TV: “Extremely high levels of radioactive substances” leaked Wednesday night at Fukushima plant — 25 trillion becquerels of Strontium-90 and other beta emitters estimated to have flowed out — “Investigation is still underway” (VIDEO)

Published: February 19th, 2014 at 11:44 pm ET


NHK, Feb. 19, 2014: Highly radioactive water leaks at Fukushima plant […] [Tepco] says water containing extremely high levels of radioactive substances has leaked from a storage tank. [and] was found on Wednesday night […] the water leaked from a seam near the top of the tank. It traveled along a rainwater pipe and flowed outside the barrier that surrounds the tank. […] Officials say their investigation is still underway.

Bloomberg, Feb. 19, 2014: Tepco Says New Leak of Radioactive Water Found at Fukushima Site […] About 100 metric tons (26,400 gallons) of water […] Beta radiation readings of 230 million becquerels per liter were taken in a water sample collected today near the H6 tank area […] About 300 tons of contaminated groundwater seep into the ocean each day […]

  • “The sample was collected today near the H6 tank area”… Why not sample the water from inside the tank it leaked out of?
  • 100 metric tons with 230,000,000 Bq/L = 23 Trillion Bq of Strontium-90 & other beta emitters, with half generally being Strontium-90 — about 11.5 trillion Bq of Sr-90
  • Tepco claims 10 trillion Bq of Sr-90 entered the sea from May 2011 to Aug. 2013

Kyodo News, Feb. 20, 2014: Roughly 100 tons of highly radioactive water leaked [Tepco] said Thursday [with] 230 million becquerels per liter of strontium and other beta ray-emitting radioactive substances. The utility believes the liquid has not flowed into the adjacent sea as there is no drainage nearby […]

Tepco “believes the liquid has not flowed into the adjacent sea”… yet.  A recent special on Japan TV about Fukushima’s contaminated water summed up the situation this way:

NHK (at 36:30 in): “What has become clear is that it’s very hard to control radioactive materials once they  get into the environment.”

Watch NHK’s broadcast on the latest leakage here

Published: February 19th, 2014 at 11:44 pm ET


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238 comments to TV: “Extremely high levels of radioactive substances” leaked Wednesday night at Fukushima plant — 25 trillion becquerels of Strontium-90 and other beta emitters estimated to have flowed out — “Investigation is still underway” (VIDEO)


    You would think that by now I would have gone numb to all this bad news, but it just makes me more mad.

    • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

      If they were running a zoo, all the towns people would have been eaten by now.

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      WWJD…I vacillate between numbness and rage…Maybe that's the plan… a mind game to condition everyone to accept the futility of it all.

      • @newsblackoutUSA

        Thats the exact protocol.

        Lie deny, and slow drip; The slow drip will make the ele news more comfortable after every day you read hear and know that its getting closer.

        Its always been a slinky.
        I am an enenews first responder and likely made a huge impact at the beginning of the crisis. However I have never retracted that this is and always has been an ele with existing technology.

        Welcome to the new age indeed. And enjoy your time while it lasts.

        • Note:

          I truly believe that this very song. Radioactive, By Imagine Dragons. Is nothing more than a tool, created by the government to execute the promotion of Comfort, during these impending times. (end game if you will).

          Its subliminal messaging at its finest.

          Imagine dragons is a band known for their "educational" background. They are not a band, but a group of employees, that have talent in the music field.

          Another interesting song that they wrote is TOKYO

          Which completely highlights TRAVEL. TO TOKYO…


          Promotion, or music?

          Does this have a subliminal meaning…

          The very lyrics to their song Radioactive, could be interpreted in many ways.

          I feel it deep within my bones: (referring to strontium or even a melt down. ).

          This is it the apocalypse. Welcome to the new age Im radioactive.

          All deeply subliminal.

          While their song tokyo mentions if not screams (GO TO TOKYO).
          Which is exactly what the japanese economy needs; And would be willing to pay to promote.

          So here we are seeing both sides of the argument.

          Your already radioactive. This is the apocalypse. Go to tokyo. Meet a girl.

          The video even uses muppets. (which would highlight that they intend to Target Market the Youth. As their generation, will be the most impertinent genre to send this message too…

          I could go on. But just wanted to hear others thoughts…

          Song? or subliminal advertising?

          • hbjon hbjon

            "Strontium 90 and other beta emitters." Beta radiation is a significant form of radiation that has more ionizing power than even gamma radiation. An electron is ejected out of the nucleus at a very high rate of speed, with moderate penetrating ability. When an electron moves in space, the electromagnetic force creates an effect on surrounding space. How does the aquatic life deal with this new situation? Not to mention the chemical properties of the elements themselves.

          • GQR2

            you're onto something. yep
            Wouldn't be the first time these groups are put together and used absolutely for social conditioning.
            In the Lindsy Sterling version she does the song with Pentatonix, they're a very talented well educated, oddly lucky singing group. Any group that gets to the top,has been selected by the big producers. There is no room on the main stream for spontaneous talent or content. imho.
            Good Catch TG !

          • sayonara kitty sayonara kitty

            tacomagroove, i noticed this past couple of weeks that our "morning tourist report" aka news, has been using the song radioactive as bumper music when they segway to commercial. my first thought was a renegade sound man, then i saw it on another channel on their "tourist report"/news… i think your absolutely right, their conditioning us. they would never let something like that slip past them, it has to be deliberate.

          • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

            tacomagroove….I agree with your observations and I was suspicious of Imagine Dragons when they felt compelled to deny any relationship of their song because it "has nothing to do with Fukushima"…they can now be in the company of Joe Camel in the subliminal message hall of fame.

            While the elite are having their drag parties in New York making fun of the unwashed masses, ( ) Radiation continues to spew onto the earth destroying the DNA of every living being.

            Yes, the assholes are still in charge.

          • Au Au

            My take: The Tokyo video was uploaded on Jan. 9, 2011 (pre-fuku)and, like Kevin Blanch, people from Utah know they are down-winders from the Nevada Test Site nuclear detonations and many have had family affected. Kevin Blanch says it is the cancer capitol of the world:

            "there's a lot of personal story behind it, but generally speaking, it's a song about having an awakening; kind of waking up one day and deciding to do something new…"

            Could be that Reynolds had family die of cancer from being a down-winder.(?) Reynolds and Robinson were students at Brigham Young University
            BYU is located in what is nicknamed "Happy Valley" so there is not, for the most part, really gritty living there and IMHO I don't see that these kids would be promoting sinister acceptance of nuclear for the masses. "Welcome to the New Age" could be sarcastic and according to him "let's change it."

          • SEMIjt

            spot on comment!
   is worth a look for symbolism and "propaganda" reviews

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Tacoma, have missed you here.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Emmy, I hear you. Yeah, the first song made me want to cry. It does sound like conditioning. Or just pandering for $$. I'm not buying into Apocalypse until I know it's here.

          I can't listen to stuff like that often; it's too depressing.

          • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

            Imagine Dragons the name itself implies it is all fantasy that we are convincing ourselves of…"Imagining dragons where there are none?"

            Let's make being radioactive cool because we are part of the future, and the gamma rays are so bright I have to wear shades. 🙂

        • " I am radioactive
          Welcome to the new age"

          radio – active

          We are all radios, tuning in to different frequencies, but also sending out our own 'station' messages.

          We can choose to be 'active' or passive and do nothing.

          Fear is sometimes paralyzing, preventing a healthy response.

          The deer in the headlights syndrome, if you will…

          Deer who don't move when headlights come speeding towards them tend to not do as well as the ones who DO MOVE and TAKE ACTION.

          Lesson learned?

          Be a RADIO STATION, keep sending out signals..

          Be ACTIVE

          Be A RADIO – ACTIVE

        • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

          Tacomagroove…Mediaopoly is a huge part of the problem.

    • magikald magikald

      The news coming out about Fukushima seems even more horrific than the previous article. And now there is the PU contamination in New Mexico from the waste facility. I feel so numb right now.

      • We Not They Finally

        Just imagine how you would feel if you lived in New Mexico (we do). We have to assume that they were lying about radioactive emissions for decades leading up to this. Now they say they don't even know how much, how to measure it, much less how to stop it.

        The only saving grace (which sounds bizarre to even say it) is that plutonium particles swallowed become internal emitters and can take many years before it results in cancer; whereas other radionuclides cause cancer quicker.

        Well, not so great a "saving grace" at that….

        • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

          wntf…I live in California and my geiger is reading 290 today, down from the usual 300+…we had spurts over 500 last month, so I know how it feels and I am sorry for earth on all the life forms on it that we are all being nuked to death.

          Nuclear Plants/activities all need to be shut down…Heh there government officials, if you are in your ivory towers reading this…instead of bailing out wall street, how about funding the science to clean up all the waste products sitting around waiting to burn up and spread death on the wind. :-/

    • @ WWJD
      February 19, 2014 at 11:56 pm

      One law for the criminals and one for the 'law abiding' people. Modern Civilization- it is committing suicide by self destruction. And those who are specialists are blind to many truths and thats why they cannot see the nuclear effect caused by the dams of the world that cause almost all the nuclear catastrophes so far. See by google search Glaring Lacuna in meeting water needs. And they do not even see the truth given out by ECRR 2010 and instead continue to embrace the witchcraft that the Safety Regulations that ICRP Recommendations are(pre DNA and false model for internal emitters).

    • Shammalammadingdong

      You don't think those people in On The Beach just took their shots with no preparation, do you?

      They probably had plenty of news and information that made them all realize it was just futile to continue any longer.

    • Vince Vince Ivey

      I have an idea!!!

      When the house is on fire and spreading to the entire neighborhood, let's just sit around and compare numbers like fucking idiots and INVESTIGATE it!

      Then, let's have a meeting and compare figures!! We can share charts and meaningless data with ourselves.

      Ooooooo let's create a Task Force to recommend actions to take! Yea, let's do that next month.

      • Shammalammadingdong

        I'm going to propose a radical thought process.

        They knew how bad it was when it happened. Everything since then has been damage control.

        So far the only regime that's been able to contain an event like this has been the Russians.

        Closed off, oppressive, draft people and give them 4 minutes of exposure each….

        But they got it done.

        No way a democratic society with a legal system that allows victims to sue for wrongdoing……..can fix this.

        Japan should have drafted every citizen of age and figured out their exposure time. Then sent them in to pick up one piece of garbage, and sent them home.

        It's what the Russians did, and the ONLY reason Europe is still habitable today.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

          Chernobyl is not contained. There is lots of radiation leaking into the Dnieper River and contaminating clear to the Black Sea. I pity all the athletes in Sochi. They should have brought Geiger counters and then left. And the containment was never good above the reactor and parts of the concrete dome have failed.

          • Shammalammadingdong

            Oh, I'm totally aware that they need to create yet another monster tomb over the last tomb, with no real way to pay for it.

            But at least they did something. They gave us all 10 more years. For what that's worth.

      • Meanwhile, the escaped carnivores from the zoo are roaming around town..

      • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

        Not so fast.
        We really need to have a meeting to decided when and where to have a meeting.
        We should not make any decisions until we have the focus group inputs!
        We have to know our demographics on this one.
        And we might want another group address the cultural diversity side of this before we make any definite decisions about a definitive meeting.
        I think we would be more efficient if we scheduled the focus group session in parallel with the group that will deal with the diversity issue(s).
        I can not emphasize enough how important it is to make sure the final meeting leaves the impression that we are on top of this one
        and that we really do know what we are doing.

        I think I can get Dilbert's boss to make some time in his schedule
        to help get these groups up and running.
        He owes me one.

      • Investigate?

        Why bother?

        Just issue PR press releases, saying there is no 'immediate' danger.

        And No one died, and no one will die..

        Just to prevent a panic, you understand?

        Meanwhile Rome burns, as the emperors fiddle and twiddle.

        • Oh, and put emphasis on whatever minimizing that is possible to do with the PR campaign, such as..

          The fire is really not so big. Based on computer models, we have figured out that this house fire is not releasing any more heat than an average kitchen stove (small) burner, when measured by cubic micrometer of air, per microsecond.

          This house fire is actually smaller than the camp fire that was doused by the boy scouts last week at their jamboree.

          Keep shopping!

    • bluetick

      Lets Face it Most people are ostriches. I sent a bulk email out about fuky (100) people
      (know most personally)
      and got one reply and that was to take them off the list, others were just crickets…..

      They really deserve to be sick since they wont even acknowledge the problems…These are people in a huge sports organization with kids sucking in air deep and hard with the running….

      these type of people make it easy for the govt to do nothing!

    • Livingonearth

      Mad and sad

      Nuclear energy is too cheap to meter … !!!"They said

      How much is a new pacific Ocean ?

      How much is a new Planet Earth ?

      How much is a child's smile and flowers in the springtime ?

      We let the genius out of the box

      Now it's ELE in progress

      Mad and sad

      I am feeling so sad

      Peace to all living creatures

  • No Immediate Danger No Immediate Danger

    NHK: “What has become clear is that it’s very hard to control radioactive materials once they get into the environment.”

    Could've stopped at "materials." And it's been clear since its discovery.

    • Socrates

      In the future, we will be seen as victims of ignorance as Madame Curie is viewed today. The obvious perils of nuclear technology have been gladly utilized for weapons but ignored for generating electricity. Pro-nukes see no contradictions. Einstein realized that mankind was too stupid to win WW II and then stop while they were ahead of the game. Michio Kaku refused to work with Teller. People of conscience should give thought to such philosophical questions before promoting such deadly technology. The fog of war is a bad time to reflect about such things. Mankind simply lacks the necessary wisdom. He grabs the first stone ax and clobbers the next guy. The bigger the weapon, the better. Mankind is a flawed creature.

      • nedlifromvermont

        Maybe so; as Bob Marley put it: "while up above us the hypocrites (and parasites who) mingle with the good people we meet, along the way …"

        It's time, past time actually, for us good people to take back our planet from Big Money (Oil, Pharma, Nuke, Banking);

        It could happen quickly with internet viral messaging … the Wizard of Oz was unmasked and quickly morphed;

        All those who died in senseless WWI slaughter, in Spanish (Bird) Influenza, carpet bombing and death camps of WWII shall not have died in vain … unless we give up and go quietly into that good night;

        We meet here, we post our thoughts, share our message and find our voice … we are getting stronger and we will be needed as the flood of ugly truth overwhelms societies;

        It won't all end suddenly, as with a nuclear war holocaust … even though the endgame has been unleashed on the Tohoku coast;

        There is still time to take on the challenge of man-made radio-toxins … although the damage to the Oceans is and will be catastrophic;

        Seven billion plus humans ought to be able to work out a mitigation plan … or at least die trying;

        Peace to all of my fellow 'newsers! Try and stay strong and hopeful, until the end. We always knew it might come in our lifetimes … We just didn't know it would be by the hand of General Electric Company … whom we had grown to love, despite the river contamination by PCB's, etc;

        The power of propaganda to seduce: Josef Goebbels knew.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Very flawed! 🙁

      • dharmasyd dharmasyd

        Mankind's primary flaw is the inability to recognize the mandate of evolution: "Evolve or Die." –To change Man's way of thinking… (Einstein). It looks like we missed it. Perhaps there can still be some miracle, some unexpected leap of understanding. As of now, however, things don't look good for the home team.

        It's extra difficult because it is not individual, it is collective. The individual adds to the collective, but the real change must be a vast, collective realization.

        • dharmasyd dharmasyd

          PS: That means the individual must shed his or her limited, particlular cynicism and defeatism. Yet we must still be realistic; we must recognize the possibility of defeat while working for the change which is mandated by evolution.

      • Lethe

        How about coming to grips with the past, never mind the future.

        If Einstein had been capable of a conscience he would not have written his infamous letter to FDR on Aug. 02, 1939 urging him to develop an atomic bomb before anyone else could do it. In his words and his fellow traitor Leo Szilard:

        "Some recent work by E. Fermi and L. Szilard which has been communicated to me in manuscript, leads me to expect that the element of uranium may be turned into a new and important source of energy in the immediate future. …
        In the course of the last four months it has been made probable – through the work of Joliot in France as well as Fermi and Szilard in America – that it may become possible to set up a nuclear chain reaction in a large mass of uranium by which vast amounts of power and large quantities of new radium-like elements would be generated. …
        This phenomenon would also lead to the construction of bombs, and it is conceivable – though much less certain – that extremely powerful bombs of a new type may thus be constructed."

        FDR bought this hook, line and sinker and the rest is history as they say. Check out the Manhattan Project, edited by C. Kelly, introduction by Richard Rhodes. It's a book.

  • Socrates

    Arnie Gundersen has a new video saying that Tepco does not want to do the testing to determine what the problem is all about. He states that water runs downhill. Three years is too long for playing more games. If nuclear energy is so safe and inexpensive, why can't they just fix it? This form of energy is going to end up being very expensive when you factor in contaminating the Pacific Ocean and dumping hot particles all over and depositing cesium 137 all over North America.

    How much does a new ocean cost?

    • No Immediate Danger No Immediate Danger

      It was never about making money, and to them the ocean is a waste management opportunity.

      • tpak tpak

        +1 you hit the nail on the head with "the ocean is a waste management opportunity" 🙁
        I cannot imagine the suffering taking place under the Pacific waves. Poor creatures of the Pacific never had a chance.

      • TEPCO is getting paid to fail.

        The more they fail, the more money they make.

        Since the ocean is a MUCH bigger failure, they can contaminate it, apologize, and then get paid to try and clean it up.

        The more failure is rewarded, the bigger failures you will get.

        Simple math really.. then add negative entropy

        -10 times -10 equals -100000000000000

  • Paulie777

    Earth is officially on suicide watch. At least the mainstream is picking this news up. Is the 12:06 spaceship out already booked? A ticket out may be useful here.

  • combomelt combomelt

    "Tepco claims 10 trillion Bq of Sr-90 entered the sea from May 2011 to Aug. 2013"

    • rogerthat

      Me too:
      "Tepco claims 10 trillion Bq of Sr-90 entered the sea from May 2011 to Aug. 2013"
      So let's see, if, according to Tepco, 100 tonnes of water contains 11.5 trillion becquerels of Strontium 90, and (again according to Tepco) 400 tonnes of highly contaminated water flows into the sea from Fukushima every day, and this has been going on for 1000 days, we have a simple calculation of 11.5 trillion x 4 x1000.
      Say 46 thousand trillion becquerels of Strontium 90. That looks bigger than 10 trillion, does it not?
      Sure, it may be a high guess. But 10 trillion looks like a low guess. So pick a number in between, any number, what does it matter? There's more to come. Lots more. Lots, lots more, for bloody ever.

  • FallOut FallOut

    What is the gamma ray haze like after this.

    & what are the true levels of radiation onsite with the overall contamination.

    Will they start spraying boron out of the law sprinklers for this open air reactor ?

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      FO…have you looked at any of the tepco webcam forum pics people are gathering? There are lots of pinks, purples and greens.

      • FallOut FallOut

        No, not in awhile, ill check them out. But its getting silly now the neutrons bouncing of everything metal, the gamma rays gotta be off the charts. those workers can't have working testing gear and those rain jackets don't do shit.

        but really. this is crash. bobb1 says the cobalt, mag, cesium point toward criticality sfp hitting the well. 1-6 wells.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        NewsBlackout, not good, that (colors) I'm guessing would indicate a lot of fissioning is taking place. See the Chernobyl documentary. Footage showing what the reactor was said to have looked like, after it exploded.

        Sorry, the name of it slips my mind right now, but if it looks like there's an aurora borealis effect, it's likely fissioning at the plant.

        Do you have a link to some webcam video,

  • GQR2

    Memo to Tepco.
    After a short time we have finished our qualitative and quantative Investigation.

    Conclusion. you may want to sit down Tepco.

    It is clear there is a 3 core melt down ongoing.
    The levels found are beyond anything ever recorded
    They are expected to rise and spread,killing the entire Pacific Ocean.

    Plan: The truth must be told.
    The TRILLIONS of Bqs are making it really difficult to spin.
    signed –
    the people of Earth.

  • Stacy

    My heart is breaking….

  • atomicistheword

    Dear TEPCO/Japanese government,

    Duct tape does not last forever!

    Where is the designer/manufacturer General Electric Hitachi, do they not stand behind the products they make, or do they run away; are we all Fukushimad?

    The Little children of earth.

    • tpak tpak

      Oh but remember?? They bring "good things to life"!!!!!!!!
      Like nuclear power plants. And plutonium. And strontium. And cesium. And and and and and and……
      And DEATH.

      • Dont' forget the roaming carnivores, thrown in for free.

        We know them by name… alpha, beta, gamma, neutron

        So much fun to be around

      • GQR2

        tpak that is exactly what is so contemptable about the Nuclear Industry apparent M.O.
        Insult,gas lighting is added to grave injury.
        What does a parent do when the know the rads are high(er) keep their children home??

        But is a set up to be ostracized.
        THIS is what needs to change. What they outrageously call "radiophobia" – its common sense err on the side of safety. It needs to be nipped in the bud. This is our new normal.:(
        a family that withdrew, protected themselves,their kids would be likely be ostracized.

        Parents need to meet in the evening,have presentations,do discussions. There will always be so many unknowns. They have to be their own authority but need community with each other. Group focused on health, child rearing etc.

        Small numbers are better than one isolated family.

  • jump-ball jump-ball

    It's the corporate corollary: Lie early and Lie often.

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    Let's see … was that from the upside-down tank, near the top, or one of the right-side-up ones?

  • clamshellernh clamshellernh

    Just watching NHK on pbs now and not sure if it's being discussed here yet but thermometers are malfunctioning in reactor two and they have to order new ones to be put thru a pipe because it's too radioactive , also the fishermen association are concerned . Then they Segway into Irans nuclear capability . Wtf .

  • zogerke zogerke

    holy shit. my ten minute read this morning on the Inspector is 4 7 cpm. i woke up it was flashing brief readings of 72 cpm.

    47 cpm is high high high.

    • We Not They Finally

      Try Albuquerque. (Actually, don't. spare yourself.) The betas spiked up to 1,000 CPM late this past December! But "background" here is at least 100 CPM with very frequently higher — A LOT higher.

      You have no reason to worry as of now, if that is any reassurance to you. 47 CPM (though we would all opt for ZERO) is in no way, shape or form "High high high." It just isn't.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    What was SO bad about coal power? Remind me.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Where are my sleeping pills. I can't take this for long…

  • earthsmith earthsmith

    There is still a fight to be fought. Pound out the truths…make people feel uneasy and they won't forget that interaction. Truths are ugly. Tell them about the children in Japan then ask them about their kids. Ask them why so many politicians are not seeking re-election. Ask them if they saw the explosions. Don't stop asking untill they walk away. They will seek.

    • bo bo

      I notice a lot of traffic on enenews – looks like for some, the event in New Mexico is becoming the gateway drug to realizing / grasping what is going on with our planet.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      I talked with someone and when I mentioned Nuclear, he simply stated oh just like all the other stuff we are dumping all over. See, his rational which is very cleverly a taught rational, was it is not just the Nuclear, but its all the other stuff. So why pick on Nuclear?

      See the implanted diversions purposefully created for/within the human mind?

      So why pick on Nuclear?
      31,750,000 people will die directly from cancer in a Japanese population of 127,000,000 alive in 2014 and it will increase to over 55,000,000 cancer deaths by 2030.

      Gee, What is giving all these many millions of people cancer…Nuclear Radiation Contamination! 🙁

      • bo bo

        I get that all the time obewan.. 🙁
        Conversation stops at : ' I don't need you to tell me, yes, yes, there are many many toxic things in the world… and nuclear is one of them. I'm educated, I read the news…'

        Nuclear is not just another stickie to tack on to a list of toxic things in our environment – it is the very worst of them all, in my opinion.

        But they all throw nuclear in there like throwing a dirty sock into an already full laundry basket : 'pesticides… CO 2 …BPA…lead… Plutonium etc.'

        • bo bo

          My analogy for nuclear would be someone taking your laundry basket full of dirty clothes and starting to vomit furiously into it.

        • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

          bo, I understand how disheartening it is…lately, as the reality is sinking in to people's psyche they are becoming more upset at hearing thenews I relay to them.

          I think for them, it is like hearing you have terminal cancer….in effect we are telling our friends and family the patient (earth) has terminal cancer and unless we act to try and stop the processes that are killing the patient, we all die.

          Most people don't want to interrupt the regularly scheduled programming of their lives to fight against the corporate cartels; so we are the harbingers of misfortune and death, because they can't put a face to the corporate/government slime ball destroyers.

          As a side note, I went on Amazon yesterday to see about a dosimeter badge, and for the first time EVER I had to sign in to Amazon just to see the product details. This morning I tested searching for other products and was never asked to sign in. I guess that Amazon NSA Cloud wants to know who is looking at radiation protection.

      • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

        You have to be more subtle, smarter, than them. Don't try to "break through" to them. Force of any degree will meet resistance. It may take a very long time, but if a human life is worth anything, should time matter? Observe… learn… whisper… then lead.

        • bo bo

          That's an amazing video ! Thank u 🙂

          • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

            You're welcome. I don't think people are much different. They too don't like to be saddled with the truth. 🙂

            • Socrates

              Nice video. My father trained horses on the long rein. He trained many Arabian stallions. I rode many five-day treks on Arabian horses. Psychological principles are used in this humane training. The use of positive reinforcement instead of punishment is used. The trainer also uses his calm voice to his best advantage. Notice his own inner mastery of himself. The voice is calm and reassuring.

              • earthsmith earthsmith

                That is good video to show how normal compassionate people act. But.People need to be saddled with the truths in order to bring down the many houses of lies. Otherwise they will remain complacent untill the. gun is in their face. That's the feel I get when I broach the subject. Sensitivity to the subject is out the window IMO. Not that we need to be rude to people but for me the kid gloves are off.

                • bo bo

                  Earthsmith, your comment just made me realize the wild horse parallel doesn't work, because the people we are dealing with, they are not wild – they have already been saddled and trained by the wrong people, and they listen to the wrong masters. You can't put a saddle on top of another saddle.

                    • earthsmith earthsmith

                      Bo , I agree it is counter productive to saddle up a saddle for it will only succumb to its own misery. But the original saddle can be restored to better than new with persistence of truths,care, and availability .

                    • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

                      That's when you kick off the rider and rip off the saddle. 🙂

                  • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

                    Well you bring up a good point. Obviously, if they're owned by someone else, you probably shouldn't be trying to break them 🙂 Unless you want to get kicked in the teeth. Some people just can't be helped. Some people need to "see" you are right – got definitive proof? Got the credentials to backup your claims? Nothing wrong with this. I feel the basic principles still apply in any case.

                    This all comes down to responsibility really. There's a saying that goes, "If you save someone, free someone from their bonds, wake them from their sleep, you are now responsible for them". Are you ready for that responsibility?

                    Don't despair, Rudolph Verba and Alfred Wetzler didn't have much luck either.

        • zogerke zogerke

          ditto. good one, sykewar.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    "Pump & Dump" is my name for the TEPCO plan to pump water from the 12 shallow wells they had dug behind (inland from) Reactors1-4. The plan was to build an underground Impermeable Wall of concrete-filled sheet steel pilings, along the harbor seawall, and extending up beside Reactors1 & 4. In the shape of a U. Then, the level of groundwater could be controlled by pumping. The theory was that this groundwater would be pumped out before it could come into contact with the three missing cores. The plan was to pump, test, and dump it into the ocean. Hence, "Pump & Dump".

    But early on, things began to go horribly wrong.
    First, groundwater building up behind the underground wall, threatened to flood the site with radioactive water.
    Second, when they began to pump out the excess groundwater, the water was too heavily contaminated to be dumped into the Ocean as planned.
    Third, the Japanese Government, in frustration over TEPCO's failure to divert groundwater around the leaking reactor ruins, entertained the notion of building an underground frozen wall around Reactors1-4 to divert groundwater around the corium in the ground.
    So, TEPCO put construction of the Impermeable Wall on hold, and subsequently abandoned the Pump & Dump Project entirely.

    Could it be that many or all of these tanks are leaking a lot more contaminated water then TEPCO is admitting to?
    Are they setting the people up for a "controlled release" of water into the Ocean?

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      An underground Impermeable Wall is actually a great idea.
      But it must be properly designed.
      That means running the Impermeable Wall entirely arkund Reactors1-4.
      Second, it must be properly built.
      That means begin by building the wall behind the reactors, then constructing the wall that runs along the harbor in front of the reactors.

      At present, Japan is testing the frozen wall idea, while TEPCO has abandoned construction of the Impermeable Wall.
      And those tanks keep leaking and leaking.
      And 1,000 tonnes of groundwater a day flows around the three missing cores in the ground somewhere under Reactors1-3, and through nuclear fuel debris in the three corium lava tubes, and into the Pacific Ocean.
      And nothing at all is being done to protect the Pacific Ocean from this Nuclear Nightmare!
      This situation is INTOLERABLE!

      Where is the damn corium TEPCO? 😉

      • Imagination… ah, problem solved.

        Scotty, set up the force fields to contain the Fukushima contamination right away.

        How long will it take you to finish this? 4 hours?

        You have 5 minutes. Get it done.

        Force field in place, all radiation contained, Captain!

        Good job, Scottie!

        Now let's beam out of here.

      • AirSepTech AirSepTech

        I have followed the info on the ice wall. I have a lot of experience with refrigeration, heat transfer, etc. From small projects to 75mw/h plants, enough power for 60,000 homes.

        If the info I have seen is correct, 1000+ wells@ 90ft deep, 3ft centers, separate refer units numbering x, times x capacity etc., you end up with x kw or btu per well.

        This ends up being about 5kw/h or 17k/btu/hr per well. Typical refer units will increase this x3 to 51k btu/h. This is not very much, a home a/c unit is 4 tons/48kbtu/hr

        What they said is, once running, it will take 6 months to freeze. If the calculated water flow(heat load) is off by much, well, it won't freeze. Flowing water is very hard to freeze. Have they calculated anything right, yet?

        I also read they would be placed between the plants and the ocean?
        That can not be right, that's the worst place.

        I hope I am wrong, wrong, wrong. They, we, need something to work.

        Many thanks to the nuke educators, I'm nuke challenged.
        I have however, trained many nuke techs to be air sep techs!

        • We Not They Finally

          What I don't understand about the proposed ice wall AT ALL, is that, aren't the coriums fantastically THERMALLY hot? How can they possibly maintain ICE around that? It sounds all wrong.

          • AirSepTech AirSepTech

            The wall is nowhere close to the corium

            It is to freeze water, water in the ground, ground water

            All soil has moisture it can be frozen

            Except maybe the Sahara, it is sand, but if it is wet enough, you can freeze it too

            It is not hot at all, there is snow on the ground
            People working close by
            little steam rising for the buildings–think about it

  • Nick

    "Investigation is still underway."

    Those words make us all feel so comfy, don't they?

    As we approach 3/11/14, all manner of creatures are going to chime in about the situation at Fukushima.

    The only way forward for humanity is to convince every soul on earth that radioactivity is TATAL (toxic at the atomic level). People have got to learn that that is a truth, not a myth.

    Remember these tanks contain flushed nuclear materials of all sorts from the entire wrecked complex.

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      "All manner of creatures are going to chime in."
      Oh..ya.. the voices for paid lying and denial.
      I personally need no words pro or con fill out the basic hypothesis.
      Here it is..
      Containment was lost at Fukushima Npp. as witnessed around the world.
      There is an estimation..of irrepairable so witnessed personally.the nuclear material the estimate of 2200 tons.

      That's it..
      It's free of falsified numbers..etc …redacted statements, etc.
      None is necessary to understand what has happened.
      Natural observation..
      All the numbers and vying for the minds of the people..CHANGES NOTHING ..the PHYSICAL world has been changed.
      Denial ..either official..or by our neighbors bound up in 'normalcy bias' going to make any less of it..
      None of this will not will it make it go away.
      What this does is ..force the population to 'absorb in place' ..with out asking questions.
      Willing victims before the executioner.

      So a the upcoming Fuku anniversary.
      There is no denying it's existence …or severity.

      May the pro-nukers..breathe they think up their next batch of lies.
      All this for the status quo…

      PS..The same morons soothed by the concept..they can afford the best medical care.
      Here's your GI tube..that will shut you up some…pronukers.
      So much garble.
      So much crap falling from your mouths.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      More corpses for the investigations — can we get more corpses in here, please?

      sick, unimaginative idiots. They should have been able to see this coming and just not build nuke plants on fault lines, or anywhere else. simple

  • Cool comments; thanks, dudes.
    Slowly we turn; step by step. Questioning.
    Persons … who are responsible?
    Who has authority? The owners. Try telling them they don't.
    Families at the top own 90+ percent of everything, for profit, of course.
    They own it; they control it. They take the profits.
    Shouldn't they pay to fix their machines? And for damages done?
    I'm just asking ….

  • or-well

    Is the "official story a lie?
    The NHK announcer says Tepco overfilled the tank, BUT the Tepco spokesguy said they sent the water to the wrong tank.

    Whether overfilling an empty or pumping into one already full, this is not nuclear physics. It doesn't get much more basic than opening and closing valves.

    If it's stupid/stupified workers and no oversight, it's damning evidence of total incompetence.

    Or the official story is a lie.

    • or-well

      I'll expand on that point.
      They turn on a pump.
      They pump contaminated water to one of the tanks.
      They've been doing this for some time now.
      If they can't get this right, then how can they run the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear complex?
      Are we expected to believe they can't manage pumping water from "A" to "B"?
      If they can't, should they even have driver's licenses?

  • Nick

    World to TEPCO:

    Is this clean-up in competent hands?

    TEPCO: Certainly, we're all incompetent. nyuk nyuk nyuk

  • so,, nbc owned by ge,, cbs,, westinghouse,, abc by disney,, fox by murdoch of hacking fame in the uk and aus… legitimate news is dispersed by who?

  • FallOut FallOut

    They do not like debating Fukushima on the worlds top nuclear physics forum-

    • FallOut FallOut

      I tried.

      They shut the thread down, a running thread after 3 years …. Truth hurts.

    • FallOut FallOut

      #4 pool ect.

      Ummm, Jim, this means the water, five feet above the tops of the bundles boiled off, as you can see they would in the Argonne pdf, as the steam had shown us for weeks above all pools in fact. Without power. Those air drops of water did nothing.

      So lets dive into the numbers, facts, does anybody want to speak to the larger concerns regarding the criticality signatures / neutron activated ( cobalt-60, Manganese-54 ) in the wells 1-6 or the seals on the spent fuel pools not receiving air.

    • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

      They could have shut down the thread because it was too incendiary. Not because they were "evil" or uncaring in any way. In situations like this, first discuss the positives (to them), such as all the calamities that will occur from all the failed nuclear test, programs, etc. And how the poor little people will suffer for this – kinda socref-ish like. Put on the psychoanalyst hat. See who agrees. See if your thread gets shut down. It may not, and you'll may get them frothing at the mouth. Then do the opposite, as you mentioned, and see what happens. If this gets you shut down then you have a better understanding of who, or what you're dealing with.

      Holden: You're in a desert walking along in the sand when all of the sudden you look down-you see a tortoise, Leon, it's crawling towards you reach down, you flip the tortoise over on its back Leon.

      Holden: The tortoise lays on its back, its belly baking in the hot sun beating its legs trying to turn itself over but it can't, not without your help, but you're not helping.

      Leon: What do you mean I'm not helping?

      Holden: I mean, you're not helping. Why is that Leon? — They're just questions, Leon. In answer to your query, they're written down for me. It's a test, designed to provoke an emotional response. — Shall we continue? Describe in single words, only the good things that come in to your mind about… your mother.

      Leon: My mother?

      • FallOut FallOut

        They are the higher ups. They already know the truth & started attacking me.

        If they delete it, even more proof they can't handle direct questions regarding the spent fuel pool seals failing, showed proof, or the new cobalt-60 / high cesium in well indicating criticality.

        They did not like the fact i ripped apart an excuse they had for restarting plants. Proof, the earthquake did the real damage first, very important fact. I skinned um' alive …..

        • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

          I hear ya. I just like to get them frothing at the mouth 😉

          • lol

            someone needs to do a picture of that 🙂

          • FallOut FallOut

            Notice how it was the big shot in the thread that was really upset. I posted one article he went loco crashing the thread on purpose.

            Lots of double speak. He was yelling at me not to twist fact and put words in his mouth, but then turned around and did just that. Saying everything was wrong even though I posted .pdf's ect. And would not touch the Cobalt-60 question. No, no, no ….

            I hope some others were following ( students also ) so they can watch them clean out the thread, or start a new one soon hiding it , lol.

      • FallOut FallOut

        Old Jim has been running around the Berkley forums, they all understand the truth.

        • Shaker1

          I've haunted the physicsforum site. They were good for mechanical speculation in the beginning, good explanations of why the sensors weren't working, and their dedicated translator was invaluable, especially after they stopped English versions of many of their handouts and press releases, but the dedication to 'scientific method' limits their imagination and skepticism as to what is reported. Old Jim seems like an honest man in his beliefs, as far as those beliefs and the above 'scientific method' goes. Beyond that, he reminded me of an old moonshiner sitting on his porch who has survived his poison and the law long enough to be the subject of a reality TV series.

    • cooterboy

      F O

      Thanks for the thread. I went back as far as I could and came across this link below, Title; The Canary, the Ostrich and the Black swan, by Sherrell R. Greene. This is a must read for those who want to know the fallacies of the BWR's.

      It's sad FO that your own brothers got so close to the truth that they became the enemy of the Nuclear Power Industry. They will eat their own young.


  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    The public thinks of radiation as just any pollution.
    Dilute it, release it into something gigantic, like into the atmosphere or into the Pacific Ocean.
    And it will float "away" and just be "gone".

    But radiation doesn't work that way.
    Radiation is building up slowly in the environment.
    Even as the original plume in the stratosphere passes overhead every 40 days, it is depositing a little more fallout each time it passes. Year after year.
    An article here the other day talked about biological concentration of radiation by phytoplankton in seawater.
    Radiation loves to get into living things, into grass, into trees, and into animals.
    When the animals die off, the radiation is still there, circulating in the environment, into other living things, again and again, virtually forever.
    Japan thiinks radiation will go away when they incinerate radioactive waste.
    But incineration just spreads the radiation all over Japan.
    There is no getting away from radiation.
    Radiation never, ever goes away.
    Even after its half-life, half of the isotope still remains.
    Radiation: An equal-opportunity killer. 😉

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Japan and all those in the down wind/current stream of ongoing radiation releases are toast!

    25% of the population of Japan alive today will die directly from cancer. That is what radiation contamination does to all biological life, it mutates genomes. Always has, always will.. 🙁

    Cancer is the result of a series of forced cellular mutations.. 🙁

    All these Nuclear people should be locked up and all Nuclear Technologies/Power Plants should be shut down immediately worldwide! 🙂

    Instead we are locking up nuns? 🙁

    A very sick and twisted world is what we all live in today! 🙁

  • cooterboy

    Was searching the www interweb and came upon these articles. The one article now wants Hanford Engineers for their help because they are the greatest engineers IN THE WORLD. We are all screwed now. FUBAR, because of money.

    The other two articles show how corrupt a news agency can be.


  • Socrates

    Japan could militarize its Pu and enriched uranium in one year. Seismic conditions in Japan make Yucca Mountain look stable. China is worried as is the US. I fear a doomsday cult could decide to go out in a blaze of glory rather than to have to live with the consequences of Godzilla-type results that were predicted long ago. Movies like Them reflected these fears. These were rational fears, S events are now proving.

    In the US, we are confronting "enemies" with a pre-emptive first strike philosophy. They even call this MAD. Radiation at Hanford and elsewhere cannot be safely stored. With Fukushima being unable to be contained, the human race is at a crossroads for its survival. The pro-nukes have a death wish and may just want to take us all with them like riding the big one down in Dr. Stranglove. Or a cornered gunman facing a swat quad.

    Nuclear madmen see themselves as saving humanity. They have a messiah complex. Either through deterrence or too cheap to meter delusions, we have been taken hostage as species. I have known this since the early 50s. There is more proliferation than ever so we are less safe. Add meltdowns that they will not even admit to and our fate seems to be written.

    • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

      "Little Eichmanns" is a phrase used to describe persons participating in society who, while on an individual scale may seem relatively harmless even to themselves, taken collectively create destructive and immoral systems in which they are actually complicit. This is comparable to how Adolf Eichmann, a Nazi bureaucrat, unfeelingly helped to orchestrate The Holocaust.

      • Socrates


        You're hip to Operation Paperclip? They brought many Nazis over here such as General Gellen. He was the one who stoked the Cold War arm's race which helped cover up the trading with the enemy issues by use of national security.

        General Gellen was the Curveball of his time. Remember the King who resigned? That was not because of the woman he loved so much as his sympathies to fascism: the union of the corporate state and government.

        Much of Europe sympathized with Hilter. Wall Street firms supported Hiltler, even during the war. Also, you might know that Germany and Bohemia were part of the same empire for a thousand years. Chamberlain may have appeased Hitler but bankers created WW I and II just as they are siphoning off massive profits today as they finance both sides. They also support nuclear. Germany had a better claim historically to Bohemia than did the colonists to North America.

        What are the people to do? You are not impressed by a nun who jumped a fence to stop the juggernaut. Yet, it is impossible to throw off the yokes when the enemy is inside. Hitler is dead but evil lives on. Evil resides in systems of exploitation, as well as in ideologies and in the hearts of individual men. We live in the heart of the beast.

        I doubt that the system can be changed by an armed insurrection. It must be changed from within. Maybe the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo will get on the computer and trace the evil. Maybe you will.

        • ANOTHER MAJOR COVERUP. Hajj Amin Al Husseini – the Mufti of Jerusalem and the Palestinian Arabs' leader during World War II – worked closely with Hitler and other top Nazis in the design and implementation of the Final Solution.

          He lived in Berlin at the time and created a Muslim SS division that was so brutal, even the German SS troops were shocked at their actions.

          The Allies did not bring Husseini to trial at Nuremberg, but let him live undisturbed in the Middle East after the war. They probably had a plan for him too, because the Mufti got busy right away training young Arab leaders, among them Yassir Arafat and the present PA president Mahmoud Abbas.

          Video –

          Pictures (and minutes of the Mufti's meeting with Hitler) –

          Research –

          These days Palestinian troops in Gaza march making the Nazi salute, and Palestinian Authority Arabs often fly the Nazi flag. Their speech and TV shows, including those aimed at children, routinely use Nazi terminology and propaganda.

          This is something that the mainstream media keeps quiet about.


          Popes have met and embraced Arafat and Abbas, and given full support to their cause. After WW 2 the Vatican helped thousands of Nazi criminals escape justice providing false identities and the famous Vatican "rat lines," through which Nazis fled to South America.


            truly enjoyed that closing line, Tracy W, "This is something that the mainstream media keeps quiet about." I've spent my entire life hearing nothing but how evil the "Nazi's" were. Yet, all the while the greatest evil in human history – bar none – has insinuated itself into every aspect of our lives. And you claim MSM is off in the corner playing with itself…

            • To Aftershock, the main point I was trying to make is that while German Nazis are singled out as the perpetrators of the Final Solution, it was the Mufti of Jerusalem who was in Hitler's inner circle pushing for the extermination of all Jews and devising methods for the fastest and most efficient methods.

              This is something that is NOT taught in schools or written on the mainstream media. The reason is quite simple: The Western world has outsourced the destruction of Israel to the Arabs. The US, for example, has been arming Egypt with the latest armaments and war technology, although Egypt is not under threat from other countries. This is part of a long term plan in the hope that next time Egypt attacks Israel, it will win.

              Europe is giving billions to the Palestinians, while neglecting parts of the world that truly need aid. They are investing in the tool for Israel's destruction. They not only finance the Palestinian Authority but give generous amounts to the BDS movement, which hides behind a humanitarian mask to incite hatred and terror.

              None of that aid could be morally justifiable if the truth about the Nazi roots and current ideology of the Palestinian movement were to be exposed.

              Israeli authorities have also been keeping silent because they are under US govt control. The US govt micromanages Israel. Some of the most outrageous anti-Jewish policies in the world have been implemented in Israel, of all places, under U.S. diplomatic pressure.


                you're frightening me Tracy W. But then, I hear they are many 'off worlders' in our midst…

                • And it saddens me, Aftershock, to see people dismiss these facts that have been thoroughly researched, just because they don't fit into the script that is being fed to us by the mainstream media, the "humanitarian" left, and the genocidal right.

                  I'm still in the process of gathering links to those sources. You are invited to check them out.

                  Those links and more information are at the bottom of my home page.

                  You will see the map of the Middle East, with huge swathes of Arab land, and a tiny speck of land that is Israel, and that the US and Europe insist must be partitioned to a width of 9 miles for the creation of yet another Arab state. Jordan is already a Palestinian state, but they want another.

                  You will see a chart with shockingly out of proportion aid per capita to the Palestinians, compared to truly needy groups in the world.

                  I have interesting articles under the "Middle East" subject too.

                  Today my Otters blog is one year old and I would really love to have you and other readers visit.


                  PS – I also have additional material on my brand new blog


                  (To Administration – I'm not promoting my ads-free blogs. There is a web behind the danger of genocide and ecocide – whether by nukes or other means. Those connections tend to appear when discussing any part of that web. Thank you for allowing us to post our concerns.)


        • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

          Of course. I don't think the King's resignation was directly attributable to fascism. And I don't think he was a pro-fascist as he was anti-communist. I understand what you're getting at, but these monarchs, while of concern to the British, had little control. I have a copy of the propaganda dropped from German planes to allied solders below telling them they're dying for the rich Wall St. bankers. There's a song lyric that goes something like, "they can't take you somewhere you don't already know how to go" which sums up my feeling on pretty much everything. There's nothing new under the sun. Bankers, butchers, candlestick makers can't hurt anyone that doesn't want to be hurt. The Army, still to this day, haven't captured all the Comanche, and not from a lack of trying.

          What are people to do? Exactly what they're told I guess. I'm reminded of that same question posed by the US president in the movie Independence Day, when he asks the alien, "What do you want us to do?" and the alien's reply, "I want you to die". Impressed by a nun (cutting through a fence, not jumping it) and painting a wall to stop a juggernaut – no, not really. Should I be? Stop a juggernaut? Hey, if that works, I'll run down to my paint store right now. I think painting one's face would do more good 😉 Impossible to throw off the yokes? The yokes are in your mind… neo, there is no spoon. We live in the belly of the beast as much as mitochondria lives in a…

          • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

            We are the power that gives the cell life. Wasn't it Plato that said, "ignorance is the only evil"? The people have become ignorant of who and what they are. I hope you're not inferring I am advocating armed insurrection? I only advocate self-defense equaling the offense. I know of your relation to the legal system so of course your allegiance would be to, shall we say, a more diplomatic methodology? This diplomacy fails when your potential clients are facing extermination, yes? And this diplomacy fails when there's no court willing or able to referee the arguments, yes? I find it interesting that you cling to the hope that your obsolete system of juris prudence is still in force and effect, when it's been gutted and thrown out the window with the advent of the NDAA, et al. At this stage, the only thing lawyers are good for, is as a shield. We're not talking about car accidents here.

            You can doubt whatever you like, but you can't argue with results – Battle of Athens. Changed from within? You have to be free to be FREE. And we're not free. I don't need to resurrect. They're destroying themselves. Maybe I will? Maybe I already have. Who's Heisenberg?

          • Socrates


            Germany invaded Ukraine in 1918 and in 1941. Many in Ukraine supported Hitler. Ever hear of Stephan Bandera? Many Czech s supported Hitler. The Austrians voted him in. Many French were sympathetic. The enemy was communism.

            There are right wingers who are attempting a coup in Ukraine supported by Wall Street, Germany and the EU. These "freedom fighters" are expressly against jews, Russians, and foreigners.

            I can name a dozen Wall Street firms who traded with the enemy before and during WW II. Spain has been right wing with Franco and now has abolished freedom of the press. Look what happened in Latin America. The Muslim fascists were kept in place after WW II. These were facts, not based on leaflets dropped over Europe.

            America has teamed up with some bad elements when it wants to overthrow a regime.

            The world cannot be neatly divided up into good guys and bad guys. Following the money rather than deeming people to be "evil" is more likely to reveal the dynamic in my opinion. Many dynamics operate….. dividing the world into good and evil is what propaganda tries to do. When Rome fought Vreece, who were the good guys, who were the bad guys?

            Nuclear issues involve power on the world stage. Sellng energy is another. I believe that power involves domination over other people using force and economics. Being "evil" is a value judgment. Yes, some people are sadistic. Machiavelli used the idea of a common enemy to unite a nation. He was later tortured…

            • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

              "America has teamed up with some bad elements when it wants to overthrow a regime." Yes, HUMANS do use others to get what they want. The world may not be able to be divided up between good and bad, but it needs to fully understand the difference. And the world does need to be divided. We can't live together, this is obvious. We don't work well together – this has been scientifically proven through countless research studies, countless allegories. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. People need a reminder what absolutely means. Hint: That's the bottomless pit you don't crawl out of. I still believe, ignorance is the only evil.

            • We Not They Finally

              Wow, Socrates, long thread so this will be at the end: Prescott Bush, father of George Sr., grandfather of W., was CONVICTED under the Trading with the Enemies Act, in 1942. But no jail time for the rich guy — just a fine — and then on to become a Senator!!

              Yes, Wall Street has had its hands in many bad pies across the years.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Yes, they are the suns of gods.. 🙁

    • We Not They Finally

      Socrates, there already ARE the remnants of "a doomsday cult" — running the Japanese ministy of environment, according to Yoichi Shimatsu. Their one-time plan was to plant nukes all over the world, and if THEY didn't like how things were going? Boom, boom, boom, everywhere!

  • ftlt

    This place is broken and it can no longer be denied.

    It is going to be only worse news the longer it goes out from the event. What news is allowed to be decimated, that is

    Is there anything to be done near or mid term = NO, there is not enough public money in the world available to fix it nor the will to fix it by those who control the money available.

    Will a lesson be learned = NO, that is why there is little true coverage of the event. It is not immediately profitable to learn a lesson.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    Invented, sold, and built this horrid nuclear technology. And is now getting radiated, daily, non-stop, 24/7.

    • FallOut FallOut

      I hope you spread the word on your blog & in your circle of friends. I don't care what side of the debate you are on, the pacific is gonna die off soon and when the wall street money panics looking for answers it will be to late to do something.

      Or it's already over ???? ?

  • Shaker1

    Back to the tanks again…They can discuss these to no end, but the discussion at this point is rather moot. If the design shown in their handouts is correct, which I'm really beginning to doubt as no engineer worth his salt is going to design something in this manner (while admitting 'stupid' is unfortunately universally practiced), these are leaks waiting to happen. Just take a look at the portrayal of the joint design, while saying nothing about the poor ground-prep and concrete work at their bases… pgs5&6 pg2

    Thinking about these tanks again does make me believe that Hanford engineers just might be do this better.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Many thanks to SimplyInfo for the great article today on Pacific Ocean contamination from Fukushima:
    A good intro. for readers new to the subject.

    But I believe the actual Fukushima contamination will be found to be many thousands of times greater then current estimates.
    It isn't just cesium, but hundreds of nuclides.
    It isn't March, 2011, but that and all the time since then.
    It isn't just leaks and spills, it is groundwater flowing around nuclear fuel in the ground under the plants.
    It isn't Fukushima NPP only, but all rivers flowing into the Pacific with elevated sludge rads.
    It isn't water only, but rain falling from clouds with airborne radiation from the plant and incinerators.

    Thank you, SimplyInfo, for trying to paint the larger picture of what we are up against here.

    Not mentioned at all in the article, however, is the mounting evidence evidence that the entire Pacific Ocean Ecosystem is in a state of widespread collapse. 🙁

  • sworldpeas

    …How do you dilute 25 trillion becquerels of Strontium-90? I forget. It seems this is a situation where the dilute becomes the solution. Tepco really set us up for FAILURE.

  • humptydumpty humptydumpty

    Tepco: "Sorry, my big dog Fuku keeps dumping on your lawn 'cause we let him run loose. Investigation is underway, then we'll know why your house keeps getting stunk up."

  • MVB Michael Van Broekhoven

    EX-SKF goes more into the details of this leak, with couple pics – see:

    While the Sr-90 release is astronomical, the radiocesiums add up too:
    100 tonnes of "Cesium-134 @ 3,800 Bq/L + Cesium-137 @ 9,300 Bq/L"
    = 1,310,000,000 Bq of Cs-134+137 That's 1.3 GBq just in one release.

    To put that in perspective, the first figure (half way down this July 2013 blogpost) may be helpful, although this comparison is solely for the radioCesiums;

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    The uploader has not made this video available in your country.!!! USA

  • Nick

    "Strontium-90 can form many chemical compounds, including halides, oxides, and sulfides, and moves easily through the environment."

    All of the -ides of March do not look good at Fukushima!

    ST-90 combines with other elements quite readily.

    It is not okay to be flushing into the biosphere at any level.

    Beta rays are believed to be electrons arising out of a quark event within the neutron, an upwelling of energy so to speak.

    To wrap your head around the atomic level is the only viable means of grappling with the enormity of Fukushima.

    We are ushered from problem to problem across the wrecked complex, as in a treasure hunt.

    We flit back and forth even with our focus on the element du jour, ignoring the fact that it is a slew of toxins, festering, bubbling, gassing, 24/7 forever, I mean forever, ruining vast areas of the globe.

    ….Today I noticed heavy white pine needle drops after snow storm…..

    Brittle cell structures. Planetwide.

    Strontium-90 can do that.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    My bones ache… 🙁

  • tpak tpak


    $6.5 BILLION for new NPP here in the US just announced by energy secretary…May our children forgive us

    Anyone here in DC want to go mount a protest outside the White House DOE or NRC in Rockville??

    We gotta do something. I can't just sit here and read this sh–. This is HORRIFIC!!!!

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    Could Fukushima be behind the drought in CA?

    "However, for some *strange* reason, not one of them has made it through the immense high pressure blockade sitting off the West Coast this winter. Why? These often robust rain systems run into the High Pressure 'brick wall' and are broken down into pieces with much of their water content raining back into the Pacific.

    It *might* be these storms are carrying a lot of radiation and 'someone' has decided it would be best if they were prevented from getting to the West Coast because if they are carrying radiation, countless thousands on citizens would be measuring and reporting via YouTube, etc, the sudden uptick in CPM rates."

    Drought – Pacific Storms
    Stopped Cold, Destroyed

    • jump-ball jump-ball

      Some 'experts' envision a disastrous, multi-decade, CA mega-drought:

      "Ingram and other paleoclimatologists have correlated several historic megadroughts with a shift in the surface temperature of the Pacific Ocean that occurs every 20 to 30 years—something called the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO)…similar to an El Nino event except it lasts for decades. Cool phases of the PDO result in less precipitation because cooler sea temperatures bump the jet stream north, which in turn pushes off storms that would otherwise provide rain and snow to California."

      The west coast disparity was noted by one Newser, comparing the excess N.West rainfall and snowpack with the San Joaquin drought and 10% CA snowpack.

      Perhaps this will later be designated the 'Fukushima Many-Decadal-CA-Drought-Disaster-Oscillation'.

      An increasing part of our prep-stack is long-dated cans of vegetables, fruit and pasta-meat products, enough to last our extended family for over a year:

      • We Not They Finally

        Jeff Rense (whom I do NOT subscribe to — but he's good on Fukushima) — he talked about the usual rainfall in California averaging about 20 inches a year. But this PAST year, it was at practically zero!! Without precedent.

        What he thought and (I don't know) was that the rain was geo-engineered way from California to keep radioactivity out of the food grown there. Like better have a drought than contamination which will become OBVIOUS.

        Me, I had another awful thought — but again, can only wait and watch — don't know. And that is that should that extreme drought actually CONTINUE, that the only one who can afford to buy out the many-many-many farms in California and be able to irrigate them independently, is Monsanto. Who would WANT to take over California farming and poison us with GMO foods that have who-knows-what genetically coded into the seeds. It would be the worst power grab ever, but people would be GRATEFUL to have a food supply.

        A real scenario? I don't know. But this extreme drought is SO freaky, that it needs to be looked into in greater depth than just "no rain." California feeds much of the country. In any national climate where the public welfare matters, the government should be giving help with irrigation so those farms could survive. But I doubt that will happen.

  • starz starz

    And when they found our shadows
    Grouped around the TV sets
    They ran down every lead
    They repeated every test
    They checked out all the data on their lists
    And then the alien anthropologists
    Admitted they were still perplexed
    But on eliminating every other reason
    For our sad demise
    They logged the explanation left
    This species has amused itself to death

    Roger Waters – Amused To Death

  • Fukushima Dairy Youtube Video FEB24 2013 Transcript of Main Presentation….

    Fukushima Dairy
    Report on Recent Events at Fukushima
    ie, 100 T Leakage of Highly Contaminated Water, that's,
    24 Trillion Beq of all beta nucleides most of which was absorbed by the ground
    includes Strontium 90 which is known to cause Leukemia
    TEPCO says, it hasn't reached the sea, but that's TEPCO speaking as always [cannot be trusted].
    Ultimately we will know the consequences.
    The Tank is located on the mountain side of the facility 700 meters from the sea side.

    ***"It was not a Leakage but an OverFlow"***
    The contaminated water flowed off the top of the tank.
    The tanks have a lid but there is space for air and an overflow pipe.

    ***"What happened was Not An Accident."***
    This is new information about this event.
    The leakage was discovered just before midnight on FEB19.
    TEPCO was attempting to transfer highly contaminated water to another tank, but, accidently the water went to
    a full tank which resulted in an overflow condition.

    ***"This is Very Strange."***
    At a press conference on FEB24 TEPCO admitted it was caused by the wrong settings of the values.
    A Value that should have been turned OFF was turned ON.
    Another Valve that should not have been turned OFF was turned OFF.

    • So the water was directed th wrong way to cause the overflow.

      ***"Nobody knows why."***
      Nobody knows Who did it.
      Nobody knows who, how or why someone did it.
      But someone had to have done it.

      So as the water proceeded to overflow the tank, the alarm TEPCO installed about 6 mo ago went off.
      So the FUkushima workers went to check the tank and didn't find any problem.
      9 hours later the water started overflowing and a worker found out.
      After that a TEPCO employee went to see the area to see what was going on but when he got there the valve
      settings had been corrected so that,
      The value that was ON had been turned OFF.The Value that was Off had been turned ON.[corrected positions]
      Someone had corrected the value settings before the TEPCO employee came to the tank area.
      At the press conference TEPCO said no one was supposed to be working in that area and no one was supposed
      to touch the value. So they don't know who did it.

      On the 24th TEPCO was busy interrogating the workers to resolve the mystery but no data have emerged to date.
      BUT IN THE PICTURES the tool, the lever, to change the value was still on the value and it shouldn't be left
      in that position as someone walking by could change the direction of the value.

      Considering the great risk the employees of Fukushima would be in resulting from such a serious event it seems
      unlikely that they would do this. But someone did it.
      TEPCO is investigating the problem.

    • TEPCO was supposed to report the ALARM event, just before midnight on FEB19, to the NRA but failed to do so,
      which would have stoppd the overflowing.
      So many mistakes, so may errors involved.
      But the cause of this severe accident is the possibility that someone might have touched the values for some reason.

      End of Transcript

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