“Total Hell”: Family’s drinking water bubbling like champagne — US gov’t involved in cover-up? (PHOTO)

Published: January 16th, 2013 at 3:00 pm ET


Title: EPA Changed Course After Gas Company Protested
Source: AP
Date: January 16, 2013

When a man in a Fort Worth suburb reported his family’s drinking water had begun bubbling like champagne, the federal government sounded an alarm: A company may have tainted their wells while drilling for natural gas.


At first, the Environmental Protection Agency believed the situation was so serious that it issued a rare emergency order in late 2010 that said at least two homeowners were in immediate danger from a well saturated with flammable methane. More than a year later, the agency rescinded its mandate and refused to explain why.

Now a confidential report obtained by The Associated Press and interviews with company representatives show that the EPA had scientific evidence against the driller, Range Resources, but changed course after the company threatened not to cooperate with a national study into a common form of drilling called hydraulic fracturing. […]

“This has been total hell. It’s been taking a huge toll on my family and on our life.” -Steve Lipsky

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Published: January 16th, 2013 at 3:00 pm ET


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23 comments to “Total Hell”: Family’s drinking water bubbling like champagne — US gov’t involved in cover-up? (PHOTO)

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    No new flyover on the Sinkhole Flyover Channel on You Tube since 12/27/2012?
    Why no new flyover? You can't tell me that with the amount of wet (read "sinking") woods that surround the sinkhole proper in the December flyover, that there have been no changes since December.

    Every time the oil/gas industry seeks permission to drill in some new, Federally-controlled area, I remember how badly Planet Earth has been treated in the past by these "Extractors". I hope that there is some limit to the amount of payoffs, campaign donations, and bribes the Extractors are paying to public employees (to hide and cover up the damage they cause), such that the public's anger and agitation against an extension to the drilling overcomes the aggregate affect of the bribes and payoffs. I hate the fact that the drilling has ended this man's dreams, and ruined his home, ended his business, and ruined his retirement dreams. Just for money! Just had to push that last cavern to the very edge of the salt dome, didn't you, Texas Brine? To get that last dollar out of Bayou Corne. Well, how is that workin' out for ya so far?

  • or-well

    Just one more minnow
    fed to the sharks.
    The EPA wags its' tail
    when Industry barks.

  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    Well s_it fire & save the matches!! Why not just serve up some of that "Bayou Bubbly" at the next Texas Brine Corp. stockholders meeting?! 🙂 ~*

    • amberlight amberlight

      "Well s_it fire & save the matches!!"

      LOL! Johnny, you just taught me a new expression to spring on the unwary!

      And I second the motion to serve "Bayou Bubbly" at the next TB board meeting. Maybe we can fly in some Fukushima fish & rice as well…

  • PavewayIII PavewayIII

    Dry gas (mostly methane and few condensates) in the Ft. Worth aquifers is bad enough.

    The natural gas in the Gulf Basin is associated with oil-bearing formations. It's wet gas – it has a lot of other hydrocarbons besides methane. As it bubbles up through the bayou around Napoleonville, it leaves behind barrels and barrels of other natural gas liquids. The same NGLs that Promix, Crosstex, Gulf Energy and Dow extract out on purpose, purify, and then store in their salt-dome caverns: Ethane, propane, butanes and natural gasoline.

    Natural gas liquids don't bubble out of the aquifer as easily as methane. There's less of them, but they are more likely to accumulate in the water. The aquifer is constantly being poisoned from the blowout – stabilizing the cavern and dome isn't going to fix that.

  • richard richard

    The EPA is a corrupt organ of the fascist state of the usa. Why are people paying taxes and continuing to support these corrupt organisations?

    You are being conned people. Government steals your money, then whores itself to the highest paying lobbyists. Which just so happen to be energy providers like oil and nukes.

    Demand government of the people, by the the people, for the people. If the government will not do that, then you have every right to withhold taxes and begin anarchy. The guberment is not here for you, it's here for big business to destroy the environment. Way past time to start kicking them where it hurts.

    EPA – a bunch of fascist pussies.

    • richard richard

      and the coast guard is another example of fascist puppets.. think GOM/BP.

      Why are you handing money over to these people?

      • 16Penny 16Penny

        Because, if we don't pay our taxes they will seize personal property and sell it until the tax debt is paid. Sure, if your single and have no one depending on you to provide your needs then you could just dodge them and move around with little to your name. Unfortunately generations who have come before us have built this system we are born into. The majority of Americans are not upset by most of the events that are discussed on this forum because they do not know about it and don't care to look because it is scary and upsetting.

        I hand money over to the criminals so that they will not seize my livelihood.

        • richard richard

          Fair call Penny. A mass movement would certainly help instead of a one by one attempt.

          It does appear that you're paying money to crooks just so they can abuse you and the environment.

          Up to you how ever best you might deal with it.

          Go well.

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            And don't you suppose Homeland Security is busy sniffing out every whiff of dissatisfaction they can find? And what do you suppose the "plan" is for those who would choose to rebel against this tyrannical system? I for one am not enamoured of thinking about what the facists would do to us poor little peons if we decide to stop paying taxes, and take our country back. Nope. And next they want our guns.

            Really, Richard, it's easy to tell us we need to start a revolution here when you're sitting comfortably on the other side of the Pacific.

            Yes, the system is rotten, and it appears to be facist. But most of us here who are "awake" don't expect any real change to occur until push comes to shove. That day may not be too far off, the way things are going.

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              Thinking about the sophisticated weaponry which could be turned inward and used against our own people here is pretty daunting, in itself. It isn't very pleasant to think about it.

      • 16Penny 16Penny

        Richard, "provide your needs" should have been "provide their needs".

        Also, do you know how upset I get when I'm driving along and I hear the radio advertisement talking about "Who can you count on to make sure your medicine is safe, who can you count on to protect the environment. . . and more BS like that and then they end with your federal government.

        And they wasted more of the taxpayers money to make that ad.

        Maybe it isn't just that I am upset, I think it is a bit of nausea as well.

        Didn't your motherland send some of your countries ancestors to a prison island for not paying taxes? Do you pay taxes in Australia? Isn't Australia the world's biggest exporter of nuclear fuel?

        I don't think the answer to our global problem will be found by restructuring one country. Richard, do you really think the US is the keystone to world corruption?

        My opinion is that corruption, greed and exploiting our planet have existed well before 1776 AD.

        • blackbeer blackbeer

          There is a price to pay to bring about the end of the systems of "State". The price is high but the price of compliance is death. Take your pick……………..


        • amberlight amberlight

          Spot on response, Penny. Richard, no one is arguing against what you said, although we may take issue with singling out the Untied States. Granted, the U.S. is the biggest bully on the block, but then it no longer is a gov't of, by and for the People. This country is is controlled by a global cabal and we are ALL under their dominance. Tax-paying Australian citizens—Aussies DO pay taxes, am I right?—are not even "allowed" to keep firearms.

          The "protection" money we pay state and federal overlords is a lousy deal for us peons, but it's better than the old feudal systems. At least we can PRETEND we own the property, bought and paid for by the honest sweat of our brow.

          I know people who never pay income or property tax, but they aren't married, raising children, settled in a community. God bless them, they travel light, but that doesn't suit everyone. We shouldn't have to be landless nomads to evade the iron fist of government and their corporate beneficiaries.

  • Ron

    Hmm. Just wondering if fracking may have something to do with the sinkhole issue?

    • dosdos dosdos

      No need to wonder, many of the fracking compounds were detected in large quantities in air monitoring samples when the sinkhole began. Texas Brine requested and received permission to dump fracking compounds (from Arkasas drilling sites), along with naturally occurring radioactive compounds, into the cavern just before they plugged the well a few years back. Fracking compounds were responsible for the sinkhole. The evidence is there.


        Could you point me in that direction, dosdos? A link would be fine. Thanks in advance.

        • PavewayIII PavewayIII

          dosdos never responds with any evidence. It's enough to repeatedly bring up fracking and suggest fracking waste was dumped into the cavern before plugging – it helps derail discussion of more relevant concerns.

          If Texas Brine did dump fracking waste or waste drilling mud into the cavern before plugging it, then they did so without a permit. The cavern was losing pressure since 2009, so that would have been a great way to make a small fortune before publicly reporting a failed MIT test and permanently plugging it.

          This speculation is pointless – it requires several parties to voluntarily release information they're not willing to release.

          – dosdos isn't providing any sources
          – The DEQ is going out of their way to selectively sample the sinkhole and gas bubbles. It seems incapable of ever detecting anything of interest, and never follows up on anything. They are NEVER going to find evidence of anything TB dumped in the cavern.
          – Mining and minerals seems to be missing related paperwork
          – The DNR's job is to protect its royalty streams from oil companies, not protect LA natural resources.

          So it's easy to claim 'the evidence is there' when you know that the state and Texas Brine are the ONLY ones with access, and the LA courts will back them both no matter what. May as well claim there's a UFO down there, too.

          • FREEDOMROX

            LOL@Paveway. I know, my friend. Actually there are a lot of ufo's down there. Unidentified Formation Objects, lol.

            TB was given permission to stick the TENORM in the cavern, then admitted it, then said, "Oh, no..we just left it on the (Choose one of the following)(A: ground (B: in a frack tank, or (C: what NORM?

            Also, reading all the Sonic surveys, and the very fact that they needed so many of them performed, speaks volumes about how long this cavern had been experiencing problems, and if you read them, it becomes obvious that the bottom 1000 ft. had been pressing against the shale sheath since 1998.

            As for DNR, sadly every word you have stated is true.

  • haizedustrium-1234 haizedustrium-1234

    Stabilizing the cavern and dome might not have an immediate effect in Fort Worth, but what could be done to stop the underground toxins from being released or spread and the underground part of the refinery process equipment being damaged every time that there is a quake, techtronic plate movement , sloughin or blowout is not to be brushed aside. Repairing underground equipment is not easy, inspecting them takes months where possible. Some have mentioned before that the contents at some places had the similar contents of a tank farm – a sewer tank farm –