TV: 8 times more babies than usual born without brain near U.S. nuclear site; Much higher rate than anywhere else in country — “It’s scary the cause is such a mystery” — CNN: Experts speak out over failure of officials to conduct proper investigation — “The lamest excuse I’ve ever heard” (VIDEO)

Published: June 23rd, 2014 at 5:25 pm ET


KEPR, May 14, 2014 (Emphasis Added): Serious and sometimes fatal birth defects are much more prevalent right here than anywhere else in the country. Benton, Franklin and Yakima Counties are being hit the hardest by neural tube defects, from spina bifida to anencephaly [fatal defect where large part of brain/skull is missing]. “it’s scary that the cause of this is such a mystery,” said Candelaria Murillo. […] Rate of babies being born without a brain in our part of the state is eight times the national average.

AP and other media outlets put the figure at “at least four times the national rate”. However, the Yakima Herald reports: “[Officials] issued a news release Jan. 30 announcing that eight cases of anencephaly had occurred in Yakima County in 2012. Typically [they] expect only one all year.”

NBC News, June 17, 2014: Health officials, scientists and other experts gathered to discuss the cause of an alarming local spike in the disorder […] [Local residents] wanted to know exactly how long the problem had been going on, whether it could be linked to diet, occupation, geography — or the Hanford nuclear plant in nearby Richland. State officials reiterated their previous answers — no, no, no and no […] “The next step is to interview the mothers and fathers of these babies,” [Allison Ashley-Koch, an anencephaly expert at the Duke University Medical Center for Human Genetics] said. “The challenge at this point is that many of these conceptions happened four years ago. So for parents to try and remember particular eating habits, environmental exposures and such is challenging.” […] “I believe it is an ongoing problem and I believe that the environment might have something to do with it,” Don Dufault said.

Oregon Public Broadcasting, June 16, 2014: Health officials have discounted several possible causes including: pesticide exposure, nitrates in water wells, and radiation from the Hanford Nuclear Reservation.

Obstetrician Anita Showalter: “First thing I ask […] what environmental thing might have happened […] that we don’t know or understand yet?” […] She wonders if there might be chemicals present […]

CNN, June 1, 2014: Nearly two years after the state of Washington was alerted to a possible cluster of babies born with severe birth defects, experts are speaking out, criticizing the state health department for not doing enough to save babies’ lives. […] The Washington Department of Health has steadfastly refused to interview the parents of these babies and has failed to accept offers of help from world-renowned anencephaly experts. “It really looks like they’re dragging their feet,” said Richard Finnell, a pediatric geneticist and birth defect expert at the University of Texas. He said that to find the cause of the cluster, state investigators need to speak with the parents of children with birth defects […] But the state has not contacted these parents. […] A team of experts […] offered help to Washington investigators back in February but hasn’t received a response. “We’re frustrated that they’re not moving more quickly to find the cause,” said Janee Gelineau-van Waes […] an associate professor of pharmacology at the Creighton University School of Medicine […] “It’s very intrusive to start knocking on doors of people who’ve had a pretty major trauma in their lives,” [state epidemiologist, Juliet VanEenwyk] said. “That’s the lamest excuse I’ve ever heard,” said Billy Petersen, reflecting the viewpoint of several families interviewed by CNN whose children have neural tube defects. “We want to talk to them,” he said. “We’d do anything to help find out why our baby died and help other families. We don’t want anyone else to go through what we’ve been through.”

Watch KEPR’s broadcast here

Published: June 23rd, 2014 at 5:25 pm ET


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225 comments to TV: 8 times more babies than usual born without brain near U.S. nuclear site; Much higher rate than anywhere else in country — “It’s scary the cause is such a mystery” — CNN: Experts speak out over failure of officials to conduct proper investigation — “The lamest excuse I’ve ever heard” (VIDEO)

  • We Not They Finally

    Fire the whole Washington State Health Department.

  • slayer454 slayer454

    Fukushima facts and how to protect yourself

  • davidh7426 davidh7426

    Does anybody know if that 8.0 EQ in Alaska could be felt in Japan, especially near Fukushima or Tokyo ?

    M8.0 – 24km SE of Little Sitkin Island, Alaska
    2014-06-23 20:53:10 UTC

    Because I have a feeling that even if it's not felt, it'll still have an effect on Fukushima daiichi, especially as the Pacific Ring of Fire is feeling VERY FRISKY today, with the four 5+ EQ's in Indonesia, and the three 6+ EQ's in New Zealand.

    • OldFool

      The magnitude 8 is very unlikely to directly cause problems, unless there is another tsunami. However, you are correct in saying that the tectonic plates of entire Ring of Fire are really on the move. That being the case, the Tohoku is very likely to get a strong visit in the near future. TEPCO's plastic tubing and unsupported, bolted tanks and the Great Ice Wall of TEPCO are not likely to endure.

    • GOM GOM

      7.2 earthquake, 2;20 CST today- off the coast of NZ. something wrong with earths' magnetic field..[?]

    • davidh7426 davidh7426

      I wonder if the Pacific is shrinking a bit faster, it would explain why there's so much more activity than there used to be. And it would explain why the Atlantic ridge is waking up to, if it's spreading quicker.

    • dosdos dosdos

      219 earthquakes, 58 – magnitude 5 or greater, 6 – magnitude 7 or greater.

      Most of the big stuff on the western Pacific rim.

    • 4Yahshua

      6~25~5995 (out of 6000) in this "Twilight Zone Apocalypse"!

      Our calico kitty "Pretty" has been staying and sleeping on hubby's toolbox in the garage (for last three days). It's the highest point in the garage. In her three years of living with us she has never slept up there before. In fact, in warmer weather she likes to be close to the cement floor. It takes some doing for her to get up there and down. (Cats feel more safe in higher places.) We also have underground wiring. A few nights ago the electricity went out for about two hours. Also, some TV reception has been disturbed at different times.
      We are calm because of the words in Leviticus 18:22-30 Holy Name Bible. If we honor Yahweh and His Son Yahshua, the land will not "vomit" (Verse 25) or "spue" (Verse 28)us out.
      In September , 1986 I woke up dreaming about the ground liquifying under me. At the time I did not know what that was. I believe that I was experiencing a massive earthquake on the Newport Inglewood fault (along the Orange County Coast). We now live about 6 miles from Huntington Beach. We feel safe in Yahweh's Hands. Blessings to you all!

  • just breathe just breathe

    "8 times more babies than usual born without brains near US Nuclear site"
    That's quite a significant increase in future nuclear scientists for their evil empire. sarc

    • GOM GOM

      Actually what is not being said is they are born with brains but the 'matter' sits down on the lower cranium/high forehead area, giving them the appearance of frogs. There is a name for this condition but I can't recall.


    No babies out at sea. Maybe they will take the NPP offshore: MIT proposes 'floating' nuclear power plants. Have a look, pics and specs..

    • byron byron

      Floating NPP? That would sure make it easy to get rid of used fuel rods! No fuel pools needed. HA. Why is the seafloor so radioactive under your NPP? And a meltdown just burns through the floor. They could even use corrosive sea water to cool everything! Nothing bad could happen, since GE designed it. HA.


      don't hold my feet to it, GOM, but I think the Russians originally proposed this design. Now we'll cut-out all the middle-men and just go straight to destroying the oceans…

  • Dick Shenary

    I am so sick and tired of medical experts and media tools offering stupid theories as to why there are so many rare and unusual illnesses within a relatively small geographical area. Let us see now, exactly what is it that is unusual for Benton, Franklin, and Yakima counties and could cause rare birth defects? Would it be improper diet for pregnant mothers? NO It is unlikely that a large number of pregnant mothers suddenly start eating a poor diet as a response to pregnancy. Would it be occupation? Not likely many pregnant women all work for the same company and if yes, that company needs to be investigated, but again unlikely. Could it have something to do with geography? YES What is it that is located right in the middle of these three counties? Why not consider HANFORD and the well known relationship of radiation and birth defects. This is not rocket science, but in fact this is nuclear science and because it is nuclear science everyone gets very silly and ignorant when speaking to the media.


    If link fails, it is worth your time to check it out.

  • "June 1, 2014: Nearly two years after the state of Washington was alerted to a possible cluster of babies born with severe birth defects, experts are speaking out, criticizing the state health department for not doing enough to save babies’ lives."

    Two years after a cluster would make tis cluster born in 2012, post Fukushima. Hanford is a ticking bomb and obvious source of radiation, but this cluster appeared a year after Fukushima.

    I would be interested to see the birth deformities mapped out to see what source of contamination (nuclear power plants?) might be causing this. If the government is refusing to interview the families, then maybe this is bigger than just Hanford.

    • bo bo

      Hi Kelly Ann,

      if you check Yakima, Franklin and Benton Counties ( the counties in which anencephaly rates had this dramatic ncrease ) on the map in relation to Hanford, the connection might become undeniable.

      I am in no way downplaying Fukushima and its threat upon the West Coast, of course, but refuse to let the other criminals slip away by hiding behind Fukushima – they need to all be held accountable for their crimes! 🙁

      • I believe that it is Hanford, but wonder if the additional radiation from Fukushima acted as a catalyst, creating a double blasting of radioactive toxicity. It just seemed odd that it would spike post-Fukushima without a major event at Hanford.

  • Uranium_Mountain Uranium_Mountain

    This was discussed on the General Nuclear Issues Discussion Thread a few days ago and some great points were made by Jebus (Page 17).

    The Nuclear Whores would like us to believe it was a purely folic acid deficiency problem rather that a contamination/fallout problem. I'm sure folic acid deficiency may contribute but then again so does Uranium, Strontium, Plutonium and daughter isotopes in the soils all over that area.

    • zogerke zogerke

      as if no one has access to prenatal vitamins?

      • Radio Radio

        Hmmm…poor farm workers don't always have the luxury to buy prenatal vitamins, which can be very expensive. Nearly all these families are farm worker families or connected to agricultural labor.

    • Sol Man

      Blame anything but the real problem.

    • Jebus Jebus

      Definitely worth reposting to expose the truth.

      They are telling this Folic Acid story because it is the partial truth.

      It is the combination of ionizing radiation and the lack of folic acid that is the full truth.

      Folate deficiency and ionizing radiation cause DNA breaks in primary human lymphocytes: a comparison.

      "Our results also suggest that research on biological effects of low-dose radiation should take into account the nutritional status of the subjects, because folate deficiency could confound the effects of low-dose radiation."

      Notice the very well placed typo.

      The author just did not want to compound the problem…

      • Radio Radio

        Thank you Jebus, for those links and showing the complexity of this issue. It is often where two or more issues intersect, that we see the most damage AND a certainty of damage.

        • Jebus Jebus

          For the average individual, they also point out the deceit, half truths, and blatant lies, that are the foundation of the nuclear industry.

    • Jebus Jebus

      More evidence of truth…

      Folic acid deficiency increases chromosomal instability, chromosome 21 aneuploidy and sensitivity to radiation-induced micronuclei

      Because ionising radiation increases demand for efficient DNA repair and also causes chromosome breaks we hypothesised that folic acid deficiency may increase sensitivity to radiation-induced chromosome breakage. We tested this hypothesis by using the cytokinesis-block micronucleus assay in 10 day WIL2-NS cell cultures at four different folic acid concentrations (0.2, 2, 20, and 200 nM) that span the “normal” physiological range in humans.

      "The results of this study show that folate status has an important impact on chromosomal stability and is an important modifying factor of cellular sensitivity to radiation-induced genome damage."

      • I am always looking for the best detox/immune boosting ideas to beat radiation. Thank you for posting that link. It intrigued me and led me to this: and then this:

        I was unaware of how important folate is in preserving our health and combatting the effects of radiation.

        Folate has been shown to reduce the risk of neural tube defects (10) and is essential during pregnancy. Data also suggest a nearly 50% reduction in risk of medulloblastoma in children of women who took folic acid supplements during pregnancy (11). High folate intake may reduce chromosomal aberrations in sperm of healthy men (12). Folic acid was also effective in decreasing levels of homocysteine, a risk factor for cardiovascular disease mortality (13) (14) (15), and reducing blood pressure in smokers (5) (16). However, studies on the risk of stroke yielded mix results (17) (18) (19) (20).

        Low levels of folate in the blood are associated with certain forms of cancer (9), whereas higher levels of dietary folate have been shown to reduce the risk of breast (2), pancreatic (3) and colon cancers (4) (5) (6) (32) (35). However, folic acid supplementation does not seem to affect the risk of prostate cancer (7) or colorectal adenoma in patients with a history colorectal adenoma without carcinoma.

    • Jebus Jebus

      Remember, our genome is the blueprint for our viability.

      We have spilled radionuclide laced water upon our blueprints.

      The ink is becoming smudged…

    • RaDiaTed JeWeLz RaDiaTed JeWeLz

      It'll turn out to be that all of the families used the red disposable silverware; you know, the same that caused the high levels of radiation on the Cali Coast!!

      If people don't begin to realize what the problem is and begin demanding some real explanation, something like this really shows just how ignorant, careless, and stupid the civilian population is.
      I'm starting to really think that when S does HTF, they'll have a lot less trouble rounding up sheeple than they think they do.

      How sad; what happened to our America? I'm only twenty-five and I don't even recognize our home.


  • dunkilo

    tsunami warnings for parts of Alaska from the noaa tsunami warning site .

  • Pete

    First step in the "investigation"… discount radiation.

    Second step in the "investigation"… discount radiation.

    Third step in the "investigation"… delay the "investigation".

  • Geneva Snow Geneva Snow

    "Horrible Medical Mystery…" !? It seems that there have been many " horrible medical mysteries" in Hanford over the last few decades!

    Unfortunately, it appears as though the general public is so uneducated (conveniently?) on the subject of rad waste and it's effects on living organisms that the dots are not easily connected.

    No surprise that local government hasn't stepped in to aid these families. Another case of adding insult to injury by negligence and denial.

    All I have seen of late in regards to rad education is some slick marketing campaign to romanticize radiation exposure… I refer to the big MTV Music Award hit of last year – I can't access Youtube here but, if you search this there you might be surprised at how generation Z… Is eating this up " like there's no tomorrow" ( pun intended)…

    My sincere condolences to the families of the most recent victims of " Atoms for Peace". :(.

  • Crickets Crickets

    All the strange and unprecedented things going on in the path of NPP's: Children being born without complete skulls/brains, nosebleeds, cows with abnormal lesions, sea life disappearing or washing up dead on the shores of the Pacific in huge numbers, starfish dissolving, oysters, clams dying off….and not one explanation from the experts. Like deer in headlights, they have no clue about what they're looking at. And yet they're somehow absolutely sure radiation levels are at safe levels. Nothing more than the threat from eating bananas and potato chips. Right!

  • freebywill

    was trying to find a map of birth defects density by geographic location

    " The NBDPS is one of the largest studies on the causes of birth defects in the United States. NBDPS researchers study information from babies born between 1997 and 2011. Mothers of more than 30,000 babies with birth defects and 10,000 babies without birth defects took part in this study. Interviewing mothers of babies in the study stopped in March 2013, but researchers will continue to analyze this rich source of information on birth defects"

    National Birth Defects Prevention Study (NBDPS) |

    wonder why they stopped after 2011 ?

    There's a section on some findings but none link proximity to industrial activity, then again it's the CDC.

    but other states are investigating for various reasons | this one concerns mountain top removal coal mining and has a map showing life expectancy vs location of mining operations
    " people living near the destruction are 50% more likely to die of cancer and 42% more likely to be born with birth defects compared with other people in Appalachia. "

    Cali has a map, shows no data or SUPPRESSED data
    counties San Joaquin to Kern ( Central Valley )…

    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

      I know that the Feds are pretty much behind all the time at least when it comes to health and human services that umbrellas a lot of agencies .
      The others I cannot speak for .
      Thank you for your work

    • Radio Radio

      freebywill, great links. Thx! There happens to be a coal fired power plant west of these families cited above, which is one of the worst emitters in the entire state of Washington.

  • Archie

    "The Washington Department of Health has steadfastly refused to interview the parents of these babies…"

    See no victims of radiation
    Hear no stories from family of radiation victims
    Admit no connection between birth defects and radiation
    Have no lawsuits

    • sally

      Archie a couple of reasons for not interviewing the parents is that they could be illegal Hispanic migrant workers and that if they are interviewed a document trail begins and they could face deportation from ICE or the border patrol, but HIPPA law is very specific about disclosing information.

      The legal mechanism to do this is not understood by me, but I do know the Hispanic community does not trust anyone but themselves. There exists an underground network that protects and aids them.

      The other is the IRS, which has no qualms about turning these workers over to the border patrol. It could be that the state knows they are illegally here and wants to protect them from deportation, from scrutiny. The Department of Health are not cops, but they do respect the confidentiality of their citizens whether they are legal or illegal.

      Just a thought.

      • Radio Radio

        sally, you're bringing good insights. More than "just a thought." A brilliant and compassionate insight into the realities of who brings food to our tables here in the US. If i may add from my own work experience, about half of the husbands declared themselves during the period of amnesty for illegal migrants in the 90's but refused to allow their wives to do so. The women are also not encouraged to learn to speak English, and any interviews may require interpreters, and in this case, probably might need to be medical interpreters, which are expensive. A place i worked at, we figured out how to create 3 minute English lessons for women who came in for a loaf of bread. Empowerment one word and one loaf at a time! Exactly as you point out, if the mother is not legal, the medical agency as well as the data collection agency may wish to keep attention away from this in order to provide prenatal services for the sake of newborns who might actually qualify for US citizen status. A political can of worms. So, in some respects, when people fault government for being slow, it's important to remember all the variables they must contend with, especially, as you say, they feel differently about the legal status of a person they are dealing with.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

        But they have already said that migrant farm workers don't have more of these birth defects than any other population groups in the three country area:

        'Bizarre' Cluster of Severe Birth Defects Haunts Health Experts
        “But as of January 2013, officials with the Washington state health department and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had counted nearly two dozen cases in three years, a rate four times the national average.
        “Since then, one local genetic counselor, Susie Ball of the Central Washington Genetics Program at Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital, says she has reported ‘eight or nine’ additional cases of anencephaly and spina bifida, another birth defect in which the neural tube, which forms the brain and spine, fails to close properly.
        “’I had no idea,’ said Andrea Jackman, 30, whose blue-eyed daughter, Olivia, was born in September with the most severe form of spina bifida. ‘I honestly was really surprised that nobody had said anything. If my doctor hadn’t wanted us to see the geneticist, I wouldn’t have known.”’I
        “Investigators pored over medical records of the 27 area women with affected pregnancies and 108 matched controls who received care at the same 13 prenatal clinics, Stahre said. They examined where the women worked, what diseases they had, whether they smoked or drank alcohol, what kind of medications they took and other factors. They looked at where they lived and whether they got their water from a public source or a private well…

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

          They looked at race and whether the problem was more pronounced in the area's migrant farm workers or in other residents. …”
          “In the end, there was nothing — ‘no common exposures, conditions or causes,’ state officials said — to explain the spike.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

          And the same birth defects have also been found from those exposed to radiation from Chernobyl and in Iraq from those exposed to depleted uranium.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

          Also, same birth defects found amount children of WWII atomic bomb survivers:

          Birth defects among the children of atomic-bomb survivors (1948-1954)
          “…The most common defects seen at birth were anencephaly, cleft palate, cleft lip with or without cleft palate, club foot, polydactyly (additional finger or toe), and syndactyly (fusion of two or more fingers or toes). These abnormalities accounted for 445 of the 594 (75%) malformed infants in Table 3….”

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

          Fukushima plus Hanford equals too much radiation exposure:

          Fukushima Links To Am. Brainless Infants Surge

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

          ECRR: Chernobyl 20 Years on. The Health Effects of the Chernobyl Accident
          “…Congenital malformations. Increased rates of teratogenic effects reported all over Europe, with a dose dependent relationship found in a Bavarian study. In Europe there were also widespread increases in still birth, premature birth, low birth weight, Down's Syndrome, perinatal and neonatal deaths, and reduced birth rate. In Belarus, according to the Belarus National Genetic Monitoring Registry, there were post-Chernobyl increases in anencephaly, spina bifida, cleft lip, cleft palate, polydactyly, limb reduction, oesophageal atresia, anorectal atresia and multiple malformations. Many of the authors explicitly state that these phenomena are radiogenic. One, a researcher known for her caution, says only a third of congenital deformities of the face and jaw could be attributed to radiation. But it is a third, and those which are so attributed are said to be anomalously severe….”

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

            Many increased health effects listed in this report as a result of Chernobyl.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

            ECRR Chernobyl 20 Years On: Health Effects of the Chernobyl Accident European Committee on Radiation Risk Documents of the ECRR 2006 No1 Edited by C.C.Busby and A.V. Yablokov Published on behalf of the European Committee on Radiation Risk Comité Européen sur le Risque de l’Irradiation, Brussels by Green Audit, 2006. ISBN: 1-897761-25-2 Downloadable free:

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

            Fukushima and Health: What to Expect
            Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference of the European Committee on Radiation Risk
            May 5th/6th 2009, Lesvos, Greece
            Edited by Chris Busby, Joseph Busby, Ditta Rietuma and Mireille de Messieres.
            “For those who wish to know the health consequences of the Fukushima catastrophe, the answers are to be found within this volume and in the radiation risk model of the ECRR. The data presented at the 2009 Lesvos conference of the European Committee on Radiation Risk show the real world effects of living in areas contaminated with the dispersed contents of an exploded nuclear reactor. Twenty five years of studies of people living on the Chernobyl contaminated territories has been enough to quantify in detail the cancers, the heart disease, the loss of lifespan, the congenital illnesses, even the changes in sex ratio, in childhood intelligence and in mental health that follow the exposures to radioactive contamination from fission products, activation products and uranium fuel particles.
            “All of these are described in this volume in great detail, by the eminent scientists who have studied them. As Edmund Burke famously said, Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it ; but the true history of the health effects of exposure to the radioactive substances released by both the Chernobyl and Fukushima catastrophes have been covered up by the power of the nuclear lobby. And the main instrument that has been used for this is the…

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

              And the main instrument that has been used for this is the radiation risk model of the International Commission on Radiological Protection, the ICRP. But as far as scientific evidence goes, the simplistic ICRP risk model is now bankrupt. It is now clear to all, except governments who depend upon the ICRP model to justify their support of nuclear energy and nuclear weapons, that the model is unsafe. With terrifying prescience, the matter was raised in 2009, in a videotaped meeting between the Scientific Secretary of the ECRR Prof. Chris Busby and the just-retired Scientific Secretary of the ICRP, Dr Jack Valentin. In this meeting, and presented in this volume, Valentin states quite unequivocally, that the ICRP model cannot be used to assess the risk from a major accident at a nuclear power station. It is not what it is for, he said. Yet this is just exactly what it is being used for 7 months after the Fukushima catastrophe.
              “This is a political issue, an issue of democracy. It is also an issue for those involved, deciding whether to evacuate their children from the contaminated areas. Perfect political decisions require accurate information. For those decision-makers and members of the public who want to know what will happen to the people of Fukushima and wider areas of Japan, the information is here. The cornerstone of Science Philosophy is the Canon of Agreement, which states that the antecedent conditions of a phenomenon, when repeated, will produce the same phenomenon…

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

              The cornerstone of Science Philosophy is the Canon of Agreement, which states that the antecedent conditions of a phenomenon, when repeated, will produce the same phenomenon. Let no one doubt that the Chernobyl experiment, repeated in Fukushima, will cause the same result, a result reported in these proceedings in all its terrifying clarity. …”

            • Radio Radio

              Thx for bringing all of this, VanneV. There is a relatively small unobtrusive office in the UN committed to caring for the children of Chernobyl. They don't get near the money and attention that their opposite, the World Health Organization, does. There are actually many wonderful organizations and departments within the UN that people and nations struggled to put there, though none of them have the weight or pull of those that serve the security council member states. They get an office, the lights paid for, maybe a desk, even a place for meetings and conferences, so some infrastructure, a little legitimacy. But, if we don't learn about them, support them, and insist upon their existence, they will fade. So, thank you.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

          Iraq and anencephaly and depleted uranium
          “…The study finds that, of central nervous system defects, the most common since the start of the Iraq War has been anencephaly. The Center for Disease Control explains, 'Anencephaly is a serious birth defect in which a baby is born without parts of the brain and skull. It is a type of neural tube defect (NTD). These are birth defects that happen during the first month of pregnancy, usually before a woman knows she is pregnant. As the neural tube forms and closes, it helps form the baby's brain and skull (upper part of the neural tube), spinal cord, and back bones (lower part of the neural tube). Anencephaly happens if the upper part of the neural tube does not close all the way. This often results in a baby being born without the front part of the brain (forebrain) and the thinking and coordinating part of the brain (cerebrum). The remaining parts of the brain are often not covered by bone or skin. Unfortunately, almost all babies born with anencephaly will die shortly after birth.' It is also known as an ONTD — Open Neural Tube defect. St. Jude's Medical Center provides this means of reference, ‘Anencephaly and spina bifida are the most common types of ONTD, while encephalocele (in which there is a protrusion of the brain or its covering through the skull) is much rarer. Anencephaly occurs when the neural tube failes to close at the base of the skull, while spina bifida occurs when the neural tube fails to close somewhere…

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Convenient no doubt..and we somehow allow and want more. 🙁

  • Sol Man

    Remove corporate funding of politicians/agents and the truth may be known; until then, and the truth remains hidden.

    Dads and moms of these babies are in very great pain.

  • Radio Radio

    These heartbreaking cases are all away from Hanford, according to the news reports, and away from the Columbia River, and there is no obvious path of similar birth defects occurring between Hanford and where any of these families live or have lived. That said, they could still be the unlucky ones contaminated through some of the airborne releases from Hanford if the wind were going east to west, which it will under certain conditions and times of the year. Linking these to Hanford will be next to impossible even if Hanford is to blame. Hanford also leaks very dangerous chemicals capable of effecting fetuses to adults, yet, again, no obvious path of migration of the chemicals either. What all the families DO have in common, however, is location in agricultural areas that use a high number of pesticides and herbicides. While the researchers are not finding a seasonal pattern, which they assume would show if pesticides were to blame, researchers are often equally ignorant of agricultural toxins as they are of radiation. In this case, sadly, they are ignoring that the bulk of these people are field-hands who will bring many substances home on their clothing and shoes and vehicles which may remain inert in that dry country until catalyzed by something like water, light rain perhaps in the winter. These families may have even received a large dose of both – traveling field hands down to a Hanford wheat field then back up into the valley for peaches.

    • Jebus Jebus

      You are forgetting the prior active history of Hanford.

      The releases from that prior active history are mostly undocumented.

      The releases from Fukushima are also, mostly undocumented.

      If a scientist does not take this into account, in regards to this birth defect cluster, then that scientist, is a hack…

      • Radio Radio

        Jebus, having been a part of the movement that worked to bring awareness about Hanford and help shut down nearly all Washington's and Oregon's NPP's, i am not forgetting that they poured 80% of the toxins and lower level nuclear waste directly into the soil and the river through seep pits and tossing barrels. The migration of the waste in the soil is tested by oversight groups. But, if these were the culprit for these families now so far away, i would expect to see more than a handful of cases of these types of birth defects. I would expect to see region wide increases between them and the plant as well. Yet, there aren't any. So, either i would be forced to conclude that dumping all that crap had no real negative effect after all these many decades or that it took 30 years to get from Hanford to a small house in the Yakima Valley and managed to harm a micro-fraction of the population. There are half a million people in easy reach of Hanford, yet the incidence of birth defects remains at the national average, while these families much further away have a higher incidence. I still think we will see the worst effects of Hanford in 200 years, not much sooner, and that these folks had multiple exposures to something or somethings that added up to genetic damage. Add in lack of resources, constant exposure to pesticides at levels unimaginable to most, lack of folic acid, downwind of a coal plant, Fukushima fall out overhead…

        • Jebus Jebus

          Yet not one mention of the massive AIRBORNE releases, from Hanford during it's more prominent days, years of operation.
          Funny you missed that…

          Hanford Site

          The Hanford site represents two-thirds of the nation's high-level radioactive waste by volume.[8] Hanford is currently the most contaminated nuclear site in the United States[9][10] and is the focus of the nation's largest environmental cleanup.[2] While most of the current activity at the site is related to the cleanup project, Hanford also hosts a commercial nuclear power plant, the Columbia Generating Station, and various centers for scientific research and development, such as the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the LIGO Hanford Observatory.

        • Jebus Jebus

          Hanford Site

          The plutonium separation process also resulted in the release of radioactive isotopes into the air, which were carried by the wind throughout southeastern Washington and into parts of Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and British Columbia.[4] Downwinders were exposed to radionuclides, particularly iodine-131, with the heaviest releases during the period from 1945 to 1951. These radionuclides filtered into the food chain via contaminated fields where dairy cows grazed; hazardous fallout was ingested by communities who consumed the radioactive food and drank the milk. Most of these airborne releases were a part of Hanford's routine operations, while a few of the larger releases occurred in isolated incidents. In 1949, an intentional release known as the "Green Run" released 8,000 curies of iodine-131 over two days.[55] Another source of contaminated food came from Columbia River fish, an impact felt disproportionately by Native American communities who depended on the river for their customary diets.[4] A U.S. government report released in 1992 estimated that 685,000 curies of radioactive iodine-131 had been released into the river and air from the Hanford site between 1944 and 1947.[56]

          Surely, this could not possibly be a vector for these birth defects, right?

        • bo bo

          Radio – Yakima Franklin and Benton geographically create a triangle that hugs Hanford in the middle like a Greek spinach pie.

          That is interesting, that inspite of this increase in the surrounding areas Hanford birth defect numbers are at national average. Could the Hanford numbers be trusted at all? Just curious.

          • Jebus Jebus

            Does anyone do any research anymore?

            Am J Epidemiol. 1988 Feb;127(2):243-54.
            The prevalence at birth of congenital malformations in communities near the Hanford site.
            Sever LE1, Hessol NA, Gilbert ES, McIntyre JM.

            The authors examined the prevalence of congenital malformations among births in Benton and Franklin counties, in southeastern Washington State, from 1968 through 1980. The Hanford Site is in this area and serves as a major employer. In addition, various agriculturally and chemically related activities are in the area.

            Among defects that would be expected to be comparably ascertained, a statistically significant elevated rate of neural tube defects was observed (1.72 per 1,000 births vs. 0.99 per 1,000).


            Decades of mysterious birth defects.

            Couldn't possibly be from radionuclide contamination.

            That would take jobs away and damage the economy.

            Must be the pesticides and the lack of folic acid.

            Those people do not smile enough…

          • Jebus Jebus

            "Could the hanford numbers be trusted at all."

            When you are a nuclear state, there are no detrimental past numbers or records.

            The Collaborative on Health and the Environment – Washington

            Quality of Information on Washington State

            At present, Washington State does not have a comprehensive, operational, publicly accessible birth defects registry. A project is currently in progress to develop a web-based, electronic system for reporting cases of children with birth defects for the state. In the meantime, it is quite difficult to find specific birth defect rate information for the State.

            We were unable to find any relevant information on rates of cryptotorchidism, congenital malformations, neural tube/CNS defects, and skeletal malformations in Washington State.


            • Radio Radio

              Jebus, these are all great links, thank you, and very good questions that give reason to not trust a great many things. Birth defects are recorded by all doctors, nurses, or midwives attending a birth, but, are they collected and analyzed. This is also a question. As your shared links show, Hanford released radiation into the air in the 40's and 50's and maybe into the early 60's. Lots into the ground and river. There is no question that it contaminated large areas of the region and beyond. It surely must be responsible for some of the birth defects in the area given what we know about radiation. One of my questions is why these birth defects now? Is 60 years how long it took Hanford radiation to finally increase the birth defect rate of these types of birth defects in three different counties? IS there something about the mother's that made them more vulnerable? Can we apply this to Fukushima? If the data is skewed, how skewed? How can we correct it? Can i say i have my answer if the data is skewed? Should i stop worrying about all the toxins and chemicals? Given the low incidence of birth defects, should i stop worrying for the future about radiation? Of course not. What is this article telling me? Is it evidence, disinformation, flawed thinking? Is it saying we do not yet have the means or the will to know? Is Helen right? – that we will see the biggest results several generations from now?

              • Jebus Jebus

                "Is Helen right? – that we will see the biggest results several generations from now?"

                Long lived radionuclides…

                70 years and counting. Some are on their first level of their decay chain. Some second. Some third. Many many more to go.

                Helens statement starts at Trinity…

                If you paint a picture, then paint another picture over it, ten times, is the original painting still there?

            • Radio Radio

              Jebus, Oregon is NOT a military state, and we are as effected by Hanford contamination as is Washington, if not more so, with the biggest threat to human life being Portlandia and to animal and plant life being all along the river and into the Pacific Ocean. So, we ARE keeping records and HAVE kept records of birth defects here. I don't dispute that records are flawed or inadequate or suppressed in some instances. I'm saying that those records that we do know we have DO NOT state what the cause was – Pesticides? Radiation? Poverty? Oppression? Coal ash? How many pregnant women moved to another area before giving birth? Who knows? It will be impossible to rebuild those records into any meaningful account.
              Women having birth defects in those decades was just viewed as "Meh, she can have another one."
              Given the appalling lack of good solid data in the hands of those who are suppose to know a thing or two, we have work to do and many, many questions to ask so that we can urge them to rule in and rule out various causes as they draw their conclusions. There was a lack of thoroughness by many, many people. I don't intend to repeat it with my own thinking by refusing to ask as many questions as i can. If Hanford is the culprit, and we are thorough, we have a chance of proving that.

              • Jebus Jebus

                "At some point the lack of scientific data becomes the crime and the evidence presented becomes the data"

                I have lived here, in the PNW, for 55 years…

                • Jebus Jebus

                  I have to respectifully add, that my Mother died at 65 years, from brain cancer.
                  My oldest Sister died at 45 years, from brain cancer.

              • Jebus Jebus

                Radio said, "So, we ARE keeping records and HAVE kept records of birth defects here"


                “Birth Defect Registry: Oregon is one of five states without a registry used to identify birth defects and provide data in prevention strategies.”


                • Radio Radio

                  Jebus, i'm sorry for the suffering and loss of your mother and sister.

                  This is a link to a registry project proposed by a private citizens group, to collect data for a specific purpose and which had some patient privacy issues attached to it which needed ironing out. But, Oregon doctors NOT participating in THIS project does not mean that they don't record birth defects. It means they don't send them to this registry or a single statewide registry just for birth defects data collection. This means someone has had to sit down and sort through files and data differently, and this hopes to make the process easier and more streamlined. It also hopes to help the CDC arrive at causes of birth defects in research projects, which is also a patient privacy issue. Birth defects are recorded in Oregon. The question is, will they also be sent to this registry available to various groups and branches of government without patient permission?

                  • Jebus Jebus

                    Show me where the public can access that data. Please, show me a link to that data.
                    Washington ,Oregon, or California.

                    I am one who see's that, in this day and age, talk is cheap. I see many who purport to "know" the truth. I see very few who back that talk up with supporting evidence or references. I see some who just talk the talk…

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Pretty sure I have already covered the Down Syndrome abortion percentage/rates with links. With Autism rates now skyrocketing, I think we have a larger now growing, ongoing birth defect problem..

                      Normal births may be a thing of the past and soon… 🙁

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      Current government data. State by state. Specifically, the west coast states.

                      Obe, you are good, in supporting your statements. Your tone is never minimilistic. I see too many here that are MSM mimes…

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Yes, I see the same and/but I do pay attention to what MSM releases for public view from various sources on a daily basis.

                      I love to watch the entire Matrix show as it unfolds…it's the stuff we don't hear on MSM that we often discuss here.

                    • Radio Radio

                      Jebus, researchers apply to access the data and will surely have to sign privacy agreements. As long as we have HIPPA, we will have access concerns to people's private information, as it should be. The link you shared above, i believe, is working to find ways to collect personal health data AND remain within HIPPA, but, my guess is that this will require signed approval from patients, doctors, hospitals, organizations,, receivers of the data – all the people who collect, use or become aware of the data in any way. It is frustrating but it is the barrier. If these were AIDS patients, we might immediately understand the desire for patient privacy. Names and contact info must go with this data in order to be meaningful because further interviews will need to be conducted with all registrants. It is an impediment, but, not necessarily an intentional cover up. However, individuals CAN canvass door to door to collect that private info if people will give it, and such grassroots efforts do pay off. Just like a FOIA, you may be able to get a total count of overall birth defects upon request via the state, but, not names, locations, causes, etc. Such an extensive data collection does not exist for nary ANY disease, not just birth defects. You could help change this.

                  • bo bo

                    Radio, yes, where can we locate that WA state birth defect registry? Might you supply us with a link ? Very interested here, as well.

                    • Radio Radio

                      None of us could access such a registry because it is protected by HIPPA. However, if patients desire to make their personal information known to whoever wants it, perhaps someone has collected that. It might behoove folks to support the groups who are trying to create such registries or write opinion pieces for local media about why taxpayer funding of such registries is vital to the public or ask women to come forward with their stories. I appreciate our desire to immediately get this info, but, there is no infrastructure in place for fast access to this or all sorts of private medical information. You or i getting access to this would be like my getting access to the notes from your last doctor visit. There are concerns about privacy.

          • Radio Radio

            There are at least two more counties as close to Hanford as the others. Why not them? Why so few birth defects considering what we know about nuclear radiation? That is what i am trying to answer for myself. We could exclude all of Hanford, all of Fukushima, all the pesticides and coal and all the radon in that area and just include the above ground nuclear testing and expect to find this many birth defects. So, i'm trying to answer a different question here than some – i expect that not all my answers will be nuclear radiation. I really don't know the answer.

            All research and findings should always be gone over again as better information comes along. Are the many different public watchdog groups and professionals alike all failing to check if the numbers of recent birth defects is correct? I don't know? As Jebus is pointing out, there were many more in the 70's and 80's, which is when i became involved, And, we were able to push for a clean up, which is ongoing. Part of the problem with completely relying on the stats isn't about faking them, but, out of hidden bias – these are mostly marginalized field workers. Local community clinics would have more accurate info than say a hospital serving mostly white verified citizens.. How many birth defects even got recorded from a population on the move? Sooo many questions need to be asked and answered before reaching the conclusion that it is Hanford and only Hanford for me.

            • Jebus Jebus

              I can not disagree with you Radio, for the same reasons you state. Lack of data.
              But, my points are not to show that Hanford is the sole cause.
              My points are to show the causal relationship of the nuclear industry in general, with the ever increasing rates of birth defects and cancer. Incremental environmental contamination from low levels of bioaccumulating and biomagnifying radionuclides are poisoning our world. At some point the sum of the massive amounts of evidence becomes undeniable.
              At some point the lack of scientific data becomes the crime and the evidence presented becomes the data…

              • Radio Radio

                I have never disagreed with this Jebus. And, if you re-read my posts, you would see that i repeatedly make your point. I do think that the effects of low level radiation alone without synergetic effects with pesticides, GMO's etc. will be farther out in time while higher exposures are more immediate, so if higher exposures are not obvious, i will naturally include other possible, and for me, equally deadly, suspect causes. That is the difference. I see no competition for the limelight between any of these causes – they are all equally ignored and all need our support to get a full hearing. So, i'm not seeing someone talking about GMO's as a possible cause of birth defects as a threat to the understanding that nukes are also the cause – they are both the cause. You are absolutely correct in your concern about "incremental environmental contamination." I wholly support your view.

              • Radio Radio

                Also, Jebus, i trust that you ARE getting evidence, but, that the painstaking work of sorting through it and ascertaining conclusions is still in its infancy. So, not only are you having to contend with an industry and government ties that don't want information disclosed to hide their decisions and mistakes, you have barriers to that information for good reasons as well – privacy – though an argument could me made that we can no longer afford medical privacy in the face of nuclear radiation, that the public must know and that this trumps personal privacy. I wouldn't even want to try for that one, but, someone might. You have good research that sits on shelves from Chernobyl and TMI and other places and that can be dusted off, but, it is very technical, so that is a barrier, too. It needs putting into our terms and shared. And, you have waves of radiation without a good system of detection or recording effects or linking disease to it. Yet, you personally, and many here, have the tenacity and the skills and the personal motivation to make a dent in these barriers. I see that you. We all do. You're sharp. This is the work ahead. There is so much. If not you, then who? You are touched deeply by it. That's what it takes.

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

              radiation and other toxins act together in a synergistic manner so that the whole is greater than the parts.

        • Shaker1

          Radio, when considering that Hanford may have records that agree with national averages, yet the areas adjacent to Hanford are all greatly elevated, might another reason for Hanford's numbers simply be that any effect Hanford might have is so bad in the immediate area that mothers simply don't bring babies with that potential, or the potential for other defects that might be more radiation-related, to term? And would that even be able to be reckoned if that abortion happened relatively early in term and no manner of doctor or clinic might record such event?

          Again, I like the analogy of a room filled with any manner of bells of random tone, the majority not even accepted to be a harmonic complement to a bell which is struck loudly and with force. They will all ring to some degree sympathetically. But if one doesn't mute the original bell that was struck, how in the world will you hear others that ring, maybe softly, but ring none-the-less? This 'I need definite proof' as might prevail in criminal proceeding at the hands of science has failed us before, is now, and will again. The philosophy is all wrong when it comes to entanglements that are literally out of reach of their research methods which require an untangle control. Life doesn't happen that way, and it's about time they realize it.

          • Radio Radio

            Shaker1, hugely important points you bring, and honest researchers will point out in their data that mothers may have moved in and out of the area, feel wary about living in the area, have abortions (who knows how many might have showed genetic defects). Your analogy of the chime is perfect! That's the challenge of data evaluation – finding all the facts that are not being drowned out or masked or otherwise muted by a main theme, so go unheard or unnoticed. Perfect image in my mind. It resonates! Ha! This is why a good researcher is hard to find and why any one of us can lie with statistics and not even intend to be deceitful. The main chime in your shop might simply be a cultural bias, truly not being aware of the dangers of low does radiation or how it moves through air, soil, and water, or not even know that certain human populations migrate for work while still maintaining a central location and might come into contact repeatedly with something far from their home which they bring back. This was Arnie's thing abut people taking off their shoes, especially in Japan and grateful for the custom there. They left much of the fall out at the front door rather than track it in on the bottoms of their feet. Are these researchers going to be as careful? Are they ready to try and hear the quieter sounds? They are not always well trained in that kind of discernment.

          • Radio Radio

            Shaker1, thinking more on your analogy and applying it further if i may, i do think we have SOME evidence, but, it gets drowned out, even by us. There are many research papers on low dose radiation that are rarely discussed here, maybe because they are quiet.

          • bo bo

            Shaker1…I hear a big bell inside my head.

            • Radio Radio

              bo, I hear an alarm bell myself and know that i need to turn it down a notch, not because i shouldn't be concerned, but so that i can focus. I am taking your analogy with me for the rest of my life, it is so clear and accessible, unlike the records and evidence at the moment. How many bells are going off here on this issue? Which are the loudest? Which the soft? But, i'm also going to use your analogy for other parts of my life as well. What bell am i listening to now? Am i hearing what this person is saying? Am i reading this clearly? Can i tone down the ones that distract me? Or, maybe i need to understand why they bother me so much. It's just a great tool. I thank you for it, bo. If you ever write up a little reflection about it to share with the world, i'd be honored to use it – it is a tool for seeing and changing paradigms.

              • bo bo

                'Or, maybe i need to understand why they ( the distracting bells ) bother me so much. It's just a great tool.'

                I totally agree with this, Radio. I don't have any better reflection to add to it, you nailed it.

    • tbg

      Well you shouldn't believe everything stated on the news, or restate it as fact.

      Yakima is like 25 miles from Hanford. So I guess "all away from Hanford" like outside the barbed wire fence, but not "all away from Hanford" like not beside of Hanford.

      While I do think that agri toxins have a part to play, as does fuku fallout, your whole comment just seems kind of Hanford PR shillesque to me.

      • Radio Radio

        tbg, i believe the families are from Yakima County, not Yakima, and also Benton and Franklin counties.

        I am a careful thinker even if i can't always word things well. I can't prevent your assumptions, i can only offer my reasons why i am still guessing and wondering and not completely certain that i know what caused these birth defects in these babies. Regretfully, we may never know because i fear we lack the science and the will to know. This event is near me and near people i deeply care about and i've worked on this issue for decades and i am familiar with the industries and the locations and the populations and the politics and universities and the governments, etc.

        In my posts today, you will notice that i do say Hanford may be the culprit or at least one culprit and even gave an example of how this could easily be, if not in this one, then in another post here, about how a farm laborer could be the vector for carrying Hanford radiation since the actual soil migration is slow and heading in the opposite direction. Migrant field-hands will easily travel the width and breath of Washington state coming into contact with many things most of us would not. They are at the highest risk of pesticide poisoning because of it and receive the least amount of services and benefits for taking those risks. I may be mistaken, but, you could easily provide me with better facts or information.

        • Jebus Jebus

          America's Atomic Time Bomb: Hanford Nuclear Waste Still Poses Serious Risks
          The plants also emitted radioactive clouds, which were carried by the wind all the way to Oregon, Idaho and Montana and even up into Canada. The people affected by the fallout, the so-called "downwinders," suffered the most during the initial phase, between 1945 and 1951, when they were irradiated with iodine-131, which slipped into the food chain through livestock, milk and eggs.
          In addition, thousands upon thousands of workers, residents and farmers were deliberately contaminated — for testing purposes.
          On December 3, 1949, Hanford physicists released a highly radioactive cloud through the smokestack of the so-called T-Plant, the world's largest plutonium factory at the time. The radiation was almost 1,000 times more than what was released during the 1979 meltdown at Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania, the worst nuclear accident in American history. Fallout from the experiment, which was called "Green Run," drifted all the way to California. People wondered why they suddenly got sick.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        There have been various ways to handle such birth defects/problems since 1970 and before and for the most part they have been very successful. Why our borders will never be sealed since we are killing are own secretly and slowly and we are very good at it..

        Its not so much political, as it is expedient which allowed more Nuclear everything to be built/moved/stored/researched unfettered and everywhere. 🙁

  • Jebus Jebus

    The United States' Nuclear Testing Programme

    The United States conducted 1,032 nuclear tests between 1945 and 1992: at the Nevada Test Site, at sites in the Pacific Ocean, in Amchitka Island of the Alaska Peninsula, Colorado, Mississippi, and New Mexico.

    Where did the Plutonium and Enriched Uranium for those bombs come from?

  • Angela_R

    Hi Radio,
    There are other considerations, for instance other chemicals may have become radioactive and pesticides etc. are chemicals.

    My short spell many years ago in a hematological related area, introduced me to the blood's need for iron and folic acid, however I cannot recall much emphasis on oxygen. Could the radioactive nuclides be depleting the oxygen? Perhaps, fissile and frantic, they may be readily absorbing available oxygen.

    How could there be A healthy fetus if there is a deficiency of oxygenated blood in a pregnant woman. IMO, Iron and folic acid ingestion will not counter a deficit in oxygen.

    • Radio Radio

      Angela_R, you are precisely asking the questions we need to be asking if we are to have any hope of helping those most effected by radiation, chemicals, commercial exploitation… It will be twenty variables that do the most harm, not this one or that one in isolation. The world is interconnected. The biology is interconnected. The human societal and knowledge systems must become so, too. Of course, hematology inherently understands this because blood and fluids play so many roles, good and bad, within the body and have such a varied range and innumerable interactions. It accepts much of the complexity of the biological system, and because of this informs all the other medical sciences, all of which happen to rely upon hematology for the results of their many tests 😉

      • Angela_R

        "it will be twenty variables that do the most harm, not this one or that one in isolation"

        Yes, to me there is/are clearly radioactive element/s involved,
        and there maybe more than twenty that do the MOST harm, because as you realize there are a MULTITUDE, and I assume the variables are still growing.

        There is also the possibility that the difference in notation of birth defects occur because previously women may have miscarried a deformed fetus, but today, intervention may prevent spontaneous abortion and such a baby can proceed to full term delivery.

    • Radio Radio

      Angela_R, do you know of any research that has been done on this? I'd love to try and read it, though i might not glean it all. And, if you do, you could write up a little primer to go with it? I'd really need the primer.

  • ftlt

    Fallon, Nevada has had well noted problems for years – The Naval Weapons Test Range is there – (DU) probs.

    All ignored by the Navy and DOD, of course

  • Add Fukushima emissions to what Hanford had already caused….no wonder it's worse and will continue. This old page from the 1999 CDC draft is the beginning of the story of mostly thyroid radiation diseases, told by these heartfelt comment submissions at Comment

    They point out again & again that downwind can include even Montana and Idaho. I think this person makes a good point too.
    "It is not just the 'down-winders' that were affected by the Handford’s release. All the animals and crops were also affected. A lot of those crops, particularly alfalfa, were marketed in western Washington State. This alfalfa fed the dairy herds of western Washington and probably contaminated all milk products. The government subsidized the school lunch milk program which made it abundantly available for everyone. I think my wife and I were in school at that time were affected. We were born and raised in Snohomish County and we both have hypothyroidism."

    People have fought for help for three generations it seems. Here is a book I love for how candid it is…Teri Hein was raised in the 1950s and 1960s in rural eastern Washington. Her true story of being brought in up the atomic is good for you mindset & chronicles of the later family cancer deaths and lawsuits is simply amazing.

    • Radio Radio

      And, LCT, if you are where your name implies, then you are very familiar with those east winter winds rushing through the gorge.

      • I'm not the author of that book but interesting first name name co-incidence. I did also live in Spokane for 4 years, mentioned by so many of the commenters…highest MS in the nation. (it had 2 aluminum plants at that time.) I know how to pick 'em. Coast before that.

        I definitely have bone and muscle loss that took a dramatic increase after Fukushima. I lost 30 pounds in one year…gained a bit back now.

        I think we all are overwhelmed by radiation coming at us from every direction now. I feel that me and and the other Teri sort of came in with the bomb and will probably go out with it..pretty crazy. "We da bomb." Make a good anti-nuke T-shirt with cancer statistics on it.
        (Dark humor is always surfacing lately)

        Also want to mention, the GMO corn fills the big stinky silos and fields all around E. WA and smell of pesticide everywhere as you drive the freeway to the coast. Corn flakes, fructose corn syrup and animal

        • Radio Radio

          I came in just after the bomb. Two bouts of cancer and a decade long incorrectly diagnosed case of Lyme disease. So i take medical mistakes very seriously. I'm determined to leave a better forecast for the future if possible, though that's looking a bit uphill right at the moment 😉 I both like and shudder at the tee shirt idea. It's like a punch in the gut, but, when you can laugh at your own mortality instead of just worry about it, you've the got the world and beyond. Given that i expected we could all be dust by now, i see this last ditch effort at saving life as an unexpected blessing. I've followed some of your posts, and may i thank you belatedly for your civil rights, antinuclear, stewardship activism. We may actually have met on a line or two. Once you've been shot at or threatened with arrest for your beliefs, and it would be hard to take stands back then and not encounter some such nonsense, you can face disillusionment in one's society more easily. I'm glad you are gaining that weight back. You are a healer, i can feel that, but, i will put you on my healing list tonight for the gifts you have already given us.

          Yikes, the damn corn. I forgot that! Pesticides are formed in the intestines via a certain enzyme we happen to share with bugs when a GMO glyphosate molecule is eaten. Internal pesticide poisoning. You're brilliant. It would account for much. Processed GMO corn also being the main starch for nearly all of the families! One more…

        • Radio Radio

          And, an artist, too, i see, LCT.

      • Radio, correct about the wind…at least in Spokane and where I live now the winds hook towards north after awhile and it's always the south side of houses that have beat up siding and paint.

  • Geneva Snow Geneva Snow

    Anecephaly due to lack of folic acid or from pesticide exposure? I don't think so…
    Nice way to try and place blame on the victims though- "you didn't take your vitamins or wash your fruit!"

    Anencephaly due to exposure of radionuclides. Yes.

    Chernobyl proved that well enough. :/;_ylu=X3oDMTEzbmpuNHBzBHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDNQRjb2xvA2dxMQR2dGlkA1RBQ0EwMV8x/RV=2/RE=1403615396/RO=10/

  • Jebus Jebus

    A short transcript from Deadly Deception – 1991

    Deadly Deception: General Electric, Nuclear Weapons, and Our Environment

    "The next house, cancer. This house, a man and a woman lived here by the name Voss. Jack Voss died of cancer and his wife gave birth to a deformed child. She drowned the child in the bathtub and then committed suicide that same day. Down the road a little further here, the next household, the father died of cancer, the mother has leukemia right now, and the daughter has thyroid cancer and takes thyroid medication. Somebody, somewhere said, "Let's keep lieing to them, and if we keep lieing to them over and over again, they'll end up believing it." And we did end up believing what they said. And some people still do."

  • Lie-sotopes! That's what the big wheel pro-nuke people are full of.

  • Geneva Snow Geneva Snow

    Great links Jebus. Thanks…

    Has everyone seen the animated film by Chris Mars (long time Hanford resident)- " In Hanford"

    All about the Horrible, horrible hell that is Hanford!;_ylu=X3oDMTEzYnUzdmhuBHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMQRjb2xvA2dxMQR2dGlkA1RBQ0EwMV8x/RV=2/RE=1403616314/RO=10/

  • sally

    Wind directions over Hanford,

    Hanford report, wind direction, see page 4.1.5

    From report:
    "Prevailing wind directions on the Central Plateau were either from the west-northwest or northwest in all months of the year."

    Down-winders reports to CDC:

    Wind speed and direction map for cities surrounding Hanford:

    Interactive real time wind speed and direction for Hanford site:

    About Hanford downwinders and what was released into the environment:
    From the article:
    "the wind generally blew southeastward from the Hanford stacks to the Tri-Cities, toward Walla Walla, and then turned northeast toward Spokane and Northern Idaho."

    I lived in the tri-cities, Pasco, Kenniwick and Richland from 67 to 68 and the winds never blew to the NW which is towards the Yakima Valley.

    • Radio Radio

      sally, thx for the links. Okay, so i can revise my thinking on the wind patterns in that area – that they mostly do blow west to east and northwest to northeast and sometimes they are amazingly consistent and unchanging. That was one of the reasons for choosing the site, if i recall, thinking everyone lived west of the facility, though populations have moved closer over the decades. But, we still get that east wind through the gorge once a year down here. Where is starts, though, i will need to recheck. Maybe just at the beginning of the gorge west of Hanford and not before? I know Portlander's concerns were less air borne and more water contamination from Hanford into the Columbia River which back-flows up the Willamette River.

      If these folks were effected by Hanford through historical air borne releases, it would need to be the parents or grandparent who were exposed and passed along the damaged genes. Some commenters have provided links attesting to that possibility. Of course, the age of the parents does, too. Or, these families happened to live on land contaminated from previous releases and maybe a freak wind, if it is Hanford. Decided to dig a garden. Released a radioisotope from the soil into the lettuce. Many possibilities. I hope the least that is done is a soil test at each house and yard to rule that in or out and it wouldn't be too expensive to do it. Maybe even a volunteer group could do it if the researchers won't. Get it to Arnie.

      • sally

        Here's a map of Washington:

        Notice that Yakima is due West of the Hanford site. The wind blows ESE towards Walla Walla and then it runs into the Blue Mountains which redirects the the wind NE and N. Where the Columbia river meets the Oregon border it makes a loop. This loop, on the West side is a high basalt plateau with cliffs 400 feet. The winds split around this plateau pushing NNE where they converge at the Oregon/WA border further intensifying to force the winds north. Just NE of this is Walulla where there is huge pulp mill. It stinks like rotting cabbage. When I lived in Pasco I remember on a couple of times when you could smell it which means the winds were blowing from East to West. A rare event.

        The "Columbia gorge" is where the river passes through the Cascades and the winds blow from West to East. The common name "gorge" is a concert venue north of Vantage overlooking the river and is confusing. Vantage is where I90 crosses the Columbia.

        This country is FLAT and the patterns of wind are constant, period. When you look at the cotton wood trees and large sage brush they all point ESE in their old age. They point in the direction of the wind. It's hard to get lost in this area because of this and the sun rise you know which way to go.

        The possible reason the state has not looked at Hanford is because the winds history does not lie and has not for thousands of years.

        • Radio Radio

          Thx for the further explanation, sally, on the land and the wind and the tree growth. I will look for that the next time i'm through there.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      Try the ground water and the Yakima River:

      Hanford General Exposure: Extent of 10-Rad I-131 Thyroid Dose to Children

      The nuclear waste is probably seeping into the Yakima River and taking it straight to Yakima. Probably in the groundwater.

        • sally

          Pretty pictures but it does not tell me anything.
          Here is a good geological map showing subsurface structure.

          Give it a minute to load and you can zoom in with your mouse for every sub-surface geological layer.

          For contour map and water drainage;
          Click on the map theme, upper left, and click "natural hazards" which will show contours. W of Hanford you will see a mountain range that extends into Yakima co and Benton co which runs NW-SE is Umtanum Ridge. South of this is Yakima Ridge and notice there is a saddle that intersects the Umtanum and Yakima Ridge and the surface water flows West and East. All surface water flowing East of this saddle flows into the Hanford site. West flows into the Yakima River.

          Follow "Dry Creek" West towards Yakima on highway 24. Where 24 and 241 intersect, go 10 miles West to view the saddle. At this intersection are solid basalt cliffs rising 1800 feet. This is high desert country. There are very few inhabitants. I've traveled all through this country and your either going straight up or straight down.

          This shows at least where humans live in this area. Look at Sunnyside and you can see the roads where they grow crops along the Yakima River corridor.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

        Highly Radioactive Waste
        Spilled on Ground
        Pump Leaks 'Hot' Water at Hanford
        PATRICK O'NEILL / The Oregonian 28jul2007

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

        'Bizarre' Cluster of Severe Birth Defects Stuns Health Experts
        “A mysterious cluster of severe birth defects in rural Washington state is confounding health experts, who say they can find no cause, even as reports of new cases continue to climb.

        “Federal and state officials won’t say how many women in a three-county area near Yakima, Wash., have had babies with anencephaly, a heart-breaking condition in which they’re born missing parts of the brain or skull. And they admit they haven't interviewed any of the women in question, or told the mothers there's a potentially widespread problem.

        “But as of January 2013, officials with the Washington state health department and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had counted nearly two dozen cases in three years, a rate four times the national average.

        “Since then, one local genetic counselor, Susie Ball of the Central Washington Genetics Program at Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital, says she has reported “eight or nine” additional cases of anencephaly and spina bifida, another birth defect in which the neural tube, which forms the brain and spine, fails to close properly.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

          The cases of anencephaly are from three different counties. Yakima County itself extents to the east. and the county covers 4,296.1 square miles. What is the elevation of the eastern part of Yakin County? And aquifers are below ground level.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

          “The Hanford Nuclear site in Washington is attracting renewed attention as rare birth defects, including babies born with parts of their brain missing, spike around the facility. An epidemiologist assigned by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) claims the incidents are not focused near the Hanford site, prompting the question how it can be that the CDC official failed to notice that the Hanford site is located in the center of the cluster.

          “Incidence 400 percent above normal. The Washington State Health Department is trying to identify the cause of an unusually high number of rare birth defects in south central Washington, around the leaking Hanford nuclear site. In 2013, seven cases of anencephaly, a rare and often fatal birth defect were reported in a remote region of Washington State, clustered around the Hanford site….”

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

          Hanford nuclear waste region produces high rate of rare birth defects
          “Rare Birth Defects Still Spiking in Washington State BY JONEL ALECCIA 22 April 14, Seven cases of a rare fatal birth defect were reported in a remote region of Washington state in 2013, making it the fourth consecutive year that rates have more than tripled the national average, health officials said Tuesday.

          “There’s still no clear reason for the spike in anencephaly, a severe defect in which babies are born missing parts of the brain or skull, according to Washington state health officials. NBC News investigated the issue in February.

          “But it brings to 30 the number of cases reported since 2010 in the area that includes Yakima, Benton and Franklin counties in central Washington state. The anencephaly rate jumped to 8.7 cases per 10,000 births in the region, far exceeding the national rate of 2.1 cases per 10,000 births….”

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

          Rates of Neural Tube Defects in Ukraine
          Highest in Chornobyl Impacted Regions
          “…Recently, the Nuclear Energy Agency noted that in Ukraine the impact of the Chornobyl disaster is profound and that ‘the concern of people for their own health is only overshadowed by the concern for the health of their children and grandchildren’.
          “During the past twenty years, this has been the heaviest burden imposed by the disaster. The dismissive term “radiophobia”, often used by international experts, is not appropriate in regards to the profound concerns in Ukraine about the Chornobyl threat to the genome of the population. …
          “The participating experts underscored that contrary to other nuclear accidents, Chornobyl represented a challenge of an unprecedented scale because of its magnitude and because ionizing radiation is one of the most widely known causes of genetic mutations resulting in BD [birth defects], as well as cancer….
          “direct measurements taken from Ukrainian population showed that 65 percent of internal radiation was from Caesium (Cs-137) ingested with food. It was also established that levels of ionizing radiation accrued by rural populations were significantly higher than urban populations, mostly due to weaker control of sources of food. By then, there were more childhood thyroid cancers in the countries affected by Chornobyl than all cancers induced by the atomic bombs that fell on Japan…
          “Some have estimated that a person living in Polissia would absorb 10 times…

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

          Iraq snapshot
          “…The study finds that, of central nervous system defects, the most common since the start of the Iraq War has been anencephaly. The Center for Disease Control explains, "Anencephaly is a serious birth defect in which a baby is born without parts of the brain and skull. It is a type of neural tube defect (NTD). These are birth defects that happen during the first month of pregnancy, usually before a woman knows she is pregnant. As the neural tube forms and closes, it helps form the baby's brain and skull (upper part of the neural tube), spinal cord, and back bones (lower part of the neural tube). Anencephaly happens if the upper part of the neural tube does not close all the way. This often results in a baby being born without the front part of the brain (forebrain) and the thinking and coordinating part of the brain (cerebrum). The remaining parts of the brain are often not covered by bone or skin. Unfortunately, almost all babies born with anencephaly will die shortly after birth." It is also known as an ONTD — Open Neural Tube defect. St. Jude's Medical Center provides this means of reference, ‘Anencephaly and spina bifida are the most common types of ONTD, while encephalocele (in which there is a protrusion of the brain or its covering through the skull) is much rarer. Anencephaly occurs when the neural tube failes to close at the base of the skull, while spina bifida occurs when the neural tube fails to close somewhere along the spine…

      • sally

        "The nuclear waste is probably seeping into the Yakima River and taking it straight to Yakima. Probably in the groundwater."

        That's probable if water flows up hill and through bedrock of solid/broken basalt 2,000 ft.thick and travels 63 miles, as the crow flies.

        The Yakima River flows into the Columbia River below Richland and downstream of the Hanford site.

        Yakima elev. 1,066 ft. Yakima sits 12 ft. above the Yakima.
        Richland elev. 384 ft. Richland sits 28 ft. above the Columbia.

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          Good stuff! Both of you! 🙂

        • Radio Radio

          Thx, sally.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

          You are talking about the elevation of the city of Yakima, not the county of Yakima which has variable elevation. And the articles are talking about all of Yakima County which is on the border of Benton County and quite close to Hanford Nuclear Site. If people have wells in Yakima County in the east, they are running into groundwater contaminated by all the nuclear waste stored at Hanford.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

          Let's not forget this:
          And then in NW Yakima County, there is the US Military Reservation Yakima Firing Center

          Think they are using depleted uranium and uranium weaponry on the firing range?

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

            Bungalow Phil
            June 30, 2014 at 5:07 pm Log in to Reply
            The nuclear nightmare grows with the inclusion of DU possibly being used in military training here in CALI.
            The reason I explored the possibility is having worked as civilian contractor I recall having handled spent sabot rounds and armor penetrating munitions as a live fire tech.
            A story of its use in Iraq jogged my memory and I started to think it may have been used as munitions in A10's as hard target practice rounds. Then having searched for info I discovered photos on Wiki that look exactly like what I recall during my stint as a live fire tech. The weight of the projectile dimensions and caliber fit as well as the profile.
            If indeed it was, and am convinced I have standing should I develop disease. Along with hundreds of others who may not be aware. Obviously I will pursue a remedy if I am correct. To enlighten those who are not familiar with its toxicity, this link will be most helpful.
            Thanks for listening

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

        Special Reports
        Mission: Amelioration, Prevention and Genetic Counseling concerning Birth Defects, Genetic Disorders, Congenital Malformations, Anomalies and Developmental Disorders

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

        Hanford Site
        “…the first full-scale plutonium production reactor in the world.[1] Plutonium manufactured at the site was used in the first nuclear bomb, tested at the Trinity site, and in Fat Man, the bomb detonated over Nagasaki, Japan.
        “During the Cold War, the project was expanded to include nine nuclear reactors and five large plutonium processing complexes, which produced plutonium for most of the more than 60,000 weapons in the U.S. nuclear arsenal.[2][3] Nuclear technology developed rapidly during this period, and Hanford scientists produced many notable technological achievements. Many of the early safety procedures and waste disposal practices were inadequate, and government documents have since confirmed that Hanford's operations released significant amounts of radioactive materials into the air and the Columbia River, which still threatens the health of residents and ecosystems.[4]
        “The weapons production reactors were decommissioned at the end of the Cold War, but the decades of manufacturing left behind 53 million US gallons (200,000 m3) of high-level radioactive waste,[5] an additional 25 million cubic feet (710,000 m3) of solid radioactive waste, 200 square miles (520 km2) of contaminated groundwater beneath the site[6] and occasional discoveries of undocumented contaminations that slow the pace and raise the cost of cleanup.[7]
        “The Hanford site represents two-thirds of the nation's high-level radioactive waste by volume.[8] Hanford is currently the…

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

          Hanford is currently the most contaminated nuclear site in the United States[9][10] and is the focus of the nation's largest environmental cleanup.[2] While most of the current activity at the site is related to the cleanup project, Hanford also hosts a commercial nuclear power plant, the Columbia Generating Station, and various centers for scientific research and development, such as the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the LIGO Hanford Observatory….”

  • razzz razzz

    Ignoring fallout from nuclear power plants is how the NRC, EPA, Congress, etc., copes with radiation poisoning. Germany did studies and France confirmed the results from the same studies in a radius around longer running nuke power plants that showed higher incidents of cancers esp. in the young. The US either needs to officially recognize results of the tests or do they own testing (they won't, they already know the damning evidence).

    Hanford is much worse than a nuke plant's fallout. It's hard even to work onsite there without coming down with some kind of poisoning i.e. radiological, chemical or otherwise.

    I can hardly believe the reported cases in thyroid problems in young and old. It is suppose to be a rare disease(s) but is becoming commonplace.

    For any newer readers, I relink to Dr. Helen Caldicott discussing nuclear fallout in general and Daiichi in particular along with some other observations…

  • Jebus Jebus

    Updated May 1999

    • Radio Radio

      Thx Jebus, so we know Washington also counts the birth defects of still births in the total count as well, at least since 1998-99 and have what looks to be fairly stringent reporting standards.

  • rogerthat

    ''born without a brain'' – are they talking about the scientists, or what?

    • Geneva Snow Geneva Snow

      rogerthat … These corporate "scientists" were born without a heart….Their brain is reptilian 😉

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Yes, I believe they are! 🙂

  • sistahawk

    These Babies are born without Brains and several other Birthdefects because we are lead by Those whitout One (+ ZERO MORAL COMPASS) ….and they are still alowed continue ….where is the Alert -Button in our Brain to stop this Stupidity and charge these Idiots for what they did…Suggestion for proper Jugement : Let them clean up….till they drop….

  • Geneva Snow Geneva Snow

    "…Hanford's tanks hold some 53 million gallons of highly radioactive waste — enough to fill dozens of Olympic-size swimming pools — and many of those tanks are known to have leaked in the past. An estimated 1 million gallons of radioactive liquid already leaked there.

    The tanks also are long past their intended 20-year life span — raising concerns that even more tanks could be leaking — though they were believed to have been stabilized in 2005…."


    "Horrible Medical Mystery…" !? Really? :/

  • GQR2

    Yakima doctors to be educated on Nitrates in the water.

    They might want to look into the pesticides, i remember clusters of ancephaly 30 yrs ago on the border of El Paso,and in Tucson Az. It shouldn't be too hard to figure out, my suspicion is that because it mostly effects poor brown people who are now turning to Faith Healers according to one article – it might behoove the medical system up and public health dept to look into the water.

    dated June 15 2014 –
    "Concern about nitrates has come up in discussions of the Valley’s unusually high rates of anencephaly, a fatal neural tube defect.

    Not much research exists on the topic, but some studies have shown a connection between nitrate contamination and increased rates of the defect.

    Municipal water systems are regularly tested for nitrates and other contaminants; federal regulations mandate that nitrate levels be under 10 milligrams per liter for drinking water to be considered safe. For residents on private wells, however, the onus for testing is on the homeowner or landlord.

    Read more here:

    • Radio Radio

      Yep, GQR2, thanks for pointing this out. I was disappointed when the above research team said that they expected pesticides to be seasonal so ruled those out. Sheesh! It's a long road.

  • bo bo

    I have a bizzarre question / observation –
    Why don't the enenews headline / links regarding Hanford ever mention it by name, but only as: 'U.S. Nuclear Site' ? With other news links, usually the headline informs if it is about Pilgrim, San Onofre, Fukushima or WIPP…etc.

    I can't pinpoint exactly where in the timeline it started happening, but it's been consistent in the past year. ( if you dig up 2 years, back then 'Hanford' used to be spelled out in the headlines )

    • Radio Radio

      bo, not bizarre at all! A great observation! The media especially in Washington, is pushing to get this into the forefront, the local community and governor going up against the feds. I think this is a new tactic in this off and on long fight. Hanford, at least around here, has many hooks attached to it along with lots of incorrect information over the years. Calling it a US nuclear Site elevates it from just an old WWII repository to the full fledged 9 reactor facility it was, plus it still ha s on operating reactor and a couple other things going on. The common term use to be Hanford Reservation, which includes reservation land, another big reason for it's selection as a nuke site, so the media it upgrading.

      • bo bo

        Why can't it be called 'Hanford Nuclear Site' or 'U.S. Nuclear Site at Hanford' to be more specific ?

        • Radio Radio

          Marketing the story to a wider audience. Few folks around the the US even know the name, so if you want to get as many readers to a syndicated article around the country, you don't start out by limiting it with a name in the headline that only locals use – you use words that might make the reader think it is in their backyard. Just an editorial bally, the guy at the circus shouting for us to come see an attraction. Headlines ARE the only bally. They might even be inaccurate and deceptive in order to get the reader to take notice. They are almost always sensationalized or made dramatic. Unless you live near Hanford, the name will not inspire concern or worry. Trouble at US Nuclear Site does. You can bet that several people worked very, very hard to get their articles to even be considered for syndication and it is probably due to the local TV station, nuclear watchdog groups and their new governor that they succeeded.

          • bo bo

            Marketing the story a 'wider audience' ? To children ?

            Then how about reporting : 'two tall U.S. skyscrapers attacked by terrorists'

            Or : 'nuclear power plant in Asia to build ice wall to stop leak'

            It's about time the general public start learning the specific name and location of the largest nuclear waste site in the U.S. and its never ending radioactive toxic radioactive leak that has only just begun.

            Trouble at 'U.S. Nuclear Site – H A N F O R D'

            Easier to pronounce than Fukushima, no ?

            • bo bo

              It is obfuscating – hides headlines from google searches, twitter links.

              But my original question was, why this on enenews headlines?
              WIPP, Fukushima, SONGS, Pilgrim, all mentioned by name in its headlines and links – but Hanford is referred to consistently – at least in the past year – as 'U.S. nuclear site'

              If you dig up 2 years ago, the name Hanford used to appear in headlines on enenews.

  • Nick

    Nuclear waste is NOT the enemy.

    It's Climate Change!

    How come my soul doesn't get all tied up in knots thinking about the evils of carbon gases?

    Whereas my soul burns with a hot fire anytime I hear even the slightest support for anything nuclear?

    Because….nuclear endeavors will haunt us forever, even after our own demise.

    Pay close attention to the FOCUS on climate change while Hanford et al get micro media coverage.

    It is an intentional obfuscation.

    WE MUST atomize our planet. The profits are too damn good to slow this gravy train.

    By the time enough souls on this planet realize the hell that nuclear endeavors hath wrought, twill be too late.

    Therefore…all ye citizens arise. Cease the nuclear beast. Wage Peace.

  • Occupant Occupant

    In the greatest book ever written, The Encyclopedia Universe, there is a footnote, at the end of the chapter regarding mankind. Humanity died due to their appetite for Ninetendo, useless plastic junk and big screen televisions.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Humans died because of the need by a few to control all aspects of energy production for profit inside an already teeming electric universe. 🙁

  • freebywill

    Hanford wildfire in 2000

    from a link by Sol Man on another thread.
    "July 2000, Hanford Engineering Works, Hanford, Washington – Wildfires hit the highly radioactive "B/C" waste disposal trenches. Airborne plutonium levels were raised in the nearby cities of Pasco and Richland to 1,000 times above normal. "
    [ unconfirmed info ]

    6 mins | The Hanford Site Fire on the morning of June 29, 2000 |

    Nasa photo of the plume |

    Hanford Ecology Study |

    " During 1984, a major fire burned across 800 km (310 mi) of the Hanford Site (Price et al. 1986)"

    " The DOE and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) have an ongoing program to control populations of noxious weeds with aeria
    l applications of herbicides. "

    4 mins | Hanford Fire 2007 | | " Video of a large and fast-moving fire that has crossed Highway 240 and moved on to the Hanford Site on August 16, 2007. "

  • freebywill

    Found this site while trying to verify the plutonium release of 2000
    " In 1997, Tank A-109 blew it's top, spewing dangerous fumes and flushing plutonium residue outdoors. "

    " "Downwinders" from the Tri-Cities to Spokane are some of the most irradiated citizens outside of the former Soviet Union. They have reported health problems such as skin sores, respiratory problems, thyroid problems, miscarriages and cancer.

    Hanford's public relations department has spent years covering up the problems that have been reported regarding radiation levels in downwinders' communities.
    Although high levels of radioactivity were found in Columbia River fish in the 1940s, the information was ordered classified and no public warning was issued. "

    Hanford Fire of June 2000/Plutonium Release

    " Petition for EPA to request the US Justice Department start a criminal investigation of cover up by Department of Energy: Commitments were violated during and after the fire that swept over the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in June, 2000."

    " Summary of Elevated Radiation and Plutonium Levels: Legal memorandum in support of criminal investigation and enforcement; Hanford Wild Fire, Illegal Storage of Hazardous Wastes, Failures to Notify. "

    Unfortunately this site looks inactive, no links to reports.

    new website – ends up…

  • Sol Man

    It would be good for the responders of that 2007 fire to have follow-up with medical testing to see how they have fared since they were exposed to the smoke, etc.

  • They were probably never even told. Or they were told not to worry about it, radiation has no effect on you, as long as you keep on smiling.

    • Sol Man

      Vacant human beings and the agencies that they set-up are bereft of compassion. There's nothing there, there.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    For sure, just as they told the first responders in NY after 9-11, they air is safe to breath..go get it cleaned up and now.. you fodder! 🙁

    The classic.. no can trust us!

  • Bungalow Phil Bungalow Phil

    As the late Jim Morrison would say(said)and I paraphrase "get your kicks before the whole Sh*t house goes up in flames, ALRIGHT? Alright."

  • Sol Man

    Having not one iota of compassion they made great scratch carrying out their tasks.

  • Bungalow Phil Bungalow Phil

    Any t-shirt artists? I want one that reads "END FUKUSHIMA NOW" emblazend on the the front and back with a rad emblem and some other graphics depicting the perils to man, animals and the earth. Or just the words on a black T-shirt.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Maybe this: Fuksuhima out of control! Shut down all Nuclear now!