TV: “Carcasses littering beaches for miles” on Pacific coast of Alaska — “Complete reproductive failure” — “Horrifying… Horrid… Mind-boggling… Off the charts” — Unprecedented die-off “has potential to be biggest mortality event in state history” — “The most extreme I’ve ever seen” (VIDEOS)

Published: January 13th, 2016 at 3:00 pm ET


AP, Jan 12, 2016 (emphasis added): “It was pretty horrifying,” [Seabird biologist David Irons] said… An estimated 8,000 of the black and white birds were found dead on the Whittier beach, said [USGS’s] John Piatt… “That’s unprecedented, that sheer number in one location is off the charts,” he said… “The length of time we’ve been seeing dead birds, and the geographic scope, is much greater than before in other die-off events,” said Kathy Kuletz, a biologist for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. “We’re looking at many times that. So possibly a good chunk of the population.”… Many females in 2015, however, were too weak to breed, Kuletz said.

KTVA, Jan 6, 2016: “It’s a major event and it’s difficult to see,” said Kathy Kuletz, the seabird coordinator for Fish and Wildlife. On Wednesday afternoon, Justin Siemens [said] “It’s super crazy. I’ve always seen a little bit of die off… but nothing like this,” [Kuletz] said this has the potential to be the biggest mortality event in the state’s history — numbers could reach more than 100,000.

Alaska Journal of Commerce, Jan 7, 2016: Anyone who has walked Homer’s beaches the past few weeks has seen a horrid event. Every few yards… dead birds…  In the summer of 2015, the murres also suffered a complete colony collapse and failed to breed… “We had complete reproductive failure, which is really rare for murres,” said Heather Renner, a bird biologist… 8,000 dead murres on a 1-mile stretch of beach in Whittier. “That number is totally off the charts,” Renner said. “This whole region is having through-the-roof numbers in the last couple of days.”… In an interview in July, [Julia Parrish, a fisheries professor at the University of Washington] said a big die off would be like one seen at Kayak Island near Prince William Sound, with 1,000 dead birds per kilometer. “That’s knee deep in birds,” she said then… other species like auklets and guillemots have been found dead… Murres also have been dying in above-average numbers in areas of the Washington and Oregon coast… “These are scrappy birds. They’re used to it. Something else is going on… They’re telling us something is going on in the marine ecosystem,” she said.

Alaska Dispatch News, Jan 5, 2016: Thousands of dead common murres are washing up on the beaches of Whittier, an unprecedented die-off that has scientists wondering how many more thousands remain uncounted… The scale of the die-off is unprecedented along the Sound, longtime residents say. “It’s just mind-boggling,” said David Janka, a Cordova charter owner… [It’s] the worst Piatt has seen in 40 years of research in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. “It’s a regular part of their life history, but I would say this is the most extreme I have ever seen or heard of,” he said… It’s possible that… there’s a disease or some other medical condition that’s causing them to starve… “It’s turning out to be something that does have the potential for population-level effects,” she said. “It is just off the chart as far as what we typically see with these events.”

KTVA, Jan 7, 2016: Carcasses littered beaches for miles outside Whittier… “Scientists tend to get blasé about this but this is bigger than I’ve ever seen,” [Irons] said. They know the birds are starving to death, they just don’t know why. “Seabird biologists say seabirds are indicators of the health of the ecosystem. Now they’re dying and that is telling us something.”

Alaska Dispatch News, Dec 30, 2015: Normally found skimming the North Pacific, seabirds known as common murres are appearing inland… starving and unable to fly… [Biologists] say the seabirds may already be pushing away from the ocean in a desperate quest to find food… [It’s] part of a widespread seabird die-off up and down the Pacific coast, possibly due to shortages of squid, krill and little fish the birds usually eat.

KTOO, Dec 26, 2015: Seabird die-offs have been recorded all along the West Coast of the U.S. in Washington, Oregon and California this year… “Based on the duration of the time that we’ve had carcasses being reported to us, I would say, it’s into the thousands, certainly, throughout Kachemak Bay,” [??] Slater said… They’ve also had reports of dead tufted puffins, horned puffins and an ancient murrelet…

Seward City News, Dec 30, 2015: It’s hard to miss the bloody bird carcasses strewn about town… None of this is normal… Alarming numbers of seabird die-offs are also occurring this year from California up the coast to the Gulf of Alaska.

Homer Tribune, Jan 2016: Dead murres litter Homer’s Mud Bay beach… and [continue to] baffle scientists…. This most recent wave of murre strandings is part… of a widespread seabird die-off up and down the Pacific coast.

Seward City News, Nov 16, 2015: It’s hard to miss the many seabird carcasses scattered along the beach, and in town… [Many] paddle lethargically as if in a daze… Murres are also acting strange in other ways, paddling towards people and other birds, not recognizing danger.

Watch broadcasts here: KTVA | KTUU | KTVA

Published: January 13th, 2016 at 3:00 pm ET


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420 comments to TV: “Carcasses littering beaches for miles” on Pacific coast of Alaska — “Complete reproductive failure” — “Horrifying… Horrid… Mind-boggling… Off the charts” — Unprecedented die-off “has potential to be biggest mortality event in state history” — “The most extreme I’ve ever seen” (VIDEOS)

  • SweetDakini SweetDakini

    Can these scientists not remove their predispositions to keep their corporate and government funding's owners happy to truthfully report what is happening to the Pacific? I guess not…perhaps the size of the horror is indescribable and incomprehensible in scope so they continue to pretend all is well. Anomalies are the norm now.

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    complete failure of science! Until scientists can admit that 10,000 Hiroshima bombs of fallout can have an effect on the ocean ecosystem, along with years of overfishing (90% of predator fish gone), gyres full of plastic, untold quantity of chemicals washed into the ocean, and large amounts of metallic aerosols sprayed from aircraft tankers (as discussed at the U.N., and did I mention 10,000 nuclear bombs of fallout…until then, we can safely accuse the scientific community of being a pompous idiotic ship of confused befuddled incompetents who are detached from nature, which they often refer to as "the wild" and can only come up with one theory; climate change. Global policy is based on these befuddled fools and thus the earth was lost. They can pass tests and remember formulas but cant reason

  • Nick

    We are all fools for thinking life would go on as usual.

    My love to us all.

    • norbu norbu

      Nick, you are right, most people are living in la,la land. Keep smiling and it will be OK…..if anyone is eating seafood, wow they are probably in trouble and don't even know it…..Sad…..Stay aware be ready to run….

  • 😐

    No mention in any of these reports about even the possibility of RADIOACTIVE CONTAMINATION from Fukushima's ongoing TRIPLE MELTDOWNS having an affect on ecosystems.

    Birds Final Flight: (ground zero)

    Re: Nuclear Power
    "This is the greatest failure of any enterprise in the industrial history of the world!"
    – Amory Lovins, author 2005

    Re: Nuclear Power
    "It's more than regrettable, it's reprehensible."
    – ChasAha, 2016

  • Taffycat Taffycat

    Nick is 1000% correct in using WE, I feel guilt, shame and am depressed that I cannot do enough to change things…it is all, everyone's fault and until we recognize this nothing will change…it has to come from everyone, all of US…

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      rather its the fault of greedy people and corporations that manipulate markets and available options that are to blame. For example, if solar and wind energy and electric low drag vehicles were given a priority in government funding, the public would avail themselves of these positive solutions. If getting off the treadmill and off the grid is so do-able, then people would do it. The amount each person owes of the U.S. debt is enough to equip every home with 100% solar

      • Taffycat Taffycat

        how big is your foot-print? how much trash do you generate? these questions and others must be asked by everyone;there is no they, there is only us, no one is divorced from life if they are living breathing beings on our one planet…

        • eyesoftheworld eyesoftheworld

          I'll try this one more time. Taffycat – it's very noble of you to try to take on responsibility for things YOU DIDN'T DO. Very noble. And very wrong. We are looking at the results of the decisions made by PSYCHOPATHS. The piddly amount of damage that individuals do (unless you're Warren Buffet or something) is NOTHING compared to the decisions made to burn coal, to wipe out forests, to carve out areas to mine, to grow canola oil instead of food… etc etc. Did YOU do those things? Are you in charge of these decisions? I doubt it.
          But psychopaths ARE. The US military all by itself is responsible for burning through the ancient energy sources… what is the % of fouling they are responsible for? The underlying issue is psychopathy. "People" who are anti-life. Beings with no conscience. There is a lot of material for you to study – MASK OF SANITY – .pdf available for free online; WITHOUT CONSCIENCE by Robert Hare; POLITICAL PONEROLOGY by A. Lobacziewski (about the use of evil PSYCHOLOGICAL EVIL turned to the world of politics).
          Decisions made about desecrating the Planet with nuke fuels (all nuke power plants are a front for weapons development) were made by the master race and foisted on us with lies and promises. I remember those days… do you? Did you buy into it? Did it matter either way? The psychopaths have been wresting power from normal people over the ages. Whenever they get the upper hand – we get screwed. And now – we are getting screwed to…

          • its funny — i agree with you both — but actually (and i hope i can describe this) it is 2 sides of the same coin. the triumph of the Good from two perspectives. eyesoftheworld, you are completely right, in your facts — but i think, despite their power and their money, that we — all of us, and possibly each of us — that we have more power than it appears from your description. no, we didn't do it. people that do not understand what empathy actually is did it. without empathy, logic breaks down. love holds the universe together. as i understand it, by saying 'we' and 'taking responsibility,' taffycat is grandfathering in her own agency, her legal right to do something about it. in 2010, why didn't we go down to the Gulf of Mexico and man the boom, keeping BP oil off of Louisiana beaches? it wasn't our 'responsibility' (assuming we would have organized enough to know what we were dong, which this hypothetical assumes). we therefore did not have the legal right to do so, even though doing so would have probably saved lives, even human lives, and would probably not lost any fines, as little as BP was charged.


            • i am searching in my mind for the same example in the positive, right now only thinking of personal ones — oh yes:

              Nicholas Winton organized a rescue operation that brought approximately 669 children, mostly Jewish, from Czechoslovakia to safety in Great Britain before the outbreak of World War II.

              In December 1938, a friend and an instructional master at the Westminster School in London, asked Winton to forego his planned ski vacation and visit him in Czechoslovakia, where he had traveled in his capacity as an associate of the British Committee for Refugees from Czechoslovakia.

              …When he heard of subsequent efforts of Jewish agencies in Britain to rescue German and Austrian Jewish children on the so-called Kindertransport, an effort that eventually brought about 10,000 unaccompanied children to safety, Winton immediately established a Children's Section and, initially representing himself as an official from the British Committee for Refugees from Czechoslovakia, without authorization, began taking applications from parents at his hotel in Prague.

              …After the Germans established a Protectorate in the Czech provinces of Bohemia and Moravia, Winton organized seven further transports that departed by rail out of Prague and across Germany to the Atlantic Coast, then by ship across the English Channel. He saved 669 children.

              Summarized from

              • i hope my point was clear. i for one think if we all decided it together, evil wouldn't stand a chance.

                but we have to communicate, and be accepting of each other, and work together. evil never does that. you will know it by its lockstep nature. by its rule of law. george bush the elder, sept 11, 1990: "good and evil, right and wrong, the rule of law, not the law of the jungle" bullshit — cover for the attempted coup, the taking of resources by force and fraud. See 'IMF whistleblower John Perkins, Confessions of an Economic Hitman'

                the rule of law, as a term was bandies about in the french revolution, but it is a way to shift responsibility for the inexact fit of the response of the powerful to the justice demanded by the time — an inexactness that all to often is profitable, and not for the downtrodden….. rudyard kipling — the law of the jungle — that was helping each other out through each obstacle.

                Sometimes we ride on your horses
                Sometimes we walk alone
                Sometimes the songs that we hear
                are just songs of our own
                Wake up to find out
                that you are the eyes of the world
                but the heart has its beaches
                its homeland and thoughts of its own…

                :::looks at all her writing::::
                …..whew! who knew !

            • Taffycat Taffycat

              TY…responsibility literally means having the ability to respond, it says nothing about duty or obligation…

            • penny penny

              Very well stated, faust! It's also true that each of us has the choice, each day, to act in a trusting/trustworthy manner, or to screw-and-expect-to-be-screwed. My landlord is one immediate example of those who are not CEO's but who behave just like them. Were this normal, everyday guy the head of Tepco… nothing would be different than it is right now.

              Though I'd rather read Tolkein than Rowling, J.K. may have had a better philosophy. It's the choices we make, not a supernatural corrupting force, that determine what we are.

              Not saying, of course, that there aren't sociopaths; just that they can't account for all of what's wrong with the world.

          • Queen Of England Uranium Mines, Nuclear Plants, Nuclear Weapons; UK Royalty Owns 85% Of World's Uranium Mineral Rights

        • 4Yahshua

          . . .but it is NOT OUR PLANET!

          "The earth is YAHWEH'S and the fullness thereof, the world, and they that dwell therein."
          King David in Psalm 24:1 Holy Name Bible

          It is HIS and someday SOON He is taking it BACK!

      • oldster

        The global private control over, or dominance of, the money system and issuance of (unlimited) credit; global oligarchy-ish. Antidote: Financial system as public utility.

        Corporate personhood allowing the actual persons benefiting financially from and controlling the corporations to escape effective justice for harm done. Antidote: Constitutional annulment of corporate personhood.

        Concentrated corporate ownership, with interwoven cross directorships, has used its wealth and influence to buy most of the national political systems of the west, hobbling any democratic and public interest initiatives and renovations.

        The mass media as conglomeration of corporate concentration, CIA (Mockingbird) control, and disproportionate Zionist control, ensuring continual manipulation, censorship and trivia. This is now a generational problem. We all are inundated from birth by the disingenuous, and critically important missing information.

        War and fear and keeping the public ignorant are key control levers. Bad food, bad medicine, bad education, bad air, bad water, don't help.

        Reason, sensible policies, the public interest are threats to the oligarchical system. and thus the biosphere's destruction was collateral damage.

        • Taffycat Taffycat

          and "WE" did nothing to prevent it…WE are complicit…

          • oldster

            Dear Taffycat. Our collective failure does not mean that many did not and do not try very hard to cultivate sanity and compassion and foresight and their kindred. The broad '"We" did nothing…' is both factually incorrect, but more important in my opinion, it is defeatism, debilitating, not empowering, and furthermore sullies the many good efforts that yes have failed and will fail. Those were/are still good, honourable efforts, and we need much more of the same, and perhaps, just perhaps, some big victories can be managed, maybe lucked into; Those many who try to the best of their capabilities do not deserve condemnation for insufficient results.

            • Taffycat Taffycat

              examining delusion(s) changes karma
              compassion for the self creates compassion for others
              it is not condemnation, it is rather reality/living within Truth

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                a mindful rat is still a captured rat and not in any way guilty of its condition or the lab room environment. Likewise, a conditioned animal is unable to walk to freedom even when its shackles are removed, so strong is the power of mental conditioning. Is the animal free or not free? Not free. The problem is not the ecological footprint of individuals but the force of society, and largely a detached unethical ruling class and hordes of enablers and followers. The proof of this is that if you you rid the world of those power players, everything would change but if you reduced the footprint of an equal number of the public, nothing would change

          • eyesoftheworld eyesoftheworld

            Oh – one more thing… it is a mistake to think of the psychopaths as equals to normal people. They do not care about life. They care about WINNING… whatever the hell that means to them. You really need to do a little study on this so that you can identify who is behind this decline. Recognize that there is NO anguish about these things in a psychopath (. aka ppath).
            There is a satanic element to these beings…. some people who analyze these things actually think they do represent the 'devil'. If the devil exists, he/she/it would be the 'god' of these people.
            They view normal people as 'food' – they feed off of the negative energy they themselves generate in us. The terror. Think of characters you read in E.A. Poe…. or Vlad the Impaler – these may be stories but they describe what we see on our planet now. People/beings who desire the destruction of others.. for a small advantage or none at all. All ppaths are not mass murderers. Some of them work on a small, personal level. The failed ppaths are in jail. The rest are NOT in jail… they are in society. They feed off of the pain of others. They themselves have NO feelings.. except maybe anger and self-satisfaction. They are not treatable according to Robert Hare. (The natives in Alaska say they used to bump them off the edge of the ice when no one was looking…)
            See also SNAKES IN SUITS by Babiak and Hare; THE SOCIOPATH NEXT DOOR by Martha Stout. Learn who these beings are for your own protection.

            • hey — vlad was given a bad rap — he was desperately trying to protect his country -by scaring the shit out of everybody — and it worked for a while….

              • Silverlok Silverlok

                a.f.faust, " vlad was given a bad rap " Yes and yes: his father gave him to the turks because he was a 'bastard' ( product of rutting with a barmaid if history can be believed ), but was then at the same time also forced to give up his "full" legal son also.

                legal son fights the turks indoctrination methods overtly ( look up where the word anus/anal originated if you need more elucidation on this point ); consequently Vlad ends up chained to the very shallow live burial grave of Mr. Dracul's full son so as the Turks can teach young vlad a lesson in indoctrination ( as he hear the somewhat muted screams and cries of his half brother slowly asphyxiating to death) .

                Vlad learns said lesson very well indeed, along with turkish tactics , strategy, and indoctrination controls . Then defects taking five thousand turkish troops with him. Ambushes and defeats his father whom had over 20,00 troops( 4to1 odds for vlad)) then invites all the neighboring/lingering lords and potentiates to a dinner at his newly acquired father castle, where he promptly poisons most of them kills a bunch with archers and then marches any survivors on a brutal pilgrimage to build him a new castle.

                Impales the failing or weak along the side of the road ( pointed to started but rounded later because it takes longer to die ) and so long and goodbye to the old 1% that use children and the weak as commodities

              • rogerthat

                life is full of surprises. who could ever imagine that vlad the impaler would shake off the dust of centuries to grace the pages of enenews.

                and in the spirit of forgiveness and understanding, i think we should recall this other nice guy from the dim and distant past:


                • Silverlok Silverlok

                  Atilla and Ghengis may have developed from the same type of sociological developmentally driven apotheosis as Vlad, but at the heart of the impalor lies a different incentive for becoming the 'bad man'.

                  Did he do it for himself? for revenge ( against father) ? or for ( what most entrenched believe to be naive )a personal sense of and desire for 'fairness' in this life?

                  When a good man does nothing…

                  ,but does evil prosper also when bad men are killed? If batman were real would you support him if you knew he killed ( only "bad" ) people ?

                  A line from the movie Hitman strikes very close to the essence of this; "…Mike, how does a good man know when to kill…" , being asked by a professional hitman.

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            are lab rats guilty of being imprisoned in cages? The occupy movement illustrated the inability of a motivated portion of the public to bring about change. Oldster described some of the reasons the public at large is ineffectual above, and more or less as captured as a rat in a labyrinth. Sure, if every person refused to pay taxes, or took up a pitch fork and stormed the ruling class, change would occur, but this is impossible due to the ingrained mentality and structure of civilization. The very fact that Taffycat HAS a footprint, and pays into the system that perpetuates the unsustainable nightmare, and can only feel guilt about it is proof that mere willingness is not enough. Its an amazing thing that the psychology of civilization is powerful enough that an ineffective person who is not guilty of orchestrating the horrendous state of affairs is driven to assume the responsibility and guilt of it.

            The Karpman drama triangle helps us understand civilization and the rolls people play. This drama triangle has its roots in biology and the drive of procreation. We will modify victim, rescuer and persecutor to victim, enabler and psychopath. The psychopaths/persecutors have always risen to the top of social power. There is a vast legion of enablers that knowingly or unknowingly support them, and there are is the bulk of the public who are serfs and have a tendency to follow and give up their power to the flow of society and the dictates of the ruling class.

            • Taffycat Taffycat

              I am a 4th cousin of FDR, my family came here in 1657, I am related to 16 other presidents, I have guilt, it is in my blood

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                OK, I will blame you for paying taxes into a corrupt system and enabling and causing the downfall of the ecosystem and life on earth. Im not assuming that guilt personally, but you arent off the hook since you admit youre to blame.

            • wow, code. if you are ever in the sf bay area, drop me a line. you are obviously family.

            • Silverlok Silverlok

              Code: " …this is impossible due to the ingrained mentality and structure of civilization…"

              An important observation to come out of the interesting book "Freakonomics" is that 85 percent of humans will not steal even when they know they cannot get caught.
              this implies that only 15% of the humans create most of the world's gross inequities.

              From the perspective of cultural conditioning ( programming )/ indoctrination when the normal(izing cultural) bias is threatened then 85% of humans follow the normal psychological path like that of grief or terminal illness .

              The first stage of which is disbelief or denial. I should think that most sociologically conditioned people will find it extremely hard to accept that their completely artificial construed but accepted as natural life styles and activities (current 'civilization')have ( through inaction or non-though) resulted in a situation toxic to all life including themselves. resulting in the self-lie: 'denial' as a REACTION which is fanned ( and subsidized) by the conditioners.

              Science becomes a joke under this scenario, and "heretics" become emotional vent pinatas, BUT free will and the desire to survive are still strong incentives especially as denial and civilization do not play well together when the box of rats is crowded.

              NOw, about the other fifteen percent, that is a different story

              • DUDe DUD

                "..An important observation to come out of the interesting book "Freakonomics" is that 85 percent of humans will not steal even when they know they cannot get caught.."

                Interesting Silverlock.. my first reflex is how many different cultures is this tested..and did they put different amounts of stress on the subjects ? Or did they provide different strength of between having a material and otherwise satisfied life or children starving for food or medicin denied by healthinsurance and recent jobloss in an "unfair" manner..

                I'm agreeing with Code that every human , apart from the hardcore "born like this" kind of psychopath , has all capabilities in is the degree or force and balance that makes it a deseased state of mind or "normal"

                Did we not learn enough from all the wars where "normal" people become beasty savages on mass..

                That said , i also agree with many points made by others here..great thread to read..the human mind is not black or white..

                • DUDe DUD

                  Another point..if everybody "normal" was totally void of the capability to behave like a psychopath..nothing but Saintness in our mind and hearts from birth to finisch lol..
                  I dont think it would be so easy for psychopaths to "hide" amongst us..

                  • DUDe DUD

                    And a bit of breaking humiliation would not be enough to turn normal good people in to the army does..

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Hi DUD. A number of researchers describe the process of corruption as a slippery slope. People take small steps, hardly noticing the shifts in their behavior, thus paving the way for larger corrupt actions. Descending into corruption will most likely occur gradually, in a number of successive steps. Individuals first cross into a morally ambiguous zone, then push the boundaries of moral ambiguity into previously unconsidered territory. Ashforth and anand, Cain, Moore and Loewenstein, Tenbrunsel and Messick.

                    • DUDe DUD

                      Thanks for the link Code , i agree about the slippery slope process being the route for most people to "sink" to lower levels in our society's..whilest climbing the lather of succes in the bonusculture for example.
                      But there are other ways the psyche of a child "switching" in survive abuse..
                      I think under the "right" pressure , this can happen to adults too..
                      Empathy can not only degrade in steps , but also shut down by choice or pressure or trauma..pressure meaning not only having a child starving if you dont do something immoral..or a situation of selfdefence..but also cultural and peerpressure and that brings us back to the slippery slope ..more people then we can believe can be turned in to sadistic campguards..but it takes probably a "born like this" material to create a docter mengele..
                      And arent we omnivores , meaning we have the capability for predatory our genes.
                      Chimps hunt in group and cannibalise too like you pointed out..
                      And without a basic minimum of a psychopathic side to balance, maybe life would be unlivable because we would be hurting to much from our unchecked empathy lol 🙂
                      But a big chunck less in our genes would be helpfull , especially with the level of destructif power our technollogy has reached..
                      Way to many people can not even see the planet as a living thing suffering..

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Thankyou DUD, I follow your points. Survival pressure of nature creates the killer animal in the ubiquitous drama of prey and predator or competitor. Fragile psyches inherent to man and many animals can be destroyed easily in childhood and 99.8% suffer thusly. I note the differences in animal species though and some can be very harsh indeed. Hyenas for example. Elsewhere we see undeserved kindness and love from animals. In general,wild animals held their deadly fury in check, taking only what they need. Man is the worst. One of my favorites;

                    • DUDe DUD

                      Not all harmed psyches are "destroyed" , they still have some room to wigle , to make choices to care or not..or selfcontain their anger on "innocents" but its smaller then normal..less stress is needed to shut down empathy..big IF that is the dissorder that developed from the trauma and betrayal and wrong example of acting etc..
                      Yes , even the most vicious predator in the animal kingdom can show kindness and altruisme..across species too..thats another reason why i like to think of it as a side..a potential that can be magnified or tuned or out of balance with the rest of the spectrum of "sides"..

                      That sealion is having a good time with its "pet" human lolol smilingk and all nurturing it..naah just kidding.. i love it..

                      There is no greater source of evil on this planet then a human lacking empathy, conscience or altruisme..when he is friendly..its manipulation..and only that..and thats its good side..beware..

                    • DUDe DUD

                      "..thats another reason why i like to think of it as a side..a potential that can be magnified or tuned or out of balance with the rest of the spectrum of "sides".."

                      And a true psychopath stay's overpowered..

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                World’s largest public opinion survey on corruption from Transparency International shows more than 1 in 4 paid a bribe in last 12 months

                Berlin, 9 July 2013 – More than one person in two thinks corruption has worsened in the last two years,

                The Global Corruption Barometer 2013 is a survey of 114,000 people in 107 countries and it shows corruption is widespread. 27 per cent of respondents have paid a bribe when accessing public services and institutions in the last 12 months, revealing no improvement from previous surveys.

                The Global Corruption Barometer 2013 also found that in too many countries the institutions people rely on to fight corruption and other crime are themselves not trusted. 36 countries view police as the most corrupt, and in those countries an average of 53 per cent of people had been asked to pay a bribe to the police. 20 countries view the judiciary as the most corrupt, and in those countries an average of 30 per cent of the people who had come in contact with the judicial systems had been asked to pay a bribe.


          • dunkilo

            "WE" only fail when WE stop trying

        • AirSepTech AirSepTech

          Yes exactly and can't be better communicated.

            • eyesoftheworld eyesoftheworld

              It is estimated that at least 6% of the population is born psychopathic. In the USA – that is 19 MILLION people…..

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                yes but this doesnt adequately define the problem of human civilization. In fact every human is by nature partly psychopathic. They are not able to feel total empathy for the results of their actions and cant even trace the complicated train of cause and effect. Humans are much like chimpanzees and have a dangerous instinct to kill rape and pillage. Its not too difficult to trace the origins of human psychology…sociology. Man is essentially trapped in his various roles by the tremendous momentum of biological and societal forces. Its important to place blame where it is due in order for effective change to take place. The ruling elite and corrupted power players and de personalized corporate structures are the first that should be blamed. The public CAN be blamed as per Taffycat for enabling and allowing themselves to be subjugated by the ruling class. But they are no more able to change their defective and ineffectual roles as are the psychopaths to suddenly start feeling guilt for their actions. Likewise the enablers are stuck in place by desire and fear, genetic and social programming to be enablers. The procreative urge must be stemmed, the ruling class power must go back to the people who must change and assume power and responsibility instead of giving it away and following the herd. The enablers must have their heads dowsed in ice water until they come to their senses.

                • oldster

                  Code the link that you gave 93.46 above) to the UN presentation re geo-experimentation is one of many emerging bits of sanity that are intruding upon the terminally dysfunctional global 'stupor-structure' that looms over all of us, churning out its pernicious processes.
                  I quite agree that there are inevitably a wide range of tendencies and traits in humanity, some disastrous for others when connected to power. But those without empathy are merely subset of the much more various given, and the permanent challenge is to go beyond the given to the beneficent might be.

                  I visit in books such as the Bushmen and Solon, and I encounter in life some wonderful people, so for me the game is still on, and wonders abound, doom and gloom notwithstanding…

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    Im with you Oldster. Lets not forget that no matter how well humans can transform themselves, its already too late for so many other species and individuals. Thus, no great jubilation could be called for. Unfortunately, I think calamity will be the instigator of change. Mankind is what it is and history shows its pretty bad

                    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                      Yes again and with oldster still.

                      "Yes exactly and can't be better communicated.'

                      We may see just a glimpse of the future come Friday when tyrants/freemen have their say.

                • eyesoftheworld eyesoftheworld

                  No Code. We are NOT all partly psychopathic!! You need to do more study. Variability in maintaining a cogent morality is NOT what this is about. Please do some reading. This is a mental illness – a personality disorder. It is very specific. And there is a problem with people talking about this without any study… and pretending that the fallibility of humans is on this scale. It is not.

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    eyesoftheworld, I disagree. I did study it. I know about the psychopaths with defined neurological dysfunction. They should give every politician a smell test, for starters. My point stands and is I believe more important in the broad story of humanity. Dont forget that psychopaths come from the human race. It is both genetics and sociology and dont forget biological toxicity. There is no doubt that every person is partly psychopath

                    • arbol1989

                      Wow, everyone a psychopath. Did the definition of psychopath suddenly change overnight. This sounds like something those scientists who can't get their heads out of the clouds about fukushima would state. Come on code, surely you don't believe this new age pile of fecal matter.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Im sorry its incomprehensible arbol1989. Where do you suppose psychopathy comes from, out of the blue? Please forget the word psychopath and replace it with the idea that nobody has perfect compassion or an ability to feel the pain of others or see and feel the results of their actions.

                      At my doorstep was a baby bark scorpion. Pretty dangerous. He seemed to be stabbing randomly about himself. I looked very close and saw a 1/4 inch spider running circles around him. What would you do with these little guys, locked in life and death drama? I didnt want either one around particularly but let them live…I didnt have the heart to squash them. But heres the thing; I COULD have. Others think nothing of putting cow pig fish or dog cadavers in their mouths and eating them. Its a sliding scale. There is no perfect demarcation between empathetic and non. Maybe not 100% have their price, but I bet its well over 99.9. The world of man is corrupt…a dog eat dog world except for appearances.

                  • the weird thing, eyesoftheworld, is that we are, but we are less so when we accept the fact that the so called civilizing influence is an influence in the direction of alienation disconnectedness and dissonance. so what i am saying is that my acceptance of that in myself — as something i want there, mind you — my empathy, if you will, with the ppath — that allows me to see it for what it is, just one isolated side of me, not what governs the executive function, nothing i would believe when it told me that the way to see a perfect stranger again, that i met at a friend's funeral, was to kill another friend, since he could be expected to show up at the funeral.

                    the people denying that part of their character were the very same people planning out cold war, calculating 'acceptable losses.' Dr Strangelove lifted most of its dialogue from 'Faul Safe,' the movie upon which it was based, nearly verbatim: the way that the people entrusted with the country's safety thought was perfectly described . Nobody noticed anything out of the ordinary. neither do zealots, about how conversion damages other belief systems; The meat eater doesn't think his treatment of animals is in any way aberrant; the teacher in our public school system pays no thought to the damage done when inborn nascent creativity is stifled and made to sit still, not get exited, not ask questions, learn only certain things is a certain way, as static facts, not tools or agents of a child's inner muse.

                    • "Fail Safe" was the name of the movie. sheesh.

                    • When they American Indians were asked to 'sell' land, they KNEW that the 'settlers' were very sick mentally.

                      Everyone knows that it is not possible to 'own' land, water, sky, resources given to everyone as the commons for FREE, at no cost.

                      Nevertheless, the dis-ease has spread like a virus all around the world. And the connection to Nature has been broken.

                      Nature is just another 'thing' to be exploited, raped, plundered, mined, drilled, cut, killed, or blown up, for profit of course. People are expendable and do not matter in the pursuit of profits, so the ranks of homeless, refugees, and discarded continue to grow globally.

                      Some people believe that paper money, gold and silver plus 'status' is the cows meow.

                      Does all of that qualify as psychopathy?

                    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                      Yes DG, I think it does. One cannot expect clarity of mind and soul to be kept warm with 'cats meow' plunder.

                      Indeed we are disconnected, the money soaked with blood and sweat, the smell of death and hope, is chased like the holy grail.

                      An exercise in futility.

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Yes, it all qualifies as psychopathy! 🙂

                      psychopathy |sīˈkäpəTHē|
                      mental illness or disorder.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Taffycat..that is a great one! 🙂

      How big is Oprah's footprint or say Al Gore's foot print?

      Huge! 🙁

    • We Not They Finally

      Taffycat, very depressing for sure. I just hate to see people who conscientiously care pinning themselves with guilt and shame. You didn't cause this! Just keep informing people best you can. That is itself is a great service! It's horrendous when people lives are taken so grotesquely and they are not even told why.

      • Taffycat Taffycat

        TY…I am not Shindler but I understand his burden, his torment…we all do what we can and yet we are faced with more and more dead bodies washing ashore…my thinking is we have to combine global warming, climate change and radiation/which includes microwave and wifi, together for a broad view of what is happening; divisions are things we have to see over, they prevent "the we of things"…what is causing these bodies to wash ashore is a combination(s) of a very toxic stew…I may have or have not caused this but I am of my ancestors, they are within me, I am responsible, so I respond as best I can, I am severely disabled with no funds, so I try to teach responsibility…

        • DUDe DUD

          Taffycat , dont torture yourself , your here , you are already trying to make up for what your existence as a human being cost's the planet and therefore ourselfes..

          And as a individual , you are locked up in a bigger mass..its the dynamics of the mass that determines your individual maximum freedom of movement or impact..

          Its the ones convincing themselfes that they are perfectly happy and innocent ratracing and consuming and morally slippery sloping that needs to feel a bit of shame and guilt..they are the ones i aim for..untill they also search for ways to have their voice heard , vote accordingly etc..add their mass to the critical mass..
          Remember , if we all spit togheter we could drown the bastards.. 🙂

  • demise demise

    They are not told the truth because they cannot handle the truth. (a famous quote nut so true). Big oil, utilities, corporations rule and run the planet and the all mighty dollar is the only blinding force. Nothing else matters including selling their sole to the devil.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    "They’re telling us something is going on in the marine ecosystem,” she said."

    Hire the dead birds, and give them news reporter and marine biologist jobs


    We are also not hearing about Naval warfare exercises or
    Haarp. Mother Earth is under constant attack, against the ropes,
    and we can hear the referee starting the countdown.
    8…9… Wait she's up! Ding – the bell
    Well Marv do you think she can make it in this last round for the
    World Title?
    Jim the odds are definitely stacked against her right now…
    It'll take a miracle…

    I'll bet the underdog. Miracles do happen.


    Keep in mind this was 1946. Look at the size of this thing. What would be the consequence to sealife? Underwater blast radius? Global nuclear insanity since the early 40's..

  • Taffycat Taffycat

    Taffycat…logging out

  • Jebus Jebus

    sigh… 😐

    The failure of life to thrive, is the failure of science applied…

    Another rare, venomous sea serpent washes ashore in Southern California

    For the third time in recent months, a rare venomous sea snake has washed up on a Southern California beach, hundreds of miles from its normal waters.

    The 20-inch-long yellow-bellied serpent was found about 2:30 p.m. Tuesday at Dog Beach in Coronado by a passerby who alerted lifeguards, Coronado city officials said in a statement. The lifeguard put the snake in a bucket, where it died soon afterward, officials said.

    Two of the snakes have washed up on Southern California shores in recent months — one 27 inches long in Huntington Beach in December and a 2-footer in Ventura County in October. Both died.

    To the scientists, careful when you lie, on the beach…

  • Sol Man

    The fact that I haven't been able to save a thing brings much grief.

  • Nick

    “Seabird biologists say seabirds are indicators of the health of the ecosystem. Now they’re dying, and that is telling us something,”

    "The USGS National Wildlife Health Laboratory in Madison, Wisconsin, has examined about 100 carcasses and detected no parasites or disease that may have contributed to murres not eating, said wildlife disease specialist Barbara Bodenstein.

    If the die-off is tied to low numbers of forage fish brought on by a warming ocean, the rest of 2016 does not bode well for murres, Piatt said."

  • DeadAhead

    More Good news for the oceans and mankind will they ever stop with this insanity The Israeli regime has received of a fifth submarine from Germany, amid pressure on Berlin to halt the delivery of the state-of-the-art weaponry that is capable of being armed with nuclear warheads. NO GREEN GO LEAD

  • obviously not continuously, as per above. — interesting, the consequence to sea life includes, as i understand if from the few PDf i have read, an overgrowth of poisonous algae — also interesting, that this form of poisonous algae either didn't exist or didn't bloom the same way until the 20th century.

    toxic algae, like cancer, is a thoroughly modern phenomena.

  • DeadAhead

    Scientists Discover Coconut Oil Exterminates 93 Percent Of Colon Cancer Cells In Two Days Tue, January 12, 2016 Yes I like piña coladas and getting caught in the RADIATED rain
    I'm not much into health food, I am into champagne
    I've got to meet you by tomorrow noon and cut through all this red tape.

  • DeadAhead

    female faust moderation?? " to much of everything is just enough" Grateful Dead aah the seventies lol

  • Nick

    "What they found was not heartening. Mass Mortality Events are "rarely placed in a broader context," the study's authors reported. But they seem to be happening at an increased rate for birds, marine invertebrates and fish since the 1940s — even when researchers took into account that such events are more likely to be reported now than they were 75 years ago.

    These die-offs matter not just because of the inherent value of the creatures involved, the authors said, but because whole ecosystems may depend on that species to survive.

    MMEs, they wrote, "can reshape the ecological and evolutionary trajectories of life on Earth."

    UMEs. MMEs… increasing since the 1940s….hmmm, what was it humans introduced into the planet's ecosystems that wasn't present (at the high levels of a bomb blast) before?

    Is it pesticides? Fungicides? Herbicides? Plastic anything? PCBs?………what could it be?

    Try bits of matter ripped asunder, the very atoms being shredded, releasing vast amounts of energy and toxic atomic matter….nuclear fission.

    Planet Earth. Gone Fission.

  • DeadAhead

    M 6.7 – HOKKAIDO, JAPAN REGION – 2016-01-14 03:25:34 UTC

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

    Only 1% of the population are psychopaths:

    “..When people with psychopathy imagine others experiencing pain, brain regions associated with empathy and concern for others fail to activate or connect with brain areas involved in emotional processing and decision-making, researchers report.
    “In addition to a lack of remorse, psychopathy is characterized by shallow affect, glibness, manipulation and callousness. The rate of psychopathy is about 23 percent in prisons, compared with about 1 percent in the general population, research shows. “

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

      “…Findings of this study suggest that an early exposure to relational trauma in childhood can play a relevant role in the development of more severe psychopathic traits….”

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

        There are many more sociopaths than psychopaths. Psychopathy is a physical problem. Sociopaths can have feelings for a few people. But they have no conscience. I heard a psychiatrist say he could tell what a psychopath was doing wrong, but could never tell what a sociopath in doing wrong from an interview.

        “…The most incredible trait of a sociopath, is their complete lack of conscience, lack of empathy, remorse, guilt or shame. Sociopaths are great at feigning ‘moral outrage’, or playing victim, giving a false persona that has the impression of being truly empathetic and caring character. This, like most things with the sociopath, is merely for show. The facade that you see on the outside, has little resemblance to the reality that is going on behind the screen, well hidden, and only known by the sociopath themselves. They are the chameleons of society….”

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          Population of both well over 50% and all you have to do is look around and they are both everywhere..Earth is dying.

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            Psychopaths are in positions of power and most of the others are sociopaths to one degree or the other.

            " In one of psychology's most famous experiments Stanley Milgram demonstrated that most of us, regardless of race, religion, gender or nationality will readily comply with an authority figure's instructions to hurt fellow humans.

            In Milgram's experiment a man in a white lab coat instructed subjects to administer what they believed to be successively intense electrical shocks to another person. Coaxed only by such statements as "Please continue," and "The experiment requires that you continue," 65% of subjects inflicted the maximum 450-volt shock and none of the remaining 35% insisted the experiment be terminated or left the room to check the health of the victim without requesting permission to leave."
            "moral condemnation of one's opponents is the first refuge of a psychopath"

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              No brain zombies…glassy eyes of obedience.. wanting to feel their masters adoration.

              White coat represents..master.

            • penny penny

              One interesting fact about the Milgram experiment: most of the participants later stated that their reprehensible behavior in that instance, once made clear to them, had made them take time afterward to reflect; they had become more moral and less willing to bow to authority. No such learning was observed in later variations where the maximum level of shock was kept well below lethal. Hence, Milgram's variant (exclusively) was banned, though of course the reason given was that it was 'psychologically damaging' to the participants.

              • penny penny

                Sorry, can't find a link to the right documentary… pretty sure it was the BBC that produced it. It's probably been banned, too. 'Psychological damage' = people being caused to have a conscience.

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                When you look at psych studies by Stanford and Yale on obedience and ugly behavior by their male student, realize that it the elite studying the elite. The elite include those who made their money on the slave trade, the run trade, the drug trage, selling arms and nuclear technology. These studies also included use of drugs in MKUltra.

                In a way it was training of the elite.

                The reason it is important to not watch TV and movies is because they use subliminal messaging and a flicker rate to instill whatever teachings they want to keep people from thinking rationally and to use cell phones and wifi so that people are manipulated by radio frequencies broadcast by cell towers, GWEN towers, and ionospheric heaters. The massacre by James Holmes was controlled by a GWEN t

              • hbjon hbjon

                It is a Fact that if a man were to hear a child crying in a burning building, he will immediately run into the flames to rescue the child without thinking of his personal safety.

                Does the above statement need to be tested in a laboratory setting or can we agree that it is in fact true?

                The evil part of man is a learned and observed behavior that is easily shed as justice and kindness is established. However, when reinforced with pain, unconsciousness and information it becomes much more difficult to lift. But not impossible. It starts with information regarding heroes risking their lives to save the weak, poor, disabled, young and old from that which may harm them.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

          According to this book, only 4% of people are sociopaths in the US and 1% are psychopaths.

          That makes only 5% sociopaths and sociopaths altogether.

          I don't watch horrible movies or TV at all, and I surround myself with really good people.

          I think it all depends on the culture and the society a person is considering.

          As a vegan for 40 years, all I read says that people are not omnivores at all. And eating vegan and walking a lot and never using stimulants or drugs creates a low blood pressure and happy disposition. Our teeth show that people are not carnivores. Look at the diet of monkeys.

          People who eat a raw, vegan diet also get much more nutrition than cooking food to death and destroying all the nutrients.

          Think happy thoughts, kill nothing, and be happy. A culture shouldn't kill all the nutritious food with herbicides and insects with pesticides. Growing lawns with artificial fertilizers instead of nutritious "weeds" is completely divorces from nature and a source of insanity. Embrace the garden of Eden; don't destroy it. Be at one with and celebrate life. Don't OCD on death.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

      Muslims Engage In Sexual Terrorism Across Europe [Alex Jones and Stefan Molyneux]

      Published on Jan 8, 2016
      “Alex Jones talks with Stefan Molyneux about the migrant crisis in Europe and how the ‘migrants’ are raping their way through the countries that are taking them in. “

  • Anyone hear anything about Dana?

    he used to post daily..

  • SanityQuest SanityQuest

    And I quote…

    "The problem is not the ecological footprint of individuals but the force of society, and largely a detached unethical ruling class and hordes of enablers and followers. The proof of this is that if you you rid the world of those power players, everything would change but if you reduced the footprint of an equal number of the public, nothing would change"

    Unfortunately it will take a power greater than any individual to derail this train… most of the ecological footprint is onboard and until the train is derailed the honorable few are just that… honorable.

    Utmost respect


  • DeadAhead

    Here's a link for a free e-book on the economic collapse so you can read that to get your mind off of all the oceans collapse {sarc} Just don't say I never gave you anything.

  • stock here–my take. every psychopath is sociopath, they are a subset

    Simplest interpretation, a sociopath never developed a super ego meaning a conscience.


    Earth is rapidly headed toward a catastrophic breakdown. A point of no return.
    Suddenly, the planet responds in unpredictable ways, triggering major global transitions. Humans are causing changes even faster than the natural ones that pushed back the glaciers — and the changes. Tipping points, by their definition, take the planet into uncharted territory.

    Under business-as-usual conditions, humankind will be using 50 percent of the land surface on the planet by 2025. If we have a business-as-usual scenario, it is pretty grim.

    Earth's ecosystems are collapsing, human and all species' habitats are being lost. Humanity is already in mid-death swoon, pulling down the biosphere as it annihilates itself.
    Human decimated Earth continues. Life-giving ecosystems are visibly failing. Global ecosystems' biogeochemical processes are failing.

    Fundamentally the meaning of life is ecosystems. Without a healthy, intact, diverse and operational environment – humanity and all life simply cannot exist. As a result of the human ecocidal system of industrial growth, local ecosystems are being destroyed globally for insatiable human consumption. Life of every sort – including Gaia, the Earth system herself – is dying.

    Biogeochemical Cycles


    Flying posts landing.. wherever.


    Porter Ranch: Doctor calls for evacuations as crisis spreads.

    "This is the equivalent of the BP oil spill on land, in a populated community.”

    "I will tell you, this goes well beyond Porter Ranch. We’ve had complaints from as far as Chatsworth, Northridge, and Grenada Hills".

  • rogerthat

    … Mysterious void

    The Fulmar motored over the underwater outcropping known as Cordell Bank 5 miles past the Farallon Islands and steamed by the continental shelf, where water depths suddenly drop from about 650 feet to more than 9,800 feet. It is a place that is normally teeming with wildlife attracted to the deep ocean currents that bring nutrients to the surface.

    But there was nothing out there on this day. The crew waited silently for more than a half hour, wondering what was wrong, when the sea lion hootenanny commenced. It was as mysterious as it was sudden.

    “That was crazy,” Devlin said. “We don’t know what they were doing. The fish finder didn’t see any fish, so they weren’t feeding. It looks like they were just traveling.”

    Or, perhaps, searching for an ecosystem that can sustain them.

    Peter Fimrite is a San Francisco Chronicle staff writer. E-mail: Twitter: @pfimrite


    Quoting from the video above (“FUKUSHIMA NEWS; young athlete dies of lymphoma in Lithuania Fukushima gov. to Davos, G.E. circling”):

    "Now we have all the waste stored all over. It’s a catastrophe and it’s killing us all. It is cancer, it is autism, it is multiple sclerosis, it birth defects, it is all this. It is Fuktonium diseases. We don’t know what it is. Scientists, peer-reviewed, they’re going back and forth saying, “We don’t know what it is.” How? Because this all that academia, I just a conversation with a marine biologist. Look, what do they do? It’s all peer-reviewed. They don’t do any fieldwork anymore. You can get a PHD; it used to be had to do three years of fieldwork, something new. That don’t do fieldwork anymore, it’s all peer-reviewed.

    So, all they’re doing is regurgitating stuff over and over and over. So, “Mystery disease, scientists are baffled”, “Scientists are mystified”, “Scientists are puzzled”, Scientists are stumped.” No, scientists are chumps. Scientists are not puzzled; they’re muzzled with their own golden muzzles. They’ve got no integrity. It’s all about the money. Free money, they don’t do any fieldwork."

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    So where are the warm watered species, making their way to take the place of the cold preference species?
    Where are the new and improved fisheries as the species supposedly were to mingle?

    It's everything.. El Nino, the drought ..toxic algae, a fallen soufflé.

    Anything than look for the cause of the RAPID onset, of all these matters.
    The catalyst.

    Blame anything than anyone ..than mention the beloved whore of the government ..the nuclear industry.
    This rapidity should take a mortals breathe away.
    (Disconnect too great to even do that.)

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Oregon militia using gov’t computer to run website with help of possible ISIS
    Jan 13 2016

    "Fry spoke at length of government conspiracies, plots against multiple countries, Sept. 11, court records, computer viruses on Japanese computers, Fukushima and a Jewish conspiracy against the free world that involves causing nuclear meltdowns, OPB reported."

    They must be discussing Jim Stone, the far end of hypothesis, as to how Fukushima happened.
    No amount of trying to align it with conspiracy with erase the tons of nuclear material that is loose in our biosphere from this accident.
    How it happened will remain, a question.

    See how sarcasm can get a person in to trouble?
    Most are to dense to get I, anyway.
    What pains we go through here to ..not be misunderstood.

    Speaking of soufflés ..Building 7 went down like one.
    Want debate 9/11?
    Want to discuss foreign intervention on US soil.. bring it.

  • rogerthat

    Fukushima Pref. to seek nuclear accident compensation via alternative dispute resolution

    January 14, 2016 (Mainichi Japan)

    … The claim seeks about 1 billion yen in compensation for costs associated with the nuclear crisis that include the salaries of employees for a radiation contamination department that was newly created following the disaster, as well as expenditures associated with combatting harmful rumors.

    Compensation through the ADR system has already been sought by a total of seven prefectures in addition to Fukushima: five additional prefectures in the Tohoku region, along with Gunma and Chiba prefectures. An ADR-related settlement has been reached by Iwate Prefecture.

    Fukushima Prefecture has already sought a total of around 30.4 billion yen in damages from TEPCO, which provided compensation totaling some 14.1 billion yen for costs including treatment and management of waste products containing radioactive materials, as well as examinations for radioactive contamination of agricultural and livestock products. …

    • "expenditures associated with combatting harmful rumors."

      Very profitable business, that…

      Got to keep telling the truth..

      Nothing happened at Fukushima. No one died. No one was harmed. Radiation is good for you. Smiling will protect you from radiation.


  • Nick


    ¨Indeed, the fight against cancer is a long one and the president only has one year left in office. In the 1970s Pres. Richard Nixon called for a “War on Cancer.”

    The War on Cancer. The War on Drugs. The Global War Against Terror. The War on Poverty.

    All, totally, and pathetically painfully useless.

    How about the War Against Stupidity? (we sure ain´t gonna win that one!)

    • DUDe DUD

      But..we are winning the war against least something to show for 🙁

    • No wonder Obama put Biden in charge of this war; he knows it cannot be won, so he gets to shove the blame for not getting there onto Biden.

      But meanwhile, a TON of taxpayer money can be spent on the 'war'.

      cheers in background.. sounds of 1 percent getting richer.

    • GOM GOM

      The perp in the greatest mass extinction on earth? Methane. The Great Dying was probably caused by atmospheric methane.

      Evidence left at the crime scene is abundant and global: Fossil remains show that sometime around 252 million years ago, about 90 percent of all species on Earth were suddenly wiped out — by far the largest of this planet’s five known mass extinctions. But pinpointing the culprit has been difficult, and controversial.

      Now, a team of MIT researchers may have found enough evidence to convict the guilty parties — but you’ll need a microscope to see the killers.

      The perpetrators, this new work suggests, were not asteroids, volcanoes, or raging coal fires, all of which have been implicated previously. Rather, they were a form of microbes — specifically, methane-producing archaea called Methanosarcina — that suddenly bloomed explosively in the oceans, spewing prodigious amounts of methane into the atmosphere and dramatically changing the climate and the chemistry of the oceans.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Fukushima Recap:
    That the Pacific Ocean Ecosystem is in a state of collapse is no longer in doubt.
    Not so clear are the reasons why.
    Climate change, toxic pollution, toxic algae, plastic, over fishing, and last, but never mentioned:
    Fukushima radiation.

    But why is Fukushima radiation so much more of a contributing factor to the sudden decline of Pacific Ocean wildlife than is generally recognized?
    Tepco perpuates a fiction that those 3 missing molten cores are in "cold shutdown", still inside containment.
    Tepco won't admit that one or more of the 100 tonne nuclear cores melted through the reactor buildings.
    The cores are in the aquifer, in bedrock, underneath the reactor buildings.
    There, they are being washed directly into the Pacific by an underground river flowing at a rate of 1,000 tonnes per day, under the nuclear reactor reservation.

    These molten nuclear cores are not cooling down, warmed by decay heat alone, as alleged by nuclear scientists.
    The continued presence of short-lived isotopes like Iodine-131 indicate that criticalities are ongoing.
    This is why Fukushima radiation, and its negative impact on the Pacific Ocean, is so much worse than is generally known.

    Don't be foolish.
    Do not eat any seafood taken from the Pacific Ocean, or from unknown sources.
    Do not even feed your pets anything with fish in it.

    Keep asking the question:
    "Where is the damn corium, eh, Tepco?"

    • oldster

      In private exchanges with scientists who appear puzzled by and concerned about the carnage in the Pacific, one theme from them is consistent: if Fukushima is primarily to blame, why is life in Japan and near to it and along its shoreline not more greatly harmed?

      My response is: a) I don't know what the actual situation is re flora and fauna – life – along the shores and tidal pools of Japan. Has Japan got their Dana Durnford to tell us?
      b) The impact of Fukushima etc radionuclides in sea water and on land are dissimilar: On the japanese landmass we have many indications of Fukushima derived harm. For example:
      c) Censorship and disinformation re impact on Japan clouds our understanding.
      d) The prevailing winds and ocean current have been sending Japan's anthropogenic radioactive contributions out into the Pacific and towards North America.
      e) The initial 'events' at Fukushima (and possibly involving other nuclear-related 'events' and 'problems' at the same time along Japanese coast) involved unprecedented and unknown releases and synergies, which may serendipitously due to weather patterns have spared Japan from the worst of it.
      f) The continual water flowing through and under (seemingly) still fissioning material (PUN focus) at…

      • oldster

        …Fukushima is in effect using the Pacific as a sewer/escape valve
        g) The mists and rainfall and snowmelt from the rockies back into the Pacific are dissimilar to the Japanese situation.
        h) The massive continual toxic-brew chemtrailing in Western North America, and ozone depletion and UV etc impact, partly derived from the impact of Fukushima, may be quite different than the situation near Japan.
        i) The Sternglass study – – for example showed great impact on ocean life from radioactive materials that compared to the unknown but massive releases from Fukushima do not seem as significant.
        j) There remain many other possible contributing factors, for example fracking pollution, glyphosate/roundup pollution, etc.

        But the carnage in the Pacific Ocean and along the shores has accelerated after Fukushima. I can't believe that that is coincidental.

        • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

          The "cause and effect" relationship of Fukushima radiation on the sudden catastrophic decline of the Pacific Ocean Ecosystem can no longer be denied.
          Other posdible contributing factors notwithstanding.
          Many thanks, Oldster, for your thoughtful comments.

  • We Not They Finally

    There is no excuse for the fate of earth..pray there maybe an ascension. Bliss and realization…Otherwise we are doomed along with planet earth…

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Then El Nino had sex with the Blob ..then they hung out a while, now, they are breaking up ..but not really.

    Officials seeing low salmon returns, small fish
    Jan 13 2016

  • Nick

    More marine wildlife deaths increase the worry for scientists as deaths spread to walrus along the Alaskan coast
    The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said Friday it is investigating the deaths of 25 Pacific walrus found on an isolated northwest Alaska beach.
    A person connected to an Air Force radar station in the remote area spotted the animals and notified the agency this week.
    The walrus included 12 pups, and some were missing their heads and tusks.
    The cause of death has not been determined, said Fish and Wildlife Service spokeswoman Andrea Medeiros, and investigators do not want to speculate. Full story
    It comes after NOAA declared the recent deaths of 30 large whales in the western Gulf of Alaska an "unusual mortality event," and after recent reports of baby seals dying of a "leukemia type disorder" "Every sea bird appeared to be starving to death!" and record numbers of humpback and fin whales washing up dead on the northern US west coast
    Thousands Cassin's Auklets sea birds have also been reported as dying off the coast of California and an extinction event threatening with: "Super El- Nino event" unprecedented warm waters and a record setting algae bloom from MEXICO TO ALASKA killing marine life, with Cesium134, the fingerprint of Fukushima being detected along the west coast, the carnage is only set to get worse.¨


    It doesn’t get any clearer than this for those with eyes to see and ears to hear the most unpleasant of truths you will ever be presented with.

    To deny the vast evidence of an already occuring geoengineered extinction of Earth’s inhabitants is baked in the cake, as they say. We are past the tipping point, by a number of years, as you can read below.

    Project Lucy


    Anyone care to guess why my posts just land anywhere on the site? Tagging this one with the 'test' post.

    • Taffycat Taffycat

      giggle, don't rightly know but it's happening all of us 🙂

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      Same crap that is wrong with many of the other forums?

      Hitting the send button 2x can enable cyberspace launch.

      All computers at my location got hit last week, some got shagged good. Best do a cleanup/AV/malware/cookie scan.

      • DUDe DUD

        Linux mint is Really userfriendly..dualboot mint64/win7..i'm not frustrated yet..and i have not had to look up one strange command to do something manually yet either..updated everything with a click of the a breeze 🙂 i can grab and backup my windata from within linux too..

  • demise demise

    I live just a few miles up wind of the methane leak. It's worse than reported because the lap-dog media are being told to contain the negative commentary from paid off bosses. It's spewing 100,000 pounds of methane an hour at tremendous pressure !!! Five cities are now directly affected. Globally it's a pinhole, but in the middle of dense population center it's a disaster.

    Another rant about corruption. The A-team was not even called out to fix this problem until media coverage got too heavy. They used the cheaper B-team to save money at the expense of public health. Another example of corrupt greed taking precedence over all else.
    The lawyers will sort it out later with paid off judges making the final call.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    We're looking at 2 whales ..folks.

    Aerials show whales swimming off coast of California

  • Cdog Cdog

    It appears the wealthiest (sushi) and the poorest (fish) will be initial victims of the radiological cancer wave defending on the world. Rip Bowie and Rickman

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