TV: Problems with killer whales local to West Coast — Only baby born in 2013 died — Just two born in 2012 — Depleted fish supply blamed

Published: January 22nd, 2014 at 5:41 pm ET


KCET, Jan. 21, 2014: With just 81 individuals left, a population of killer whales (a.k.a. orcas) local to the West Coast has been listed as a federally Endangered species since 2005. Now, new data on the beleaguered whales’ habits is prompting a wildlife protection group to ask for better protection of orca habitat along more than half the U.S. Pacific coast — including more than a third of the California coast. […] Southern Resident orcas will eat chum and coho salmon, as well as herring and rockfish, but they strongly prefer the larger Chinook salmon, which may make up as much as four fifths of their diet. And that means that protecting California salmon and their offshore habitat may well be crucial to the health of two of the Southern Resident orca’s three pods, especially in a drought year that may be devastating to California’s Chinook population. Southern Resident orcas may already be feeling the effects of drought, as well as other factors depleting fish stocks off the Pacific coast. Only two calves were born to the population in 2012, and 2013’s sole new calf died before the year was out.

Bay Nature, Jan. 13, 2014: One final way of learning about orcas is to study the rare cases in which whales have died and washed ashore. Perhaps it was fitting, then, that researchers here were able to learn about the rarest of the ecotypes through this rarest of study methods. In November 2011 […] a local beach walker discovered a dead whale that had washed ashore on a remote beach at Point Reyes. […] Graeme Ellis at the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada wrote back identifying the whale as a young male called o319. The “O” stands for offshore, by far the rarest and least-understood of the three Pacific orca ecotypes and something extremely remarkable to find washed up on the beach in Point Reyes — or anywhere. […] The necropsy, begun in the field and completed later in the lab, revealed hemorrhaging in the head, a broken rib, blood-stained vertebrae, and blood in the pleural cavity, indicating that the orca had died from trauma […]

Watch video of the orca that washed ashore in 2011 here

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Published: January 22nd, 2014 at 5:41 pm ET


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31 comments to TV: Problems with killer whales local to West Coast — Only baby born in 2013 died — Just two born in 2012 — Depleted fish supply blamed

  • Socrates

    Climate change, dumping, fertilizer runoff and radiation would account for the dwindling web of food in the ocean.

    I am surprised it has lasted so long. The rise of jellyfish told of this long ago.

    The climate is changing. Radiation, pesticides, heavy metals, nitrogen/oxygen changes…. Nothing lasts forever but the wind and sky.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    Won't be able to save Orcas if they can't eat.

  • Ontological Ontological

    Sounds to me these whale deaths described are sonic damage.

    Just this month alone, there has been so many reports of animal deaths. So sad.

  • This excerpt is from an article on Rense dated 12-16-2011. The orcas have been in decline since 2011. This isn't climate change; this is radiation from Fukushima. All the signs are there.

    – The merged Liman and Kuroshio become the North Pacific Current, pushing eastward to North America. Large predatory species, including tuna and salmon, feed here on the contaminated squid and on small fishes like herring and mackerel.

    – When the North Pacific Current hits the continental shelf, it divides. One stream veers northward along the Canadian and Alaskan coast, and then swings counterclockwise toward the Bering Strait and Kamchatka Peninsula. These areas are the breeding grounds of seals, walruses, whales and sea otters. The region is also a major supplier of salmon and sea cucumbers for the Asian markets.

    Start of a Kill-Off

    Radiation and chemical-affected sea creatures are showing up along the West Coast of North America, judging from reports of unusual injuries and mortality.

    – Hundreds of large squid washed up dead on the Southern California coast in August (squid move much faster than the current).

    – Pelicans are being punctured by attacking sea lions, apparently in competition for scarce fish.

    – Orcas, killer whales, have been dying upstream in Alaskan rivers, where they normally would never seek shelter.

  • w

    We need to file charges of Crime Against Humanity against Obama and Japanese Prime Minister Abe for knowingly let the public unnecessarily exposed to the radiation coming from Fukushima . With these leaders' refusing to acknowledge the dangers of radiation exposure to our health, we are unable to make educated and organized effort to prevent further radiation exposures.

  • Daisy207

    I was thinking about this all evening. We may be concentrating on the wrong components in that water. The massive amounts of water discharged into the Pacific daily – they say could be around 400 tons a day – probably more if they calculated ground water flow – is probably 70-80% or more tritiated water. Tritium has a half life of nearly 12 years and is a beta emitter. Its incorporated into all of us if present in our water sources just like any other water and it will rain out around the world. There is a water quality standard for it – and its not expensive to test for. This may be the indicator parameter we all need to looking at – and no one is talking about. Its too difficult to look for Cs, or Pu or any of the other metal based components. Local health departments should be able to test for tritium – its a scintillation test. Admin – I may post this in more than one place – If we all get together around the country and ask for our water samples to be tested perhaps we can compare results. Its just as dangerous as many of the other components – no one can escape it. That's not say I want to eat fish with Cs in it but I'll bet there is also tritium in the fish as well – and you don't cook out all the water. If you shower in it you will breath it in. What say you all.

    • alasanon

      Yes, Tritium is very common from nuclear reactors and not eradicated by filtration…
      I asked my state health department in Virginia/East coast USA to test my surface drinking water that came from the local river. The radiologist tested it for a panel of major radionuclides. He did not have final testing capability for strontium, but he got an expert quality reading on radioactive cesiums, iodine, and tritium. My local unfiltered tap water tested positive for Cesium 134 and/or (I can't remember without my notes) 137. The radiologist said that these trace readings bore the "signature" of the Fukushima event!! He said that isotope could not come from anywhere else and show up in that water supply. He also said that it was a minor amount and not to worry (ha!). At that time (August 2011) my water tests were totally negative for Iodine and Tritium. (small consolation, huh?) That's all I can tell you out here!- Best wishes! Try govt. mobile radiological labs. They always need to keep honing their skills!

      • zogerke zogerke

        @alasanon i really like your avatar name. alas alack. 12 step program for those who cannot stop grieving.

    • Horse Horse

      Daisy207, tritium is a bigger problem than they want to admit. Testing in the 70's revealed how effect tritium was in killing fish and levels were set so fish die offs would not be so noticeable. The fish aren't going to live long enough to be affected by the other radionuclides being leaked by Fuku and other NPP's.

      "First, as an isotope of hydrogen (the cell’s most ubiquitous element), tritium can be incorporated into essentially all portions of the living machinery; and it is not innocuous — deaths have occurred in industry from occupational overexposure. R. Lowry Dob
      son, MD, PhD. (1979)"

      TRITIUM from Nuclear Power Plants: Its Biological Hazards

      "tritium produced measureable, dose dependent, and irreversible suppression of immune capacity in affected fish."
      "It appeared that there was no threshold or significant dose-rate effect for either beta or gamma rays on germ cell survival, and that tritium beta rays were more effective than cesium-137 gamma rays in germ cell killing."

  • SadieDog

    This is a movie called 'blackfish'. It is about The Killer Whales used in captivity. Very sad.


    And Japan continues with overfishing. Illegal whaling. Just look at the atrocities they inflict on our brothers and sisters in the sea.

    • GOM GOM

      I am sorry about that link. I will let them know about it. Please take a minute of your time to Google: Sea Shepard Conservation Society. Thank-you.

    • Homolumina Homolumina

      Oh, and as every year they are slaughtering dolphins again too, causing a nice red blood bath, comparable to the annual Norwegian dolphin killings probably; I do not believe that they use them for food only, much of the meat ends up as fertilizer on their fields and I am also sure that in Japan the bloody disgusting slaughter has a ritualistic background

  • isogoodhumans

    China just did away with its one child policy. So as long as there are more people on this planet, and we live this toxic lifestyle, there will be less and less space for other species.

    The disease of the human race: greed, delusion and hatred, needs to be cleansed at the same time as we cleanse our planet. We have commenced down a path of increasing transparency regarding the impact of human diseases on our planet. This is the chance for humanity to cleanse our diseases. It has always been said that humans wait until they are backed into a corner before dealing with many problems, but then came Fukushima-too complex to comprehend let alone solve for many, even if Tepco was forthright from the start.

    This is a challenging time for humanity because the solutions to our problems are not yet visible to us.

  • weeman

    Have you ever heard of cesium hydroxide, nor had I until WesternKyMan brought it to my attention, how do you make just add cold water to cesium?.

  • bluetick

    TOO late numb nuts (scientist, politicians ect.).. you buried your head in the ground for 2 years now you are just getting the story… ITS TOO LATE. you decide theres a problem after everything is dead..

    Quote from Hugo Chavez " We treat the world as if we have somewhere else to go."

  • A little left field for most. But the folks I've shown this too end up crying and see the same as me..(grab from Infra Red weather the other night)

    Angel over Europe crying, looking to West. Creased dying skeletal angel in Atlantic.. I believe once the Angels are dead, then the Country (USA) will need those Zombie pandemic laws..

  • I stopped eating ALL seafood this year. I say all, because the way food producers lie about GMOs and additives, I don't trust whatever source they might put on the label. Usually they don't say where the fish comes from so we assume the worst. Every time I drive by a seafood rest, I just see future cancer patients paying for their own poison and making some guy or gal rich.

    Same with kelp, which we use in our smoothies…most kelp is NOT from Maine but from the washington/canadian area of the Pacific. And the GC shows it to be really hot.

    That's how it is in our time, you have to test the food ignore the labels, and do the best you can. JUice a lot, drink a great deal of distilled water, and EDTA that hot metal out of your blood and bones.

    Fukushima Research blog on articles and videos since 3-11-11