TV: Record level of “flesh-eating bacteria” cases in Japan — Spike began around 2011 Fukushima disaster — Now at 400% normal rate — US Gov’t: Radiation from nuclear accident greatly reduces ability to fight this infection — Officials: We don’t know what’s triggering it; Seek immediate help if symptoms develop (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

Published: January 6th, 2015 at 3:01 am ET


Yomiuri Shimbun, Dec. 24, 2014 (emphasis added): Patients with ‘flesh-eating bacteria’ hit record — A record high 263 patients are suffering from streptococcal toxic shock-like syndrome (STSS), a deadly infection… National Institute of Infectious Diseases (NIID) is calling on people to visit a doctor…  immediately after a possible STSS symptom is detected, such as a severe sore throat… [A] maximum of 100 patients suffered from the disease annually until 2010… This year, that number reached 263 as of Dec. 14, topping the previous worst record of 242 in 2012… Tokyo ranked first with 41… The infection is mainly caused by Group A Streptococcus… but details remain unclear. It is unknown what triggers the disease… The condition may lead to a state of shock, multiple organ failure and other results in a few days… It is also called “flesh-eating bacteria” [affecting] tissues such as on limbs and the face… NIID official said [to] “seek immediate treatment… should STSS symptoms appear.”

New studies by scientists from Fukushima Institute of Public Health and others:

US Dept. of Defense, 2012: (Photo – “Crew member is checked for radiation [in] Japan… March 2011”); Ch. 5 – Therapy for Bacterial Infections following Ionizing Radiation Injury[C]oncerns about nuclear disasters have shifted to emphasize the low-dose acute and low-dose–rate chronic irradiation scenarios of nuclear accidentsnonlethal doses of ionizing radiation enhance susceptibility to exogenous bacterial infections… The predominant bacteria isolated from wounds included… b-hemolytic [and] a-hemolytic Streptococcus… [I]mmune responses are greatly diminished within a few days after irradiationindividuals should be monitored continually for… symptoms of infection [which] are difficult to treat effectively in those who receive whole-body ionizing radiation.

Al Jazeera: What does Polonium do to a person?… An amount equivalent to the size of a particle of dust is lethal. After being taken into the body… it bombards people’s cells with millions of radioactive alpha particles [and] damages the intestines, causing toxic shock syndrome.

Dr. Nick Priest, toxicology professor at Middlesex Univ.: If polonium is ingested [it] will travel through the gut… Destruction of the inner gut wall will lead to toxic shock syndrome.

Watch Japanese TV broadcast on STSS here

Published: January 6th, 2015 at 3:01 am ET


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556 comments to TV: Record level of “flesh-eating bacteria” cases in Japan — Spike began around 2011 Fukushima disaster — Now at 400% normal rate — US Gov’t: Radiation from nuclear accident greatly reduces ability to fight this infection — Officials: We don’t know what’s triggering it; Seek immediate help if symptoms develop (PHOTOS & VIDEO)


    84 percent of America freezing

    Proving once again that Global warming is in full swing…..

    You gonna trust your lying eyes?

    • Stock, this is a regional event, not a GLOBAL reading.

      Mixing up regional or local weather and trying to draw GLOBAL conclusions is like trying to mix ants and elephants.

      They are two completely different things.

    • melting mermaid melting mermaid

      I think that's why they quit saying global warming and started saying climate change. They should just call in GFU. Global Fu#$ed Upedness. Or Manmade Global Shittiness. MGS. So people don't get confused.

      • "no MSG used" lol.

        Ya, for sure the change to "climate change" is telling. And I do believe we are in for a bout of climate change in an overall cooling trend

        • You may be right Stock.. As Onto points out, there are many tipping points, and Barium reflection may be one of them, but for all the wrong reasons. Time will tell.

          So far, the indicators point the opposite way, on a GLOBAL basis.

          Watch for glaciers growing, not shrinking, globally

          Watch for sea levels to go down, not up.

          Even if barium causes global cooling, it still leaves acidification, and acid oceans don't support life, except for jellyfish and toxic bacteria.

          Acid air doesn't support life either and CO2 poisoning can and does happen.

          "ASHRAE has recommended indoor CO2 concentrations be maintained at—or below—1,000 ppm in schools and 800 ppm in offices. Clearly the outdoor CO2 concentration directly impacts the indoor concentration. Therefore, it is critical to measure outdoor CO2 levels when assessing indoor concentrations. ASHRAE recommends indoor CO2 levels not exceed the outdoor concentration by more than about 600 ppm."

          A little CO2 may be good, but a lot is poison.. bottom line.

      • Confusion is the GOAL. By getting people mixed up, they accomplish the goal. Confusing local with global, short term with millions of years records, and other techniques, one can massage anything to look like something else.

        ALEC Exposed; How Corporations Buy, Corrupt, And Control The Federal And State Governments; via @AGreenRoad

        Then one buys off the politicians, funds 100 global warming denial organizations, and that is what maintains the carbon/nuclear monopoly.

        Pretty smart… and it persuades a whole lot of very smart people that global warming does not exist.

        When you have unlimited amounts of money to throw at something, and unlimited control of the mass media, and unlimited repetitions of the same propaganda, you can convince most people about anything.

        Hormesis = fission products good for health
        bananas = fission products
        Increasing CO2, methane, radiation = only good things happening forever and ever

        • Cisco Cisco

          Dr. Good Heart said, "When you have unlimited amounts of money to throw at something, and unlimited control of the mass media, and unlimited repetitions of the same propaganda, you can convince most people about anything."

          Since the last shill scientist John Smith at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography reported virtually no radiation of any consequence, there have been a plethora of regurgitated propaganda from shill media outlets using the same talking points to spread the themw of "don't worry, be happy".

          Here's more of the same bullsh#t from the latest "trusted source", the Weather Network. "Even just months after the accident, ocean currents had so diffused the plume that radiation exposure levels had dropped to well below safety standards for drinking water, and by the time the plume had reached halfway across the ocean, the levels of radiation from the isotopes had dropped to such low levels that they would have been overwhelmed by the natural radioactivity of the ocean water itself."

          The bastards are winning the propaganda war. You can manipulate the faux science and the reporting; but, they can't erase the physical conditions. Like frogs in a pot, we are currently slow cooking.

          "It's the radiation, stupid." SSDD

          • Cisco Cisco

            Oops…Since the last shill scientist John Smith at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography reported virtually no radiation of any consequence, there have been a plethora of regurgitated propaganda from shill media outlets using the same talking points to spread the theme of "don't worry, be happy".

  • 40 million years ago, the Antarctic was a much warmer place than it is today.

    But that proves nothing about global warming happening today.

    A local temperature event or reading has to be put together across the whole world, and show what the temperatures were across the globe at the same time, in order to draw conclusions about warming, cooling, etc.. on a global basis.

  • bowling

    @stock I do not know so much about global warming but i do know that solar panels could run nuclear out of business.
    can you explain to me why you and others in yoir trade allow this stuff to go on,? its been goin on for years

    Kochs and Walmart Clan Wage Dirty War to Stop You From Putting Solar Panels on Your Home

    • Actually solar contractors need to stay either pretty damn annoymous in their complaints against the utilities in their market area, or just stay quiet.

      IF you get on the utilities radar as being a real threat, a rabble rouser, they can totally fuck with you, they can run you out of business….all they have to do is deny applications, delay applications, require customers to build "mitigating equipment" which adds cost and could kill many contracts. They can prevent customers from getting the new style meter that properly accounts for their energy production. They can get the gov inspectors to not show up 3 times for inspections, adding to your cost and taking time away from other stuff you need to be doing and pissing off your customer too. They can not approve the inspection and make up any reason they wish….the word of an inspector becomes LAW even if it is completely and obviously wrong.

      We live on 8% to 12% profit….if they take actions to whittle away our time and money and ability to use our time in developing new jobs, then they effectively bankrupt us.

      So the reality is YOU GUYS need to be the activists with the governments and the utilities. Because they can and WILL fuck with us and put us clean out of business entirely.

      so get on it! LOL Mahalo!

      • So what your saying is that…

        Most Utility Companies do not act in the best interest of the public and are corrupt at the core. (?)

        In cities, like in New York state, and elsewhere I'm sure, it's common practice to 'offer incentives' to the inspectors or assessors. I think it's also called schmoozing or a bribe.
        (I'm not suggesting you do that, I'm just saying it unfortunately happens.)


      • I sign every petition to try to bring attention to the dirty deeds of Koch bro's, and giant controllers like them, that comes across my screen. Stock's absolutely correct. Strategy is a necessity if we are to strengthen the fight for clean energy. Call it grass roots, underground, alternative or whatever…everyone has a skill set and a part to play. I'm tired of the effin' judgemental shit that helps fulfill the divide and conquer agenda of the 1%.

        I might add that arguing for overall current global warming seems ridiculous to me too. Everyone can have a disagreeing opinion (fine!) but what's real is that erratic warming AND cooling taking place in specific locales are minor peaks and valleys compared to the much longer cycles our galaxy rolls through. Add to that the artificial weather modifications messing with natural patterns on our planet and we have an ungodly mixed up mess to withstand. There is a book called *Not by fire but by Ice* written many years ago that is very interesting.

      • Dick Shenary

        Source – – "ALEC, which receives much of its funding from the utility industry and fossil-fuel investors like the Kochs, has long been an opponent of renewable energy and the Obama administration’s effort to reduce carbon emissions. It’s working with conservative activists and corporate interests to fight homeowners who are installing solar panels on their roofs. Calling people who install rooftop solar panel “freeriders,” another word for freeloaders, the pro-corporate group is actively promoting legislation in states to charge fees, even exorbitant ones, for rooftop solar installations." ALEC should be tagged DUMB ALEC and as for freeriders that should be renamed freedomriders. The concept of charging solar power users additional fees because they are trying to do the right thing is ridiculous.

      • Bill Duff

        Stock is correct about Nuclear Village & GRID RETALIATION.

  • Global Warming Is Very Real (Rolling Stone)

    Climate Change Report From UN Introduces Purple Color To Depict Worsening Climate Risks (Associated Press)

    Rupert Murdoch's Newspapers Mislead Public On Climate Change and Environment (DeSmog Blog)

    • razzz razzz

      Dr. Goodheart: I always thought you were flawed but not this flawed. It is to the point of silliness now.

      Overlooking the elephant in the room called, the sun, goes far as to your mental capacity. You just don't get it and probably can't comprehend basic science.

      Taking up an agenda based on a belief system requires repeating propaganda over and over again to the point of belittling the facts.

      You will not experience a warming earth in your life time as we are due at least a mini ice age dictated by solar cycles of which we have no control over. A sun that is over a million times bigger than the earth.

      • ISPC

        Yes. razzz. TY. It occurs to me that your possibly differing opinion with Dr. Goodheart has led you to a seeming overly harsh criticism of Dr. Goodheart himself. Simply because someone holds an opinion, belief, or fact which may be contrary to your own, it is not a sign of that person being "flawed". It is merely a difference in point of view. Peace

        • razzz razzz

          ISPC: Intimidated much? In making and drawing conclusions, you will have to pass judgments, it is unavoidable. If you are uncomfortable in doing so, your decision making will be clouded. If you use 'nice guy' versus the 'facts' then which way will you lean? Maybe the philosophy of "can't we all get along" is diminutive when it comes to flawed opinions. Ignoring ignorance can be a dangerous precedent. Let the readers figure it out but not with a one sided argument.

      • No argument on the sun cycle.. facts are facts.

        But human activities such as emitting CO2 can interrupt, cancel out and reverse natural cycles, or do you dispute that? Enenews is all about that, correct?

        "Lean�s study found that "solar forcing may have contributed about half of the observed 0.55°C surface warming since 1860 and one third of the warming since 1970". However, lest we take unwarranted comfort from the fact that the Sun seems most important and anthropogenic warming is less than originally estimated, keep in mind that if the Sun controls substantial climate fluctuations by changing its brightness by only 0.25%, a change of more than 1 percent in �virtual brightness� (from trace greenhouse gases like CO2 and CH4) could have a considerably greater impact. The fact is we do not know for sure which will have the greater effect, but it is well to remember that the reconstruction of sunspots, their relationship to solar energy output, and the link to overall background brightness are areas of science that are still changing. Thus, solar contributions may be much less (or a somewhat more) than those currently estimated.

        In any case, the conclusion that can be taken from this discussion is that the warming since 1975 is outside the range of a purely solar effect and may safely be ascribed to a strong anthropogenic component. "

        In other words, MANS ACTIVITIES are to blame for global…

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          One can not crap all over his floor and not expect to walk through some shit.. 🙂

        • Atoms are millions of times SMALLER than humans, ants or bacteria, but they have HUGE effects on all kinds of things.

          Size is a poor marker for trying to prove any effect, all by itself.

          Think global, think LONG TERM, such as millions of years..

          Track changes over that period of time, and the truth becomes obvious.

  • Nick

    Some questions:

    1. What if a period of increased volcanic activity negates human induced global warming by injecting vast amounts of sun blocking pyroclastic particles?

    2. Where is the split atom tax? (for fission piles, etc)

    3. Do you really fear global climate change versus human introduced toxins?

    4. Now that GMI is in full swing why don't we just succumb and listen to
    the birdies sing?

    5. Any chance that the increase in violence worldwide (and police over-bearing actions) is tied to a "nuclear rage?" in which the very proteins of our souls are altered by ionizing radiation…sort of a slow fuse "road rage" syndrome?

    • Sure, volcanoes can do that.

      So can a nuclear war.

      Neither one are recommended to 'solve' the problem.

      Nature will take care of business long term, no matter what choices are made. Nature wins in the end, no matter what.

      Puny humans think they can win a war against Nature, in words, deeds or technology..

      Haaaahaaahaa, choke, gag, spit.. wiping eyes, tears due to laughing so hard.

      • razzz razzz

        Typical meat-head thinking here in this article and it passes as news. It is not about the climate, it is about control and a money making situation. Notice the picture included with the headline.

        'Most fossil fuels 'unburnable' under 2C climate target'

        "…Over 80% of coal, 50% of gas and 30% of oil reserves are "unburnable" under the goal to limit global warming to no more than 2C, say scientists.

        University College London research, published in Nature journal, rules out drilling in the Arctic.

        And it points to heavy restrictions on coal to limit temperature rises.

        "We've now got tangible figures of the quantities and locations of fossil fuels that should remain unused in trying to keep within the 2C temperature limit," said lead researcher Dr Christophe McGlade, of the UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources.

        "Policy makers must realise that their instincts to completely use the fossil fuels within their countries are wholly incompatible with their commitments to the 2C goal."Over 80% of coal, 50% of gas and 30% of oil reserves are "unburnable" under the goal to limit global warming to no more than 2C, say scientists."

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Nature wins..humans lose. 🙂

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    The train has left the building and is not coming back any tine soon, man is his own worst enemy!

    1. We might then freeze and enter an ice age.

    2. Scam 101 and you and your future generations are being taxed you just do not know it.

    3. Toxins are global climate change. Toxins are the culprit and fear them first and always.

    4. Can't hear the birdies they are all dying and we are all now insane from #3.

    5. Yes, this road rage syndrome will grow bigger and nastier.

    Here you can see the problems very clearly and this guy gets it.. 🙂

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    oops.."The train has left the building and is not coming back any "time" soon, man is his own worst enemy!"

  • Remember the story of Mrs Oleary's Cow kicking over a lantern?
    That caused the Chicago fire….
    Sheesh even back then they were lying through their teeth, lol

    That was actually just one fire in a multiday asteroid attack. No Joke, Nukepro sleuths it out and lays out the data.

    15 Fires
    Manistee, MI October 8, 1871
    Holland, MI October 8, 1871
    Urbana, IL October 9, 1871
    Windsor, Ontario October 12, 1871
    Breckenridge, MN October 3, 1871

    10 Fires around
    Peshtigo, WI October 7, 1871
    Canal street, IL October 7, 1871
    Chicago Fire October 8, 1871

  • ISPC

    Yes. Newsers. TY. I really wish ya'll would sleep in a little longer. It is taking too long to read all the posts when I get up. By the time a reasonable, rational person arises, ya'll used the Internet all up. (jk)
    Fascinating Posts, really.

    Chemtails were all over the sky here in Central Texas yesterday. They continued from horizon to horizon. To see it happening weighed heavy on my mind. I didn't grow up with lines in the sky. Yesterday started as a clear, warm Texas Winter day, with good opportunities to enjoy being outdoors. After the Chemical trails, the Sunshine was blocked out. The temperature began to drop. The wind began blowing hard. Shortly after dark the temperature has dropped to twenty-two degrees.
    I visited Dane Wiginton's Website, Geoengineering Watch to find out more about who was behind the spraying of chemicals in the atmosphere, and why they are doing it. I watched one video that I thought was quite informative. Dane Wiginton is having the same trouble waking people up to Chemtrails,(though he doesn't call them Chemtrails), as we are to waking people up to Fukushima. So, I want to share this link here on Enenews, just to say, we have a comrade in arms, and to emphasize the problem that Chemtrails present, to enlighten any uninitiated, to the depth of the problem.

    and the video I watched yesterday:


    • SadieDog

      "Thirty-nine workers were injured at the plant between April and November 2014, while one became ill. In fiscal 2013, which ended in March last year, 23 were injured, including one who died.

      Last Sept. 22, a worker from a partner company suffered a broken back after being hit by a falling iron pipe while building a storage tank for contaminated water.

      During work to build a tank on Nov. 7, three workers were injured by falling steel weighing 390 kg. One was left temporarily unconscious, while another broke both ankles."

  • patty from oregon

    OT-Good new from Southern Oregon.
    I live in the woods on a hillside where life is all about nature. My 14 year old dog stays close to the house, no longer able to leave her dropping along the hillsides. Cleaning up after her yesterday, I saw a fly! Wow, never thought
    I'd be happy to see a fly. Last summer very few flying insects, bugs or visible cooties up here in the woodlands.
    Sometimes it 's the little things in life we must appreciate, never thought it would be a turd fly!
    Well that's the poop report from southern Oregon for 1/8/15…

  • Bungalow Phil Bungalow Phil

    What if the chems are a pacifying agent? Mind control? How else can it be explained, that people are so cavalier about an obvious assault on the environment and all the living entities which dwell below?

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      This site is owned by google.. 🙂

      • I heard that they are not Evil

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          Did not say they were evil, but they do own this website, and that I can confirm based on my comments written here in a box and then my search for verification proof of my statement written, which then was corrected by google in the google off page search and then a block to the original words written. So the post written by me could not be seen by others.

          Only problem I have is that I was correct and they were wrong. 🙂

    • Not cavalier.

      Denial, normalcy bias, cognitive dissonance and an extremely powerful propaganda campaign waged by the monopolies via at least 100 organizations who are out to deceive people.

      Got to keep everyone thinking that everything is fine, just peachy keen, nothing happening worth worrying about.. Just a couple fear mongers over there in the corner.. ignore them.

      • Bungalow Phil Bungalow Phil

        Maybe not cavalier. We all have eyes… we are conscious beings. How can one be turned off like a switch. Just trying to grasp the insanity of it. Oh well, I guess I need to visit with Terence McKenna. Sober.

  • Illinois and Exelon problems solved by Nukepro

    Sheesh, this took all of 25 minutes by skimming the State funded 200 page report.

    2 charts make this a NO Brainer issue. Exelon says some of its plant can't operate at a profit, and some consumers would have to pay 50% more in order to make the plants profitable.

    But Illinois is a LARGE exporter of power, 20% of their overall production gets exported

    And nuclear makes up around half of all the production, with 6 plants

    And some of these plants aren't profitable

    Excuse me, but why is the discussion even happening? Shut 3 of the plants down! And stop exporting power.

    Phase them out over say 1.5 years total. Keep the best plants for now.

  • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

    A moneymaker that fell through due to the facts: ice is NOT melting at the rate HOPED for by those intending to profit from it.
    When mainstrem media & corporate mouthpieces like the UN & all the think tanks try to confuse you on a topic, know in your heart that it is entirely a scam. The energy companies, mining companies as well as those companies that meant to profit by making the necessary equipment needed to traverse the Arctic are now admitting that ice is increasing there not decreasing. And only admitting it becasue they lost their new moneymaker. They helped spread the news that ice was melting in order to convince mining & energy companies et al to invest in the Arctic. It was a sales pitch noting more.

    "Predictions of increased ship traffic in the wake of diminished Arctic sea ice Arctic waters may have been premature, said Malte Humpert, executive director of the Arctic Institute, a Washington, D.C.-based think tank.

    "I think 2014 kind of shows that development and Arctic shipping may be further off than we might have thought a few years ago, that the ice is not melting as quickly as previously predicted," Humpert said.

    "More ice formed in 2014, and the nature of shipping changed."

    • Great stuff added to my article on Polar Ice

    • Please; keep this secret. Do NOT tell anyone

      Ice is NOT melting in the Arctic..

      HUGE amounts of ice, new records being set, ice is getting thicker, ice cap is growing by leaps and bounds.

      The whole Arctic is iced in, no ships can pass anymore.

      Several ships are trapped in the ice, got caught in the new colder weather, have to be rescued.

      Whatever you do, DO NOT click on the link.. the picture is too horrible to look at… what with all of the new ice forming over everything and freezing the ships in place.

      • This is an official announcement.. to be broadcast in all languages on all channels.

        Yepp, this satellite photo has been confirmed to be a photoshopped fakery project.. by NASA scientists.

        Really, the Eskimos are fine, they got frozen out of their homes, and are now going back to living in igloos and eating muktuk.. Do not worry about them.

        The polar bears can now just walk on ice all year long, even in summer from one continent to another.. no more water visible.

        It is so cold, even Santa is not going to make anymore gifts, he is on strike until he gets a new heater.

        The glaciers switched just last week from shrinking all over the world, to growing. The sea level rise has been reversed and the ocean levels dropped by two feet, due to the enormously huge amounts of ice being added to glaciers and both polar ice caps.

        Yes, this is REALLY good news. We no longer have to stress about driving cars, heating our homes with carbon fuels or feel guilty about a wood fireplace. Do nothing! Shop till you drop, drive like crazy, drill baby drill. It is open season now on all things carbon.

        Experts have confirmed that CO2 is causing the Earth to cool off now and it is also creating softer water for all of the fish in the ocean, they like it too.

        This is an official announcement.. to be broadcast in all languages on all channels.



        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          Never feel guilty about wood since it a natural renewable resource that our DNA fully understands at all times. Wood is the good guy in this demise formula… 🙂

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          Dr. see! 🙂

          It really is that.. black and white! 🙂

          The human induced eco~disaster train has already left the station and won't be back ever..

          Seems like lots of people out there read these posts on a daily basis.. 🙂

          You and I both know that humans are too enamored with their 24/7 educated shopping trips along with their long list of acquired creature comforts they enjoy 24/7 to change anything happening now in order to improve the planet's survival future. 🙁

          Hang on since things are about get far need to keep track or take any pictures of any Arctic Ice variations. 🙂

          We could not change this future course/direction now set firmly in stone and in forward motion in a million years…few humans are willing to change and/or sacrifice their current lifestyles. 🙁

          Party On! 🙂

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    oops.."What will these intelligent and educated by law people do if they can't "get" their new gods..oops goods faster?" 🙂

  • Sickputer

    Not that I doubt ice on the poles are melting, but if they say 13 percent melted (North pole) per decade (since the 1970s?) then that would be 50% of the ice.

    So where did the water go if coastlines did not rise? Did most of it evaporate or did it travel through the troposhere to other continents?

    Just wondering since they always talk about ocean front cities being flooded by the ice caps melting.

    • @sick,Thats a good little thought experiment.

      • Nemo Me Impune Lacessit Stax

        Greetings stock,if I may be so bold as to suggest a visit to Neven Acropolis and co at the 'Arctic Sea Ice Blog',there is much truth to be found there,not limited to the Arctic and links to some excellent graphs.

        Hope all is well.

    • South Florida's Rising Seas – Sea Level Rise Documentary

      Of course, people who live on higher ground or far away from oceans don't see any of this..

      • Do NOT go to 13:34 in this video…

        The picture is just too awful, what with this city going high and dry due to dropping sea levels. They are running out of water and have to hire jets to take them to the sea shore, since it is receding so far out, due to the 2 foot drop in ocean levels just in the last week.. Everyone is selling their boats and buying skidoos that can handle ice and snow in Florida.

        National Geographic; Earth Under Water

        Oh, the horror.. the oceans are drying up and the ice caps are growing so large.


    • m a x l i

      @Sickputer, North pole ice is swimming in the ocean. Of every iceberg the bigger part is submerged under water; only the (proverbial) tip of the iceberg is above the water line. Ice is slightly less dense than water. (Otherwise it would not float on the surface, but fall to the bottom of the ocean.) If you melt the iceberg, it will become water which – because of its higher density – takes up a volume that is slightly smaller than the volume of the iceberg it once was. This water volume will exactly fill up the volume which the under-water part of the now missing iceberg left behind. So, no rising water line from vanishing swimming icebergs!

      Try it out! Make yourself a drink and put a lot of (swimming!) ice cubes in the glass! Watch if the drink is rising while the ice is melting!

      [Well, I guess in your case the level of the drink is rapidly falling, before the ice had a chance to melt. Just kidding!]

      Melting ice on dry land (Greenland, Antarctica, glaciers…) is a different matter…

      And as far as I know, sea level rising is happening right now. Some islands and coastal communities are struggling for that reason.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Better get to moving them up hill and then dump all the real estate, since the train has left the building and nothing can be done to correct what will happen on this planet in the near future.

    Should Al Gore sell too? 🙂

  • ISPC

    Yes. Newsers. TY. I think it is good that we are having this discussion on "Global Climate Change". It certainly is a divisive, yet important, discussion. I cannot say what is happening outside of my immediate environment, which is, mostly, the Chihuahuan Desert, and, really, I don't see much change, only to say, it has been colder and wetter the past few years than it has been in, well, the past twenty(personal observation only). I am not persuaded by the arguments on climate change by the MSM. I don't go that route. I read books.
    That being said, the most recent book I have read regarding environmental change in the Chihuahuan and Sonoran Desserts of the Southwest, there is good evidence that overall we are going through a period of increasing aridity. The book itself is called "A Great Aridity", and it is by William deBuys, a regionally celebrated author, however, this work is a scholarly look at regional climate changes as seen in the environment. He does a good job of explaining the "Hadley Effect".
    I will go out on a limb here, so to speak, to say I generally agree with his conclusions. Here is one:

    You might say that the West, together with the rest of the world, is somewhere in the flat water above the rapids of global change. Not that we haven't felt some of the early effects of an altered climate, but the big excitement lies ahead. Our trip through the hazards will be a first run — which is to say we will have the benefit of no one else's…

    • ISPC

      experience. Still, enough good science exists to constitute a decent scouting. Looking downstream, for instance, we know that the Southwest will become hotter and drier, with greater extremes of both storm and drought. Increased aridity is assured by higher temperatures, even if precipitation does not decline, which it is likely to do. A greater proportion of that precipitation will come as rain, less as snow, and runoff from winter snowpack will peak roughly a month or so earlier than it used to. These are some of the big rocks and ledges we know about. Other hazards — waves of hyper-powerful forest fires, ecological die-offs, and dust storms — lie downstream, but we are less sure where; we only know to look out for them. Additional and as yet unidentified dangers may also crowd our path, but their present invisibility could be just as well; if we seriously attend to what we already know about, our hands and our agenda will be full.

      Here is a link to a book review which is the source of the above conclusion; outside the book.


      • ISPC

        Yes. And on the Hadley Effect this:

        And this:

        This is all I have time to post at the moment. I simply wanted to join in on this important discussion.


        • ISPC

          Yes. Briefly, this:

          There is some evidence that the expansion of the Hadley cells is related to climate change.[3] The majority of earth's driest and arid regions are located in the areas underneath the descending branches of the Hadley circulation around 30 degrees latitude.[4] Both idealised and more realistic climate model experiments show that the Hadley cell expands with increased global mean temperature (perhaps by 2 degrees latitude over the 21st century [5]); this can lead to large changes in precipitation in the latitudes at the edge of the cells.[4] Scientists fear that the ongoing presence of global warming might bring changes to the ecosystems in the deep tropics and that the deserts will become drier and expand.[5] As the areas around 30 degrees latitude become drier, those inhabiting that region will see less rainfall than traditionally expected, which could cause major problems with food supplies and livability.[6]

          The one thing I needed to mention is that William deBuys discusses the aridification of the Southwest as not an entirely new process. Much of his discussion stems from the study of Growth Rings of Trees, which have indicated periods of drought in the past, and appear to explain the forces at work which caused the relocation and displacement of the Anasazi, and other Indian Tribes in the Southwest. This is to say, much of the indicators of climate change that are occurring now in the Southwest can also be…

  • havent heard much on conca Shill lately

    Conca debunked


    Conca debunked

    Conca makes so many glaring errors it is amazing

    • ISPC

      Yes. stock. TY. Keep looking. 🙂 (I was not able to open either link. I will try again later.) Conca must be found and observed carefully lest his lies go unnoticed. Peace

  • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

    FOLLOW the MONEY ..There are climate changes as a direct result of man, no debate. What I have issue with is when the UN, NASA & think tanks et al exaggerate the changes in order to help their partners make a profit. Geez NASA partners with Areva & GE for example…The French government now holds 93 percent of Areva

    CANBERRA Equipment Lands on Mars
    Equipment from AREVA-subsidiary CANBERRA was involved in both the MSL mission’s launch phase and the current exploration phase.

    NASA's 2003 budget request includes almost a billion dollars for nuclear propulsion and power generation. In France, the Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (CNES) has created a task force on future launch systems, nuclear propulsion and related subjects.

    The Lunar Landing Training Vehicle, and its predecessor, the Lunar Landing Research Vehicle, Built by Bell Aerosystems, the vehicles featured a GE CF-700-2V jet engine that pointed downward to cancel out 5/6th of the vehicle’s weight.

    GE & NASA since the moon landing


    • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

      GE even had a contract with NASA to look at commercial aircraft in a 2030-2035 time-frame..all with taxpayer money

      • ISPC

        Yes, Maiden Heaven. TY. There is a name for the trick of creating a problem, and then getting paid to correct it, but the word isn't coming to mind at the moment. The point here is that the same corporations that create all the problems, including Nuclear, and War, and more, are getting paid, not to correct it, but to escape it. It is good to be a Global Elite today. There is little so fulfilling as living in a Villa on the Moon, and taking Holiday on Mars. All one needs is a little green taxpayer money. "Your Highness, The poor have no bread." Peace

  • razzz razzz

    I have read some comments on the following article like,
    "Just as I suspected, Global Warming is caused by government grants to academics." or “Some ideas are so stupid it requires an intellectual to believe them…” George Orwell
    Follow the money.

    'Retired professor turns whistleblower on climate change'

    "While much of the debate over climate change surrounds whether or not it is occurring, one glaciologist and retired professor says the real issue is that the topic is being used as a political pawn to siphon money and votes.

    "Dr. Terry Hughes, in an interview with The College Fix, said researchers want to keep federal funding for climate change alive, and politicians want to earn environmentalist votes, and both predict global pandemonium to that end.

    Hughes, a professor emeritus of earth sciences and climate change at the University of Maine, said for years his colleagues urged him to be in lockstep with former Vice President Al Gore – “the drum major in the parade denouncing global warming as an unmitigated disaster,” he told The College Fix…"

  • rogerthat

    JAN 8, 2015

    Deliberately Out of View?

    … What I am focusing on today is the constant trace of emissions from unit 4, which purportedly had all the fuel taken out of its spent fuel pool (not sure of status of equipment/machinery pool). Why does unit 4 continue to have significant emissions if the fuel is gone? …

  • rogerthat

    January 07, 2015
    Playing chicken with Illinois' electric rates won't improve the climate


    The recent demand by Illinois' nuclear power plant owner, Exelon, for a breathtaking $580 million per year in rate increases to keep running its plants raises serious questions as to wise ways to fight climate change and ensure energy security.

    Illinois customers have paid dearly to bail these same reactors out of past economic peril. They should understand that bailing them out a second time will be more expensive and less effective than charging for the emissions that cause climate change…

    (Peter Bradford is an adjunct professor at Vermont Law School, former commissioner of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and former chair of New York's and Maine's utility commissions.)

    • If it SOOOOOO good for everyone, why is it so SECRET?

      If it was good for everyone, and they disclosed what they are doing and agreeing to, everyone would cheer and applaud, correct?

      Thus, the ONLY reason for keeping it all secret is because it is BAD for the 99% affected by it and they don't want anyone to know what they are doing, down there in the dark cellars with the rats.

  • rogerthat

    – 14 min 30sec susannah frame on hanford. (old stuff but interesting compilation)

  • rogerthat

    Idaho plans to fine feds for not shipping nuclear waste
    The Associated Press January 8, 2015

    IDAHO FALLS, IDAHO — Idaho plans to fine the federal government $3,600 a day for missing a deadline to remove 900,000 gallons of liquid nuclear waste from tanks at a southeast Idaho nuclear facility, state officials said…

    The 890-square-mile nuclear facility in southeastern Idaho is known as the place where nuclear energy generated electricity for the first time, in 1951. During the Cold War, the site also became home to millions of tons of nuclear waste generated at sites in other states.

    The facility sits atop the Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer, and state officials going back decades have expressed concern about potential contamination.

    Clough said the aging tanks containing the liquid nuclear waste don't meet current regulatory standards, such as a secondary containment system. But Clough said there's no immediate concern about the tanks leaking…

  • rogerthat

    Y-12 nearly finished with rooftop cleanup of brown, radioactive substance
    Frank Munger
    Dec 26, 2014

    … The discharge was discovered in late October by members of the Y-12 environmental staff, who found brownish stains on the roof of the plant's 9212 uranium-processing complex.

    Steven Wyatt, a spokesman for the National Nuclear Security Administration's Production Office, said the radioactive substance was a form of uranium….

    The brown material was reportedly associated with the ventilation system for operations that dissolve uranium metal for processing.

    The safety board report said the ventilation system is set up to help protect workers by capturing contaminated vapors released when the "tray dissolver units" are opened during operations. However, in this case, the emissions may have gone through a stack without scrubbers or high-efficiency air filters…

  • Funny how everyone in the nuke industry is "focused on the safety of their workers" and no one even mentions that "we are very concerned with the safety of the public" it is very telling that they never state it like that.

    Instead it is always a denial or downplay…such as
    amounts too small to worry about
    no immediate harm
    we aren't seeing it

    NEVER a "the public safety is our primary focus"

    Kind of a psychopathic necessity to be a nuke worker….you know you are polluting, you know it is affecting people badly, you need to lie to yourself, and you want to do it without directly lying by saying "we really care about the public"

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Key word from Hollywood: Satire
    The Human just so smug cavalier.
    Full of creative stupidity…

    "Black described his character, who finds himself in danger as Pakistan erupts, as "a bit of climber. He's a wannabe CIA dude, a bit of a doofus, a bit of a stoner. … I had a great time, even when I was being waterboarded."

    HBO tiptoes to nuclear edge with 'The Brink'.

    Pompous ignorant b*stards ..playing pompous ignorant b*stards.

  • rogerthat

    TEPCO official pledges intensified recovery efforts at Fukushima nuclear site

    The Yomiuri Shimbun
    10:20 am, January 10, 2015

  • rogerthat

    Illinois report says Exelon nuclear straits not so dire via Midwest Energy News

    Has Exelon been crying wolf? …

    Environmental Law & Policy Center executive director Howard Learner said in a statement that the report confirms his long-held opinion that the Exelon plants “aren’t economically competitive and can be retired without added costs to Illinois consumers, without hurting reliability, and with more job creation, by growing clean renewable energy and energy efficiency.”

    “This report confirms that the competitive power market is working to hold down Illinois energy costs,” he added. “We shouldn’t bail out Exelon’s old, uncompetitive nuclear plants. Instead, we should invest in new renewable energy, like wind and solar, and energy efficiency to grow a cleaner Illinois energy future.”

    Kraft said nuclear critics are still furious about the process resulting from the House resolution, which he characterized as “panic-peddling” driven by “half-truths.” He was upset there was no public input or oversight involved in the agencies’ report, but he is encouraged by the result nonetheless.

    “Even though Exelon did their best to convince everyone that the sky is falling here in Illinois,” he said, “Even a poorly mandated, non-funded, abstract-model-heavy analysis could not reach that conclusion.”

    Read more at Illinois report says Exelon nuclear straits not so dire

  • Bill Duff

    Soylent Co., the Los Angeles start-up that makes a powdery food substance with a sweeping nutritional composition, has raised $20 million in additional venture capital, the company announced Wednesday.

    Oh GOODIE, We have heard of this product before. There was a movie, Soylent Green, …


  • AirSepTech AirSepTech

    Would a re-release of the movie cause a ????? problem ?????

    Damn, talk about livin on the edge.

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