Japan TV: Gov’t officials discover nuclear material flowing into ground at Fukushima; Releases thought to be ongoing for months — Expert: “No end” to problems with radioactive waste at plant; Public does not trust what they are being told (VIDEO)

Published: June 6th, 2014 at 11:17 am ET


NHK, June 6, 2014: [TEPCO] says more than 3 tons of radioactive water may have leaked from barriers surrounding storage tanks. [TEPCO] made the announcement on Friday […] TEPCO found that regular patrols have not been conducted in the area near the tanks since March, and that the leakage may have begun then. […] It detected higher levels of radiation around the area than at other locations in the complex. […] TEPCO officials say regular patrols did not cover the area […]

NHK, June 4, 2014: Officials from the Nuclear Regulation Authority on Monday found water leaking around 2 of the storage tanks. The tanks contain water with radiation levels above the government-set standards. […] The water contained 9,800 Becquerels per liter of beta-ray emitting substances. But TEPCO officials said the leaked water had remained inside the barriers. However, TEPCO’s later investigations found that a drain valve had accidentally been left open. […]

Vancouver Aquarium: Fukushima – A View From The Ocean, June 5, 2014 (h/t Deep13th Nuclear Waste Info): […] Isotopes such as strontium-90 are becoming of greater concern as they are elevated relative to cesium in the groundwater and storage tanks at the reactor site. […]

At 50:00 in

  • Dr. Ken Buesseler, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution oceanographer: Japan, in particular, has lost trust in their government — certainly TEPCO, the operators — for communicating the truth […] They have problems with storage of waste on site, no end — I guess they have designed a cleanup system called ALPS to purify those tanks but they’ve done things just even a few weeks ago to bypass, taking water from the ground… and within a week or two then had to report that those waters were contaminated. There’s a continued series of problems of that site.

Watch Buesseler’s presentation here

Published: June 6th, 2014 at 11:17 am ET


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142 comments to Japan TV: Gov’t officials discover nuclear material flowing into ground at Fukushima; Releases thought to be ongoing for months — Expert: “No end” to problems with radioactive waste at plant; Public does not trust what they are being told (VIDEO)

  • weeman

    Do you realize that if cesium is being discharged into the pacific ocean and it is carried with the prevailing currents it will head north and come in contact with the cold water currents and produce vast amounts of preoxides and this maybe the reason for the mass die off in west coast of America ?
    Just another avenue of persuit, not saying it is so, test and see, ha.
    Can anyone expand on this and explain in more detail and what would be the effect if the ice wall is completed and cesium comes in contact with ice, you will have lots of preoxides and the effects on the buildings and structures, corrosive?

    • We Not They Finally

      WHAT ice wall? It's surreal. Where even does the electricity come from to keep freezing the ice wall against thousands of degrees of heat from the fissioning coriums underground? And when do they just abandon the whole area as too radioactive? And then what? "Assume" that the ice wall keeps working?

      Unclear that this ever made a bit of sense.

      • sistahawk

        i am not sure who mentioned ( obewan ? ) the number of new plants needed for the giant icewall, about – 4 ??

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Maybe the brain children will just restart the reactors at Fukushima Daini to keep the ice wall at Fukushima Daichi chilled.

      • StPaulScout StPaulScout

        WeNotThey – They will use liquid nitrogen to freeze it, and keep it frozen. Electricity will be provided in the same manner it is currently being provided. On site generation no doubt.

        • Radio Radio

          I think the electricity comes from a cable laid on the ground along the highway that runs about two miles from an outside source. At least, that is where is was last year, but, maybe they've got the wires restrung on new poles by now to that area of the prefecture.

      • mt1000

        Shimatsu said in his last interview the ice wall was being built on the uphill side of the plant. . . to keep the mountain water from flooding the basement.
        Not that it makes any diff.
        Fukushima Diary and EX-SKF have pix of the project.

        • GQR2

          The upside of the plant,how is that possible isn't being built in the sea?

          • Radio Radio

            mt1000 is correct. It is a very expensive, billions of dollars experiment. Earth excavation, water re-channeling, and steel pilings driven into the ground would have been cheaper and last longer, and been infinitely easier to repair and not strap future generations with an enormous energy sucking project, but that particular industry is not friends with PM Abe, so they got the bid. I think the ice wall is suppose to represent a "Yeah For Technology!" A showcase of ingenuity over calamity. A "gift to the future." I expect it will be a successful PR campaign. When GE and the Japanese built Fukushima, roughly 400 tons of water flowed into the basements each and everyday, which made their decision to go with the non-submersible pumps in the basement even that more, shall i say, not-too-well-thought-out. That is also why they built the underground water channels, to divert the worst of the fresh water flow under the facility and out into the ocean. Those channels now serve to allow the basement leaks to go directly into the Pacific.

        • Radio Radio

          thx mt1000 for that lead.

    • toughshit

      The best thing that can happen is if it all just falls into the sea. Its prolly gonna end up there anyway. Why speculate?

    • Can Anyone Justify the Horror they Inflict on the World?….

      Absolutely Not
      they always knew what they were doing…
      read de-classified dcmt from 1943 Manhattan Project…
      make copies…http://wyynd.tripod.com/document.htm

      see Arto Lauri's latest investigation into the simple infinite "Atomic Battery"….all a sea of lies bestowed on the life forms of earth…
      how much will it cost, literally, to just guard the nuclear waste for a million years…$$$$$

  • Sol Man

    Let's agree to make our electricity using the technology that could end all of life on our planet.

  • freebywill

    OMG Ineptco does it again

    " TEPCO found that regular patrols have not been conducted in the area near the tanks since March, and that the leakage may have begun then "

  • dunkilo

    will say it again,ask for volunteers from the armed service ..as should be done at WIPP ….Getting tired of the waves or radiation basting us like so many chickens.Ineptco !!hahaha

    • We Not They Finally

      I'd like DOE officials to volunteer for that duty, not the armed services. The last time the armed services were enlisted to help with a radioactive catastrophe — well, the USS Ronald Reagan. We know how that turned out.

      • And the sweet kid who used to do my yard work is a new enlistee in the Navy…finished boot camp a month or so ago. Guess where he is now. Yup. On the spiffily "decontaminated" USS Ronald Reagan….out there playing in the latest war games and I think I heard that ship's next duty heads it back to Japan.

        He stopped by to see me while on leave visiting his parents, before heading back to San Diego. I didn't mention all this radioactive stuff…he wouldn't have believed me anyway. 🙁

  • Uranium_Mountain Uranium_Mountain

    As they dig their wells for the ice wall that won't work, seems that they will be bringing up vast amounts of dissolved corium materials to the surface. How will this wall be completed with all the workers being killed? Digging a well is a very hands on experience with constant swapping of pipes, adding new pipes and drill bits. They are all going to be dead men. Start drilling in the morning and die by the afternoon. If TEPCO is going to kill their slave labor, wouldn't injecting bentonite clay down deep be a better solution? It will at least form a hard layer. Clay blocks water without constant upkeep. I have a feeling they are gong to start upstream from ground flow then work their way around only to get to the ocean side and all that material in the ground is going to come up and then the wall is stopped because it will be too hazardous.

    • dunkilo

      yes ,you have my concurrence ! Does anyone know what might be done with nano particles?diatom earth was a thought also ?Bring on they CLAY !

    • There are already thousands dead, a few more thousand dead won't matter to them.. There are large fleets of ambulances to carry them all off and have them 'disappear'. The Yakuza is very good at that business.

    • Kashiko Kashiko

      I saw on Fukushima Diary that it took 5 days to put 1 x 30 metre pipe for the ice wall. They have 1,550 to do. So that is 7,750 days or 8.11 years. Guess it won't be finished for the Olympics then.
      And another question.. how do you circulate coolant through a pipe with only one end open?

      • davidh7426 davidh7426

        A double pipe, one inside the other…

        Coolant is pumped down one pipe, the outer one would be the most logical, as the coolant would start warming as soon as it enters the pipes. And returns back up the inner pipe to be recycled.

      • bo bo

        I doubt it will ever happen – but if they had two teams, they can put 2 pipes in 5 days and be done in 4 years, no? with 4 teams – in 2 years…

        Wishful thinking, I know 🙁

    • Shaker1

      Uranium_Mountain, it should be a given fact that without a functioning water decontamination system, that injecting or freezing is going to increase the contamination within the barriers and they're going to have water of the likes of what's in those basements that they don't want to touch. No matter how one slices it, be it zeolite (which becomes radioactive waste) or clay, the obvious advantages of freezing over those two is that there won't be a leftover that is in itself contaminated. And it's likely brine water that will be used for the freezing, not what we commonly know as refrigerants such as ammonia, though they will have to chill the brine, which will take energy.

      Personally, and it's an unqualified opinion, while I believe that some of the corium has exited the building, I don't believe that it's some mass that contiunually burns its way down. Simple accretion of the materials with which it comes into contact increases its mass and surface area. I agree that the drilling debris and the water that will move it in the process will be contaminated, but may be no worse than what is there now. It's dangerous, for sure.

      And Kashiko, movement of the brine through the pipe will be enough, but I imagine there will be for an injection tube within the tube that reaches almost to the bottom. As the brine flows in, it displaces the warmer brine that surrounds the injection tube. It's quite a common method of heat transfer.

      • Shaker1

        I would like to see some survey of the foundations of the reactor buildings. They say water is flowing in. For now, if it's the floor of those foundations, all the ice wall or a clay wall will do is create another barrier, a diversion that may not allow that water to come into direct contact with the melt. That's good, to me. I published a comment yesterday regarding a translation I found of a tepco document that stated some results of two models (which were contradictory) and I imagine that tepco is using those models to form their assumptions of the locations of the melt. (They were so contradictory, that I don't see how one can reasonably plan, unless they accept the model that is the worst and base plans upon that. Being optimistic isn't practical.) As much as I may seem a proponent of the ice wall, it's just for lack of anything else that I can see them willing to do. I think that in the end they'll just create another, larger area that encompasses all the reactor and turbine buildings that will have water in it as contaminated as what might be the worst in any one of those buildings. There's still the question of whether the bottoms of the buildings leak, what material is exposed in that leak, and whether there is some natural segregation of the natural water flow that might allow the diverted water to become less contaminated.

        • Shaker1

          And, damn, I wish they'd have done the work to separate those turbine buildings. This lack of manpower and attempting to do this on the cheap just drives me crazy. I don't blame anyone for being indignant over the response to this, especially the reponse of government. Look at all the efforts governments put into war and the 'sacrifice' (to make sacred?!!!) their people will make to what is nothing more that a grand mass of killing and destruction. I'd bet one would find thousands who would give their lives over some little rocks in the Pacific, but they have to scour the streets to indenture workers in response to something that, to me, is a certain country-killer.

        • We Not They Finally

          Shaker1, you have much more engineering knowledge than me, but respectfully, none of this may matter. The ice walls are supposed to CONTAIN something. But that means that the something that they are "containing" is now ever that much more effective into turning the whole site into a dangerously disintegrating watery bog.

          Unless they think that the ice wall just protects the surrounding areas (not very well, folks!) so everything rushed that more efficiently into the sea.

          Cannot at least ONE Tepco official march into the public square, announce that he has "no more face left to save," and set a public example of genuinely remorseful shame? That was supposed to be an honorable culture. They've turned it into an indiscriminate slaughterhouse.

          • Shaker1

            WTNF, I'll admit that I haven't read any of Tepco's literature to assess their actual stated intent with the ice wall. That may be deficient on my part, as I'm making personal assumptions. Maybe I accept what seems to me to be obvious too easily, but I don't believe that 'containment' should be considered the purpose of it at all, but diversion. It will act as a containment in some respects, just like a bucket with holes immersed in a lake 'contains' something. I looked at some of the geological surveys a long time ago, and there do seem to be some discrete layers of water flow beneath the site that might be spared the worst through diversion. I guess it's also a question of how what they're doing disturbs that discretion. Hey, they may find that because of what they've done the area heaves with the tides (but I hope not), as the tide comes in it creates an area of greater pressure seaside that will 'burp' into the area they've segregated. Personally, I believe that they could manage, though with effort that they haven't really displayed so far, the hydrology within the area in relation to the structures and their integrity. I would feel much better about that statement, though, if it didn't include the turbine buildings.

            My take here is that there are some things with this that we have to accept. It just is, and one makes the best of it, or, out of one's control, hopes another has the intention to do the same. I know how it appears, but I'm a…

            • Shaker1

              …persistent bastard, if nothing else. I've been hated for that 'quality' even by those who used it to their advantage. I just shrug, and try to keep going. (Who really knows where?)

  • Lion76 Lion76

    Why is this "Ken" guy the only "expert" out there? Tired of reading his comments. Surely there are more people with an opinion on this than that shill.

    • Down The River Down The River

      Austerity measures? LOL

    • dunkilo

      lion76 ,he seems to be a royal bung-hole .

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Ken Buessler is measuring contaminants in the Pacific using crowd sourced equipment. He hasn't been able to get formal funding for his monitoring efforts.

        At least he's making an effort to do something.

        You should really try to inform yourself about what some of these people are actually doing before slamming them and trying to discredit them.

        There are people on this site who contribute to the crowd sourcing effort, so that measurments in the Pacific Ocean can be taken at various locations.

        Were you aware Dr. Buessler is coordinating this effort?

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Dr. Buessler is one of the only scientists out there who is making an effort to try to determine what's happening in the Pacific.

          Apparently he thinks it's important enough he's willing to work with private individuals to mount a cooperative effort.

          I think he's to be commended for "thinking outside the box" and trying to make something happen.

          Who else do you know of who's making efforts to monitor the status of the contamination in the Pacific Ocean?


          • HoTaters HoTaters

            jec can comment in more detail on this if available to comment ….

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            Dr Buessler is one of the only scientists trying to determine whats happening in the pacific?!?! Stop right there. What do all the other marine biologists do? Lets get it straight, Ken is one of the only ones you HEAR from.

            Now what do they do with that 200 million dollar budget at Woods Hole? Study the ocean…or what? How about the 4 million (or was it five, its on their website?) given to them to study Fukushima specifically?

            I have an idea, lets turn it around; Have Ken collect some water and seaweed and stuff, then have independent labs do the test and post results. Crowdsource? One pile for the seaweed (trash can), one pile for the money, one pile for the PR release. Maybe we will finally hear about the Seals, Anchovies, Pelicans, Eagles etc etc. How many extra years should we give him and 20,000 more marine biologists?

            • or-well

              Ken's the go-to talking head
              who knows what to say,
              from a place folks have heard of,
              if not, well, anyway,
              he keeps it simple, if not always straight,
              and – bottom line – says it's mostly safe
              and hey, mo' money sure would be nice
              so we can keep giving science advice
              and that's not something you should be without,
              when there's nuclear isotopes all about –
              not that so far anyone's been hurt,
              at least, in a way they can prove in court,
              and then there's his habit – he likes to snort
              a mixture consisting of Dead Sea salt
              and rare marine fossils ground very small
              and if that's wrong it's not my fault,
              just blame the internet and Sorcha Faal.

    • Lion76 Lion76

      He fits right in with the "soft talking NPR types" crowd.

      NPR: "Softball questions?"
      NPR guest expert: "softball answers…"
      Audience: (…?…)
      NPR: "We'll leave you today with a rhetorical question? left unanswered. Tune in again tomorrow as we talk in endless circles about Rome burning with our special guest: Nero." [end music]

    • Nemo Me Impune Lacessit Stax

      Ken Is a grade one prick – he talks about natural radiation and equates it with ionised radiation,he is lucky I am on a different continent,he just muddies the water,instead of warning the populace,as his position DEMANDS,he would rather obfuscate,I bet he's best mates with fercos.

  • Nick

    "IAEA Action Plan on Nuclear Safety"

    There IS NO such thing as Nuclear Safety.

    THAT is the crux of our problem.

    This water spill from the ill-conceived tanks is not really news, since 100s of tons of highly radiated water LEAKS into the Pacific daily and no one exactly has a plan to slow it down.

  • Notice that TEPCO no longer talks about the number of tanks…

    The number quit rising after about 1,200.

    No more are being added.

    What is happening to all of that radioactive water?

    What is the total amount of water on site, and who is keeping track of it?

    Obviously, if no inspections are happening, no one knows.

    Leaks, what leaks? Who cares about a few leaks?

    It is just a harmful rumor..

  • w

    We can forget about that 'ice wall'. It's another TEPCo-Abe ploy to make the world think they 'have a plan at work on the clean-up'!. A total outsider like me can see n figure out the following: Unlike the solid ground under Chernobyl, the sandy, river mouth ground beneath Diichi's 1-4 power plants can not hold up a gigantic plate that's going to be 5+ times the size of the Chernobyl one, with out drilling deep poles in that larger area to stablize the heavy Ice wall. No sign nor news of this action been shown so far. In Chernobyl, the still operating nuke plants next to the exploded one r supplying power to the ice plate to keep it frozen. Where will the Diichi's ice wall get its continue supply of power, un-interrupting forever… N the kicker: Gorbachev mobilized 600,000+ liquidaters who worked frantically 24/7 for a year to contain that 1 melted core, n reduced the above ground radiation level, allowing workers to come on site to work. Diichi's got 3 melted core n 3 years hence. They don't even have enough work force to patrol n monitor around the area of the giant waste-water tanks on a regular bases, let alone proceed with the ice wall. Just an ICE TALK.

  • Wouldn't it make MORE sense to find out where the coriums are FIRST, so that they can figure out of the ice wall will even have a chance of working?

    What if the coriums are below the ice wall?

    Then the ice wall will make NO difference.

    • TEPCO – where are those multiple melted out coriums?


      Isn't ANYONE interested in knowing?

      At least the Soviets were brave enough to sacrifice some nuclear engineers to hunt their own corium down and find it.

      In Japan, it seems there is a lack of courage on the part of the nuclear scientists… There is no willingness to sacrifice for the good of the whole, for children, or even for their own nation.

  • cooterboy

    This leak is no accident. This was a planned release of radioactive water directly into the Pacific as these tank seals begin to fail. Radiation is breaking down the rubber seals and mother nature does the rest.

    ALPS is broken again or should I say never worked in the first place and was just a dog and pony show for all the world's politicians and Rod Adams to marvel at. This entire thing sickens me to no end.


    • Great article.. loss of moral compass… +1000000

      • entirely inspired by Dana, though, the sentiment has been brewing, obviously 🙂

      • GQR2

        What if,the never was a moral compass,just the facade of one and talk of one. I question the whole narrative. A moral compass. right from wrong. We lost the compass and the map a long time ago. At least 70 yrs.

        • not worth debating. that line of questioning is a distraction from the import. I grew up in a family with moral compass reminders daily. if you did not, not my problem. You either wish to see drastic change or you wish to drag the dialog down into the abyss.

          • GQR2

            i admire your positive thinking. I do know right from wrong as well. The abyss is where we are at. And its staring back.My compliments and respect for your essay. peace.

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            GQR2s comment has relevance to me considering that nearly 100% of the Universities, government agencies, international health agencies, media spokespersons, etc etc are lying. Restore moral compass is a motif that becomes comedy in such circumstances.

            Mechanic to driver as the school buss launches over the grand canyon; "shall I restore the brakes, sir?"

            • it's this sort of defeatist attitude that gets us nowhere.

              we are nothing if we do not try.

              There needs to be a global forum hosting all scientists and engineers publicly broadcast to dialog on all ideas that have real merit.

              Must pressure your legislators.

              • chevvvy chev

                thank you obvious ,for that clear and concise summary ,Ive been looking for such a doc to send to local bodies/newspapers /enviro groups, here in New Zealand.
                People are so dumbed down here they generally believe this will never affect them, after all NZ is godzone clean and green!! {sarc}

  • papacares papacares

    So true "No End To Problems With Radioactive Waste" ENE has 22K followers now, yet the old group at the start have all but disappeared from the comments section – my opinion, the utter futility as there is no solution only ever increasing cover-ups, lies and misdirection. Fact is a people loved the convenience provided by the Electrical Genie and craved for more and more convenience erasing century after century of experience while labeling those who follow the ancient ways Savages. (think about this, a people who survived Millennia of Centuries faces extinction in a generation) Well friends welcome to the Nuclear Age your Atomic Future glows brightly over the vast Pacific rim – think often of this while sitting on your arse watching TV in front of the air conditioner waiting for the microwave to heat up dinner while texting the banana your snacking on is claimed to have more radiation than currently being emitted by the nuclear electrical generating station down the road

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      .. 🙂 +10000000000000!

    • "ENE has 22K followers now, yet the old group at the start have all but disappeared from the comments section –" … "sitting on your arse watching TV in front of the air conditioner waiting for the microwave to heat up dinner while texting the banana your snacking on is claimed to have more radiation than currently being emitted by the nuclear electrical generating station down the road"

      Uh, gee……some have since then died?

      And more are working offline, on their "preserve pockets of the food chain, if at all possible plans." I know personally quite a few that focus their efforts on growing food and calling and writing letters during their breaks.

  • Ontological Ontological

    First of all those tanks are just for show. This is pure BULLSHIT if you believe ANY of this garbage this shill Ken says, you have no brain just like him.

    Ice wall or a different sea wall is a farce. Dumping is the ONLY option they will use. What are they going to do with the water otherwise?? Put it in the local sewer plants? Pathetic all this CRAP is. Getting your final preparations is in order, and hug your family NOW before they refuse to allow us to travel. If people only knew HOW screwed they really are they would be insanely furious! Thousands of gallons of HOT contamination in the water WILL continue out and off the aggregate under the reactors that melted, and did not aerosolize, those tanks are some comfort range ploy to settle the nerves of morons. They will eventually go in the sea same as the rest of the mess. They will NOT do anything else. They are profiting by this farce they feed us, somehow that makes it ok to leave it all trashed.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    "I guess they have designed a cleanup system called ALPS to purify those tanks but they’ve done things just even a few weeks ago to bypass, taking water from the ground… and within a week or two then had to report that those waters were contaminated."

    Ya..they are bypassing because the ALPS system is non-functional.

    All Three Lines Of ALPS Have Stopped At Fukushima NPP
    May 20 2014


  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    The molten corium is unstoppable.

  • devark devark

    The house is on fire, and people can't even be bothered enough to see why the alarm is going off…

  • sworldpeas

    that reminds me of a Haiku I just made up, it goes something like this…

    I just shat my spleen!
    Devolution is my name
    Primordial goo.

  • byron byron

    Ice wall can't work. Think this through. Does not matter if the coriums are just below the buildings or some distance underground. We know they are still active from the kind of radioactive elements being released with short half-lives.
    Thought Experiment. Build just the outside walls of a huge brick building. Make them nice and thick so water can't escape. Dig them deep so water can't go underneath. Prevent that water from escaping! Inside are three sources of pollution which unless cooled with water will let its poison go at a faster rate. So, the bricks form a waterproof dam, sort of like a giant fishbowl. Now, keep pouring water into the pollution to keep it cool. Where does the water go?
    We fill up the fishbowl and saturate the ground to make the support under and Around the buildings weaker. Wow, what fun. Remember the liquefaction in the San Francisco earthquake? 🙂

    • That's why the whole thing is just the latest frickin' stall….

      Why don't we just rename Fukushima….NeverEverLand.

      I'm sick of the media re-regurgitating their pretend solutions.

    • bf9 bf9

      Yep, I've been saying this for months now…it's an idea that just will not work with the geology, size, and the degree of radioactivity on this site.

      The most important first step, is admitting that this is not in control. Ya know….kind of like another kind of addict. Then it's time to hit it with a Chernobyl style assault on the scale of millions of "liquidators", several international consortia (spelling?) with maybe a worldwide draft of some sort.

  • sistahawk

    the icewall reminded me on something mindboggling i read last week or so about global warming ,greenhouse effect..forget the theory that it is caused all by the emmissions , it more looks like that we have to look at chernobyl and the spread of radioactive particles around the globe , PLEASE , whoever sent the link post it again i like to print like to have and spread it..a real eyeopener THANKS

  • There needs to be a Norwegian styled total break wall put farther out, pump out the water, build in supporting infrastructure designed to keep the land from failing, infill, and create the world's largest rad water containment/filtration storage area. Plant millions of sunflowers, hemp plants, rad eating mushrooms, etc.

    • Ontological Ontological

      Agreed, the Norwegians could have helped early on. They knew how bad it was. Yet they have kept their distance. The idea of planting rad absorbers is a good one, if they can survive the radiation of up to 25 Sv/h from the tower, Co60, and the radio isotopes of many nasty ELEments being so close.

  • Fukushimad is Revelation

    Why wouldn't they siphon off most of the ground water from the up stream aquifers and pipe it around the site out to sea before it becomes contaminated?

    What is their plan regarding the molten blobs? How many kilometers down are the molten blobs worst case? What happens as the molten blobs approach the planets core?

    Have they moved the fuel from the common pool to a more stable site yet?

  • Sol Man

    People are lied to death while events continue to unwind.

  • razzz razzz

    TEPCO wants to make a closed loop like any other containment would have. If they can block or slow the incoming ground and sea water maybe they can keep up with filtering the looping radioactive contaminated water and instead of storing it they can filter it and send it back into the semi-closed or closed loop. At least be able to handle (filter) any ground or seawater entering or leaking into the loop.

    The first underground damming wall was along the ocean front. They set the casings but don't know if they ever filled them full of concrete yet. That is an attempt to slow the ocean tides from getting into the basements. It did have an effect on groundwater by causing it to backup and transport radioactive water to areas around the plant and back upstream.

    Big dream but that is all they have to work with. Need even a partially successful ice wall with a working filter system. I'd settle for slowing the leaks and getting to the point where they don't have to keep adding more temp holding tanks. Will know in a couple of years.

    No filtering system and the site with an ice wall turns into a radioactive swamp.

    Of course with TEPCO, they will continue incinerating radioactive filters around the countryside.

    Arnie doesn't have anything to say because it is a waiting game for results.

    Kenny was trying to coordinate the gathering of all samples by citizens and scientists along the West Coast in an effort to raise funding for analysis. Apparently the only thing…

    • razzz razzz

      Apparently the only thing… he is good at. Fund raising.

    • Daisy207

      Ken should have access to government owned labs or utility company labs such as Oak Ridge. Their equipment is paid for and the staff is on salary. Just get the samples to them for analyses. Kenny is best at BS – the government does not want to let information out. You know that they are testing – but they will not ever inform the public. All food from the west coast and the Pacific MUST be considered suspect until testing is done and is published on a regular basis. But that should save the big corporate farms a lot of money by not trucking that produce across the US because no one wants it.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        I guess Woods Hole doesnt have any lab equipment? No staff? No buckets to gather samples? Chris Busby seems to be able to test things, and I believe we would see intelligent data results. If people want to add money to the $205,000,000 Woods Hole budget, why not hire Busby to work with Ken?

    • Shaker1

      Totally agree, razz, about making efforts to control the water, and that some measure of decontamination of water must be in place.

      You know, they never thought big enough here, even when confronted with a situation that only might be rivaled by a couple of incidents in the old Soviet Union, and I'm not speaking of Chernobyl. There seems no discrete thought pattern to this. They're using kan ban management, their famous 80s management scheme that was the rage with managers here at that time, but there's no control over the discrete segments. Even with a deficient water system, by now they could have built a tank fabrication plant onsite or in the harbor, been filling tanks with water, and using them to construct walls and breakwaters, rather than shipping in tons and tons of concrete. Building welded tanks isn't rocket science, nor is it difficult. It's just that in normal life they're one-off items with general construction sequences rather than dedicated processes that repeat. Dedicated processes also lend themselves to better product as inspection settles in to that repetition, not like those stupid bolt-together tanks. I also think they could control the hydrology somewhat of a small area.

      They're approaching this like they think the pyramids were built with slave labor. In some respects, that may be the case, but archaeologists are now finding something quite different, aren't they? They seem to want to play with technology, not get down to serious work.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        If they dug a trench around the plant, and dumped the dead TEPCO workers in the trench wearing their tyvek suits, a compliant, plastic barrier would be created which would solve two problems simultaneously.

        • Shaker1

          There's quite a list of those one could add to those poor workers, isn't there Code? Maybe a politician or three, some of Yakuza (spelling?) gangsters, couple of bankers and financial manipulators, maybe some Tepco management? Better class of company for those poor workers, eh? We should strive to become an egalitarian society, shouldn't we?

  • jec jec

    Inventory is not a strength in Japan –they are missing enough PU to make a LOT of bombs:

    One would hope no illegal release of this material was made to other countries……Oh wait, the Fukushima disaster already released radioactive PU and other isotopes world wide (sarc).

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