TV: U.S. now less prepared to deal with nuke disaster than before 3/11 (VIDEO) — FEMA and NRC ‘still studying’ Fukushima

Published: May 18th, 2012 at 3:19 pm ET


Is nuclear catastrophe imminent at San Onofre, CA?
The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann
May 18, 2012

At ~1:00 in

  • Reduced evacuation zones around nuclear plants
  • Required fewer exercises for accidents
  • Relaxed training for emergency officials
  • In other words, we’re less prepared today to deal with a nuclear disaster than before Fukushima happened

Feds Cut Nuclear Emergency Exercises, Avoid Public Scrutiny
Linda Lewis, Radiological emergency planning specialist
May 18, 2012

Not since the bungled response to Hurricane Katrina has the US federal government so callously ignored disaster red flags. Disregarding lessons of the Fukushima Daiichi disaster, the Nuclear Regulatory Administration (NRC) secretively issued a new rule that decreases the frequency of emergency exercises and requires the use of exercise scenarios with no release of radiation, the Associated Press (AP) article reported Tuesday. The new rule will be implemented jointly by the NRC and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). […]

The AP reports, “Officials for FEMA and the NRC said they are still studying whether Japan’s experience points to the need for further changes in the United States.” If those nameless officials paid any attention to the Fukushima disaster, they would already know that the latest changes took the radiological exercise program in the wrong direction. And, if they weren’t paying attention, why are they are still employed?

More from today’s broadcast: [intlink id=”gunter-international-effort-must-now-be-mounted-to-prevent-further-catastrophe-at-fukushima-japan-yet-to-ask-for-outside-help-video” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: May 18th, 2012 at 3:19 pm ET


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30 comments to TV: U.S. now less prepared to deal with nuke disaster than before 3/11 (VIDEO) — FEMA and NRC ‘still studying’ Fukushima

  • Time Is Short Time Is Short

    Basically the US government is admitting that the damage/fallout from Fukushima is a global human race ELE, and any further accidents on US soil are not worth preventing.

    Whether we die in 5 years, or 2 years if a US NPP goes, it isn't worth worrying about.

    They're telling us what they really think about Fukushima and all the other failing reactors worldwide. If we don't get the hint, that's our problem, not theirs.

    Do they look at their children's faces, knowing they killed them – slowly but surely – and sleep soundly? I hope not.

  • norbu norbu

    they are pulling back, something…is coming….or has already arrived

  • What-About-The-Kids

    My two cents is that it all comes down to money, as that is what the bureaucrats are taught to look at first and last: the "bottom line." Their "lessons learned" from Fukushima was that in such a huge catastrophe, there really is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Why spend time doing "needless" evacuation drills when they realize now that not all the money in the world can physically evacuate millions of people near Indian Point in NY or San Onofre in CA, for example, in the amount of time needed to prevent their exposure to the initial deadly fallout. And where to house them once they do get evacuated?

    So it looks like they are being "realistic" and saying, you're out of luck anyway if you're one of the millions living near these ticking time bombs. "Oops…guess we really didn't do our initial "assumptions" correctly after all prior to siting these puppies!"

    This is evidence which gives us all the more reason to shut down the NPPs. They are finally admitting it, in no uncertain terms. No way to evacuate the masses. Sheltering in place is only so effective too…(they've found it can come through closed windows, etc. anyway…)

    We rest our case. Now get to work in Washington D.C. and let's get the ball rolling towards shutting them down ASAP!

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      WATK…Plus +++ a bunch.

      • What-About-The-Kids

        Thanks, Dharmasyd!

        Like you, I think we have enough on our hands to work on, shutting down NPPs and getting the spent fuel into dry casks, for example, than to be worrying about conspiracy theories and rogue astronomical bodies potentially colliding with us.

        I prefer being empowered, getting proactive and take action in contacting our representatives, attending events, etc., to get the NPPs shut down as soon as possible.

    • GreenParis

      I also agree that the capitalist system requires corporations and their allies in government to lower the costs in order to improve the balance sheets.
      No need for a conspiracy. The heart of the system (capitalist accountancy) is insane and drives so many decisions !

  • andii

    TPTB has tickets to live in the underground city with everything in it, pre-311 seeds bank and all so their children would be ok and they don't, of course, care about the rest of us because they wanted to get rid of 95% of us re: agenda 21.

    Imagine what would happen if whole of the US is to lose power? NPP anyone?
    "The government isn't doing anything" hmmn sounds familiar.
    "300k sq ft facility, especially built for 2012 economic collapse"

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      The TPTB (and their children) have already breathed in large amounts of radionuclides, and are drinking it in the water. They are no more healthy than we are.

      Those underground bunkers they're so fond of will simply become tombs. They might go there, but they'll go there to die, and when their children die, that'll be the end of it.

      Sad, those seed banks are worthless now.

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      YeahBut… Who would want to "live" inside ole Mt. Weather, where there isn't any?

  • Even The Birds HATE Me Now DisasterInterpretationDissorder

    The elite underground having a blast operating their drone's upon the dying . The upgraded version of the Stanford experiment, better than tv i guess. Cute!
    Can someone explain to me how we got here ? Somewhere i lost the clue…

    • cossack55

      How we got here? My best guess would be starting with Teddy Roosevelt progressing to President Wilson to Bretton Woods than jump to LBJ and then solid manipulation and thought control from then onwards to today.

      How many "awake" people do you know? If someone is visiting ENENEWS that means they are at least "aware". History claims 3% of the colonies population took any part in the American Revolution. I would guess the same global percentage is engaged today. IMHO, most folks just don't want to know.

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    Follow the money… It is like driving a car at full throttle for 500K miles, then recertify it to go another 500K at full throttle on a race track, WITHOUT ANY INSPECTION. Yea, and then put all your kids in it too…

    Go team profit… make all the money you can and then go hide in your spider hole when those things blow up, melt down and cause havoc.. as they surely will.

    Aging Reactors, Lies, Deceptions, Profits And Earthquakes; via A Green Road Blog

  • Time Is Short Time Is Short

    The Scorpion And The Frog. That's what we're seeing in real time.

    The bankers and engineers knew what would happen, but they did it anyway. Thank you, GE.

  • irradiatedinbako

    Agree … follow the money trail.

    House OKs $642 billion defense bill

    "The House voted 299-120 for the fiscal 2013 spending blueprint that authorizes money for weapons, aircraft, ships and the war in Afghanistan — $8 billion more than Obama and congressional Republicans agreed to last summer in the clamor for fiscal austerity.

    Insisting they are stronger on defense than the president, Republicans crafted a bill that calls for construction of a missile defense site on the East Coast that the military opposes, bars reductions in the nation's nuclear arsenal and reaffirms the indefinite detention without trial of suspected terrorists, even U.S. citizens captured on American soil."

    House approves East Coast missile shield site in $643 billion defense bill
    By Pete Kasperowicz and Jeremy Herb – 05/18/12 12:47 PM ET

    "The House on Friday approved a sweeping defense authorization bill for 2013 that calls for the construction of an East Coast missile defense system in the United States by the end of 2015.

    The bill obligates $100 million next year to plan for the site, but the project would cost billions of dollars in later years that has yet to be funded."

    More …

  • I am just happy to know that by coming here and being informed of the latest news, at least I am aware that nothing is as it seems.
    In the end, we must learn to be kind to each other and reach out to those around us.
    I have no doubt that the powers that be are liars and murderers hiding behind the fake media reports that all is well, when the reality is that nothing is well at all.
    Thanks to all the enenews folks for keeping the flow of the truth, no matter how hard it is to see.
    The idea that large swaths of this earth will be poisoned for many generations to come is criminal. If there are generations to follow…

  • weeman

    Whisle blowers need protection and money if their was a super fund through mass donations, workers in the industry would come forward, if they were guaranteed income ( they automatically lose job ) and lawyers for them guaranteed.
    The NRC is not the answer to many outside influences, we must do this ourselfs, name a government agency that you see they are doing a good job, Their is none they are all wrapped in red tape and infulances

  • chrisk9

    Just the line “Officials for FEMA and the NRC said they are still studying whether Japan’s experience points to the need for further changes in the United States.” tells everyone what a joke these agencies are. One could write a book about lessons learned from the disaster in each of these areas: plant design, operator training, operational procedures and emergency planning.

    The whole basis for nuclear power operation and safety has been blown to bits. All previous assumptions about redundant safety systems and overall safety have been destroyed. Spent fuel pool safety, which has been ignored on purpose, is now a huge issue.

    I talked to the compliance officer at an Excelon nuclear power facility back east, and he said there were no comparisons to Fukushima because his plants were PWR's. Great goggly moogly- that is really scary.

    Emergency planning, which was a lot of smoke and mirrors, now must be taken to another level because Fukushima did really happen. These emergency drills are conducted in a vacuum. They practice communication between responders, and pretend there are a few injured people. How are they going to be able to evacuate 5 million people around San Onofre when there is one freeway and it is often a parking lot already? Thank God they have a 15 to 20 foot sea wall that could stop any tsunami!!??