TV: Fukushima underground dam not working, radiation levels now exceeding gov’t limit near shore — Tepco Official: “The flow of contaminated water into ocean is causing problems… It’s quite difficult to stop” (VIDEO)

Published: February 9th, 2014 at 6:51 pm ET


Report on first part of this NHK program here: [intlink id=”japan-nuclear-experts-footage-major-problem-fukushima-unit-1-cesium-release-continue-next-5-decades-tepco-knew-broken-stop-dark-about-other-2-units-video” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

NHK Documentary, ‘Radioactive Water: Fukushima Daiichi’s Hidden Crisis‘ — Feb. 1, 2014:

At 20:00  in

NHK: Have a look at this chart […] Radioactive cesium in water inside the port […] at times it has even exceeded the government’s limit. This means that radioactive water is still draining into the sea. […] Tepco said it contained the leaks by cementing the trenches and taking other measures. But even today radioactive cesium is detected in groundwater. […] This suggests that radioactive water is leaking from places missed by Tepco and draining into sea.

Tepco Official: It’s quite difficult to stop the tainted water immediately, we’ll have to deal with it in the long term. […]

NHK: Tepco initially built the underground dam along the shoreline but it did not solve the problem […] 5 months after the work began, radiation levels inside the port show no signs of receding, and in some places workers found cesium levels that are higher than the government’s limit.

Tepco Official: The flow of the contaminated water into the ocean is causing problems […] there are many challenges.

Watch the documentary here

Published: February 9th, 2014 at 6:51 pm ET


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139 comments to TV: Fukushima underground dam not working, radiation levels now exceeding gov’t limit near shore — Tepco Official: “The flow of contaminated water into ocean is causing problems… It’s quite difficult to stop” (VIDEO)

  • Sickputer

    They have no viable plan to stop the leaks. Just lies and deception.
    Any intelligent human reading these reports in Japan must question how to save the lives of their family.

    Any intelligent human in the Northern Hemisphere outside Japan must begin to take precautions to save their own families.

    You will not get help from the government.

    • smack smack

      "..For the coming of the Son of Man will be just like the days of Noah. For as in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and they did not understand until the flood came and took them all away; so will the coming of the Son of Man be.."
      Anyone of you guys ever went to Sunday-School?
      I have five kids.
      Faith is not an option – its mandatory.
      Especially for an atheist father.
      Rest in the arms of the dragoon…

      • exactly what I have been thinking!

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Yes, me too, same thoughts. But we can hope in the one who gave us the promise of Jn3:16. That's the only way to get out alive. The spirit lives on – somewhere. Then what sort of men are we to be?

          (And smack, I'm not clear on your reference to "dragoon." Was that a reference to subjugation, or did you mean to rest, wounded but protected in the arms of a rescuing soldier?

          Yeah, the dragoon thing was really perplexing.

          Well, as long as y'all have brought it up, IMO we're beginning to live in times that smack of Revelation prophecy. I couldn't live in this present dark age without faith. The state of the world would crush my spirit.

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            Can't stand the thought of radiation pouring into the ocean for thousands of years, knowing how much radiation we've put into our air and water, globally, in the past 70 years.

            Knowing of this and grasping its full extent (as much as I'm humanly capable) drives me to my knees. Mercy! What will become of us all?

            But, "What, ME worry?" Alfred E. Neumann says. He knows it's just a MAD world. (See avatar pic). I chose Alfred because he so perfectly responds in the face of MAD. My humorous answer to a bleak situation.

            It feels like man has done the one experiment he never should have tried. Why it continues when it is utter madness to begin with, is beyond me.
            Maybe Fuku not = ELE, but the increased body burden of deadly radioactive isotopes spread everywhere is unacceptable. That these "rust buckets" as someone here said in the early days post 3/11 were even built & sited where they were is a travesty.

            'Can't help thinking it will be good some day to go to a pleasant place where there are no more tears, no more sorrows, and no more death.

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              I'm going to post a link to one of my favorite artists. I try to dwell (think, live) here (link below) despite knowing how much we humans have mucked things up here.

              Hoping this will speak to everyone (good morning everyone) and be of encouragement and good cheer, again despite all.


              "Wondering Where The Lions Are"

              And, "Creation Dream"


              Incidentally, album title is "Dancing in the Dragon's Jaws"

              Definitely some of my favorite music. Be blessed today, my friends.

      • SS4U SS4U

        except there will be no ark this time.

      • john dpugh

        Can we all keep that religious nonsense out of this forum please.Read the forum rule no 1 .
        I dont come here to listen to this garbage .

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    "Ecology movements, futurism, feminism, urbanism, protest and disarmament, personal individuation cannot alone save the world from the catastrophe inherent in our very idea of the world. They require a cosmological vision that saves the phenomenon 'world' itself, a move in soul that goes beyond measures of expediency to the archetypal source of our world's continuing peril: the fateful neglect, the repression, of the anima mundi." –James Hillman from Anima Mundi

    • lovE lovE

      @Capt. Nemo

      Like your quote. The only trouble is that freeing the World Soul, the anima mundi or what Christians call the Holy Spirit from its orphaned state – would require humanity to suffer "the ordeal of the Apocalypse" as Edinger writes in his book "Archetype of the Apocalypse."

      In a way Chernobyl, TMI and Fukusall help put the world on the path to suffer such an ordeal – changing one's worldview. Carl Jung, the famous Swiss psychologist, thought such a transformation of consciousness would take 600 years so the tribulation will last a very long time.

      • nedlifromvermont

        You guys are into it heavy!!! Go apocalypse!!! Time to tear down Big Nuclear; block by radioactive block!

        Note to: Vladimir Putin: Time to sign on with our 'newser Army.

      • We Not They Finally

        We know, lovE, Fuku and TMI and Chernobyl aren't really terrible, they're really great! They "help" us free the Holy Spirit. Well, in 600 years or so, anyway. When we're all dead. We're all dead, but the tribulation goes on and on and on and on….

        If the Holy Spirit is so wonderful, then why can't it be freed with love, joy, and peace? And if it was GOD who gave us Fuku, Chernobyl and TMI, then where is the arrest warrant?

        Let us prey[sic][sarc]

    • Why Dilution Is NOT The Solution With Radioactive Man Made Elements; via @AGreenRoad

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      +1 21stCentury!
      TEPCO: Just shrugging and saying that nothing can be done is not a legitimate response.
      Of course, if you continue to do nothing, contamination will continue for 40 or 50 more years.
      Nuclear Industry: If you can't do any better then this, cleaning up after yourself, then you don't deserve any subsidies or lice ses from the public. Shut them all down.

      TEPCO, where is the damn corium, eh? 😉

      • 21stCentury 21stCentury

        thx: PhilipUpNorth – I watched the vimeo. Seems everybody there is too close and looking at the mess with a microscope instead of binoculars. The careful inspections & surveys are important, but too much study costs time.

        The proposed rectangle icewall around 1/2/3/4 is good, and we can use HDD-frackdrills to extend the freeze into a deep basket 500-1000 meters down too. [I learned about icewalls when we built TAPS in Alaska 1975]

        Build a bigger breakwater, and add another bigger icewall ring to the breakwater and the uphill slope.

        On top of the breakwater and in the parkinglot erect towers for an aerial cable crane like the one used at Hoover Dam.

        A bigger impoundment pond and overhead-crane network proportional to the entire mess.

        The water can be impounded and recycled using graphene desalination filters.

        Alaska has over 300million tons of graphene/graphite, this enough to clean up both Fshima & Hanford.

        Water & air can be controlled quickly.
        Next is unload the SPF's and target the hot chunks.
        Much of the contaminated debris can be picked with the cable-crane and relocated to washdown barges floating in the enlarged pond.. washdown & recycle until finished

        Maybe before the end of 2014 we can shift our focus from Fshima back to the 500 other nuke messes we have worldwide??
        ..I was busy solving the Hanford & Chernobyl messes when I was so rudely interrupted by Fukushima.

        • nedlifromvermont

          @21ST Century!!! I am lovin' your 'can do' spirit and optimism. I may just have to come visit … but for now Keep On Rockin' the clean up plans. I'd give you and PUN an immediate $100 Billion budget to get started.

          And let's store the contaminated water a bit farther from ground zero, Shall we? Have we learned nothing from this disaster?

          • 21stCentury 21stCentury

            thx nedli: Yeah the 1000 water tanks have got the parkinglot plugged. Much of the topwater in those tanks can be filtered with graphene and recycled for cooling again.

            Ultimately we might need to build a ring of 3 or 4 concentric breakwaters, with a whole series of icewalls and zeolite built in between.

            Much of the underground contamination & coriums can eventually be recovered using "fracking-mining" technology..

            Many enewsers hate it when I suggest building more molten-salt reactors, but we need to annihilate the radwaste unless the chicken-littles wanna store it in their backyard for the next million years… plus the extra energy we get from MSR-Wamsers will be needed to power the entire cleanup process.


            The powerplant equipment at Fshima #5&6 can be salvaged and relocated 2 kilometers uphill to build a Wamser there. Unfortunately Fshima has become another Hanford hot-zone until the entire cleanup process is finished.

            When humans finally fully understand how difficult it is to put all the spilled milk not only back into the broken bottle, but back into the cow as well, then they will have mastered Fission Energy !!!

            • unincredulous unincredulous

              "When humans finally fully understand how difficult it is to put all the spilled milk not only back into the broken bottle, but back into the cow as well, then they will have mastered Fission Energy !!!"

              No, don't give them so much credit. Make them do their homework until they figure out how to get the milk out of the pasture without the cow.

            • We Not They Finally

              21stCentury: Much appreciate what you are saying and your expertise. Does ANYTHING get through to the Japanese about what they could/should do?

              If MONEY is the problem… well, it's not. They seem to have plenty of money to allocate to the 2020 Olympics which will NOT happen there.

              Me, I thought that WWII was highly disturbing. I didn't know that it could get worse. Turned out it could. The world could be rebuilt after WWII. This is way worse.

      • We Not They Finally

        PUN, that's part of why I could not go past the first few minutes of the documentary linked at the top. They STILL can't get the word "corium" out of their mouths!! Somehow that humongous amount of water ongoing is being pumped through the reactors and they are searching for what's the problem with the containment vessel? Like all the fuel is still there and in tact?!

        I stopped watching after a few minutes. I wanted to scream. The dishonesty of them all! Let them just EVACUATE JAPAN, then flood the water inland. They have a problem with it? It's THEIR problem!

        Or outright admit to the world what you've done, and get the best minds and engineers in there to at least mitigate.

        But these people? They will still be doing a polite costume drama while the rest of the world is getting killed off.

  • I just finished watching the documentary.

    The documentary reveals information previously unknown to me, and so I suppose, unknown to other visitors to this site.

    Everyone should reserve an hour to watch the documentary before it disappears.

    • We Not They Finally

      I found just the first few minutes painful, but for different reasons. They still cannot get the word "CORIUM" out of their mouths, much less "MELT-THROUGH."

      Meanwhile, the thyroid cancer rate is skyrocketing for Japanese children, and the official line is still that radiation didn't cause it.

      Give anyone left there in Japan who is still sane, a lifeline out of that country! Then flood all the water inland on them. I don't CARE if that creates greater problems for THEM. They have no right to continually endanger the rest of the world.

      No, people. My advise is to NOT reserve an hour for this. Maybe reserve an hour to listen to Dr. Judy Wood, who figured out how cold fusion was used to bring down the WTC, but that that tech should be used for free energy MINUS the ionizing radiation, so disasters like Fukushima never happen again.

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    The video attached to this article above is a must see for all

  • IAEA is now promoting jobs and sales in Cancer Treatment

    This guy has one of the lousiest jobs in the world….convincing people that cancer is a "natural" part of our lives, and promoting a huge money flow into the radiation industry.

    He is the head of "Technical Communications" at the International Atomic Energy Agency. That mean Czar of Propaganda. He is promoting channeling money to the radiation industry, while dispelling "myths" related to nuclear energy causing cancer.

    Fortunately a young lady in the crowd wasn't impressed with his credentials or his credibility, she stated….

    And who the hell are you to be talking about cancer? You of the unholy alliance of Atomic Energy who has subjugated the WHO World Health Organization to lying about the damages caused by nuclear energy. You of the IAEA who are complicit in the coverup of damages and ongoing problems at Fukushima. You who kills our children and destroy our human DNA genome, as you serve the financial interests of your multi-national corporation puppet masters.

    And you are here telling us that nuke plants are safe and clean, and you want to channel money to radiation workers…

  • We Not They Finally

    Three years later and just "maybe" radiation is "exceeding government limits"?

    How does any human with a functional brain survive there? Not to mention the destruction of their bodies and their children's bodies? How does anyone not run out screaming into the streets?

    • J.

      The President of the Japan Association of Language Teachers (JALT) recently died of a heart attack at age 51. He lived in Kamakura. He left a wife and children.

      This sad news, of course, proves nothing, but it does raise questions to those aware of the heart-damaging effect of certain radioactive isotopes.

      JALT is one of the largest language associations in the world and attracts global attention, so this sad news will undoubtedly provoke speculation about the presence of dangerous radiation in the air, soil, and water in Honshu.

      Given the new state secrecy law in Japan, there is little reason to expect disclosure of health statistics that may be damaging to the official narrative.

  • Jebus Jebus

    My glass for beer has no bottom.

    This is costing me a lot of beer.

    I am going to set it a bucket of water.

    This is costing me a lot of beer.

    I am going to put it into the freezer.

    This is costing me a lot of beer.

    I am going to duct tape the sides all the way up past the top.

    This is costing me a lot of beer…

  • patb2009

    the wall is probably forcing water up and pushing radioisotopes back to the surface

    • What TEPCO seems not to be able to grasp is this:

      They have 3 or more contaminated water factories. Their combined output is so many becquerels of radiation, applied to whatever water happens to be running past the factories. If they slow the flow of water, the contamination per liter of water will correspondingly increase.

      After a period, the new more intensely contaminated water will fill the area inside the 90% effective ice wall. Some of this more intensely contaminated water will find the remaining leak locations and will leak out into our environment. Net result, after reaching steady state, measured in becquerels per day, is the same as if they hadn't tried to stop the leaks at all, because they have done nothing to deactivate the contaminated water factories.

      • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

        Lol. 🙂

      • rakingmuck

        TEPCO grasps it alright. What needs to be grasped is the Geopolitical context as we talk about Fukushima. One way or another all of the worlds people are in deep shit. Whether from radiation, dead oceans, 80 separate rebel groups in Syria approved by the US/NATO, $$$ from Saudi Arabia, the new militarization of Japan as a proxy for the US against China, Iran deal falling thru, the very real possibility of a thermonuclear war. If it was just Fukushima it would be bad enough. But it isn't. Mankind is but a bystander to the events that taken as a package have one goal: massive depopulation. And its working BECAUSE we only look at one part of the picture.

  • I am become death, destroyer of worlds Here is a short clip of Oppenheimer and his famous quote above. A reader has suggested the the strange head twist (at 14 seconds in) as he begins his statement of I am Become Death is actually the devil entering his body. It sure is odd. And look at his face, the stress, the introspection, the resignment.

  • Shut off anything electrical you can think of all the time you can do so…stay on the issue…think of it as daily warfare training.

    Gundersen and others have been quite specific that no changes take place unless it hits their cash flow.

    Shut down the cash flow.

    At least know you've done everything you could about this.

    Candles are beautiful and city lights thru the windows have a beauty of their own…
    Kerosene lamps are stinky but can be fun like camping…create a sense of sticking together…
    Get creative and shut the freaks cash down.

    • Last time i had electric bills of note…
      …all of my neighbors were paying 150-350 a month year round…

      My bill was 47 a month…year round….
      So low the electrical company thought the home was vacant…
      I had tin foil on the windows…open attic vents…
      Kerosene lamps…seldom needed…all sorts of silly and poor concepts…nothing of tech noteworthy, just poverty crawling thru reality…but i had some money for beer!

      DO IT! Pass the Word!

      • PeterC

        I agree.

        When the 1992 "Letter To Humanity", signed by 1700 senior scientists, was produced, there was only 1 ummm best solution… turn off the energy… to the entire planet. No electricity or fossil fuels. It would of been back to caveman days. Something like 90% of the human beings on the planet would of died within a year.

        That didn't happen. We all lived, well, in a 'modern' world. It was fantastic, still is… for a while yet.

        • I ran computers 24/7 if i was using them…otherwise shut them down…,i used igloo electric heaters sitting at my legs and blanket…i used electric lights to read and live…
          small frig or big old frig…
          tin foiled windows…attic summer open all vents winter board them up…it was wonderful….,

          don't deceive yourselves …..
          just run nuclear killers out of cash…,

          • Put up solar, now costs 3 to 6 cents per kWH, check your bill.

            • PurpleRain PurpleRain

              I wish there was an option for renters to purchase some sort of solar panel for the windows even…… I would do that. Sadly, there is nothing like that on the market.

              • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

                Google: "Plug and play solar." Get yourself some of those solar panels you just lean against the house and plug into an outlet. 😉

  • danger kitty danger kitty

    Wynd- way ahead of the curve- for the last 40 years I've lived in a remote place with NO electricity. I know everybody can't do that. If I lived in the city I would cast off the service drop.Electricity is overrated
    Every night is a candlelight dinner for us.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      One man lived in a cardboard box on the Tacoma, Washington tideflats. When he died, he had a million dollars in the bank. He left it to charity. (True)

      For the last 50 years, I lived in a McDonald's french fry container (biggie size). I moved up this year to a paper bag, please don't tell anyone. My computer uses no electricity. (Sarc)

      How is it you are online, with no electricity? Neat trick.

  • No Immediate Danger No Immediate Danger

    Cryin' won't help you, prayin' won't do you no good…

  • GQR2

    Its hard to know where to begin after watching that documentary.

    leaves me blinking almost speechless.
    Clearly they are rearranging deck chairs and moving tons of highly radio active heaps of tangled metal junk on the titanic.

    And building the robot boats as they go. Maybe designing equipment to laproscope into the reactor cores. good idea, why didn't anyone think of this before. It gives me chills.
    3000 workers a day there. Did you notice the workers in their paper suits sitting around taking turns there on the second floor?!
    . It's …remarkable. Beyond surreal.

    WNTF, It does make one wonder how anyone there with a functional brain can stand it. Its so hard to wrap one's mind around the enormity and gravity of this ongoing mass denial. At least some truth in video is getting out there and that's good.

  • No Immediate Danger No Immediate Danger

    Zengo Aisawa, Vice President of TEPCO:

    "Even if we found out where the water is coming from, or leaking from, the question is, how to stop it. I think it will be difficult, but we have no other choice. And if we fail, that would be miserable. We just have to succeed somehow."

  • No Immediate Danger No Immediate Danger

    Pro-Nuclear Abe-Loyalist Elected Tokyo Governor

    Once again, Japan has shown us that with enough voter apathy (3rd lowest turnout on record), a compliant media, and the connections and funding of the nuclear industry, that any middle-aged asshole guy can be the leader of one of Japan’s largest city-states.

    The result’s chief significance is that it clears the way for Mr Abe to press ahead with switching on some of Japan’s idled nuclear reactors, possibly as early as this summer.

    Because of his rabid support of nuclear power as an energy source, Mr Masuzoe’s election is expected to spur the Liberal Democrat Party’s efforts to restart the country’s idled nuclear reactors.

    • We Not They Finally

      I have NO info on this — I just cannot feel that any Japanese election can be trusted. This guy was expected to win because the other side was split three ways — but I still don't trust any Japanese elections. Like would Abe had allowed anyone anti-nuke to be Governor of Tokyo? You have to ask yourself that.

      • bo bo

        Why was the opposition split 3 ways? Why are they so stupid? Why couldn't the anti-nuclear movement that had 70% support, get it together and merge ???!!!

        And that snow… why did tokyo have the most snowfall in 47 years on election day, and government ordered the citizens 'to stay home'

        Sorry, I know this is veering towards kooky paranoia, but just throwing it out there.

        If anybody is interested I posted on off topic forum a youtube clip of some experiments done with the tokyo snow that fell this weekend. (Consistency, etc.)

        • unincredulous unincredulous

          If the government ordered the citizens to stay home, they should have postponed the election. If they didn't postpone the election, it shows they were not interested in a fair election.

  • razzz razzz

    The documentary is already outdated and pretty much for the uniformed and clueless. Whomever is in charge at the moment is always forlorn in attitude when speaking about the situation at Daiichi. TEPCO admits all their radioactive readings taken were wrong and are multitudes higher than previously reported.

    It has already been stated there is nothing anyone can do about the melts for the next hundred years. The ice-wall is a hope and prayer of any type of containment.

    It is a friggin crime and a waste to allow unnecessary workers on the plant site to play with toy boats in such a highly radioactive environment.

    All preparations should be to abandon and cap the site after the fuel pools are emptied.

    Not only did they use saltwater for cooling but they have to contend with tidal movements and flows since those basement are near sea level. The salt from the ocean introduces a whole other dimension in forming radioactive elements. The only way to neutralize salts is by using acid in a acid bath. Think of more radioactive wastes to deal with like a reprocessing plant, it never ends.

    In the meantime the ground becomes further irradiated and saturated. Someone correct me if I am wrong.

    • Wyakin Wyakin

      Most communications re. FU always dilute the sober reality. A continuing continuation of the wave of toxic radoioactive contaminants will be headed into the Pacific soon, both from groundwater migration and tank discharge, amid persistent claims of ALPS failures, TEPCO disrespect for the lives of the workers, blatant distortion of radiation readings, and prospects of TEPCO emerging as the phoenix of nuclear power generation in Japan. NP trash discharges continuing for centuries…

      “…Kazuyoshi Akaba…said the government will release information to the public to prevent harmful rumors.”

      Government sponsored distortion of the known facts surrounding the extent of the cataclysmic event at FU, the lies minimizing the release of radioactive trash byproducts from the meltdowns and radiological SPF fires, the deception on the effects of radiation on the Japanese and US populations, and the death of the Pacific as a viable ecosystem. Who needs this truth, with the alternative steady stream of non-“rumor” sourced information propagated by nuclearists based on fraudulent science?

      “On the revenue side, Electricity Sales Revenues increased 9.9% from the same period of the previous fiscal year…” Note, this was achieved without TCO NPPs operating:

      The reward for stalwart support of non-rumor mill:


  • dosdos dosdos

    Generating your own electricity is the only way to free humanity from these beasts. It can be done in a truly green manner.

    • yeah team….but even green requires investment…

      it saves money to just unplug and not use things…
      sounds so simple….

      pass the word get it done
      you'd be shocked what results would be….

      • I generate on several properties, about $650 a month in electric. That is nice. It lets me do other things without wasting time on trying to "conserve".

        solar electric is a way to kill NUKE , kill it now.

        • bo bo

          Stock I have a question.
          My parents is et up solar panels after 3/11, hoping to support clean energy.
          This was a program offered by TEPCO, and the panels were really expensive for them to set up. My parents are old, and so they will never get back the money they save by switching to solar in their lifetime, but they did this out of pure goodwill.

          However, they tell me that the deal is during the day time, they 'sell' the extra electricity they make to TEPCO, then during the night time, they 'buy back' electricity from TEPCO.

          If one sets up solar panels, shouldn't they be able to just become independent completely ?

          • Sickputer

            Bo… That solar home deal is fairly standard and selling daytime energy is more profitable when dealing with a reputable electric company (unfortunately they might need to inspect Tepco's metering closer than other companies):


            Now if they had a wind turbine they might generate enough power at night to be 100% self-powered.

            • bo bo

              Thank you Sickputer.
              I see. I am glad to know at least it's standard procedure.
              I do wonder about the meters. How do we know if any electric company is being truthful…especially TEPCO. I get a sinking feeling TEPCO is abusing the goodwill of the people who set up solar panels and pocketing even more money for themselves.

              • bo bo

                My parents say selling and buying ends up being zero at the end of the day, so there is no profit for them. 'At least we don't have electric bills, and we're not relying on nuclear power!' They say.

          • flatsville

            bo, Your parents would need batteries to store any excess solar they themselves don't use during the day to become completely independent. Even then, they might need wind power to supplement. Both batteries and wind add to the cost of a system.

            • bo bo

              I see.
              And I guess if they are paying zero they are in a sense independent.
              But very aggravating that everything has to be under the TEPCO umbrella.


              correct flatsville. And depending on the configuration (battery technology, charge controller type, inverter type and wattage) these costs can easily go off the charts. I work'n on put'n together a human-powered charge source (pedal-power) for my system and even that's getting expensive…

    • john dpugh

      I disagree . The only solution is to control the population growth .Any other solution is doomed to fail sooner or later.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    BATTLE LOST . . .

    World nuclear community can't fix their invention, and so the world becomes more contaminated by the day.

    Every day, day after day, 24/7, forever.

  • UncleCrusty

    PM Abe: So the harbor didnt contain it. The "impenetrable wall" did not stop it. The "Silt fence" did not. You have no idea where all the corium (X3) is. Unit 1 has a fucking hole in the Vessel, Unit 2 surprises you daily with adventures in physics gone wrong, SPF 4 ? Well, were still here, so I guess it is progressing. Last but not least, Unit 3 which is possibly the worst having Detonated.
    Sir, The 3 coriums combined weighed 273mt Tons total. Please Sir. Get the Grown ups to help at least locate whats there in the vessel. It's a start.
    Mr. Prime minister: Your actions lack Honor and are, in my opinion, reprehensible. I believe you to be criminally negligent for the future (and present) deaths you are and will cause. How do you F-ing sleep, Sir?

  • tpak tpak

    Madness…complete and utter madness….how can anyone think this could ever be cleaned up??
    ….and GE is spewing ads during the Olympics about how their technologies have helped the human race….diabolical and sociopathic technologies and tendencies are more like it.

    • PeterC

      I've seen the "fracking" ads recently too… meanwhile earthquakes popping up all over the central U.S.

      Think they call that "corporate communications". We people can be so bad, by communicating 'well'.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      The Olympics, like the Superbowl, and sex, have become the ultimate , modern Trojan Horse for delivery of lies and poison death advertisement.

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        I did not see any really bad adverts, but I heard the NRA was refused, and Bloomberg got his anti 2nd amendment ad. What ads were refused? Don't know. But really, they have web sites that are just about the ads, links on NFL just for the ads. Like ads are SO popular.

        I wonder if the Olympics will air ads pleading for help to solve the Fukushima crisis. The original Olympians would be making pleas to Zeus.

  • PeterC

    Japan, thank you for the video. It goes a long way to help us begin to grasp the enormity of the catastrophe.

    There are many images of the unit#3 explosion – some have claimed nuclear bombing of. Many images clearly show unit #3 MOX fuel rods spread over a wide area. It has been reported that MOX particles have been found many miles away too.

    Who bombed you… tell us. Tell us the story, even if it goes back to 1945, or 1913, or… Be wholly truthful… and become forgiven.

  • Mack Mack

    If you haven't read it yet, read the book "Poisoned Power: The Case Against Nuclear Power Plants"

    It's free on-line, not very long, and very informative.

    Introduction: The Nuclear Juggernaut
    Chapter 1: Nuclear Reactors to Generate Electricity
    Chapter 2: How Radiation from Atomic Energy Programs Gets to You — What it Does to You
    Chapter 3: How Radiation Produces Disease and Hereditary Alterations
    Chapter 4: Is Any Radiation "Safe"?
    Chapter 5: Promises, Promises
    Chapter 6: How Safe Are Nuclear Reactors?
    Chapter 7: Nuclear Electricity and The Citizen's Rights
    Chapter 8: The Nuclear Legacy — Radioactive Wastes and Plutonium
    Chapter 9: Alternatives Available to Us
    Chapter 10: What Can Citizens Do About Nuclear Electricity?
    Chapter 11: Must We Hold Out for The "Cold Corpses"?
    Chapter 12: Toward An Adversary System of Scientific Inquiry
    Chapter 13: The Ultimate Issue — Conversion or Ecocide

    • Mack Mack

      Some memorable quotes from the book, “Poisoned Power”—>

      >> Regarding supposed “safe” levels of radiation –
      “they pulled some numbers out of a hat and declared that the numbers represent "acceptable" standards for human radiation tolerances”

      >> Plutonium-
      “What kind of social responsibility exists within men who strongly advocate a drastic increase in the worldwide inventory of this element?…These men would seem to be possessed with a death wish that encompasses all of mankind.”

      “Not only may the hot particles of plutonium oxide be super-cancer producers, but with a half-life for plutonium-239 of 24,000 years, such plutonium oxide can be spread about the earth, re-suspended in air, and produce lung cancers in generations of humans for 100,000 to 200,000 years.”

      >> "the charade has assumed even more ridiculous proportions as the nuclear electricity salesmen have attempted to defend their obviously indefensible standards for human radiation exposure."

      >> “many of the standards for so-called "allowable" doses of radiation to the public for atomic energy programs such as nuclear electricity generation were set before the new implications of human genetic diseases were appreciated!”

      >> "No amount of ionizing radiation is safe!"

  • weegokiburi weegokiburi

    I am reminded of a song by Peter Cook and Dudley Moore (aka Derek and Clive)
    "As I was walking down the street one day
    I saw a house on fire
    There was a man, shouting and screaming at an upper-storey window
    To the crowd that was gathered there below
    For he was sore afraid

    Jump! You fucker, jump!
    Jump into this here blanket what we are holding
    And you will be all right
    He jumped, hit the deck, broke his fucking neck

    Laugh?! We nearly shat!
    We had not laughed so much since Grandma died
    Or Auntie Mabel caught her left tit in the mangle
    We are miserable sinners
    Fi-i-ilthy fuckers

  • weegokiburi weegokiburi

    There really is no blanket.

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    Many perhaps think that the USA has become a bad nation but once was a good one. But that is not true. Yes, maybe a few days back in the summer of 1776 or for a while in 1789. I suppose there may even have been months during the terms of the best president of whom we have not had one for a long, long time. This nation has done every evil thing that has come into its mind. And there is no end in sight. I strongly suspect that the Obama Administration really does not care if millions in CA get cancer. If thousands of babies are born with genetic damage. It would be very un-American if he did. Presidents are rarely empathetic or sympathetic. So we are on our own. We have to depend on the most independent people for information. And the information may not do us much good as most people have not the resources to move, to buy special food and supplements. The economic recovery is all illusion. So we have entered a time of great suffering for this nation. Personally I see no light at the end of the tunnel though that perhaps is due to a curve ahead and after that there will be rays of light again. We will have to wait and see.

    • We Not They Finally

      On the other hand, a really good President was just outright KILLED OFF. And what FDR did against opposition was nearly miraculous. It's just been an uphill battle until finally it started crashing downhill. Now it's been made nearly impossible to govern with commitment and integrity.

      And that will never be fixed until if/when money is taken out of politics. it's just that even that seems a lesser battle these days than confronting what is sure to be massive health crises. But maybe people will finally again learn how to help EACH OTHER.

  • Sickputer

    I would almost say your Dudley Moore black humor is off topic…but when Tepco promises to stop the flow of water or filter the poison, they are just like Dudley playing a lying nihilist.

    We need black humor because the situation is very black. Keeps us motivated to kick these nucleorats out of power. It will take more than the 1% moral intelligentisia to achieve that.

    We need the affected 98% moral patriots to band together. In numbers there is substantial power regardless the opposition.

    The 1% nihilist nucleorats/banksters have the money power and the mechanical muscle, but their families will die just like ours. When push comes to shove I hope that a large percentage will gain some shred of morality. The King Midas effect can accelerate that transformation.

    • There is no joy in the realization that the 1% CTB (criminals that be) will die with us. SP please stop talking like that….it is not an "OK"

      • Sickputer

        Never said it would be a joy…if anything they will suffer worse because like us they know what happened and know their facilitating role in it. There is more incentive for them to change viewpoints and behavior than the 98% in LaLa land.

        • Gottcha, I am not looking for 'end of times" here, at least in the next 50 years. So I hope to win on another basis, not just guilt of prior actions.

  • I can solve Fukushima with $120B, and I want $10M to do it, because it will involve extreme risk on my part.

    Double Dog dare me.

    • Sickputer

      I doubt $20 trillion would be enough to do a proper containment of this nuclear disaster. Like Chernobyl, but on a scale 100 times greater, this nuclear Pandora's Box needs the promise of an unlimited multi government effort. There can be no money budget for the resolution. Just unlimited resources and manpower. You can't put a value on stopping what in a sense is actually World War III.

      • No, my goal is to stop the radiation release. $2B built the tallest building in the world.

        $120B can stop this. No I am not looking to earn money. But I need money to create the bribes to stop this, and the big money to do it!

        • weegokiburi weegokiburi

          Plenty cash to do it. The governor of Tokyo presides over Japan’s most populated and wealthiest prefecture with a population of 13 million. Its annual 13 trillion yen budget rivals that of Sweden and it has 165,000 people on its payroll. That's $130billion
          It's never been about having enough money.
          It's how they choose to spend it.

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      No bet, stock.

      Drilling rigs are cheap.
      Locate corium.
      Do not remove corium.
      Encapsulate it.

      Pounding sheet steel interlocking pilings is cheap.
      1/4 of the Impermeable wall is already done.
      Construct the underground wall behind the plants first.
      Then finish the wall at the harbor.
      This stops groundwater and Pacific Ocean contamination.

      Grout is cheap.
      Fill torus and torus basement with grout.
      Fill reactors and containments with grout.

      Dry cask storage is cheap.
      Put spent fuel into dry cask storage on site.

      No new technology is needed for any of this.
      Ask for more money.
      I'd like $10 million as a consultant. 😉

  • Wyakin Wyakin

    Hi Stock-I might triple dog dare you. "Solve" in FU, means different things to different people. Please elaborate on your solution.W

  • I should think Trillions and trillions to remediate somewhat successfully. Billions just to divert groundwater from site. What's going on now is a show to keep investors happy.

    • Mark, much can be done with milions, Billions are HUGE, Trillions are beyond belief.

      I can fix this (but I am retired and trying to now just protect my family)

      • Sickputer

        I don't know Stock…money is just figures of good faith. Can you put a price on a massive commitment of men and women probably ordered to a certain early death? The logistics are huge obviously because the disaster is worse now than 3 years and 30 billion dollars ago.

        • I can't price the "freedom fighters", but yes $120B will get the job done enough.

          about the amount the US equities traders get in bonuses a year…..

          My fee is $10M, who is game? I am ready. I may get killed for trying.

          • Sickputer

            I find the fiscal estimates from the German economists to be illuminating;

            "The cost of a worst-case nuclear accident at a plant in Germany, for example, has been estimated to total as much as €7.6 trillion ($11 trillion), while the mandatory reactor insurance is only €2.5 billion."


            SP: That is for a single meltdown of one reactor. And when you have 6 reactors at Daiichi it becomes a banker and politician nightmare.

            If there were a list of a handful of places in the world where a nuclear meltdown would be a country killer, several would be near metro Tokyo. Indian Point in New York is another.

            Only an unlimited government response can help contain additional damage from an out of control nuclear complex. Apparently that kind of all out effort must have been dismissed as a waste of money by Japan and their puppet master.

            The really big expense from not addressing this as a threat to humanity lies years down the line when the medical and social costs will burden humanity forever. The Fallout Age comes bearing a heavy price tag for countless generations of survivors.

            • Shaker1

              Sickputer wrote:

              "Only an unlimited government response can help contain additional damage from an out of control nuclear complex. Apparently that kind of all out effort must have been dismissed as a waste of money by Japan and their puppet master."

              Succinct way to put the problems, which I think might be missed by money figures. I think that most would agree the any 'success' concerning Chernobyl was enhanced by the autocratic nature of the response. People were forced to do what they did in a short span of time. Gorbachov (spelling) has weighed in as to what he felt was the effect of the effort. I think here there isn't the historic background, and to most it's pretty obvious given a choice of a life of money with a quick death. They will choose the slightest chance, even if it means doing nothing. The fact is that it would have to be a forced action. The best minds and the money will leave. What is going on in Chernobyl now isn't comparable for a number of reasons which I won't list.

              Can it be done? Sure. $120 billion? Hell, that's 1/3 of the US DOD's yearly declared expenses. Is there the will to do it? I don't have an ear for the general population in that regard, and the press that I can read is what it is, but it doesn't seem like there's general will either, or they would have started already, if nothing else through the last elections. You're looking at an incompetent, impotent, demoralized power structure.

  • The cost of this global calamity cannot be calculated.

    The value of life, non-damaged DNA strands, clean water and air are all priceless.

    Side note:
    IMO – The risk calculation is worthless also. 😉

  • Alpha1

    Wow they are just now saying it is beyond Gov. regs these guys have killed the entire Pacific ocean in 3 years and have well outside of the treaties for any standard of release. the subject here is what are we going to do about it.

    Stay scared and not say anything in public this is the killer of all killers and seemingly enough over the next 2 years an epidemic of massive proportions of cancers will be all over the Northern hemisphere. How could anyone let this continue any longer, Where is our Military where is our protection where is our United Peoples what is going on with this world is everyone just daffed and stupid..


    They mean "exceeded the government’s" higher post Fukushima radiation limits!

  • Sol Man

    Life or death is so
    interesting for us all,
    so they raise limits.

  • Nick

    The only way forward is to write another report…..

    REPORT from TEPCO and everyone involved in anything nuclear:

    Dear Planet,

    After much bowing and apologies it has become clear to us that Fukushima is not fixable.

    See you all in the next life,

    signed: TEPCO and the nuke pukes

    P.S. We still hope to keep our investors happy, so smile!

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    They need to put more "impermeable" chicken wire mesh in their "impermeable" wall and their radiation "Dams."

    Problem solved. You can relax now. what's Tepco's billing address?

  • 52Rockwell

    Ill go with you Stock. Im 59 but in pretty good shape. I haven't worked on a big rig but I worked a jack knife rig doing geophysical surveys. Im 59 and don't have a death wish but reality is I probably only got 10 good years left anyway.Im a machinist by trade but could get trained on the rig fairly quickly.

  • 52Rockwell

    They have to have a cooler full of Cold Coors original at the end of the shift . Thats my only requirement:)

    • Shaker1

      Well, I'm with you 52Rockwell. Machinist, too, welder (been a while since I certified, but I don't have any question that I can, (welded steel, stainless, the high nickel alloys, titanium, zirconium, tantalum in tubing and plate…) also a fabricator, and I've built tanks, etc. If nothing else, I can damn sure tighten a 4-bolt flange properly, unlike this:

      or the previous weld failures that were reported such as these:

      Welded by an idiot and inspected by a blind man…

      Instances such as this wouldn't pass the smell test in a maure pile. If this is an expample of the quality work and labor at the site we're nothing but lucky it isn't much worse than it is.

      But, you know, incompetence in general can be fixed. Thinking about those that I've fired, few were actually for incompetence. Most actually knew what they were doing. It's being an ass and not giving a shit that is most difficult to correct.

  • 52Rockwell

    Welcome Aboard Shaker1 . Are you a Vet by any chance . Im USMC 72-75

    • Shaker1

      Not a Vet. Just a guy a couple of years older than you who has run time-sensitive projects and is insulted by the efforts I see here. I'll admit that this is gargantuan. But every physical project depends upon warm bodies who are willing. They don't seem to even be able to supply that. And I guess I feel what seems the same as you do regarding what I'm doing with the time left to me in light of what I see as this effort.

      To everything,
      turn, turn, turn.
      There is a season,
      turn, turn, turn.
      And a time to every purpose
      under heaven.


  • 52Rockwell

    I'm a good welder too . I welded the valves for the Nuclear Subs they build at Newport in the shipyard . Been awhile since I welded all day long but I keep my hand in I still got it :)All Xrayed and the paperwork weighed more that the valves we shipped :). Ah those were the days. Stellite,monel,308 stainless, chrome . and good ol 7018 .

  • 52Rockwell

    Well what about it Stock. Are you all Talk and no Hat :)Just joking , don't take it personal ..Im from Texas and we are blunt. Im willing to put Skin in the game and so is Shaker1.What about you/ I would like enough money to send my daughterter to RN nursing scool and the aforementioned Coors Yellow beer at the end of each shift.

  • demo demo

    Stock, u in HI? 52Rockw in Tx. Shaker where? Know of Yastel Yamada & SVCF: Skilled Veterans Corps for Fukushima. I hope you'll connect with them. Thanks much for more hope than we've had in too long!