TV: Record level of “flesh-eating bacteria” cases in Japan — Spike began around 2011 Fukushima disaster — Now at 400% normal rate — US Gov’t: Radiation from nuclear accident greatly reduces ability to fight this infection — Officials: We don’t know what’s triggering it; Seek immediate help if symptoms develop (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

Published: January 6th, 2015 at 3:01 am ET


Yomiuri Shimbun, Dec. 24, 2014 (emphasis added): Patients with ‘flesh-eating bacteria’ hit record — A record high 263 patients are suffering from streptococcal toxic shock-like syndrome (STSS), a deadly infection… National Institute of Infectious Diseases (NIID) is calling on people to visit a doctor…  immediately after a possible STSS symptom is detected, such as a severe sore throat… [A] maximum of 100 patients suffered from the disease annually until 2010… This year, that number reached 263 as of Dec. 14, topping the previous worst record of 242 in 2012… Tokyo ranked first with 41… The infection is mainly caused by Group A Streptococcus… but details remain unclear. It is unknown what triggers the disease… The condition may lead to a state of shock, multiple organ failure and other results in a few days… It is also called “flesh-eating bacteria” [affecting] tissues such as on limbs and the face… NIID official said [to] “seek immediate treatment… should STSS symptoms appear.”

New studies by scientists from Fukushima Institute of Public Health and others:

US Dept. of Defense, 2012: (Photo – “Crew member is checked for radiation [in] Japan… March 2011”); Ch. 5 – Therapy for Bacterial Infections following Ionizing Radiation Injury[C]oncerns about nuclear disasters have shifted to emphasize the low-dose acute and low-dose–rate chronic irradiation scenarios of nuclear accidentsnonlethal doses of ionizing radiation enhance susceptibility to exogenous bacterial infections… The predominant bacteria isolated from wounds included… b-hemolytic [and] a-hemolytic Streptococcus… [I]mmune responses are greatly diminished within a few days after irradiationindividuals should be monitored continually for… symptoms of infection [which] are difficult to treat effectively in those who receive whole-body ionizing radiation.

Al Jazeera: What does Polonium do to a person?… An amount equivalent to the size of a particle of dust is lethal. After being taken into the body… it bombards people’s cells with millions of radioactive alpha particles [and] damages the intestines, causing toxic shock syndrome.

Dr. Nick Priest, toxicology professor at Middlesex Univ.: If polonium is ingested [it] will travel through the gut… Destruction of the inner gut wall will lead to toxic shock syndrome.

Watch Japanese TV broadcast on STSS here

Published: January 6th, 2015 at 3:01 am ET


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556 comments to TV: Record level of “flesh-eating bacteria” cases in Japan — Spike began around 2011 Fukushima disaster — Now at 400% normal rate — US Gov’t: Radiation from nuclear accident greatly reduces ability to fight this infection — Officials: We don’t know what’s triggering it; Seek immediate help if symptoms develop (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

  • Cisco Cisco

    "It's the radiation, stupid." SSDD

  • Could it be……the radiation and heavy metals!

    No must be the lack of smiling, the stress over being lied to….

  • The nukeapes playbook

    Blame all the problems on CO2 ==CO2 may be a small problem, at least man made……not a big problem.

    "The 581-megawatt Ginna nuclear reactor produces power without heat-trapping carbon dioxide. Closing it “presents potentially serious reliability problems for New York,” the Independent System Operator, which runs the state power grid, said in a filing.

    Retiring nuclear stations that produce power without greenhouse gases would undercut President Barack Obama’s plan to cut emissions. The U.S. and China, the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitters, last month pledged to reduce climate pollution in an effort to curb global warming. "

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      They can think they are the 'fix', but their line of thought is shorter than their ____.

      A few 100 years ago there were NO power plants.
      Somehow, by some fucin miracle, we all got here, now, to this place
      So we COULD turn them all OFF. No fun, no fun at all.
      And no C02 from power plants—care to argue that?

      One small problem. Remaining HOT fuel. Need a little power to prevent death and destruction. Keep things cool.

      So in my simple mind, it is they, the poster child for pass the buck, that can not, will not, connect the dots.
      If we all suffered with 0 power, it would be them, needing power to prevent disaster well beyond imagination.

      They are not responsible for C02????????????????????????????????
      All the power and resources to make fuel, not to mention to babysit the fuel for decades after it is useless.

      There is no, none, nothing that produces power, that does not have a carbon footprint at some point.

      Thanks for the info Stock, sorry for the rant.
      Born under the bomb, 100mi from Nv. test site.
      Lived in Simi Valley/Santa Susana shitpile
      Raised 1 son, downwind St.George
      Raised another, between INL and Hanford
      If it wasn't for bad planning, there would be no plan at all.

    • We Not They Finally

      The insanely short-sighted rap about CO2 really has to stop. ONE HUNDRED TIMES more destructive is METHANE. Which is being released big-time even from the rotting from mass deaths of plankton, which now gives off methane instead of oxygen. Plus the ripping apart of the ozone layer from radiation, and HAARP (and who knows what else), which speeds the melt of the Arctic ice caps, again releasing methane, which warms the waters further and releases yet more methane in a self-re-enforcing feedback loop. Add in acidification of the oceans from the radioactivity and numerous other factors and suddenly, CO2 doesn't look like the overwhelmingly dominant problem.

      Then also factor in that the military and the tech industries use WAY more CO2 than us poor "lesser" humans do (and anyone is pushing for THEM to stop?,) and at least we are reaching a viable model, instead of pat slogans. But is there any way to air black budget programs, or to reduce the immense "convenience" that globalized tech has given humanity?

      Let's also have a great big talk with the "climate engineers" too, who think that "owning the weather" is way more important than whether the human, animal and plant ecology lives or dies.

      I want every good soul who wants a good life on Earth to have it. I hope that some miraculous clarity and/or invention can make that possible. It's just gotten daunting to even envision how that kind of survival will be possible. Meanwhile, power is totally in the…

      • We Not They Finally

        wrong hands.

      • melting mermaid melting mermaid

        But they told me it was just good ole cow farting causing all that methane and if we just quit eating cheeseburgers we could change the whole course of human events. Who cares about Fascism, Imperialism, Corporate malfeasance, the global police state, the fate of life on earth, global nuclear war, high-tech unheard of weapons of mass destruction, or the fact that punching holes in the earth, all day,every day, everywhere for profit releases methane and who knows else? Who cares! No one outside this tiny forum I know does. Give us bread and circuses and the NFL and the NBA AND WE'LL JUST NOT GIVE A FLYING FU$%! Arghhh! Nobody cares and we are all going to die because of it so I reserve the right to call them sheeple. They are the sheeple and the are the wolves that cull the sheeple and the wolves dressed as sheeple all at once and I'm fuc$%g angry about and guilty about it because I love cheeseburgers and my stupid smart phone, and hot water… blast it all!

      • agreed on methane, and its icelike crystals that helped blow up Deep Horizon

        I haven't run down that rabbit hole all the way either….

        Sheesh, will these rabbit stop digging! criminal bankster rabbits!

        • Maybe that is the REAL problem… it's not the bananas, it's the waskily wabbits.

          Shhhh, keep it quiet, or the nuclear experts will use that one..

        • Bill Duff


          Substandard BP Macondo well architecture & sloppy procedures caused the explosions, deaths and oil fire. BP had MMS in their pocket. The corruption of the MMS was under investigation and Obama did nothing; until AFTER the BP Macondo fiasco. Lots of criminal acts by BP & Obama.

          BP & Obama SANK the ship; causing the oil spill into the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy & USCG were on scene, and in control, to scuttle the ship. Salvage contractors were PREVENTED from keeping the Horizon afloat.

          Just another of MANY Obama environmental disasters.

          • wrongagain

            More BS from Billshitter, pushing his fringie troll political agenda – "BP & Obama SANK the ship" – what a nutjob.

            • Bill Duff

              WrongAgain eatshit

              Did you watch several ships spraying water on an oil fire? Did you hear the USCG officer say they were in charge? Did you hear the salvage guy say he was restrained from saving the ship?

              The list goes on, but you are Wrong Again.

      • name999 name999

        Hope springs eternal…Hope springs eternal…Hope springs eternal…

    • CO2 is not a big problem?

      Unless you mean that CO2 causes global warming, plus acidification of oceans, land, rivers and soil, plus dumbing down of all humans?

      Yea, not a big problem..

      Oh and then there is the problem of CO2 causing global warming, which then triggers the melting of methane, which is orders of magnitude worse than CO2. Methane is accelerating the global warming so that it is picking up speed and happening even faster.

      And of course, nuclear power generates huge amounts of radioactive carbon 14, 12, 11, God only knows how many, which kill and mutate all vegetation.

      But none of this is a problem, in the carbon/nuclear cabal.

      • melting mermaid melting mermaid

        Thanks, dr G. And I was all worried about nothing, all this time… I think I'll go pick some random sports team and root for them. Yeeha.

      • We Not They Finally

        It's all proportional and cumulative. There are thousands of harmful chemicals pumped into the air. Even fumes from a car (much less a coal-burning plant) will tell you. Or try breathing in some corexit near the Gulf or life-wrecking alumninum from chemtrails. Everyone makes CO2 "the star" and does nothing about anything else. I'm not the person to straighten out the science the public is fed — just that most people think that the whole story is CO2 and there is something way out of whack about that. Certainly it is not CO2 killing plant life[?]

      • Bill Duff

        Carbon-12 C-12, and Carbon-13 C-13 are stable, C-14 half-life is 5,700 years and thus radioactive. C-11 has a 20 minute half-life.

        C-14 and C-11 are not usually found in fossil fuels. Radioactive C-14 IS in biofuels, including wood & corn ethanol.

      • name999 name999

        Dr, yes, thank you for clarifying in detail. We have a big bunch of problems, but one of the worst is nuclear related and that is definitely related to CO2 release into the environment.

    • smellslike

      3 posts in and off-topic. Admin used to catch that and ask to at least wait for a dozen or so posts before indulging. And as of now it's led to 6 also off-topic responses.

      Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

      Don't complain about Duff if you won't follow the rules.

      Let's all just go wild west rangytang and trash the forums completely. Heard (herd?) any good conspiracy theories lately? Oh I bet you have.

  • VyseLegendaire VyseLegendaire

    Tokyo 2020. Bring Your own Zeolite BYOZ.

  • Sol Man

    The components of the dust are everywhere that the air, water, and

    food takes them. As people breathe, drink and eat whatever was

    outside of our bodies becomes internal to each of us. The toxic

    world becomes internal to each of us and our bodies will deal with

    the situation with whatever defenses until they are exhausted.

    When the body burden becomes too great disease and death occur.

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      So true.
      It will be 'in' everything eventually.
      Metals, plastics, clothing/textiles, it already is, it will continue
      It is a shame, recycling will make it worse.
      At a time when we realize it is the right thing to do.

      Mans biggest mistake

    • melting mermaid melting mermaid

      I guess it's true you turn in to what you hate. We are nuclear! It is in and around us, much like the great Tau, except radiation is not so great, in fact it sucks. I'm going to go away and scream and cuss and try to come back calmer. Sorry for my hysterical outbursts. Bah humbug!

      • curly

        "Hysterical outbursts"? I say nay! But a truly sane response to reality. It's in all, every ones bones and increasing daily. We're sucking it up like sponges. It's insane not to have hysterical outbursts!

    • ISPC

      Yes. Sol Man. TY. Your post got me thinking of a song called AIR from the 60's Musical "Hair". In the musical the singer enters the stage through a trap door in the floor. Smoke covers the stage. She removes a gas mask and begins singing. The lyrics seem to fit the conversation. I spent a good part of the afternoon reading "Therapy for Bacterial Infections Following Ionizing Radiation Injury", so I am happy to see we are going OT. Here are the lyrics:

      Welcome! sulphur dioxide
      Hello! carbon monoxide
      The air, the air
      Is everywhere

      Breath deep, while you sleep
      Breath deep

      Bless you, alcohol bloodstream
      Save me, nicotine lung steam

      Incense, incense
      Is in the air
      Breath deep, while you sleep
      Breath deep

      Cataclysmic ectoplasm
      Fallout atomic orgasm
      Vapor and fume
      At the stone of my tomb
      Breathing like a sullen perfume
      Eating at the stone of my tomb

      Welcome! sulphur dioxide
      Hello! carbon monoxide
      The air, the air
      Is everywhere

      Breath deep, while you sleep
      Breath deep

      Deep, deep, deep, cough cough Peace

  • eatliesndie eatliesndie

    Microscopic radioactive mutated flesh eating zombies (MmFez).

      • melting mermaid melting mermaid

        That's what I was thinking. Tell us again why Homeland Security is training for a Zombie apocalypse? I thought it was just to desensitize them to killing their own countrymen. I guess I thought wrong. I think wrong all the time. I would like to think the nuclear industry has perfect integrity and would never tell a lie and that you are all just batshit crazy, but I read too much to think that. I think we have done gone and got our own goat. Or as that Hopi prophesy says, our technology just turned on us. Creature comforts not so comfortable now, huh?

  • zogerke zogerke

    Take this science- that low level radiation increases susceptibility to infection- which means immune system compromise, or RAIDS as our fine poster has said…and apply to starfish. Questions?

    <<<Dept. of Defense, 2012: (Photo – “Crew member is checked for radiation [in] Japan… March 2011″); Ch. 5 – Therapy for Bacterial Infections following Ionizing Radiation Injury… [C]oncerns about nuclear disasters have… shifted to emphasize the low-dose acute and low-dose–rate chronic irradiation scenarios of nuclear accidents… nonlethal doses of ionizing radiation enhance susceptibility to exogenous bacterial infections… The predominant bacteria isolated from wounds included… b-hemolytic [and] a-hemolytic Streptococcus… [I]mmune responses are greatly diminished within a few days after irradiation… individuals should be monitored continually for… symptoms of infection [which] are difficult to treat effectively in those who receive whole-body ionizing radiation.>>>

  • We Not They Finally

    I wonder if they would have even bothered to report this in Japan were it not so physically disfiguring, and it apparently moves relatively rapidly and obviously in the body. The likes of cancer and neurological diseases relatively easy to suppress the news for a longer time. Someone's face falling off, not so much.

    • melting mermaid melting mermaid

      I read the mental health around Chernobyl, not so healthy. Kiev will probably be the beginning of the end. They got dosed a generation ago and now are descending into violence and they are going to take the whole world down with them if NATO has their way it seems. And look at St Louis, Iraq, LA? Radiation is violence. It begets more violence which begets more radiation, which begets more violence. It's all part of the never-ending, radio-active shit filled toilet flushing to nowhere some people blithely refer to as the nuclear industry.

  • earthsmith earthsmith

    and the mutated bacteria says…"for I have been ionized!"

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Radiation exposure is causing neutropenia.
    Beta actually damages the skin itself..

    Sorry this is wiki.. kinda busy for research today.

    The accidental or hostile exposure of individuals to ionizing radiation is of great public and military concern.,[1][2] Numerous studies demonstrated that the susceptibility of mammals to systemic infection from endogenous and exogenous organisms increased following exposure to ionizing radiation.[3] The risk of systemic infection is higher whenever there is a combined injury such as burn (including radiation burn or trauma.[4] There is a direct quantitative relationship between the magnitude of the neutropenia that develops after exposure to radiation and the increased risk of developing infection. Because, no controlled studies of therapeutic intervention in humans are available most of the current recommendations are based on animal research."

    Treatment of infections after exposure to ionizing radiation

    Note photo:

    Along with damage to the epidermis…

    • PlowboyGrownUp

      Neutropenia (noo-troe-PEE-nee-uh) is an abnormally low count of neutrophils, a type of white blood cell that helps fight off infections, particularly those caused by bacteria and fungi. Mayo

      • PlowboyGrownUp

        Antimicrobial agents that decrease the number of the strict anaerobic component of the gut flora (i.e., metronidazole) generally should not be given because they may enhance systemic infection by aerobic or facultative bacteria, thus facilitating mortality after irradiation Wiki

    • We Not They Finally

      Re neutropenia: Don't know what the remedy is and that may be complex. But it is measurable in blood tests. Some while back, there was an article about a Tokyo doctor who found neutropenia in the blood tests of virtually all the children he had examined. It is also apparently a precursor for leukemia[?]

      • melting mermaid melting mermaid

        My daughter has it. She also has CF which is probably the worst thing to have in nuclear fallout situation. Caused by and exacerbated by our only hope for a carbon free future. Give me an effing break.

        • We Not They Finally

          So very sorry about your daughter. Do check out Braco, the Croatian man with the miraculous gift. We were vastly helped medically, and we are just one in thousands.

          • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

            @mm;Also very sorry about your daughter & your family's suffering. My wife has had neutropenia issues since post-311 cancers invaded our lives & some things are happening to me now personally that I strongly suspect is indicative of it being my turn now,"if" I were to sign up for Obamacare & go to a Dr.,that is[?]… I've always had a very high tolerance to pain that has been crossed recently & allows an idea of the pain & suffering that people are going through at an expedited rate in increasing numbers,especially for those nearer the Pacific Ocean even closer to the 311 ELE site than our 6,125 miles that the plume[s] have to (allegedly)dissipate & be "diluted"! 🙁 My heart goes out to your family & all of those,diagnosed or not with 311 (or "domestically-produced")radiation-induced medical conditions!! I feel your pain!(literally)..
            Also intrigued & seeking info about WNTF's reference to the "Croatian man-Braco" & his "gift"[?] not only re;medical remedies or breakthroughs,nut because I'd grown up hearing my late-grandparents speak proudly of their Croatian heritage & everyone from Tesla,Marco Polo to Tito and I've tried to follow up on anyone of notable interest with Croatian roots to pass on to my own kids & at one time,our own grandkids,whom I now don't know whether to feel relieved or cheated about since our daughter suddenly miscarried in late 2011 only a month before cancer struck my wife[?]!My heart goes out to everyone suffering 311 impacts…

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    The military knows this..
    Japan's ..ours.
    One of the secret goodies of nuclear disaster/war.

  • pure water

    From the The Yomiuri Shimbun`s article:
    The National Institute of Infectious Diseases (NIID) is calling on people to visit a doctor or a medical institution immediately after a possible STSS symptom is detected, such as a severe sore throat and swollen limbs.

    Is it localized in Japan or typical for other countries?

    • pure water

      I did discover the numbers of victims and the USA -650 to 800 victimes per year and guess what – 4 changes in DNA are needed to make from a common strands flesh-eaters:

      • mt1000

        this will speed it up ….

        US Senator from New York Charles Schumer stated that radioactive waste still sitting underneath a landfill decades after the Manhattan Project.

        • pure water

          We`ve got such places all over the planet and then wonder where all these cancers came from…May be human race needs a little more humility and responsibility. We jump on the inventions with stupid greedy expectations and start implementing them before understanding enough, and then leave the consequences to the next generations. Radioactivity is not well understood and even though the harmful efects were evident from the beginning it was used. There is one big question – what else could change the decay rate (as we know solar activity does)and what is the universal law of radioactive decay. Before answering this humanity should not play tarnsforming matter into energy – a question of responsibility. We may call all the nucler village a modern witchcraft because they perform their actions upon something incomplete. As Einstain said "God does not play dice".

        • PlowboyGrownUp

          Schumer finally comes up with something I like.:( From the article "Even though radioactive waste was dumped at the Tonawanda Landfill over many years, it was not discovered until the early 1990s when the Department of Energy (DOE) conducted a radiological survey." Let's see now, it was dumped there many years, but was not discovered…uh, 🙁

          • And, of course, they are befuddled, bewildered, and confused about where it might have come from, and what to do with it..

            If anyone complains or asks questions, reply with;

            It must be a virus!


          • We Not They Finally

            Companies dump poisons until they are caught. Especially with radiation — you mostly cannot tell just by looking. The most penalties that ever happen are FINES, even though the costs are DEATHS. And (obviously) the fines are not even paid to the people (or their families) who got sick or died.

            So much for the justice system.

  • 76MillionBananas 76MillionBananas



    Wait till you see the DNA error chickens people are consuming, similar to human DNA clinky, clanky, clunky goes the human DNA. They was warned, but proudly knew best. Mr & Mrs bighead gobbing down DNA errors like no tomorrow.

    Your transhuman masters are preparing you; for what?

  • smellslike

    Bacteria evolve & mutate. They are evolving in response to anti-bacterial drugs. This could be strains of anti-bacterial resistant
    Radiation is NOT helping !
    But it's also NOT automatically the cause.

    • smellslike

      Before I go, I meant to add that even without radiation, our future WILL be one of increasing numbers of diseases resurgent as our drugs fail to keep up with evolution.
      Remember the Martians in War of the Worlds? That's us.

    • We Not They Finally

      smellslike, I take vigorous objection to your using the word "evolution" here at all. People pounded with toxic agents may possibly, in some cases, be able to resist — but no, it doesn't mean that they "evolve," or that their genetics somehow get better just because they could resist some deadly toxin at least for now. It's a completely wrong application of the concept of evolution.

  • curly

    Keep your head. Stay rational. Keep busy. Eat dandelion greens. Install solar panels. Find more evidence. Don't do or say anything that might scare away potential converts. By all means don't let yourself be identified as a conspiracy theorist. Don't let the facts (that your body is soaking up radioactive particles like a sponge and tucking them away in your bones where they slowly irradiate) move you to respond chaotically to the chaos that goes way beyond nuclear into the realm of collective insanity.

  • Hollywood is Full of CIA Agents, CIA Creates, Writes, Pitches And Sells Propaganda Movies To Shape Public Perception And Beliefs

  • Sickputer

    Researchers are hard at work on new drugs to possibly save the irradiated victims (from nuclear disasters and also medical irradiation effects):

    Check out BIO 300

    To the horror of right wing fanatics worried about stem cell research preying on aborted fetuses, it appears stem cell therapy is one of the top tools for treating radiation victims. The acronym CSF (Colony Stimulating Factor) is the politically correct medical nomenclature for this therapy.

    Horrible things happen in the human body from high dose exposure. In all fatal cases the human bone marrow is reduced to a liquid mass with no therapy that can reverse that damage. The Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute (AFRRI) in Bethesda, Maryland, USA, started in 1961 conducts research in the field of radiobiology. They probably didn't get the OK from military leaders to help out with the military personnel irradiated in Japan in 2011 (and still being irradiated on the mainland at scores of US bases).

    For a very technical look at the US medicsl response to the worst irradiation incidents in US history check out this document:

    Pages 12-14 covers some of the latest therapies. Interestingly While Vitamin E gets a mention on page 22,, Vitamin C is omitted completely. Troglodytes!

  • Necrotizing fasciitis is caused by several kinds of bacteria. Some of these bacteria also cause infections such as strep throat and impetigo. Usually the infections caused by these bacteria are mild. But in rare cases they can cause a more dangerous infection.

    You can get necrotizing fasciitis when bacteria enter a wound, such as from an insect bite, a burn, or a cut. You can also get it in:
    •Wounds that come in contact with ocean water, raw saltwater fish, or raw oysters, including injuries from handling sea animals such as crabs.

    Mutated more as soon all living things will become, this and other bacteria will be a greater threat.

    A few facts about Necrotizing Fasciitis:

    Updated regularly worldwide sky damage images:

  • 😐

    "doses of ionizing radiation enhance susceptibility to"

    Seems straight forward to me.

    Good LucK… keep smiling. 😉

    What's your DIL today?
    Will our DILs increase tomorrow?
    What's will your grandchild's DIL be in the coming decade and will their DNA be unaffected?

    * DIL – Derived Intervention Level
    (used to be known as LOC – Level Of Concern, changed 1998)

    * DNA – Deoxyribonucleic acid is a molecule that encodes the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all known living organisms and many viruses.

  • Nick

    Fungal skin infections will probably also increase in areas dosed by
    ANY level of ionizing radiation that escapes containment.

    One has to rethink one's views on disease in general in our nuclear and GMO

    Global Climate Change is being trumpetted as the BIGGEST threat to humanity. Yet who factors in the sun's output?

    I suspect that the Japanese authorities are frantically trying to "save face" … literally with this skin-eating outbreak.

    I predict that we will all be faced with various conditions that don't resolve correctly with antibiotic treatments.

    Our society is too piecemeal when it comes to promoting general health.

    It isn't a drug that will cure ya but a mind-set and a little common sense.

    Boost immunity. If you are immuno-suppressed… wary of quack cures and increase your quality protein input (boosts immunity).

  • olddays

    Remember when parents, mostly fulltime moms, taught kids basic hygiene, like washing hands, fruit and veg, every little cut and scrape and then you had to get a bandaid, maybe some iodine on it first?
    When was the last time you wiped your keyboard?

  • rogerthat

    Japan Jan 6 (Reuters) – The influential governor of a Japanese region rebuffed on Tuesday pleas by Tokyo Electric Power to restart the world's largest nuclear plant, saying the utility had not atoned for the disaster at its Fukushima nuclear plant in 2011.

    Governor Hirohiko Izumida of Niigata prefecture is a staunch critic of Tokyo Electric Co and has veto power over the operation of the company's Kashiwazaki Kariwa nuclear station, a seven-reactor facility on the coast 300 km (180 miles) northwest of Tokyo.

    "Tepco has not been proactive in investigating the cause of the Fukushima accident," Izumida told Tepco president Naomi Hirose during their first meeting in almost a year. …

    • or-well

      rogerthat, have you thought of having your own website?
      Not to suggest you stop posting here, please don't, but you are aggregating a lot of nuclear-related news that is inevitably getting lost as the threads roll on. You seem to have a knack – and the time – for making cogent finds.
      Just wondering.

  • rogerthat

    TUESDAY, JANUARY 6, 2015

    What is the Red Steaming out of the Top of Unit Four?

    Heavy emissions visible on TEPCO CAM 1….

  • OT Alert! Attack the messenger time, lol

    Every kWH of PV Solar Electric we create is Wealth Created
    Every kWH of Electric from oils or coal is Wealth Depleted
    Every kWH of Electric from nuclear is Wealth Stolen from the Future

    stock TM 2014

  • Here is the new Game Plan from the Radiation Cartel

    1) Pretend that Cancers are just for the most part, random Bad Luck

    2) Go on record as stating the cancer is "the best way to die"

    3) Nuclear is the only thing that can save humanity from (take your pick or ala carte) Global Warming, CO2, Acidification of the Ocean, Polar Ice

    4) Charge people for NOT running nuke plants

    5) Increase "safe levels" of radiation

    No joke, they are rolling out all these strategies. It is a crime against Humanity.

  • Nick


    Yup. Your telomeres are just not savvy enough to ward off the random bits of rads that the nucleoapes release into our collective biosphere.

  • Teen and her parents refuse chemotherapy, after some drama, court orders her put into jail and have doctors force body killing chemicals into her body.

    How much more fucked up can this society gets before it just implodes on its own insanity.

    The teen’s doctors testified at a trial court hearing, after which it was decided that she was to be removed from her home and remain in DCF custody— and that DCF was authorized to make medical decisions on her behalf.

    Cassandra and her mother appealed the ruling and their case will be heard Thursday at the Connecticut Supreme Court in Hartford

  • Flu is declared an epidemic.

    Radiation weakens your whole system, 15 kids dead this year, and winter is just starting

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      vaccine makers are drooling with every flu season and trot out the epidemic word with dreams of 100% forced vaccination (which often dont work and are implicated in everything from cancer, autoimmune disease and polio analogs). These are the vampires, with their thin needle like teeth that suck the life-blood (money and well being) out of willing victims, and they sit at every drug store with a happy sign. …the science of induced immunity; not all its cracked up to be

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Drool.. such a constantly used word in our society..everyone is drooling over the next shiny trinket and bangle created..drip,drip,drip.

        • MUST consume, MUST consume, Debt slavery poised as "managing money"

          Gold is the money of kings
          Fiat is the money of criminals
          Debt is the money of slaves

          said I

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          drool |dro͞ol|
          verb [ no obj. ]
          drop saliva uncontrollably from the mouth: the baby begins to drool, then to cough.
          • informal make an excessive and obvious show of pleasure or desire: I could imagine him as a teacher being drooled over by the girls.
          saliva falling from the mouth.


      • Hey Code, if you have resources on vaccines, I wouldnt mind doing an article on that….sheesh, another important rabbit hole to run down!

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          Greatings Stock. Thank you for all the great work with your website. It may mean more than you realize.

          I have collected plenty of stuff on vaccines. I need to dig it out though as some is left on emails and stuff. The sordid personalities are there too, with top vaccine pushers arrested for child molestation, fraud etc.

          Just to start the ball rolling, (links later)

          98 million Americans were given polio vaccine contaminated with cancer-causing virus, admits CDC…(and coming from the CDC, those minions of pharma cartels)

          1 in 50 boys have autism. How many more have partial psych disorder?…just like the dead zones are surrounded by sick zones from fallout. There is a perfect statistical correspondence of vaccines and autism.

          Of course Dr Mercola has amassed quite a bit on this subject.

  • Just because we can, doesn't mean that we should

  • From the king of DUH department

    Cold weather can actually cause colds, study finds

    I actually had a medical doctor tell me that in heating climates, the level of humidity in your house had no influence on your ability to fight off a cold or general health.

    How stupid is that? Being extremely dry is very bad for you, get a whole house humidifier, you feel warmer too (actually are warmer, less evaporation heat loss from skin)

  • Hanford to be a National Park

    This is a National Embarrassment. Not the scientific achievement, but the disgusting mess that was left behind, and the 70 years of ignoring the problems as they got worse, and the rising costs of dealing with it.

    And the babies being born without brains…..nice Park Slogan

    • We Not They Finally

      Yeah, that's pretty much what they did with Rocketdyne — turn it into a park. Except pretty weird for a public park — you need to sign a release of liability form to go picnic in the park! They apparently tried to do that to a girl scout troop[!} and it backfired. See Michael Collins on

  • Fun stuff or Serious Stuff?

    From NASA's site–

    A NEO hitting Earth would need to be about 100 feet (30 meters) or larger to cause significant devastation in populated areas. Almost 30 percent of the 460-foot-sized NEOs have been found, but less than 1 percent of the 100-foot-sized NEOs have been detected.

    Let that sink in….a 100 foot asteroid could devastate populated areas, but we have only found 1%

    Nukepro developed a free downloadable app for asteroid energy calculation, its actually a fully function Excel spreadsheet.

    Have a look, there is an Asteroid going to buzz earth Jan 26, details are here, it carries the energy of 6828 large nuclear bombs

  • razzz razzz

    "nonlethal doses of ionizing radiation" Gee, as opposed to what? Polonium poisoning where it is a race between internal bleeding to death or dying of internal infections.

    Someone else has already mentioned the overloading of a person's defense mechanisms to the point of ceasing to function or becomes beds of infection themselves. This could lead to all sorts problems without mentioning the root cause…radiation poisoning.

    Seems silly to reinvent the cause of death by avoiding mentioning radioactive fallout but that is exactly what they are trying to do. Next silliest thing is, "He died of a bad attitude."

  • Immune systems breaking down.
    This is also being recorded in the united states. The case level is much higher than being reported. In both countries. It is just normal bacterial infection. Your body just can't fight it anymore.

    Larger deposits of radiation should be vectoring from the reactors now. The least resistant path which the radiation travels along has been moderating less and less radioactive isotopes everyday.

    People should have paid more attention during the wasting syndrome, and mass oceanic stranding / reports. Whole species are now being affected. Including mankind… Everything in fukushimas wake is starting to be reduced in lifespan.

    Note documented rises of infant deaths, deadly bacterial infections, cancers ect.

    Noting that more information is coming to light regarding plutonium and higher dose rates in the oceanic deposits than were previously recorded…
    The information is still being spoon fed to eliminate public outrage. No one even thinks to come here or care except the users on board. Enenews is labeled a tinfoil hat community now. It's been that way since late 2013.

    There is no hope any longer. The ele was released in 2011. Its been trapped within the soil and the soil content is now seeping into the ocean. Its in full distribution at this time.

    Nice knowing you all, Until next time…

    • I believe this event is considered an a.l.m.e. Not an e.l.e. (all level mutational event).

      As immunities encounter new and damaging mutations of both known and unknown viruses. I feel nearing 2027 humanity will be at the brink of its final extinction. I also feel that all out nuclear war will be blamed for the viruses that will carry out at that time.

      WW3 will likely take place within 2 years time. Followed within all out nuclear war in 7 years time. Various known and unknown exotic viruses, bacterial, and nuclear agents will begin hampering our species. Several more nuclear reactors will likely fail or fall during this period. Some potentially due to cyber warfare. Many countries will be reduced to ruble. Whole villages and cities toppled by massive war movements, and strategical attacks. I see famine, destruction, natural disasters taking place.

      Today is too sunny.
      The calm before the storm, or so they say.

    • Dick Shenary

      Emmy – " Enenews is labeled a tinfoil hat community now. It's been that way since late 2013." You would expect no less as Enenewsers argue the pros and cons of anything nuclear and that is technological heresy. The difference is we discuss isotopes and various forms and measurement of radiation, and concepts concerning breach of containment etc. etc. We do not express concerns regarding anal cavity searches done by aliens, nor do we weigh in how much control of matter can be done mentally. Except for geo-engineering, this site stays with matters pertaining to nuclear issues. Only a tinfoil hat world would allow nuclear tools that cost all of life so dearly. You be the judge of who's crazy.

      • I think you should google search my user name before you suspect that I am keenly unaware to the sheer benefits that the community offers.

        The labeling was created by big business that's discredited the findings of myself and others since march 2011. I am a first responder to that regard. However for a time I was unable to maintain status due to situations beyond my comfort zone. Thus I lurk as I have everyday. However my posts are now tamed. Due to my comfort being in question.

        The very real truth is that the fukushima story is long forgotten; While the affects are now being shed to light. The tepco media team has fought us to the core. We are the last chapter; Of what will become the first chapter in history books many years from now.

        I wish you well old friends and new.

  • Hey, how many of you here feel that you have as many or more friends here, than you do in real life.

    I used to think I had a lot of friends…time gives people chances to fuck things up. Now I can count friends on a hand and a half.

    How about "real friends" someone you would hand $50,000 to on a handshake to get them out of a temporary pinch…..


  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Certainly a stormy vision where everyone is certainly out of their Godamn mind. Thanks Nuclear!

    I find my self humming this tune daily.. 🙂

  • weeman

    Most people think of a human being as being one living entity, that is not true without hundreds of different bacteria we would die. We have a symbolic relationship with bacteria in our stomach and surface of skin etc.
    We have a read about how the dead wood around Chernobyl does not rot, because the bacteria that performs this function is not present or in little numbers, as the radiation has decimated them.
    All you have to do is connect the lines, it is a forgone conclusion and hense you will see more and more of these different diseases on the increase with a direct relationship to radiation levels.
    But what do I know, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

  • bowling

    I was a health professional and and I can tell you that diseases of this type arise from decreased immune function in most cases. I can tell you that most flus, measles, whooping cough, food poisonings are not fatal except in the very young, old, or people with compromised immune function.

    There have been many very surprising outbreaks of infectious illnesses in Japan since Fukushima.

    They cannot blame the outbreaks of measles, whooping cough, and even tuberculosis in Japan on lack of vaccinations since 3/11, because they vaccinate for these pathogens there.

    The measles outbreak in 2013

    The measles outbreak was accompanied by by many cases of secondary meningitis which usually only occurs in the developed world with severe immuno-compromise.

    There was the Drug reisitant gonorrhea that is a super-mutant.

    Dengue fever was used as excuse to stop an antinuke dem in tokyo park but, I think dengue has resurfaced in Japan even though they have highly efficient mosquito eradication and public health programs for this sort of thing.

    DENGUE First outbreak 70 years.

    Japan is also having growth in Drug resistant tb and they vaccinate there.

    I have a friend in Yokohama whose 19 yo developed meningitis secondary to the…

  • bowling

    flu. only god knows what the Japanese are hiding as well.

  • or-well

    Maybe good news! A way to treat flesh-eating disease –

    the bad news is near the end of the article – way more cases than CDC says…

  • bowling

    We are no longer homo sapians. we are now homo sapian radioanus. or homo sapians with radioactive anuses or just radioactive anuses.

  • bowling

    sorry homo sapien

  • @ Code and Doc
    I started a repository on "chemo" therapy

    Anyone with relevant links on chemo and alternative protocols, send em in

  • bowling

    fox news promotes hormesis. they were also the first to promote the john hopkins story about all cancer bein 2/3 bad luck. it is a lot more likely that the high incidence of autism came with the bomb, nuclear energy and the exponential increase in manmade ionizing radiation in the environment as majia points out, all though over vaccinating does not help. I would not go to south america without a yellow fever vaccination. Im glad i had a hepatitis b vaccination, otherwise i would have hep b as many times as i have been exposed to it from bad sticks. With the nuclear age and our fed up immunity now a lot more people would probably be sick because of our weakened immune systems without immunizations. I do not know how much longer that can go on. The jerk pceu companies definitely try to over vaccinate with flu and pneumonia vaccines that do not work.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      bowling, vaccination is obviously a promising method to prime the immune system. Yet some people that have looked into it see flaws in both study results and immune function. I happen to be in close contact with nurses…as you know, the front line of the medical system, and I see an opinion change. Many are not happy with the forced vaccination, and concerned with possible side effects.

      Our wonderful nurse practitioner friend decided to opt out of the measles mumps rubella…but was soon to learn this was the least of her concerns. She had leukemia (post Fukushima), submitted to the "best" chemo therapy at Mayo and died within a week.

      catch 22; you have to kill the patient to save them

  • bowling

    i know a lt of people whose lives were saved by chemotherapy but, they would not have needed chemotherapy if we had not dumped so much chemical and primarily radioactive garbage into the envronment.

  • Keep in mind Big Pharma is the ones pushing chemotherapy.

    In some cases, maybe chemo is the best course. But I bet their are plenty of other courses that would do less damage to the patient and with better results.

  • Gentle Giant Gentle Giant

    I had MRSA (an antibiotic resistant infection) back in 1999.
    Three courses of antibiotics did nothing but help the infection spread from my shin, eating its way to the inside of my lungs. I was given two choices: Stay in the hospital bed with morphine drip until my death or go home and die. I am typing here 15+ years later because I found out about colloidal silver after leaving the hospital. After using it as directed, I beat the infection. I make it now for less than $1.50 a gallon. It may even work to strengthen an immune system against the ravaging effects of radio-activity. I will be my own test subject on that, but encourage all of you to educate yourselves about it and give it a try.

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