TV: No doctor can explain what’s happening to Navy officer’s body — “I’m basically kind of deteriorating” after Fukushima radiation exposure — My leg is 17 centimeters smaller, same with my right arm — Radiation levels missing from medical records (VIDEO)

Published: April 17th, 2014 at 7:43 am ET


Ameera David, RT reporter, Apr. 13, 2014 (at 6:45 in): “For the last 3 years, former Navy officer Michael Sebourn has been perplexed by a health condition that no doctor can seemingly explain. Just 4 months after [Operation Tomodachi] Sebourn woke up and found that he could no longer push or pull with his right arm. And he would later find out that his arm had been quickly losing muscle mass. […] Doctors are still trying to diagnose Sebourn after more than a dozen medical visits and countless neurological exams.”

Interview with Michael Sebourn, a former US Navy officer responsible for measuring radiation exposure to equipment and US personnel, Apr. 13, 2014 (at 7:00 in): “Same with my right leg. My right leg is actually 17 centimeters smaller than my left leg. So I’m basically kind of deteriorating from the right side. They’re trying to figure out why that is. […] That was my job [to measure radiation levels]. So to say that it is normal day-to-day radiation is 100-percent bogus. […] A normal background radiation from the sun, the rocks … is about 15 to 30 CCPMs [Corrected Counts Per Minute.] At one point in Atsugi I was reading 300 to 400 CCPMs just in the air.”

Ameera David, RT reporter, Apr. 13, 2014 (at 11:45 in): “What happened was they told him we are going to log all of these measurements that you’re taking, we are going to log it, track it, and put it on your medical record — that way later if we find the exposure is abnormally high, we’ll take care of it. What happened is it did not go on the record. Those measurements are not found to this day, he has no idea what happened to them, he’s just kind of left out in the dark.”

Watch the broadcast here

Published: April 17th, 2014 at 7:43 am ET


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66 comments to TV: No doctor can explain what’s happening to Navy officer’s body — “I’m basically kind of deteriorating” after Fukushima radiation exposure — My leg is 17 centimeters smaller, same with my right arm — Radiation levels missing from medical records (VIDEO)

  • cosmic charlie cosmic charlie

    Just throw him under the bus. Can't have the revenue stream from all things nuclear spoiled by an accident or two. Pathetic…..

    • bluetick

      What I call a WORM..a person who asks another man to protect him, give his life for the worm to get his way… ie Reid is a Worm. what happened to Honor. How could we have elected a govt. that would kill a mother giving birth and not care. who would in this case sell a soul for money..How could you NOT take care of person who risks his life to protect the worms…."you navy man go risk your life so I will know if I the WORM am safe…you are expendable I the great Harry Reid am not!!now measure the radiation or face court marshall"

      Worms I tell you all over… dont feel sorry for the soldier feel sorry for yourself and your family as we elected these worms. The people need to stop recognizing this govt and let the states form a totally new one in which it is death by hanging for those who have done wrongs in the old govt. the difference between our elected leaders and sadam hussein is just a name!

      • bluetick

        Ghengis Khan led the the battle! Harry Reid asks someone else to lead the battle and further his agenda so he wont get hurt.

      • mairs mairs

        I think all of our elected officials have dropped the ball, but what does Reid in particular have to do with this? I'm curious. This forum has become very political lately, and I just want to find out the background of some of the amorphous claims.

      • NondiPloom

        Pardon my apparent ignorance in this matter, but what has Harry Reid got to do with it?

        • razzz razzz

          NondiPloom: Naive much? Why don't you start with his position in the Senate then check and see what happened to the nuke waste dump site in Nevada and then try putting 2+2 together for a basis of how politics and big corp industries can work hand in hand.

          This sailor was taking radioactive reading aboard ship, knows what is affecting him, just can't prove it now as he gets the run around. If it was only say, uranium exposure, he could probably recover to some extent and lead a semi-normal life but he was exposed to dirty bomb fallout, he will never be able to recover.

          Doctors are not trained to diagnosis effects of radiation poisoning (also called acute radiation sickness or acute radiation syndrome) only cancers resulting from radiation poisoning. The preliminary indications are overlooked until a cancer takes hold. Why? Mainly because there is no treatment for radiation poisoning even if they can confirm the absorb dose. Usually bone marrow transplants are the general action with rounds of antibiotics while waiting for cancers to manifest.

          • mairs mairs

            Ah, Yucca Mountain. I read the report that said it wouldn't be safe for nuclear waste. It was quite detailed. I believe the report and not some anonymous internet poster who says Reid betrayed us by not allowing it to go forward.

            • PurpleRain PurpleRain

              I believe the report too. Reid had nothing to do with the plight of this individual sailor. Although… I will and do blame everyone who works for the NRC!

        • bluetick

          he just a small part of the establishment that deny soldiers illnesses , it is political as its a disservice to our community at large to ask a person to sacrifice their life for our liberty and then leave them to suffer the consequences of a cowards deeds.. ie cutting benefits for vets, denying illnesses that were a direct result of their sacrifice ie the soldiers on these ships..the cover up of fukushima it all ties together
          I am quite sure you wont her reid open a investigation on the missing records for this soldier…

      • name999 name999

        bluetick…this doesn't make sense.

    • Radioactive Thorium Beach In Guarapari, Brazil; Hormesis Theory Debunked; via @AGreenRoad

      • If radiation is good for you, then this guy should be healthier for getting exposed to 'natural' radiation; right?

        Hormesis for everyone on the planet…

        30 nuclear reactor meltdowns and 2,400 nuclear bomb tests later

  • Favorite tactic of the military/nuclear industry….

    LOSE the records.

    Next best?

    Under report by a factor of 99 or more.

    If the radiation reading is 10 Sieverts

    Report .10 mSv instead.

    Or give the guinea pig a radiation monitor that maxes out at very low levels, so they think they are getting almost no exposure.

    Keep telling they they are safe and that radiation won't hurt them.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Pretty standard Nuclear operating protocol.. 🙁

  • hbjon hbjon

    No doctor can explain. Interesting. Try using some of these words in a sentence. 1)Plutonium 2)Radiation 3)Contamination 4)Fukushima 5)Massive 6)Explosions 7)Bioaccumulation 8)Fallout 9)Nuke Failure.

    • They are taught hormesis theory.. radiation is good.

      That is why they use it the way they do..

      Only problem; it conflicts with the Hippocratic oath

      "Above all, do no harm"

      No wonder they don't say that anymore..

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Doctors only make money when they see patients who pay them money. We will not hear any/few doctors bad mouth their money maker.. 🙁

  • rogerthat

    leaders with feet of clay sacrifice soldiers to preserve a lie. how can this end well?

  • Quisp Quisp

    No doctor CAN, or no doctor WILL explain?

    • Or MAY not ? Or IS PRESSURIZED NOT TO ? Who knows… ?
      Linguists are still baffled and at loss why such details often get lost in translation from Veritanese to Decepteranto. Excerpt from Encyclopedia Fukugeddia:
      "[…] Some theorize the phenomenon might be caused by fundamental structural and semantic differences between the two languages which basically makes them "incompatible". Another problem that has been identified is the dramatic shortage of reliable and experienced translators and interpreters, based on the fact that Veritanese itself is a relatively young language and therefore – despite impressingly high growth rates – still has a comparably small number of adopters. In addition, a recent study revealed that the number of individuals understanding Veritanese exceeds versus those who are actually capable of speaking or writing it, which still is a tiny majority. Scientists at UNICEF said they are monitoring the situation. […]"

  • Joe Ebslap Joe Ebslap

    Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor not a nuclear engineer!

  • melting mermaid melting mermaid

    So they knew, for sure, and they just used these people as guinea pigs. It's murder, plain and simple. Long, slow, torturous murder. Speaking of institutional torture and murder, why is Obama keeping 9000 pages of the investigation from congress? Why is he protecting the Bush administration? Surely they haven't done something we wouldn't approve of.


      peel away the surface veneer, melting mermaid, and you'll discover no significant differences between these administrations. One has only to look at their respective campaign donor lists, to understand why…

    • +++ BREAKING NEWS +++
      Shocking new evidence: corruption is bio-accumulating up the stages of scientific and political career !

  • There are many, (more than we'll ever know), throughout the USA who suffer with 'undiagnosed' illnesses.

    I remember talking with a doctor once and he said if he were to go back to school he would specialize in toxicology. That's a fast growing field in medicine, he said.

    If people only knew. Most don't and many never will tie the pieces together as to why they suffered or got ill.

    1. Did you ever spend time downwind of the Nevada Nuclear testing?
    2. How far did you live from a Nuclear Power Plant?
    3. Did you grow up or live near Simi Valley, CA?
    4. Was your mother possibly exposed in some way?
    etc… the list goes on and on.

    Most doctors don't have a clue about how this stuff really damages the body over time.

    Medicare and Insurance statistics were based on a population of people with predefined illnesses. There is no calculation for those dosed by radiation induced debilitating mystery illnesses.

  • Socrates


    Effect of ionizing radiation on human skeletal precursor cells –
    Muscle myoblast proliferation, cytokine signaling and stress response capacity is diminished by contamination of the body by ionizing radiation.

    Most physicians would want to know the dose and rule out other possible causes by history, physical examination and specialized tests before expressing medical-legal opinions regarding the cause of the muscle atrophy.

    Regarding the dose, the duration, intensity, route of contamination are examined in detail. Geiger readings are some guide. Blood tests to determine injury to bone marrow are examined. That's where blood ceels are produced.

    • Socrates

      Myoblasts are blood "cell" progenitor cells made in the bone marrow.

      I Googled: "muscle atrophy ionizing radiation".

      Not preserving the records of the dose and duration of exposure would certainly make the job tougher for a toxicologist physician to have a solid basis upon which to express an opinion in terms of dose and duration. Muscle tissue itself is fairly resistant to ionizing radiation. Contamination may move to the bone marrow and prevent the myoblasts from regeneration of muscle cells as they die thus causing atrophy.

      • MoonlightEmpire MoonlightEmpire

        The lack of exposure records is not to keep the doctors from diagnosing…

        It's to keep the lawyers from prosecuting.

        • And to protect the nuclear industry so they can keep producing heavy metal poisons and radioactive toxins in unique combinations, and then throw them out into the water and air, to 'test' the effects on people, animals, and plants.

  • melting mermaid melting mermaid

    No doctor can explain, my ass. I'm not a doctor and I've seen hundreds of studies. Someone here posted a site of Chernobyl studies and it was practically never-ending. I'm sure the military has done extensive studies on the subject…cruel and inhumane studies. For them to say they are in the dark here is a bold faced lie.

  • mairs mairs

    One of the regular paid shills elsewhere kept insisting that this is all in their minds. It's just the mass hysteria of military personnel. If I could get my hands on him….. 🙁

    • GQR2

      Mairs that makes at least a few of us,this is medical patient abuse to lie like this to patients. It truly is there are laws at least there used to be about patients rights. ha one would think some help would at least be a reasonable expectation of the medical profession. The audacious attempt to say this is pyscho-somatic adds insult to injury.

      • Shaker1

        "The audacious attempt to say this is pyscho-somatic adds insult to injury."

        GQR2, that gave me a laugh. I've had some problems, and when the doctor implied that it was somehow all in my head, I politely told him that he grossly overestimates the power of my mind. He took that OK. It'd been a contentious relationship from the time he inherited me, and we are pretty much content with that kind of banter. I actually respect him. When he says 'I don't know' I believe him. My neurologists are the same with my seizure problem, though there's no contention as were have both realized from the get-go and initial physiological screens that diagnosis is and will remain elusive. We've come full-circle now (4th doctor and back to the original guess), and I'm happy to leave it at that.

        In some repects concerning doctors (and what I say is not to belittle them) I think they're somewhat like the modern car mechanic. They are good mechanics, setting bones, stitching skin, wiring and screwing one back together, and now even replacing parts. But where your father's mechanic could stick his head under the hood, listen and figure it out, today without a computer device or the grossly obvious, they're lost. The doctors may have always been in that case. With the human body, I don't fault them.

        The bureacracy they deal with, though, is something else again. If there's dishonesty (losing records?) or overt and callous pride, well…Disrespect is warranted and required.

        • The medical profession has to protect the nuclear industry, or they are going to lose a HUGE portion of their income;

          Radiation means HUGE profits..

          What would they do without it?

    • Of course, all of those people living around Chernobyl, Fukushima, TMI, Santa Susana and the 27 other nuclear reactor melt downs are all imagining things and just getting hysterial..

      Poisonous heavy metal, radioactive man made elements in the air, in the water, in the soil, in the food, in the milk and in the drinking water have NOTHING to do with it…

      Especially not plutonium.. you can drink that stuff and it will just make you healthier, so says Ann Coulter


  • Sol Man

    Oh Dear, Honorable Sirs and Ms.:
    Look here MONEY!
    It's all for you! Take as much as you can!
    It's all damn bloody, but take as much as you want!

    • Sorry I can't lift my hand to put it in my pocket to give it to you, because the radiation affected my nerves, so now my arm and leg quit working.

      You will have reach into my pocket and help yourself to all the money you can find.

  • GQR2
    From the article
    Speaking with Reuters, Navy spokeswoman Colleen O’Rourke said there were “material issues” with specific parts associated with one of the vendors, though she declined to name the vendor or the parts in question.

    "The Navy is committed to ensuring the safety of its crews and ships. High quality standards for submarine components are an important part of the overall effort to ensure safety," she said.

  • Will have to add the muscle atrophy to the list..

    Any lists like this at medical facilities are incomplete, and minimize what will happen to all those paying for what amounts to a lethal dose of radiation.

    List Of Radiation Induced Diseases Caused by Low Dose And High Dose Radiation; via @AGreenRoad

    • Ontological Ontological

      Yes doc 100% agreed, RAD-atrophy is making the leg they removed my fibula bone from to rebuild skull bone with really bad, and the pressure ulcer from surgery/hospital stay has returned. RADS here in S Nv are way too high. Weak, very week now. I refuse to use a wheelchair. I see PERFECTLY HEALTHY teens on those motorized carts in the stores. Yall are pathetic taking them away from truly HANDIPAPPED people to run to shop using NO muscle energy whatsoever, while scarfing down Md Ds lousy food. Pathetic lot Americans are today!

    • Sol Man

      Dr., it seems that bone disintegration should be added to your list.
      Mr. Sebourn's leg and arm have gotten smaller. What a nightmare.

      Thanks for the list and all of the other information that you provide.

  • Ontological Ontological

    Docs here in Glitter Gulch are so stupid they could not even recognize sever dysplasia. They simply could not explain my carcinoma, until I got to UCLA head and neck cancer center. They freaked and told me that I had a most aggressive affliction. So it depends on who you consult. Most doctors these days cannot see past their billing in order, and their bottom line.

    Salute to the brave guys n gals that served to save the Northern Hemisphere a total calamity. Now we can all die slowly together. My radiation monitor is over 30 often now. As it is a dosimeter 30 is never good; totals in Beta are usually 900+ cpm at that reading on an inspector. Not long before I have to set the alarm up again…Sigh.

  • dka

    I can't believe that the US does not have a single medical nuclear expert.

  • Here is at least one..

    Dr. Conrad Miller MD – How Radiation Concentrates Up The Food Chain To Human Beings – 10Bq/Kg Unsafe; via @AGreenRoad

    He is the exception to the rule though…

    Docs will have to be educated by their patients..

  • m a x l i

    Just watched the video where the officer can be seen walking down a staircase and along a sideway. No way is his right leg "17 centimeters smaller" than his left as he claims. That would be sensational and he barely would be able to walk. Maybe he meant millimeters.

    I assume "smaller" means "shorter".