TV: ‘China Syndrome’ at Fukushima plant? Recent dramatic spikes in contamination show something is changing — Has a containment structure given way? (VIDEO)

Published: August 8th, 2013 at 10:30 am ET


Title: Has the Fukushima “China Syndrome” begun?
Source: RT (The Big Picture)
Date: August 7, 2013

Has the Fukushima “China Syndrome” begun?

At 2:45 in

Kevin Kamps, Beyond Nuclear: The crazy thing about Fukushima is we don’t really know the status of Units 1, 2 and 3’s core, or the reactor pressure vessels, or even the radiological containment structures […]

What’s to account for 100-fold increases in cesium, strontium, tritium, in the groundwater, in the bay, off the coastline, just in recent months? […]

So something is changing, and questions start to need to be asked: What has given? Have one of these containment structures given way, allowing the flow of the radioactivity to increase dramatically?

Watch the broadcast here

Published: August 8th, 2013 at 10:30 am ET


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46 comments to TV: ‘China Syndrome’ at Fukushima plant? Recent dramatic spikes in contamination show something is changing — Has a containment structure given way? (VIDEO)

  • domjox domjox

    Wait for it…

  • Slingerss Slingerss

    What happens when it reaches a lava core?

  • dosdos dosdos

    "Have one of these containment structures given way, allowing the flow of the radioactivity to increase dramatically?"

    The question should be, "Have one of the executives at TEPCO given way, allowing the flow of truth to increase dramatically?"

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Two or three coriums left the reactor buildings in 2011. understands that the world has slowly become aware of this, and that lies carry little weight.
    To my mind, all of the present hysteria over rising levels of groundwater and groundwater contamination is fake.
    As in this is not a real crisis.
    The Impermeable Wall was designed to work with a series of groundwater intercept wells, located inland, behind the 4 reactor buildings. Groundwater flowing down the hill would be pumped out, tested, and dumped into the ocean, no tanks, no treatment, no problems.
    Some of those wells are ready for operation, and will be turned on at any moment.
    So I expect this furor over high groundwater and high levels of groundwater contamination to melt away over the next month.
    So what is really going on?
    If can cure the present problem by simply throwing a switch on a pump, why allow all this hysteria to continue?
    Is about to announce that, yes, it seems as if corium left one or more of the reactor buildings.
    Is about ot announce that a China Syndrone has, indeed, occurred?

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      So, in late March of 2011, up to three reactors failed to contain 218 tons of nuclear fuel, much of which melted straight through the mudrock and sandstone below Fukushima, and may have entered the Pacific Plate Subduction Zone. (According to ENEnewser PattieB.)
      What will happen now?
      Well, clearly, the missing corium is beyond all human control and remediation forever.
      Now, what do we do with the Plant Ruins?
      First, as a human species, it is of vital importance to map the corium lava tubes, and to confirm the whereabouts of the missing 218 tons of nuclear fuel.
      This can be accomplished by using modern drilling techniques to locate and follow Corium Lava Tubes1,2,&3 down to the missing corium.
      Second, the Impermeable Wall and the Frozen Wall need to be built to isolate the Fukushima Ruins, surrounding all four reactor buildings with underground walls to stop the flow of groundwater through the Ruins.
      The mouth of the harbor must be sealed with a permanent gate. End groundwater contamination.
      Third, remaining melted fuel must be located, and neutralized with boron and grout to stop the smoke and steam rising from the ruins and from the ground around the plant. End atmospheric contamination.
      Fourth, put the fuel from SFPs1,2,3,&4, and the Common SFP into permanent dry cask storage over the next five years.
      Fifth, fill Reactor Buildings1,2,3&4 with grout.
      Sixth, treat and dump all remaining contaminated water stored at the plant. End Ocean contamination.

      • We Not They Finally

        "The missing corium is beyond all human control and remediation forever" is the precise OPPOSITE of most everything else you say!!

        But love the idea about "end groundwater contamination." Can we march around with picket signs saying that? What about the idea to "end ocean contamination"? I'm sure that a street corner rally should take care of that one.

        O.k. If that doesn't work, maybe we can set "stop the flow of groundwater" to music. Then here comes the genie with the bottle to "put the fuel from 1, 2, 3 and 4 into permanent dry cask storage" into.

        I much value that you have some engineering background and offer so many suggestions. You're just too smart a guy to be entertaining denial at this late date!! But we noticed that even Kevin Kamps (on the link) did something similar. He's still talking about"reactor buildings" and "basements." Then every now and then he says "China syndrome." Doesn't compute.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Man this Nuclear Technology is generating electricity that is simply just to cheap to meter…

        We need more Nuclear Power plants everywhere!

        Bring me more Nuclear Energy/Electricity that is simply just to cheap to meter!

        Bring me more for me and my friends! Bring it now!

        I will be taking donations for the all "forever cleanup costs" incurred at both Fukushima and Chernobyl…please send me more/your money right away!

        If you turn off a few lights each day.. at the end of the month you will have more money to send to me for the rest of your life. Inform you children and grandchildren they must do the same.

        If you are not going to send me/us any money or sign up for our "forever program".. we (those in power) are just going to crank up your energy rates and take it from you by billable force.

        Now we would rather you slave, oops serfs, oops I mean world citizens cooperate with our wishes and if not we are working on enforcement drones right now to help nudge you all along or into our corral.

        Send money now!

    • Gasser Gasser

      The Sun hot corium brothers Pluto, Cezee and Stron and some of their other tweaked nuked freak relatives dropped down into Miss Peli's Magma's red hot hell bedroom and had a fluidly good time with her producing many radionuclide daughters that danced to the Thermal Band's hottest new technical recording beat The Lava Tube Boogie, things got wildly hot in the chambers of Rock & Roll accumulation as the Nuclide daughters got down and dirty rocking out with the Potential Bucky Ball boys generating more heat in the red hot glowing chandelier lit chamber dance hall, so the Bucky boys took the Nuked lava daughters outside through the nearest Mt Fuji Exit to have a cool down smoke break, they found the Exit door was rock locked, this caused an explosive stamped, they busted through the rock locked door, some went rolling down the steep Exit slope and some went up into the upper atmosphere circling the globe trying to escape mean ol' Mr Gravity but were met by the Neutron Proton gang who pummeled them back down into the orbiting blue wobbling ball where they ended up being absorbed by their inventors and the whole populace who's DNA forever changed because of the three bad boy corium brothers whom in time jail broke all their other GE BWR world wide corium cousins…now you know the rest of the story.

  • CBC news just reported on the groundwater debacle on the 8am morning radio news. When mainstream actually reports on the triple meltdown you know its bad.

  • <strong>why would the corium stay in the reactor vessels? after it melts together..they might be able to put water on top of the glob but underneath they can't. That corium is probably miles down into the ground by now.</strong>

    • irhologram

      Water is reflective and intensifies reactions. They knew that with Chernobyl. Water is the problem, not the solution, and from Heart's post in another thread, water has been "gushing" in since it was suddenly pushed up at the time of the EQ and has GUSHED into the area ever since. So, By inference there IS water underneath, and I would not assume this water under pressure isnt run-off. I'd like to know if this gushing water is steady state, or if it varies with rainfall.

      • We Not They Finally

        Water gushing everywhere OUT OF CONTAINTMENT is the problem. But EVERYTHING is out of containment!! Some discussions are getting academic. May not matter how or where the water is gushing by now — it's "all downhill."

  • weeman

    What has changed, certainly not our understanding of nuclear fission or our ability to fully control the process.

    We know the water table has changed and contamination level has dramatically risen recently, I am not the smartest person on this site, but I can deduct from this after the problems with above ground and below ground storage tanks that they sealed a major leak to ocean and hense rise in water table and now the water is coming in contact with corium that was previously not submerged in water, let's hope I am on the right track, cause I don't want to think about worse case scenario as many here believe, call it denial or stupidity.
    No one truly knows there is to many variables.

    • flybynite flybynite

      weeman, that is the only truth that any of us know. We don't know. As our gov. and japan gov. continue to lie, our children may live long enough to get the real story, but we may never hear it. shame on all of them for lying and for us accepting it. I am only an X-Ray tech but I know enough to say we are screwed. good luck all.

  • NoNukes NoNukes

    We don't know that the water table has changed, it is more likely that the water table is acting the same way and Tepco's reporting of numbers has changed. These numbers are also likely fictional, knowing Tepco's track record, yet a bit closer to the truth. It has been enough radioactivity to kill the coral around Hawaii, as Bobby1 states:

    "The outflow of radioactive water from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant into the Pacific has now, at long last, been declared an “emergency.” It has been admitted that the radioactive pollution of the sea has been going on since the beginning of the catastrophe in March 2011.

    The concentration of beta emitters such as strontium and tritium has increased by a factor of 47 times in recent days. There was an earthquake in the area after the first measurement, which caused a spike in airborne emissions. It is likely that it caused a spike in liquid emissions too. It is unknown at this time whether this spike is temporary or the beginning of another meltdown at the plant.

    The transformation of the Pacific Ocean into a nuclear dead zone has ramifications for organisms such as humans living on land in North America.

    • NoNukes NoNukes

      The upsurge in Iodine-131 suggests that there are "new" meltdowns, possibly reactor 5 and/or 6:

      "Upsurge of iodine-131 in Japan…

      Units 5 and 6 are now involved in strontium-90 release…

      A meltdown at Unit 5 would explain the cobalt-60 readings found a while ago. Co-60 is generated from the interaction of neutrons with building materials. It would not be expected to be generated from the underground coriums. It would also explain the iodine-131…

      July 25, 2013…“Workers at Fukushima Daiichi lost cooling to unit 6 for 2 hours today…"

      • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

        A repost from Heart on condition of Units5&6:
        Heart of the Rose on ENEnews
        January 24, 2013 at 7:07 am · Reply
        As summarized yesterday by EneNews:( Nov.14 2011)

        ■“Four of the five emergency diesel generators on units 5 and 6 were inoperable after the tsunami”
        ■“One air-cooled emergency diesel generator on Unit 6 continued to function and supplied electrical power to Unit 6, and later to Unit 5, to maintain cooling to the reactor and spent fuel pool.”
        ■“Unit 5 had been shut down and in an outage since January 3, 2011. Fuel had been loaded into the reactor and the reactor pressure vessel (RPV) reassembled.”
        ■“Unit 6 had been shut down and in an outage since August 14, 2010. Fuel had been loaded into the reactor and the RPV reassembled.”
        ■“The Unit 6 air-cooled EDG and portions of the electrical distribution system survived the tsunami and were used to reestablish cold shutdown on units 5 and 6.”
        ■“After the tsunami impacted the site, operators were able to use the 6B emergency diesel generator (EDG) to provide power to cooling systems for the Unit 6 spent fuel pool. After installing temporary cables, the 6B EDG [generator] provided power to Unit 5 spent fuel pool cooling.”

        Are Fukushima Reactors 5 and 6 In Trouble Also?

      • We Not They Finally

        That recent EARTHQUAKE you referred to: What did it DO? And is that directly related to the recent scary spikes in radioactivity? They said that the quake was "a 6," but lowering the number is common for earthquakes with so much at stake.

        Iodine-131 is ALWAYS bad, of course. Proof of recent new fissioning. But the whole thing is getting to be like "Jurassic Park." Should we fear the Tyrannosaurus Rex more or the Velociraptor? Some choice….

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    The entire problem of rising levels of water is a direct result of construction of the Impermeable Wall.
    Construction of the Impermeable Wall continues along the harbor in front of Unit2.
    The wall is complete in front of Unit1.
    As the wall in installed, groundwater is partially blocked from flowing into the harbor.
    Right now, the water level has risen around Unit1&2.

    As the groundwater is partially blocked, the rate of flow goes down.
    When the slow-moving groundwater passes over, under, around, and through corium debris in and under the plant ruins, it picks up higher amounts of contamination.
    Accordingly, TEPCO has reported higher levels of both water and water-borne contamination at the plant, especially on the ocean-side of Reactor2.

    This problem will dimish as water is pumped from wells behind Units1&2, drilled uphill from the Plant Ruins.
    This "uncontaminated groundwater" will be tested, then dumped into the ocean. Water levels should drop.

    But I don't believe the levels of radiation in the remaining groundwater will fall much, because by the time construction of the Impermeable Wall is complete, the groundwater won't be flowing much at all.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    As to possible meltdowns at Units5&6, I have no opinion.

    PattieB reported here that Unit5 was mostly fueled up, but with the lid off on 311, then started fissioning all by itself. Control rods fell out of the reactor when they lost power. Big problem. They apparently had to have the GE people come over to help them construct a cover and drop it in place, just to keep the radiation under some sort of control. Comments here:

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Heads up..
    And for those in the intel war.."battle stations".
    Let's fight the good fight.

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    Now all they have to figure out is how to stop it from ever raining and snowing again in fukutown. Rain and melting snow continually washes contaminated ground and foliage into the bays and ocean. They say that Tokyo bay is highly contaminated from natural drainage from rains and melting snow run offs. There is no cure. Only chance mankind has now is to immediately shut down all operating nuke plants worldwide. Fukushima and surrounding areas are lost forever. The Japanese have no problem manufacturing billion dollar warships and launching rockets to the space station but cant seem to get their act together at fukushima. Priorities are not aligned properly. So sad for the innocent children over there…. Coming our way now. Nat Geo says it will be in Cali within months now. We all know that 15 out of 15 tuna caught off coast of San Diego 2 years ago were positive for cesium from fukushima. The pacific is toast for millions of yeas now. Are you happy GE???????????

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      "Only chance mankind has now is to immediately shut down all operating nuke plants worldwide."

      Hello tm2020,

      THAT, is the exact answer. Will it happen? Heck no. Too many people do not care about anything but their own world and the appetites fed with life's distractions to keep most people off kilter so they do not know what is happening in the big picture. It is called propaganda and control of the mass mind. The only good news is, people are waking up, but as the clock ticks, it may become a race between man and nature to destroy most of the civilization, and world as we know it. It has happened before to greater civilizations that could not stop the impending changes either.

      Please live in the best quality time you can NOW with your families and communities. Ask yourself, how much love and light have you created today?

  • flatsville

    Read comments on loaction of corium by postet Element here on page 3 of this Zero Hedge article

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      We have seen the cracks in the ground and steam coming from the cracks for two years. Why did the Russians build concrete under the reactor to keep the corium from reaching the groundwater? Corium sinks down. Especially in the BWR with so many pipes leading out of the containment which were destroyed during the 3/11 earthquake, and since Fukushima is on porous sedimentary rock and landfill, and not on bedrock at all, the corium has sunk even faster. I read somewhere it is traveling west, but it is probably traveling east and west and north and south, but also down, down, down. When it reaches the magma connected to Mt Fuji, or any of a number of volcanoes in Japan, then it may well be spewed out with a magma explosion. But corium itself travels downward until it hits groundwater which causes a new criticality. Water is boiling somewhere for there to be steam rising. And the steam rises from the ground as well. Why do you think TEPCO is trying to cover everything with asphalt? Everything is just the cheapest cosmetic attempt to cover up the realities.

      To claim that the corium hasn't yet left the building is just deceptive propaganda.

  • gmathol

    Unfortunately nothing will be done or can be done, so some of us with weak metabolism might face cancer or other diseases.

    If we have another accident with the same pollution it could be the end of mankind.

    We already have more caesium leaked out of Fukushima than in Chernobyl. We already knew that – more nuclear material at the side means more pollution.

    What Japan has to do now is the same thing the Germans did with their nuclear power plants: CLEAN UP THE SPEND RODS POOLS! NOW!

  • Edward Edward

    Remember we are never being told the truth. Not by tepco, japan or the american goverment/media. They do not put our best interest/well being first. From day one they have lied in an attempt to downplay this nightmare. We stopped eating tuna as soon as this happened. We assume that contaminated water is leaking and being dumped into the ocean. Why aren't other nations demanding to be involved and why isn't the media covering this? Because most people just go on with their lives, spending their money because it does not affect their daily lives therefore very few are demanding transparency or accountability, just like with climate change. When these issues do finally hit home it will be too late.

  • flybynite flybynite

    It was too late on March 12,2011. Why is it confession time all of a sudden? Could it be to redirect us from the true horror that might be happening? If I sound paranoid I probably am thanks to all the lies. (BRB, gotta put on my tin foil hat)

  • flybynite flybynite

    Has any one else heard this reaction? I told a friend of mine about fuk.plant and what it meant for our health. He said "how do I wrap my head around that and still get up every day and go to work, pay my mortage, ect… knowing this about the radiation? I can't deal with this and still carry on like nothing happened." So I agreed to not tell him any more unless he asks. I asked the person in the fish department where I shop if she knew where the fish was from and she said she never heard of Fukushima.

    • Ourself Ourself

      I can very much understand that reaction. It's a much better one than complete denial, but it's still willfully ignorant. Why not just takes steps to mitigate it while they continue their routine lives? Live like you have cancer before you get cancer.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Hear it everyday!

      When the general populations were enslaved via a well planned monetary system, the only thing most of the cattle and sheep could do was worry about their next bill and/or the next trinket to buy.

      Slaves never left Egypt…

  • flybynite flybynite

    Thank you Our. I agree %100. Even if I can't do anything about the meltdown, I want to know. ( I DID TAKE THE CANNED TUNA OUT OF HIS SHOPPING BASKET.) lol

  • Kassandra

    China Syndrome is KEY.

    After listening to the interview, I realized that all the stories on the ocean contamination may be designed to DEFLECT our attention from the massive hydrovolcanic eruptions that we who watch the webcam have been witnessing.

    These eruptions have become bigger, thicker, longer. And there are more of them.

    Remember this headline?

    Architect of Reactor 3 warns of massive hydrovolcanic explosion
    Posted by Mochizuki on November 19th, 2011

    [excerpt] He added, if fuel has reaches a underground water vein, it will cause contamination of underground water, soil contamination and sea contamination. Moreover, if the underground water vein keeps being heated for long time, a massive hydrovolcanic explosion will be caused. [end]

    We are have been witnessing HYDROVOLCANIC EXPLOSIONS. Their current force is small enough to hide, but I suspect that their severity and frequency may be increasing.

    Could this explain some of the seemingly unusual earthquake activity around the plant?

    I'm interested in others' reactions to my interpretation here.

    • BirdOfTheFeather BirdOfTheFeather

      Nuclear Official: Growing alarm at Fukushima’s out of control radioactive leaks… Emergency is accelerating due to “faster-than-expected swelling” underground

    • Ourself Ourself

      Well said, Kassandra. I agree with you completely.

      I've been considering this for quite some time, now. This asphalt idea is worse than just being for show, in my opinion; atleast some of the pressure is being relieved through these cracks right now. Not that these emissions are good – they're terrible.

      We do know, at the very least, that pressure is indeed building. What will happen from here, we can only guess. It's just a matter of time until we find out.

      Earthquakes are definitely possible. The building may collapse due to a quake, but it could also happen just from the conditions of the soil – this would create more pressure underground. A large eruption of truly immense radioactivity is also possible.

      There are many possibilities. None of them are good.

      My guess is that Edgar Cayce was right. Most of Japan is going to fall into the ocean – probably due this very thing we're talking about right now.

  • dharmasyd dharmasyd

    Rewriting a quote from Dante seems appropriate now:

    ——Abandon all hope, those of you who enter this phase of the nuclear age——-