area. but that comment never got repeated again. please don’t hold me to it, i cannot find mention of that anywhere else, so cannot verify that info as true. all i can verify is my kiddo and i both heard it and both froze in place wide-eyed. i took us upstairs to my room. fat lotta good it would do, but hey.

        • xdrfox

          “radio announcer said that “a roof” had blown off of the plant”

          Very often first reports are squash by the powers that be, not unusual in this case and on top of ongoing issues in Japan and other plants this week !

          Yes a tornado could take a plant into full meltdown and I don’t think they want John/Jane Doe Public to have a stark reality check on that right now !

          At least with Tornado season just starting !

          Well I am going to brave the elements (in a new sense these days) and get some things.


  • Heart of the Rose

    Tomorrow will be a year..I have tried to get some help for the people on the GOM.
    The people in this blog are yet to discover the apathy and denial in society as a whole.
    I’m most certain you can share that sentiment with me.
    I’m sure there are others in here that can as well.
    To say nothing.. to do nothing.. is to capitulate.
    This is perhaps a losing battle.. but one worth fighting.

  • Heart of the Rose

    PS.Also.. prepare for people that have known you..maybe,all your life…friends, relatives, neighbors… look at you like you are mad/insane when you mention these subjects.’ll get used to it….

    • xdrfox

      LOL absolutely !

    • Deetu 3

      @Heart of the Rose- I wasn’t prepared but i got used to it some years ago….

      • Heart of the Rose

        It’s the cruelty of the deception. It’s really quite sociopath.
        It still can still take my breath away.
        And it’s a basic insult to the healthy mind.
        Kind of like “slumming it”…..!
        I hate that.

    • Lill

      @ Heart of the Rose

      my home health girl flipped on me last week simply because i had this and the live earthquake map sites on the monitor. i asked if she’d like to know the new news. she went weird, eyes went wild and told me, “Wow, you just get all into that.. that.. yeah, i can’t, no, i just can’t, my nerves can’t handle it.”

      okie dokie then. next.

      the one close friend here who IS level headed and had been asking me to keep her updated has since taken the ‘i don’t care, nothing i can do about it’ thinking, plus that’s her words as well. *sigh* apathy and denial. escapism, whatever it takes to not disturb the delicate balance of the same-ole same-ole.

      me, i wanna know everything i can rake up. whatever i read, i know it’s going to be grisly, depressing, frightening and infuriating. i got that from day #1 in March. i’de rather know the enemy i can see, than be surprised by the one that i hid from.

      @ xdrfox, i used to live in your area of FL, are the citrus there also showing signs of abnormal growth or anything unusual? (yes, i’ve been bombed by grapefruits walloping the roof at 3 am, lol).

      and i do know what you mean about being just that scared trying to protect your babies. kiddo and i were living there when that March 13, 2001 tornado waltzed through Daytona. it gifted us with a lovely 200 pound limb in our kitchen roof, missed me and the kiddo by about 20 feet.

  • xdrfox

    Yes I know well, but found the same in other areas many years ago, so learn a bit about human nature and self. People will fall victim for crossing a street without looking, as cars are struck by trains for taking for granted one won’t be coming, or worse the ones that try to beat the train and loose !

    Here we are again as many time in life and the days that pass, it won’t be me, it happens to others, Often no one they know, so the lights don’t signal and the bells don’t toll emotionally.

    When the people/children start to become ill with great acceleration, it will hit close to home to many and hearts will be broke and minds will be open.

    There empty hands will reach for answers and a cause to carry on ! Some will not fill their hands with live forward for their minds will regress to a state of, I should have mode indefinatly…

    Others are aware through knowledge and avoid unseen dangers, and grow horse repeating there words to the masses !

    You do what you can and hope to help a few or one, sometimes get lucky and find warm people just as yourself in a busy world that has no time to sit on a porch and enjoy company and friend on any kind of day or evening !

  • xdrfox

    ..with life forward ..

  • Heart of the Rose

    Trouble is a tie that binds.. LOL

  • psky

    “Sea surface temperatures across the Gulf of Mexico have been warmer than normal for about a month and a half.

    Warm, humid air is a necessary ingredient for severe thunderstorm development, and the Gulf of Mexico is a major supplier of it. The warmer sea surface temperatures are across the Gulf of Mexico, the more warm and humid the air is above it.

    All it takes then is for storm systems to draw that warm, humid air northward into the U.S. to serve as fuel for intense thunderstorms. With Wednesday’s outbreak, there was a strong low-level flow of warm humid air from the Gulf of Mexico northward into the South.” – AccuWeather

    Referring to Lord Sterling’s assessment of the Gulf Loop current from December, the unusually warm, humid air in the Gulf seems to be caused from the lack of loop current flow, removing heat from the gulf and sending it across the Atlantic. The Atlantic current is also what steers the jet stream. Now that the loop current is bogged down with oil and can’t flow properly, all that heat has no place to go but inland, as wind, and with the jet stream not being steered away from the southern states, this could turn out to be a long, very bad summer for tornadoes.

  • Tricky Dick

    On the beach.

    • Deetu 3

      Is WELL worth watching,for a little, ah,,,,perspective

      also one of Neil’s best albums imho..

  • Heart of the Rose

    …The weather has to be geo-engineered away from the GOM.
    A hurricane would bring to shore what they are hiding out there.
    ..In order to do this..they have to keep it up from now till “kingdom come”

  • Artem Dragunov has had many dreams that have come true. On February 21, 2011 he dreamed of the March 11 quake and he has made this prediction: Japan Prediction: Nuclear Holocaust, Tokyo Evacuated

  • Deetu 3

    A short film in Japanese about building the FK complex.

  • Cyclops2

    Well folks. A cold shut down ONLY SHOULD mean that ALL the fuel rods were rammed into the 0 % power position.

    It DOES NOT MEAN a thing about NOT starting a MELTDOWN if power IS NOT AVAILABLE to spin the cooling pumps.


    Feed the people Bull Hit

    If the Ferry reactors fuel rods were at full power when power was lost. They are VERY HOT. They MUST HAVE FULL RATES OF WATER FLOW TO COOL THE CENTER MOST RODS !!!!!

    Otherwise a meltdown can start at the very center of the HOT fuel rods in still water.

    Chances are 50- 50 if the rods were able to pass the heat UP THE RODS without overheating. Each FAST cold shutdown from a running power level will cause a little more damage to the rods & shutdown holders.

    The best shutdown is a SLOW INSERTION of the fuel rods.

    • Mike

      A fast reactor scram is not a “normal” operating condition but is intended to quickly shut the reactor down and is automatic under certain conditions. The power plants have diesel generators that maintain coolant flow and keep the turbines moving. They are NEVER in stagnant water. A fast reactor scram does not damage the fuel rods. I’ve never heard of a “shutdown holder”.

  • Mike

    I live very close to the Browns Ferry Nuclear Power Plant and currently have no power. I can tell you for certain that the nuclear power plants themselves were NOT damaged. The title of this article is alarmist and inaccurate. The primary and secondary trunk lines that come out of the facility and feed power to much of Northern Alabama were destroyed but are being rebuilt. The reactors behaved exactly as they should have. The reactors scrammed (the control rods dropped) and were safely shut down. There is no danger to the public. I wish people would be a little more careful about the rumors they spread.

    • xdrfox

      June 6th, 2010 .
      Tornadoes and thunderstorms tore through the Midwest on Sunday, killing at least seven people in Ohio and triggering the automatic shutdown of a nuclear power plant in Michigan.

      Storm Shuts Down Ohio Nuclear Plant
      Ottawa County Tornado June 24, 1998
      OAK HARBOR, Ohio (AP) � A fast-moving storm slammed into northern
      Ohio, forcing a nuclear power plant to shut down, damaging buildings and
      injuring 14 people.

      National Weather Service forecasters said a tornado hit late Wednesday near
      the Davis-Besse nuclear plant near Oak Harbor, about 25 miles east of
      Toledo. Workers spotted a funnel cloud

    • xdrfox

      @ Mike
      I added these links to show these things are possible ! And we have the responsibility to look into and raise concern, my belief is, it’s just a matter of time and not expect that you will here it from news media !

      • Mike

        Well of course it’s possible – anything is possible. But the title of the article states that the reactors WERE damaged which is entirely false.

  • xdrfox

    Storm shuts down Fermi 2 nuclear plant, injures 11 in Dundee
    Published: Sunday, June 06, 2010
    Severe storms and high winds ripped siding off a building at the Fermi 2 nuclear plant in Monroe County early Sunday morning, causing it to shut down automatically, and a tornado may have touched down nearby, a county official said.

    No fatalities were …

    Can a nuclear plant withstand a direct hit by a tornado?
    August 27, 2010
    Dear Cecil:

    Recently an outbuilding at a nuclear power plant received a glancing blow from a tornado. Fortunately no real harm was done, but it started me wondering: are nuclear power plants built to withstand a direct hit from a tornado?

    — Dee Barnett, Fort Worth

    Cecil replies:

    There’s a range of possible

  • xdrfox

    I can not seen to find one in 96? OK or Tx where the roof WAS tore off a nuclear plant by the tornado, I’ll keep looking !

  • Lill

    some interesting tidbits.

    until this, i had no idea that there’d been so many nuclear plant accidents in the US, or the existence of naval nuclear plants. naval.

    i can’t seem to see anything about OK at all on that site, a few situations for TX, several for most all of the other states.

    “A note on Naval Reactors (written by John P. Shannon, November, 2001):

    KAPL [Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory] presently has no land based power plants in operation. The last two were shut down as a result of my TV appearance a few weeks ago.

    The two available to be restarted, when no one is watching, are located in West Milton, NY, about 25 miles north of Albany, which is the capital of NY, and ten miles west of NY’s premier tourist attraction during June, July and August. During this time ten’s of thousands of visitors are in town, many of them millionaires.

    Naval Nuclear Power Plants are, however, located at Pearl Harbor, HI, Norfolk, VA, Puget Sound, Washington State, Charleston, SC and San Diego, CA…”
    (scroll down for entries dating from 2001 to 4/11. seems to have great gobs of information posted.)

    there seems way more links and info than i have time to research. also, i cannot play most youtube on my comp, so i have no idea what those say. all of it might be total bunkum, then again might not. he does challenge readers to cross check all his info to verify.

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