TV: “Astronomical amounts of radiation” found in downtown Tokyo… Directly outside gov’t building — ‘Horrific’ readings where kids playing in Fukushima, ‘extreme’ levels found where food is grown for elementary school lunches — Nuclear expert shocked, upset by discovery (VIDEO)

Published: August 22nd, 2016 at 12:10 pm ET


CCTV (Channel 17 in Burlington, Vermont), published Jun 20, 2016 (emphasis added):

  • Margaret Harrington, host: I know you mentioned Arnie Gundersen, the chief engineer at Fairewinds, and he said that he measured the radiation there, too. Could you talk about that a little bit?
  • Maggie Gundersen, Fairewinds Energy Education founder and CEO: He’s working with some other scientists who are studying — both Japanese scientists, the samples that they took, and the US scientists who are evaluating the samples — and they’re finding astronomical amounts of radiation, even in downtown Tokyo outside of METI’s door. METI is the regulatory agency over nuclear power… When he and others were downtown in Tokyo, they took samples right there in a garden right outside the door and on the front doormat, and these are really, really high samples. Frightening, because people walking in Tokyo will then be inhaling that dust. What was the film we saw from Japan that had the mothers who were in an area where kids play and run from middle school?
  • Caroline Phillips, Fairewinds Energy Education: It’s a fantastic video… it’s a mothers organization, they live in the Fukushima Prefecture and they’re actually using Geiger counters that have been issued by the government. They’re walking along the river [in Fukushima City.]
  • Maggie Gundersen: What’s so tragic about it – kids are running along dirt paths doing gym class and track and things like that and the mothers are right down in areas that are not posted and the kids can go after school and play, and people do nature hikes and stuff. And the radiation readings are horrific.

Gendai Business Online (article in Japanese here), Jun 14, 2016: [J]ust before the 5th anniversary of the triple meltdown at Fukushima Daiichi, a group of young girls in the city of Minami-Soma rode their bikes to school past a shocked and saddened pedestrian. That upset observer was Arnie Gundersen, nuclear reactor expert… “What surprised me at this visit to Japan… is that the decontaminated area is contaminated again,” Mr. Gundersen said while explaining why it was such as sad shock to witness the girls on their bicycles. “This was not what I had expected. I had thought that we would not find such high doses of radiation in the decontaminated area. But, sadly, our results prove otherwise.”… Gundersen collected samples of dust [though] the official data cannot be released before the publication of formal scientific papers, it is evident that high doses of radiation, usually found in nuclear waste, was detected from these samples. “This means that highly radioactive dust is flying around the city. In other words, the decontaminated land is contaminated again. Little girls are affected by the radiation 20 times as much as adult men. The Japanese government’s standard of 20 mSv is based on exposure assessments for adult men. The girls on their bicycles are actually being affected by a radiation dose equivalent to as much as 400 mSv.” Mr. Gundersen also pointed out that human lungs are heavily affected by internal exposures to radiation. “At this visit, I wore a radiation proof mask that can filter out 99.98% of radiation for six hours. I sent my filter to the lab, and they found a high dose of Cesium. But, unfortunately, the Japanese government only cares about the number on a Geiger counter and does not consider the internal exposure. This has resulted in a hazardous downplay of this kind of data and human lungs are affected by the serious internal exposure.”… [T]he radiation from the mountains are coming back to the city by way of wind and rain. Mr. Gundersen noted the extreme radioactive contamination of the mountains… vegetables grown in that area exceed the government’s standard by 1500 Bq. These vegetables were sold at the MichinoEki in Tochigi prefecture, and the bamboo shoot grown in this contaminated region was used for elementary school lunches in Utsunomiya. These school lunches contained more than twice as much radiation as the government’s standard… However, the government continues to push for the end of people’s relocation and force the return to recontaminated areas… Mr. Gundersen also found that Tokyo remains contaminated. He measured dust… and found a high dose of radiation. That dust is in the air that will be inhaled by the visitors and athletes of the 2020 Olympic Games. Needless to say, the current residents are inhaling it every day…

Watch the CCTV Channel 17 interview here

Published: August 22nd, 2016 at 12:10 pm ET


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1,294 comments to TV: “Astronomical amounts of radiation” found in downtown Tokyo… Directly outside gov’t building — ‘Horrific’ readings where kids playing in Fukushima, ‘extreme’ levels found where food is grown for elementary school lunches — Nuclear expert shocked, upset by discovery (VIDEO)

  • wow, a NEW post… and very important topic, not covered by any of the MAJOR mass media.

    Notice who covered this CRUCIAL news…

    • +1

      "The radiation from the mountains are coming back to the city by way of wind and rain. Mr. Gundersen noted the extreme radioactive contamination of the mountains…"

      It's not going away.

      The FALLOUT of radioactive contamination will continue to insidiously spread via unimaginable pathways and unscrupulous people making idiotic decisions.

      20 or 30 years from now the 'look back' will be horrific. The we "woulda' 'coulda' done excuses will be many. 🙁

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        but, how bad could it be, really?

        Paper says nearly as bad as the nuclear test era, which scientists have estimated killed 40 to 60 million people.

        'Mean values of the water-column inventories decay-corrected for the Fukushima-derived (134)Cs and the bomb-derived (137)Cs were estimated to be 1020 ± 80 and 820 ± 120 Bq m(-2), respectively, suggesting that in winter 2012 the impact of the FNPP1 accident in the western North Pacific Ocean was nearly the same as that of nuclear weapons testing.'

        Impact of Fukushima-derived radiocesium in the western North Pacific Ocean about ten months after the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant accident.

      • norbu norbu

        Now step wright up and get ready for the most glowing time at the New and Bright 2020 radioActive Games, They still still think they can have the Olympics there? Wow…Are we on the same planet? sheesh wake up sleep heads…..un-real


        • HoTaters HoTaters

          And then, on the other side of the blue Pacific, there is:

          March 23, 2016 at 10:30 pm
          Say mister,…thoughts and worry bringing you down? Well think no more!

          The US nuclear detergent. The strategic triad detergent system of air, land and water born rads create scrubbing ionizing bubbles that go to work, ridding you of hard to reach organs, and then wipe your genetic blueprint clean! Yes, Americas nuclear detergent; your tax dollars creating wealth and abundance for the few, while leaving nothing of value in its wake!

          radiation…its getting brighter every day!

          Code, you said I could borrow/use this. Seems apropros at the moment.

          Our compendium of nuke ditties.

          Anyone heard from Gasser lately?

        • amberlight amberlight

          norbu, the story in that "passing the torch" link is ripe for dark humor parody:

          Rio Paralympic games follow the Olympic games. However, as able-bodied Japanese athletes mysteriously dwindle, the 2020 Tokyo games will be combined into simply the Paralympics.

          The video trailer highlighting the Tokyo games features Super Mario, who jumps into a nuclear reactor, using a corium to drill his way clear through the earth.

          Shitzo Abe then appears holding a glowing ball in his disintegrating hands as he assures the world that Tokyo air and water are perfectly safe and that fresh produce from Fukushima prefecture will be provided for participating athletes.

        • tnnelson tnnelson

          I just can't understand the thought behind the US Olympic Committee. How can they send top athletes into this mess. Scott Blackmun is CEO and lives in Colorado Springs. There are 9 members on the US Olympic Ethics committee- Nina Keppel is Chair, Doug Brian, Tara Nott Cunningham, Kenneth Salomon, and Anthony Whitlmore. I wonder if they really understand the reality the athletes will face in Japan from Fukushima radionuclides. It is only reasonable to let each competing athlete decide if the situation they will be facing is worth their future health consequences if they choose to be involved in the 2020 Olympics. This information needs to be made transparent to all involved in the 2020 games.

          • Even The Birds HATE Me Now DUDe

            Criminally forcing and maintaining a deadly illusion upon a Criminally dumbed down populace demands perpetual making a lot of Criminally insane decisions..

          • jo


            Good question. Maybe they don't know about this:

            Check out Bob Nichols' recent rad air readings for CO. Springs and Denver:

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              Bob Nichols rad data is dis-info. Too bad

              • HoTaters HoTaters

                Do you know what his sources are? Kind of reminds me of Brian (?) in CA who publishes the seemingly impossibly high readings.

                What do Nichols measurements represent?

                It might have been Greg's Lab which was publishing what seemed like absurdly high radiation levels.


                Not sure if he was publishing his own data (did he capture that data) or just data from NETC.

                Hmmn, perhaps mistaken. Someone in Cali was reporting readings over 1,000 routinely and was never able to determine if that was specious info.

                All that being said, Bob Nichols has done some good work in publishing articles.

              • HoTaters HoTaters

                Yes, Code, readings over 1,000 all the time seem impossibly high. But what is he reporting? What type of measurement?

                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  HoT, the Nichols data is somehow very missleading which leads to 'debunking' and this destroys the anti nuke anti fukushima effort. Its not a good thing. Toss in Leuren Moret to that camp. I dig Blanch but blanch loves Moret. Go figure

                • Greenbug

                  Bob Nichols mentioned his source a bit more specifically recently (his Radiation week 69/70). It is the EPA gamma data, but only energy ranges 4 and 5. It appears he adds these together, then adds beta readings (which are now no longer available but were much smaller than the gamma). The number is then compared to a beta-type instrument's normal level. The gamma instrument's normal level for these 2 ranges is close to 1,000, and this is where he loses credibility. It's too bad; his watchdog premise is good.

                  Netc shows the same EPA data but only energy range 5.

                  • HoTaters HoTaters

                    Thought that might be the case, Greenbug, as it's the only explanation which made sense to me. Readings in the thousands. Some areas now approaching 10,000 in the U.S. OK, that makes sense. 1,000 readings are actually quite low there, post-Fukushima.

                    • HoTaters HoTaters

                      Not sure what energy range I'm thinking of. Must be 4 or 5. I see what you mean about taking ranges 4 and 5 and averaging them. That's not a sound method for analysis. The data just doesn't hold up. It's measuring apples and oranges, and taking an average of an aplorange. With an accent on that first "a." Say it with a distinctly French accent, and it might even sound convincing.

                    • HoTaters HoTaters

                      Thinking of the upper Gamma ranges being near 10,000 in some U.S. cities now. Don't really understand the Gamma analysis. Not my area of expertise.

                      Can anyone please explain what the different ranges mean, represent, what kind of energy signatures they are? And what is being measured in each of those ranges?

                    • Greenbug

                      The EPA gives a very simplistic explanation <a href="; title="here">. Each radionuclide emits a unique signature defined by specific energies of the gammas emitted. Good lab instruments show a nice graph with signature peaks, but the EPA's system gives a coarse approximation with 8 'bins' or ranges. It allows limited identification; for example Cesium 137 will show an increase in range 5 only. Other radionuclides will have a different pattern. A mixture would be hard to identify, but it's better than just the gross value alone.

                  • HoTaters HoTaters

                    Thank you, Greenbug. Yes, now I remember watching Dr. Chris Busby and others showing gamma spectrometer readings. The different isotopes show up in the different ranges.

                    OK, makes sense now. Just don't see this often enough that it had made sense.

      • Here is a free community resource, that can be used by concerned people to track International radioactive food contamination reports. The latest reports are added to the comment section first, and then to the country list. The reports can be found at these two sites.

        "The Food Lab",

        "Radiation Food Lab"

        Get the message out there on how serious the Fukushima nuclear disaster is quickly, and efficiently.

        You don’t need to explain anything just distribute the lifesaver.pdf, or create your own, hand it out, mailbox it, or email it. Put it everywhere, libraries, Churches, notice boards, web pages, forums, Facebook, and tweet! Think outside the box.

        From Chemfood – Please help Us Get the Rad Word Out, People… Fukushima Business Cards 4 U! And everyone else, too! These nifty cards are easy to print and pass out and leave randomly about, where ever you please. Distribute liberally. Post to all social media.

        • earthsmith earthsmith

          Y'all need to chill out for real
          It is not even 2017 and you are all soooo sure we will make it to 2020
          Yeah that is a pathetic 3 pound brain

          • Even The Birds HATE Me Now DUDe

            Nope , i'm not sure at all about time for humanity/Earthlife left..never was..but everyday waking up feels more and more like humanity been giving (and wasting) precious "borrowed time"..

            • earthsmith earthsmith

              Yeah DuDe we already borrowed the "time" this is for sure.
              I love waking up…it's the hours before that where the mind tortures…for me anyway. When you really know what's going on the minds eye reveals all to those who are willing to see and listen. The linguistics of the universe are an incredible symphony.

              • Even The Birds HATE Me Now DUDe

                "..I love waking up…it's the hours before that where the mind tortures…for me anyway.."

                I know what you mean..+1

                • HoTaters HoTaters

                  My dreams are usually sweet. It's waking up in the post-Fukushima world which can be torturous at times.

                • Even The Birds HATE Me Now DUDe

                  "..I love waking up…it's the hours before that where the mind tortures…for me anyway.."

                  "..I know what you mean..+1.."

                  Oops big mistake..somehow i thought you meant the sleepdrunken period before reality kicks in when fully often takes more then an hour for me..must be a hormonal thing..

                  I actually like my increased "dream activity" since Fuku started..and most of the encounters within lolol..
                  I hate that i sometimes need a anxiety/sleeping pill because it blocks dreaming..

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              Our borrowed time started here..right here! To think we allowed these Nuclear assholes to do this to our only planet! 🙁

              • Even The Birds HATE Me Now DUDe

                "..To think we allowed these Nuclear assholes to do this to our only planet! 🙁 .."

                So true our relative defence..

                Individual..we , the victims , are smaller then a flea on a rabies infested dog aka the nuclear-warprofiting Monster ..unable to change its course one bit..but united..we could start "itching" untill it changes its mind..also allegorical referred to that unused latent possible process as "democracy"..

                No wonder so much effort and resources is put in dumbing down and dividing our vulture "uberlords"..

                Relative defensable..
                Certainly in the beginning of the psychopathic/nuclear hyjack of humanity..

                Ofcourse..nowadays in the age where everybody can educate themselfes up to speed..

                Letting them still getting away with all that and let them even openly destroy the democratic proces and install a candidate that really is the epitome of all manmade evil..the cherry on the corrupt cake/status no longer defensable..not even relatively..imho

              • HoTaters HoTaters

                RE: the US map here (scroll down, right side), the U.S. really pooped all over its own nest, n'estce-pas?

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Mr. Gunderson noticed the extreme radiation. Marco Kaltofen did great work documenting the extremely high radiation levels, particularly in the black dust. We have talked about how the black dust may be nuclear fuel, basically vaporized or atomized, existing now in nano-sized particles.

        Many radioactive isotopes exist in seemingly impossibly small atoms. Preposterously small atoms. Next to impossible to filter. Sub-micron sized particles.

        The ejected particles also "impossibly" small. See this Ph.D. study paper on Tritium, page 2. Note use of this term: "ejected beta particles." Note, for example, states in which it can exist.

        Just to illustrate what we're up against in trying to tame the radioactive beast.

        Not a big heavy metal fan, but Blue Oyster Cult's "Godzilla" comes to mind. We fight the invisible Godzilla.

        "History shows again and again
        How nature points up the folly of men'

        "Rinji news o moshiagemasu!
        Rinji news o moshiagemasu!
        Gojira ga Ginza hoomen e mukatte imasu!
        Daishikyu hinan shite kudasai!
        Daishikyu hinan shite kudasai!

        Translated to English:

        Attention, emergency news!
        Attention, emergency news!
        Godzilla is going toward the Ginza area!
        Immediately escape, catch up, find shelter please!
        Immediately escape, catch up, find shelter please!"

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          This could be said of the Nuclear Industrial Complex:

          Oh no, say it isn't so
          There's no "Godzilla"

          Millions spent on special effects
          But our tune just ain't getting no respect

          Are we NIC-speak literate?

          Hey, Nick, are you out there? Reminded of your great NIC accurate acronyms today.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          This should be in quotes (from the song):

          "Oh no, say it isn't so
          There's no 'Godzilla'

          Millions spent on special effects
          But our tune just ain't getting no respect"

          NIC speak? TIPP it good.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Found the statement on Tritium measurements (states, and size of gaseous particles), as an illustration. It is stated as measures of disintegration, not particle size. (Still working on that. Saw it somewhere recently, likely in discussion of Plutonium particle size). This discusses measurement of disintegration, Tritium in gaseous state.

          Pp. 5,6

          "Airborne tritium can take the form of elemental tritium, that is T2, HT or DT as well as the oxide form HTO, T2O or DTO.

          In the environment, the oxide form is bound to predominate, especially since the elemental form will rapidly combine with ambient moisture in the air to form oxides of tritium. Since it is radioactive it can be a safety concern depending on
          the way living things can absorb it.

          When breathed into the lungs, the oxide form is essentially totally absorbed where as the elemental form is mostly expelled. The oxide form is considered to be several thousand times more dangerous than the elemental form of tritium.


          Emissions from heavy water nuclear reactors not only contain tritium, but also carry varying amounts of other radioactive gases including carbon 14, Krypton 85, Argon 41, and Xenon 133.

          0.1μ Ci/m3 and less
          Restrictions under NESHAP regulations are even more restrictive, and can entail measurements of tritium to fractions of 0.1 μCi/m3. That's 0.1

          • HoTaters HoTaters


            Airborne radioactive particles released by the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant (FDNPP) accident in 2011 were collected with a cascade low-pressure impactor at the Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) in Tokai, Japan, 114 km south of the FDNPP …. samples were collected twice … (from) March 17–April 1, 2011 … May 9–13, 2011 …. size-fractionated samplings … carried out in the earliest days at a short distance from the FDNPP. Radioactivity of short-lived nuclides (several ten days of half-life) was determined as well as 134Cs and 137Cs …. elemental composition of size-fractionated samples was also measured. (First collection) activity median aerodynamic diameter (AMAD) of 129mTe, 140Ba, 134Cs, 136Cs and 137Cs was
            1.5–1.6 μm … the diameter of 131I was 0.45 μm. The diameters of 134Cs and 137Cs in the second collection were expressed as three peaks at <0.5 μm, 0.94 μm, and 7.8 μm. The 134Cs/137Cs ratio of the first collection was 1.02 in total … the ratio in the fine fractions was 0.91. A distribution map of 134Cs/137Cs – 136Cs/137Cs ratios was helpful in understanding the change of radioactive Cs composition. The Cs composition of size fractions <0.43 μm and the composition in the 1.1–2.1 μm range (including the AMAD of 1.5–1.6 μm) were similar to the calculated compositions of fuels in the reactors No. 1 and No. 3 at the FDNPP using the ORIGEN-II code. The Cs composition collected in May, 2011 was similar …

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              to the calculation results of reactor No. 2 fuel composition. The change of Cs composition implies that the radioactive Cs was released from the three reactors at the FDNPP via different processes.

              Fukushima; Aerosol; 137Cs; 131I; Radioactivity ratio; Fission product

              Corresponding author. Tel.: +81 29 282 5518.



              Journal of Environmental Radioactivity

              Volume 132, June 2014, Pages 1–7/pii/S0265931X14000137

              "Size distribution of radioactive particles collected at Tokai, Japan 6 days after the nuclear accident"

              Yutaka Miyamoto, Kenichiro Yasuda, Masaaki Magara
              Copyright © 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              (This is a better illustration of actual particle size measurements, i.e., the Miyamoto, Yasuda, and Magara study, see citation below.)

  • Multiple Japanese Doctors, Physicist Encouraging The Evacuation Of Tokyo Japan, Due To Chronic, Cumulative Heavy Metal Radiation Exposure Of It's Residents, Tokyo Train High Radiation Level

  • Cancel 2020 Olympics In Tokyo Japan – Dr. Mita Calls For Evacuation Of Tokyo Due To Fukushima Radioactive Fallout

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

    …Fukushima officials praised their promotion drive, dubbed the “Fukushima Destination Campaign,” for bearing fruit. The campaign allows its municipalities to tap the transport resources of the Japan Railway group across the country.

    “We will work to draw more tourists by analyzing the effect of the Destination Campaign,” said a Fukushima prefectural official in charge of tourism promotion. …

  • johnnyo

    of course we cant see the readings

    how silly to expect that

    must wait until a "Scientific Paper" gets published

    • johnnyo

      HBH, i find it interesting that the article u linked from JT has zero comments. Not buying it. Does anyone else often scroll through a piece to see how many/any comments there are before deciding to read?

      Lively comment sections are becoming scarce, specially in larger MSM

      its the main draw for me here. No trolls, no peddled religion, no juvenile hostility will change that.

      Can anyone (everyone? 🙂 ) suggests sites that cater to the questioning mind that has a good robust comment section ? The kinda groups where stuff like 9/11 truth and ISIS being fake are basically a given. or at least those views get some airing in comments?

      Thanks in advance.

      • Well, we don't have a lot of comments at Cafe Rad Lab, but we would like to see more, especially in the webcam observations threads. – more contributors would be nice also. We have a lot readers, anyway. Trolls & spammers, et. al. are not tolerated, though.

      • razzz razzz

        You can try this so called conservative website. Postings are varied within different categories and headings with broad comments and responses. You will have sign up to post or comment.*/index

        • razzz razzz

          As an example, here is a Free Republic posting of the current LA Times WIPP article along with some comments. As you read, there is certain bias, ignorance and elucidation attempts in the comments.

          The current news release about WIPP omits the original mission statement about only storing low level wastes in a test bed and when WIPP was allowed to begin storing plutonium wastes at the 'test' site itself. Also, long term permanent storage of barrels containing radioactive wastes which will be surround and encase in salt as the salt mine collapses, as intended and planned, is not mentioned.

          The entire project make no senses to me. I don't see why they don't close WIPP and go find another salt mine to contaminate as a cheaper alternative to repairing the current site. Of course, remembering, government never admits they are wrong when unlimited taxpayer funds are available as an incentive to continue the current lie(s).

          • johnnyo

            Obvious and Razzz … thanks for responding , will check in to the Lab… some familiarity with the frep

            Anyone Else?? where oh where are other good comment sections?

  • theworldisalie theworldisalie

    So they found a few banana's laying around, big deal. Tokyo is fine….

  • razzz razzz

    When nuclear particles enter nature's loop they continually cycle through the seasons. Blossoms will re-inject radio-cesiums into the surrounding environments for centuries (among other radioisotopes ex. strontium) until finally decaying away at some point in time.

    Most radiocesium(s), radiostrontium(s), Radioplutonium(s), etc., are not found in nature and therefore manmade (synthetic) due to results of the nuclear bomb and nuclear power energy generation industries.

    So, we have gone from zero exposure to constant exposure rates of manmade radioisotopes.

  • Cdog Cdog

    I continue to be mystified at the general populace's inability to acknowledge the obvious correlation between synthetic isotopes and cancer? People here on the west coast is stupid.


    Radiation from the crippled reactors began to leak no later than 12 March 2011. The radiation release poisoned local water and food supplies and created a dead-zone of several hundred square kilometers around the site that may not be safe to inhabit for decades to centuries.
    Distance from Tōkyō to Fukushima is 239 kilometers.

    Emissions: advection, decay, dissolution, aerosol–aerosol coagulation, aerosol–cloud coagulation, aero- sol nucleation scavenging, rainout, washout, and dry deposi- tion of radionuclides.

    Atmospheric and ocean circulation, clouds, precipitation, aerosol processes, cloud processes, aerosol–cloud interactions, air–surface interactions.

    Fukushima Daiichi over the period 12 March 2011 to 12 April 2011

    Cs-137 emissions (Bq per day) – 1.696 x 10 to power of 16

    I-131 emissions (Bq per day) – 6.526 x 10 to the power of 16

    Stohl et al. [2011] predicted a Cs-137 emission rate roughly twice our emission rate using a similar methodology incorporating dispersion modeling.

    Modeled wet and dry deposition rates of Cs-137 were compared with observed daily deposition rates collected around Japan.

    Peak ground concentrations in Japan occurred on 15 March 2011–16 March 2011 when both emission rates and wet deposition rates were highest.


    • GOM GOM


      Of total best estimate mortalities (morbidities), 48% (46%) was due to the inhalation exposure pathway, 33% (34%) was due to the ground-level exposure pathway, 19% (19%) was due to the ingestion pathway, and $1% was due to the atmospheric exposure pathway. We also find that over 90% of total worldwide mortalitites and morbidities are projected to occur in Japan.

      Worldwide health effects of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident. .. [15 pages]


    "The largest radioactive noble gas release in history not associated with nuclear bomb testing.”

    “The entire noble gas inventory of reactor units 1–3 was set free into the atmosphere between 11 and 15 March 2011…” which was covered up by TEPCO, Japan, and the US. To this day they still dispute “complete” meltdowns at some of the reactors.

    The plume covered large parts of central-eastern Honshu and crossed over Tokyo and other major population centers”, then “the plume penetrated inland, and covered large areas of eastern Japan…”, and the plume traveled “directly across Tokyo and even further south to Osaka, and Tokyo received an elevated Caesium 137 depositing”.

    Peer-Reviewed Study: Fukushima Xenon Radiation 2.5 Times Chernobyl


    At 14:46 on March 11, 2011, the great earthquake with magnitude of 9.0 occurred from a focus of Sanriku-oki. At 15:50, the great tsunami attacked Fukushima Daiichi and Daini Nuclear Power Plants. The emergent core cooling system did not work and lost cooling ability. Fukushima Daiichi had meltdown at Reactors 1 to 3, and a hydrogen explosion occurred, which made building structures flying to pieces and a big amount of isotopes leaking into the atmosphere. At 13:10 on March 20, Reactor 4 was fired. On March 21, it rained in the Kanto plain, and high concentration of iodine 131 was detected from drinking water in waterworks in the Tone river watershed on March 22 and 23.

    Main explosions occurred four times (Table 2). But, only reactor 4 explosion increased spatial dose, while other explosions did not increase spatial dose. Moreover, in reactor 4 explosion, wind direction was north.

    At 16:00 on March 15 it was rainy northwest of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. At 18:10, Reactor 2 exploded with hydrogen. Rain clouds passed over Fukushima city from west, and at 21:00 they caught pollution particles east of Fukushima.

    Dispersion, particle trajectory [ dry/wet] estimated from wind directions and velocities. Color coded grids, maps…etc.



    Dispersion of Cs-134 and Cs-137 in river waters from Fukushima and Gunma prefectures at nine months after the Fukushima Daiichi NPP accident.

    Sampling area
    Five river systems–the Abukuma River, Uta River, Niida River, Natsui River and Same River– were set up as monitoring sites in Fukushima Prefecture.

    The higher radioactivity for the waters of Lake Akagi-Ohnuma and Lake Akagi-Konuma was probably attributed to the stability of cesium in lake water as dissolved forms and the longer residence time (2.4 years) of lake waters.

    The percentages of particulate forms of 134Cs and 137Cs were 56–89% for the Fukushima river samples.

    ..good-bye Japan
    & anything that eats or drinks Japanese anything.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      GOM, where is your blog? Great assembling of information. Again, thank you. Glad I gave you the "vote" when we had that absurd argument (many of us here) over voting people in and out. You have proven to have a good perspective on the problems we face from the "NIC" as I'll now call it. And you're a decent human being from what I can see, to boot.

      Can't believe it was ever insinuated you were a troll. Don't know who may have said that and don't want to go there. If I EVER said anything like that, or even insinuated it, I most humbly apologize.

      Your research and citations are just stellar, IMO.

      Thanks for sticking around despite the flack attack.

      We really should treat one another with more respect and dignity, unless someone is blatantly doing the Socref shuffle.

    • wow up to 15 Bq/M3. no chitin ya

    • theworldisalie theworldisalie

      They always love talking about cesium…What about the curium, plutonium, americium, neptunium, strontium, tritium, iodine's, radio-cobalt, iron, nickel and on and on?

      If you can find the isotopes in varying ratios in relation to each other and some are much more abundant and dangerous…????

      Enough with the damn cesium, it's all of it that's the problem!

      • theworldisalie theworldisalie

        Another thing I was just thinking. We know that the I-129 levels were astronomical in North American Rain. So how much Gamma rays do we all have pulsing out of your glands because of just that alone?

        Everyone would be bombarding each other simply by proximity.


    Shocking Tokyo Japan Radiation Test by Chris Busby 2016 HD

    "Serious stuff floating around Japan"


    Radiation Sickness My Story. Tokyo 放射性物質を吸い込んでたそう〜

    American guy & wife are sick. Wait to you see test results.


    So, according to the above video & multiple others sources, the weather drastically shifted around 3/11/11.

    Did they alter the weather trying to cool down the reactors?

    Chemically Nucleated Snow, What Is It?

  • RonM RonM

    That little bitty ole radioactivity will be virtually harmless in in a few dozen million years.

    Anyhow according to statistics in an article several years ago unless all nuclear plants are shut down we can expect a major meltdown or leak every 7-8 years so it's almost time for the next one, those pesky reactors can be re-certified but eventually they become giant nuclear jalopies that will eventually blow a seal or throw a rod and break down.

    Hopefully after a few dozen million years everything will all be pretty much harmless and at the same time the co2 levels should get back to normal and thousands of new species will hopefully have evolve despite the radiation,

    Too bad people probably won't be around anymore but anyhow things should be spiffy again in a cosmological blink of an eye!

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • rogerthat

    Pro-nuclear countries making slower progress on climate targets

    August 22, 2016

    A strong national commitment to nuclear energy goes hand in hand with weak performance on climate change targets, researchers at the University of Sussex and the Vienna School of International Studies have found.

    A new study of European countries, published in the journal Climate Policy, shows that the most progress towards reducing carbon emissions and increasing renewable energy sources – as set out in the EU's 2020 Strategy – has been made by nations without nuclear energy or with plans to reduce it.

    Conversely, pro-nuclear countries have been slower to implement wind, solar and hydropower technologies and to tackle emissions.

    While it's difficult to show a causal link, the researchers say the study casts significant doubts on nuclear energy as the answer to combating climate change.

    Professor Andy Stirling, Professor of Science and Technology Policy at the University of Sussex, said: "Looked at on its own, nuclear power is sometimes noisily propounded as an attractive response to climate change. Yet if alternative options are rigorously compared, questions are raised about cost-effectiveness, timeliness, safety and security.

    "Looking in detail at historic trends and current patterns in Europe, this paper substantiates further doubts.

    "By suppressing better ways to meet climate goals,…

    • rogerthat

      evidence suggests entrenched commitments to nuclear power may actually be counterproductive."

      The study divides European countries into three, roughly equal in size, distinct groups:

      Group 1: no nuclear energy (such as Denmark, Ireland and Norway)

      Group 2: existing nuclear commitments but with plans to decommission (eg Germany, Netherlands and Sweden)

      Group 3: plans to maintain or expand nuclear capacity (eg Bulgaria, Hungary and the UK)

      They found that Group 1 countries had reduced their emissions by an average of six per cent since 2005 and had increased renewable energy sources to 26 per cent.

      Group 2 countries, meanwhile, fared even better on emissions reductions, which were down 11 per cent. They grew renewable energy to 19 per cent.

      However, Group 3 countries only managed a modest 16 per cent renewables share and emissions on average actually went up (by three per cent).

      The UK is a mixed picture. Emissions have been reduced by 16 per cent, bucking the trend of other pro-nuclear countries. However, only five per cent of its energy comes from renewables, which is among the lowest in Europe, pipped only by Luxembourg, Malta and the Netherlands.

      The team say that the gigantic investments of time, money and expertise in nuclear power plants, such as the proposed Hinckley Point C in the UK, can create dependency and 'lock-in' – a sense of 'no turning back' in the nation's psyche.

      Technological innovation then becomes about seeking…

      • rogerthat

        'conservative' inventions – that is new technologies that preserve the existing system. This is, inevitably, at the expense of more radical technologies, such as wind or solar.

        Professor Benjamin Sovacool, Professor of Energy Policy and Director of the Sussex Energy Group at the University of Sussex, said: "The analysis shows that nuclear power is not like other energy systems. It has a unique set of risks, political, technical and otherwise, that must be perpetually managed.

        "If nothing else, our paper casts doubt on the likelihood of a nuclear renaissance in the near-term, at least in Europe."

        Lead author Andrew Lawrence of the Vienna School of International Relations said: "As the viability of the proposed Hinkley plant is once again cast into doubt by the May government, we should recall that—as is true of nuclear fallout—nuclear power's inordinate expense and risks extend across national borders and current generations.

        "Conversely, cheaper, safer, and more adaptable alternative energy sources are available for all countries."

        Explore further: Nuclear power vital to cutting CO2 emissions: report
        Provided by: University of Sussex

        Read more at:

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Well, doh, they have to have somewhere to dispose of all that rad waste, like the bogus DERPA (derp-ah) Climate Research, a.k.a, Global Warming Studies.

      Sky Spammers Anonymous
      Spam, Spam, Spam. Goodbye, blue sky, goodbye.

  • rogerthat

    UK Tories wake up to nuclear folly as wind and solar found to be cheapest
    By Giles Parkinson,

  • rogerthat

    Here’s Why the Navajo Nation Is Suing the EPA Over Colorado’s Mining Catastrophe

    The San Juan River is one of the most sacred and agriculturally important areas to the Navajo Nation. It’s also the site of a three-million-gallon toxic mine spill.

    By Madeleine Thomas

    • Sol Man

      Anybody willing to look will understand that all systems are being horribly fouled in myriad ways. Payments of any amount of fiat dollars is no compensation for the disease and death that follows the pollution.

      Various corporations provide the means to the disease, but people get the bill. Profit vs suffering going on.

  • Nick

    Make the Planet Great Again!

    Elect me and the isotopes will scurry for cover and not be allowed to re-enter our biosphere.

    What have you got to lose?


    Houston, we have a problem.

  • Nick

    Take a long, hard look around you.

    Notice the insanity of it all?

    Expect more of the same as we flood the biosphere with TATAL poisons.

    Not a soul on Earth can hide.

    Cesium the day.

  • Nick

    Genders are being bent.

    We are doing this to ourselves on the atomic level.

    Strange times ahead.

  • Nick


    What is radiation?

    Thank you folks, please remember to tip your tour operators.

    • "Japan’s Fukushima Prefecture has hit a tourism milestone, drawing in more than 50 million visitors in the past year, according to data released by the Fukushima Prefectural Government.

      The prefecture drew in a total of 50.31 million tourists, making it the first time this annual threshold has been achieved since the nuclear disaster of 2011.

      According to the The Japan Times, the area has seen a recovery of close to 90 percent since then, which officials in the region contribute to several factors."

  • Nick


    Are you surprised?

    Methinks we are all going insane, whether we want to or not.

    No fix for brain fuzz.


  • nirakenna

    Radiation protective foods by s. Shannon will soon be an essential addition to cook book shelves everywhere.

  • Radicaldata Radicaldata

    It has taken 2 weeks for enews to come up with something new.
    We all know how bad it is and yet, just poking around to try and show more proof.
    Why not come up some solutions rather than just say, "it is all bad…we gonna die".
    Stop wasting time pointing fingers and come up with something usefull !!!!

  • Nick

    "If I can't find the materials that go along with the structure, then I invent a new one. For example, I was unhappy with the cement used for homes in Japan, so I worked with Tokyo University to develop a new type. Our recyclable Shirasu Cement is made from volcanic ash deposits."

    We also have recycled Fukushima Prefecture materials.

  • butler43

    Dr. Alan Richard Miller has a good take on Fukushima: it's an extinction level event. He talks about some computer program they have developed that predicts the future at 99.9975% accuracy and recently it predicted an ELE.
    Fukushima was always an ELE. From the very second I saw #3 blow I knew we were done. All the talk and comments from us won't change a thing and I do believe that the powers that run this world are well aware of what is happening and are doing exactly as they please because they know in 10 to 30 years there's going to be nothing left alive.
    I think that the ones with power have their lifeboats. Dr. Miller says that Mars has been populated for years so if that's the case, that's where there headed.
    Fukushima continues to spew poison every second of every day into the ocean and our atmosphere. I've read lately that all that energy being released is what is actually causing all our problems with weather and is heating the ocean. Wouldn't that make sense? There's lots of decay heat. Surely by now there must be mutations showing up in babies. Are they covering this up too? Also there has to be lots of heart problems due to the caesium. Must have one hell of a good cover up system in place. Meanwhile back at the farm, life goes on as usual. TV, chips and a beer. Life is good isn't it?

    • Even The Birds HATE Me Now DUDe

      "..Dr. Miller says that Mars has been populated for years so if that's the case, that's where there headed.."

      By whom ? Do you have a link please ?

      Dreaming and wasting money and smartness about it about it by a few that rather destroy the rest of the Universe then to change humanity's way's from the core and save this world..yes , for years..but actually done ? Nope..

    • Vorith

      I've heard that they've been on Mars for around 17 years – and in general are now beyond the solar system. All funded by the working dupes. I'll guess longer than 17 if they're out that far. Logic dictates, in light of the real space program/breakaway groups, that earth is having it's status changed. Who knows what the et's role is in all of this. I've seen some craft so know something is up. They actually interacted with me but I couldn't discern any information.

      Seems clear a god like cavalry isn't going to show – unless those stories of et's checking out nukes etc are valid (and who knows what kind of spiritual forces are involved). Rather, it seems earth is more the farm for emotional juices (loosh as per R Monroe). In that light the misery and or indulgence may go on for some time.

      Ain't it curious and predictable that Arnie did this; with all the people similarly capable it's just him. Further, whenever I check (various) US rad station maps the levels are still rather low.

      They say all the planets are changing so something else is going on. Must be our trajectory through the galactic belt etc. All I'm concerned with apart from a perpetual survival mode mentality is to be more spiritually prepared for transition. Check out (Tibetan) Rainbow Body if you're interested in what the, imo, real elite are doing.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        super advanced unconcerned aliens view earth as a die-orama.

        Chances of man inhabiting mars with severe temperatures, 38% earth gravity, non breathable atmosphere, no vegetation or free water, millions of dollars for one person to get there = zero chance. Even a totally destroyed earth is a better 'alien planet' to try and survive on than any in the solar system.

        Biosphere project in Tucson proved they cant even make a practical space station on earth. All this stuff on man going to space is a diversion from the problem at hand; how to save whats left of the earth, our ONLY chance

        'Biosphere 2 was only used twice for its original intended purposes as a closed-system experiment: once from 1991 to 1993, and the second time from March to September 1994. Both attempts, though heavily publicized, ran into problems including low amounts of food and oxygen, die-offs of many animal and plant species, squabbling among the resident scientists and management issues.'

  • nosyringy nosyringy

    SHOCKED??????? Really? I hope NO ONE here is shocked, anyone shocked is a fool, yes Gundersens, a FOOL!

    • theworldisalie theworldisalie

      I don't know if he is a fool or just can't admit to the world how bad this is without being killed.

      Maybe this is what happens to humanity when we know there is an asteroid headed to kill us all, we just stick our heads in the sand because we are too afraid to accept reality?

      He surely is aware what triple, quadruple, dozens? Fuel pool fires and explosions, nuclear farts and burps of astronomical proportions for years on end means.

    • Gundersen is a gate keeper. He's the figurehead put up to release carefully controlled information about Fukushima – usually outdated and usually watered down, despite including nuggets of the truth.

      Of course he will never admit how bad it really is. Nor will he finger the people who are truly responsible for this and for the proliferation of nuclear power and weaponry, in general.

      He has good information because he's an insider. Ultimately, he's "one of them."

  • We shall joust until the jousting is done

  • We Not They Finally

    Saw Shinzo Abe dancing around gleefully at the end of the Rio Olympics because the torch was being passed to Tokyo for 2020. Will ANYONE with ANY voice expose this new mass murder in the making? It seemed inconceivable that five-plus years would have passed with this still buried, so maybe 2020 in Tokyo is NOT inconceivable. It cannot be allowed to happen, but who will listen to you and me?

  • The world is becoming very unstable, so having resources on hand to navigate what is happening in real time could make a big difference to your family's safety.

    In the event of a major nuclear disaster or war this free community "International Radiation Monitoring Station list" resource may become unavailable, because of visitor number overloaded!

    It is suggested that you download the PDF version of this list to your personal device, laptop, mobile phone etc. This way you can access the International Radiation Monitoring Station list from your personal device. Check this site for future updates to the list and download the latest version. (last updated 23rd August 2016)

    This mobile phone app appears to be the most cost effective way to turn most mobile phones into an effective Geiger counter. We have no financial association with the app maker, and only provide a reference to it as most people have mobile phones now.

    Video review, plus how it works.

  • Silverlok Silverlok

    "TV: “Astronomical amounts of radiation” found in downtown Tokyo… Directly outside gov’t building — ‘Horrific’ readings where kids playing in Fukushima, ‘extreme’ levels found where food is grown for elementary school lunches — Nuclear expert shocked, upset by discovery"…

    …and crickets in the "news".

    the banking industry in japan ( which is nationalized: part of government and also controller/owner of Tepco ) is in free fall and desperate: , can only mean that fuku DAICHII WILL NEVER BE CONTAINED(WHOM WILL SPEND THE MONEY), AND WILL BE THE LABEL, IF ANY ONE IS LEFT TO READ IT, FOREVER FOR ; THE MOST MAJOR FAILURE LEGACY OF ANY SPECIES EVER.

    • GOM GOM


      Good to see so many brainiacs here.

      Way back I did posts stating and proving, that Tepco, and most all energy companies were owned and operated by the Abe government, controlled by investers.

      I see you understand that.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus(Eashoa’ M’sheekha)

      Quote from Silverlok's link:

      "…Instead, it is not US but Japanese megabanks who have emerged as the biggest victims of a worsening squeeze in the US $1 trillion commercial paper market, 'as high swap costs leave them with few satisfactory alternatives for dollar funding.'…"

      • Silverlok Silverlok

        "PraisingJesus(Eashoa’ M’sheekha)
        August 24, 2016 at 9:36 am · Reply

        Quote from Silverlok's link:

        "…Instead, it is not US but Japanese megabanks who have emerged as the biggest victims of a worsening squeeze in the US $1 trillion commercial paper market, 'as high swap costs leave them with few satisfactory alternatives for dollar funding.'…","

        so…are they they (j-banks the )cause?,or did hillaries visit have any interesting vector changes in the practicality or profitability of the 'situation'?

        a quote without comments is timid, to say the least

  • 24th August 2016 – Shallow 6.2 quake shakes Rome, ‘destroys’ town in central Italy

    All the Italian EURDEP monitoring stations appear to be off line at present.

    Us the "International Radiation Monitoring Station list" resources to keep track of the situation. Wind and Earthquake tools are at the top of the page.

  • The Giant - Humbled The Giant - Humbled


    What is "moderation" as in your comment is awaiting moderation?

  • The Giant - Humbled The Giant - Humbled


    Because I have two that are awaiting "moderation."

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    The sky grows stranger and stranger weekly. The sun hotter and hotter.

    All feels less and less friendly, more hostile in the natural world.

    Am I alone in feeling this?

    Feels like something catastrophic is occurring, just under the radar. Things appear normal (whatever that means) but they are not.

    Time to try to get some sleep. Hopefully will find peace and solace.

    Sweet dreams, all. Peace be unto you.

    • Down The River Down The River

      I’ve noticed that too, Ho Taters. The sun is really hot. I do my gardening/sun time in the morning, then I stay out of the sun after 10 am.

      There is pink in the sky every morning/evening, and if there are clouds, they are pink. On cloudless days, the horizon has a pink tint.

      And most of the clouds I’ve seen this summer are the result of chemtrails. I call them chemclouds, long wispy clouds that turn the sky a milky white.

    • Down The River Down The River

      The Smithsonian magazine had an article yesterday debunking the chemtrail “conspiracy”

      Pathetic article, no science, mostly making fun of nut-jobs like me that know chemtrails are happening.

      From the article:
      “Since then, the issue periodically pops up in the media. According to Public Policy Polling, about five percent of Americans believe in chemtrails. That’s more than the four percent who believe lizard people are taking over our politics but much less than the number who believe in bigfoot or that global warming is a hoax.”

      This is from one of the leading science magazines?

      But then again, science is in the shitter, along with the other institutions of knowledge in today’s world.


    • Sol Man

      The dead zones are certainly spreading. What else would one expect them to do? Where nasty material is concentrated it will naturally move out to create system equilibrium and have their effects on living creatures. It is beyond oxygen depletion.

      Radionuclides, voc's, ignorance…the world's a toxic bag.

      And, the Wigner Effect embrittles metal. What does it do to the fragile structure of the fat-laden human brain? This inquiring mind would like to know (while understanding is still possible.)

  • rogerthat

    10,000 tons of toxic water pools in Fukushima nuclear plant trenches

    August 23, 2016 (Mainichi Japan)

  • butler43

    link to Dr. Alan Richard Miller as requested. You'll have to look for the article on Mars. Very interesting take on unified theory as well. Very intelligent man who was very high up in US government.
    As to harsh environment on Mars, Miller worked on geodesic domes, one inside the other with water from Mars in between as a filter. Don't see why that isn't a workable thing and he says most are underground. Do you doubt that all the money that disappears every year from the US budget for "dark" projects couldn't be used for projects such as this. If you really want to listen to some amazing stuff on ET's, etc. listen to ex special ops Captain Kaye and there's another with a whole series on the new Roku channel Curiosity. The information is there and is it any less believable than four melt throughs and five years of endless radiation spewing into the environment? Who would have believed this prior to 3/11? I've also seen some very weird activity in the night sky. Could be from here but could as easily be from elsewhere. We're still pretty stupid, see 2020 Olympics and they were worried about Zika! Truth is stranger than fiction. I don't doubt for a second that we are looking at the end days of all life here except maybe jelly fish. That much plutonium is just not survivable. I mourn for the little children and babies that will suffer from man's greed. Thanks for the interesting dialogue. Better than the fights on Fuku Diary.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      earth based animals are not designed to have proper function with 2/3 of the gravity taken away. It would be fun for a while though. Scary when your spider plants die and your double shell home springs a leak. Its 100 deg below zero outside. You go out to fix it but theres nothing to breath. Nope, you have to face the hard reality; you are a prisoner in a little biosphere where the plants are dying, your GMO cloned meat vat has mold, and you have no escape. Death is inevitable. You wonder, why, oh why didnt I just build my biosphere in orbit around earth? Or better still, ON earth? Build a biosphere ON EARTH?? You slap your forehead…how could I be SO STUPID!!!!


    The Fed has a new facebook page, let them know what you think

  • stock here–One writer is catching people's attention by point out radiation levels that are hundreds of times worse "than normal". Trouble is, he is falsely reporting and comparing apples to buffalo burgers.

  • I am getting some high profile visitors to Nukepro

    Mark Laris

    Chief Nuclear Engineer at Reactor Engingineering Services

    Dallas/Fort Worth Area
    Oil & Energy


    Reactor Engineering Services


    Reactor Engineering Associates, LLC, Exelon Nuclear, FirstEnergy Corp.


    Purdue University

    Recommendations 6 people have recommended Mark

    Company Website

  • Two Belgian nuclear power plant workers have joined ISIS leading to fears the jihadis have the intelligence to cause a meltdown disaster

    Two workers from a nuclear power plant in Doel fled to Syria to join ISIS
    One was 'killed in Syria' and another served time for terror offences in 2014
    Security guard at a Belgian nuclear research facility murdered in Charleroi
    Officials say killing is being treated as a criminal act rather than a terror act
    Nuclear power plants are known to be targets for the terror network behind the Brussels bombings
    See more on the Belgian attacks at

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  • Roughly there are 10 important gut bacteria. See Chart.

    Gut flora has somehow taken a huge nosedive in the last few years, and now Pro-biotic is a common word.

    Some gut flora is greatly benefited by the presence of Oligosaccharides in the gut.

    OK for those that follow me, this is now going to knock your socks off.

    What is the best source of Oligosaccarides?


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