Trouble at SFP No. 4: Water injections not enough to cool pool — Workers find large hole in wall

Published: June 11th, 2011 at 6:13 pm ET


TEPCO forced to review reactor 4 cooling plan, NHK, June 12, 2011:

The operator of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant has been forced to reconsider its plan to cool the spent fuel storage pool of the No.4 reactor.

Water injection from a special vehicle has not been intense enough to cool the water in the pool […]

On Friday, workers entered the 4th floor of the No.4 reactor building where the pool is located for the first time since the nuclear disaster took place.

They found a large hole in a wall created by the March 15th explosion. They also discovered that a nearby pipe necessary for the cooling system had been mangled. […] Fixing the damaged pipe is expected to be extremely difficult. […]

Published: June 11th, 2011 at 6:13 pm ET


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95 comments to Trouble at SFP No. 4: Water injections not enough to cool pool — Workers find large hole in wall

  • risabee risabee

    This is consistent with Tacomagroove’s analysis, IIRC.

  • Godzilla

    Which “analysis”?

    • risabee risabee


      The conclusion was possibly overdramatic but I thought it was good use of the available information. I remain interested in the SFP at #4. YMMV.

      • Remember311

        Is this the comment?

        “Let the fear mongering comments begin.”

        Tacomagroove wrote those words on the page that you linked to.

        • risabee risabee

          No,it was the preceding comment — “There is no way for tepco to refill and constantly drain this pool. It is too damaged to let water simply run out. That being said, This is exactly what tepco is doing, They fill the pool. Wait for it to evaporate, from the fuel. Then refill it.”

          But now I see it’s different from how i remembered it and what they are reporting. I retract the original assertion.

          A word of caution to us all, though: Error can be retracted, advancing knowledge. Snide cannot.

          • FML

            That comment has nothing to do with this article. No offense to Tacoma but she is not an expert so any “analysis” from her can’t really be taken all that seriously. This is even way over the heads of nuclear experts so how can Tacoma accurately “predict” what is going to happen?

            I could easily just say everything is going to blow up and there is going to be a “China Syndrome” and we are all going to die but it doesn’t make me an expert or a credible source of information and it doesn’t solve any problems.

          • If I recall there is a hole in the bottom of the pool where the water is draining out also ! And that it is leaning would be less water to hold then desired !

          • StPaulScout StPaulScout

            Hey FML – As soon as Tacoma is wrong as often as some others, the rest of will make note of that.

      • Remember311

        Did you mean this comment?

        “Sorry I was on the rag earlier…
        went mad crazy hitting several forums with reality checks…”

        Written by Tacomagroove, same page.

      • milk and cheese milk and cheese

        I agree that some comments on the board can be a trifle Apocalyptic, but who knows, this may be the Apocalypse. Tacomagroove has been proven right more than once.

        • A broken clock is right twice a day !

        • Misitu

          The contamination has already endangered one major continent and half a major ocean.

          There is no achiveable plan to cool the damaged plants any quicker than natural radioactive decay (with or without a side order of recriticality).

          Therefore there is going to be more damage. The damage will statistically cause a large number of cancers which the health systems are not equipped to manage comfortably. There will also be major distress resulting from stillbirths and malformed babies.

          And I haven’t even got started on the food chain let alone the biosphere.

          There are many highly paid idiots and freelance iscariots talking tosh till their time is at an end. Pay no attention.

          It is bad enough so far, it is getting worse, and at least some of us are honest witnesses,

    • Pensacola Tiger Pensacola Tiger

      The “throw everything at the wall and see what sticks” analysis.

    • Manifest Irony

      Think its the “quantum atomic leaping” analysis that gives taco the edge. Hard to refute a word salad like that. Hopefully Scott Bakula can shed some light on that topic.


        Quantum entanglement is a feature of quantum mechanics that occurs when physical properties of a quantum system have become related in a single quantum state. Hence, if the system is composed of multiple particles, one of the particles cannot be fully described without also considering the other(s), even if the particles are separated by some distance. The simplest case of this would be when two particles, such as two electrons or two photons, have interacted and then separated. Quantum mechanics predicts that phenomena occur that are unlike what would be expected in classical mechanics. For instance, when the spin of only one of the two entangled electrons is measured, the spin of the other immediately becomes determinate. Before the measurement, it is impossible to describe the spins of the electrons independently, and only the combined spin of the two-electron system is known. After the measurement of one of the electrons, the correlated spins of the two electrons become determinate. Measuring the value of the spin of one disentangles the particles, and forces the other to take on its own, separate spin value. This occurs even though the particles are now separated by arbitrarily large distances.
        Entanglement can be measured, transformed, purified, and teleported. A quantum system in an entangled state can be used as a quantum information channel to perform tasks that are impossible for classical systems, and is also required to achieve the exponential speedup of quantum computation.
        Research into quantum entanglement was initiated by the EPR paradox paper of Albert Einstein, Boris Podolsky and Nathan Rosen in 1935,[1] and a couple of papers by Erwin Schrödinger shortly thereafter.[2][3] Although these first studies focused on the counterintuitive properties of entanglement, with the aim of criticizing quantum mechanics, eventually entanglement was verified experimentally, and recognized as a valid, fundamental feature of quantum mechanics; the focus of the research has now changed to its utilisation as a resource for communication and computation.

        Learn physics; then talk.

        • Manifest Irony

          Read it, studied it and can tell you what you’re talking about is utter nonsense in relation to nuclear reactions. Hard to believe, but understanding electronics requires a thorough knowledge of quantum mechanics and calculus . But that’s ok. If you have a question about event planning, by all means listen to tacomagroov

        • Manifest Irony

          Read it, studied it and can tell you what you’re talking about is utter nonsense in relation to nuclear reactions. Hard to believe, but understanding electronics requires a thorough knowledge of quantum mechanics and calculus . But that’s ok. If you have a question about event planning, by all means listen to tacomagroove. If you have a science question, ask a scientist.

          • Darth

            Manifest Irony is correct on this issue of quantum entanglement.

            Tacomagroove shows the depth of his ignorance and lack of maturity. How old are you Tacomagroove – about 25.

          • Steven Steven

            Not much to laugh at around here but your use of two replies each with slightly different spin brought an appreciative chuckle. I’d normally just say ‘nice work’ but thought I’d better point it out for those who missed it, and need to know what they’re up against 😉

        • StPaulScout StPaulScout

          You give em hell Tacoma.

          • Manifest Irony

            Yea, Taco is our very own Sarah Palin of physics. Throw out a word salad of non connected terms then claim that it explains everything. Never admit you’re wrong. Rinse and repeat. So easy an event planner can do it.

        • BlackRain


          YOU learn the physics; then talk, big shot.

          Hey, Taco, you predicted a diabolic 3,000-ft tsunami a few days ago — and I requested proof. I was hoping for something more substantial than “believe my words, I’m Tacomagroove, self-proclaimed physicist.”

          Prove me wrong and publish your proof. I double dare you, you fake.

          I’m waiting.

          By the way, it’s OK with me if you publish your proof using physics equations, advanced mathematics, and comments from colleagues in physical science. Show the world what you’ve got in your brain. No need to water it down

          I’m waiting.

          My father is a physicist; my brother is a physicist; and they are surprised that you know how to spell the word.

          I’m waiting.

          Or better yet, Taco: YOU learn the physics; then talk.

        • Judge H. O.

          Snipping from wikipedia and posting it as if it had relevance is bad enough. Following it with a smug taunt founded in the bias from ignorance is just too much. Stop wasting perfectly good bandwith for this non-stop tripe.

          I will not defer slamming your noise. You have consistently spewed nonsense here; you have no idea how ignorant you are.

          Manifest Irony, Darth, BlackRain: You can come over for coffee anytime. You seem immune to the irrational by observing that, like tacomagroove, “a broken clock is right twice a day”, that her comments consist of “‘throw everything at the wall and see what sticks’ analysis” and, like a cherry on a sundae, the assured danger of “atomic quantum leaping” is a “word salad” of paramount excellence!

  • FanJapan

    No problem, they have not injected enough water for 3 months now. So, they just continue this way and only “tiny amounts of radioactivity, not harmful for human beings” will continue to be released.

    Oops! One just said me that the “tiny” and “not harmful” lie has been exposed… So, well, we will consider a way to solve the problem as soon as possible. But we will not inform you because we do not expect the public to be interested in such news.

  • notactive

    Yes, 3 months have passed and now its a problem. Are we NUTS !!

  • It seems there was a big meltthrough (from 6 min onward – building no.4 smokes up the whole place)

    Updated link to TBS/JNN live webcam which shows no.4 from the

  • eyechix eyechix

    if you havent seen the pics of Reactor 4 yet, check out
    the article says from yesterday!

    Would also like interpretation of gamma cam images…?

  • CaliMom

    What exactly is everyone planning on doing when, one day, you open up this website to find the headline, ‘Reactor 4 has exploded/collapsed/disappeared from the face of the earth’ etc.. Do we don gas masks? Stay inside? Will ANYONE in our government even bother telling us what we should do? Will we have to depend on these sites to keep informed? The thoughts of how this may all pan out make me more than a little worried. Has anyone else thought about the reality of how they would react to this news?

    • ocifferdave

      I’ll move to a safer place el pronto.

    • eyechix eyechix

      Ummm, smoke some cigars, have unprotected sex, party like its 1999…

      the genie is already out of the bottle. I know it, my family knows it, and a few close friends know it, too. When SPF#4 tips over, it is game over, and thats when the rest of the world will know it.

      how long i feel like sticking around after that will depend on how quickly society falls apart, or the tumors hurt too much…

      may I also add…i have cancer now, and can not treat it for lack of insurance and money.

      so no big diff to me.

      I would highly recommend cashing out everything you have in the bank NOW, not waiting til the rest of the planet catches on.
      I would highly recommend quitting your job, that is, if you still have one (lol).
      I would recommend buying about a years worth of protein bars supplements and water NOW, not waiting til the rest of the planet catches on there, either.
      I would order any medicine you take online, again a years worth, NOW.
      I would invest in basic survival gear, depending on what you can afford. Firearms/ammo/mace/taser/protection is always a good idea.
      The years worth of supplies are only til you work up the courage to “take yourself out”.
      Firearms can serve a dual purpose there.
      Other than that, i plan on having a great summer!

      • StPaulScout StPaulScout

        I would be very carefull who I take advice from……

        • eyechix eyechix

          the second that pool collapses, its too late. at that point you are not being proactive, but reactive. the stock markets will crash, supplies will then cost triple or quadruple
          what they do now. If you can find them. I prefer to shop at my leisure.

          invest in things you can sell…cigarettes and booze will be in high demand. as will any medication you can spare. even if only the economy collapses, these items will be handy. ask any european who was alive in WW2.

      • Think positive hummm… Well,… I am out of here for as while to Ride my bike in the warm evening night, see friends the fireworks and P A R T Y !

        Happy Happy Happy, it can’t get me !

    • Pensacola Tiger Pensacola Tiger

      IIRC, Arnie Gunderson says that if you live in Tokyo, leave immediately.


  • AkDave AkDave

    Yup! here we go the next big letdown by Tepco… going from bad to F’ked Still no help from the rest of the world?? I’m guessing Japan still not asking for it?? I guess the cover-up is still going on.

    This link is worth a look not sure I can go with all of it but he makes a few good points.

    • Pallas89juno

      Dear AK:

      Nothing at all against you, however, this site “Jim Stone” is a CIA distraction site. Reactor #3 went critical and exploded, more like Fairwinds is saying and less like the hydrogen explosion claim of others earlier in the cataclysm. CIA distraction sites look plausible by sprinkling in some plausible information (images, text, references) in a context of crap. If you do some digging of primary sources (that is primary research on these topics through your local university library or even local municipal library if large enough), you will discover that prompt criticality can definitely cause the kinds of explosion that likely occurred both at Chernobyl in 1986, and occurred here at MOX fueled Fukushima #3–especially unstable. I wonder if you or anyone else can tell me if the reactor getting flooded outside of Omaha is a MOX fuel reactor. I haven’t figured that out yet.

  • Pensacola Tiger Pensacola Tiger

    [EDITED BY MODERATOR: Please do not post complete articles. Excerpts limited to four paragraphs.]

    For this who won’t read the entire article, here is is, with the somewhat important parts that were removed in boldface italic.

    allowing the temperature to remain at more than 80 degrees Celsius.

    Tokyo Electric Power Company, or TEPCO, aims to install a circulatory cooling system that will pump water out of the pool and return it there as coolant. The utility originally hoped to put the system in place next month.


    TEPCO says the repair team found it hard to work near the pool as equipment had been destroyed and debris was scattered on the floor.


    In addition, it remains unclear if there is another pipe that can be used for the cooling system.

    • kx kx

      Still think all nuclear power plants should be shut down ASAP.

      • Pallas89juno


        You are ABSOLUTELY, unequivocally, exactly, precisely and without the slightest or faintest wiff, hint or speck of a doubt, CORRECT.

        Yes, before runaway global warming, mass extinctions (study white-nose fungus syndrome in the Eastern Freetail and Eastern Brown Bats of the U.S., to understand just one of thousands of consequences of anthropogenic mass extinctions, not even counting global warming consequences) get going too far and too many skilled people start dying off, we need to decomission every one of the world’s 1000 or so nuclear power reactors. If you study primary research on dosimetry and extrapolate the actual consequences of just the several sources of uncontained radionuclide emissions from Fukushima alone (not to mention Kashiwazaki Kariwa, Tsuruga, Onagawa, Hamaoka, Omaha, etc.), you will see that humans, as a group living in a finite world ecosystem with an estimated 100,000,000 non-human species that never asked to be irradiated, poisoned or exploited into extinction, cannot handle nuclear power. We do not, for any reason, have the right to try.

        I back your rational, reasoned, absolutely arguable assertion 100%!!!

  • ocifferdave

    New pics of Unit 4, dated 11 June

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Spent fuel pool reactor 4..I doubt that it looks this “good” at the present time.

  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

    The more I watch what is happening in Japan the more convinced I am that there is absolutely nothing anyone can do about this situation. We have “Crossed the Rubicon” and what we are witnessing is the only thing they can do, let it all burn up in a controlled manor so that there isn’t world wide panic. I don’t think any of us want to face that just quite yet, but I think we are there now.

    • There is simply nothing “one” nation can do about the situation. But getting a group effort really hasn’t proven an easy challenge… Maybe after the annual radiation rate rises by 30% internationally, there will be a group effort. Yet, ofcourse by then, and likely by now; it is already sadly too late.

      • Sam Sam

        After reading Tacomagroove’s comment about getting a group
        effort together brought back a lot of memories from earlier
        times—–Ken Keysey’s Merry Pranksters bus trip, the
        San Francisco Mime Troupe, the huge civil rights marches of the
        60’s, the protests of the Vietnam War, etc….. That was then.
        How come we have nothing equivalent today?
        There must be a lot of money out there somewhere that can
        finance “consciousness raising” activities. Or would the
        authorities label all Fukushima activists as Terrorists attempting to disturb “public tranquility.”
        Something needs to happen to arouse the people!
        Otherwise we are all sleepwalking to our eventual demise.

        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          Nuclear fission in one reactor affecting the ongoing fission in another….?
          Corium making one giant blob?
          Hypothesis is the backbone of science ……

          • Pensacola Tiger Pensacola Tiger

            If nuclear fission in one reactor was going to affect the ongoing fission in another, it would have happened when the reactors were online and generating power before 3/11.

            Corium making one big blob? What is your hypothesis on how that might happen?

          • BetaFlare

            How used fuel pools behave, a 2002 Nuke-Report explains all of fukushima 2011

            3/17/2004 12:33 PM The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Vol. 58, No. 1, pp. 45-47, January/February 2002 What about the spent fuel? By Robert Alvarez

        • eyechix eyechix

          too busy watching idol im guessing? turn off the tv, listen to the birds, look at the sky. love your kids, be nice to your neighbors!

        • Mark

          Ken Keysey’s Merry Pranksters bus trip, the
          San Francisco Mime Troupe, the huge civil rights marches of the
          60′s, the protests of the Vietnam War, etc…..

          That was then this is now. Back then Daddy went to work Momma stayed home with the kids average joe can’t afford to do that now. More money floating around back then. A bunch of hippies couldn’t afford to run a 8mpg school bus across the country never mind buying drugs as well. Fact USA citizens work more hours per week and have fewer vacation time then Europeans and many others in the world. Nobody has the time or resources to be a rebel. So sad

        • radegan

          The answer to your question is the same as “Why are there no readings being taken?” During Vietnam, huge numbers of young men were directly threatened by the draft and a stupid war, so they reacted. If you told people the true state of radiation, they would also react and our rulers don’t want that, they want you to absorb in place.

          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            “absorb in place”..just the words I was looking for this morning.

          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            The poor Japanese children get to record the levels they are exposed to while they “absorb in place”.
            How cruel.

          • my point exactly…

            People often ask me:
            When should I take precaution… when is it going to effect me…

            March 12th and after…

            The entire planetary food chain is contaminated…
            So Its already a global pandemic.

    • Steven Steven

      Nice find, great link.

      • Sickputer

        I like the Sternglass guy also…

        And now as Monty Python says…for something completely different…well actually not…what else do we talk about here except the crappy hand dealt the Japanese people! And it bleeds over to the world…

        So a question…

        Will hot radioactive releases from Friday’s Unit 4 event rise to the jetstream and arrive within 42 hours in Seattle? Some experts would like you to believe you have 7-10 days before most of it arrives. Yet other less expert folks might disagree.
        In fact it’s possible a substantial amount of hot particles will be passing over the west coast of America beginning just about the date stamp of this post. The plume might be 7 hours in varying levels of intensity and its landfall movement across America will be affected by weather variances like forecast rain for central California on Sunday and the effect of Tropical Storm Adrian west of northern Mexico exerting a push motion or buffer that may move the worst of the cloud north of Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Maybe.
        The trick to predict the plume is harder without a decent monitoring system working (Thanks EPA for abandoning us). I am sure the Air Force has monitors they will share with somebody, just not the average Joe and Jill. Just a like a blast from the past, a real Kodak moment!
        I have been trying to track the wind patterns using other methods and also verbalize with my non-scientific background if the rise to the jet stream is a premise even possible.
        First the premise involveds the old scientific fact that hot air rises and cools as it meets colder temperatures. How far it goes up is the million dollar question for hot radioactive ground clouds. Now here is a little background blurb: (four paragraph maximum is great). And no editing out of context…this is intact:
        “As a bubble or parcel of air rises it moves into an area of lower pressure (pressure decreases with height). As this occurs the parcel expands. This requires energy, or work, which takes heat away from the parcel. So as air rises it cools. This is called an adiabatic process.
        The rate at which the parcel cools with increasing elevation is called the “lapse rate”. The lapse rate of unsaturated air (air with relative humidity <100%) is 5.4°F per 1000 feet (9.8°C per kilometer). This is called the dry lapse rate. This means for each 1000 feet increase in elevation, the air temperature will decrease 5.4°F.
        Since cold air can hold less water vapor than warm air, some of the vapor will condense onto tiny clay and salt particles called condensation nuclei. The reverse is also true. As a parcel of air sinks it encounters increasing pressure so it is squeezed inward.
        This adds heat to the parcel so it warms as it sinks. Warm air can hold more water vapor than cold air, so clouds tend to evaporate as air sinks"

    • BetaFlare

      Thks! About 3000 nuke tests in the atmosphere before 1965. This is what they only admit… total is said to be (do u believe?) 12.000 and counting. Ref to CBTO links, here (repost)

  • Sickputer

    Sickputer again: According to TEPCO we know the Unit 4 spent fuel was about 80 degrees Celsius on Friday and that’s 176 degrees Fahrenheit. As the massive superheated cloud obscured the plant during the 7 hour time frame ending about 4 AM Japanese time the hot cloud had the heat potential to rise easily 20,000 feet (less than the height of Mt. McKinley, to the lower edges of the jetstream)…at that point it is still over 50 degrees hot in the lower zone of the jetstream wind movement. The radioactive atmospheric particles start cooling more as they hit the faster area of the jetstream at 32,000 feet (a little above Mt. Everest height) and now lose temperature rapidly and may latch onto other windblown particles. Ready to fall when opportunities and conditions arise.
    At that point the toxic cloud (maybe cirrus wisps in shape) is zooming eastward through the Northern jetstream rapidly. How fast can it travel this time of the year? Well, it’s nearly summer and temperatures are warmer up in the jetstream and below compared to fall and winter and early spring. Zooming along the jetstream helps shape and direct the path of typhoons and hurricanes. Oh yeah…they just developed that knowledge not too many years ago.
    Data on the Internet does not abound f jetstream speeds. NASA probably knows better than anyone, but sharing is another thing. So for the jetstream movement this week in the Pacific region let’s turn to someone who appreciates wind…our surfer friends:

    Now looking at that I am guessing a rough speed range of between 75 to 100 miles per hour for the west coast of America. That’s significant because lower speed ground winds may meander at about 20 mph as they have little resistance in the ocean, but not as much energy as the jetstream. So at 20 MPH the front edge of the plume might arrive at Seattle (4,615 miles away from the nuclear plant) in well over 200 hours or about that 8 day lag so many experts claim.

    BTW, you can measure your distance from Fukushima at the URL below. It seems to have received a lot of hits lately by how fast it auto fills as you type. *;-)

    But if some or a lot of the ugly cloud that just literally boiled out of the plant on Friday did make it up to the jetstream then the time it takes to arrive in Seattle now becomes much quicker…46 hours for the 100 MPH wind and 62 hours for the 75 mile sustained winds. That potentially puts the beginnings of the plume in Seattle early Sunday morning at 4 AM with sustained flow for seven hours or so. If it was the slower jetstream model then later Sunday night the leading edge will pass over Seattle. I guess you can figure your jetstream impact for your city or town based on your time zone difference from Seattle.

    Now that doesn’t mean the bad seeds will drop out evenly and descend to earth in a uniform plume. That’s too tidy with the vagaries of the earth’s atmosphere. Side winds, storms, other vapors, all these things can make one place become the proverbial hotspot dumping area and another spot adjacent remains fairly pristine (for now), But one thing is for sure, the cloud is coming and it will not all drop in the government-vaunted “vast” ocean.
    Take care,

  • nomade

    “They found a large hole in a wall created by the March 15th explosion. ”


    The photos clearly show a bloody great hole in the wall of #4 and Tepco have only just “found” it?

  • BetaFlare

    Florida has time to time sandstorm alerts – sand from Sahara. As we know, sand is non active isolator and usually pretty heavy. Not like the aggressivly reactive, electrically charged ‘weightless’ fukuparticles not guided only by air but also by earths magnetic/electrical forces, rain…

    Facts from here (repost)

    To the mandatory off-i-cial tinhat vat-i-can offerings: I am already proven idiot so please can u once elaborate only to the FACTS?

  • Mark

    Thanks Sickputer. Very hard for “average joe” to understand Fukishima. nuclear technology is complicated and weather patterns are complicated.

    Even comparing this to A-bomb testing doesn’t work as specific chemicals and compounds are different and decay is faster with bomb. We are all being dragged into uncharted territory.

    Still you don’t need a college education to know this is BAD.

  • nomade

    Tepco said unit #4 was 89C a day or two prior to that smoke/steam event and they said they couldn’t cool it.

    Steam forms at 100C when water boils.

  • Mark

    Mr. Betaflare, I read that web-site last night and thanks for the post. I’m not sure about some of it but I do have an open mind especially liked how they showed how once you equated energy needed to mine and produce uranium you would be ahead just using diesel generators. Nuclear generates money not energy.

    Re: mandatory off-i-cial tinhat vat-i-can offerings. What individuals perceive as reality, changes through time and is based on what majority of society believes. The earth was flat for many people and I’m sure what western society takes for granted as fact today will be laughed at in future generations. Most people (me included) need to see Fukushima framed within MSM even when they know they are lies because that is what we have been trained to do from birth.

    It would have taken a lot of courage to stand up in the town square and proclaim the earth was round back in the day and it would only get you burned at the stake

    • BetaFlare

      Open mind doesnt come via pre prog-rammed education. “Still you don’t need a college education to know this is BAD.” The higher your education is, the longer you have been sittin on pavlov’s bench: You are rewarded only on obedience, if challenging facts, you blaspheme the teacher and/or science religion authority… e.g. you become one mind with the program. (Still, education itself benefits anybody, just dont let anybody do it to u.)

      LOL. This is good u picked up this MSM hoax: The ball we live on. Was flat b/c r0me wanted it to be so. Not becaouse what the Bible tells us. Bible states in original hebrew that its round, rotates once a day while running its spiralling course … EXACTLY what modern science can tell us now. But b/c of the papal j€§uit geo-policies, it had to be flat. And thus all Bible translators were to be burned alive on city markets – by the L0y0la followers eg. j€§uits. And here we arrive again in the dark side of the education: if u challenge the current scientific facts, you’ll be a tinhat pill eating pariah for ever – or get the j€§uit dagger or their paid mudslinging blogger…

      This happened to a Finn nuke plant tech: he studied by himself nuclear pwr stations and found out the secrets the educators had left out: Normal working NP radiates at least 50 different emissions – only four are being measured. Finding BetaFlare is one of his main ideas and how neutron ionization is being currently pumped into Helsinki. What more, he found an old periodic table from thirties explaining how the nuclear fission actually happens: here is a big lie, huge amount more of radiation particles are produced than our scientists are taught today… They sent even NRC after him LOL. (repost)

  • BetaFlare

    Cont… Check Out A r t o L a u r i videos on youtube etc. He states and can prove mathematically that typically ONE TON from a nuke plant “vanishes” – just bay radiating around through all materiel…

    • BetaFlare

      Correction: ONE TON fuel per Year – from a nuke plant “vanishes” – just by radiating around directly through all its shielding walla whatever materiel…

      Of course that is a generalization, but be it 1/10 TON or whatever, no wonder why all kinds of deaths increase near a Nuke plant. Near meaning 100mile radius…

      Heres a chart from a secret study (became secret after I found it and published its contents…)

      Just a friend of mine, 30yr old died there suddendly (see the 0lkiluoto rad-ring at Finn-west coast) … by “heart attack”

  • blackmoon

    A Weaponized World!

    PLEASE VIEW THIS VIDEO, and pass the info on to your family & friends. Go to the websites listed and PUSH BACK, by signing the petitions.

    We are in A WAR FOR OUR LIVES:

  • nomade

    If workers entered the reactor building for the first time since the quake and discovered they can’t install a cooling system ….

    …Then how did they successfully restore the cooling systems of reactors 1234 on May 29th?

    “The operator of the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant has now successfully restored cooling systems to the spent fuel pools of reactors 1, 2, 3 and 4.”