TV: “Animals basically dying on our beaches” along West Coast — “New, worse calamity seems to be unfolding” — Experts: “Like walking skeletons”; “So hungry they gnaw on rocks”; “Skin hanging off”; “Extremely unusual… maybe the fish have all left”; “Prepare for the worst” (VIDEOS)

Published: February 1st, 2015 at 5:49 pm ET


Fox San Diego, Jan 27, 2015 (emphasis added): SeaWorld rescue teams have taken in more than 50 baby sea lions stranded on San Diego shores… “Their skin is so loose hanging off them, it looks like they’re wearing pajamas” [said SeaWorld’s] Jody Wetberg…

LA Times, Jan 30, 2015: “Their growth is stunted,” said Shawn Johnson… at the Marine Mammal Center… “They’re basically starved to death — no muscle, no fat, just skin and bones.”… January 2015, however, has been “extremely unusual” for the Northern California center, he said. In winter, the sea lion population is concentrated in Southern California, then shifts northward in late summer, Johnson said. So for the center to see so many animals is cause for further concern… “Maybe the fish have all left, and that’s why this is happening.”

Union-Tribune, Jan 27, 2015: Wave after wave of starving sea lion pups are drifting ashore… Pups in the Channel Island rookeries were about 19% below average… said Sharon Melin, a wildlife biologist with NOAA… Some of the pups arrive barely over their birth weight.

OC Register, Jan 25, 2015: ‘Prepare for the worst’: Struggling to save starving sea lions… experts say the numbers could hit even higher levels than in 2013… The difference this year: Starving pups showed up as early as December... The mothers – to nourish themselves and provide milk – swam as far as 120 miles north toward Monterrey… [In 2013, Melin] recorded pups at only half their previous weights… last September, the weights were down again… [She had] another research trip out last month. But the skinny pups had only gained 4 pounds… “We’ve told the centers to prepare for the worst,” she said.

CBS San Diego, Jan 28, 2015: It’s a marine mammal mystery. Why are so many sick and starving California sea lion pups been found stranded on our local beaches, just since January 1? “They are so emaciated, they really do look like walking skeletons,” Jody Westberg of SeaWorld San Diego said. So far, this new year, SeaWorld San Diego has rescued well over 60 mostly malnourished sea lions. It’s an unprecedented number in such a short time, especially so early in the year. “It doesn’t seem to be slowing down…” Westberg said… “These animals are basically dying on our beaches,” Dr. Hendrik Nollens of SeaWorld said.

Santa Cruz Sentinel, Jan 27, 2015: [A]long the Central Coast, sea lion pups [are] down to skin and bones. “Sometimes they could barely lift their heads” [said veterinarian Claire Simeone].

ABC 7, Jan 27, 2015: [B]iologists believe El Nino or other ocean influences are making it harder for the mammals to find food… (ocean changes could be harming) their food source

San Diego 6 News, Jan 29, 2015: Sea lions found on San Diego County beaches recently are so hungry they’ve been gnawing on rocks. Some have been found near death, with a belly full of sand and rock, because there’s nothing else for them to eat.

San Diego Reader, Jan 29, 2015: Their skin hangs on bones… barely move around, and they crowd together for warmth… a new, worse calamity of starving babies washing up seems to be unfoldingThe arrival x-rays for one sea lion revealed the critter had four pounds of rocks in its belly… their bodies have started to shut down.

KPCC, Jan 27, 2015: The number of stranded animals, at this point, outpaces even that from [the 2013] “unusual mortality event”… Justin Viezbicke [of National Marine Fisheries Service:] “We’re kind of putting all these things together and basically preparing for the worst”

Broadcasts: Fox 5 | KPCC | San Diego 6 News | ABC 7 | CBS San Diego

Published: February 1st, 2015 at 5:49 pm ET


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308 comments to TV: “Animals basically dying on our beaches” along West Coast — “New, worse calamity seems to be unfolding” — Experts: “Like walking skeletons”; “So hungry they gnaw on rocks”; “Skin hanging off”; “Extremely unusual… maybe the fish have all left”; “Prepare for the worst” (VIDEOS)

  • Sickputer

    And so this is what a secondary extinction event for sea mammals looks like…they eat rocks because their food sources have disappeared (the primary extinction). Very sad. Death rays from across the ocean traveled very far to create this hemispheric disaster. The nucleoapes can't sugar coat this species massacre forever.

  • itsanuclearwar

    "Carefully planned, set up, and secretly funded with a hidden agenda over many decades, Fukushima is another false flag from the Anglo-American permanent war crimes racketeering syndicate – the most vicious and ruthless crime syndicate in the history of the world.1 It required the cooperation and collaboration of Presidents, Prime Ministers, Politicians, governments, Universities (in particular the University of California), “Big Science”, Corporations (especially the Rockefellers), International Financiers (the bankers), and a seamless globally integrated criminal/military/intelligence network."


    • itsanuclearwar

      " At the top of this global nuclear kabuki theater economic pyramid is Queen Elizabeth II. With over $17 trillion of her personal money invested in the depleted uranium trade, partly from owning the Commonwealth mineral rights and majority of uranium mines and deposits in the world, she has personally caused, and profited from causing, the global demise of humanity, making her nothing less than a globally genocidal gangster in a tiara."

      • itsanuclearwar

        Fuku was done by design. The evidence has been presented here at enenews many times. Any one here at this site that has been here for a while that denies this is here to defend TPTB, in this regard. This is a litmus test. Most have failed.

        Wonder why whoever it is that chooses the articles for this site never chooses articles from Leuren Moret. Why not post articles that contain the truth rather than propaganda and or outright lies?

        • itsanuclearwar

          "This history of Nuclear Kabuki Theater reveals the global role of the bankers in proliferating nuclear technologies, pretend enemies created in a Hegelian dialectic, and endless wars they fund at very high interest rates, with nuclear pollution as the byproduct and perfect mechanism for their main goal of global depopulation and genocide. Business as usual to strip the accumulated wealth of every generation, it’s nothing personal – just another industry like making shoes."

          • itsanuclearwar

            "The TEPCO bungled disaster response was secretly controlled by British Petroleum (personally owned by Queen Elizabeth), with orders flowing from BP Headquarters to TEPCO through three men in the U.S: President Obama, U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, and DOE Under Secretary for Science Stephen Koonan.12 (Queen Elizabeth had given $500 million to Obama two years in advance of his 2009 election, and $500 million to Chu as Director of the Lawrence Berkeley Lab.)12 Cal-Tech theoretical physicist and Chief BP scientist, Koonan was also the head of the JASON Group, a secret organization of civilian scientists (successors to the Manhattan Project) serving the Pentagon.12 The JASON Group (paid through the Mitre Corporation that was also involved in 911) designed HAARP, a global weapon of mass destruction (WMD) jointly created during the Cold War by the Soviet Union and the U.S. Very oddly and prophetically, Koonan described himself on his DOE webpage as a “specialist in ocean circulation and environments.”


            • itsanuclearwar

              " The Tromso Norway HAARP antenna, owned by the U.K. and EISCAT's supra-national partners, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, China, and Japan, was used to trigger the great Tohoku earthquake and tsunami that destroyed Fukushima.12 [Please see L. Moret (2009)13, foreshadowing the Fukushima disaster effects.]

              The Anglo-American permanent war crimes version of Nuclear Kabuki Theater begins with the offer of nuclear power plants to weaker (and targeted) countries, by offering them a source of “cheap clean energy” and bribes that increase exponentially, as needed, to overcome strong resistance. The “nuclear salesmen”, Presidents, Prime Ministers, and politicians with ties to Rockefeller enterprises and campaign contributions, seductively set the stage and the nuclear weapons trap that is the direct link between Plutonium (generated from nuclear power) and nuclear weapons."


              • itsanuclearwar

                Of course we could discuss Stuxnet, but that kind of discussion is taboo here at enenews. Certain truths are not allowed to surface here. The goal is to protect TPTB for many of the posters here at enenews. Hell, it's their job to do so.

                • califnative califnative

                  itsanuclearwar – thank you, I've often listen to Leuren Moret when she gets together and talks about Fukushima with Christina Consolo aka RadChick. Leuren lives near Berkeley CA, said she basically stayed inside for a year after 311 because she knew what how toxic it was from Fukushima. I'm constantly impressed with her knowledge and her genuine desire to inform, warn, educate the public as to what she knows. Amazing, intelligent, courageous woman who speaks the truth that is difficult to hear by some.

                • harv33021

                  I, too, wish to thank you. You pretty well nailed it in my opinion. We are not going to defeat TPTB. They are simply going to overwhelm us with their poisons from the radiation, chemtrails, vaccines, GMO foods and cell towers. If that does not get us they will come up with something else…. We have passed the tipping point. Mankind is toast but we are spiritual beings having a human experience and as such we will go on….We lost this round. The guys in the white hats are not going to come out on top this time. Perhaps, somewhere, sometime, in the future they will…I really don't give a rats ass anymore. I intend to go on with my life and make the best out of a crappy situation. I am going to do my best to enjoy what time I have left. None of us are going to get out of here alive. We never were… We forgot that we are not our bodies and what our real purpose was.

                  • itsanuclearwar

                    I hate to admit it but I think you are right. They have too much power and reach for us to overcome. They seem to have covered most of the bases. All they need is the guns that we have, and then it is over. Hope you can enjoy the rest of your life. But don't give up the fight.

                • HoTaters HoTaters

                  If you can prove there was hardware or software vulnerable to Stuxnet, please post your proof here. We've had plenty of discussion about this.

                  It's not "taboo" here. It just wasn't necessary to introduce Stuxnet to the mix to wreak the havoc wreaked by the earthquak, ensuing tsunami, and human error (Tepco), and bad decision making in general.

                  The reason Leuren Moret's articles aren't published here is they're considered to be on the fringe.

                  I believe much of what she says is true; and I don't doubt for a moment the Anglo-American conspiracy to dominate the world.

                  Try being nicer to the rest of us, and maybe we'll warm up to you. As it stands, you've just made a blanket attack on most of us. So you're not likely to be liked, respected, or listened to, here.

                  You can attract more bees with flowers than poo, but I suppose it doesn't matter much if you are a fly.

                  Go, Fearless Fly

                  • HoTaters HoTaters

                    That being said, it has also been clearly proven there was a conspiracy to hide all of this from the public. It could be argued nothing has been done either 1.) because it WAS planned, or 2.) TPTB are too stupid to know what to do in response, or 3.) it was never able to be solved.

                    The truth is probably some combination of all three above.

                    The Queen of England controls most of the world's uranium reserves. That alone is enough to keep the nuclear show going even when it's a world wrecker.

                    Jury's out.

                    • HoTaters HoTaters

                      Excuse me, not "either" but three likely possibilities (maybe more) ….

                      I doubt the Royals were planning to include themselves in the planetary genocide nuclear could cause. And I doubt they have a strong desire to live underground in the DUMBS (or whatever) forever.

                    • HoTaters HoTaters

                      TPTB are likely pooping their proverbial pants trying to figure out how to get out of this one. Oops, our precious turned around and bit our butts, big time. Now we might die from loss of blood.

                      Payback for thodr bloodsucking leeches on society, a.k.a. TPTB? You bet it is. They never thought about this, did they? I think not.

                    • itsanuclearwar

                      You claim "That being said, it has also been clearly proven there was a conspiracy to hide all of this from the public. It could be argued nothing has been done either 1.) because it WAS planned, or 2.) TPTB are too stupid to know what to do in response, or 3.) it was never able to be solved."

                      Wrong from the get go. You claim "nothing has been done either". A whole lot has been done, other than conspiring to "hide all from the public". All with bad and deadly intent. Like Clintons deals with Japan on the importation of their fish and other foods. That deal was done to kill off Americans period. That alone shoots down your bullshit excuses. There are many more incidents contrived by the government in the same regard. The puppet government is aggressively trying to poison us with radiation from FUKU and every other means of radiation. How can you deny that with a straight face?

                    • itsanuclearwar

                      Then you claim,"They never thought about this, did they? I think not." Get real!

                      NEVER underestimate the ones that are successfully killing you/me off.

                      Your defending TPTB is weak!

                    • itsanuclearwar

                      How about this, you state "I believe much of what she says is true; and I don't doubt for a moment the Anglo-American conspiracy to dominate the world."

                      You are avoiding the issue and deflecting/concealing the issue. Address this,"This history of Nuclear Kabuki Theater reveals the global role of the bankers in proliferating nuclear technologies, pretend enemies created in a Hegelian dialectic, and endless wars they fund at very high interest rates, with nuclear pollution as the byproduct and perfect mechanism for their main goal of global depopulation and genocide."

                      Address the hard facts of the matter and the issue at hand!

                  • itsanuclearwar

                    And you state "The reason Leuren Moret's articles aren't published here is they're considered to be on the fringe."

                    How do you know this to be the case?

                    Do you expect any one to believe that? Believe that with the rest of the bullshit you posted above (which includes everything that you posted)?

                  • itsanuclearwar

                    You state "If you can prove there was hardware or software vulnerable to Stuxnet, please post your proof here. We've had plenty of discussion about this."

                    The proof has been posted here at enenews before. You know this. You are good at playing stupid though. SHILLSVILLE staring ho taters.

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth

                  Trying to ban all nuclear energy and weapons worldwide is not protecting TPTB. Trying to get everyone off the grid with solar and wind would free everyone from TPTB and give us independence and self-sufficiency.

                  The evil is the entire nuclear industry in every country which allows it. The evil is MOX fuel. There is no such thing as a safe nuclear reactor. They vent radioactive nuclides all the time and especially when they open the containment to change the fuel. The blame belongs on TPTB that allowed the reactors to be built in the first place and who didn't shut down the reactors when they didn't pass the safety checks. All nuclear reactors need to be shut down immediately and all nuclear weapons and armament including DU need to be banned forever worldwide.

              • Gabe Gabe

                THANK YOU!
                You have taken the time to consolidate and present, in a cogent manner, the information I too have known. Many people absolutely DO NOT want to believe that this ELE was designed and perped upon the world by their "masters", especially the fools living in the USA.
                But, if any thoughtful person had contemplated the lack of global response for even 60 seconds it should have been obvious to them that the lack of global response was THE DEAD GIVEAWAY!
                Repeatedly here at ENEnews people have verbally wrung their hands wondering why the global community has been so inept and slow in responding to this. Well, DUH!!!!!!
                Who controls this planet militarily???? NATO. Who is NATO? If any other nation had attempted to intervene in helping stop this…….that nation would have been an immediate target of NATO.
                I believe I have previously suggested that a HUGE percentage of the inhabitants of this planet rely upon the oceans to feed themselves. All those indigenous peoples, and third world people, and even developed nations who exist on primarily sea products have been targeted first for annihilation. The rest of us are next in line. We will be a more slow kill and also a sterilized mass of humanity that is unable to reproduce, especially on the west coast, and the gulf. The cancer epidemic is just around the corner too.
                Those bastards with money and POWER are killing the 7 billion. There are ONLY a thousand of them, yet humanity is too gutless to "storm…

                • Gabe Gabe

                  …the castle and publicly hang these bastards, as was done to Saddam H. In Iraq.
                  It is too late now. It is all over except the crying.
                  They saved plenty enough seeds to begin anew in places that have the least contamination. Of course they have plenty of food animals there also. And, they will just hunker down in their underground rat holes for a few generations, if need be.
                  Stupid, stupid cattle……..humanity.

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    Gabe…reducing the human population to a level consistent with other mammals about our size = a good idea. Triggering an earthquake to hopefully destroy just enough Japanese nuclear reactors to poison just enough of the biosphere to achieve human depopulation but not destroy the planet = a bad idea.

                    Now I wouldnt put it past the PTB to try and reduce the population (their only good idea), and even use some nasty ways to do it (where are 'Happy Pope' brand condoms ?), but I dont think the entire military industrial nuke cabal was constructed for a final purpose of agenda 21 via earthquake triggered industrial nuclear PP catastrophe….if thats what you are saying

                    • Gabe Gabe

                      Code…..I wasn't saying that the "entire………….". There have been many uses for that as we arrived at this place we are in now. We have to also remember that the military industrial complex has technologhy that is at a minimum 50-100 years beyond what the rest of the planet has. We were able to obtain that by bringing all those evil NAZI scum back to the USA aft WW2.
                      I am of German heritage. For my entire life, until I went to Germany and met some salt of the earth regular folks, I have despised the Germans, including my own ancestors. Just as we in the USA have been complicit in this planetary destruction by not paying attention or by not giving enough of a tinker's damn to DO something about what we saw…….so too were the Germans prior to and during Hitler's era.
                      Those people were as easily manipulated as are Americans. It was all psyops for them too, and they bought it……….hook, line and sinker.
                      Most of the people who absolutely do know what is happening are AFRAID to do anything because they know they will be terminated. Well, guess what……..those that do understand will die anyway. In my book it is better to die with integrity and courage rather than leave a stinking, dying outhouse for the kids and grandkids to lay in as they breathe their last dying breaths.
                      Those who have access….DO NOTHING.
                      Are they brave? Are they wise? Would it make a difference? Yes, it would make a difference if 10,000 of them decided that they were…

                    • Gabe Gabe

                      …..if they were going to take back what belongs to humanity.

                      The vile scum controllers a now in their 90's, by and large. They refuse to die because they insist upon seeing the fruits of all their labor in bringing this about.

                      I believe that this planet needs a population decrease……a big decrease. BUT, there are ways to make that happen quickly, without murdering people. People can be sterilized. And while I absolutely believe that people have a right to have children I also believe that when humanity will not regulate its breeding then the breeding must stop……except within a planet respecting parameter.

                      I have no children, and that is a conscious choice, even though I would have very much enjoyed them. Dogs and kids…….my two favorite groups of souls. When in the presence of either of those two groups life is filled with wonder and magic and love………unless the adult humans trample to souls of those who still see the wonder in life.

                      Isn't it interesting that because we have capitalism and the debt based currencies we also must have population growth…….which then chokes the planet with toxins because the greedy ones who make all the $$$$$ do not want to spend one extra penny keeping the planet clean……..yet, they somehow decided that the rest of humanity should DIE so that the planet can recover from the mess
                      THEY set up. Actually, that is just their excuse. The wealthy vile scum at the top of this polluted pond are by and large…

                    • HoTaters HoTaters

                      Code, I think they'd be more likely to use aerosolized flu, viruses, or just keep hammering away at our immune systems with all the toxic food, fertilizers, nuke plants, GMO's, pharmaceuticals, pharma drugs in the water, herbicides, pesticides, (feminizing agents which mimic estrogen), etc., etc., ad nauseum. They don't need a major nuclear accident to get the job done.

                      Keep the public dumbed down, and they won't even know what hit them.

                      We have so many fronts on which we (as humanity) need to do battle, simultaneously, that our surivival is not at all assured. Fukushima was just like icing on the whole nasty, global cake.

                      Radiation is an equal opportunity killer.

                      My opinion, FWIW.

                    • Ya Code, radiation is a horrible way for depop but it will fuel big pharma.

                      Depop could start with the lawyers, corrupt pols, and bribe givers.

                    • HoTaters HoTaters

                      Gabe, my German relatives are ashamed of what the Nazis did. They truly did not grasp how evil it was until it was too late, and their lives were threatned, along with those of the other scapegoats.

                      At least that's how they explained it to me.

                • demise demise

                  There was no other way to stop the continued over population and abuse of this planet. As cruel and extreme as this sounds, it is the truth. This plan was probably devise 30 years ago, but will take much less time to execute. Once the Pacific ecosystem is gone and the food sources it provides, financial, social and political stability will unravel. And it will happen quite rapidly.

                  It will be immoral and inhuman and the start of the new dark ages.

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    demise, you dont think those elites would use some other form of sterilization to achieve population control? You could reduce the world population to zero in one lifetime if people stopped making babies. Using out of control nuclear catastrophes to achieve their ends seems like the last method they would want to use.

                    • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

                      And with all their capabilities to modify viruses and stuff.. they would only have to deal an antidote upfront to those they wanted to keep alive..
                      chemtrail the crap and be done with it..

                      Using radioactivity globally and blindly is suicide..but suicidekillers exist too.. its a mindset i don't know much about..except that it seems most of the time like human toughtpattern's altered untill they behave like drone's..
                      If someone is doing that to our elite then we are in even deeper doodoo then realised..

                      But either way..radioactive slow extermination is the "methode" of maximum amount of if this was deliberatly..for sure there is a lot of hatred..

                  • HoTaters HoTaters

                    demise, have you thought through the implications of the collapse of the marine ecosystem? In particular, have you considered what will happen if the Pacific phytoplankton populations collapse?

                    = end of atmosphere as we know it.

                    Game over, checkmate. I doubt the inbred controllers could live long enough underground to sustain that hit.

        • Winterborn

          Do you ever present anything without slamming the site you're presenting on?
          I get your point.
          I'll make my own decisions from the information.
          Angry accusations don't encourage anyone to listen to you.
          Shut up with the endless repetitions.

          • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

            Thank you Winterborn.

          • itsanuclearwar

            @winterborn, have you made your decision yet? Care to let us all know?

            • Winterborn

              I made my decision back in the mid 80's when I figured out we (humanity) had failed and were going to take most life with us on our way out.
              I've watched for the past 30 years as my species kept turning out more and more, and larger and larger, volumes of lethal nuclear waste.
              I understand what you're saying.
              Can't, and don't want to, shake my upbringing that you don't spit on your host,'host' being the site that allows you a voice to state your view.

              • HoTaters HoTaters

                To expound on Winterborn's comment, itsanuclearwar, it's also not a good strategy to spit on your potential allies ….

                • DebbyS-AbqNM DebbyS-AbqNM

                  But it's so much easier for young Itsa to attack the gentle, thoughtful people here than it is to stand up and actually *do* something about the people and institutions Itsa claims are the cause of all the problems. And as for your (HoTaters) list of reasons why nothing has been done, I vote for #2 and #3. TPTB can hide under their piles of jewels, stacks cash and other pieces of paper (bonds and certificates), but they can't eat any of it and ultimately they can't hide from the radiation. It'll all be a mystery to them.

                  • itsanuclearwar

                    Young? that's a good one! What do you know about what I have or have not done about anything? Flapping your jaws to make noise.

                    • bo bo

                      If you're offended when you are called young.. you are young. Even if you really happen to be 'old' by society standards.. you are still young at heart. Good for you.

        • itsa, no it wasnt "by design" thats silly talk.

          And stop bashing ENE man!

          • name999 name999

            stock, (that is with a small c ), I agree with you on this one.

            • name999 name999

              small "s" I mean;-]]

                • itsanuclearwar

                  Whatever you can do to protect your masters. Pretty obvious and pathetic.

                  What's in a name? Should it be spelled stalk and name666? More fitting.

                  You failed the litmus test again!

                  FUKU was done by design, denying it only serves to expose you for what you really are.

                    • DebbyS-AbqNM DebbyS-AbqNM

                      I suspect itsa is very young, angry, in physical pain, and needs a healthy meal and some restful sleep.

                    • smellslike

                      itsa is a fringe nut or social media influencer sent to discredit discussion. Useless either way.
                      There's a number here that are as far gone or just as suspect.

                    • itsanuclearwar

                      @debby and smells, address what I posted quoting Leuren Moret instead of the messenger. Maybe the truth scares you so much that is the only way you can deal with it. My money is on that. Must be upsetting to shake the false foundations that you have believed all your lives.

                      WAKE UP! You are not in Kansas anymore! Someone is behind the curtain! They are successfully killing you and you defend them.

                  • name999 name999

                    itsanuclear, …that is funny, sure, if you must then call me 666;-]]

                    However you are not an enemy of mine and we are all in this

                    Posting on ENENEWS is not a cakewalk. The attacks are often out of nowhere as this one you have directed towards me, but what a waste of your time when there is real work to do.

                    I respect your passion regardless.

          • I agree. This was a terrible combination of man's hubris and nature. I cannot see anyone thinking they could control a nuclear meltdown, let along the proposition of six (six reactors in Daiichi) or twelve (include Daini), just to solve the population crisis. There are certainly better ways to do this than to endanger the entire world.
            It just makes zero sense, to me, that this was any kind of, "on purpose", event. That seems to be anger talking.

            • itsanuclearwar

              @AnneBeck, you are thinking and speaking using a rational mind. I agree it makes no sense, but I don't think that comes into play here. We are dealing with pure evil in this case. These people get off on seeing others suffer and die. These are the people behind every war since the war for independence. Not to mention all of the genocide around the world. You have to throw out the rational mind set in order to see it.

              You might find this of interest:"Democrat Zbigniew Brzezinski: "It is easier to kill one million people, than it is to control them"


          • Gabe Gabe

            Hey Stock, do you recall the very first minutes, and I do mean minutes, after the Fuku "earthquake" blew? I do, very clearly, because a very good friend of mine has an older sister living in Tokyo. I happened to catch the first announcements of it happening. For the first minutes afterward, all the reports I heard and SAW on the Internet showed that the quake was somewhere in the 6.7-7.2 range. I recall very clearly that I breathed a sigh of relief knowing that Japan has a very decent building code and that with that relatively lower level intensity quake everyone should be fine, minus a few household and work items shaking off the walls and counters and desks. I even told my coworker about the quake when I got to work at 2:00 that day……..she had not heard about it. I reassured her that it wasn't a very nasty quake, and I repeated to her the numbers I had heard and seen.
            It was only later that day that I became aware that the strength of the quake was subsequently being reported as 9
            My first thought was WTF? How do you make that big of a mistake initially?
            if I recall correctly I even saw the lower number on the USGS site.

            I have watched whatever videos I can find that show the tsunami as it hits land. What has always puzzled me is this………..before the water washes ashore I have never seen any structures that shifted or perhaps collapsed. As well, I saw NO EVIDENCE of any vehicles in parking lots etc that had been disturbed by the quake. They…

            • Gabe Gabe

              We're all still neatly parked in straight lines, undisturbed. How in God's name does that happen? How can you have such an intense quake and virtually nothing disturbed where the tsunami hits land? As the video footage tracks the water rushing inland you will not see any damage anywhere in front of the water.
              Can someone explain that?
              As well, I read an interview of a man from the To,yo area who had lived through a huge number of earthquakes. He stated that the Fuku quake was not a 9 quake…… was more like the typical lower level 6-7 quakes.
              It is those things that fit with what I have read re. FUKUSHIMA being an intentional HAARP/NUKE combo event.

              • olddays

                Understand earthquake intensity
                All should read this
                Every earthquake has a TOTAL ENERGY RELEASE for that seismic event, that is expressed as it's 'MAGNITUDE'. This magnitude is the measure of energy expended.

                It is NOT a measure of the relative or expected intensity of ground movements and their radii of propagation, as I will make clear.

                This TOTAL ENERGY RELEASE occurs over the course of the TOTAL TIME of the wave propagation and ground movements during the event.

                This does not occur instantaneously! It is energy released over time which dictates intensity of waves and movement and destruction levels observed and experienced.

                In fact, in many moderate-sized earthquakes the total energy release that occurs typically takes place over 15 to 45 seconds. The shorter the period, for any given magnitude, the more intense will be the ground movements experienced by that level of energy release, per unit time.

                • olddays

                  The longer quake time means the ground movements, both felt and observed, and the cumulative damage, will be noticeably less, and less intense, and will suggest a much lower earthquake intensity was felt, than the total energy released might falsely lead you to expect or predict.

                  It also means that you can approximately calculate the expected ground movement characteristics, when you compared it to the comparable energy released by a 15 second quake.

                  By this I mean, let's divide the seconds up this way;

                  360 / 15 = 24

                  So if we take 1/24th the energy spread over 15 seconds, we have averaged the energy release of a 15 second slice of the Japanese earthquake. And then we can determine the average intensity of a comparable intensity 15 second quake, and typical ground movement we could expect from such a smaller energy shorter quake.

              • olddays

                In the case of the great Japanese earthquake of March 11 2011, the quake's TOTAL ENERGY RELEASE was expended over about six minutes, or about 360 seconds!


                And hence it will predictably have from first principles, a proportionally lower observed ground movement intensity and damage level.

                That's simple enough to anyone to grasp.

                The effective result is this; a Magnitude 9.0 where the total energy released occurs over 360 seconds, turns out to be about 24 times smaller in its IMPLIED transient GROUND MOVEMENT, than a Magnitude 9.0 quake, where the energy is released in just 15 seconds.

                In other words; no two magnitude 9.0 earthquakes are ever the same, or are expressed with the same damage radii, or intensity of ground movements with radial distance from the hypocentre, or the epicentre.

              • olddays

                When you spreadsheet it out, it comes out that the effective ground movement experienced would be like experiencing a 15 second 6.25 magnitude quake … except this 6.25 quake just keeps going on and on, for 360 seconds, instead of jsut 15 seconds.

                And this energy over time or release distribution is why so little damage was observed in the buildings — from a TRUE 9.0 ENERGY MAGNITUDE EARTHQUAKE.

                Which is what it really was, there is no question of this, as a measure of its total expended energy. In other words, the absolute magitude of energy released does not predict the ground movement, nor visa-versa. They are actually not closely correlated, except if TIME of energy expendature is taken into account.

                So it was a true Mag 9.0, but it felt like a Mag 6.25 … except it never stopped after 15 seconds, like such smaller quakes often do (and keep in mind, we are talking about a 6.25 at the hypocentre, not in Tokyo or Sendai) … instead it ran on for over six minutes (and there were peaks and troughs of ground movement within that, of course, as many videos of the event also revealed).

                • Ness Ness

                  It was strong and long enough to cause a massive tsunami that reached the Horn of Africa. You are right, olddays, but i fear this won't be understood, but thanks for the info anyway.

                  If you have never seen this map watch it now:
                  Best put it at fast speed.

                  • olddays

                    Go to the link, explains why it COULDNT be nukes.

                    • itsanuclearwar

                      HAARP is not a nuke. Your long winded piece may or may not be correct, but it does not change the fact that HAARP was responsible for the tsunami. Not the first time either. HAARP has been used to create a number of tsunamis in recent history, the proof is readily available on the internet for everyone. HAARP is a weapon of mass destruction, that is why the Navy and Air Force run it. DUH!

                • DebbyS-AbqNM DebbyS-AbqNM

                  Brilliant explanation! I wonder also if initial reports weren't of the Japanese way of determining magnitude, which is different from what the US (and probably other countries) uses. As for no apparent damage to cars and structures (before the tsunami) I suspect a huge amount of internal structural damage (like the pipes in the reactors). That the cars weren't flipped over as though Godzilla's tail had swept them aside, that means nothing. I wonder if a lot of car alarms went off due to the shaking. We know walls collapsed and other damage is visible in videos taken by people fleeing the area.

                  • itsanuclearwar

                    An earthquake that registered a 9 would have turned Japan upside down, period.

                    "The magnitude scale is really comparing amplitudes of waves on a seismogram, not the STRENGTH (energy) of the quakes. So, a magnitude 8.7 is 794 times bigger than a 5.8 quake as measured on seismograms, but the 8.7 quake is about 23,000 times STRONGER than the 5.8! Since it is really the energy or strength that knocks down buildings, this is really the more important comparison. This means that it would take about 23,000 quakes of magnitude 5.8 to equal the energy released by one magnitude 8.7 event."


              • olddays

                Consequently, the radii of maximum shaking and building damage effects was isolated (i.e. not unlive that of a 6.25 or maybe a 7.0 at peak energy release shaking), and the damage remained fairly close to the hypocentre.

                In other words, almost all of the sharpest ground movements and shaking and vertical displacement occurred OFF-SHORE! Very little of it occurred on the land (even though we know a 1500km radius area felt moderate to strong shaking on land … this was still nothing to what occurred under the water within 50 kms of the rupture zone)

                Hence a phenomenal series of Tsunamis resulted, hitting buildings that were only superficially damaged.

                Lay-people do not realise this fact, but it should be noted that earthquake shock waves DO NOT PROPOGATE SYMMETRICALLY.

                They are ASYMMETRIC in propagation pattern, of energy release, and subsequent asymmetric ground movement. Thus any expectation of equivalent damage levels from a given hypocentre, is thoroughly unrealistic, and definitely will not be the case in practice (such linear models, expectations or predictions are pure bullshit).

                • Jebus Jebus

                  Ya well this lay-person calls bullshit on the down play of minimal PGA at Fukushima Diachi on 3/11.

                  From: Quails, Phil
                  Sent: Friday, March 11, 2011 2:31 PM
                  To: McCann, Edward
                  Subject: RE: japan
                  Probably beyond DBE. How do you design for a 8.9? However, even if DBE was 9, there is a likelihood some
                  multitude of things failed. Offsite power is gone for the forseeable future as the grid is down. I think the weak
                  link is the "median fragility of ceramic insulators in the electrical grid" NUREG CR 4910 (I have a copy from the
                  old days from somewhere).
                  With an 8.9, if a pipe support or snubber fails, pipe whip would probably cause a LOCA. EDGs must function.
                  With 8.9 they may not for a whole lot of reasons. I have a hard time believing we are transporting water in to a
                  facility on the coast. I hope the news article is wrong. I saw the story on MSNBC website and I know how
                  accurate their US political reporting of our beloved President is.


                  • Jebus Jebus

                    From: Kammerer, Annie aZ1•
                    Sent: Tuesday, March 15,2011 11:04 AM
                    To: Ake, Jon; Munson, Clifford
                    Cc: Meighan, Sean; Nguyen, Quynh
                    Subject: RE: Earthquake
                    Jon/Cliff: another request, but something we can do later today. Quynh and Sean preparing a response to the
                    questions, "what if an 8.9 happened at one of our plants." This is an obvious question from the public who
                    doesn't understand tectonics and one that we are going to be asked over and over.
                    I'm suggesting the approach to developing the response:
                    1) Explain that an 8.9 can't happen at the plants
                    2) Explain that plants are designed to ground motions and not magnitudes
                    3) Figure out the distance from the plane to the plants in Japan. Try to determine rough estimates of the
                    ground motions at the plants (note, we have some numbers on the shakemap, but they are too low
                    based on the recording of 0.58g at onagawa) (Jon do you have a subduction model at your fingertips?)
                    4) use that estimate to compare to the ground motions and to say "this ground motion is only expected
                    every XX years on average at this plant. However an 8.9 can't occur because it requires a subduction
                    This needs to be written up so that the public can understand.
                    Again, this is not the top of the list, but something to do today when we get a breather.
                    Sean/Quynh: we'll do our best.

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      Vera, Marieliz
                      Jain, Bhagwat
                      Sunday, March 13, 2011 11:31 PM
                      Hawkins, Kimberly; Chuang, Tze-Jer; Ma, John; Park, Sunwoo; Patel, Pravin; Tegeler, Bret;
                      Thomas, Brian; Thomas, Vaughn; Valentin, Milton; Vera, Marieliz; Jeng, David; Kazi, Abdul;
                      Xu, Jim; Shams, Mohamed; Chakravorty, Manas
                      Bergman, Thomas
                      Japan Earthquake and Fakushima plants seismic design basis
                      All: FYI
                      The earthquake that hit Japan last Friday resulted in the ground shift of 8 ft ; i.e., roughly the site PGA of
                      2.67g. The site experienced a peak ground acceleration that was more than 2.5 times the upgraded PGA
                      capacity of the Fukushima units.
                      In March 2008 TEPCO upgraded its estimates of likely peak ground acceleration (PGA) for Fukushima to 0
                      .61g, and other operators have adopted the same figure. In October 2008 TEPCO accepted 1.02g PGA as the
                      new seismic design basis for Kashiwazaki Kariwa, following the July 2007 earthquake there. Reportedly, the
                      Fukushima units were upgraded to 1.02 PGA in 2009.
                      By comparison, the certified designs of new reactors in the US are based on PGA of 0.3g.

                      The plant was damaged enough that a LOCA was happening before the tsunami hit…

                      Any questions?

              • bo bo

                Hi Gabe I don't know the scientific details of it but here is some real live footage from 3/11 by a couple of surfers that happened to be making a video of themselves surfing. They lived in Tomioka


              • Massive 9.0 Earthquake Caused Multiple Fukushima Daichi Nuclear Reactors To Meltdown And Out in 2011; via @AGreenRoad

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              Have you looked at seismographic recordings of intensity from all over the world? Kind of hard to fake all that data.

          • Gabe Gabe

            If you go to your an scroll quite a bit of the way down the page until you reach the subtitle….earthquake, tsunami, ….and HAARP

            Loren Moret provides excellent information regarding the scientific proof that the FUKU earthquake was triggered by HAARP.


            • HoTaters HoTaters

              Gabe, re: HAARP, it's possible, I'll grant you that. But why would "they" have done it? I can't believe they'd use radiation to accomplish their depopulation agenda. Unless they're really so stupid they believe what all those misinformed health physicists are telling them.

              Hey, I just figured something out. Story about dying sea life = good opportunity to stir up dissent = obfuscates the importance of the story.

              IMO itsanuclearwar is derailing the thread as a distraction. Looks that way, anyway. Make people mad, stir up controversy, people stop commenting on the article and focusing on the important matter at hand.

              Hmmn …. are we going down this road again?

              Next someone will attack PTT or another favorite target, stock, someone else. And then, there we go again.

      • PlowboyGrownUp

        TY ianw, you are adding to my "money trail" info. Yep, she has been called possibly the 'most evil (…..) on the planet. It's amazing how far-reaching the UK still is. :(. I'm not sure the US really gained permanent independence.

      • Queen Of England Uranium Mines, Nuclear Plants, Nuclear Weapons; UK Royalty Owns 85% Of World's Uranium Mineral Rights

      • 4Yahshua

        1~2~5996 (out of 6000) in this "Doomsday Apocalypse"!
        Last Evil Days of "Manmean"! Yahshua Son of Yahweh Returns
        VERY SOON! Pray NOW to be SAVED and SEALED! Revelation 14:1
        HalleluYah! Hebrew: "Praise ye Yah"!

        TPTB (The Powers That Be) = The Roman Catholic Christian Vatican

        ALL the entities that you mention (including the German Queen Elizabeth II) are ALL under its domain especially this 33 year Bush Senior New World Order USA government. Soon it will be the first government to enforce "The Mark of the Beast", Revelation 13:18.

        In the Greek Diaglott translation (Free on The Web) the #666 translates now to the pagan name of Jesus Christ containing a CROSS, X as in Xmas! This sure does sound like an action taken out of "The Dark Ages" but this has ALWAYS been the MEANING since it was first written. It's in the translation! Not a chip, code, or Social Security Number as some now believe. (Christianity was NOT always the world-wide deception that it now IS.)

        From my prayerfully researched eschatological date above, this time seems to be VERY CLOSE!


        • HoTaters HoTaters

          4Yahshua, I forgot to mention re: the kitties that apple pectin will do the chelation job nicely. It will also bind the toxins and help them to pass out of the gut. Personally, I wouldn't use cilantro alone because it mobilizes the toxins, but there is re-uptake if a binder isn't used to get them out of the gut. If not used, the toxins get back into the bloodstream, and usually end up in organs with high fat content, like the brain, kidneys, etc.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth

      It is quite the opposite. You are defending the nuclear industry and the fact that every nuclear power plant can and will fail if they are shut down. Putting MOX into a boiling water reactor that should be decommissioned and never built is crazy.

      To say that it failed by design is simply defending TPTB and making everyone afraid of TPTB because look at what they can do. It is TPTB that love nuclear energy. Why defend this terrible, lethal technology which is killing off everything in the whole world?

      And then you say that those who are against nuclear energy are defending TPTB? When you defend the nuclear industry and the failure of nuclear technology, you are defending TPTB. Shedding light on the failure of nuclear industry is just the opposite of defending TPTB. Without an evergy system that make everyone subservient, TPTB would no longer have power over the people and would no longer be able to steal all the money from the people.

      TPTB are fools. When everyone is dead, there will be no one left to make money off off and there will be no more power.

      Shut down every nuclear reactor and weapons production plant worldwide. Stop killing everyone. Ban MOX and plutonium forever as well.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth

        TYPO: every nuclear power plant can and will fail if they are NOT shut down.

        • We Not They Finally

          The NPP's were never designed to last in the first place — just to produce more and more spewing poison until age gets the better of them, and then they leave their decades of lethal poison as it lays.

          Einstein said that he didn't know how WWIII would be fought, but that WWIV would be fought with sticks and stones. But this HAS been "WWIII," for 70 years now and still counting. This is what WWII segued into. At first they called it "The Cold War," but really that was just "The Slow War." And the end of The Cold War didn't stop war at all.

          All this species seems to know how to do is to make war. We just have to constantly strive to keep our hearts and minds and spirits above it, and to be more constructive and loving than the warriors ever taught us to be.

      • Sol Man

        Yes, but, at least, when no one is left here to make money off of the very special people can sit in their counting houses merrily counting out their money.

      • itsanuclearwar

        @ptt, clearly you a mixed up in your thinking. In no way am I defending nuclear anything nor the ones responsible for it.

        I'll spell it out for you using another quote from Leuren Moret:

        "The ruling elite have been carrying out secret nuclear wars for the purpose of depopulation since World War II under the guise of atmospheric testing 'for the national security,' nuclear power 'too cheap to meter' and depleted uranium 'kinetic energy' bullets".

        Using your thinking that people will become afraid if they learn the truth is in fact protecting TPTB, by concealing the truth from the people. That is what got us where we are now.

        All of the nuclear reactors here in the states, with their spent fuel pools, are weapons of mass destruction and ticking time bombs waiting to go off. Guess what, also by design. Same with WIPP, by design.

        The odds makers in Vegas are probably taking bets on which nuke here in the states gets Fukued first, by the government puppets when they get their orders from TPTB.

        Tell me again how I am protecting TPTB. That is stock's, name999's and vannev's job.

        • Gabe Gabe

          Loren is an amazing woman. Boy, has she got some kahunas!
          Speaking of having some, I saw at the VeteransToday website that there has been another murder of a 9/11 truth speaker.
          As well, the men who own VeteransToday have taken off the kid gloves. You will see a very damning article regarding the Bush family crime syndicate. I strongly encourage people to visit the site and read the two articles mentioned……

          The story relating to the Bush family will make you want to either vomit or commit murder and mayhem……………

          • itsanuclearwar

            Quite right Gabe. Leuren is amazing and very brave. I know a lot about the Bush family. The fact that any of them ever were placed in politics, especially president, is proof of how %$uked up this country is and how hopeless the country/world is. Truly amazing the power and reach of TPTB. THEY GOT US BY THE BALLS. Their useful idiots are here at enenews 24/7.

          • DebbyS-AbqNM DebbyS-AbqNM

            "Kahuna" = "Kahuna is a Hawaiian word, defined in as a 'priest, sorcerer, magician, wizard, minister, expert in any profession'." You mean the Spanish word "Cajones" ("kah-*hoe*-nays") which means testicles. However, she might not think that a compliment since most of our current problems are caused by those who have cajones. I think Moret is great when she talks about nuclear things and esp Wigner effect, but I get bored when she wanders off into conspiracy theories. That's just me.

        • itsanuclearwar

          @ptt, I just now realized that you are "anne", "vanne", and changed your name again, at least 3 times now? That explains everything!

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth

            I've changed it twice. The first time heart, artika rama, and clamshellernh were conspiring how to get rid of me and making fun of my name and someone was posting using my name. The second time newsblackoutUSA called me evil Vannever Bush, and Bill Duff called lyingVannevbitch about 200 to 500 times.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          You are derailing the thread, and you're OT. That, plus your attacks on the site and users are violations of user policy.

          Do we need to start reporting your comments?

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth

          The Russians took credit for it if you are looking for a conspiracy. And they are fighting with Japan for islands which contain rare earth metals.

          Russia, Japan and the Kurils Faceoff

          “…The Kurils are a chain of rocky, barren, sparsely-populated islands that stretch from Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula almost to Japan's northernmost main island, Hokkaido. In the dying days of World War II, Soviet troops seized the four southernmost islands in the Kuril chain and have held them ever since; Japan, meanwhile has long demanded that Russia return the islands to Japanese ownership. This dispute has prevented the two countries from formally signing a treaty to officially end World War II, even though the two nations have long had full diplomatic relations.

          “Russian President Dmitry Medvedev caused a stir late last year when he became the first Russian leader to set foot on the Kurils. Now he's making waves again by declaring that Russia will deploy “modern” weapons to defend the Kurils which he then went on to claim were “an inseparable part” of Russia. His comments came just after February 7, which is Northern Territories Day in Japan, a day when the Japanese annually assert their claims of ownership over the four islands seized at the end of World War II.

          “A bigger question is why the two nations are engaging in such a high-profile spat over these islands in the first place.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth

            Of course ownership of them also gives one country of the other the right to use the rich fishing grounds around the islands and to explore the seabed for potential deposits of natural gas. But the dispute also threatens to derail Russo-Japanese relations; the two countries recently signed a joint deal to build a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) plant on Russia's Sakhalin Island to supply Japan with natural gas, Russia also expects Japan to be a market for Siberian crude oil once their East Siberia Pacific Ocean (ESPO) pipeline becomes fully operational in 2013.

            “Past the mineral wealth attached to the Kurils, the reason for the dispute over the islands seems to be more tied up with notions of national pride more than anything else….”

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth

          YAY JAPAN — Blog Entry Re: Innovative Japanese Rare Earth Find on Ocean Floor, Stupid Russians LOL — Kuril Islands Moot Point Thanks to Technological Foot-Dragging? MASSIVE “LOL” in Light of Russian “Weather Warfare” Threats Last Month

          “Japanese researchers say they have discovered vast deposits of rare earth minerals, used in many hi-tech appliances, in the seabed.
          “The geologists estimate that there are about a 100bn tons of the rare elements in the mud of the Pacific Ocean floor.
          “At present, China produces 97% of the world’s rare earth metals.
          “Analysts say the Pacific discovery could challenge China’s dominance, if recovering the minerals from the seabed proves commercially viable.
          “The British journal Nature Geoscience reported that a team of scientists led by Yasuhiro Kato, an associate professor of earth science at the University of Tokyo, found the minerals in sea mud at 78 locations.
          “’The deposits have a heavy concentration of rare earths. Just one square kilometre (0.4 square mile) of deposits will be able to provide one-fifth of the current global annual consumption,’ said Yasuhiro Kato, an associate professor of earth science at the University of Tokyo….The rare earths have been found at depths of 3,500 to 6,000 meters (11,500-20,000 ft) below the ocean surface at 78 locations in international waters in an area stretching east and west of Hawaii, as well as east of Tahiti in French Polynesia…”

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth

          Russian Politician Threatens to Destroy the World with Secret "Tsunami-WMD"
          Secret WMD Revealed?
          Takes Credit for Japan Earthquake-Tsunami

          "’Washington has no future, this artificial state will collapse; then the old Europe, that continent, which has no importance whatsoever; China is on the verge of explosion; and what remains is Russia possessing orbital launch capability: space power. Russia with lots of money, resources, and new weapons, that no one knows about them yet. With them WE WILL DESTROY any part of the planet within 15 minutes. Not an explosion, not a ray burst, not some kind of a laser, not a lightning, no, but a quiet and peaceful weapon. Whole continents will be put to sleep forever. And that's all.’

          “The words of Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Vice-Chairman of the State Duma (equivalent to the US House of Representatives), a member of Parliament and of the Council of Europe. He has a long history of being a loose cannon – or more bluntly – a complete buffoon. The long litany of off-color pronouncements and campaign promises of "vodka for everyone" – and – "underwear" have me wondering how such a man can remain in public office. He is seen here on Georgian National TV….”

        • name999 name999

          its, thank you for the honor of linking me with those much greater and smarter than I am.

          Wow! ;-]]

          But you couldn't be more wrong.

          When it comes down to it we are all rowing in the same boat, even you and Lizzie.


    Its amazing that we are here. We were given the gift of this planet. Humans are just one of billions of life forms lucky enough to call it home. But that luck will run out. In fact, over 99% of species that have ever exsisted here are now extinct. Every one of these species had one thing in common, they couldn't see it coming..

  • Is a complete mismanagement of our resources to suit the privileged few. Pacific also has the biggest plastic area where microscopic plastic concentrates are greater then the plankton. Was never their fifty yeas ago. The effects of this sea of plastic
    are unknown by the scientific community. As are the bio-accumulation effects of plutonium plus nuclear fallout and waste water from the never-ending radio active pollution of the triple meltdown disaster that is not discussed much in most North American circles. Happy Super Bowl folks !

  • TimV

    Not over yet. A Manhattan project to deal with this contamination.
    I'm sure most nuclear scientists have family's just like everyone else. It took 5+/- years to Crack atom so it should be same or less to put the problem back into the "bottle ".
    I'm sure no one wants to join the 99%.

    • itsanuclearwar

      On the face you may be right. But there is a hidden agenda that trumps everything. The evidence suggest that he was murdered by the government. This is just one example.

      Remembering a Genius Energy Inventor, Dr. Paul Brown (1955-2002)

      • TimV

        Yes , lot's of conspiracy theories , some real , some not.
        Does not change the fact that if we do not try we will be remembered that way –
        "they didn't even try ".

        • Gabe Gabe

          Speaking of " conspiracy theories"………..I read that the website
          Has put together an educational series for people who are not well read in the area of the hidden hand that rules this planet………some call it the cabal, it is referred to as the NWO agenda etc. Apparently many of their regular listeners had not done the requisite reading that would allow them to fully grasp the content that guest speakers were presenting. A listener wrote them and requested that they develop a course to teach the listeners the information that is recorded and known about this cabal or hidden hand.
          I did not listen to their first episode tonight, but I read that they have a course outline, study notes etc.
          For people here at ENEnews that would be interested in learning more about how this planet is really run it might be worth your time to tune in to them. Their radio program is on air daily Monday -Friday, from 8-11 PM eastern and 7-10 PM central time. They broadcast on blog talk radio and one other station.

          It seems that there is perhaps a movement afoot, in the alternative media, to take off the kid gloves and begin naming names and providing information to the general public that has been well hidden from most people.

          The a veteransToday website is REALLY in the ring now, and they are bare fisted.

          I hope that people here take the time to read some of the stuff at these sites……….

      • PlowboyGrownUp

        dirty nsa rats – "Paul and his family had to survive a National Security Agency campout at their home for an extended period of time. The NSA kept threatening him and his family with "bringing in the van" if they didn't cooperate. When one young company employee asked an NSA agent what would happen if they just posted the information about nuclear waste treatment on the web in spite of any NSA controls, the agent responded, "We will kill you." (Paul's wife who was there has also confirmed this quote.)"

      • PhotoRemediation Hypercon Process; Remove One Neutron From Nuclei, Transmute Long Life Nuclear Waste Into Short Lived Isotopes

    • Tim, the genie does not go back in the bottle.

      • PlowboyGrownUp

        The article said adding a neutron to the nucleus of an isotope changes it into a short half-life isotope…

      • TimV

        Your right , it doesn't!
        Does not mean there is no solution.
        That's why we need a
        Manhattan Project!
        We need to find a way to stay positive.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth

          Oppenheimer had it right: "Destroyer of worlds". They were afraid with the Trinity bomb that it would blow up the entire world. They also knew just how lethal plutonium and curium and the other man-made actinides are.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth

            “During a classified speech given in ‘Building X’ on a Sunday afternoon in October 1946, [Dr. Stafford] Warren sketched the apocalypse he feared would come. ‘Soon the number of bombs which will have been let off will have made available so much radioactivity that it will seriously damage our food supplies and make serious changes in our world economy. Tis is not a figment of the imagination at all.’ To the security-cleared audience, he added the following warning:
            “‘You need only to absorb a few micrograms of plutonium and other long-life fission materials, and then know that you are going to develop a progressive anemia or a tumor in from 5 to 15 years. This is an insidious hazard and an insidious lethal effect hard to guard against. It has a tremendous morale-destroying effect. Would you want to live tin an area which was contaminated with something that was all around you which you couldn’t eliminate and which would get on your clothes, in your house, in the water, in the milk, and all the food?’…”
            Eileen Welsome. The Plutonium Files: America’s Secret Medical Experiments in the Cold War (1999), p. 178-79.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth

          First we have to stop all reactors worldwide and never build another one.

    • We Not They Finally

      TimV, you must be kidding, your comment cannot be serious. "A Manhattan project of five years or less" to figure out what to do with the contamination?? Do you have the slightest clue of the magnitude (compounded by 70 years and still counting!) that you are talking about?

      Your comment, in context, is inane. 70 years and counting and no, NO ONE has seriously "tried." Certainly, if WIPP is "the honest effort" required, it was supposed to last 50,000 years and they royally screwed it up in 15. Well, they probably royally screwed it up with lax management a lot earlier — it just got too dangerous to hide by now.

      • TimV

        So my thinking is inane.
        I'm sure you are aware that all types of impossible problems have been solved in the past , often almost overnight, like a dream.
        Try not to put too many rocks in the way, we have enough real problems.
        I may not have a answer that works but I might stir someones creative thinking that comes up with a breakthrough.
        We need,
        We are all stressed, I recommend breathing exercises to help staying focused.
        Do not give up.
        Looks bad on a tombstone.

        • TimV

          Let's take half of the solutions off the table right away.
          We cannot collect the contamination so that means we need to change it (transmute) or coral it (nonbioavalible).
          There are two idea's.
          And many other people have more,
          outside the sphere,
          POSITIVE INTENT!!!

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth

            They've had 75 years, and there are no successful breeder reactors. Vitrification at Hanford has failed. All the clean ups have failed. Rocky Flats still has just as high plutonium readings as before the clean up. Hanford is a terrible failure. WIPP is a terrible failure. Yucca Mt. was only approved because the geologists falsified their results.

            Transmutation, The Alchemist Dream Come True
            Hugely Expensive Technology Would Increase Environmental, Health, Safety
            And Nuclear Proliferation Risks, New Report Says
            "’Asking the public for huge sums of money for new reactor research and development under the guise of radioactive waste management appears to be largely a scheme to perpetrate the nuclear power industry using public opposition to waste repositories as an excuse,’ said Dr. Arjun Makhijani, President of IEER. ‘Our research shows that the road will not only be costly and dangerous, but that it will also be a dead end. There is no magic bullet for solving the problem of long-lived nuclear waste.’
            “According to The Nuclear Alchemy Gamble, even transmutation proponents agree that many long-lived components of radioactive waste, such as cesium-135 and carbon-14, cannot be transformed into less dangerous forms because of…

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth

              fundamental limitations that cannot be overcome by technology development. Uranium, which makes up 94% of the mass of the spent fuel, cannot be transmuted because it would result in the production of even more plutonium. In some cases, the report notes, transmutation would create new and even more toxic transuranic radioactive materials, making the residual wastes far more dangerous per pound….”

          • Gasser Gasser

            Yes 2025 was the year…being still mobile alive, I can remember it well.

            On that Nuclear Plume high alert day, holding my breath I quickly unplugged my portable designer Hazz~Matt envelope suite from the UBS port of the SUV in the parking lot as I jumped upon the covered moving walkway into the huge anti radiation dome of the All Shopping Mall~zilla to check out the new home Atomic Becquerel Whacker I had infomercial heard about that neutralizes those pesky cancerous Fukufuel flea's and WIPPuffing particles that get inside/out everywhere nowadays.

            Passing through the Dome Mall's long Hazz~Matt decontamination passage way tunnel, At the end of isle 3 just around the corner, sure enough there it was in bright florescent yellow, The~Atomic~Becquerel~Whacker right next to the $9.99 Pancake Geiger counter sale display.
            The brochure reads that this unit is a 9v batt user friendly small/light single hand operational for indoor decontamination also has optional plug & play attachments for yard/farm/ranch and industrial super fund clean up applications.


            • Gasser Gasser


              Says; this unit is designed to manipulate the laws governing interactions on the subatomic scale of any/all radioactive elements Electron~Positron annihilation collision orbits, using a high/low electromagnetic frequency force gravity photon interaction exchange pulse to flip shift atomic gears into Positron~Electron user friendly thermal equilibrium, neutralizing radioactive particles into nontoxic heavy metals that can be magnetically collected for recycling…Made in USA

              So I bought that cosmic bright yellow ABW bad boy…Yeehawww!…along with a "Hanford Approved" nano graphine Cesium mop and imported Japanese ultra charcoal impregnated Becquerel sponges for spilt Iodine milk accidents and imported Japanese charcoal Becquerel sponges for them Tritium toilet flush only water clean up times.

      • West Aussie West Aussie

        Why don't they stick it in very well engineered cans and use a Linear Accelerator to shoot them out into the sun.
        Safer (?) because there is no fuel to explode and escape velocity is guaranteed.
        Of course, it only accounts for the stuff that is still contained.
        Just a thought.

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      IMHO 311 and the events both known & unknown by the general public was the product of corporate greed & the scientific community associated with nuclear's pure,unadulterated stupidity. The fact that certain nuke-puke scum corporations would find many ways to profit from their biggest Fukkup,"311",that don't show nearly as much gain re;mitigation & remedial success comparable to the personal financial gains the CEO's & upper-level management of the ongoing,worsening disaster despite finally seeing the workforce & technologies expansion to near levels that "should" have been deployed at the onset & commensurate to the magnitude of the threat which 311 & the dire global impacts of which there should be no question it & the entire nuke industry & flawed,failed & crumbling infrastructure poses as a whole! IMHO there is no "conspiracy" unless it's in regard to the huge effort put forth by the vain,proud,PTB to try to hide the biggest,most damaging example of their utter stupidity & incompetence and inability to be trusted with things that can cause harm to the environment & the life forms including the lowly human race starting with the elite assholes responsible & the apathetic bastards whose majority rule effectively muzzled the rare breed of decent folks most likely to be encountered here in these threads or whom may not yet be here on ENE yet,but are smart & open-minded enough to at least be receptive to our words,warnings & message when they do[?]! 🙁

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        …There's no "sneaky,snaky,slick","conspiracy" at work here re;311/Fukushima,just "Money-Madness" & sheer stupidity and the collusive govt.'s,corporations & greedy finally saw their luck run out when the INES Scale was exceeded by the creation of the Fukushima-Class Nuclear Disaster & slow-motion ELE that exposed how truly weak & helpless & threatened they are by their own runaway nuclear train wreck & inability to adequately respond to it! Since the inception & large-scale deployment of the worst of their coveted,half-tamed technology that turned out to be the worst-ever example of "junk-science",they kept setting limits for exposure based on what THEY KNOW/KNEW radioactive shitium does to living things & their(our)habitats and with every failure like Rocketdyne,TMI,Chernobyl,etc. & then FUKUSHIMA came along and crossed the threshold of the limits they KNEW by the 1950's would be the event or point in time & contamination levels that wouldn't & CANNOT have a happy or even ACCEPTABLE ending-PERIOD!! It's still hard for me to imagine t5hat an uneducated peasant like myself could see through their BS and dispel their air of intellectual & physical superiority for the greedy,impotent little pissants that they are while allegedly far smarter & capable persons than myself are blind to the fact[s]that I & most 'NEWSERS have laid out to bare in plain daylight & in layman's terms for those a bit slow to catch on??!! It's as sad as it is bizzare??!! 😐 Take Care &…

        • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

          p.s.,sorry bout the typo's & run-on sentences,etc. 🙁 bI'm "multi-tasking" over here & thoughts never as organized as I'd like to be,but I try! But the truth be told,I always have the best interests of you guys & gals & other good souls including the poor critters caught in the middle of this nuclear shitstorm at heart!! I hope that's enough to excuse any of my annoying or less than endearing personal habits or traits??!! 😐 BTW,I guess the Seahawks didn't benefit from Seattle inhabitants "free hormesis" therapy treatments they've been receiving every time they play or practice in or near their probably seriously contaminated stadium & training grounds??!! Too bad!, I hate Brady & his soft,leaky balls if just because he's so loved by Wash.D.C.'s d-bag nucleocrat's!! 🙁 Oh well,"Foolsball" sucks anymore anyways,lol!! TakeCare & G'Nite ALL 🙂 .

        • Gabe Gabe

          Well, I disagree Johnny. The HAARP MACHINE WAS FOCUSED ON THE AREA where for days prior to the earthquake, and it is widely known that HAARP causes quakes. Military documents verify this.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      They (most nuclear experts) are not thinking about how to stop this. They are so delusional they think it's really not that serious.

  • cosmic charlie cosmic charlie

    Not long ago, San Diego's beaches were places of spiritual healing. Hard to get the head around the reality of it today. An awful spectacle.

    • Ya Cos, the Pacific is toast, at least for our lifetimes.

      How sad. I spent my adult life in love with the Pacific, it was the reason I lived in Hawaii.

      Its on our watch, we ought to fix it.

      • TimV

        That's right Stock-
        It's on our watch ,
        we need a Manhattan Project!
        We can fix this ,
        if we try and have positive

        • We Not They Finally

          TimV, you need a reality check. Seriously, man. This isn't reality. It's nice that there is a rah-rah section of your brain, especially if it makes you feel like this can all go away with just a little va-va-voom. It won't.

          Next, kindly list how to plan to "fix" this. No, sorry. That will keep you up day and night between now and whatever time we have left. But you think it's fixable? Go to it!

          Meanwhile, it might be constructive for you to educate yourself about the psychopathic militarists who recklessly got us to where we are. Maybe figure out how to dismantle the whole rotten global apparatus while you are at it.

          We're waiting.

      • Gabe Gabe

        I have a plan……..all the people at ENEnews will capture the greedy globalist scum bags and feed them to the starving sea animals………..

    • name999 name999

      cosmic, yes. Exquisite.

      stock, beyond sad…no words…Tim, WTF?

      • We Not They Finally

        Yeah, I didn't say "WTF" to TimV so succinctly, but maybe he's a newbie and just needs some more acclimation. I don't even like "going doomsday on people," but without reality checks, we can get stuck in la-la land.

        • TimV

          I am old. By your response I would say we are different generations.
          I am not in lala land.
          I have already worked through this "situation" in my mind and it is the direction of the ending I would like to change.
          More numbers now, change nothing.
          A different perspective is now required for a solution.
          POSITIVE INTENT!!!

  • melting mermaid melting mermaid
    This might help. Not. Fnaholes! US and Russia fighting over whose the better planet killer. Wonder how this will end. Oh yeah, I don't have to. It will end in everything and everybody dead. Way to go! Nuketarded nations from hell.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Love the picture of the nuke stacks surrounded by wild mustard type plants. Very effective for taking up Cesium 137 in their root systems. Ironic.

      All those nuke stacks need is happy faces painted on them.

      We need to bring back links to some of the more creative things put on nuke stacks.

      Happy faces? NOT

  • dunkilo

    Its a pity, greed kills…it does not touch my spirit,as I know love,as do many here.It will never touch my memories of the the love felt and given,the wildlife I have seen,and this once beautiful planet.They will travel with me forever in my spirit;)

    • Ya der Dunkilo, me too.

      yet I shall joust the sociopaths also

      There is still much beauty

      • dunkilo

        stock,thank you for the reminder!More memories to come befor we depart!

      • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

        Hey , i have a sociopathic side too like everybody else , maybe a bit less latent but i put all my energy in containing depressed nature comes from that lifelong drainage of energy..that's an act of love too no ?..and i have other sides too.. please don't joust me… 🙂

      • Gabe Gabe

        If I was young there would be 1,000 wealthy psychopaths trying to swim to land from the middle of the Pacific Ocean. My friend, ex-military, and I have talked. But alas, he too is not young any longer.
        One by one, air lifted and dropped into the sea. No raft, no life vest……just their arrogant despicable arses.
        He or she who makes it to shore unassisted will quickly die of the same radiation killing us.
        Aw……the beauty of that thought.
        Perhaps a nap will improve my mood……..

  • Low oxygen has been busy killing creatures from starvation in the Eastern Pacific for some years now. Changes in weather patterns were the blame for most of those years up to now. No one noticed the warnings, no one listened to those concerned, debunking the more convincing work with propaganda. All because of the almighty green buck. Seems all of the above damage from 70 years of ignoring the warning signs is now becoming apparent to more and more levels of our sociological hierarchy, as we now get to watch as many people and animals die as much more of the Earth becomes low Oxygen zones.

    Info from 2008 on low Oxygen zones:

    If it can be seen, it can be changed.

    • We Not They Finally

      Re "low oxygen," we forget how vital that is. And the methane coming up is exponentially worse than CO2 is touted to be, even minus the onslaught of radiation, which makes EVERYTHING worse. Oxygen-deprived beings (well including people!) don't function well, even mentally. But that gets too gloomy to even think about. Unclear that anything can be done by now.

    • Angela_R

      Reports were provided in 2010 re the 40% reduction from 1950-2008 in phytoplankton, a major absorber of carbon dioxide and EMITTER of oxygen, as well as a source of food for various sea life.

      "Scientists believe phytoplankton in the Earth's oceans produce between 50 and 85 percent of the planet's oxygen. The exact figure is difficult to calculate because scientists do not know how much phytoplankton exists on Earth.

      Phytoplankton, including algae, make oxygen by photosynthesizing sunlight."

      "Trees also provide a lot of the Earth's oxygen, but land only accounts for 29 percent of Earth's surface."

      The forests of the world have continued to be raped and pillaged. Even in recent times the Amazon and Borneo jungles continue to be destroyed.

      Radioactive emissions did not commence with Fukushima, they have been happening for decades. Fukushima, however, may be sounding the death knoll.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      The Pacific phytoplankton blooms have been in decline for about 35 years or more, now. I'm sure you're aware of this, Onto, as you seem well informed.

  • The Giant - Humbled The Giant - Humbled

    The tragedy is that this is so senseless and basically does not advance any reasonable agenda. Wealth and abundance are fleeting and stockpiles of cash and great reserves of power, authority, and social control hollow investments of time and energy when all becomes dust. I'm not one to easily drift into conspiracy theory, but there does seem to be some overarching and malevolent meaning behind the disaster at Fukushima and other malevolent and baleful events. As Robin Williams asserted to Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting, "I'm fascinated, I'm in." I'd like to discern if there is a method to this madness and I'm willing to pay the cost to know. But, I'm not easy – silly fabricated conspiracy theory doesn't get it. Carefully constructed and pieced together rationale thinking, even if somewhat out of the box, not that I'm interested in.

    Finally, I want to be counted in the response to this event and as an advocate for the people and the health of the people and the planet. so, Joseph B. Stone, Ph.D., CADC Level III, ICADC. I'll step up and help in the effort to address the issue. Besides, I'm intrigued….more to this then meets the eye or I'm just desperate to organize my thinking around this situation and what seem to be related isues occurring with greater incidence and frequency.

  • name999 name999

    "Maybe the fish have all left".

  • Seals, Walruses, Polar Bears And Fish ARE Suffering From Fukushima Radiation Caused Effects; via A Green Road

  • Jebus Jebus

    I wonder if you can do the math and explain this away, while producing a result that is benificial for these creatures of the sea?

    I wonder if the creatures understand particle physics?

    Here's a shout out to those pro nuclear folks on behalf of all those starving, irradiated creatures…

    FU kushima! 😐

    • norbu norbu

      Jebus, Words are hard after that. From my heart to you brother, tears run like a river, emotion strong, where did we all gone wrong? Thank you so much. What a powerful song!
      peace to you

      • We Not They Finally

        Well, we didn't "all" go wrong. Those people and elements and institutions who wrongly seized power on and of this planet, have gone very wrong! We need to regain and rightly claim our human power, or it can never go "right." So I'm all for mass spiritual awakening. I just don't know what that will take, or if it is anywhere near the horizon of this, our present lifetimes. I can never rule it out because it is our rightful empowerment. Just unclear how we get to there from here.

    • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

      Omnia sommed it up pretty good..what went wrong..

  • papacares papacares

    can't help but wonder why some continue to insist on feeding the trolls – however do want to report to the regular group here while strolling the beach yesterday I per chanced to come across one of the top brass of the s*u*r*f*rider foundation – so asked them about FUKU 1 and they laughed and said it was a non event, nothing to worry about cause it is a big ocean out there, amazing was my response, so I asked then how do you explain the starfish and orca complications along with the various other events such as sea birds starving etc. Again they smiled and said all this is old knowledge for at least 10 years we have been following the ocean's warming and watching how it affects sea stars, I could hardly believe it when they emphasized sea stars have been on the way out for at least 10 years and they added we are seeing now they are beginning to make a recovery that will lead to their comeback. To say I was stunned by this person's comments as they are also a highly educated marine biologist would be an understatement – They have not a clue and can only repeat the same old garbage being "all is well there is no danger from radiation, the ocean is rather big and can assimilate it via dilution, blah, blah, blah" – so sad and way too discouraging, absolutely ruined my day – there is lots of truth in the saying when one tries to argue with a fool it is of no use because the argument inevitably ends with the observers trying to figure out which one is the fool – Pappy Out

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Sky was noticeably pink tonight at sunset. 🙁

    • Shaker1

      Obe, it's 3 AM here in WA (Vancouver) and the whole sky is pink. Colored skies at sundown or sunset is one thing, and I know we're on the cusp of a full moon, but anyone seen the moon color the sky beyond a moisture-laden halo? Besides, I can't see the moon, as the clouds fill the sky, and it's hours after sunset; hours before sunrise.

      On another (sarcastic) note, they could ship those sea lions up here to the Columbia. Despite what we've done to the Columbia, sea lions are the scapegoats for some sport and commercial fisherman. So we've had the foresight to fund a solution. There's already a system to euthanize them in place, from the estuary to Bonnville dam. "Those damned sea lions take too many of 'our' fish!"

      Whose fish? Oh…That's right; I forgot. We had to raise them in fisheries because if we didn't, they'd have been gone years ago. We're hoping the gene-meddlers will develop a species of salmon that's resistant to habitat destruction and Hanford…

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Obe, I think I'm west of you. It was very, very strange here tonight. Round holes punched in the clouds, strange little pop-corny clouds, blue sky with a stark line of deep blue clouds edging across it, almost like a squall line. Lots of sun dogs in streaky patterns, lots of pink here, too. And orange in the clouds, popping up like little blobby looking thunderheads, along the dark horizontal smears of cloud beneath.

      Got quite a few sky pics. Need to upload them some day soon.

      Rain forecasted for N. California. Just in time for the radiation to arrive from the Nov. 30 earthquake and massive emissions, possible SFP fire at #4, if that really happened. (There's evidence something bad happened during that time period, over there.)

      The skies naer Fuky-Dai haven't been looking that great either, lately.

  • We Not They Finally

    “Maybe the fish have all left, and that’s why this is happening.”

    "Left"? They meant to say "died," didn't they?


  • tinfoilhatbrian tinfoilhatbrian

    The fish all "left" brilliant statement! They died!

  • dosdos dosdos

    In regard to trolls, I offer this quote from Firesign Theater, I Think We're All Bozos on this Bus:
    "I am his mentor, Hypocrasy. I sent him off to school where he learned to stand up for a principle and sit down on his own school."

    So who wants to buy some oceanfront property in California? I hear the prices are quite affordable these days.

    • Dick Shenary

      22 – Don't know where you heard this but prices are still very high. Real Estate people are getting nervous but then who isn't?
      The western powers have done a most miraculous thing. They have managed to lower the price of oil to less than half of what it once was. Was some new and gigantic discovery of oil made somewhere? Did the world suddenly come to its senses and stop using so much oil? Has the fear of global warming led investors to shun oil? None of these answers seems to fit. Do President Putin and the Russians need to be punished for their activities in the Crimea and Ukraine? (not my opinion) This seems reasonable. My point is if the western powers can accomplish this financial/physical miracle, why can they not do something about Fukushima?

  • CB CB

    Crazy to say, if this is going to continually get worse for the next 150,000+ years, than were still in page 1 of 37,500 or so.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Sounds like the tax system…70,000 pages and counting.

    • Shaker1

      I'm sure you realize, Obe, that if we got rid of the convoluted tax system the employment rate would be at least 10% higher than it is now? The elite's form of job creation and 'manufacturing' at its best.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Dying sea life in Pacific points to nuclear radiation. That simple.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Note not one word about domoic acid.
    This is starvation do to lack of food source.
    What has happened to the food.
    It seems some of the species have headed further North ..ahead of the plume.
    Which may not serve ..although Canada tight lipped ..there are indications of effects as well.

  • RichardPerry

    Are there lawsuits being put in place by fishermen and those that will be affected before time limits run out or laws put in place to prevent it.

  • bumpercrop

    I read this web-site everyday.The articles give us the daily revelations regarding Fukushima. But I truly learn from the community of posters.
    I find all of you to be highly intelligent and deeply compassionate.
    So many of us can not understand the level of psychopathy that could aggregate and create such horrors for the rest of all natural species.
    Beyond that, we have a majority populace who are for all intents and purposes, are already transhumanized, on many levels.
    We have the majority of the population who are praying to the Demiurge for salvation. For those of you who understand that almost all of what we have been told, is in fact, lies, or half-truths, learn from suppressed history. Discover the reasons why our Earth is being ravaged. Please keep an open mind. We might not survive the deliberate destruction, but our souls will know truth, freeing our spirits. Before an enemy can be contained, they must be recognized. Thanks to all in this community, and the creators, your words lift, educate, humor, and humble.

    • DebbyS-AbqNM DebbyS-AbqNM

      Your link is to "Michael Tsarion – Origins & Oracles – Atlantis, Alien Visitation & Genetic Manipulation – 1/3" It is nearly 4 hours long. Interested folks might want to use a YouTube downloader (usually free software) and download the talk while you're doing other things (like, sleeping?). Then you can watch it at your leisure and decide if it's worth looking up more of the fellow's work.

  • Pilgrim needs to stay down….forever.

    Their loss of electrical power is their own fault, is based on greed, and has been repeated.

    It is caused cheap RTV coatings that allow arcing in switch yard.

    The NRC is complicit because they are aware of the problem, but have not forced a solution. Imagine that, the NRC is captured and is a pimp for nuke.

    • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

      stock…very interesting article.

      I've been watching that area for quite awhile now.

      It "used to be" that Baja got very very little rain during the winter months, but now, something is parked right next to it offshore, sending constant moisture, usually across Mexico and up to the East Coast.

      I'll bet the snow they are getting is hot too.

      High altitude radiation being sucked down?

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Well, this may be yummy for your tummy..some say might grab some of that there radiation too on the way out.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Not sure anyone read this one, but this (DE) happens to be negatively charged and Manmade Radiation Contamination is positively charged. May pull the bad charge out of the body system..

        Started sprinkling on my coffee and my blood pressure has dropped 25 points of a couple of days.. 🙂

        Seems to have some nifty benefits to/for the human body.

        But then, if my eyeballs start bleeding or any other orifice I will be sure let you all know. 🙂

        So far, all is great..

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        obewan, I think you may be right. The cage like structure of the diatom skeletons can entrap and encage some really nasty things. It's recommended as part of some chelation protocols.

        I love the stuff, personally. Use food grade only, personally. Also called, "fossil shell flour."

        Just make sure it's not radioactively contaminated if it comes from New Mexico.

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          Ho Taters, I went and did some more research on this product (DE) and as you know this product (DE) can not be patented. I never really checked my blood pressure until they did so when I had my teeth pulled recently and it was way up at 160/90. So I figured I should keep and eye on it.

          I have a wrist monitor that i use to check the blood pressure and at times I was finding it even higher than above reading. So when I took and aspirin my pressure would drop 30+ points! Now that was a pretty drastic drop and so I talked to my brother and he said to take a baby aspirin since that is what he does. I just cut a regular aspirin in quarters and would take a piece once in while throughout the day. I can tell when the blood pressure is up, joints eyes etc. are funky.

          Now why (DE)? So as I researched medical reviews on the net about (DE), there are none, nope, nada nothing. Few sites have any basis for it's use and say it will tear up your insides and holistic sites love the stuff with testimonies galore from people who use it. Now, what I found interesting is that (DE) has a negative charge which is good for grabbing positive charges from any radiation contamination consumed. There is a reason why we are not getting enough silica in our diet based on our current farming practices.

          Aspirin has been called the miracle drug of the century.. but why?

          Silica is used as a binding agent to make the pills or they are using (DE) in the manufacture pills. Yep! 🙂


          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            So it appears aspirin "is" a miracle drug and it might simply be because they are using the Silica as a binding agent. If you can't patent it to make gobs of money you can still sell it in pill form as aspirin. Bam!

            So, it would appear that aspirin is the miracle pill and must also be negatively charged, since it is using silica (DE) in it's manufacturing process. 🙂 (DE) does cross the blood barrier and so does aspirin, since the resultant blood pressure drop is from that crossing. I have immediate similar results from using both products.

            So to regulate blood pressure, cholesterol and help prevent cancer and to help remove radiation contamination from the body via a negatively charged supplement either or aspirin and or (DE) should be consumed daily. IMHO

            These guys and gals are pretty slick, but not for us out here who know how to research and that's my story and I am sticking to it! 🙂

            • or-well

              obe, that's very cool. I hope you will share any more you may find out about DE. Isn't a 25 point drop pretty big for a couple of days?
              This isn't really an issue for me as I have LOW bp. I wonder if it would hurt me by lowering too much??? 🙁

              • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                Not sure, but I am now at 118/75. You should get a monitor and check after you take a baby aspirin or some (DE).

                I have coffee all day and when I am done adding and stirring in the goodies, I just sprinkle a little (DE) into it and it dissolves easily.

                I have always had lower blood pressure and I think it started going up after Fukushima or for the last 3 or 4 years. I have thought in the past that the cholesterol that builds up is a protection for the lining wall of our veins in response to this consumed radiation in all forms. The (DE) is suppose to clean this out of the veins and either by scraping or grabbing the positive protons do to the negative charge entering the system via the products consumed.

                Here are a couple of links..tons out there.

                Good Luck and aspirin seems to be pretty convenient though. 🙂

  • Illinois is important right now. They are trying to manipulate the politicians into doubling the cost of electricity to allow the 6 nuke plants to keep going.

    This is a tipping point. Please visit Illinois websites and post comments. TIPP IT GOOD

    You can post my link also, as it quickly explains why the 3 worst plants in illinois should be shut down

  • have you complained to the Japan Prime Minister, I do every day————
    I sent this comment to the prime minister of Japan

    Fukushima is killing the Pacific, Stop the Radiation and Heavy Metals

    There are massive die offs in the Pacific

    Would you like to be the party that Saves the Pacific, or face 30 generations of shame?

    Fukushima will cost $600B USD to mitigate damages. Be real men, like the 500,000 men who fought Chernobyl.

    Claim your legacy, earn the respect of your family name.

    Arigato Gosaimas

  • I have wanted to aggregate stories on mass die offs, and mutations. Mutations will come in a soon to be article. I also found a site that focuses on mutations.

    here are a bunch of link to mass die offs

  • demise demise

    The worst scenario has unfolded. The radiation poisoning has destroyed the Pacific Oceans Ecosystem. The remaining wildlife in the Northern Pacific is already damaged either directly or indirectly from the radiation. These animals require food and a clean environment and now have neither, so they will soon die as well.

    Don't be a fool and think the governments and elites of the world do not know this and are taking steps quietly to save themselves. Sources have already noticed elite flight and compound building. Also, US govt has stepped up salt mine food storage. I can see it hitting the fan soon when the ignorant masses start to notice the dying ocean and it's effects.

    • Gabe Gabe

      The masses will do nothing, even if they should notice. It is highly doubtful that the masses will notice. They still have too many toys and too much TV, and all that brain numbing junk food. Most are too lazy to look, much less notice. If the death and dying is not happening in the middle of their living room they frankly can't be BOTHERED! If they allowed themselves to be bothered they might realize that nature is calling them to move their over sized arses, get up onto their feet and DO SOMETHING! Nope…….ain't goona happen……..not in this lfetime……..not any more.
      Besides, Americans have the attention span of a gnat. Once they walk to the street to DO SOMETHING they would be out of breath AND unable to recall why they walked out there.
      Just saying…… looks pretty dismal from here.

      • demise demise

        Thank you and I agree completely. Well said. Besides, the lapdog media and government 'officials' will lie as much as they can to keep the few you would cause trouble in check. It's truly a lost cause and mankind is 'done'.

        I believe that loss of the Pacific Ocean as a food source will be the straw that breaks the camels back. Many nations are already hanging on by a thread, the USA is one of them. This will be a huge financial and social calamity worldwide that cannot be overcome. The new dark ages are a round the corner and I do not want to be there when that happens.

  • demise demise

    The solution is simple but costly.

    – Build a containment wall in the ocean around the melted core area. Probably 300 meters out from the shore and 900 meters long. No water from the ocean is exchanged from the containment area with ocean. Pumps will be used to pump the water for treatment to remove the radiation. Japanese and world R&D can develop this tech.

    – The water table can be captured in wells before it is contaminated and sent to the ocean bypassing the melted cores.
    Ice walls was a stupid idea.

    This will mitigate Ocean contamination, but more research has to be unlocked to solve the melted core problem and radiation removal from sea water.

    It may be too late. Four years later and nothing viable has been even attempted other than failed short-term foxes and boneheaded mistakes one after another. The management structure needs to have a wholesale change or nothing workable will ever be attempted.

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      @demise;Your last paragraph pretty well sums up my gut instincts on the subject of "building walls,containment,doing SOMETHING,ANYTHING" that would have measurable success in keeping the shitium left onsite @ 311 NOW,nearly 4 years into the opening act of "311-Fukushima,the ELE that never was",according to the nuke-cartel & their .gov brethren…. Now they "seem" busy there but what good will putting thousands more underpaid subcontracters at risk onsite where they probably just push around a broom when supervisory staff strolls through to appear busy while they milk the timeclock as their lifespans are being shortened considerably in comparison to the rest of the global populace whose future doesn't look much brighter,just "appears" that way via a little bit longer before the exposure to cancer latency periods play out in this forever ruined,nightmarish world where EVERYONE's waiting for their turn to sit in the chemo chair whether they know or accept it as fact,yet[?]! 🙁 DAMN THEM!! For all of the disrespect & ridicule & "fearmonger" accusations directed at ENEnews & The Group,there was a helluva lot of engineering/tech-savvy 'newsers offering explanations,advice & credible suggestions/plans that seemed to hold more hope for a chance to tackle the seemingly impossible tasks facing humanity/nature than anything TEPCO & govt. of Japan tried or accomplished although it'd have req'd handing over the reins & relinquishing control of operations to "capable"…

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        cont'd… "hands"[?]other than INEPTCO-TEPCO and they've always been more worried about allowing "outsiders" to KNOW all of the facts & the "real deal" & poor prognosis and/or sharing or giving up the profits & bonuses associated with the disaster of their own making disgustingly being paid for by their victims! The Atomic Age & Nuclear Renaissance would've also already been over with about 5 minutes after the real documents,data & status of 311-Fukushima & its flaws shared by every other decrepit,piece of shit nuke plant in existence had been made fully public!! MF'ers ain't gonna tell me that my wife[for ONE of MANY]post-311 cancer victims would be sick & dying even if 311/Fukushima hadn't occurred and/or the pos nuke industry didn't play a large,if not THE part of hers & so many others cancers having been triggered!! Whatever TPTB did or do to make the larger segment of the public "dumbed down" didn't work on me or a lot of others who read & post here[thankfully!] & this post is inspired by news of another sweet,gentle soul,far too young to see her life painfully slip away & be lost is getting her 5th blood transfusion of her 27 day inpatient hospital stay to replace blood "mysteriously" being lost for no "apparent" reason[?]! 🙁 She does have Crohn's Disease,but that doesn't seem to be related or even possibly the cause of her massive blood loss occurring even as I type my always depressing,but sad,harsh, realty-based commentary! 🙁 IT TRULY SUCKS!…

        • Know what really bothers me about Tepco hiding truth?
          My son was making plans to go to Japan via WOOFJapan (a program in which youth- generally- go to Japan and work at farms and gardens, etc.., in exchange for room and board..) I asked Americans I knew, in Japan, what was going on at Daiichi, and all they could give me were the (usual) Tepco lies.
          Now, I know this probably won't matter, in the long-run, but it would have been nice to have some honest info before he went (beginning 2012.)

          Is Tepco or the IAEA or NRC finally willing to speak SOME truth? What, other than some sort of revolt, are they afraid of? Same goes for all of our governments. When do we get any truth from these jerks?

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            Hit "report" by accident. So sorry. Just wanted to say we know a lot of young people going over there for work and for school. We just can't talk them out of it because it would freak their parents out too much to hear about it. So we stay silent. It's terrible, but we feel like we'd destroy relationships with some people if the truth were told. So sad.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          My heart goes out to you, Johnny. Hang in there, my brother from a different mother!

  • Homolumina Homolumina

    I think it will get very intense soon now. The local media is picking the issue up, people are becoming aware because the effects are becoming more and more visible – we are in a global mass extinction event. Many might not even comprehend at first until they are affected personally. Cancer rates for example are speeding up. I hear more and more about people, children, animals, dying of cancer or getting sick. The signs will get worse. More questions will be asked. The dots will be connected more and more.

    It will start from the roots. People will react in many different ways, chaos lingers. We will have martial law being called out, a wave of events will be set in motion, the government will do everything to keep this under control. We are in the middle of a massive extinction event. It will get bad very fast. The control structure is active on many levels, mind control one of them. Like the first atomic bombs had names like Fat Boy to make it more cozy. I am observing another evil campaign on the way, which will further destabilize the social system and divide the people by misinformation and lies. The issue revolves around forcing minors against their and their parents will into certain treatments. And that now parents who do not vaccinate their children are being publicly targeted. I am thinking about where I want to die, how I want to spent those days ahead and with whom. What really matters to me. And in between I am wailing. My peace and love to all dear enenewsers

  • Say, this is a bit off-topic, but does pertain to ENEnews:
    I haven't been getting any info, via email, from this site in about a month. I know there are new posts, because i occasionally remind myself to check it out.
    Is there new policy?
    I know i don't comment, often, but I generally follow each bit of info sent to me and i do share (nearly) every article.

    Anyone else have this *recent* problem?

  • itsanuclearwar

    HAARP and the Depopulation Programme (Part -1 )

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      itsa, there was nothing substantive about that video…except his request for funding. I mean, no evidence, or even theory, just conjecture.

      Are you open minded about other motivations other than depopulation? Like military geopolitical hegemony?

      Is depopulation good or bad? I like the idea. One lifetime of good birth control could reduce the insane numbers of the human animal to levels more in balance with nature. A difficult transition with the structure of our civilization, but hey, that structure needs to change anyway.

      Vaccines could have both a monetary incentive, or perhaps in some cases a depopulation incentive, or sometimes they really think they are doing good. Most vaccine scientists probably believe they are doing good. Did Glaxo release flu strains and is there a media hype so vaccine profits can be made? I dont doubt it. One has to be continually open minded to new information and points of view.

      Im with you on this idea; there is a horrendous imposition on nature and the public by the often intertwined web of corporations, banks, media and government. Its conspiratorial. Many go along because they dont know any better. I knew one such guy who works for Monsanto. He was shocked when I said this company is about as "evil" as they come….

  • rogerthat

    Mason Inman Become a fan
    science writer
    Near Zero Solutions: A New Climate and Energy News Round-Up
    Posted: 02/03/2015

    This is the first installment of Near Zero Solutions, a round-up of climate and energy news, focusing on efforts to move the world toward zero greenhouse gas emissions. The first post reviews the top news from the past month, and future posts every week or two will give timely summaries of important stories. Mason Inman writes these posts in his position as communications director of Near Zero, a nonprofit research organization…

  • rogerthat

    NRC vows nuke plant cleanup will be paid for

    Since Entergy bought Vermont Yankee, there have been no contributions to the decommssioning trust fund, from Entergy or anyone else

    Rutland Herald
    Friday, January 30, 2015
    BRATTLEBORO, Vt. — Officials from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission tried to reassure residents that in 60 years there will be a company to pay for the cleanup of Vermont Yankee nuclear plant.

    Bruce Watson, an official with the NRC’s Region One offices in King of Prussia, Pa., said Entergy, regardless of its financial future, is still responsible for Yankee’s cleanup and dismantling.

    Watson and several NRC officials attended Wednesday night’s monthly meeting of the Vermont Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel to answer questions about the early stages of Yankee’s decommissioning, which began a month ago Dec. 29 when the reactor shut down.

    The demolition and cleanup of the 43-year-old nuclear energy station isn’t happening any time soon: Entergy Nuclear has opted to put the plant into cold storage and wait for its decommissioning trust fund to grow. The company has by federal law up to 60 years to get that task done, although the Shumlin administration …

    • rogerthat

      hopes it will start in about 10 to 15 years.

      Watson and other NRC officials said NRC financial experts on that issue will be in Vermont at the Feb. 19 public meeting that NRC is holding in Brattleboro.

      “Ultimately, it is a parent guarantee and legal responsibility,” Watson told Nancy Braus of Putney.

      He said he guessed Entergy will ultimately have to contribute to the decommissioning fund, which currently amounts to about half of the $1.24 billion needed.

      “They are legally responsible for the safety of the plant,” he emphasized.

      When Entergy bought the Vermont Yankee plant in 2002, it inherited the plant’s decommissioning trust fund, which had been established by the plant’s then-Vermont ratepayers.

      But since Entergy bought the plant, there have been no contributions to the fund, from Entergy or anyone else.

      Watson and Andrew Persinko, also of the NRC, defended NRC’s responsibilities for Entergy’s decommissioning plan. According to federal law, the NRC can neither accept nor reject the plan, but it can ask Entergy for additional information and analysis.

      But what standards will be used remains a big question in the mind of David Mears, commissioner of the Department of Environmental Conservation, who noted that the NRC is basing the cleanup on a environmental impact statement written more than 45 years ago — before Vermont Yankee was built.

      Watson said it was possible that a portion of the 145-acre Vermont Yankee site might be cleaned up …

    • jec jec

      And the lack of payment, WAITING for 60 yrs is a surprise. ALL the nuclear companies are asking for increased operating lives, like VEPCO, and are using the same 'no need to pay' tactics. They should all be paying in, figure out at least a 15% inflation rate and tie to GDP..for the funds. And PLEASE, lets hope the funds are not 'borrowed' by the US Administration to cover their agendas..60 years looks like an easy pay back.

      VEPCO is asking for extended operational life..60 or 80 years..go figure how all that radiation clean up will be done..or paid for. VEPCO only has a 300M emergency accident insurance..wonder how far that will go.

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