TV: 11 workers at U.S. nuclear site transported to medical facilities — Suffering nose bleeds, chest pains, coughing up blood — Multiple locations evacuated — Persistent symptoms “extremely unusual” — Workers: “The place is falling apart… serious problems out there” (VIDEO)

Published: March 26th, 2014 at 1:41 am ET


KING 5 News, Susannah Frame, Mar. 25, 2014: Hanford sources tell the KING 5 Investigators that at least 11 people have gotten sick in the last six days after breathing in toxic fumes while working near underground tanks holding hazardous nuclear waste. […] The first two workers to fall ill in the last week breathed in fumes that “tasted like copper” on Wednesday, March 19. […] both are still suffering effects of breathing in the vapors: headache, chest pain, difficulty breathing, nose bleeds and sore throats. One employee has coughed up blood. Sources who work in this area of Hanford tell KING […] this is “extremely unusual” to have symptoms persist this long. The next batch of employees to get sick breathed in fumes today, Tuesday, March 25. Four WRPS employees breathed in vapors at 9:00 am and were immediately transported to a medical facility […] the tank farm, identified as AY-AZ farm was evacuated […] Immediately afterward two employees from what’s known as the industrial hygiene department of WRPS [Washington River Protection Solutions], who monitor chemical exposures, were sent out to investigate and they too, had reactions to the fumes and were transported to the onsite medical facility. […] Sources tell KING 5 that three additional employees got sick from ingesting fumes later on Tuesday. These WRPS employees were working in a different portion of the tank farm […] about 8 to 10 miles from the AY-AZ farm. That location was also deemed a Vapor Control Zone and was evacuated. Sources say two were transported to the hospital by ambulance and one was transported to the HPMC.

KING 5 News transcript, Mar. 25, 2014 (h/t MOXNEWS): A rash of Hanford workers have needed medical attention over the last week after ingesting unknown toxic fumes […] In the last week, get this, 11 Hanford workers, 11 people have wound up in the hospital or at the onsite medical facility there at Hanford after breathing in harmful chemicals. This is an unusually high number of employees, of course, getting sick from vapors at Hanford in just one weeks time. […] We talked to several workers at Hanford today that were very upset because they say there is not any monitoring systems.

Statements from Hanford workers:

  • “The place is falling apart and they (WRPS) aren’t doing anything to fix it.”
  • “I feel fine now but when you get chemical exposure, you have respiratory issues.”
  • “It’s BS. We’ve expressed our opinion about it. We’ve said you haven’t taken the time to put in monitors and they say ‘It’s in the works’. Yet they keep sending us out to work. They’re not putting safety first.”
  • “They have some serious problems out there that they need to figure out.”

Watch the KING 5 broadcast here

Published: March 26th, 2014 at 1:41 am ET


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164 comments to TV: 11 workers at U.S. nuclear site transported to medical facilities — Suffering nose bleeds, chest pains, coughing up blood — Multiple locations evacuated — Persistent symptoms “extremely unusual” — Workers: “The place is falling apart… serious problems out there” (VIDEO)

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    OMG how horrible. This is the REAL DEAL. Downwinders run now!!!!

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Never know it when you're getting radiated, then the gruesome symptoms start, sooner or later.

    • Bones Bones

      It's getting time their hands will be forced. They are all in and their hand only allows them to bluff.

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    Freeze the video at 52 seconds in. You can see tthe disinteggrattuins like ainside reactor 1 and 2 at fukushima. WOW.

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    Man I butchered that word lol, DISINTEGRATIONS ty

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    How fucking outrageously irresponsible is it to not have radiation and air monittors around those ttank farms that they know are leaking. BASTARDOS!!

  • Crickets Crickets

    But it's safe, folks…turns out it was just a shipment of over-ripe bananas being sold in the local grocery stores.

  • Great job Admin! working late.

    this plays right into the WIPP thing too, as URS is a main contractor on both. Cut cost, defer maintenance, preach safety but don't practice even basic safety, increase output, fire whistleblowers. etc.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      stock, what/who is URS?

      Lots of the tanks are leaking, or have leaked. Stats on that have been quoted here many times. ALL of the single walled tanks were said to have leaked. Some of the double walled tanks are leaking, too.

      Isn't that just grand?

      • PS you got mail

        URS is the monster corporation that runs both Hanford and WIPP (with DOE as family of course) …. what a tangled web we weave

    • Mica

      Thanks for that info. I didn't realize that URS was involved with this. damn.

    • whatamessa

      This is just getting more disgusting every day.Many people have finally figured out just how deceptive, ruthless,and corrupt the U.S.Government (powers that be …or whatever)really are.
      Now their true colours are shining brightly as they treat their own citizens the same as their imagined enemies. TIME FOR SOME REAL CHANGE.

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    D'ya think they'd have the common sense to require some serious respirator masks or better protection for the workers and inspectors? Noooooo, apparently not.

    Maybe there's no way to protect people from breathing in this garbage.

    "The place is falling apart …."

    Famous last words. I'm so sorry to hear people working at Hanford trying to keep the place together are falling ill.

    Nuclear energy and nuclear weapons HAVE GOT TO GO.

    Isn't it ironic that just over three years ago we had the Fukushima melt-outs (ongoing catastrophe), and all of a sudden there are problems at the Savannah River Site, Hanford, and WIPP.

    Gee, d'ya think TPTB might figure out all these nuke plants, weapons, and storage facilities are DEATH TRAPS?

    Seriously, when are these people going to wake up and smell the coffee?

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      I live in Sacramento, CA. I'm about ticked off enough to start carrying a sign in front of the State Capitol saying, "Fukushima Is Here."

      (and WIPP)
      (and Hanford)
      (and a host of other nuclear beach bombs, rust buckets, and death traps)

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      BTW, while I'm on the subject, a friend of mine met a nuclear safety engineer from Hanford about a year ago, and considered dating him. He flat out denied there were ANY problems at Hanford. The "official line" is there are no problems at Hanford. None.

      Oddly enough, the local media thinks otherwise, and is quick to report when problems become apparent.

      The local citizenry isn't too convinced all is well, either.

      Despite the "official story."

      • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

        If that were the last person on Earth, I wouldn't date him, because it's people like him that may kill all the people on Earth if they continue to lie about the safety of radiation.

      • ftlt

        Ho: It is human nature to gobble up what clearly are lies/myths to justify your position in the workplace.

        A sad fact that all of us have been guilty of at some point, I'm afraid.

  • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

    Well, there is another possibility.

    A place like Hanford no doubt has a lot of truly nasty/dangerous liquids in storage that are not radioactive.

    The atomic weapons effort no doubt required all sorts of solvents and acids that they could not in later years dispose of any where else.
    These workers could have easily inhaled something bad yet not radioactive.

    • Radio Radio

      fgj, yes, the radiation is suspended in the chemical stew as it is at WIPPS, too. That increases the danger. The brainiacs back then thought that mixing the radioactive particles in a chemical slurry would make it better for storage. It just made it more corrosive. Part of Hanford's purpose is to figure out how to unmix it all. They have yet to find a way, but, they are getting billions a year working on the problem in a lab somewhere. They are about 20 years overdue finding a solution.

      Were volatilized radioactive particles also venting? The chemical monitors were obviously not on AND the filters on the vents were obviously not being effective. But, were the radiation monitors also not on? Did they get just chemicals, which are toxic enough to kill them, or did they get the mix, which, well…

      • cooterboy


        There is a NPP called the Columbia on site at Hanford and operational. Then there are the tank farms including tank Y-102 which was just in the news. This double shell tank is leaking bad and has our governor Jay Inslee hopping mad. DOE says there is nothing wrong. We who live in Washington State know different.

        The slurry in these tanks boils from 300 to 600 degrees and are vented to the outside air. Most of the time the wind blows into the Yakima Valley, west, or towards Milton Freewater to the east.

        I live 150 miles North of Hanford. I use to live in Pasco which is 15 miles from the Hanford grounds. When I lived there in 1967 and pu was still being manufactured everybody would check the wind direction before we opened the windows to go to sleep at night.

        The glassification of the slurry will not happen until 2047 because this state of the art contraption was found to be flawed and over 2,000 workers were recently laid off. These glass logs were destined for Yucca Mountain.

        There is a concerted effort by the residents of Washington, including myself, to write our governor, to sue DOE for not meeting their schedule. Furthermore we are asking that our governor set aside an 25% for health care independent monitoring.



          you seem to have a good handle on what's happening, cooterboy. Any chance you could followup with some information on the "glassification" process (vitrification) you touched on. I'm curious to what's holding this up!

          Hanford Vitrification Plant

          Vitrification of Nuclear Waste

        • earthsmith earthsmith

          2047 will not happen due to the no immediate threat of 400+ banana peelers around the world and all the left over peels that will have no where to go. Yeah the ocean is dead and so are those who still turn a blind eye. The ozones magical powers are defunct. The food Web is destroyed. Governments love their money and lobbyist UNIVERSITIES. CORPORATIONS love to be to big to fail citizens. The masses want their microwaved goods and big screen t.v.'s. The creatures have already spoke.
          Let me know if anybody wants me to continue.
          No longer will the human race be the consumers but the consumed.
          Oh yeah let's not forget Fukushima as it slip slides away.
          Did you ever see those FEMA coffins?
          Be prepared, Peace


            wasn't long for this world, anyway, earthsmith. Just passing through, on my way to Valhalla. Yet, I must confess, I do-so love those hi-def big-screens! They're but one step-away from total immersion. Like some has been of a movie star, I will become nothing more than scattered light, forever captured within the enveloping darkness…

    • 富岡_Blue_Heron 富岡_Blue_Heron

      I think it's remarkable that, although the news video showed workers suited up in gear marked as nuclear-related, there was not a single mention of the possibility of radiation exposure or testing for radiological contamination, even by the valiant Mr. Carpenter. I am surprised at the reported behavior of the third set of workers who were "not wearing appropriate protective gear." In the absence of a source, it sounds to me like someone's initial spinball to the media.

    • 富岡_Blue_Heron 富岡_Blue_Heron

      And here's the "clarification:"
      According to the subcontractor for tank maintenance it appears that monitoring equipment actually is on site, but for at least a week, some of its' operators have not worn PPE. They sprayed foam on a suspected leak, and can't find poisonous "vapors" elsewhere. No one can enter the tank areas.

      Sounding a bit like Tepco

      • Slingerss Slingerss

        Interesting to note that in the comments section of that link you posted for King5, that the person is "claiming" that all the workers were ill from a herbicide truck spraying north of them. Hmmm?

        • 富岡_Blue_Heron 富岡_Blue_Heron

          Did anyone tell Holloway (the contractor's spokesman)? They're looking for vapors 🙂

  • Shammalammadingdong

    Stuxnet comes back to haunt us. They all use Siemens.

  • Shammalammadingdong

    Wrong thread. My bad.

  • Peaceismyfriend Peaceismyfriend

    Was googling for the location of Hanford on the map and accidentally found this -dunno if it's been posted here yet…

    • atomicistheword

      I remember when the BBC was a beacon of truth. Now it's just a mouthpiece for the god of this world.

      "But he stressed that there was no current risk to human health. "

      I've heard that everywhere before.

      More Maruta for the human experiment.

      • wilderest

        BBC had the "reputation" as a beacon of truth! The reality was has been and will continue that it is just a mouthpiece for the TPTB.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        This is normal protocol worldwide and why cancer rates are now skyrocketing..
        "There is no immediate or near-term health risk associated with these newly discovered leaks, which are more than five miles (8km) from the Columbia River," Mr Inslee said in a statement."

        From the above link..

      • atomicistheword

        I was going to post the picture of M Curie hands, the discoverer of some of these radiations, but this is what I get.

        G o o g le Sorry…
        We're sorry…
        … but your computer or network may be sending automated queries. To protect our users, we can't process your request right now.

        I'm sure Opera will be thrilled to know your blocking their servers Google.

        I put the picture (temporary) in my avatar, knock your sox off atomic mad men, you too could have hands like this.

        Remember Google what goes around comes around.

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          Nice! 🙂 Yes, "Remember Google what goes around comes around."

          • 4Warnd 4Warnd

            ……So thanks to all who travel down this long and deadly road,
            And thanks to all who take the risks and carry mankind's load.
            The way is never easy and there are no promised lands,
            For those who make the sacrifice of Madame Curie's hands.
            For those who choose the sacrifice of Madame Curie's hands.

        • 4Warnd 4Warnd

          Madame Curie's Hands
          Copyright ©1987 Duane Elms- All Rights Reserved
          Lyrics posted by permission of the author
          Tune: Leader of the Band, © Dan Fogelberg

          A young and headstrong lady, was Madame Marie Curie,
          And radiation was the field she studied selflessly.
          She didn't know the dangers, as she worked long nights alone,
          And spent her health to open up the secrets of the stone.

          Now nature has no honor and the gamma ray no soul,
          They cut her hands to pieces as she labored toward her goal.
          The skin was marked and blistered and the joints were stiff and sore,
          And pain was something that she barely managed to ignore.

          The lady never faltered as our ignorance gave ground
          And never thought about herself as knowledge there she found.
          If you would wish to know the cost the search for truth demands,
          You only have to take a look at Madame Curie's hands.

          A desperate muse she followed when she tracked the gamma glow,
          Driven not by thought of gain, but an urgent need to know.
          Her life was not a long one, though she served her master well.
          Leukemia was her reward, along with two Nobels.

          So many souls have followed in the path the lady led,
          And some returned with victory while others came back dead.
          The ones who rode the shuttle and the ones who never flew,
          Each paid the price with honor for the knowledge we pursue.

          So thanks to all who travel down this long and deadly road,
          And thanks to all who take the risks and carry mankind's load.
          The way is…

        • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

          Here is a picture of Curie's hands….quick note of sarcasm "radiation is safe"

          • bo bo

            Is she folding the left ring finger in or is it half gone? where's her pinky


              looks, bo, like attempts were made at surgical intervention. Before such exposure was established as being dangerous, she directly handle pitchblend during her efforts to isolate radium from this naturally occurring substance.

              "To find the new elements she had to grind the pitchblend in a pestle and mortar. Little did she know at the time, but she would have to grind over a tonne of pitchblend to extract about 0.1 grams of radium."

              "Radium and polonium are extraordinarily radioactive. One gram of pure polonium is about 250,000 times more lethal than arsenic. It was only because she was dealing with such tiny amounts of the material that she lived as long as she did. But it did kill her in the end. She died of cancer at the age of 67. Not a bad age considering how much radioactivity she'd been exposed to."

              "At the time no one had any idea that radioactivity was dangerous. Many years chemists sold radioactive 'cures' for all kinds of ailments. There were even radioactive laxatives and treatments for baldness. Ironically, the thought certainly makes your hair stand on end!"
              […end extract]


              obviously, a soft peddling of the horrors she invited into our lives and her own…

              • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                So, now we should wonder why the genome is so screwed up after the last 100 years? Think not, since all these Nuke~Puke handlers had children, who then had children, after all these Nuclear Radiation Contamination exposures.

                It's genomic damage will be passed down through the following generations for 250,000 years. 🙁

                It all becomes an exponential math problem the wider the spread of any Nuclear Contamination materials…look at Russia…look at Japan…look at DU use in Iraq''' look anywhere this Radiation Contamination is found and you find a Nuke~Puke health care nightmare mess. 🙁

                What were these people thinking?

              • bo bo

                Is it true metal sucks up radiation like a sponge?
                I wonder if her ring finger got busted more due to her ring?

                Before I knew about all this stuff I used to go through the airport body scans without much thought, but I wonder, if you walk through it, do things like zippers suck up radiation and become hazardous. They make you take off metal, but you do keep pants on.

                • No metal does suck up radiation

                  It is very hard to "activate" metal, and pretty much requires an open criticality with nuetron bombardment.

                  Metal can get contaminated on the surface like anything else.

      • ftlt

        BBC is on the same wavelength as PBS. The globalist wave length.

        It is a tool of the Anglo-American Globalist Empire.

        Listened to it last night. Their stories on Venezuela and Ukraine were outright cooked propaganda – right out of the mold.

        The BIG story is the missing plane (now weeks old), is quite reminiscent of the KEEP-THEIR-EYES-OFF-BALL stories following 9/11, the ramp up and during our imperial wars of aggression in the Arab world, Asia and Africa (hot right now).

        We are now seeing the "Next Targets" = Russia and S. America.

        Then finally China!

        When will this "push of imperial aggression" meet nuclear armed resistance? Scary, that.

        BBC has been and continues to be (like its cousin PBS) mostly silent on FUFU and other environmental issues – as they threaten global expansion and business as usual.

        90% of BBC is propaganda and spin.

        It always has been so. It has just become more adjusted to the new globalist agenda over the past 40 years. And remember, you have changed too. You have opened your eyes to the fact, the King is marching and is not wearing any clothes.

    • MVB Michael Van Broekhoven

      "The Hanford Site, holding the Pacific Northwest at Nuclear Gunpoint" has location map and some more details on the extremely toxic and radioactive contents of those tanks:

      "So, just to grasp the seriousness of a tank like this showing signs of leaking: if you take the contents of these double-shelled tanks […] which consists of a little more than 1/3rd Cs-137 with various other (some much worse) isotopes) and ponder it smeared it out over its surroundings at the contamination level of the Permanent Control Zone of Chernobyl (555,000 Bq/m^3 of Cs-137;[…] this would terribly contaminate and render uninhabitable more than 760,000 square miles. […]" That's more than ALL of Oregon, Washington, Idaho & British Colombia combined.

      (While here: – this may not be everyone's cup of tea, but those interested in shifting the subtle energies towards a harmonious now & future, I added two nuclear-specific prayer links to my recent painting, 'Prayers for Fukushima', for what it's worth: )

      Peace –

  • razzz razzz

    I can only imagine the cost of monitoring equipment necessary that would cover all the possible toxic releases at any venting point. HEPA filters are worthless for vapor releases.

    Poor workers are as close to the source of release and get about the full toxic concentrated doses before vapors have a chance to dissipate much. Need a moon suit just to walk around the site.

    My first thought was cesium(s) but with chemical wastes it could be any number of ingredients in those deadly stews that can make you fall ill just inhaling them. Could eat right through lung tissue.

    • 16Penny 16Penny

      The cost of the equipment and staffing / maintenance is a factor but imagine the cost of their existence. How much does it cost to shut the place down every time one sensor goes faulty and has a more than zero reading? How much does it cost to falsify or shred documents every time some nuke loon employee comes poking around the office with a warrant for records. Liability is the big expense. No records, no idea what happened. The workers all probably went to DQ and had banana splits for lunch, no way to prove it was their job, I saw a couple of them in the breakroom licking their iphone chargers.

  • dharmasyd dharmasyd

    Don't jump to conclusions! The TeeVee sez they got "sick from unknown fumes!" Ja sure. Sounds like radiation poisoning to me. But I'm not a doctor nor an expert; my hearing is pretty good though.

  • rogerthat

    King 5 News: The first two workers to fall ill in the last week breathed in fumes that “tasted like copper” on Wednesday, March 19 … The next batch of employees to get sick breathed in fumes today, Tuesday, March 25. Four WRPS employees breathed in vapors at 9:00 am and were immediately transported to a medical facility … Immediately afterward two employees from what’s known as the industrial hygiene department of WRPS [Washington River Protection Solutions], who monitor chemical exposures, were sent out to investigate and they too, had reactions to the fumes and were transported to the onsite medical facility. […] Sources tell KING 5 that three additional employees got sick from ingesting fumes later on Tuesday.

    Statement from Hanford workers: ''We’ve said you haven’t taken the time to put in monitors and they say ‘It’s in the works’. Yet they keep sending us out to work.''

    Figure it out. This is how you locate an enemy sniper. You tell a soldier in the trenches to stand up, then you try to work out where the shot that killed him came from. You, dear worker, are the monitor.

    • jec jec

      Wonder what the symptoms were..breathed in vapors and immediately transported to a 'medical facility'..whose doctors? UPS? And immediately…sounds almost critical. And 'ingesting' opposed to breathing them? What gives…

    • zogerke zogerke

      and osha regs mandate monitoring before workers can work in area. monitoring man-da-tor-y. or is hanford not under osha? or whoop de doo anything goes military?

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        That newswoman stated that the company says it has monitors. OK, so how about a little info from those monitors? I bet the cat has their tongue. Hope the cat spits out that nasty tongue, I wouldn't wan't the cat to get sick.

        • atomicistheword

          That requires the use of the on and off switch. A degree in atomic sciences may not cover such technicalities.

          Sorry I'm in a catty mood, Google champion of free speech is not letting me play internet search on various browser technologies. Where's anonymous when you need them? Ponders how do you mask device identity, already using a VPN?

          • unincredulous unincredulous

            Should be a drop down menu in you search bar. "Manage search engines" I use Firefox, and that is what I get when I click the little arrow. There, you should be able to "add search engines"

            They bought the monitors sans switches. Plausible deniability. "Who could have imagined?, we just plugged it in and left it.'

          • wxman2001

            Dont use google, go anonymous by using startpage or ixquick; great uncensored results and no personal data is shared with the site.

  • Ontological Ontological

    My sister, and her family live up that way…Yikes! Most of family there have neurotoxin issues, MS, cancer, etc. With the new lapse exposure level laws all this seems a bit too pre planned. Just vent in the air now nuke operators it is no longer a huge fine.

    They will put this vaporizing crap in the sands of Mercury Nevada no doubt. Now that there is nowhere else. Too expensive all I hear. It's gonna cost too much. The cost is already OVERWHELMING without one nickel of actual money exchanged!

  • zogerke zogerke

    It seems something is totally bullshit, though it may just be the reporting . My training is in industrial hygine, though I focussed more on safety. Language: you do not ingest fumes. Ingesting is swallowing. Eating. Consuming. You inhale fumes. Res-pir-ate. And this is more than fumes. A fume is a metal particle that has been melted and made volatile. This is RA-DI-A-TION. This is TOXIC AIRBORNE CONTAMINANTS.
    ANy industrial hygienist (IH) with a basic IH education will approach a situation FIRST to determine what level of equipment, protection, and respiratory protective gear to wear. WHAT was the level of protection used? A loose fitting mask? A disposable respirator, P-99 or P 100? A half face respirator with HEPA and other gas filters? A full face respirator? PAPR?(powere air purifying respirator?) SCBA? (self contained breathing apparatus…aka scott pac) NOTHING?

    I don't get it. I don't get it. I don't get it.

    • GQR2

      Safety is the fulcrum to end Nuclear. Non of it is safe, there is no safe storage,these clean ups seem to be touch and go. All that has to happen is 100 monkeys need to understand what has been understood since Madame Curie if not before. Nuclear is deadly in a full spectrum way. Deadly forever..and these "competent" Nukists,look like reasonable people,but they are not. They are sacrificing the health of every living thing on this planet as well the non living forever. Its never been safe and it is actively sickening maiming and killing people of all ages.

      Its not safe,not green never efficient and the earth will face this issue forever. The people in charge of "clean-ups" moving the stuff around MUST acknowledge the dangers. Once the truth is revisited the people will out of love for life? bring New Nuclear Plants to an end and shutter the old ones.

      This is the biggest problem facing the people of the earth. THose that lie about this are the enemy of human kind. period. (i don't care how nice they dress,how nice they talk,how long they themselves lived on top of Nuclear Waste Dump, non of it they are the enemies of life.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    I get it! There is no way to protect ourselves from these released radioactive contaminates or at least the general public is/has been/always will be screwed.

    The general public pays people to screw them and its kinda like a paying John looking for a good time but with out any choice in which women/man he/she gets.

    This will only get worse. 🙁

    • atomicistheword

      The American government has the power but lacks the balls to do its job. The Sherman anti-trust act comes to mind.

      Renewable companies are being disadvantaged by unfair bribery from corporations that make products that pollute the world even as far as extinction.

      The flip side corporations standing over farmers producing real food that helps people survive corporate crimes against humanity. There is no food shortage, in fact the world produces 1.5 X the food for every person on earth. People just cannot afford to pay the price corporations force us to pay for THEIR planned ineffective farming.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Eleven workers, oh my; I see another thirty-three incident on the horizon.

  • jackassrig

    I don't known why the workers at Hanford don't have a mass drag up – quit.

    • tsfw tsfw

      Anyone who works at a nuclear power plant is an irrational person- you can't expect rational actions.

  • tsfw tsfw

    A few years ago, I'd have felt sorry for these workers. Today ask me if I give a shit. Maybe they need to get sick to realize they are getting paid to play in the devil's playground while killing the rest of us. Today I say fuckem. Maybe enough need to fall ill, to realize what evil they're a part of.

    • 4Warnd 4Warnd

      You devolve when, at last, it comes to pasting blame upon persons, wittingly or not, scratching out meager, livelihoods in conditions they neither know nor comprehend.

      You attack the flea at the end of the tail, of a very big, very rabid, dog.

      • 4Warnd 4Warnd

        (forgive the metaphorical equivalence of 'flea' and worker.)

        • atomicistheword

          May I add 4warned…

          You reverse humanity when you loose your ability to be humane, money also known as idolatry of humanity the prime motive of technology, so dangerous and environmentally polluting that it threatens survival of human beings. The pollution so deadly it can stay active for millions of years.

          I would hope tsfw was speaking as a third party out of sheer frustration?

          • tsfw tsfw

            Yep I'm frustrated with the entire flea not just the tail. But, if any these ill workers came knocking at my door, I'd be the first to feed them and make them comfortable– only not without telling them just what I think of them. I just don't buy that they are unaware of the dangers, if I know, then they know. They all know and don't care enough to put morals before employment opportunities. Gundersen did it…where are the rest of you, are you reading? Do the right thing damn it, it's worth the ramifications it always is. You must have at least one person worth being a hero to? Please do it for them!

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              They are not reading they are now spending money and doing lots of shopping! 🙂

              Its a highly sought after trained/educated condition. 🙁

    • Radio Radio

      This is not a nuclear power plant. This is a nuclear waste storage facility of the waste from WWII and the original making of the bombs used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. These workers, unlike the DoD and Bectel who owns the facility, are trying to keep this sh-t from harming the rest of us. The nuclear waste, at the time way back when, was dissolved into a chemical slurry thinking for some irrational reason even more irrational than producing the stuff in the first place, that this was better because it separated some of the isotopes from each other and might prevent chain reactions during storage. Nope. It made it more corrosive. The plan is to find a way to separate the nuclear waste from the highly toxic chemicals and then make it into vitrified glass logs stable enough to store for a thousand years until they need to be dealt with again. They were probably on planing on using the WIPPS facility for that. Oops. I expect that the chemicals, should this separation process ever be developed, will either be evaporated or incinerated since it eats through tanks.

    • Cisco Cisco

      tsfw…Willful ignorance and/or compromised ethics – workers and the managers at NPP?

      What I learned is that there is a price for everything. Many/most of these workers and managers will get sick and die prematurely. Their children will pass on their parents' corrupted DNA resulting in significantly compromised offspring, leading to weakened immune systems, early cancers, heart disease, birth defects, lower intelligence, and all the other autoimmune diseases. NPP workers and the on-site managers' price will be the highest. If that's some consolation to you and others, either regarding their willful ignorance and/or their lack of ethics,and their reward…the price will be the destruction of their bloodline.

      How;s that for retribution?

      • Cisco Cisco

        tsfw…Willful ignorance and/or compromised ethics – workers and the managers at NPP's?

        What I've learned is that there is a price for everything. Many/most of these workers and managers will get sick and die prematurely. Their children will pass on their parents' corrupted DNA resulting in significantly compromised offspring, leading to weakened immune systems, early cancers, heart disease, birth defects, lower intelligence, and all the other autoimmune diseases. NPP workers and the on-site managers' price will be the highest. If that's some consolation to you and others, either regarding their willful ignorance and/or their lack of ethics,and their reward…the price will be the destruction of their bloodline.

        How's that for retribution?

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          That is certainly a retribution I would not wish.. even on my's all preventable and very sad. 🙁

          Shut all this "Nuclear Power Crap" down now while we still can… 🙂

          • Cisco Cisco

            "it's all preventable…No, it "was" preventable. Now, it's just SOP, and TS for the rest of us.

    • atomicistheword

      Leviathan has burt the world, comes the Judge through his people, I can feel the ARK in my bones pulsing with energy, cutting HAARP strings and waking the democracy judge. Fear humanity.

      Time for a bath in potassium permanganate. Gotta get that rad rain off. 😉

      Save one save the world.

    • tsfw tsfw

      Tragically beautiful video thatsmeyousee.

  • "Who says CRIME and killing doesn't PAY WELL?" – user razzz

    "Only makes $4,000,000+ a year, Mr. Martin M. Koffel , 75 Chairman and Chief Exec. Officer of URS Corporation (URS). The rest of the officers in the corporation near or above a million $ yearly salary as of 2012. Somewhere in their yearly report there is the budget for Congressional lobbyists."

    Mr. Martin M. Koffel , 75
    Chairman and Chief Exec. Officer
    $4.7 million/yr

    Mr. H. Thomas Hicks , 63
    Chief Financial Officer and Exec. VP
    $1.65 million/yr

    Mr. Joseph Masters , 57
    VP, Gen. Counsel and Company Sec.
    $1.17 million/yr

    Mr. Gary V. Jandegian , 61
    VP and Pres of the Infrastructure & Environment Bus.

    Mr. Randall A. Wotring , 57
    VP and Pres of the Federal Services Bus.
    $1.71 million/yr

    Imagine what the lobbyists make.
    Imagine that money being put into renewable energies.

    Tesla had it right. Energy should be free and clean and it can be, but until such a time comes, WE will NOT BE truly FREE.

    IMAGINE… 😉

    • Good Stuff ChasAHA

      And to clarify, this is the URS corporation, I put contact numbers in a lower post.Fax or email them.

      They run Hanford and WIPP

      They fire whistleblower, they got a "
      look at all our signs" safety program that is all feel good BS and not effective.

      Their president at WIPP went on recording video evidence as saying that sucking down Plutonium is the same as a dental Xray….really he did.

      Now you know who you are dealing with.

      • MONEY!

        After listening to David Yurth speak the other day at the Fukushima Solutions Conference it became crystal clear to me that this is the root of the problem.

        Here's an excerpt of a letter from Mr. Yurth.
        (scroll toward the bottom)

        "I have beaten my head against this wall since 1994, when S-X Jin, David Faust and I began testing High Density Charge Clusters as a way of Remediating radioactive emissions produced by spent nuclear fuels."

        "It has everything to do with the government’s secret and UNLAWFUL use of public utilities who generate atomic power as the source for high grade uranium and weapons grade plutonium."

        "They don’t want the problem solved because it would deprive them of their only viable source of supply. [and amounts of money that are almost ludicrous] They don’t give a fart in a windstorm about the risks they impose on local populations…"

        "Just as we were putting the pieces together, a brilliant and much valued colleague died suddenly and unexpectedly in an automobile motorcycle accident. Dr. Paul Brown, (Nuclear Solutions, Aurora, Colorado) had developed a novel method to remediate nuclear waste by photo nuclear reaction…"


      • …more

        "The line at the food [money] trough leading from DOE to Yucca Mountain is $12 – $15 billion a year long. The high temperature gas cooled nuclear fission university-based research establishment consumes another $8 – $10 billion each year from DOE and its affiliated agencies. The ancillary research and consulting services related to the actual design, engineering, construction, and operation of the Yucca Mountain implementation plan accounts for another $10 billion a year more."

        "Everyone in the food [money] chain who relies on DOE funding stands to be disenfranchised if someone outside the system actually figures out how to solve the problem. In this case, as in others we have tackled over the years, the problem set constitutes such a rich target for exploitation that no one who has a position at the trough really wants it resolved at all."

        WoW…! 😉

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          Yep! It's all a scam or a conspiracy and happening in broad daylight while the entire world burns.. 🙁 Hardly a Nation based on the rule of law.. 🙁

          "It has everything to do with the government’s secret and UNLAWFUL use of public utilities who generate atomic power as the source for high grade uranium and weapons grade plutonium."

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Freedom? What is that?

  • Sol Man

    Oh dear lord (or jesus, my lucky stars, big cheese…) we have some unforeseen problems at melted npps, sfp, processors, storers next to the radioactive ponds, rivers, lakes, oceans, farm fields, above the voc aquifers and all, we, and all of the other plant and animal kingdom are getting genomes rearranged more and more. Can we just do that reset now? Our situation was certainly unpredictable!
    Hello! Hello! Is anybody out there?

    I hope the workers are well on the mend.

    • 4Warnd 4Warnd

      Sol Man, you posted "Our situation was certainly unpredictable!"

      Of course. But then there were voices: Einstein's remark that "N-fission is a dumb way to to boil water…" etc. Those voices did not prevail….

      But then, as you point out, there is the mostly ignored "law" of unintended consequences – documentable with endless anecdotes! – the definition of folly, me thinks.

      Otherwise, the attempt to grapple with unintentional consequences is the scientific discipline of chaos theory, not often enough applied to human endeavors, unfortunately, and likely flawed, mathematically.

  • GQR2

    News articles play fast and loose with numbers these days,here is coverage of this unfolding Hanford incident.

  • GQR2

    Hanford Challenge Website, they have lots of information and the entire site and its history plus their projects for change.

  • Sol Man

    Actually, 4Warnd, I do believe that it was, indeed predictable, for the scientists never did adequately address the problems with the storage- from the beginning. And, here is the crux of one of the problems, but I am curious about the flaw in human nature, apparently that, when the question was before them, "Shall we proceed with this new technology or shall we not," that the prevailing view was that, yes, the option to inflict mass death made this program appealing. Why, when we consider where we are now?

    With the possession of super computers we think that any eventuality may be predicted, mapped out, but we do not know which decision a group of humans will make at any particular time. There is always uncertainty. My lament is that decisions are not made that are life enhancing and so all creatures must pay the price. What is the price? That many innocent are maimed, die, and the ecosystem is destroyed.

  • cooterboy

    To all of us who live in Washington, Idaho and Oregon, I encourage you to write a letter to Washington State governor, Jay Inslee at:

    Governor Jay Inslee
    Office of the Governor
    PO Box 40002
    Olympia, WA 98504-0002

    or e-mail the governor:

    This is a rare opportunity, considering the events surrounding Hanford, to get our state gov. to act.


  • Securitize

    "No immediate health threat."

    "Zero risk to public safety."

    "Inhaled radiation levels comparable to background radiation, a transatlantic flight, eating 10 bananas."

    "Levels far below a level even approaching dangerous."

    "Nose bleeds and sore throats caused by stress of worrying about exposure."

  • URS corporation runs Hanford, they also run WIPP

    They fire whistleblowers, and promote company men.

    Call them for fax them with some questions and comments


    600 Montgomery Street, 26th Floor
    San Francisco, CA 94111-2728 USA
    +1.415.398.1905 fax

    Corporate Communications
    One Penn Plaza, Suite 610
    New York, NY 10119-0698
    +1.888.URS.PR52 (+1.888.877.7752)
    +1.212.947.6975 fax
    Investor Relations

    Sam Ramraj
    600 Montgomery Street
    26th Floor
    San Francisco, CA 94111-2728
    +1.415.772.8290 fax
    U.S. Toll Free: 1.877.877.8970

  • Dick Shenary

    United Research Services (URS)largest owner (8.2 Million Shares) is Fidelity Management & Research (FMR). FMR is the largest 401K management firm in the US. Millions of Americans own URS within their 401K plans and they probably don't know it. FMR is privately owned by the Edward C. Johnson family and it is estimated that the Johnson family fortune is 22 billion. The problem with 401K investments is that Americans may be supporting corporations that are actively working against the best interests of those unknowing American investors.

    • GQR2

      Yes that is a huge problem with 401k investments which the government set up. How it all feeds the Death Machine.
      One can't know where their money is going no matter what illusion of choice is given. It creates a cannibalizing system. And its all hedged on algorithms traded at the nano-second, well its coming down one way or the other. Maybe all those billions are over inflated after all?
      Not worth billions at all,not even close.
      What a scam!

      • Shaker1

        The government set up? The government just gave people to opportunity. It quickly morphed from a scheme during the time of great inflation and high interest rates from a simple effort (IRAs) to make more money available to investment to what we have today. Few invested have paid attention to much beyond their quarterly statements of the gain/loss, love the tax avoidance (not supporting the government that could become responsible and just if they really did more than vote in computers from their armchairs while watching the latest dumbass TV and complain; realize paying taxes IS participation in the process and take that participation to heart), ignore that it is the public who has enobled and funded the near sociopathic environment we find ourselves in today. And there's indignance at the cynical snickering in Congress and boardrooms? Most don't see their links to society beyond their facebook friends, their co-workers, and their individual interests.

        What a scam is right. It's amazing how we're all war-porfiteers…War upon ourselves. The willing participants are many, and their guilt is on a level unrecognized and worse denied. How does it feel to be rich in money, yet so poor in spirit?

        Sorry. This is one subject which piques the worst of my indignation.

        • GQR2

          What you say is true Shaker.
          and from all of that i get this,
          facing the heart of darkness, the realities of the Nuclear Military Industrial Madness Machine. One must confront one's own shadow. Its not separate. One must realize their own lies and denial. Their own existential orientation to life that allowed so many of us,myself included to be fooled. To be trusting,to sign petitions,form affinity groups,participate in society. Pay taxes for the return of community services. The PTB however in board rooms that nobody but them had the power to do, there is theft and collusion. Its not entirely the victims fault when we/they are bombarded with a full spectrum fuku-over.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        🙂 The "Death Machine"!

        No truer words ever spoken.. 🙁

      • razzz razzz

        I was helping a pal out with a 401k plan and was given access to the account only to move the money around, in and out of the various and silly ass pre-arranged categories.

        I swear every 30 days the plan would change category makeup i.e. 10 year to retire plan, 50 year to retire plan, besides the common S&P, DOW groupings or specific industries investment packages, emerging markets, mutuals, etc. and of course parking in cash with it then 1/4% return rate.

        After ongoing announced changes by a new plan administrator or entirely new 401k provider, monies were automatically removed from your existing categories and put in new "default allocations" usually spread amongst several categories that you hadn't selected or had ceased to exist as an option or morphed into a new name heading.

        If you weren't actively involved in maintaining your own 401k, at least a monthly look at the site, you would never recognized the 'default plans' you were moved to after say, six months or so. Which I am sure the 401k plan was hoping for (apathetic investors) as the plan's fund managers were free to manipulate and move your money around under some kind of small print guise. Staying on top of the scam was like a full time job.

        Anyway, in about 8 months as the 401k plan now optioned to allow directed individual investing (buying stocks on the open market) in shares, I did very well for my pal and finally sold everything and left it parked in cash.

  • Socrates

    Chemical disasters have happened since the dawn of the industrial revolution. Chemical pollution of rivers is nothing new. The air was highly polluted with carbon black, sulphur and lead. Lakes have been contaminated.

    Hanford was a weapons factory. Many risks were taken. To this day, despite warnings, there is no waste disposal plan for nuclear waste other than a generic Environmental Impact Statement filed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

    Once a large magnitude risk is taken, the exact manner in which the harm that was foreseen comes about, or the actual extent of that harm, is irrelevant to the negligence of the actor. That harm is deemed to be legally foreseeable.

    Even though SONGS has been shut down as a nuclear power plant in San Onfre, California, much high burn up fuel sits in spent fuel pools with Southern California Edison trying to ha d the problem off to the Department of Energy and to the ratepayers.

    If a tsunami or earthquake comes along or even an attack in war, is that "unforeseeable?" 8.5; million people would die. An emergency closed down traffic north and southbound on the I/5 Freeway a few days ago. If the only escape is closed, is that "unforeseeable?"

    ALL of this nuclear mess was and is foreseeable. Did we defeat Hitler with nukes? We finished off the Manhattan Project to scare off the Soviets, according to many experts; firebombing killed just as many.

    It is ALL "foreseeable" unless you wear blinders IMHO.

    • GQR2

      Mornin' Soc, yessss its all very foreseeable,of course it is.
      Isn't there some legal definition of a "reasonable" person. Some standard to establish that people are rational and have an understanding of simple cause and effect of materials.

      People in positions of authority and legal binding contract have even more onus on them to be reasonable and when they aren't, they are negligent. Criminal irresponsibility to the point to a legal threshold of criminal negligence?

      • 4Warnd 4Warnd

        Well here is something [that was/is] foreseeable: for profit companies managing nuclear heaps will always seek to maximize returns. The best way, particularly under contract conditions, is to cut costs.

        And, that is the way DoE, Tepco and all the rest proceed on a s.o.p. basis – always.

        But – to my knowledge – executives have limited liability for negligence. Any bankers in jail, any GM execs in the slammer, any T.C. rats behind bars?

        Don't think so.

        • Socrates

          Liability is designed to be non-existent for most "big" things like nuclear mistakes and "control frauds." Multi-national corporations can evade responsibility through trade agreements.

          The Trans Pacific Partnership is classified from members of congress. It involves fifty countries in a NAFTA-type job-killer bill promoted by multi-nation corporations who will manufacture overseas and yet have access to our markets. These companies will be able to sue the US, if we insist on labor or environmental protection.

          The US Chamber of Commerce and the Manufactures Association which manufactures overseas wants this. There are no congressmen on these panels. This is how corporate responsibility is eliminated and jobs are killed. Courts are deprived of jurisdiction over these activities.

          Unless we can overturn Citizens United, the people of this country can no longer run it.

          • GQR2

            classified from Congress! There it is right there !
            The shadow government revealed. What more evidence would anyone need to see the near do wells in congress are just there collecting dough and putting on a show. (hey its a living) They are elected to represent districts but ONLY the corporations in those districts.
            And its only getting more of a strangle hold on the public.
            Fiensteins draconian anti free speech law regarding journalist apparently has the votes in the Senate. I understand why people have left this country after 2001.
            Our time in the IMF grinder is here. No a soul in government will be sentimental about the freedoms the Bil of Rights or The Constitution once gave us as a Narrative. Its gone.gone.gone. MIA.

            (by the way your were totally awesome on Dem Now 🙂 )

          • Angela_R

            The trans Pacific Partnership Agreement; I understood that Senator Harry Reid refused to put it to Congress, it appears he had not been given a copy of the Agreement to peruse.

            The Australian Senate was told they could only see it, after it was signed.

        • razzz razzz

          Investors can file civil suits but in Federal criminal matters, it is up to the US Attorney General to initiate criminal proceedings against bankers, nuke waster contractors, environmental violations, etc.

          SEC did throw Martha Stewart in jail for inside trading, that's about it though. EPA does some fining but would rather pick on private citizens for building ponds on their own land. Contractors pay fines as part of the cost of doing business as long as they make a profit and stay out of jail, no reason to stop doing what they are doing.

          It is called the 'rule-of-law' and we don't have it any longer. Changed into agenda harassment against perceived enemies and allows money making scams at taxpayer's expense.

      • Socrates


        I was around in the 40s and 50s so I hear all the discussions by scientists and politicians. Dangers were known. The powers that be chose to ignore these dangers. President Eisenhower gave a warning but justified the spending with the atoms for peace program. JFK was a big believer in the atoms for peace program. He eliminated above ground testing to some extent because he began to understand these dangers.

        To this day, the nuclear waste must be handled for thousands of years into the future, given present technology.

        Is this "unreasonable conduct?" Was there a serious harm to be foreseen? Many have justified a positive answer by the ends-justifies the-means thinking. Policies such as MAD – mutually assured destruction – are totally rational to some thinkers. Unlimited population growth with shortages of water, food and energy cause colonialism and war. But for those who want control of money and populations, nuclear weapons and energy seem like a good idea.

        With proliferation and first-strike pre-emption policies, we are on the brink of destruction. "Better dead than Red," they said.

        All of these assumptions are articles of faith. They are never even questioned. Socrates merely asked questions to make people think or re-think. Having people think is a huge threat to an Oligarchy. People might re-think or question the legitimacy of that system

        • GQR2

          Having people actually held accountable is a big threat to the oligarchs,their agents must be free to trample. Were all the laws about the environment,about toxic chemicals,just window dressing. How is it lobbyists have been given such free reign to create loop holes at will. Bribes are the norm. No laws about conflict of interest seem to hold any wght whatsoever and the Supremes have ruled time and again for the Corporation over individuals.
          The people have had zero representation. Has it always been this way,i'm thinking yes and that they have gone to great lengths to convince us otherwise and create an entirely false Nuclear Narrative.

        • 4Warnd 4Warnd

          First of all, let me state, unequivocally: In Philosophy 101, reading Socrates was cherished for the much needed nap time he delivered without asking more than a paragraph or page or two.

          Secondly, today I value the hard won wisdom of he who, by the same name, carries himself.

        • Angela_R

          Yes Socrates, dangers were known, but they continued to build nuclear weapons and nuclear plants. How many mutant radioactive isotopes are out there? Nuclear waste was dumped for years into waterways and oceans, and how much is now 'out of containment.'

          "To this day, the nuclear material must be handled for thousands of years into the future given today's technology". That's correct, it won't just cease on shutdown.

          There were people that fought against the nuclear process, but for decades the majority of people shrugged.

          and in more recent times they have split genetic material….

          Today's echo: 'and men will be faint with fear of the things coming on the earth….' a remembered message from the past (Luke 21:25-28)

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      What a Nuclear Mess! 🙁

      Shut all this Nuclear Crap down now! 🙂


      Put all these Nuke~Puke people out of work!

      Do this now! 🙂

      • atomicistheword

        I say prossecute them for crimes against humanity, strip them of their assets and place them in a prison that makes solar panels. In the recreation time they can sing happy songs to trees. So there!

  • melting mermaid melting mermaid

    My son told me this joke. If pro is the opposite of con, does that mean progress is the opposite of congress. It appears to be the case.

  • Nick

    From 12/11/11.

    .."The largest of the safety complaints deal with specifications for the process by which the waste would be mixed.

    The whistleblowers say, as specified, it could result in dangerous gas concentrations as well as a settling of waste within the mixing vessels."

    Could result in dangerous gas concentrations……

    Is that what we are hearing about with these 11 workers?

    Methinks the Hanford clean-up is a bit of a sham, designed to make money, not safety.

    Remember, this stuff has to be isolated from the biosphere forever.

    I know, just ship the goo to a salt mine somewhere's in New Mexico.

    Ooops. Never mind.

  • Nick

    "Engineers are still struggling to find a way to ensure that wastes flowing into the pretreatment facility and the two separate plants — which have a consistency ranging from a broth-like liquid to a peanut butter-like sludge — are kept evenly mixed. Otherwise, the plutonium or uranium they contain — materials that can cause a chain reaction — could settle together and cause what’s known as a criticality accident, a burst of lethal radioactivity and heat. Hydrogen gas bubbles could also develop, become trapped in the waste, and explode.

    Did this happen at WIPP?

    • 4Warnd 4Warnd


      Can you or someone, explain a transient criticality in the context of WIPP or FD and what that may portent?

  • Nick

    "Plant May Be Too Dangerous

    Safety issues make plans to clean up a mess left over from the construction of the U.S. nuclear arsenal uncertain "

    "The Hanford Whistleblowers

    For decades, insiders have reported problems in the cleanup of our worst nuclear mess — but is anyone listening?"

    • 4Warnd 4Warnd

      From the Sc. AM. link you posted….

      "The physical form of the waste causes problems, too. It’s very difficult to get a representative sample from any given tank because the waste has settled into layers, starting with a baked-on “hard heal” at the bottom, a layer of salt cake above that, a layer of gooey sludge, then fluid, and finally gases in the headspace between the fluid and the ceiling. Most of the radioactivity is in the solids and sludge whereas most of the volume is in the liquids and the salt cake.

      This is a most interesting and particularly ugly picture of any effort at remediation, a.k.a. "vitrify" to clean up this mess.

      Don't think that this is taught so much in nuclear engineering curricula.

  • Pete

    You would think if double-wall containers were good, triple wall containers would have been better.

    Maybe I should start a triple wall tank designing engineering firm, then I can start making some of these billions we pay these clowns and actually get something beneficial done at the same time. Maybe while I'm there I can install some air monitors, and give the workers some breathers with a few of those millions… Revolutionary ideas I know.

    Also if any of these "hanford sucks" organizations are so intent on helping people, how come there's no independent monitoring ringing the facility?

  • We Not They Finally

    There are "no monitoring systems" for workers at Hanford? That's just murder.

    • SadieDog

      “In order to meet legal requirements and to provide public health and environmental protection, the state believes this leaking double-shell tank must be addressed in the most aggressive manner possible,” Ecology Director Maia Bellon said. “Waiting another two years, at best, to initiate actions to address this hazardous condition is neither legally acceptable nor environmentally prudent.”

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        How much has this Hanford folly costa all us taxpayers since 1945 and what have they actually done with all this money they have received the last 70 years? 🙁

      • name999 name999

        Manhattan Project National Park! This land in the Hanford Reach National Monument
        (given the monument status in 2000 by Bill Clinton) is a huge area of land around the treatment plant including native Wanapa tribe land. Those with great adoration for the nuclear bomb and all it's fixins want to turn large tracts of land within Hanford Reservation (note the place has many names) into hiking, camping and biking fun for mutants of all ages. Human experimentation at it's best.

        On a brighter note, Wall Street Journal has a full page ad today from, claiming that nuke energy is "zero air pollution" and a "major source of carbon-free energy", but the main point is this one…
        "Yet, the reliability of America's electricity system is in jeopardy due to flawed energy policies that may force nuclear power plants to shut down." Glad to hear it, SHUT THEM DOWN!

  • tbg

    On the topic of the park, I went to go pull up a recent story about how Fish & Wildlife are trying to get some more Hanford Reach land, but TRIDEC is all butthurt because they want the tourist revenue and to use it for "recreational land" as it gets "cleaned up".
    So here's that link, they have a good hanford section at the Tri-cityherald.

    Then I see more hanford workers had respiratory issues today, but some of the other ones were "cleared for work".

    No matter what it pays, that's gotta be a shitty job. Yeah Bob, we know your saliva still tastes like metal and your coughing up blood but we've cleared you to go back to work. So, yeah Bob, we're gonna need you to go back out there. Like now Bob.

    On a brighter future note, if you live in that area, or maybe would be willing to commute over the pass regularly, they are looking for alternate seats on the Hanford Advisory Board representing the public. I can't do it but I sure wish I could. They never like me at official functions anyway.

  • We Not They Finally

    Tesla had it right and the countless others who like Tesla suffered the same fate had it right…Everyone else preserved their rights over all of humanity to take us where we have gone to the beginning of the end.WE go back to the disaster when a number of government scientists stood all together and wrecked the career of our foresmost experts in cold fusion and destroyed their careers and the did what they had to do which was set up the beginning of the end.Now we are where we are.At the beginning of the end.AS long as greed and ambition rule the day we have no where to go but down the drain.

  • Peaceismyfriend Peaceismyfriend

    Some of the affected Hanford workersreported the fumes tasted like copper… Do I remember correctly that f.ex. back in the day in Chernobyl ppl reported about the "metallic taste" in in the mouth?.. God bless the Hanford workers..