TV: California seafood is tainted from Fukushima disaster, says chef — Anything from San Diego to Alaska removed — “It’s easy for people to be convinced there’s no harm now, that’s part of problem” (VIDEO)

Published: January 17th, 2014 at 9:59 am ET


KEYT – Santa Barbara News Channel 3, Jan. 15, 2014 (h/t MissingSky101): Local Chef Takes North Pacific Seafood Off Menu; Chef Robert Perez says Fukushima disaster tainted California seafood […] Robert Perez has been a chef for more than three decades, but it was the nuclear disaster in Japan that changed the way he cooks. […] Even though scientists have said that the radiation in the ocean is now low, Perez isn’t buying it. […] all seafood from the San Diego border to Alaska [are off the menu at Seagrass] […] Scientist think avoiding the seafood is overboard and have said the levels of radiation in fish are less than what people are exposed to from x-rays. Perez said he has to be able to stand behind what he serves, even if people think it’s extreme.

Chef Perez: “The way things are heading, we just feel strongly that it is not safe, and I’m not going to consume the fish and I’m definitely not going to provide it to my guests. I just can’t do that with a clear conscience […] Alpine, New Zealand salmon […] It comes from glacier water. […] It’s easy for people to be convinced that there’s no harm right now, and that’s part of the problem […] That’s just part of who we are. And I cook because I want to please people. And I want people to be healthy with my food. I want them to feel good physically and spiritually. So that’s my intent, that’s the intent I put out there. So if I have a product that I feel uncomfortable with, and I don’t care if it’s an onion or a piece of meat or a piece of fish, it’s all the same. It has to be something that I can stand behind and say, ‘Please try this.'”

Watch the broadcast here

Published: January 17th, 2014 at 9:59 am ET


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123 comments to TV: California seafood is tainted from Fukushima disaster, says chef — Anything from San Diego to Alaska removed — “It’s easy for people to be convinced there’s no harm now, that’s part of problem” (VIDEO)

  • BlondyFu BlondyFu

    I watched Fox news this morning and they had a segment on Fukashima and I have to say its extremely deceptive and dishonest what the so called "expert" guest had to say. They are trying to downplay the dangers of radiation in the fish they monitored. I would like to know how these people sleep at night. Watch the segment and see what you think.

    • Ontological Ontological

      Fox is now Faux, The Fox was too wise to represent them.

      • Speedy

        I didn't see either one take even one bite out of the fish….

        • skizexq skizexq

          The typo is great: Scientist think avoiding the seafood is overboard – oh, THAT Scientist~!

          • combomelt combomelt

            Nicholas Fisher needs a teleprompter to keep the truth from spilling out all over that sushi.

            Go ahead guys, share that spicy tuna roll! mmm melts in your mouth doesn't it?

            at :27 sec in NF-omg he is so uncomfortable!! but..
            "um….the……The radiation is higher certainly in waters around Cali…around Japan than it is in the eastern pacific around california."
            and to think he missed his calling as an actor!

            Stammer stammer, lie some, loosen collar, deny, downplay, compare & obfuscate, look around the studio behind frightened-soul eyes, no way out of this, demonize those who "choose" to worry, stammer, uh stammer. Thanks, great to be here!

            Who wants to buy a can of tuna from this guy?

    • natano natano

      Hey blondyfu,
      Any time you say fox news, don't forget the correct grammar – it's written Fox "news" because anyone who is slightly informed knows what an absolute joke it is. In fact, if you rely on fox for "news" you are 18% less informed than people who watch no news at all. Which means you are misinformed and that is worse than being uninformed. Kinda like our friends and family who call us hysterical for recommending ENE to everyone we see. We've got about 2-5 years before people start developing symptoms on the west coast.

      • GOM GOM

        nantano: And when sick deniers overcome the medical system, then what?

        • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

          GOM: answer's obvious. They'll be shipped out to the neareset FEMA convalescent home. Such people will be a burden on their families also, so they'll be relieved of that burden.

      • guevara3712

        i doubt it will be that long because they got a good dose of iodine right away. i would expect some cancers to be showing up this year and increase for a couple years just from i think what's reaching there now from ocean currents will be like you say though, and add to the problem although i would expect the cancers from cesium and stuff to be a bit slower than the iodine and noble gas ones that have been raining on us for almost 3 years.

    • I watched it.

      First of all the clip's title is "Does crippled Fukushima reactor still pose risk?".

      That should read… "Do the triple out of control Nuclear Meltdowns at Fukushima still pose a risk?"

      They keep comparing the dose amount to naturally occurring radiation. In the 3 minute video the expert says 'naturally occurring' 5 times. (repeat, repeat)

      Personally, I think these people are criminals. He does disclaimer himself, as most do, by saying, "It's an open question about the risks associated with eating extremely low doses of radioactivity…"

      The newscaster talks in past tense. Like it's over.

      • earthsmith earthsmith

        Kudos to the chef but to assume the rest of The produce is safe seems unwise imo. R3 is not melting it simply blew sky high. 1,2 &4 I will buy that. Money has no boundaries only slaves

        • Good point. The produce is suspect too.

          R3 did indeed blow sky high.
          However, IMO, 'something' is still melting at R3.

          There is ONLY ONE ANSWER to the unreliability of our food that that I can see.

          TEST EVERYTHING! …or else you or a loved one is taking a risk that we didn't volunteer for.

          I know what some will say that doing so would be very costly. On the other hand, what is the COST if we don't?

          I know it's unfair. It's even more unfair to those yet unborn and to all the species that will suffer who are innocent.

          When will the POTUS speak up? 😉

          • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

            With an explosion like that #3…some goes up…some goes down.

            It not all went "gone with the wind".

            & lets not forget the pools…

            • earthsmith earthsmith

              Yes thankyou both for the correction. some indeed did blow down and around. those sneaky fuel pools.

        • johnnyo


          A chef who gets it
          at last a piece of good news
          not fear porn doom-gloom

          • johnnyo


            Aint goin gently
            Into future's Fuk'd up night
            Teach some Hang others

          • sayonara kitty sayonara kitty

            cool poems johnnyo…. i agree this chef is a decent person, and i appreciate him speaking out. nothing worse than seeing a pregnant woman order seafood. i also agree that the veges are dangerous as well, but we got to start somewhere and i applaud this guy for stepping up and doing what our elected officials won't.

        • amberlight amberlight

          I applaud the chef's ethics, but I do not expect him or any other restaurateur to do the monitoring of our food for us. We all need to learn how to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

          The produce that has received radionuclides coming down in the rain is a different matter from fish that swim in polluted waters and concentrate the toxins through the food chain. Outside of Japan (and the personnel on the SS Reagan), marine life has demonstrated the greatest impact from the disaster, but it is the easiest to avoid consuming. The effect on vegetables and fruits, which are absolutely essential to human health, is more diffuse and more difficult to monitor.

          There could be produce from, say, Colorado that is more irradiated than produce from California's central valley, depending upon wind currents and rain patterns. In Japan certain areas farther from Daiichi were found to be more radioactive than places closer to the plant due to wind patterns.

          Considering all sources of toxins, radioactivity, heavy metals, etc., we might as well change the name of Earth to Planet Poison.

    • bluetick

      they need to stop playing games and just say it JAPAN IS GONE AS A NATION…the sickness loss of people,gdp will drop, everything there is hot, I dont buy anything made in japan matter of fact I run from their products now..

    • Max1 Max1

      FOXNews(R) is a self admitted GOP Propaganda station.

  • ForgingTowardstheSunset

    Hello Enenewsers
    I have been following this site for a while now and although it's all obviously pretty terrifying, there is a comfort to be had in knowing there are others out there who recognise, and care about, this slow-motion ecocide. Ignorance is bliss but i'd rather be well informed and miserable than oblivious and content. Thank you to all those regular commentators who make the technical information easier to understand and who help cut through the industry/MSM doublespeak.

    • Ontological Ontological

      "Ignorance is bliss but i'd rather be well informed and miserable than oblivious and content". Knowledge does indeed come at a price.

      • Oh, see the happy moron;
        he does not give a damn.
        I wish I were a moron –

        My God! Perhaps I am!

        • Sickputer

          Funny Joy… I might even laugh but we have a bad air inversion today. The haze looks weird to me so I wish I were a moron. Bad smell jn the air today in west Texas. My senses tell me that's not all Southwest dust in the nasty haze.

          • Sorry to hear that, SP. But if you can see and smell it, it's probably not [just] a radioactive plume. I used to live across the river from a paper mill. Moist morning air was orange and smelled a lot like… um… rotten eggs. Ate the paint right off houses and cars. "No Danger To The General Public" of course, for decades, until Greenpeace caught 'em releasing dioxin into the river and they turned it into a park.

            Strangely, nobody seemed to wonder much why the city had the highest rate of lung cancer in the country… §:o(

    • Everyone play a part in combating radiation ignorance. At this link there are practical ways to alert the neighbors

      knowing is better than not knowing. ya?

    • vicky13 vicky13

      Welcome to the group ForgingTowardstheSunset,,

      I hear ya and agree 100%


    • sayonara kitty sayonara kitty

      forgingtowardsthesunset. you are so right on. its distressing, but i would not have it any other way. we as adults need to find solutions and ways to protect the children that had nothing to do with this deadly industry. peace

  • Ontological Ontological

    Test the good looking ones in the batch tactics, coming to a fish farm near you.

    • jump-ball jump-ball

      Test the good looking ones yourself in your local grocery, coming eventually to consumers in stores nationwide.

  • GQR2

    Blondyfu i think they sleep at night because they are asleep during all their hours. Watch the body language in the fox/cnn "expert" propaganda piece. The part time adjunct person from Suny ? has dead eyes. He looks like he knows he is about to tell a whopper aka a Lie. A lie that will make many people not take precautions and thus get ill faster.

    The host on the Fox clip looks like he wants to back away from that Sushi. oh and yeah its got mercury in it too. Eat up Bitches !! as the saying goes.

    The chef is a hero. A man that deserves a medal ! YAY for that Chef i hope he starts a fad of integrity.

    peace all…

    • bo bo


      Do you have any updates on your brother's restaurant 'Dirty Water' in san francisco?

      • bo bo

        Oops I didn't mean that post to be a reply to u, sorry GQ

      • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

        Hiya Bo. He is about to break ground and start construction. He as well will not serve anything from the Pacific and has his own water distilling machine. I will let you know when the opening is. His menu will be full of radiation screened items. Thanks for asking.

        • bo bo

          Very excited for his venture! If I had money I would be his angel investor !

          • bo bo

            If the government / media is going to continue the blackout, these restaurants popping up all over Cali and doing well, that should give those still unaware a hint.

            • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

              This is what I was saying to someone the other day. A restaurant/store would make a killing (did I say that?) by insuring their food is safe. And while at a restaurant, the back of the menus could teach people a little something about bio-accumulation. Then through word of mouth, business explodes.

              • bo bo

                Exactly syke.
                If CNN / NPR refuses to educate, the backs of the menus can be the media outlet.

                • Great idea, I'm sure such an establishment would quickly gain a loyal customer base. Hope they include info on the back of the menu about mercury, petroleum, dioxin/2,4D, 'unnamed' Corexit chemicals and GMOs expressing Bt toxins in every cell too. Our food supplies are contaminated and getting more contaminated, sometimes on purpose.

                  Responsible eateries can lead the educational charge!

    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

      I think this is a great op to go at the resturaunteers post a flyer at the biggest ones do an snail ail campaign and make them put the pressure on for testing . How to do it without hurting them is the biggest challenge but it can be done , there are assassinations that are getting spooned what the gov says to allay our fears . How to we challenge that without a dissitation I reaching them to help us . I'm putting it on the list

      • clamshellernh clamshellernh

        Omg this computer wrote assassination I did not write that , gee I hope someone's not messing with my spellcheck sorry folks . If you see anything like this in my posts please disregard .,

  • gello

    Wow, thanks for the link Bfu. Such deception from that guy on fox news. Unbelievable. Furthermore, he looked guilty. Surfs up.
    In real terms, he is playing with peoples lives.

  • Nick

    At this point, I am not sure any of us can verify the safety of our food and water.

    You would need to test, test, and retest using very expensive methods to assure lack of "taint."

    We have flooded our biosphere with all manner of toxins. Experts claim that levels are too low to worry about. Says who?

    If radioactive substances are harmful (if not lethal) at the atomic level, how is any dose SAFE?

    It is the great con of our time that believes low levels of anything are OKAY, FINE, no problem, etc!

    Tritium is an example. Vast quantities are created 24/7 by nuclear power plants. Experts SAY that it's not really anything to worry about. The reason they say thgis is for the simple reason that they CAN,t filter it or get rid of it before being released into the biosphere.

    The meme from here on has got to be argued at the atomic level.

    I guarantee you that sometime in the future a researcher will verify that human produced toxins exert influence at the smallest of scales, government regulations not-withstanding.

    Taint ain't nothing.

    The nuclear military industrial complex has tainted us all.

    • Mark Wonclunker

      "Taint" is a very nasty euphemism employed continually by TPTB. It should be understood by all that "taint" means "radioactive poison".

      I remember how the tanks at Fuku contained "tainted water".

  • GQR2

    He sure is i keep replaying the clip and can't believe my ears, the nerve , the pure homicidal nature to try to normalize these highly toxic fish for regular consumption. Its criminal pathological lying. And i know for a fact people in the california riveria are starting to drop like flies. Many have resources and get medical care. Lots of people are sick. Many. right. now.

    it's a mind control exercise propaganda to normalize cancer and always be baffled about cause and effect. When the knowledge IS there , this stuff even the littlest bit is toxic forever, and mostly invisible, tasteless, scent less amounts. It gets into everything. everything. They are trying to normalize this. People need to know why they are getting sick. The law allows them to leave KNOWN carcinogens in food.

    Just because some radiation occurs "naturally" does not make it ok. Radiation is radiation. wow. The dumbing down of society in action.

    He was paid for by the Tuna industry i bet.

  • Socrates

    Depending on the assumptions made, as with any other metric, eating sushi is like eating a banana. Both contain radionuclides. However, in the case of a banana, there is naturally occurring Potassium-40 which the human body readily excretes; whereas in the sushi we have Cesium-137 which is basically a man-made radionuclide that builds up in the human body because it is not excreted efficiently.

    There are many so-called "scientists" who will promote this false equivalency because the levels by some measurements are similar. The bid lie is that the biological effects are drastically different.

    Steven Starr works with Helen Caldicott's foundation. He explains the difference in several videos. He explains the bioaccumulation of Cesium-137 and the medical effects from studies following Chernobyl.

    There are no codes of ethics for those who want to mislead the public about this important issue. Government and corporations are free to mislead the unsuspecting public. This should be criminal. Media sells the lie.

    • humptydumpty humptydumpty

      You meant to say, "the big lie is that the biological effects are also similar, when actually they are drastically different."

      Sushi is far from being the only seafood product that presents a health risk from radiation. Pointing to this particular product may give some people the impression that cooking fish reduces the risk, but of course it does not.

      How much of a risk of radiation being present in Pacific seafood remains undetermined and undoubtedly this is very location dependent, but there can be no doubt it has increased markedly and continues to spread, as well.

      Since there's no end in sight, and because radiation is being proliferated through the atmosphere as well as the ocean currents, it's easy to imagine how the risks to all life on earth are being exacerbated to a greater degree than any other single cause in history, and very likely even greater than all past radiation releases combined.

      Any attempt by nuclear apologists to minimize the danger must be called out for its absurdity. This is the crime of all time which compromises the viability and health of all life! Any sane person should be calling for the immediate termination of nuclear power and weapons worldwide. It's that simple, but unfortunately now we know that neither government leaders nor corporate executives nor nuclear scientists are truly sane. Greed and self interest have overshadowed decency and reverence for life — it's a sickness endemic to unregulated capitalism.

      • GQR2

        Had a friend stop talking to me, lost that friend. Told me, after i presented the facts a couple of times. She bar-b-Qs the radiation off, fed it to the kids on Christmas, eats mussles by the pound. 4 friends with cancer a couple who died. Told me adapt or die. This is a "sane" person. i have to wonder what passes for sanity. We live in a massively insane culture. Pretty much driven there. It is devastating – absolutely devastating the big picture. There is a lot of MONEY at stake. Money and life styles.

        No wonder many would allow their own Normality Bias (h/t to the Newser who introduced this psychological phenomenon) to get in the way of accepting something so life changing, like a life threatening diagnosis changes a person's life, so has this life DNA killer poison changed the earth. The powers that be There is no party of the people. Though the mental haze continues, its a trance and a con game by the Corporations who own all politicians now, with the Supreme Court's blessing.
        People need to see through the television and better yet turn it off. The law recently changed all shreds of the Fairness Act now gone. They are allowed to lie. Allowed to say any damn thing they please,and they do in the service of advertising. Capitalism turns into Fascism. Fascism is brutal. It is based on lies in any culture.

    • Songie Songie

      Socrates says, "However, in the case of a banana, there is naturally occurring Potassium-40 which the human body readily excretes; whereas in the sushi we have Cesium-137 which is basically a man-made radionuclide that builds up in the human body because it is not excreted efficiently."

      Socrates, this is very well said and succinct. Do you mind if I use your words in my continual quest to educate those around me?


      • Socrates

        Have your friends watch Steven Starr ' s excellent video presentations. You can find then on Youtube. Permission was officially granted for full public use.

        The Chernobyl studies of Cesium-137 are very enlightening. It isn't something you want to feed your children, in my opinion.

        I am also very concerned about Strontium-90. The Radiation Public Health Project (RPHP) has been involved in baby teeth studies. There are 32 peer – reviewed articles posted there on their website.

        Privately tested Canadian Strontium-90 test results showed levels rising in milk samples after 3-11. EnviroReporter carried an article about this last Spring.

        If more Strontium-90 is coming our way, the fairy tooth studies need to be refunded to protect our children. Joseph Mangano may be contacted.

    • RJ RJ

      I agree. I live in Japan and take these almost every night. WOW! Even with a 4 to 5 hour sleep, these pills make you feel like you slept for ten hours. I highly recommend them.

      • jump-ball jump-ball

        16 ounce bottles of zeolite powder are available for between $28 and $52 each, much more economical than capsules or the 'liquid'. I started on the less spendy 'ZeoForce' 2 weeks ago, have had both more and less energetic days biking my daily 20 miles but know from previous fasts that detoxing doesn't feel good and some days can be downright bad. My zeolite tastes like the smoked, pulverized volcanic lava that it is, so I mix it in a juice and then a juice chaser.

        Wished I could have given some as a useful Xmas gift, but not one of my family, kids or friends would have touched the stuff.

  • “The way things are heading, we just feel strongly that it is not safe… I just can’t do that with a clear conscience."
    – Chef Perez

    Finally, a human being and a business owner with a conscience.

    If I ever go to San Diego I will go for dinner at the Seagrass restaurant.

    Isn't it obvious that the spewing of radiation, with no end in sight, is going to have an ongoing accumulating impact.

    The experts will NEVER STOP DOWNPLAYING the debacle known as Fukushima. Well, at least until they're dead.

  • isogoodhumans

    The way the radiation limits are set for radiation in food, it incerntivizes the Japanese fishing fleet over North America.

    Japan, 100 bq/kg
    Canada 1000 bq/kg
    US 1200 bq/kg

    The MO right now, for Japan at least, seems to be: catch the fish, test some, export the fish over 100 to USA, Canada. Japan tested over 11,000 fish in 2013 and a portion of those-even outside Fukushima-were over 100.

    Most of these programs saying the fish is safe have no data. Even if they did have data, noone has yet explained why Japan is 100, Canada 1000, 1200 US.

    Japanese have lower reistance to radiation? So if a Japanese person lives in the US they shouldnt eat any fish because Japanese have a lower resistance?

    Read our in-depth study on the differeence between limits and how it is affecting food trade:

    • eyefidelity

      Call me cynical, but I think the US government is willing to let Americans consume fish that the Japanese won‘t. Just wait until the Trans-Pacific Partnership is established… multinational corporations will sue if their products aren‘t allowed to be sold….

      • US organic industry happy with the importation of "organic" products from Japan into the United States.


        Sept. 26, 2013 – Earlier today, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced that the United States and Japan formed a partnership that will recognize the two organic programs as equivalent and allow access to each other's markets.

        Representatives from the U.S. ORGANIC INDUSTRY — including trade associations and organic producers — praised the U.S.-Japan partnership.

  • Danger Danger

    The "Lie Detector" sounds whenever External Dose (X-ray or plane trip) is equated to an Internal Dose (eating, breathing, drinking hot atoms).

    Santa Barbara News 3: "levels of radiation in fish are less than what people are exposed to from x-rays"

    • Danger Danger

      There is no safe internal dose.

    • Radiation dose from man-made isotopes is NEVER "less than background," ALWAYS in addition to. That's all anybody needs to know to refute these banana-slingers right off the bat. Dose is cumulative. Not a single K40 isotope is ever removed from the background dose just because some cesium slipped into the potassium content of any food or water.

      COMPARING unnatural excess dose to background is fair, to give a general idea of how much excess we're talking about. But whenever you hear or see the words "less than," launch your tirade.


    We can all talk of radioactive fish, testing, bioaccumulation, ect.. But we must also realize that someday, many, many ill people will start to overwhelm the medical 'industry'. There are tons of folks right now who are feeling sick, showing symptoms, and being brushed off as having , let's say, Gastritis [stomach inflammation] or "a touch of the flu". And when their [or kids] symptoms appear worse and the numbers start to rise, then what? Will every Doctor/Nurse/Tech keep his/her mouth shut? It would be illogical to think that. As Doctors and Nurses will be ill also. We are not Japan. Word will get around concerning radiation sickness. Any thoughts?

    • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

      GOM: ELE in slow motion. Birth and viable birth rates drop significantly. The rich go underground – the birth of the Morlocks.

      • jump-ball jump-ball

        The startling Pacific Beach radiation-detection video of wide ranging Inspector CPMs from 30 to 156, to 412 on the sand, along with 1000s more videos by POTRBLOG, MICHAEL COLLINS, CRISTINA CONSOLO, MIMI GERMAN and others showing the 'leopard spot', localized, concentration patterns, evident in both rain, snow, sand , ground, as well as air – lead me to the hope that definitive Geiger and statistical proof of ubiquitous aquatic, ground and atmospheric HOT SPOTS will force realization of the impending health dangers, and some organized remediation effort, before the hospitals are simply overwhelmed.

        Not a scientist, but I intend to build my "Minefield Deposition" file on radiation patterns, with links and references, to as scientific a point as I can, and help disprove the specious, profit minded, false premised 'dilution solution' and 'low levels are OK' arguments.

        The dual reality is that we are 1) constantly being exposed to what will be revealed to have been a rising, and maybe rapidly rising background level, and 2) periodically and frequently being exposed to unseen localized hot spots of truly dangerous radiation levels.

        • jump-ball jump-ball

          Fish and food products are exposed to similar HOT SPOTS, with widely varying contaminations, rendering "sampling" an utter ruse. 'Point of sale' detection, however it could be done, may become the last resort, short of the growing 'just say no' restaurant policy.

          Maybe the capable scintillators are already here, such as the $1100 'Walkabout – Isotope Identifier'(requires your own iPhone5), but their site goes 'non-responding' and I can't see its capabilities. Elsewhere there are leads to $1500 food-detection-capable scintillators, which concerned community members could and should joint venture and share.


          ALLEGEDLYAPPARENT video shows 1 brand of Nori seaweed still on the shelf of an Iwaki Japan store reading 86 CPMs 'in the package', 4X or so the levels of adjacent Nori brand packages, and that using a 'not-food-sensitive-enough' SE Inspector: a food-capable scintillator would reveal that one package to have 'send to the rad dump' contamination levels.

    • Danger Danger

      In the US and Canada there is a massive H1N1 influenza outbreak slamming hospitals and ICU's, in my area doctors are now putting people into medically induced comas giving a 50/50 chance of survival (victims in their 30s). Could this flu spike be partly exacerbated by immune deficiency brought on by radiation exposure in the N. Hemisphere?

      • "Could this flu spike be partly exacerbated by immune deficiency brought on by radiation exposure in the N. Hemisphere?"
        – Danger

        IMO – It should be considered.

        Here's an idea.

        Perhaps, doctors and experts should reverse their thinking.

        Instead of saying prove that this illness was triggered by radiation. (difficult to do, long term)

        What we should say is that all illness are likely linked to radiation contamination we just need to know how much and of what kind.

        What area of the country did you live or grow up?
        What industries were in your area?
        Did you live in the city or on a farm?
        What foods did you and your mother eat years ago?
        How many CT or other scans have you had?

        Probably with the right set a questions one could probably calculate what kind of cancer or illness they are most likely going to get.
        (just my humble opinion)

        • unincredulous unincredulous

          A couple of weeks ago, I went outside and had a metallic taste strongly in my mouth. A few hours later, I checked netc and there was an elevated detection over Evansville, Indiana not far from here. By the end of the week, I was feeling stiffer and stiffer, and within 10 days, could no longer work. diagnosed with some flu variant. I thought it odd, that I was not asked to give lab work. Just take this Tamiflu stuff. The doctor did mention in conversation that H1N_ whatever

          Spent most of this last week sleeping. Now, feel weak after only three waking hours, back to sleep

          Not saying there is a correlation between metallic taste, illness. Sure sticks out in my mind, though. I had not had a flu in 20 years or more. Never get vaccines, except Tetanus. Recently been dosing with Reishi Mushroom extract, and Chaga extract, before the flu hit me, then I stopped, till now.

          Usually my comments are not too scientific. So this is my token data input.

          • bo bo

            Hey unincredulous… are your reishis ok rad-wise?
            I know mushrooms are radiation sponges

          • Links like that are important.

            Flu can be triggered by chemicals or radiation, because it knocks down the immune system and weakens the body defenses.

            Then you are wide open to whatever is floating around out there.

            Radiation also mutates viruses and bacteria, making them STRONGER, and more deadly.

      • artika rama

        danger I am from asia ,, the same here as well .

  • bo bo

    I assume this is more smooth jazz from kenny B @ gloryhole oceanographic institute, however I'm @ work and can't watch it thru at the moment

    • bo bo

      Was on wgbh news last night

    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

      Hi Bo , I contacted them yesterday to be put on the list as an Atlantic Ocean Massachusetts tester I have not heard back yet , but thank you for the post I caught the tail end of that on TV last night and was furious that they are still sticking with the dilution bs , but they say no radiation levels are safe hope folks heard that . I don't put much stock in it but what the hell I'm hoping that as this goes more mainstream other labs will be stepping out as amoney opportunity and we can compare . I'll post back when I hear .
      I still am also hoping to glean more rad data from companies that depend on the oceans testing to find info too .
      I want a detector …

      • bo bo

        Clam, hope the event went well last night!
        As I said I still haven't watched this thing, that's a big small step for kenny B, to admit no levels are safe.

        What's an ocean tester? Sounds interesting, perhaps I'll sign up too!

      • Angela_R

        Clamshell, "they are still sticking with the dilution bs"

        Recently, as I attempted to explain the current situation and the belief that the ocean would dilute, the listener responded:
        "I understand, when using an oil based paint around a swimming pool, I dropped a large blob into the pool. I attempted to mix it with the water. Panicking, fearful that it would block up the filter, I sought to collect."

        The outcome I did not hear, my mind was spinning in the 'sea of undiluted radioactivity;' UNSEEN Radioactivity that may, or may not, be connected to a particle.

  • weeman

    What ocean is not contaminated to some extent, they all are already some more than others and don't forget the natural exposure? Can't be zero and don't forget zero is a manmade number, zero does not exist in nature and that is not a probability.

    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

      We testing was done in Maine from a sea weed company the results they published and posted and yes cesium 154 and cesium 137 was found in the kelp . That was 2012 , they have not done any more testing as they said they would two times a year since . They must know its bad . I could post it here if folks want to see it . It's a lab report done by a Maine lab at a university .

      • Sam Sam

        could you please post it here. any testing this company did on
        squid from north atlantic? thanks what about lobsters? any testing
        done on them.?

  • Nick

    I suggest that we all alter our view of the future.

    Love for today. Cherish the past. Forget the future, it's already been ripped away from us all.

    Naturally many will take offense at such a mindset, let 'em.

    Plan accordingly, GMI is here. (global mass insanity)

    • Shaker1

      Nick, I won't take direct offense, and distinctly understand the sentiments. Love for today? Of course. That goes without saying. And you, I, or anyone is a product of the past. I might add that the future always has the potential to be individually 'ripped from us.'

      It's just that the love (for lack of a better word(s) or description that would be contained in a single comment box) that I feel is unrefuted confidence that there will be something after this of which I can only guess as to its form. It may not be what I would personally recognize, but, hey, who in hell am I?

      I subscribe to the idea that evolution is somewhat catastrophically driven (not some cosmological statement, just observation that have concurrent guesses scientifically), and if there is some residual 'me' that is left behind I wish it to be that 'love'. Really, was such a thing ever the best that could have been really hoped for anyway? As long as you keep the first part first, 'Love for today' I don't see how anyone can take offense.

    • mairs mairs

      But the future is still coming at us, and will continue to do so. Reading a first hand account, written a year ago, about what it was like to watch Chernobyl evacuees come through a man's village, then to see the evacuation widen… to see adults and children die too young… shows that yes there are people who survived and still are alive. Everything isn't going to collapse, because the human race doesn't collapse. This will be a huge hit, but it won't kill off every last one of us. It simply won't.

    • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

      I'd also like to add, what I feel is most important, remember, REMEMBER, the clean air, water, food; when store bought food had a taste and a texture; when life was simple and enjoyable; when you didn't have to worry about your gov't lying to you and making your life more difficult than it had to be; when you could eat the snow; drink from the stream; jump into the pile of leaves. Never forget that malformed babies wasn't the norm; that there was a standard, a baseline, a time, where the outdoors was not detrimental to your health or the health of the unborn. Don't let them change the very definition of what quality-of-life should mean.

  • Myme

    Some of you may already know this, but I just came to learn Ken Buesseler, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, is crowd-funding the Fukushima radiation monitoring.

    Donation page

    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

      This was all over msm yesterday , I'm on it

    • Ana Ana

      I have such strong feelings about this man and his efforts. Thankful he is trying. Bitterly sad that my government won't do this as a matter of routine. Using the internet to try to raise money to crowd source info on Fuku radiation here in America makes me want to cry. I guess the not naif reality is my government is in fact monitoring this closely and will not tell me the truth because I am not one of the chosen ones anointed to survive.
      Ana in Sacramento

      • bo bo

        Ana so you think that he has his heart in the right place ?
        All I can recall him doing is repeat 'dilution' and 'scary but not alarming' 'befuddlement' bs….he has even once said he would go swimming in the water right outside of fukushima.

        Everytime he opens his mouth to misinform the public I feel like telling him 'go live there, or SHUT UP.'

        My distrust of ken buessler is so big, even though this whole crowd sourcing project sounds benign, I even wonder if it's some kind if a trap / set up.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    "North America is finished."
    – Leuren Moret –

  • mairs mairs

    "Less than x-rays. Less than x-rays. Less than x-rays."

    I'm sorry but if I have to compare what's gotten into my fish with x-rays, you've already lost that one, establishment.

    Mel B (former Spice Girl) rushed her daughter to a Los Angeles hospital with an uncontrollable nose bleed. She possibly has a heart problem, blood vessel issue.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    "Back in 2012, the Vancouver Sun reported that cesium-137 was being found in a very high percentage of the fish that Japan was selling to Canada.

    • 73 percent of mackerel tested

    • 91 percent of the halibut

    • 92 percent of the sardines. [sardines populations appear to have crashed. PUN]

    • 93 percent of the tuna and eel

    • 94 percent of the cod and anchovies

    • 100 percent of the carp, seaweed, shark and monkfish"

    It is so much worse then we know, because the groundwater is washing over nuclear fuel debris in the ground under Fukushima, and exiting into the Pacific Ocean.
    TEPCO hasn't even installed a barrier at the harbor entrance to trap the contamination flowing out of it.
    TEPCO has quit work to install an underground wall to divert groundwater away from the corium lava tubes.
    So now the Pacific Ocean Ecosystem is dying, species by species. Starfish. Salmon. Sardines.
    Do not eat Pacific Ocean seafood.

    They tell me that Red Lobster is going belly up. Wonder why? 😉

    Where is da damn corium, eh, TEPCO?

  • DrSpindrift

    See it from the perspective of the tobacco industry. You can kill millions and hardly be noticed. Hard science is the best way to counter industry spin. Be patient but count the deaths snd count the cancers. Don't believe anyone who tells you it is safe unless they are medically qualified – they just don't have the training.

    • Mark Wonclunker

      Dr S, whilst I agree with most of your post, I would like to comment on the last sentence.

      In my experience, doctors don't know anything about radiation. They just know that the industry supplies them with tools [xray, catscan, petscan, mammogram etc] and their hospitals expect them to use them.

      Recently, when in hospital, I was told I needed a catscan. I refused, and showed them on the internet just what an enormous dose it was. They initially thought I was mad, then they were amazed, and then they went into denial. [Obviously it was hospital policy to get as much use out of the catscanner as possible.]

      I volunteered for an MRI instead. [No radiation]


    All our food is contaminated either by Fukushima or any of the other hundreds of leaking nuclear plants in the world. Eat foods that are known to soak up less radiation than others and eat only what you need to live, anymore than that is unnecessary risk.

  • Nick




    yes it is.

    Ask not what your country can taint for you, consume away.

    You'll all die anyway.

    Taint so. Is it? Yup.

  • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

    In from California…drought.

    My bet, radiation increases water to vapor conversion.
    Both dry and wet areas will soon be dry.

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      PSM…interesting thought….could it be drying up the rain in the clouds before it arrives….we are at a 1/2 inch for so. cal and normal is around 12.

      • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

        NBO…this comes only from direct observation. The humidity in Oregon has increased quite alot in the past few years and the rain decreased.

        It could be that the radiation also prevents the clouds from dropping rain until a super-saturation point is reached.

        That would explain all the floods we have seen…and all the droughts we have seen.

        Remember back in 2011 when the mid-west was under a drought and the corn all dryed up?

        These super saturated clouds also don't give much of a radar signature for some reason, and the weather men have trouble knowing where they are.

        I know this, after 2 events in Oregon last year, when I checked to see WTF was going on. No radar signature? I was dumbfounded.

  • Brian

    Hi ALL, this is my first entry on this site. Just wanted to mention that this chef may well be the little snowball beginning to roll down the mountain of government lies. Hopefully this snowball will splinter and become many HUGE snowballs rendering the elite controllers some SERIOUS grief!

    On another note I wanted to mention that I am writing from a small town in southern Ontario Canada and I am working at my computer whilst my rad meter is chirping at anywhere between 0 to 100 CPM! That is more than background radiation. As the bird flies I am 2,099 miles from Vancouver, British Columbia. So know one can persuade me that the west cost of NA is not in big trouble at this moment!!!

    Also, at the gym to day that the TV monitors were showing a weather girl explaining about how fog is created. The heading on the screen said the science of RADIATION FOG! I'm 68 years old and I have never heard fog mentioned with the radiation word in front of it ever. Sounds to me like the weather channels are mandated to use that word now to help down play what is becoming a norm in NA. Any comments?

    • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

      Greetings and welcome. Like me, us old timers have some time honored experience to help us wade through the BS. When someone says, "I've fished these waters for 40+ years and I've never seen anything like this before", that means more to me than the tripe from gov't shills.

    • Radiation fog is formed by the cooling of land after sunset by THERMAL radiation in calm conditions with clear sky.

      Like a radiating heater.

      RadioACTIVE Fog may become a new term in the near future.
      Maybe they will just call it a HOT Fog?

      Garua Fog is invisible until it hits your windshield. 😉

    • Mark Wonclunker

      It's a common meteorological term. You can google it.

      They are not talking about "radioactivity". They refer to the sun's radiation.

      • Mark Wonclunker

        Sorry, I didn't see ChasAha's post.
        [ I am having trouble with moving around the site at the moment, and seeing various posts – anyone else? – I have messaged Admin about it.]

  • Kurt Albert

    I am a Chef in northeastern Brazil, Salvador, and I dont use any salmon from the Pacific since two years or so… and I go even one step further: no more dried mushrooms from Chile, no more Wine even we used to have only chilean wines in our Card ( Brazilians love them) , in fact, We are Aware of this Problem now since all These years. Thanks to Independent sites like enenews and many many others… thank you for spreading the word!


  • bo bo

    Brian, Kurt, InJapan, welcome to enenews !
    Each poster bringing unique and genuine first hand accounts from all corners of the globe. Thank you so much, for sharing your stories.

  • Miracle_Seeker

    Being a wild salmon consumer, wouldn't it be safer to eat the salmon now as compared to 5-10-20 years from now?

    I realize that ingesting any amount of radioisotopes is undesireable, but, being nearly 50 years old, the relative dangers of my eating Alaskan salmon in 2014 seem small, when compared to eating the same kind of fish in the more distant future. Or do I have this all wrong?

    I hate to give up my favorite meal.

    The whole Fuked-up situation forces a person have to deal with the question of mortality. Imagine how good life could have been if we had continued converting to solar, beginning in the 70's.

    • lickerface lickerface

      Pick another favorite? Why would anyone still be eating that stuff if they know the dangers? You need to either do the right thing or remain stubborn, but don't you have kids or maybe some grandchildren to live for? That's the direction of morality you should fight towards… to live to love.

      I don't at all believe the information about "someone who is already old is less likely to be affected by radiation". The only thing that separates you from someone like me (35) is that one of us might be deteriorating faster. I saw "downhill" when I hit 29 to be honest. Can anyone prove that older people are somehow magically more immune to radionuclides? It is likely lies created by the nuclear industry to make older people feel complacent.

  • The .ca drought is mainly caused by a Tesla wall weatherfront from Hawaii to B.C. that's been raining out the rads plume before they could hit land so much.

    Been watching it all Fall.
    Also there's something Big eq wise being allowed to build. Thought they'd trigger it 1/11, but anytime soon now. Leyte Gulf is glowing on IR.
    Imagine if Fuku is just the starter soup. 3 main courses yet…

  • clamshellernh clamshellernh

    Point of interest Food irradiation
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The international Radura logo, used to show a food has been treated with ionizing radiation.
    Food irradiation is the process of exposing foodstuffs to a source of energy capable of stripping electrons from individual atoms in the targeted material (ionizing radiation).[1] This ionizing radiation is emitted by a radioactive substance or generated by high-energy accelerators including X-ray converters. Irradiation (in this context "ionizing radiation" is implied) is also used for non-food applications, such as medical devices, plastics, tubes for gas pipelines, hoses for floor heating, shrink-foils for food packaging, automobile parts, wires and cables (isolation), tires, and even gemstones.
    As the energetic particles or waves pass through the target material they collide with particles. Around the sites of these collisions chemical bonds are broken. When collisions damage DNA or RNA effective reproduction becomes unlikely, also when collisions occur in cells, cell division is often suppressed. This treatment is used to preserve food, reduce the risk of food borne illness, prevent the spread of invasive pests, delay or eliminate sprouting or ripening, increase juice yield, and improve re-hydration.
    Irradiated food does not become radioactive, as neutron radiation is not used, and the radioactive source is never in contact with the foodstuffs and energy of radiation is limited below the…

  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    I wish the good chef would consider accepting nomination as the chief of the FDA/EPA(they should be ONE combined agency!)when all of the other fools who haven't been hanged,imprisoned and/or impeached are history!! He'd get my vote!! Anyone who acknowledges the 311 ELE for what it really is and who wouldn't feed or promote FUKuD-up foodstuffs to the public is more trustworthy & qualified to govern our public health & protection services than any of the a-holes we've had hand-picked & elected with dirty,nuke-puke campaign funds anyway!! 😉 TAKE CARE ENEWSERS

  • US Medical Doctor Finds Elevated Levels Of Fukushima Radioactive Cesium 137 In Urine Of Patient; via @AGreenRoad

  • Polonium 210 Radioactive Alpha Emittter – Widely Used In Government Assassinations Such As Arafat; via @AGreenRoad