Seattle TV: “Fish and water have shown signs of Fukushima contamination” in U.S. Northwest — Officials to start radiation testing due to news from Japan — NOAA: Nuclear plant leaks “a surprise to everybody, we weren’t aware of it” (VIDEO)

Published: August 23rd, 2013 at 11:53 am ET


Title: Water leaks may become new Japan nuclear disaster
Source: KING5 News Seattle
Date: Aug 21, 2013
h/t MoxNews

Gary Chittim, KING5 News: The announcement of a leak that big, going on for that long, came as quite a surprise to people 4,500 miles away on this side of the Pacific, even the experts.

Walk Dickhoff, NOAA Official: It was a surprise to everybody, we weren’t aware of it.

Chittim: Officials at NOAA’s lab in Seattle have been monitoring the event since it occurred and they’re closely watching testing of fish tissue and water that have shown signs of Fukushima contamination on our coast.

Local Fisherman: […] the tuna — albacore tuna — might be a problem because they do migrate around.

Chittim: He’s right say Federal scientist, but they add so far levels in all fish are extremely low. […] But as information and concern for the leaks continue to grow, the question is how much more can the ocean take? […] Some medical groups are now asking the federal government to do – increase testing of Pacific seafood.

Meg Coyle, KING5 News: Washington state health officials told KING 5 today that developments in Japan have prompted them to resume radiation testing of steelhead and salmon.

See also: [intlink id=”unprecedented-sockeye-salmon-at-dire-historic-low-may-entirely-shut-down-fishery-on-canadas-west-coast-we-think-something-happened-in-the-ocean-the-elders-have-never-seen-anything-like” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Watch the broadcast here

Published: August 23rd, 2013 at 11:53 am ET


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51 comments to Seattle TV: “Fish and water have shown signs of Fukushima contamination” in U.S. Northwest — Officials to start radiation testing due to news from Japan — NOAA: Nuclear plant leaks “a surprise to everybody, we weren’t aware of it” (VIDEO)

  • natano natano

    I'm shocked! Shocked to hear that we're all in houston now, and we have a problem. Who could have possibly known that things were completely out of control. I watch FOX news, listen to NPR, read the NY Times, subscribe to the wallstreet urnal and you mean to tell me that the "liberal" media missed this story? I'm trembling with astonishment. Next thing you're going to say is that repulicans aren't actually conservative, the "FED" has nothing to do with being a gov't agency, nor do they have any reserves, and the media (which is owned in part by the company that sent 100 lawyers to Japan on 3/12/11 instead of 100 technicians – you know General Electric) is not actually liberal. What is this world coming to children?
    If you want to know, ask the people who've been following and We've been screaming it for 2+ years!!!

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      Well said….

    • Phil Shiffley Phil Shiffley

      Yeah I'm a long time Zero Hedgie and I probably followed someone's link here about a year ago. So I'm just wondering why you were even still bothering w/those corporate controlled PR sources. I think I went through the bargaining part of the 5 stages of grief (regarding the true state of our country and it's leadership) circa 2007. Drank heavily as the myths I'd been indoctrinated with were broken one by one. Now it all makes sense although I didn't see the militarization of our police coming. That part was the last shocker. There is no longer any dissonance regarding what's going on here, but that state of mind does make it difficult to endure those (friends of mine) still clinging to the fairy tale. Sometimes I wish we could all meet at a bar some night and tell stories of how great things used to be just to blow steam w/people who get it.

  • ProfitOfDoom ProfitOfDoom

    Well if you want a surprise … these nasty "Nuclear Buckyballs" are what your looking for ! … $$POD$$

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      There was a nuclear scientist that called into a radio show I was listening to and said the whole west coast is being doused with aerosol radiation in the form of "BuckeyBalls" that come in on the waves of the Pacific. He said they are deadly. Thanks for the links Profit!

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      He also said they travel much faster than regular radiation and have been here for over a year.

      • Sol Man

        Nothing could possible go wrong there.
        When you do breath them they go into your sinuses- every breath!
        Who does not love the oceans? But, I am land-locked with som,e of the highest doses in the nation here.

        • Phil Shiffley Phil Shiffley

          Don't know where you are but I've noticed on the Mutation Watch website the photos out of Michigan are getting more seriously f'd up. Thankfully they're all just plants in a field for now. Not too far east of there I've been on the look out in my fields and we've had some higher readings on the RadNet map but I haven't seen any crazy growth yet. We have about 5 reactors north of us if you count the Canadian ones so even if I started seeing problems I'd have to rule out there were any releases from those sources.

          • Sol Man

            I am east of the foothills in the Rockies.

          • Sol Man

            I saw the Michigan photos in '11 or '12 and they were startling. I took photos of maybe 6 mutations in my garden. Will work to post. Also, at the market what seems to be vegetable or fruit gigantic sizes; I think it is connected to the event.

  • bo bo

    Thanks NOAA for making me laugh out loud.
    You just brightened my day.

  • bo bo

    Wow!! We had no idea!! It's a surprise !!!

    Unbelievable coverup

  • lickerface lickerface

    Those officials who claim they didn't know about the truth appear to be bias an censored, not to be trusted from here on out.

    Nobody will ever admit they knew while not doing anything about it, because that would be conspiracy.

    Fuk you, NOAA. You're now on our no-trust list.

    • Phil Shiffley Phil Shiffley

      Apparently one does not earn themselves any positions of authority w/in our government (or many corporate entities for that matter) w/o the personality trait of pathological liar.

  • ProfitOfDoom ProfitOfDoom

    Hello newsblackoutUSA … the very nasty heavier isotopes can be suspended in these buckyball structures and become much more mobile than they would have been … I guess no one ever planned on pouring salt water on a melted reactor core … surprise ! … $$POD$$

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    n-n-nobody could have s-s-seen it coming. Scientists dont lie as well as politicians do they? I wrote to NOAA asking where those long overdue tests were…no answer. But who exactly gives them the gag order?

    Sitting in an english garden waiting for the sun.
    If the sun don't come, you get a tan
    From standing in the english rain.
    I am the eggman, they are the eggmen.
    I am the walrus, goo goo g'joob goo goo g'joob.

    Expert textpert choking smokers,
    Don't you think the joker laughs at you?
    See how they smile like pigs in a sty,
    See how they snied.
    I'm crying.

  • I am very surprised that the experts are surprised.

    😉 What surprises me even more is the shortsightedness of the experts on this CATASTROPHIC GLOBAL EVENT.

    The chain of radiation contamination transport vectors does not stop. Until such time as the isotope is no longer hazardous.
    (Which is some cases means it's radiating for a very long time.)

    "…the tuna — albacore tuna — might be a problem because they do migrate around." – fisherman
    (FACT: might should be ARE)

    Where do those contaminated fish poop?
    Where do they die?
    (The contamination is in their bones.)

    So, it's not just those specific fish. It's ALL of the PLANTS and other LIFE that are part of the cycle. That cycle is now broken.

    The chain of radiation contamination transport vectors does not stop.

    • Wreedles Wreedles


      The chain of radiation contamination transport vectors does not stop.

      Fukushima's inventory is in the biosphere.

      These two facts are intertwined and fatal.

      …and any 'scientists' who say that they don't know this are either abyssmally ignorant, or lying through their teeth.

      Not that it matters.

      Worrying about it now is about as effective as worrying about a little eczema of the eyebrows when you have stage-4 liver cancer.

      My advise? Buy stock in a company that specializes in pain meds for cancer patients…

      …and be as excellent to your fellow entities as you can be.

  • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

    A surprise to everybody? NOT So, enenews readers and commenters are smarter than all the experts. Well, that was apparent within the first two weeks of this, and we got smarter and smarter as our collective grew…without the so called experts grand brains, or inspite of the horse shit they were trying to feed us about bananas and xrays. The reason we even found out about buckey balls is a damn cow pie in Southern Cali that the farmer was screaming about being covered in weapons grade plutonium! …and he stated no way was it from previous nuke tests as it was a fresh cow pie! The story vanished, but a few months later, we had the pnas study come out.. of course, there would have been no study if there was no worry.. no plutonium on the cow shit! …experts. Scientists have let us down, covered, failed to ask questions, seek answers, been bought off.. they are not experts in anything except self preservation..and hey, they are not even good at that as we all breath the same air. The majority have lost my respect, and will never get it back. Anyone with a high school education should have known we had a problem.

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    Some NOAA reults on sea lions;

    No radiation levels were found in these samples that would directly cause the symptoms seen in the pinnipeds. Test results show radiation levels are within the typical background range for Alaska

    Currently, preliminary results confirm cesium137 levels in one healthy and four UME seals are similar to cesium 137 levels in Alaskan seals sampled during the mid–1990’s. Testing of the remaining three seal samples for gamma analysis is ongoing. Muscle tissue sampling
    and analyses for
    UME and healthy seals will continue during 2013

    (from a NOAA doc in 2011);
    Cesium and iodine ,the two most common radioactive isotopes coming from the damaged nuclear plant , do not build up in ocean food chains.

    • jec jec

      The first tests with results reported as ND, were on seals that were HEALTHY. So far, no report on the tests on the SICK seals, other than a statement to the effect the illness was not bacterial or a virus…WHAT DOES THAT LEAVE.
      Sorry for the caps,but the University of Alaska, testing the samples, should put out a report on the 2011-2012 tissue samples from the SICK seals. NOAA doing gamma testing? Great, lets see the real facts, not 'no immediate danger' comments….Poor sea life, humans have really mucked up now….

      • "Summary of findings: Scientists have conducted preliminary qualitative screening of a few tissue samples from both healthy and sick pinnipeds (ice seals and walruses) involved in this UME for possible radionuclide exposure. No radiation levels were found in these samples that would directly cause the symptoms seen in the pinnipeds. Test results show radiation levels are within the typical background range for Alaska."

        Again, we have a statement with generalities, but NOTHING specific. A scientist lives by DETAILS and details make all of the difference between a fraud and a REAL scientist.

        What kind of tissue sample? Skin, bone, liver, muscle, lung, heart, thyroid, etc?

        What type/yrequipment was used and how was it calibrated? When was the last time it was calibrated, by whom?

        How many animals; were they sick, healthy? Then give the specific readings and compare the two with specific measurements, not just state generalities, otherwise, it is not SCIENCE.

        What source? From the Anchorage zoo, from Aleutian Islands, or ???

        What radioactive element were they testing for? Short lived iodine maybe?

        Did they test for PLUTONIUM specifically?

        The NORMAL way of testing for internal radiation is to do a WHOLE BODY SCAN.

        Taking a tissue sample, smells of a coverup, minimization job or a diversion tactic. A tissue sample is not one of the approved way to measure for internal radiation contamination.

          • "If the gross count rate (patient counts without background subtraction) exceeds 100 kcps
            (6 million cpm), the camera may begin to lose counts."

            In other words, if there is too much radiation, the radiation detector may show a No Radiation reading, because the radiation is off the scale.

            The details all matter. Just because someone says no radiation was detected, says just about NOTHING…

            There was a HUGE radiation study done in Japan, and they declared NO RADIATION was found in anyone studied for internal contamination. The only problem?

            The standard used by Tokyo Univ. was 300 BQ/Kg or more.

            If you did not have that much internal radiation or more, you had NO RADIATION in you.

            This statement and scientific conclusion by 'exprts' is absolutely ridiculous and laughable if it were not so deadly serious..

            • For those who are new here, Russian researchers found that negative health effects appeared with as little as 10 Bq/Kg, and deadly lesions appeared at 50 Bq/Kg, with heart attacks and strokes common – leading to death, death, death.

              If serious dis-ease and death commonly results at 50 Bq/kg, and they say they are counting NOTHING LESS THAN 300 Bq/Kg, what does that tell you about these researchers and their result?

              • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                It tells us that we are all being exterminated and it's only a matter of time now!

                There is no where to run or hide!

                Best to prepare for the inevitable…

                Something bad still comes this way!

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          You are very wise to ask such questions!


    They couldn't have known, all the experts said there was nothing to worry about. The professors and nuclear engineers don't need to run test, they're so smart they just automatically know. You can bet it will continued to be downplayed by the know it alls.

    • Maybe they consulted their astrologer and calculated the pinnipeds moon signs?

      Or maybe the official government psychic said it was all ok, so they ran with that, because their budget did not allow for scientific reporting of results.

  • bo bo

    Hanford must be sighing a sigh of relief now they can hide behind all this

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Not just Hanford since they all (nuke providers) can hide now…

  • We Not They Finally

    NOAA was SURPRISED???? Who believes that crap in the slightest?

  • Sol Man

    At least none of this radiation stuff will ever touch the fine folks that make up all of our alphabet agencies, security details,
    and generally the entire shebang of TPTB. All is well, carry on in your marbled-halls, tanks and stuff!
    Where shall we party tonight?!

  • jump-ball jump-ball

    "The announcement of a leak that big…was a surprise to everybody"

    Please include me out of your presumptuous declarations…

    Propaganda headline such as these are manipulative elements of the government's growing perception management approach, and should not be passed on…

  • razzz razzz

    Wouldn't it be easier to fire the experts at NOAA so they can go privately promote global warming and get some new blood in a government organization that can at least keep track of daily news from Daiichi? Short of that, NOAA, EPA, FDA, NRC, DHS and a few other alphabet soup agencies should be disbanded and drummed out of existence as a waste of time and money.

  • yogda yogda

    NOAA: Nuclear plant leaks “a surprise to everybody, we weren’t aware of it”


    FU NOAA!

  • jec jec

    I can see Washington State Fisheries now..LETS TEST..hum..what should be tested? NOT fish from the Columbia know (wink wink) Hanford discharge into the Pacific. Gee..thats a lot of salmon and sea life we cant test because it might be Hanford's contamination and we are not supposed to TEST for Hanford. HA, lets test for herring or sockeye salmon from Canada. UH..well if we can find any. HEY, lets test mountain trout…forget the ocean….Wait..what if those Fukushima buckyballs and other radiation hit the mountains..we dont want to test for THAT. HEY..go to the store and buy farmed salmon from the East Coast USA to test….should have low radiation values..maybe..we hope…

  • Sol Man

    Is it true, what I heard, that silk suits, shirts, and ties- tied in a windsor knot, repels becquerels?

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    What on TV tonight?
    Honey when is your next doctors appointment?
    Honey do you have my pills?
    I seem to have misplaced them.
    Will it hurt if I don't take my pill and miss my chemo treatment today?
    Hey look there's a movie on tonight!
    I will call Doctor Bobby and see if its Ok for you to miss your pill chemo treatment.
    Honey do you want any popcorn?
    I can pop you and the popcorn into the microwave!

    The American Land of OZ where every thing is either entering the twilight zone or the outer limits..

  • starspire starspire

    If this is a "surprise" to the NOAA, then they must have very low IQs, EQs, or Peas and Qs, and they are receiving way to much notariety and grant money. It sickens me that our tax dollars support these clowns.