TV: “Discreet accidents” took place at Fukushima that released radioactive material into Pacific Ocean over course of summer (VIDEO)

Published: January 29th, 2014 at 1:14 am ET


KION, Jan. 22, 2014 (at 1:20 in):

Q: Has there been a significant event at the power plant where radioactive water has been released in the last three weeks?

Dr. Ken Buesseler oceanographer and scientist on ocean radiation from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute: Over the course of the summer, there have been a couple of discreet accidents. What we’re seeing and expecting to be able to detect off the West Coast of North America would be from 2011 […]

The station’s transcript of this interview is somewhat different than what was actually said:

Q: Has there been a significant radiation leakage event from Fukushima in the last three weeks?

Dr. Ken Buesseler oceanographer and scientist on ocean radiation from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
: Over the summer, there were a couple of discreet leaks but what we’re expecting to detect off the West Coast is from 2011 […]

Then, of course, there’s that ‘event’ happening every day at the plant, where Tepco estimates 400 tons of radioactive water flows into the Pacific Ocean.

Warch the broadcast here

Published: January 29th, 2014 at 1:14 am ET


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101 comments to TV: “Discreet accidents” took place at Fukushima that released radioactive material into Pacific Ocean over course of summer (VIDEO)

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    "Discreet" as in the sense of separate and distinct events, vs. discreet dumping. Although one never knows, with Tepclowns at the helm.

    • "…it’s actually 2 big water problems, together. The somewhat misleading and drastically underestimated ’400 tons’ that comes to us from mainstream news ad nauseam is courtesy of the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. What METI fails to point out is that an additional 1000-4000 tons move through Daiichi every day, due to an underground aquifer. So what we actually are dealing with is upwards of 4400 tons making contact with the 3 molten corium blobs, somewhere under the plant, every single day. For almost 3 years now."

  • clamshellernh clamshellernh

    Discreet ! Ha!

  • J.

    Of course it's a typo. It should be 'discrete.' Heads up to Admin.

  • Gasser Gasser

    The Platters;

    The Great Pretender

    Get the gist here to get the thought rhythm down there


    Oh-oh, yes TEPCO's the great pretender's
Pretending Fukushima's doing well.

TEPCO's greedy are such; they pretend too much

    They're lying but few can tell.

    Oh-oh, yes they're the great pretender's

    Adrift in a radiation world of they're own.

They play the Nuclear game; but it's a real shame
    We're all met to make big payments all alone.

    Too real is this feeling of make-believe

    Too real when I feel what ineptness can't conceal.

    Oh yes, we're the great pretender’s
Just laughin' and gay as it all falls down.

We seem to be what we are, you see.
We're wearing Strontium hearts with a frown

Pretending that easy life's still around.

    Too real is this feeling of Hormesis; make-believe
Too real when I feel what our Cancer can't conceal.


    • Gasser Gasser

      Yes, we're the great pretender's

      Just laughin' with gay parade's downtown.

We seem to be what we're not, you see
We're wearing our troubled hearts down.

Pretending that Nuclear reactors are sound

      Oh yes TEPCO's the great offenders
      Pretending that they served Japan well.

      Japan's needs are such they pretend; to much
      They're going straight into a Nuclear Hell.

      Oh yes Japan's the great pretender's
      A drift in radiation of they're own.

      They play the Governments game; but to a real nuclide shame
      We've all been let to fend on our own.

      Too real is this feeling of make believe
      Too real when we feel what our Government's can't conceal.

      Oh yes, we are all the great pretender's

      ~Gasser Classic~

      • atomicistheword

        TEPCO lease equipment owned by other corporations. You can run but you cannot hide behind nanny TEPCO.

        I'm gay; but I don't support corporations that claim to be patriot American companies that actually supported economically the manufacture of equipment designed to kill American soldiers in world war two… Is this not true? Ford, IBM, General Oil…. So called neutral Switzerland had huge bullet manufacturing plants to supply Nazi Germany. Dead men's dental gold profits no one.

        Such anti-human entities have lost their sourcery over mankind. They have already abandoned America, what you see is a shell of a nation in a false dream. Wake up time!

      • name999 name999

        "Too real is this feeling of Hormesis make believe"

  • retali8 retali8

    Plutonium in Japan;

    New Study: Aerosolized plutonium from Fukushima detected in Europe(refer to last email how deadly plutonium is, and if this is the case, japan is definetly covered in it)

    Fukushima Accident Raised Levels of Radioactive Strontium Off the East Coast of Japan by Up to 100 Times (still known as a "bone seeker")

    Radioactive strontium from Fukushima disaster found in 10 prefectures
    3 times the limit.

    oldish links, but still, lets keep well informed shall we.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      strontium up 100 times? Or is it 10,000 to 100,000 times?

      Pavel P. Povinec et al;

      90Sr concentrations recorded in surface seawater offshore of the damaged Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant (400 kBq m–3 90Sr) were in some areas comparable to or even higher than the 137Cs levels. The total amount of 90Sr released to the marine environment … could reach about 1 PBq. The pre-Fukushima 90Sr levels in surface waters… were estimated to be 1 Bq m–3. To better assess the impact of about 4–5 orders of magnitude increased radiostrontium levels on the marine environment, more detail measurements in seawater and biota of the western North Pacific are required.

      • Socrates


        How much 90Sr will come to the West Coast?

        Will 90Sr be in milk?

        How does it vector to humans?

        Same questions to Machomaker.

      • name999 name999

        code, your avatar is the epitome of sublimation…genetic mutations, the next wave…

    • thanks 4 links….
      strontium offers us bone rattling data….

  • razzz razzz

    The Pacific is TEPCO's toilet. That would be 1,000 days times 400 tons (of radioactive water flushed each day into the Pacific) and still counting.

    Our pal Kenny thinks this can go on indefinitely. Ten more meltdowns into the sea, no problem. Ah, make it hundred.

    • humptydumpty humptydumpty

      The leaks are not really accidental, just par for the course of Tepco's ineptitude and niggardly allocation of resources.

  • Max1 Max1

    If 400 Tons/day is discrete…
    … Did I mention I sell bridges?

    Oh, and the Cesium from WWII testing…
    … Are those markers also for 135/137?

  • Max1 Max1

    "Swim it off…"


  • Machomaker Machomaker

    @ CodeShutdown

    Simulations of regional ocean models using 137Cs concentrations in the ocean off Fukushima allowed estimating the total amount of
    137Cs directly discharged to the ocean, ranging from 1 to more than 20 PBq (Kawamura et al., 2011; Tsumune et al., 2012; Bailly du Bois et al.,2011).

    Although temporal changes of 131I, 134Cs and 137Cs concentrations in surface water adjacent to Fukushima have been well documented, releases of radiostrontium to the sea are poorly document (Povinec et al., 2012). The main reason for this lack of data
    resides on the difficulties of pre-concentrating and analyzing
    90Sr in seawater. The recent study by Povinec et al. (2012) has been the first report assessing the impact of radiostrontium released from the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant to the marine environment.

    by RISØ National Laboratories (Roskilde, Denmark) during 60min intervals over approximately 60–64h. Filters were re-measured after 1 week and 3 weeks to verify that detected counts corresponded to the decay of 90Y and no other beta emitters, including 91Y (T1/2=58.5d), interfered. The chemical recovery of yttrium, which ranged from 10 to 85%, was assessed by determining the stable Y concentrations by ICP-MS on aliquots of the digested filters. Samples were measured on a A 5-position beta counter manufactured……

  • Machomaker Machomaker

    by RISØ National Laboratories (Roskilde, Denmark) during 60min intervals over approximately 60–64h. Filters were re-measured after 1 week and 3 weeks to verify that detected counts corresponded to the decay of 90Y and no other beta emitters, including 91Y (T 1/2=
    58.5d), interfered. The chemical recovery of yttrium, which ranged from 10 to 85%, was assessed by determining the stable Y concentrations by ICP-MS on aliquots of the digested filters.

  • Machomaker Machomaker

    The supernatants from the first separation of iron hydroxides described in Sect. 2.2 were stored and sent to Universidad de Sevilla to proceed with an alternative direct determination of
    90Sr in the same samples. The initial objective was to perform these measurements as a quality control exercise to validate the results obtained by the method described previously in Sect. 2.2. However, the method used for the validation of 90Sr allowed for the determination of both, 89Sr and 90Sr (the first one only in some samples due to the long time delay between sampling and measuring).
    The conventional radiochemical procedure (Harvey et al., 1989) applied for isolation and purification of the 89Sr and 90Sr in the supplied supernatants was based in an initial oxalate precipitation, followed by a transformation of the oxalate precipitate into carbonate by calcination to 550◦C.
    Subsequently, calcium was mostly eliminated by fuming acid precipitation, followed by the dissolution of the precipitate in water, its evaporation to dryness and its posterior re-dissolution in nitric acid.
    Barium was afterwards separated from strontium by formation of barium chromate precipitation, and yttrium was removed by two successive hydroxide precipitations.
    Strontium was finally purified by its precipitation with a saturated solution of sodium carbonate, subsequent conversion of the precipitate to strontium nitrate by adding con-
    centrated HNO3, the dissolution of the precipitate with…..

  • Machomaker Machomaker

    hot water, and the final precipitation of the Sr as SrCO3, by adding again a saturated solution of sodium carbonate.
    The final SrCO3 precipitate was homogeneously distributed over the counting planchet and dried until constant weight in a desiccator.

    The radiochemical yields were determined gravimetrically and double-checked by ICP-MS in a selected number of samples. The presence of natural Sr in samples was considered after its determination in aliquots by ICP-MS.
    The quantification of 89Sr and 90Sr was performed by using a 10-channel low level proportional counter LB790 (Berthold Technologies). Two measurements at different time intervals were performed to determine the concentrations of 89 Sr and 90Sr in the
    sample under study at the time of sampling. The first one was performed 36–72h just after the 90Y separation and the second one at least 18 days after the first measurement. In all cases, each measurement was performed during at least two cycles of
    600min. From the net counting rates obtained in the two measurements, the activities of 89Sr and 90Sr were determined, following the methodology described in Herranz et al. (2011), which implies the previous calibration of the counter for determination of the counting efficiencies of 90Sr, 90Y and 89Sr.

  • earthsmith earthsmith

    There is nothing discrete about this abomination called Fukushima except the laws (lies) that protect this hideous ignorant behavior.

  • earthsmith earthsmith

    No ocean,yes it is one ocean,means no life period! I don't see anything discrete about that Kenny Boy.

  • tsfw tsfw

    yea 'discreet' like a tampon commercial.

  • Ontological Ontological

    What happened to ENVIRONMENTAL protection by these money grabbibng scammers? Why does Greenpeace, and Woods Hole suddenly have such a head up there ass position on this nightmare. What not enough money being handed your way guys? You are BOTH worthless pathetic orgs! Glad I NEVER donated not once to either of your lame scams! Scientist on radiation?? YOU DON'T EVEN TEST FOR IT FOOL! How the hell are YOU any kind of authority KEN?

  • Metapy

    First, there is no such a thing as a "accident". These so called "accidents" are usually caused by human error. Second there is no need to use the word discreet a miss spelled word at best. So the heading to this is word play as far as I'm concerned. I see the heading reading as: "Several incidents" took place at Fukushima that allowed the "release" of radioactive material into the pacific. The real meaning is that during the summer Fukushima "dumped" several tons of radioactive material into the pacific.

  • ftlt

    Woods is milking FUFU for publicity. It does matter what they say as long as they get in the papers

  • Sickputer

    Oh yes, the Tepco/Diet bunglers have had countless discreet affairs (lying on every day of the saga).

    And then the plant itself has experienced numerous discrete toxic events. Tepco even reported lately they are going to pour rubble into the lagoon (whatever happened to the good old rah rah burn it up in incinerators for the honor of Japan?).

    To do this latest dirty deed they are very sorry to have to remove 13 nearshore radiation monitoring posts. Shades of Sadnet in America! We don't need no stinkin' radiation badges!

    Of course recent discrete radiation soaring events have made the onshore area by Units 1 and 2 a gamma rate death zone for humans! Tepco must be discreet about that affair.

    Thanks for discreet reports from Lori at Fukushima Diary:

    Tepco “Filling up the port → Abandon 13 seawater monitoring posts.

    Credit: Fukushima Diary→-abandon-13-seawater-monitoring-posts/#comments

  • "The station’s transcript of this interview is somewhat different than what was actually said:" – Admin

    1. Discreet accidents vs Discreet leaks
    2. Significant event vs Significant radiation leakage
    3. What we’re SEEING AND expecting to be able to detect vs What we're expecting to detect

    IMO – This happens a lot.

    😉 Word manipulation, discreetly done, is one of the primary tools in the Nuclear Industry's arsenal of media weapons.

    The use of deception on the human brain has turned into an art form called mind control. When you don't realize it's happening to you is when it's working best. 😉

  • bluetick

    lets get on the same page.. ITS 400 tons outflow and its 800 tons inflow..but if you add all the contaminated rivers and streams its probably more like 1000 tons into ocean daily…remember the story of finding radioactive pellets 400 miles away all over.. well that runs back to the creek, into the stream , on to river and back to the ocean..they have given us so much info ..just in short tidbits over long periods and we forget over time…

  • atomicistheword

    King 5 Hanford report…. Sr – 90 release 2011

    the industry of insanity and buffoonery

  • We Not They Finally

    Leaks = Gushes. And there is nothing "discreet" about massively poisoning the ocean. It's pretty IN-discreet, as in F-U world….

  • sworldpeas

    The secret is out
    Nothing discrete about it
    Wood's hole has a cyst

  • retali8 retali8

    has everyone seen nuclear danger by Holger Strohm?

    must see if not already ^^

  • BTW, can anyone recommend a simple video editing software which I can use to add subtitles to existing material (in H264 format) ? There are two exceptional TV reports made by arte, a "niche" TV station run by German and French public TV in cooperation. They produced and broadcast at least two features which ruthlessly spoke out against nuclear power and the lies about it's dangers including the completely unresolved waste problem and the way it is handled to this day (ie dumping it in the ground or into the ocean at will). So far, I could not find any version with English audio track on the internet, thus I'd like to at least make the German version available with English subtitles. Anyone ?

    • or-well

      Fukugeddon, thank you. Translation is an important contribution.
      I hope someone helps re: software.
      Congrats on your 1st blog article.
      (Folks, see the "Effects of Low Level Radiation" Forum for Fukugeddon's translated article.)

    • Sickputer


      The free Live Essentials Moviemaker might do it. I also like the video programs for sale at Very versatile and not as high priced as Adobe Premiere. Easy to understand the functions also.

      • Thanks you (both or-well and Sickputer), I'll have a look at the tools you mentioned.
        I have already posted a link in the "Effects of low-level radiation" forum a few hours ago. It points to the first post in my new private blog and contains the translation of an interesting article from a German magazine dealing with irregularities in birth statistics that are linked to man-made radiation in the environment.

    • razzz razzz

      Not sure, but if you take an existing .srt file (the actual subtitles/subtext text file) for the video, you can copy and paste the text to MS-Word and manipulate it as a word file by leaving the time frames in place but replacing the existing text with the language you want to use, example: Take a German .srt file and translate it into English using Word. Leave the time frames undisturbed since they correlate the subs with the video frames or you could add text where you wanted to by adding to the timing.

      If the subtext is embedded (means no subtext .srt file separately available), there are other ways to do it but I am not sure how.

    • want to hop in here…
      i'm determined to find dependable articulate finnish translator if Arto Lauri vids on utube….so if you visit here and can help…

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    It is useful to stop occasionally and ask, What are these people who seem to really like nuclear energy up to? They can not all be stupid and ignorant.
    I do not know if ET's exist or not. Maybe. Have members of the Ruling Elite formed some kind pact with these Aliens which they have met? Is there a deal in the works?
    Otherwise, these people are sacrificing their children and grandchildren to a failed idea. There will soon be no safe place to live.
    This is a great puzzle to me. And then if we add these devilish GMO's we get another piece in this sinister puzzle. It looks as though the Demons of Technology and Science have possessed the most powerful people on the planet and care not at all if the world is destroyed. They seem to have cast a very powerful spell on presidents and minister and on almost all the very wealthy. Can this spell be broken?

    • artika rama

      Capt nemo The answer is easy ,, they dont care ,, they just want to make money and have fun with their own lives and what hapens after they dont give s..t . Just selfish ignorant people . Thats all . Only conspiracy is the one you can put in the bank . Nothing else.

      • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

        Perhaps but your explanation does not satisfy me. I believe there is more to this than money as there is a limit to the money thing. No, we have to consider power as well. What for example does Obama have to gain if his daughters get cancer in their 20's–not so unlikely? Or if he gets it even before he leaves office? Just the plutonium alone that has been let loose over the world in the past is an ongoing threat. To everyone. No one is safe.

        • artika rama

          capt nemo Power and money usually come in the same package imo .
          The ones in power are ignorant enough to believe their "scientists" like the ones they have been talking about here on enenews. ANd the ones lower down the pyramid are trying to climb UP , to a higher level to reach the top.
          Greed corruption is the rule than exception .
          Its called politics .

        • I was talking about these questions just last night with a friend of mine while we were taking a walk in the park with our dogs. I've been xperiencing a feeling of "weirdness" and "wrongfulness" for the last two or three years, constantly inclining. Ask yourself: who would be in a position to orchestrate everything that is happening the way is is ? It seems to me to some extent the actual decision takers at politics and economy are not really aware of an "evil master plan" behind everything, yet I'd say it is hard to deny that it exists.
          And the weirdness of events on all levels in all parts of life has gone beyond imagination. Everything seems to be culminating, and whatever we'll find at the point where all the different strings converge is definitely hostile to human.
          There is plenty of noise on the internet, in forums and Youtube etc, yet I find more and more often news that feel completely odd and out of place, if you know what I mean ?
          The western world is collapsing politically and economically, secret services have run out of control everywhere, pollution is beyond imagination, there are animal mass die offs, in between is Edward Snowden. Other things are strangely missing: eg the Chinese are on the moon, after sixty sears (assumed the NASA was there), yet there is a media blackout on this comparable to Fukushima. I hardly found any material on the official Chinese websites where I'd expect this to be celebrated in a major publicity effort.
          Last year,…

        • …the former prime minister of Luxemburg and (then) leader of the so-called Euro group, Jean-Claude Juncker, held a strange speech at the New Year's Press event, recommending everyone to study the similarities between 2013 and 1913, pointing out that although in summer 1913 still everybody was lucky and noone would think about war, one year later WW I broke over Europe. I mean: WTF ?
          Then weird Hollywood movies from the recent years like White House Down, Oblivion, Elysium, After Earth ? Heck, even Emmerich's awfully bad "2012" fits into that series.
          We are warned about the upcoming war between Japan and China, the (staged) Syria crisis, a new cold war between USA and Russia etc etc
          Actually, the truth is: I'm afraid they will start WW III soon. Simply, because it solves all problems at once: the financial collapse, the citizens revolting against the emerging police states, Fukushima, you name it. And I wouldn't even wonder if it turned out the elite indeed has plans and technology to leave the planet for a while, or for decontamination. After most of the us, the useless slaves, have died.

          • many moons

            I think the Elites have plans to go live in their underground city (I've hear there's one in Denver) and after a certain amount of time then they will come out when the useless eaters have perished and they will be the Kings of their new found paradise…that will look like hell.

          • This would be a much better planet with about 3B population.

            • Cisco Cisco

              stock…It won't be long until we get to 3B people; but, I don't think it will be much better. Food, water and the atmosphere will be dangerously contaminated, resulting in early onset of fatal diseases and premature deaths.

              Even at 3B, there won't be enough safe food, water, and air to be comfortably life sustaining; bleak survival at best, I think.

            • name999 name999

              depends on who those people are stock.

            • Agreed. Kind of.
              Many people have presented good arguments how many people can host in a truely sustainable way. And mankind might come to a point where active steps are necessary to reduce population. And should it really come to this point, the decision who needs to go and who may live on should be taken in a fair (if that attribute is applicable in that context) procedure with equal chances for every single man and woman on this planet.
              A bunch of people at the economic top just saving their asses and just let everybody die at the push of a button like flushing the toilet does not match the definition of a such procedure. It is the opposite – fascism in its purest form.

          • name999 name999

            Fukugeddon, I fear you are right about a world war. For the path of history, this is what the perpetrators of all these atrocities believe solves the problem. And they love killing lots of
            people at once.

          • James Tekton James Tekton

            "Actually, the truth is: I'm afraid they will start WW III soon."

            Thank you, FG.

            Yes, thank you indeed for speaking your truth so well and so perfectly. You are zeroing in on the target and for now, the target is common knowledge.

            As long as the majority of lemmings are chasing their own self-centered tails, and staring at the ipod gadgets(Sauron) all day, there may not ever be that conscious awakening that it always takes to realize there is a problem. They will stare at the ignoboxes until the day the power is shut off, and the last breath is drawn.

            The world of people must identify the real problem, and then resolve it. If the problem is never realized, or admitted to be the catastrophic ELE that it is, then there will never be the answer that is best for humanity. It will be the final solution of which isreal was created for. To trigger and cause another world war. Whether it comes before, or after the market crash and death of the dollar, is yet to be seen. What is very apparent and obvious to all is, we are getting closer to the time of another distraction to take us all into this planned agenda, or even another 9/11 type False Flag Event to slip the people away from the Rule of Law, and into the new socialist/nazi/fascist/communist state. What will they do next, and how soon? Why does the date of February 12, 2014 come up?

            • James Tekton James Tekton


              Long story short, live well each day and protect your inner and outer self the best you can. Help others understand. Lay up your treasures where they will count the most. Be the love you are. Speak your truth…follow your heart.


              • Thank you for your kind words. I feel like Cassandra, and I suspect most of us do. And it is getting harder every day. But I'm not willing to give up. If they want my silent, they'll have to kill me. Sadly, they probably will one day. The one way (bullet) or the other (cancer).
                Reminds me of the movie "Cloud Atlas". The ultimate message from all the different story lines across the ages is loud and clear: the will always be evil, and you have to stand up against the fascists each and every day, even if it means your death.

            • there's no one to kill….

              it's all arms industry sucking every cent out of our existence…
              they've already enslaved every cent of your descendants for next 5 generations

              to kill …WHO…..there's no one 2 Kill…..

              they're ginna kill in space…


              don't know how we are going to shut these degenerate psycopathic sadist down….
              but with 7bil human dual core processors in the planet…
              we should find it ……EASY……

        • Maybe we should even ask ourselves Fukushima (although I have no doubt it is real) might be used to distract us from even more imaginable events to come, and I have strong doubts it is really human beings that pull the strings. If it turns out one day we are controlled by ETs or man-made AI-machines run out of control, it wouldn't really shock me (anymore).
          Alright… I admit this is getting of off-topic, so I'll stop here. Whatever the bigger context may be, we need to get Fukushima fixed. Now.

          • clamshellernh clamshellernh

            @fuk The Mind Parasites Colin Wilson

            Do you mean a staged event like in holo graphics
            You know that as it gets bad people will be looking for a leader
            And that would be the plan .
            Look at Catholicism and the ruling of the peasants by fear
            Ya any things possible
            Have you read anything by Colin Wilson? Try the mind parasites
            A good and fast read that will change the way you think forever
            It's not religious
            Ok way ot

            • Hey clasmshellernh. Actually, no, I haven't, but thanks for the recommendation, I'll try to find the time to read some of that stuff.
              Regarding the way of thinking: I wonder how much more of it I can handle. It's legitimate to say I have already gone through some kind of metamorphosis throughout the past five of ten years, awakening and starting to see clear, and although I would never want to go back, it has completely alienized from the people around my. That goes for my family, my friends, my colleagues at work etc. With few exceptions, no matter what I tell or show them, they will remain in denial and just look at me as some nice guy with a slight touch of mental illness.
              I got the feeling that for some reason you, me and others, maybe most people up here, are in some way immune to the mass halluzination and deception that obviously works great with 99.9% of the population. People love it that way. I suspect we are all suffering from the same genetic "defect" – maybe radiation did that to us ;-).
              The bottom line is: I'm afraid the 0.1% percent might never be able to win this fight. And I think the point where Kant (and finally the democratic theory) is wrong is the assumption of the existence of self-determined human beings. People love to be subordinant. It frees them of own thinking and acting and – more important – it frees them of taking responsibility for their actions.
              Knowledge and intelligence may be power, but first and foremost is is a burden.

              • James Tekton James Tekton

                "they will remain in denial and just look at me as some nice guy with a slight touch of mental illness."

                Yes, FG.

                It's a club! Welcome to it.

                Most here are in it. They call it, the Nice Guys finish Last Club.

                No need to fret, you are among the growing majority and just the tip of the spear starting to speak out as a brave soul amongst the sheep that all wish they could. You should love yourself in your core part for being a truthseeker and provider of answers, if not for your very light expressed as it has been done to be a healing also. Keep on keeping on brother. Your path is well tread. Many are there, that feel the same, and as one admonished the other day, you are among the ever growing choir here.

                Maybe some day, in nine gazillion years from now, these notes will be found in cyberspace, and it will be known that the answers to many of our world problems were here, on Enenews. They will ask, why didn't the world listen to these wisemen, and women?

                As everybody knows, it is therapeutic to say and speak what you feel. Truth is the greatest salve for all aliments material, and spiritual. No matter what it is, good or bad, truth always leads to the refinement of life. If it is lost, what are we?


              • or-well

                Interesting idea – that some % of people are genetically more "immune" to deception, or maybe, more capable of "seeing" truth/reality.

                Maybe it's something outside of the "nature vs nurture" concept, and not genetic, but to do with neural structure.

                Humans are already a subspecies of the genus Homo. Maybe there are something like "Varieties"…

                Homo s. sapiens v. psychopath
                Homo s. sapiens v. subordinate
                Homo s. sapiens v. self-determinate
                Homo s. sapiens v. power-seeking

                maybe genetics is the cause of subtle structural differences in brains that result in different electro-chemical efficiencies/deficiencies that then have a great effect on thinking and behaviour, inclining some more one way than another, without actually producing identifiable genetic differences among people.

                Sorry for the difficult paragraph.
                It's just a thought anyway.

                Fukushima has produced a metamorphosis in some, but not all, even those who have been aware. Odd.

              • name999 name999

                Milgram Experiments.

          • yes i think about this every day…
            fuku in our face….
            wiz of oz type stuff…

            just ask what is military up to …..


        • name999 name999

          Respectfully Capt, your focus on Obama is still too narrow. This stuff has a much longer shelf life. I have done considerable research on some of this stuff and don't feel this is the place to get into it too much. Going after Obama is a very very late start in this lethal game. I think it actually draws our attention away from the active players in this blood and radiation lucre.

          Even with some history, your question is still the most basic decent human response to this. Why?


      well, Capt. Nemo, "Can this spell be broken?" Not until we start observing admin's directive that we put off-topic posts in the proper forum. Until then, the 'slide' into chaos will continue unabated…

  • pkjn

    Japan to freeze the ground at Fukushima to prevent contaminated water leakage
    January 22, 2014 Voice of Russia
    At the moment, the radiation level at the Fukushima plant and in the Fukushima plant`s neighborhood breaks all the records. In fact it’s so high that can kill a person over a period of a few hours.

    It has been already found out that more than one half of all the fishes that have been caught in the sea near Fukushima contained radioactive metals in the fishes` bodies. Moreover, radioactive substances have been discovered in the organisms of fishes and whales 1,000 kilometers away from Fukushima.

    Tokyo Electric is saying that the Fukushima accident will create NO obstacles for holding the Olympic Games which are planned to take place in Tokyo in 2020. However, experts are saying that it will take NOT lesser than 40 years to fully eliminate the consequences of the Fukushima accident and to dismantle the Fukushima plant’s reactors.

  • Nick

    Capt Nemo…

    me thinks ionizing radiation affects the brains of us all, especially nuke pukes.

    The vast industry is a gold mine (for some). Despite it's hideous toxins, YO DO NOT mess with profits.

    When you realize that fact, it all makes (no) sense.

    We can rant and rail all we want about shutting the industry down, but it will take a lot more dead and dying folks before enough nuke pukes get it.

    I mean nuke pukes to be anyone who derives their living from the industry (civilian or military)

    Until humanity ostracizes the industry it will only grow.

    It's already destroyed our future…..

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      "Until humanity ostracizes the industry it will only grow. – It's already destroyed our future…"

      Nice, Nick.

      What does it mean, when the gold is to HOT to handle?

      Or, what does it mean when everything you can bring INTO your home is HOTTER than the inner home environment?

      What happens as the environment gets hotter, and your inner home is becoming hotter and hotter?

      How long is it going to take many parts of the world to become uninhabitable, is one of those super computer thing-Algos that even conversations like this are taken into computations to calculate just exactly what the answer to that question is.

      May God have mercy on the beautiful country, America as she slowly dies. Pray for those in japan that will go down to the ground before that happens. The visions of all the horrible smoke clouds from burning the millions of dead that will arise far over the Asian continent for decades, are too sad to even think about.


  • Nick

    ….bbbut but we need nuclear to FIGHT climate change!


  • Sol Man

    So, it is of no concern for entities to rearrange the genomes of all of creations' organisms, by radiation/voc/chemical exposure.

    Human beings' incapacity to understand or even care about the horrendous negative effects of their conflicted selves is noted.

  • name999 name999

    "Permafrost for Fukushima"..pkjn, this news link from Voice of Russia is important.

    What would stop TEPCO from applying these untested schemes already? I have posted here before about my suspicions that this stuff is already being done using materials and techniques that are as damaging as the accident. Like the use of Core-Exit(sp) in ocean waters to disperse oil.

    The people doing these things are not plugged in to reality. Look at what they are doing. Well, you
    can't because they are hiding what they are doing.

    Unsupervised malevolent children with no authority that can stop them.

  • Nick

    Japan is not ready to give up on nuclear energy. Fukushima is just a bump in the road.

    There will continue to be discrete leaks from other nuclear facilities all over Japan for the conceivable future.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    "discrete leaks"…of course! 🙁

    Can't wait for that huge flash flying directly out of our sun either! 🙁 Toast!

  • Jebus Jebus

    Deja Vu, we have all been here before.

    On many levels. Human words. Nothing more.

    The future is just time. Past, memories.

    They both always begin today.

    Human choice, human words.

    Time marches on…

  • zogerke zogerke

    Regarding location of corium…This link is from extinction protocol….about discovering magma chambers under hawaii..if they can do THIS, can't they find the coria? or is it again that the radiation keeps sensors from working? they know. they know. i cannot conceive of a way that the location of the coria are not known, in this age of technological sensoring (and censoring).