TV: Gov’t approves plan to ‘drain’ Fukushima nuclear waste into ocean — Professor: Monitoring necessary to detect ‘worrisome signals’ — Expert: “It’s completely unsafe… impossible to remove 100s of radioactive materials” — 1,200 radionuclides, only 62 reduced — Fisherman: “We can’t trust Tepco” (VIDEO)

Published: January 21st, 2015 at 10:43 pm ET


NHK, Jan 21, 2015 (emphasis added): Regulators approve Fukushima wastewater drainage — Japan’s nuclear regulator has approved a plan by [TEPCO] to drain filtered wastewater from the firm’s crippled Fukushima Daiichi plant into the sea… The firm also plans to reduce the level of radioactive material in the water before releasing it into the nearby Pacific. On Wednesday, the Nuclear Regulation Authority approved TEPCO’s plan to install drainpipes and a pumping system and to reduce the level of radioactive cesium-137 to less than one becquerel per liter.

NHK Transcript, Jan 21, 2015: Japanese regulators have approved a controversial plan by [TEPCO]. They say TEPCO officials can flush filtered waste water into the ocean… Fisherman: “We can’t trust Tepco… If they proceed with their plan the situation will surely go back to how it was before. I’m worried the government and Tepco will act to suit themselves.”

Wall St Journal, Jan 21, 2015: Japan’s nuclear regulator has officially called on [Tepco] to work toward discharging low-level contaminated water… just two days after a worker fell into [a tank] used to store contaminated water… Tepco is using a processing system [that] is unable to take out the tritium [and] is reluctant to release it into the ocean to avoid… criticism from neighboring countries and some nations with a Pacific Ocean coastline… there is no detailed study about tritium’s long-time effect on animal genes. Mamoru Takata, a Kyoto University professor and expert on radiation’s long-term effects, said monitoring would be necessary to detect any worrisome signals.

TEPCO: [ALPS] is designed to remove most remaining radioactive contaminants

TEPCO (pdf): (ALPS) — Removal capacity: Reduce 62 nuclides below the density limit

Asahi Shimbun in Jan. 2012: “To prevent a further contamination of the sea [Tepco] plans to remove about 1,000 kinds of radioactive materials from water

Japan Atomic Energy Agency (pdf), Feb 2014: TOPICS Fukushima — [W]e carried out detailed calculations… for 1,200 radionuclides, and the results were incorporated into a database.

Dr. Gordon Edwards, court-certified nuclear expert, Aug 8, 2014 (50:00 in): It can’t be dumped into the ocean, because it’s completely unsafe because of these fission products. They have built over 1,000 large tanks, huge tanks… that contain this very, very radioactively contaminated water. At the moment they’re trying to filter out these fission products… It’s impossible for them to remove all those hundreds of radioactive materials. They know how to remove about 62 of them, but there’s other ones that they cannot.

Watch NHK’s broadcast here

Published: January 21st, 2015 at 10:43 pm ET


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433 comments to TV: Gov’t approves plan to ‘drain’ Fukushima nuclear waste into ocean — Professor: Monitoring necessary to detect ‘worrisome signals’ — Expert: “It’s completely unsafe… impossible to remove 100s of radioactive materials” — 1,200 radionuclides, only 62 reduced — Fisherman: “We can’t trust Tepco” (VIDEO)

  • Cisco Cisco

    Surprise, surprise, surprise…Now, they can fill them them all up again. Next!


    • Cisco Cisco

      Surprise, surprise, surprise…Now, they can fill them all up again. Next!


      • dunkilo

        Cisco,I have modified SSDD to DDSS -different day same sh#t HAHAHA
        Those fools don't know about the power of love…the most powerful force I know of!
        Why build more tanks?They have all they want 🙁

        • Sickputer

          And I hereby award the entire Diet and TEPKILL executives a degree in BS, CS, and DD.

          In case you never saw The Flim-Flam Man…that means Back Stabbing, Cork Screwing, and Dirty Dealing.

          We all knew this action was coming, but far worse events will unfold. Far worse amounts of radiation than they have admitted has flowed unfiltered into the Pacific Ocean at Fukushima Island and the flow never stops.

          They are dumping mere gargling doses…the broken buildings and underground river flow are delivering an extinction level amount unimpeded. No tanks can hold the raging atomic waters. No dam has been built to stop the wrecked triple meltdowns leaching.

          There is no magic Sorcerer coming to stop the water flow. TEPCO (and by association the entire nuclear industry) continue to billions of Pacific life forms at a staggering pace. They can't say they never saw it coming. We have to invent new terms to describe these criminal villains…The Nuke Pukes, Global Assassins, Planet Terminators, Holocaust Nucleoapes.

          I suspect they sleep badly at night…these fascist eco-terrorists and nuclear Dr. Frankensteins. They know far more than they reveal to the world. We guess and interpret here at Enenews…they know the horrifying true details of this global holocaust. They killed Mother Pacific. Mother Earth is next.

    • Why did the build the tanks in the first place?

      • ftlt

        DR: They built them for time. It was always about unloading fiscal exposure.

        Is there anyone on here who really thought the world was willing and ready to take on this massive (impossible?) cleanup?

        This was always going to happen. The ocean is the world garbage dump.

        • bf9 bf9

          Long from impossible. Just going to take a lot of money, lives, and resources. We have to make the decision to work around those three or perish.

          • hbjon hbjon

            Let's look at the tanks half full instead of half empty and appreciate that the liquid will be strained through sediment that can filter out 99 percent of the nuclides in question. Everything but tritium, gases, and very small neutrally charged atoms will get suspended in the sand of the filtration system. That sand will be packed away in barrels and probably stored onsite indefinitely.

            Time to make room for more?

            • We Not They Finally

              You're kidding, right? You actually believe what you just said? You have zero evidence for these assertions. Or is it just a big "wishing makes it so"?

              I think you've been hanging around for a long time too. Scary.

              Sand filtering out 99% of the radionuclides? Safely containing and storing ANYTHING? What are you drinking?

              • hbjon hbjon

                H2O will pass through the membrane and/or filters. Isotopes of hydrogen will also. H2SO4, not so much. Lead? Not so much. Helium? Yes. Radon? yes.

                The medium used is a sand like substance, not sand per se. Don't get caught up in the hype because the quantities of stored liquid pale in comparison to the water that has washed over exposed fuel fragments and the contaminated wreckage over the last 4 years.

                Don't drink. Alcohol is a treacherous evil.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Certainly to placate the likes of us…those who care. It's all a show!

  • I am about ready to just effen scream! Seriously.

    Or joust these asshats in a serious way.

    • melting mermaid melting mermaid

      Can't they store it in barges, like PUN says, until they figure out better filtering methods? Are they just that damn cheap? This is the problem with commercial nuclear power. Increase profits, lower costs. It's what got us here. And probably what will keep us here. They don't care about the Pacific, you or your children. All they care about is their bottom line. If they're going to socialize all that radiation they may as well go ahead and socialize responsibility for it. We should all be invested in Fukushima. After all it's everybody's problem.

      • We Not They Finally

        Look, the USS Ronald Reagan was way bigger than a barge, and hundreds, maybe thousands of sailors and their relatives are DYING, and nearly no one even cares.

        There are no barges. There are no plan for barges. There never were. It's just people trying to make suggestions and be helpful. No one is knocking that. It's just that this hasn't happened, nor will it.

  • johnnyo

    filter? what, like coffee? prospecting for gold in the river?
    like sands through the hour glass or nano-particles through a tennis racquet…like dreams of a pristine future pissed nonchalantly away in a alley behind a dive bar.

    we need to organize locally and get in the streets. start as small as u need. I am in the Baltimore area. Fearless Warriors with signs at busy intersections. I've done it for causes much less cataclysmic. Feels good. Much better than spinning wheels online and preaching to the choir.

  • Winterborn

    Like that clear bell like tone you can hear when someone speaks the truth.

    Sometimes that quiet voice behind events is just so. . . blatant.

    "The End"

  • Arrrrgggghh. What else don't we already know! Lame Tepco. Just lame.

    Pretty soon the diversity and health we and our ocean used to have, and what the sky normally looked like, will be but a dim memory by us older people or regarded as just another cultural myth by the young ones growing up.

  • bo bo

    Perhaps they'll pull off a false flag terrorist attack in Tokyo to distract the masses and choose that day for the actual dumping. All gov'ts are good at multitasking in that way.

    • SadieDog

      Bo, the dumping isn't supposed to start till 2017, however I doubt they will be able to hold their water that long.

      • SadieDog

        Bo, here is a timeline maybe you could help translate…

      • We Not They Finally

        SD, whatever they are newly CALLING "dumping" may start in 2017, but it's been flooding/gushing/spewing all along. Mega-tons of uncontainable water doesn't adhere to some schedule.

        Who knows why the arbitrary "2017" was even chosen? Apparently (according to Yoichi Shimatsu) 15 major Olympic events have already been moved from Tokyo to further south, and instead of relying on newly built facilities around Tokyo Bay, they will be using buildings from the Tokyo Olympics in 1964. It was also said to at the behest of the IOC. I don't have hard confirmation of that. Just saying that dates and plans can get supposedly set for political reasons and may not actually MEAN anything. Like it has to LOOK LIKE something is being done by some certain date. Wouldn't put any stock in it.

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        Haiti – Health : Japan denies that the rice delivered in Haiti is contaminated

        Japan knows damn good and well ..the rice is contaminated.

      • Gabe Gabe

        Not coincidence people.
        The drills are merely the cover, the cloak under which the evil baa turds get into place to do their murdering deeds………Haiti, FUKUSHIMA, Katrina, Gulf Oil Leak, Hurricane Sandy, Aurora Theatre, Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon, 9/11, Paris Bombing, Oklahoma City, the murder and attemted murder Gabby GIFFORDS and the Judge, JFK, MLK, Bobby Kennedy, and the recent murder of the MN. Film producer……………ABSOLUTELY EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE EVENTS WAS COMPLIMENTS OF YOUR VILE AND DISGUSTING 1% and their affiliated governments……but, primarily CIA scum.
        As long as the 1% are allowed to breathe air on this earth these events will continue. As long as the CIA remains these events will continue.
        It really is time for the 99% to get serious about what tactics to use to reclaim our earth and lives……but then, all the radiation and chemtrail poisoning and GMO crops have left us with a toxic waste dump we call planet earth.
        If you read widely, as I do, you will understand that the % plan to use their newest technology to transfer their minds into non-human bodies and live forever. You folks had best do some deep, deep searching regarding transhumanism. That is their ULTIMATE PLAN.
        WE WILL ALL DIE……
        That is why the endless toxic assault upon the planet and humanity. They want us GONE so that this entire wonderful planet can become their…

        • Gabe Gabe

          ……..own private playground. They have hundreds, even thousands, of very elaborate and finely decked out underground cities in which they can live for many, many decades should they need to do so until their trans humanism technology is exactly where they want and need it to be.
          The US government has been buying every last bit of available freeze dried and other long term food storage in the past several months, at a rate even much more noticeable than they have been doing for the past several years.
          Hell, this entire WORLD has a spider web maze of under ground tunnels that allow their trains and other modes of transportation to travel at MACH speeds.
          Unless you know about all the above information you will continue to spin your wheels, pull your hair out, and give yourselves strokes as you try to deal with this current reality or figure out how to deal with it.
          THERE IS ONLY ONE OPTION, if humanity is to survive outside the realm of trans humanism.
          Contemplate that……………….and do not have any,ore children until this situation on planet earth is resolved. You do not want your kids to be left to deal with these vermin should we, the current adults, be unable to eradicate the plague on this earth.

          • Gabe has swallowed the blue pill…

            a hard one to digest, but reality is what it is.

          • SadieDog

            Gabe, have you done any looking into Mark Kelly? He is married to Gabby Giffords, so you know he's dirty. Also, he AND his identical twin brother are both "astronauts". He was sitting behind Michael Obama at the state of the union address the other night, and was recognized by Obama for his impending one year trip to the International Space Station(ha). He has also visited CERN.

          • We Not They Finally

            Gabe (and others,) please please PLEASE do not get so carried away that you fail to realize that REAL SIX-YEAR-OLDS were shot and killed at Sandy Hook. Good God! A friend of ours knows one of the families.

            All the "Sandy Hook hoax" was about was trying to halt needed gun control. And that is just SHAMEFUL!! There are at least 13,000 preventable gun homicides in the U.S. every year.

            So please don't go mixing bad reports (for nefarious reasons) in with needed reports about real false flags. It SO demoralizes the rest of us sometimes, I can scream. Just don't do it. Know better! Have a better conscience!! Stick America's violence where the Sun doesn't shine. Violence begets violence. You want a more peaceful world, then act like it!

            • SadieDog

              We, I disagree with you 10000000% . No children were killed at Sandy Hook. It was a drill that went live. Sorry. Well not really. Complete hoax!

            • SadieDog

              WeNotThey, Watch this. The truth hurts, and is sometimes hard to accept.
              "we need to talk about Sandy Hook"

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              Sure, I'll weigh in on sandy hook. Psychos rise to the top power positions like cream rises in milk…or maybe like poop and scum floats. The public should NEVER give their power over to someone else. Period.

              It doesnt matter if Sandy Hook was a hoax or not, the public has the right to arms if the crooks in government and the crooks on the street have them.

              But it probably was a false flag, along with the Boston marathon…and the big one…the world trade center demolition. That last one is the Achilles heel of the house of cards we call international fascism.

              Being herded around socially, psychologically, economically and radiologically by a bunch of heinous criminals is no way to live your life… If you want gun control, take it away from the ones who love and use guns the most FIRST…then we will talk…. Domestic gun violence is a much smaller issue than people make it out to be. So many are suicides…wonder why…the rest are amongst gangs…the numbers are small compared to pharmaceutical deaths, land mines, wars, nuclear fallout deaths

              • bo bo

                I think proving Boston & Sandy Hook and countless other no-name false flags ( does anybody even remember the Santa Monica library shooting ? ) is very important because people need to realize how ridiculous and pervasive & perverse things have gotten. In that sense – 9/11 truth, that's just scratching the surface. I have virtual conversations daily with like minded people from all over the world so it seems like the whole world understands, yet one step out the door into this city, and if I mention 'crisis actor' I am deeply scorned and put to shame for 'believing preposterous stories peddled by conspiracy theorists who just want hits on youtube'. Not to mention the 9/11 truthers who feel victimized – they feel that Sandy Hook / Boston truthers are robbing 'the REAL truth movement' of its legitimacy. We get shoved into the loony bin, both by the general public AND by the truthers. This is why I've become a recluse after the bomb blew up on Boylston street. ( I was a witness )

                Sorry for ranting off topic. Boston bombings is really personal to me.

            • Gabe Gabe

              Hey guys
              I do not want to argue or fight…….had enough of that crap with MBP the troll.
              However, you can certainly easily find the information about Sandy Hook being a hoax. Even the FBI have admitted that no kids died there AND that the entire event was a DRILL.
              As well, the people in the community that played along with the hoax have been soundly compensated………….i won't spend time digging through my references about this issue anymore, but if you want to begin to explore the issue go to
              He k, the school had been closed for YEARS, due to asbestos in the building. There are newspaper articles from the Bee, or whatever the local paper is called that stated this in 2008.
              I am very deeply sorry that the people you know who report losing kids there will stoop to lying to you. It just further destroys the relationships we have and further causes us to mistrust our brothers and sisters. But, we all know that money is something that people will sell their values for, and large sums of money…..well, you know the routine……
              Wish I could be more upbeat and hopeful, but… is what it is.
              I think we all know by now that the ones in power, especially the BIS and the soulless whores in the US govt. are pushing desperately for WW3, and it is actually just on the other side of the doorway. Look honestly and closely. We, the citizens of the US will get hammered mercilessly. The intention is to murder all but 70 million of us…….

              • Gabe Gabe

                US citizens are voracious consumers of all manner of junk, so we need to be disposed of. The planet can't support our voracious appetite for everything new and shiny and fun. I have often wondered why the typical US citizen seems incapable of buying super high quality things they need right from the start, and then STOP CONSUMING like greedy little kids. So, I get it……I understand the disgust with our culture, even though I firmly believe there are other ways to implement change. From the time I was a young child I heard my father and mother converse about "not buying junk" but instead saving their money to buy a very high quality product that would provide service for a lifetime. Mod course things did wear out before the end of their lifetime, but that was not due to the products being anything but top shelf. My parents were not wealthy……my dad was a mason….a builder. He built homes etc that matched the quality he would want.
                So folks, I think we have ourselves to examine also. We have even fe-elected the swine that have been continually selling us out…..over and over again. We do not learn by our mistakes, with the exception of people like ENEnews folk.
                Am I disheartened? Absolutely. Do I despise the war mongers and the nuclear industry? Absolutely. Would I break their necks if I could get my hands on them? Absolutely.
                But, look around. Tell me where the exit is.
                WW3 is a GIVEN. Long planned and orchestrated.
                Damnable evil creatures that…

              • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                Wish I could be more upbeat and hopeful, but… is what it is. 🙂

                So true!

          • Google earth KDEN. Have a good poke around, There is some interesting in plain sight info to be gleaned.

        • melting mermaid melting mermaid

          I guess they never heard of the Wigner effect.

          • Gabe Gabe

            Who knows?
            What I do know is this……….many of the brightest minds BELONG to them because they have been promised eternal life, via transhumanism. One would suspect that they have thought about all the possible outcomes.
            Hell, the false flag events we see today were planned 40 years ago…….just sayin'

            In order to even begin to contemplate what they have prepared for, well, one must be as evil and vile as they are.
            In my years of work, during which I encountered the most vile creatures on this planet, But still I am unable to think as they think. My mind, my soul, my being simply is not willing to enter their evil domain of reality. As you all likely know already, many, if not ALL of the most powerful players in this end game of destruction of humanity are satanists. I do not think that more needs to be said.

            Right now, at CERN, the goal is to open portals, star hates, to other dimensions. Have you contemplated what that means? The last time CERN was active there were many reports, made by the local Swiss people living near the border, that they were seeing GIANTS! I only became aware of that information recently on BPearthwatch site. Unless those GIANTS were holograms produced by the military………we are in deep doo doo…… many more ways than one.

            Well, it has been an interesting venture, to say the least.
            I am frankly at a loss to think of any methods, short of military intervention, that will stop these crazed satanists……..ithe 1%

          • name999 name999

            melting, you made this comment yesterday but the responses here are not in any order…

        • name999 name999

          gabe, you are probably right with this theory for a manic and satanic elite. And they are surely real and operating full steam. But the people who create these crazy ideas cannot
          execute them and they do end up just leaving a trail of destruction.

      • SadieDog

        Good find MM. First I've heard of these drills. Thanks.

      • We Not They Finally

        Yeah, that's actually "old hat." Military exercises for a major earthquake event were being done in Florida when the Haiti earthquake happened. it put the U.S. military in striking distance, and they apparently immediately took over the Haitian airports, so even relief organizations had trouble getting in.

        Say (since it's really never "old hat") Air Force exercises mimicking 9-1-1 were already under ON 9-1-1 so no Air Force was in the air to shoot down the supposed ACTUAL planes being hijkacked. Same suspicious cast at work.

        • melting mermaid melting mermaid

          FFs and drills seem to go together like peas and carrots. Everytime time I hear of a drill now, I wait with bated breath. The bullshit is deep and it's starting to stink up the whole place. Imho. Fu$k them for manipulating vast swaths of humans into perpetual war and narcissism. It's evil. I read some of that man's diary from Guantanamo, yesterday. There are very dark forces at play here. It's not the transhumanism that scares me, it's the dehumanizing that is going on. Huge swaths of people are being psyopped and led to the slaughter. Worse compelled to murder and hate. It's evil. Pray for peace. We sure need it right now more than ever. We really need to come together to save the earth, but we're falling apart at the seams. Because of ridiculous mind fucking propaganda used by a handful of lunatics for personal gain. I reserve the right to be pissed off about it.

    • They are already busy distracting people with the evil China, taking away their precious island way out there where no one lives, and building up their 'defense' force so they can defend that precious island that China is claiming.

      Japan wupped up on China not too long ago. Maybe Abe wants a round two?

      • We Not They Finally

        Japan is prohibited from building up their military by international decree following WWII. Abe would LOVE a provocation from China, to claim rights to build a Japanese military for "self-defense." It's one of those situations where sooner or later, false-flag is expectable.

        • It is time the US let Japan carry its own defense. Maybe they would have some kids.

          But giving Japan to China by neglect would also suck

          Many paths sucks in this NWO

          • Gabe Gabe

            Hey Stock, good to see you here. Always of sound mine and rational thinking, you are.
            I believe I recently read that Japan IS now beginning to build up their military ability DESPITE what the restrictions have been. Me thinks that the USA is pushing that agenda because they need someone to help them fight China when this WW3 trigger bets pulled.

              • Gabe Gabe

                I have been thinking lately about the need to save everything here on ENEnew just in case future generations want the truth. It seems that all the articles, and comments and links info. Should be printed on paper that is water proof and an entire cache or 25 of them buried around the world. We all know that when this next major war erupts and most of us are murdered, there will hopefully be small pockets of normal people who survive.
                As in the ancient times, it is so very important to save the records. We need to have the TRUTH preserved and buried safely, in many places.
                We all know that the data on the internet will be deleted if it points the finger at the real culprits. The oncoming slaughter is so huge and worldwide that the beasts from hell will not take any chances with future survivors learning about them.
                Just my thoughts………

  • Fukushimad is Revelation

    Through the process of electrolysis could the contaminates be isolated, or could the contaminated water be frozen?

    Revelation 8:8 And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood;

    The 2nd trumpet, word for mountain ὄρος in the Greek language could have been translated, as mountainous region as in the mountainous region of Japan/Fukushima Prefecture while the Greek word for was cast βάλλω could have been translated as to pour as in as in the Fukushimad mountainous region is pouring hundreds of thousands of pounds of contaminated water into the Pacific ocean each day for over a 1000 days.

    Revelation 8:7 The first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the earth: and the third part of trees was burnt up…

    The 6th seal great Earthquake followed by the 1st trumpet the Greek word for Hail χάλαζα could have been translated as lump\tubercle as in nodules/tumors/cancer/lung cancer, atomic fire mingled with blood.

  • Why Dilution Is NOT The Solution With Radioactive Man Made Elements – Dangers of Nuclear Power Documentary Film

  • They have been DUMPING since 3/11, continuously. There has been no decrease since that time, as multiple broken up reactors leak water into the Pacific and underground coriums interact with groundwater, plus much more.

    Fukushima – 200 MILLION Gallons Of Highly Radioactive Water Are Pouring Into Pacific Per Day, Or More; via @AGreenRoad

    This is why nuclear 'regulators' believe a little more won't make any difference.

    Meanwhile the radiation linked latency periods for cancers, birth defects and many hundreds of diseases are quietly running out, like sand running through an hourglass.

  • Jack Jack

    No surprise here but all work to date has been cosmetic anyway.

    • "In fact, the DOE spends more money now in real dollars on nuclear weapons than it did at the height of the Cold War.

      Unfortunately, the Justice ruling—to scrimp on radioactive waste management while the DOE spends lavishly on bombs—makes for business as usual in the history of Hanford."

      All must bow down to the military industrial complex.. and the 1,000 US military bases globally.

  • TimV

    It would be insult to injury but that implies the injury will heal,oh yes I forgot it's FUBAR.
    It is not dilution if it is more today than yesterday –
    it is consentration. It's easy , beyond our abilities to see the end since the damage is escalating and the effects on our intellect in 70+ years is unknown.
    I know,let's make pictographs in caves to preserve our knowledge for future generations. Stone is the right medium, it lasts a long time and we are going to need millions of years.
    Think I will go practice smiling.

  • Kurion @ was supposed to start filtering out the radio toxic debris last June.

    Now they are just going to drain the remainder of the water out to sea. It is after all how these psychos do this deed called land based dumping.

    I shudder to think where the hot filtered sludge winds up. Construction materials, road bed materials, and cleaned up Cs133 for 'smart solar' yard decoration panels are but a few… There is after all profit for these snakes in everything they do.

    I have been noting on some evenings a long twilight after last December's Solstice, 90 minutes after sunset there is a rather bright reflection of the sun below the horizon, from all the Barium above. It is still occurring, I snapped an image:

    Anyone who has also noted this phenomenon, please reply a brief descriptive comment thanks.

  • tinfoilhatbrian tinfoilhatbrian

    It sounds a bit like "game over", next maybe they will admit how bad things really are with maybe some kind of food soil and water testing and data collection from a satellite or two? ? Might happen!

  • NoFixedID

    1. Tepco cannot filter out Tritium and dozens of other radionuclides.
    2. Tepco is now classifying water from which only strontium has removed as 'processed'
    3. The ALPs system, including the latest equipment and equipment dedicated to filtering only strontium, has never worked properly or at full capacity.
    4. Tepco's filtering program is already well behind schedule.
    5. Tepco will lie about the quantity and content of contaminated water that it releases.
    6. 'Accidental' discharges will greatly increase the amount of radioactivity released.

    As a consequence, hundreds of thousands of tonnes of moderately to highly contaminated water will be released into the Pacific. The releases will continue indefinitely because Tepco has no realistic plan for addressing the ongoing problem of groundwater contamination.

  • ISPC

    Yes. It would be worth every effort to stop the dumping before it happens. I don't feel like acquiescing, though maybe all I can do is to strongly dissent. I will at least say that this dumping is wrong; completely wrong. I also say Japan needs to either fix the ALPS, and filter the water completely, or get more storage tanks until it is fixed. The Pacific Ocean is not Japan's to deliberately contaminate.

    For the rest of the world outside of Japan, seppuku is not our answer to problems, and it should not be the cause of our problems. I sympathize with Japan over the accident, but dumping this water would be no accident.

    If the whole human race does not stand up immediately and say no to Japan's lunacy, then maybe Mankind deserves extinction. My heart goes out to the children, though. They couldn't possibly deserve this, nor should they be subjected to it.

    That thought causes my head to spin in anger. It may be righteous anger. There is a certain unfairness to all of this.

    That is all I can, or should say, for now. I am not surprised with the word of this dumping. I am terribly dismayed, and angry. I appreciate all of your thoughts on this matter, so far, today. Peace

    • We Not They Finally

      ISPC, you think that dumping is in the FUTURE tense? It's been happening all along. From the mega-tons of groundwater flowing in, water from the mountains, water from the underground aquifers contaminated by the melted coriums, etc., etc. It all winds up in the Pacific Ocean.

      They just that every now and then say they have a "plan," that's all. And the only difference in recent months is that now they are apparently disbanding even cosmetic attempts at tank storage. But those tanks were never built to any standard in the first place and many are probably already starting to fall apart.

      It's all a deadly charade. They were never planning to do anything but dumping in the first place. They never took any one single effective measure at any time to forestall getting to HERE.

  • FXofTruth

    Why is it that in Japan the scientists and fishermen are like, "Dude, TEPCO sucks; radiation sucks; fishing sucks; and the Government sucks….". Why do these experts get it?

    But, on our West Coast the scientists and fishermen "can't figure it out" why all the die-offs are happening? All they can say is, "Must be a virus"; "Must be a change in the water"; "Must be genetic causes". What makes it so "baffling and confusing"?

    Must be because the U.S. scientists, having their "cereal-box educations" didn't cover what the effects would be if millions of tons worth of deadly radioactive water were to flow from one side of the World to the other, just what those effects would be.

    Our scientists and fishermen just can't wrap their heads around the fact that the World is round and that, water flows around it from EAST to WEST! They see it as, Japanese ocean water doesn't leave the Japanese coastline and United States ocean water stays around the United States coastline ….they believe that it never moves.

    • We Not They Finally

      WHO in Japan "gets it"? With the new secrecy laws there (which the U.S fully supports,) anyone who actually does "get it" and speaks out, goes to jail with no charges, lawyer or trial.

      Science in the U.S. is just corrupted. Much of it is supported by corporate and governmental grant money. It's upsetting and totally wrong, but the scientists tend to move in "group-think" and don't step outside whatever specialized boundaries.

      We're lost. Everything in this culture that was supposed to save us, or at least help us, is gravely dysfunctional. A lot of that is the rule of money, but the cultural modes of thinking for the country as a whole are also just terrible. And whatever it is people think they have, they don't want to give up, so they will not even look at reality.

      Japan's handling of this from the get-go has been ghastly. But don't count on the U.S. to be better.

      • The US sold them this shite, and then the US sent over its hence person to tell them to use the BP playbook or they will be weak and we won't protect them from China….

        And that we will buy their contaminated food, and we will raise our "safe" limits by 10 times.

        All that is reality, all that is fact.

  • Dick Shenary

    I keep telling everyone that what actions that Japan takes is most likely discussed to great extent with the US government. It is our own government that we must coax out of its protective shell to begin to deal with nuclear issues and environmental damage. Denial no longer cuts it as evidence mounts of serious damage done to marine and bird life. It is now time to face a few facts. The US government developed both nuclear weapons and power. The US government aggressively promoted nuclear power worldwide. The US government has a fair idea of the health implications of radionuclides after years of experimentation some of which was highly unethical. TEPCO continues to run their facility in what by now must seem like a nightmarish circus. The Japanese government has other issues on their mind as 2020 approaches. It was Harry Truman that got this ball rolling and he said “The buck stops here”.

    • Follow the money?

      Is this where the problems originate?

      Take money out of the political system entirely and give all politicians equal time on the mass media that is owned by the people and these problems will all be solved.

      People will do anything for the 'precious'

    • name999 name999

      dick, the US government has made most of the information regarding nuclear classified. The information is there but not for US citizens and for most of government officials. The nondisclosure agreements required are aggressively binding and have been in place for decades.

      Right to free media is dismantled piece by piece over the last 30 years but especially strong after 911 along with many other provisions of a Democratic and free thinking society.

      I think actually it was Roosevelt, but definitely Operation Paperclip under a newly formed CIA and NSA
      cloak and alternate legal system pretty much letting the ongoing lineage of this caste of government do and spend whatever they wanted without oversight. This covert government was outed for a brief few years in mid 1970's. Operation Minaret destroyed the lives of those who led this outing, especially Senator Frank Church who headed the committee investigating intelligence operations. All declassified info in senate records.

  • name999 name999

    Underneath all this there is no fix. Never was. Not in the contract anywhere. Doomed from the start.

  • Dick Shenary

    I personally do not care about past opinions or speeches that Dr. Holdren may have made. If a person manages to live a long enough life, their opinions will change as insights are gained through experience. What does matter(vitally) is what he is now saying to the President and his staff as that is currently world policy. That policy is mirrored in Japan so the implications are worldwide. So far this policy is to publicly downplay any danger and ignore the severity of the incident. However this position is becoming untenable as evidence mounts regarding the destruction of marine species and birds. I personally do not care what the authorities call this problem weather(intentional) you call it manmade or not. I want to know exactly what the government intends to do about these issues. If Dr. Holdren somehow impedes this process, he must step aside and let others help fashion world policy. I am sorry if this sounds naïve but that was how I was taught.

    • name999 name999

      BTW, your views are greatly appreciated by me and I am sure by others. Power is extremely lopsided now.

    • Joust on fellow warrior of truth

    • We Not They Finally

      Dick S., maybe you SHOULD care about "past opinions." Holdren is a callous tunnel-visioned character, or he would NEVER have authored his eugenics ideas in the first place. And there has certainly been no mea culpa. He's just gone on to do yet more bad things, like chemtrails.

      But then again, MOST of the Cabinet should probably step down if ethical standards were applied. Like Gina McCarthy. After Fukushima broke, she was in charge of turning radiation monitors OFF across the U.S. and her reward was to be appointed head of the EPA!

      We're being led around by some very bad people. Let them renounce their own bad deeds before they are given the public trust. But we don't seem to be given any choice in that.

    • Gabe Gabe

      The man believes that we need to go bye bye. He will not step aside. He has full rein to promote his death agenda. He is a vile and disgusting turd.

  • Daisy207

    Treatment systems at best "remove" components that can be precipitated out of the water but they don't "destroy" the components. They would create a solid sludge that is going to be really hot. What are they going to do with that stuff? No one is discussing that disposal nightmare or what they are doing with the sludge now, how it is being stored or where it is being stored.

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      You understand water treatment, from what they describe and do they do not.
      All I see is a failed pilot project.

    • Sickputer

      D207 typed these intellectual pixels of light: "What about the sludge?"

      SP: Oh we know some details about the sludge in canisters. So hot they emit 5 to 10 rems per hour. Hundreds to thousands of these mostly-cesium laced sludge canisters designed and installed by an American company that had six employees March 11, 2011. Their steel canisters are about refrigerator in size, huge in weight and shielding.

      "Hundreds of spent canisters, packed with deadly cesium, are arrayed like monuments to the catastrophe, says Kurion CEO Ralph DiSibio.


      “There are literally football fields full of those used containers,” says DiSibio, who hopes Japanese officials eventually will employ another of the firm's cutting-edge technologies, a method for processing the special media under intense heat to turn it into glass."

      SP: Certainly the crisis was not "over" in December 2011 like the author gushes, nor does the system corral the hundreds of other long-lived radioactive elements at Fukushima. And for all intents and purposes those sludge canisters are too heavy to easily move offsite to safer storage. Thus enter the Kurion idea of glass encapsulation. Bechtel failed at Hanford over 30 years, perhaps these Americans can succeed.

    • We Not They Finally

      Daisy, no one EVER discusses the "disposal nightmare." I guess the furthest the U.S. ever got with that is WIPP, which was supposed to last 50,000 years but they royally screwed in up in 15. Well, probably even sooner, it just got too BADLY screwed up recently to completely cover up.

      Whatever TEPCO has, is, or will be doing, probably the best description would be "re-arranging the deck chairs on The Titanic."

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    ENEnews 6/19/2014 PhilipUpNorth
    How can the human race contain Fukushima nuclear corium?
    1. Locate and map the corium.
    2. Construct an underground interlocking sheet steel Impermeable Wall, to a depth of 100', surrounding Reactors1-4, diverting groundwater around the reactors, and into the ocean.
    3. Remove all fuel assemblies from Spent Fuel Pools 1-6 and Common SFP to dry cask storage.
    4. Pour a 10' thick reinforced concrete floor over the ground inside of the Impermeable Wall. Seal under a rubber roofing material.
    5. Fill corium lava tubes with concrete.
    6. Fill torus basements, torus, containment and reactor vessels with concrete.
    7. Fill SFP1-4 with concrete.
    8. Build a 100' deep reinforced concrete foundation outside of the Impermeable Wall.
    9. Build a reinforced concrete Sarcophagus over Reactors1-4. Seal under a rubber roofing material.
    10. Transfer contaminated water to tanker berges, and tow out to sea.
    11. Build an ALPS water decontamination system into a ship, and decontaminate the water in the barges.
    12. Treated water can be mixed with salt, refrigerated, and pumped down to the floor of the offshore Trench.
    13. Build a second outer harbor, sealed with locks.
    14. Cover the ocean floor within inner and outer harbor with a 10' thick reinforced concrete floor.
    If you want to do some action, send this list to your Congressman and Senators, and publish as a Letter To The Editor in your local newspaper. Circulate freely.

    • PlowboyGrownUp

      Sent it, PhillipUpNorth

      "We are the ones who discovered how to boil water, using wood fires, why didn't you stick with it?" imaginary note from unknown cavemen.

    • Chronic1 Chronic1

      It's good to see some ideas about how to begin to contain the corium and radionuclides. I believe that if we had done this from the start of the meltdowns we could have remediated much of the contaminiation. The other choice is roll over and let the Earth become unable to support life.

    • We Not They Finally

      PUN, much appreciate your continued diligence, but have you gotten ANYONE to listen? Even point 10: "Transfer contaminated water to tanker barges, and tow out to sea." How can anyone "transfer" massive amounts of uncontained, ever escalating mega-tons of water anywhere to anything? Isn't that something like saying, go pour a river into a cup? And how many thousands, or hundreds of thousands, would die from contamination, in even one leg of your proposed massive projects?

      All of your ideas are MASSIVE, and might take the will and resources of the entire world to execute. Me, I would like to SEE that — that the whole world suddenly snaps out of denial, and decides that planetary cooperative survival trumps money, power, resources.

      I wish I could even see a HINT that that might be our world, but so far, nada.

      • bf9 bf9

        That's the level of action that's needed, completely objectively. We cannot leave those buildings as and where they are, fuel needs to come out now. I think 4-6 million men could get it done, expect 50% casualty rate.

        Welcome to the real WWIII, the enemy are those reactors.

        • We Not They Finally

          "The fuel needs to come out"? What are you even talking about? There are at least three fully melted through coriums (= totally out of containment) in the earth there. Nothing "comes out."

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth

            There are tons of spent fuel rods left at Fukushima Daiichi. They need to be moved much further inland and put in dry cask storage. The only problem is that they are probably too damaged to be moved.

            • Ness Ness

              They can't be moved because they are part of a reaction and will protest to any movement away from the coriums by causing fires in the cladding. They are way too 'hot' to be stored in dry casks, which is nonsense anyway because it is just a matter of time before the reactions start again, wet or dry, as the WIPP (work in perpetual progress, whats in a name ey) facility proves. These rods will never slow down as long as they are part of the corium reactions and can never be 'dry casked'. Ergo, they have to be used/destroyed on the spot. Vewy cawefully. After building the chimney, of course.

      • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

        Fukushima is a MASSIVE catastrophy, and demands a MASSIVE response to save Earth and the Human Race, WNYF.
        TEPCO is trapped in its typical corporate philosophy of trying to provide its stockholders with dividends and maximum shareholder value.
        The response to the Fukushima Disaster needs to be many orders of magnitude MORE than we have seen since 3/11.
        The most we have seen to is PM Abe granting a sweetheart deal to his corporate friends to try out the underground frozen wall idea.
        He doesn't even care that a frozen wall is impossible.
        The only positive thing accomplishen by TEPCO since 3/11 has been the defueling of SFP4.
        My suggestions seem MASSIVE because the crisis requires a MASSIVE response.
        And, no. There is no evidence at all that even a little b "big" response will ever occur.
        Within 3 generations, the declining, mutated Japanese people will be unable to carry on even minimal remediation.
        Unless there is a MASSIVE response by the current generation of Japanese.

        • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

          Perhaps add this additional item to the list:
          Demolish Reactor Buildings 1-4.
          Lift Containment and Torus steel and place each unit on a barge.
          Tow barges over the offshore trench.
          Fill each Containment and Torus with borated concrete.
          Sink the barges onto the Trench Floor.
          Fill the 3 Corium Lava Tubes with as much borated concrete as possible.
          MASSIVE enough? 😉

          • weeman

            PUN I saulate you, you are one of few on site that puts his energy into solutions.
            No accident has the same outcome and variables exist and there is no magic bullet that will make this disappear, apart from Ness theory?,
            Mitigation one step at a time, make the foundations of reactor buildings airtight, pressurize the building and force the water out, if the corium or remnants of corium in building will no longer contaminate ground water, all it is a start.
            I did not say it would be easy, but the path of least resistance and no easy fixes any direction.
            Keep the wheels turning, mine are getting rusty.

        • ISPC

          Yes. PhilupUpNorth. TY. I read your suggestions when you first posted them. We had discussed some ideas before that. I think that with all that could be done, is it not interesting that nothing is being done.
          It makes me believe that all this is by design, as some sort of fiendish plan by the powers that be to reduce the population of the planet as if there is just too many people, and too many forms of life to suit them.
          It is my understanding that the Japanese Government owns TEPCO outright. If that is the case, then the U.S. Government has the biggest say, since the U.S. Government owns the Japanese Government, practically. That would be to say that whoever is controlling the U.S. Government is controlling the actions of TEPCO, as well as the responses of all the other Governments under the U.S. Government's sway.
          What I am saying is that our best chance to see any progress at reducing the worldwide destruction by the ongoing catastrophe called Fukushima, our best efforts could be spent first convincing a majority that something must be done. Isn't that really what we are doing here at ENENews?
          Obvious to me is the fact that more needs to be done. I agree with the others here that forwarding suggestions for change, and factual information as well, regarding the seriousness of the situation, to Congress, and other elected officials, may produce some positive results. It is worth a try. Peace
          Well, we need to do something. Peace

        • Sol Man

          According to Arto Lauri the SFP 4 ionized to a gas as #1-3.

          The corium tubes may be able to have been filled if the strata were not full of cracks/fissures. Even if they are filled the stuff is still sputtering away beneath it. What becomes of that?

          The bewildered scientist should just fess up and admit that they had no clue with what they were messing with way back then. Or, that they knew but they just didn't care about our shared home and all of the living creatures.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth

            Arto doesn't even know what reactor #4 looks like. See the video at 22:19. I'm not even sure if it is photoshopped or not. The outside looks like Fukushima Daini, and the top looks like it might be reactor #1 at Fukushima Daiichi. But it definitely doesn't match Reactor #4 in any way.

            So he definitely has some credibility problems.

            Also do you have a point in the video where he says "everything" gasified? I really couldn't find it. You could type the transcript and we could compare it to the video. Showing how a candle "gasifies" is not really describing a reactor fire or reactor explosion. And it doesn't explain all the thermal images of Fukushim,a Daiichi which shows considerable radioactive still at Unit #4.

            • Isn't that a FOX News item in the video?

              Isn't it FOX that is describing this building fire as Daichi building #4 fire?

              If anyone has credibility problems, it is the news organization, not the person passing it on.

              TEPCO disputes that building #4 at Fukushima Daichi even had a huge fire, but the evidence clearly supports it?

              Despite the details maybe being wrong, the overall scenario is in line with the evidence and credible.

              • Totally agree with photos and your point so far. No one is claiming that EVERYTHING turned to gas.

                Maybe the translation is at issue here. Does anyone speak Finnish and can they translate what he said around gasifying specifically, because the automated translation is not good at all.

                Do you think Arto is claiming EVERYTHING turned to gas?

                He is saying that as you burn uranium, it does give off gases, just like a candle does, even if you cannot see it, because the gases are invisible.

                Iodine, Xenon, Krypton, etc. buckyballs, x hundreds more..

                If you follow his pictures of uranium/MOX fuel pellets, you will see that as they are 'burned' inside the reactor, there are voids growing inside of the pellets which is there material has disappeared.

                He talks about it as a honeycomb structure that is gradually hollowed out

                Where did that formerly solid material go to? What did it turn into?

                When those fuel rods melted down, what happened to the fuel rods? Did the fuel rods just magically melt and nothing else happened?

                Or, did gases come off of them, and still continue to come off of those melted coria?

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth

                  I don't think Arto said that everything turned to gas. But some comments on this website are saying that he said that and they are saying that all the corium is gone, etc., etc. This would only be to justify pouring everything into the ocean and throwing all the buildings into the ocean. When they clear everything off, where can they possibly put it?

                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  Unit four is a good focus because the truth of its destruction holds the key to how bad the Fukushima situation is, and how much lying is going on. This could be the Achilles heel for the wall of silence. There is much about Fukushima that needs to be exposed and this would put a radioactive stake in the heart of the nuclear vampire.

                  Once it was acknowledged that the fuel in unit four was the source of the explosion, it would be a matter of physics calculations to know more or less how much was released as gas, how much is melted. They do this at Lawrence Livermore all the time with super computers.

                  It would actually be in their favor if methane was the explosive gas, but that would also put a wrench in the gears of nuclear. Hydrogen gas coming from the already destroyed unit 3 seems like the least likely of scenarios.

                  If there was video of unit three, there must exist video of unit 4 blowing up. The fact it was scrubbed is telling. There is secrecy or else we would hear about theories and have more evidence of onsite progress. We are supposed to believe all is well and all fuel is now in safe storage, yet anyone can see the building blew to smithereens and yellow stuff sprayed and melted out the north side. The two dont add up.

                • Ness Ness

                  @Goodheart: Burning in the real sense of the word – the rod is really on fire – does produce gaseous Pu and U that 'lives' inside fullerenes and possibly other structures. That is what Arto means when he talks about unit 4 and the fires there i think.

                  The other vacuum inside the rods, that Pu 'disappearing' does not turn into gas, it turns into light. If the light is not released but stays inside the rod or the reactor vessel it will DECAY into Pu again, *hopping the limit*. It's a loop, and every step of the loop produces heat, and usually it is called a chain reaction.

                  And it is what i have been saying all along on this forum, in my 'weird and outlandish theories'. Maybe it's time to reconsider, hmm? Remember, energy is mass x speed of light x speed of light.

                  I cannot answer the last 2 questions because they stem from a lack of knowledge concerning chain reactions and meltdowns. Nothing is 'burned', nothing goes away, nothing is 'used' in the normal sense of the word. A chain reaction is a fusion/fission reaction that never stops, an eternal loop that sustains itself by creating energy with every step.

                  And when stupidity and fear rule, those coriums do not just create enough energy to sustain the reaction, they will create MORE energy than needed for the reaction, and this energy will become mass, and that process is called breeding.

                  Those coriums will never go away – but sadly, they grow rapidly – unless people thinking in 'imaginary boxes'…

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth

                    What happens in a nuclear reactor is not the same as inside the earth, or inside the sun.

                    Are there at least some fusion reactions at the center of the Earth?

                    “The answer is no. Two reasons:
                    “1. It is not hot enough
                    “2. The elemental components are not right.

                    “Fusion cannot take place anywhere on earth for two simple reasons. We do not have the sheer mass or temperature required for fusion. Even Jupiter, which makes up 99 percent of the mass of all the planets in the solar system and has many hundreds of times Earth's gravitational pull, does not have sufficient size or pressure to reach critical mass for fusion to take place. Heat energy or temperature are instrumental in fusion. The hottest place on Earth is at its core, which is only 20,000 degrees Kelvin. Several million degrees Kelvin is required for fusion. Even if the Earth's core were hot enough, it is made of iron and nickel, not hydrogen.”

                    • Ness Ness


                      As you can see, the fission/fusion reaction is the same reaction as what used to be called a chain reaction. Fusion takes place in every reactor, especially in breeders.

                      Fusion is easy to accomplish. The problem is that it takes at least as much energy as it produces and this is why the process cannot be used to produce energy – except in nuclear reactors.

                      And the knowledge on that site you link to is old, and wrong. The core of the planet is a 'black hole' though no one should take the word hole serious – it's the connection between what is measurable and what is not.

                      94% of the universe is not measurable, but calculations prove it is there nevertheless. Gravitational singularity, or reversed matter sieve would be a better name for the planet's center.

                      What happens inside a nuclear reactor is exactly the same process that happens inside every sun or planet, provided it has a core that moves in an invariant way inside the mantle. Planet earth has such a core.

                      But i'm done explaining. You do not have to *believe* this. It's science, not religion; you either accept the (new) science or you don't.

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth

                    Using the equation e = m c^2, has nothing to do with light itself or the creation of light. Using the speed that light travels is just a way of measuring the amount of energy produced from a theoretical point of view.

                    • Ness Ness

                      e = mc^2 for c = 1: e = m

                      light is a very pure form of energy.
                      i'm not going to explain basic physics though, or mathematics.

                      For those interested: you can take the limit for t = 0 in that equation, np. As t = 0 is meaningless, because time is a quantum and discrete, t = 0 means: the smallest/shortest moment, so close to zero it makes no difference. All you have to do is give the limit a value at 't=0'. (Reduced) Plancks will do nicely.

                      Use the squeeze theorem to prove the limit exists for t = 0.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth

                      The speed of light isn't one.

                      the speed of light =
                      299 792 458 m / s

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth

                      If you are going to talk about a limit equation involving time, you need a different equation. t is not a variable in the equation e = m c^2.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth

                      Which lecture in Quantum Mechanics are you talking about?

                      Exploring Quantum Physics
                      An introduction to quantum physics with emphasis on topics at the frontiers of research, and developing understanding through exercise.
                      Video Lectures:

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth

                      Einstein didn't like quantum mechanics.

                      Which chapter of the following book are you talking about?

                      Exploring Quantum Mechanics: A Collection of 700+ Solved Problems for Students, Lecturers, and Researchers, by Victor Galitski, Boris Karnakov, Vladimir Kogan and Victor Galitski, Jr. (Oxford University Press, 2013) ISBN-13: 978-0199232727

                    • Ness Ness

                      I will answer you for the sake of public education, not in the hope that you will understand any of the following: There is a time involved in this equation, as v = distance/time and c = |max| distance/second or some 300,000 kilometers per second. Of course a kilometer is a silly unit when it comes to extremely small or huge things. Instead we use percenatges; c = 100% or 1.

                      C = 1 gives problems in e = mc^2 ((m x |d|^2)/t^2) because at t=0 there is no value possible, no outcome, because you are dividing by zero which is prohibited. Unless the limit is declared.

                      And that is what i am doing, declaring the smallest QUANTUM of TIME aka duration and with it the smallest distance or radius, using a very old and very simple mathematical theorem. Einstein said everybody was forbidden to use this limit and Einstein was proven wrong a couple of weeks ago.

                      But c = 1 is the ultimate limit. there is no such thing as exceeding that limit; instead 90% of c equals 110% of c, etc. I have spammed so many links on QM that you had better check up on those posts. In nuclear reactions, quantum loop gravity is involved. G00gle plz.

             <– the dice.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth

                      There is nothing in the article you cite about the speed of light. In the equation of e = m c^ 2, c is not a variable. It is a constant.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth

                      On the reality of the quantum state
                      Matthew F. Pusey, Jonathan Barrett, Terry Rudolph
                      (Submitted on 14 Nov 2011 (v1), last revised 18 Nov 2012 (this version, v3))
                      "Quantum states are the key mathematical objects in quantum theory. It is therefore surprising that physicists have been unable to agree on what a quantum state truly represents. One possibility is that a pure quantum state corresponds directly to reality. However, there is a long history of suggestions that a quantum state (even a pure state) represents only knowledge or information about some aspect of reality. Here we show that any model in which a quantum state represents mere information about an underlying physical state of the system, and in which systems that are prepared independently have independent physical states, must make predictions which contradict those of quantum theory."

                    • Ness Ness

                      I think Einstein was too stupid to understand QM. I also think the bastards around him pushed him to fame and killed off anyone who did understand QM, or gagged them, afraid their precious religions might suffer. The true problem is the concept of zero divided by zero, which equals plus or minus 1.

                      That is, when distance/radius comes as close to zero as 'time' does and you end up with the smallest *spacetime* possible that can contain energy or mass aka a graviton. Traveling at the speed of light of course

                      To use this principle one must throw away all notions of time. Time is not linear. It's a 'sphere of influence' or 'a room to move', and our maximum 'duration' is the same as the half life of thorium, another anomalous substance, so the radius of that sphere of time is around 14 billion lightyears. Some stupidos interpreted this as 'the age of the universe', and blew away their own Big Bang Nonsense with that statement, as ive explained in another post.

                      But time can also be expressed in a fixed sequence and that is the best way to define it for all practical purposes.
                      Yes, PTT, time and distance are more or less the same, they are interchangeable. Think wave/particle duality. It all depends on the way you look at things.

                      Uhm one thing. Try understanding percentages plz. It may amaze you but 3456/3456 = 1, as is 2/2 and 70/70..

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth

                      This is what your article says:

                      "Chinese scientists revealed Wednesday that they have found evidence supporting the hypothesis that gravity travels at the speed of light based on data gleaned from observing Earth tides…."

                      Do you have a link for dividing 0 by 0?

                      Your links don't seem to have anything to do with what you are claiming.

                    • Ness Ness

                      I'm calling these people stupid because all they understand is how to profit from their friends, collegues and students. The equation e = mc^2 is not an invention by Einstein. Some engineer found out and tried to patent the idea, at the office Einstein worked. He could never really wrap his mind around the implications but others could, and did – and those people were the real geniuses. And so on. History is written by the victors aka the greatest thieves and parasites. If you do not believe me look at your own government while i look at mine and rofl or weep.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth

                      Comment by Scarlett67
                      “…not until I began copyediting math textbooks a few years ago did I find a satisfactory (and elegant) explanation (by one of my authors) of the definitions of dividing by zero.
                      “Dividing any nonzero number by zero:
                      • If (say) 7/0 equals x, then there must be some number x for which x times 0 equals 7. But any number times 0 equals 0, and no number can be multiplied by zero to obtain 7, so there is no such x. The solution is undefined.
                      “Dividing zero by zero:
                      • If 0/0 equals x, then conversely there is some number x such that x times 0 equals 0. But in this case, x can be any number, because anything times zero is zero. The solution is indeterminate.
                      I wish I'd had that explanation when I was back in school and had to remember which was which.”

                    • Ness Ness

                      Yup that is totally correct for all purely mathematical systems, and do not ever try to break such rules. But here we are dealing with physics and QM, and in such cases one may attach a value to a thing that has no known value or comes too close to zero to define. Which is what i'm doing.

                      I am talking limits, not rules of math, but real and observable limits/anomalies. Physical limits, and that is also why i give 2 solutions for '0/0', one real and one virtual. That is because time and distance can come CLOSE to zero but cannot become totally zero because they are quantums. Which is why i am talking of a CONCEPT IN QM, not a basic rule of maths, because saying 0/0 is anything is like cursing in the church in a purely mathematical sense.

                    • Ness Ness

                      Btw im calling Einstein stupid but he had the ability to read. In some people that ability is totally lacking 🙂

                      "The true problem is the concept of zero divided by zero, which equals plus or minus 1.
                      That is, when distance/radius comes as close to zero as 'time' does"

                      See? you only have to read the rest of the sentence, not take it out of context, and you could have saved yourself some trouble posting. I am done with you, PTT.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth

                      Well I've ordered the book I cited and it will be here in a week. And I am starting the lectures I cited in Quantum Mechanics. I've taken DoffEQ for credit and Complex Analysis on I was a math major when I was at Stanford University when I was 16 and took 4 quarters of calculus and have taken more calculus since then.

                      But you really ought to be able to cite a link on quantum mechanics and the speed of light if you are talking about something different than the standard constant of the speed of light.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth

                      I can't find anywhere that someone is claiming that the speed of light equals 1.


                • Ness Ness

                  **come up with a solution. The other problem is one of explaining it all. These are counter-intuitive processes, and that is because not just the normal, visible universe is involved, but also the deeper, underlying structure of that same universe. The one the religious zealots deny exists because they think their god is playing with dice.

                  • Ness Ness

                    "their god is playing with dice." shoulde be: "they don't want their god playing with dice" so they limit his/het/its behavior to what is allowed under religious laws hahahaha

                    Not that they understand a whit of this 'playing with dice' of course.

                  • Ness Ness

                    To prevent every poor soul in this world from understanding these dice as they roll they have invented the Big Bang Monstruosity, and demand everything and everyone abides by this ludicrous 'law', invented by a catholic priest. While at the same time using the energies contained in these 'deeper layers'.


                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth

                    How can there be fusion at Fukushima or breeding when there are no successful fusion reactors or breeding reactors? It is the nuclearists who are the religious zealots for their failed nuclear technology. And fuel bits have been found in Europe from reactor 4, so it does indeed after a nuclear explosion "go" somewhere.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth

                      CERN is trying to create fusion at 10 times the temperature of the core of the sun. So if it takes that kind of heat to create fusion energy, it isn't that hot at Fukushima.

                    • Ness Ness

                      It is a wild reactor, or 3 of those flowing together, an traveling wave reactor WITHOUT CONTAINMENT.

                      The vessels themselves do nothing but contain and moderate the reactions that are usually confined to the cores of the planets and bowels of the sun.

                      It is A BLACK HOLE, okay? And these coriums/black holes eat and grow and grow. Untill someone okays the release of the light they produce.

                    • Ness Ness

                      Killing stupid fear and useless nonsensical theories does not mean killing the religions. Trusssssssst me 🙂

                  • Sam Sam

                    please stop the cat fight here Ness
                    with PtT. we do not need more
                    flaming here after our trials
                    with Duff.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    The other choice has already been selected..we should all prepare for what still comith this way..

    Pastor in Cleveland just came down with lung cancer..never smoked a day in his life. 🙁

    Midwest got slammed by Fukushima thanks the erratic Jet Stream the last several years.. 🙁

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    oops..Midwest got slammed by Fukushima thanks "to" the erratic Jet Stream the last several years.. 🙁

  • We Not They Finally

    "[Japanese] Government Approves Plan?" Just another move that they have NO HUMAN, ETHICAL, CONSCIONABLE RIGHT to make at all.

    The only "rights" left in this mix are legal and financial, all wrongfully rigged with no regard for life human, animal, plant, environmental. The legal and financial "rights" to X out you and me and billions more.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    That would be correct!

  • Chronic1 Chronic1

    Alan Watts breaks down what is wrong with the world….

  • Dick Shenary

    Breaking Headline News – America was shocked this morning to hear of a NFL investigation into alleged misuse of football air pressure by the New England Patriots during the recent NFL playoffs. Apparently eleven out of twelve footballs used had improper pressure. Let me take a wild guess and say that the one correctly pressurized football was used by the Pats on offense. Too much or too little air pressure was not specified. There is currently much speculation that, just like radiation, a little cheating will not harm a team all that much. We will have to grapple with much bigger issues like does New England now have the right to be in the Super Bowl? What if they win the Super Bowl? We have this old cliché which says – Cheaters Never Win(officially). Will this saying be modified? When the NY Times published the story of the century recently about ocean issues, the rest of the media farted and sighed and were heard to exclaim loudly –“Now Back to Breaking Headlines”.

    • A softer football is easier to catch in cold wet conditions. Just saying, my boyz are the packers.

      I was the one who invented the term cheesehead to refer to a citizen of Wisconsin

      Worst game I have ever seen, and yes I was wearing a cheesehead, it didnt help, lol

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      The modern Roman Coliseum's Foundations are now shuddering over the air found inside a football…

      Hey look over there..where..away from Fukushima..and away from the fact that they just spent 18 Trillion Dollars.. they do not have.

      Clipping at 1 trillion more per year… forever! 🙁 Pay your voluntary taxes!

      Look away..shut them up! 🙂

      Look at the size of my government sponsored bank account!

  • Nick

    From 12/4/13:

    "Regarding the growing amounts of contaminated water at the site, TEPCO should… examine all options for its further management, including the possibility of resuming controlled discharges (into the sea) in compliance with authorized limits," the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said in a statement"

    "The International Atomic Energy Agency already recommended more than a year ago that Tepco consider releasing water with low level tritium contamination in a controlled way so that it could focus on other issues."

    "It’s impossible for them to remove all those hundreds of radioactive materials. They know how to remove about 62 of them, but there’s other ones that they cannot."

    The IEAE was thinking about Tritium. This water is different, deadlier, and NOT something sentient beings ought to be releasing EVER into our precious Pacific Ocean.

    Notice the con?

  • Angela_R

    This generation….

    This year marks the three score years and ten, since the first atomic bomb was exploded.

    In "1957 – Walter Russell published his book Atomic Suicide, whose principle message was that the development of the nuclear weaponry and nuclear industry, if it continued, would eventually destroy the planet’s oxygen.

    “The element of surprise which could delay the discovery of the great danger, and thus allow more plutonium piles to come into existence, is the fact that scientists are looking near the ground for fallout dangers. The greatest radioactive dangers are accumulating from eight to twelve miles up in the stratosphere. The upper atmosphere is already charged with death-dealing radioactivity, for which it has not yet sent us the bill. It is slowly coming and we will have to pay for it in another century, even if atomic energy plants ceased today.”
    (Russell, Walter and Lao. Atomic Suicide? University of Science and Philosophy. Virginia 1957 p. 18)

    We are facing the Accounting, they outlined here the dangers in the depletion of oxygen

    • name999 name999

      angela, wow, good research.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth

      TY, Angela.
      “…1994 – An article in a German journal Strahlentelex (March 3, 1994) argues that the nuclear industry is responsible for the hole in the ozone. The authors, Giebel and Sternglass explain that radioactive gases like krypton-85 from nuclear plants and from the recycling of spent fuel go up to the stratosphere where they create water droplets from the moisture which in turn form ice crystals which enhance the destruction of the ozone by the fluorohydrocarbons.
      (Krypton-85 has a half-life of 10.7 years and a whole life of 217 years.) …”

      • Angela_R

        Yes VanneV, krypton-85, and there are others.

        As cited in the article –
        Expert: It’s completely unsafe… impossible to remove 100s of radioactive materials — 1,200 radionuclides, only 62 reduced

        1200! a chemist's nightmare and there may be more, however I can understand that they would not know how many there are.

        "An article in a German journal Strahlentelex (March 3, 1994) argues that the nuclear industry is responsible for the hole in the ozone"

        very likely and the nuclear activities are also probably responsible for the breach in the magnetosphere. A very powerful Hydrogen bomb in 1963 was possibly the cause for this, further damage occurring from other radioactive material floating in the stratosphere.
        The flurohydrocarbons were possibly made radioactive as well.

    • PlowboyGrownUp

      Oxygen down to 19% from 21% 🙁

      • Angela_R

        Plowboy, These were not recent figures, though they did mention measurements as low as 12 to 15%.

        The estimates in that link appear to have based on 1997!
        "Our current oxygen levels are down to about 19 percent (BioTech News 1997). The standard reference amount is 21 percent oxygen. Some experts say that we may have originally evolved in an atmosphere of 38 percent oxygen. Now, due to the loss of the two main producers of oxygen, forests and ocean plankton, measurements as low as 12 percent and 15 percent have been made in heavily industrialized areas. This oxygen-depleted condition is a contributing cause of the generalized lack of well-being that many are experiencing. We need oxygen to live and to thrive!"
        See this –
        "Global warming is not the only consequence of increasing greenhouse gasses from natural and anthropomorphic sources. Oxygen used to be about 20% of the atmosphere; but today, in places like Tokyo, it is as low as 7%. Carbon dioxide is actually a fairly heavy gas (molecular weight 44 as compared to oxygen 32 and nitrogen 28) so that during times of little wind, it would have a tendency to settle in pockets.
        Compromised levels of oxygen have a wide range of health and vitality consequences ranging from headaches and dizziness to an increased susceptibility to cancer and even death among those whose systems are already weak from other causes. This is true in the oceans as well, …"

  • Nick

    "In fact, the newly introduced ALPS equipment has also experienced a number of problems.

    As of Jan. 18, both ALPS systems and the strontium-removal equipment had yet to start full operations.

    TEPCO is under no legal obligation to keep its promise with Abe."

  • cosmic charlie cosmic charlie

    If they attempted to keep the poison onsite it would over time contaminate Japan to an uninhabitable extent. That would be a public relations nightmare. Obviously they think it better to contaminate the whole earth more slowly. This way they can continue to sell the technology to stupid third world countries.

    I suppose the pyschopaths have always been in charge. Took me 50 odd years to recognize it…….

  • FixItStupid FixItStupid

    I just called and voiced my opinion against the release of any Nuclear contaminated waste into the ocean I asked Them to stop spending money on the Olympics and and use that money to save the earth the next generation would Have more Respect… explained to them how they were lied too by corporate greed & That I LOVE the Japanese & Stop the destruction of The Earth From nuclear radioactive isotopes
    Embassy of Japan in the United States
    2520 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W. Washington, DC 20008
    (Main) Tel: 202-238-6700, Fax: 202-328-2187 (Visa) Tel: 202-238-6800, Fax: 202-328-2184

    • or-well

      Japanese Embassy in Canada –
      The Embassy of Japan

      255 Sussex Drive
      Ottawa, Ontario
      K1N 9E6

      Tel: 613-241-8541
      Fax: 613-241-4261

      General email:

      Consular/Visa email:

      • Shaker1

        Excellent idea. Flood the Japanese embassies with mail, electronic or otherwise. Their email programs can likely be set to recognize most of the effort as spam, and it's likely also that they'll just designate someone to sort written mail as well.

        Japan really has some problems, and much of their reasoning regarding solutions to those problems is lack of recognition or denial of recognition of those problems' true sources. I'm not singling out just Japan; we in the US are no better. The way to pay for this particular portion of this mess is to export the technology elsewhere?

        I see Japan as a country that has a virtually unlimited source of energy in geothermal. Granted, that has its problems on such a large scale also, radioactivity included, but hardly on the order of what their massive investment has stuck them with now. They want economic stimulation? The engineering, reordering of the power grid, the creation of the equipment for that isn't enough? And to top it all off, there is a technology they can export without guilt.

      • Or-well TY, I made a blog article with that information.

        stock out

      • Tung Jen Tung Jen

        Hello out there, Enewers

        Well I did it, almost 4 months of life in the Pacific North West following life in Canada through the CBC radio and the folks of Denman Island. Now I prepare for the move back to my chosen Belize home with some apology for not having done a better job in hooking up with those of like mindedness ….

        My life here on the Priperty Property has been consumed with the overwhelming confrontation with bureaucracy and culture identification. Struggling with concepts, philosophies as to understanding some kind of truth defined by boundaries of cultural laws. a more comfortable design of a slaughter house….to ease the bovines through. News of the periling drive towards the cliff of extinction and the denial which supports this old paradigm and ignores the possibilities of change leaves me with a more humble departure from the land of my birth and a desire to hook up with enenewers on my way across america.

        Decision to purchase a truck……. load all my paintings and momentous of life past…. the trinkets… some culture heritage. “Road Trip”, one more time….. better than airplanes, and airports. Lookin forward to meeting many of you….

    • ISPC

      Yes. FixItStupid. TY. Well done. Kudos. Peace

      • weeman

        This is a crime against humanity and all living things.
        Every Japanese embassy in the world should be protested and surrounded, nothing gets in or out, with no violence, change your plan or we will starve you out and evict, no water, no electricity, etc.
        Personnel freedom is a right not a privilege, dream on.

    • Fix it TY, I made a blog article with that information.

      stock out

  • jump-ball jump-ball

    Now Serving: Fresh Sashimi Tuna Melt.

  • A Movie Showing Location and Size of Every Nuclear Bomb Test 1945 to 1998

    This is a very powerful format. It show the complete insanity of those in charge. Sociopaths and maybe Psychopaths. It also shows just how dangerous this was. After all, the powers that be will not take any meaningful action until something is stupendously wrong, i.e. the massive radiation and heavy metals they put into OUR environment. POINT: Mixing Nuclear weapons or nuclear power and humans on the same planet is utterly insane.

  • razzz razzz

    Don't give Hanford any ideas.

  • name999 name999

    stock, even when something is stupendously stupidly obviously wrong, no fix in sight. This is what makes a tipping point but we have tipped into a technological dissociation. People in general do not want to hear about this as they plug into headphones and devices. The public is tuned out by design. Mission accomplished.

  • SadieDog

    No charges for Tepco executives for Fukushima accident…

    • SadieDog

      "Although the March 11 earthquake and tsunami killed 18,000 people, the nuclear disaster it caused is not officially recorded as having directly killed anyone."

      • m a x l i

        How about stealing the homes of 100,000 people? Wouldn't that be enough reason for charges? If someone brakes into 1 home of those many homes and steals one item out of many items in that home, he would go to prison.

        • We Not They Finally

          OBVIOUSLY thousands of people are not permanently displaced because of the tsunami — it's the nuclear. Everyone knows that. It's revolting that TEPCO is not being treated like the mass murdering criminals that they are.

      • m a x l i

        "Presenting their findings Thursday, they said TEPCO's managers could not have predicted the size of the huge tsunami triggered by the 9.0 magnitude earthquake, and could not have protected the plant against its effects."

        That's not true. In the area, the forefathers put stones into the ground as markers where tsunamis once reached, inscribed with a text like "Do not build beyond this line!" to warn future generations. The Tepconians chose to ignore the warning.

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          maxli, its always the same story; "you fools worry too much because nuclear failure is mathematically determined to be nearly impossible"…then when it happens, as it so often does, they say "its not our fault, there is no way we could have predicted that unusual event"…the next line is "we have incorporated lessons learned and now you fools worry too much because failure is impossible." Its SO PREDICTABLE…

          Maybe thats what we need for public awareness; a gambling system where you can bet money on nuclear failures, nuclear responses and dead zone sizes. The native Americans could run it since the only legal gambling is native Americans, and the nuclear industry..oh and wall street…

          • m a x l i

            Yes, and no insurance company wants to insure the full cost of nuclear catastrophes. Obviously the experts in estimating risks do not believe in the "nearly impossible" likelihood of NPP failure – otherwise they would be more than happy to make handsome profits while having no risk to ever have to pay out anything.

            • We Not They Finally

              That's why governments and population insure NPP's, not insurance companies. That was all totally wrong from the start but it's never changed. And it's a magnet for psychopaths because whatever they do, however murderous, they get rewarded with huge piles of money.

          • m a x l i

            That gambling idea sounds interesting. And for those who have no money to gamble – how about designing a game "Uranopoly": You start on a nice green planet, throw the dice, move your figures, and in the end everyone loses.

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              Uranopoly…I like it. Call it "brown rings around Uranus.

              • Sickputer

                Joe's Crab Shack also has a slogan:

                Save the Earth

                There are no Crabs on Uranus

                How crappy that an electric power industry out of control can't control their monster inventions and thus threaten the health of all living creatures and the human livelihoods depending on clean seafood.

                New T-shirt slogan:

                Save Joe's Crab Shack (and Red Lobster)

                Stop Radiation Poisoning of the Pacific

                SP: Definitely not funny, but mutant humans aren't either.

    • Well of course not. That would violate the rule of the sacred golden calf worshippers.

      The rule is that all the leaders who worship the golden radioactive calf and spread poison nuclear hormesis radiation around the world, cannot be punished.

      But those who expose them, such as whistleblowers, as well as those who try to stop the military industrial complex, they must be severely punished or done away with via assassination.

  • Globally, maybe it is time for separating the wheat from the shaft.

  • Nick

    "This place rings with echoes of
    Lives once lived but now are lost
    Time spent wondering about tomorrow
    I don't care if we lose it all tonight
    Up in flames, burning bright
    Warming the air of the world

    “I don't love you anymore” is all I remember you telling me
    Never have I felt so cold
    But I've no more blood to bleed
    'Cause my heart has been draining into the sea"

    Tepco is draining our hearts into the sea….

  • I sent a small paypal to Dana Durnford, he wrote back right away with some thanks. I am trying to help him fund his next mission. We cannot sway the masses without simple visual proof.

    Here is the email exchange

    His email is

    More info here, I strongly encourage those of you viewing ENE to consider "what can I do". Send a few bucks is what you can do, do it.

  • SS4U SS4U

    Imagine that.
    Granting * permission * to poison our children's oceans.

    Giving * permission * to destroy that which never belonged to them in the first place.

    But there are more NPP's to build and the show must go on.
    Until we are all dead.

  • haizedustrium-1234 haizedustrium-1234

    I wonder where is Bill Duff about this. He know a lot about stuff.
    Used to call him Bill Stuff.

  • Sickputer

    Scientists know what resources and tactics are needed to contain Fukushima's raging releases of radiation. The same scientists also know what is needed to contain Hanford Site where the sludge tanks exceed Fukushima.

    The problem is knowing and implementing are light years apart when the money and sacrifices are envisioned.

    We can go to Mars with humans if we desire. The Chinese may go to the moon within 20 years. What priority do humans put on animal species and human health versus national economics and prestige?

    I think we know the answer. We have met the enemy and he is not us. He is a thousand special interests who pulls the strings of elected officials as well as dictators.

    Do you not find it telling that the manpower and resources thrown at Chernobyl was so much greater than Fukushima? 1 million workers versus 37,000 part-timers at Fukushima. Soviet miners who dug to save their nation.

    Why does a democracy fail to order men and women to their deaths? The result of non-action may mean far more will die slowly in this century. Ocean creature extinctions are at an astounding pace. Animals can't fight nuclear accidents. Human apes are not going to fight to win either. Many nuclear battles have been lost at Daiichi. Losing the war means losing far more than thousands of sea species entering extinction levels of 60% or more mortality rites. 100% of Japanese citizens will die prematurely from radiation illnesses in this century. Others will also suffer.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Pretty sure this is exactly what they want..profit is made at both ends of this current business plan.. 🙁

    And we slaves are paying for it all through the force of law! 🙁

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