TV: Gov’t testing for radioactive material on Hawaii beaches — “It is something that’s been quietly under way for the past year here” — NOAA, EPA, State all preparing together for tsunami debris (VIDEO)

Published: February 9th, 2012 at 12:03 am ET


Title: State Health Dept. Monitoring Shoreline For Radioactive Waste
Source: KITV Honolulu
Author: Catherine Cruz KITV4 News Reporter
Date: 11:17 am HST February 2, 2012

[…] Long-time Laie resident Telefoni Aumua was surprised to learn that the state health department was testing for radioactive material along Hukilau Beach Wednesday.

“I am really concerned. I have family who always come here. We fish here” […]

Environmental specialists with the state’s radiological health division made five stops on Oahu’s north shore […]

It is something that’s been quietly under way for the past year here and on Maui, Kauai and the Big Island.

“The EPA, NOAA, the state’s department of health radiation section and the clean water branch are all working together so that when the debris comes up on our shores, we can tell what type of hazard it is and how to clean it up,” said state environmental specialist Geoffrey Lau. […]

The survey involves taking two samples at each spot, at waist height as well as at ground level. […]

Radioactive Assumptions (See footnotes below)

Lau believes the likelihood of any radioactive tsunami trash is very low. The debris washed out into the ocean before the problems with the nuclear reactor¹ and most of the heavy items have sunk².

“At this moment in time we don’t expect any of the debris to be radioactive. When NOAA has been conducting their surveys out in the ocean³, they have not detected anything radioactive either,” said Lau.

Watch the video here


1) As evidence that the probability of radioactive debris washing up in Hawaii is “very low”, Lau said, “The debris washed out into the ocean before the problems with the nuclear reactor.” How does this exclude the debris from being contaminated with radioactivity? If the debris was floating near the surface several kilometers offshore and a radiation plume went over the Pacific, would the debris not encounter airborne radioactivity, as well as possible rainfall containing radioactivity?

2) As evidence that the probability of radioactive debris washing up in Hawaii is “very low”, Lau said, “Most of the heavy items have sunk.” Though we don’t really need to be concerned with heavy items do we, as they aren’t going to float across the Pacific Ocean. They’ll likely sink — It is the floating items that should be the focus. See #1 above.

3) It is not surprising NOAA isn’t detecting radioactive debris, as they already assumed in Dec. 2011, “There is consensus among scientists that radioactive contamination is highly unlikely, for several reasons: a) the tsunami generated debris over a long stretch of shoreline, mostly located many miles away from the Fukushima power plant, and b) the debris washed out to sea before the release of radioactive water. [See 1 above]

h/t Jebus

Published: February 9th, 2012 at 12:03 am ET


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93 comments to TV: Gov’t testing for radioactive material on Hawaii beaches — “It is something that’s been quietly under way for the past year here” — NOAA, EPA, State all preparing together for tsunami debris (VIDEO)

  • Ya just wait until you read them results.

    It would be interesting to see how many of the people participating in the study decide to move after the results from the detections are completed in their processing…

    Its safe. No really I was planning on moving. 😉

  • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

    Drip………….drip………drip…..drip…drip..drip drip drip drip drip DRIP DRIP DRIPDRIPDRIPDDDDRRRRRIIIIIPPPPPPPP.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    What about HI’s oceans? Sooner or later, the waters around HI will be radioactive, if they are not already.

    These are the waters that tourists come to swim and surf and snorkel in, and let their kids play in, and tourism is Hawaii’s biggest business (maybe 2nd after the military actually).

    I think it is quite possible already that the surrounding waters are radioactive. For one thing it has been raining, and we know rain brings down radiation, and we know that Hawaii is in the path of Fuk. radiation and that some HI milk (from Big Island cows) already tested quite high for radiation.

    Mum’s the word on all of this, because nothing must be said to threaten the tourist industry.

    But I live in Hawaii, and I think it is foolish to go into the water or eat any of the seafood without knowing if it is contaminated.

    • James2

      I haven’t paid close attention, however whenever I did look it seemed like the weather from Fukushima tended to go north toward Alaska, swirl around a bit, then dip back down and hit the Seattle/Vancouver area.

      Seemed like most of it missed Hawaii – am I completely off base?

      • We in Hawaii got dosed with 2600% over background aerosolized uranium as admitted by EPA Radnet shortly before they took Radnet down. I am surprised you never checked my analysis that proves beyond reasonable doubt that 10 of tons and maybe 100 tons of uranium (and you know what goes with uranium, the P word) was aerosolized.

        Downloadable PDF. Really just 1st year college level stuff is enough to prove it.

        • jec jec

          @stock Vessel arrived Hawaii, no debris or high radiation detected in southern route from Guam to Hawaii. Just one data point, believe the debris is likely close to the Pacific Gyre and not south of Hawaii yet. This is a private group with just a few boats, with a type of dosimeter, RADTriage. So if SEVERE radiation, will trigger sensor. And of course, radar/visual to observe debris.

        • gr81 gr81

          AND NOW WE KNOW THE uranium was weaponized. Thus coverage was maximized.

          “The improvised use of salt water to cool the Fukushima reactors and spent fuel pools resulted in the weaponization of Uranium fallout via the formation of Fullerenes and Endofullerenes.”

      • hbjon hbjon

        What they will probably do, and it would make good sense. Load the debris onto barges out by Vancouver. Evacuate an island and use it as a radioactive debris storage facility for the time being. Maybe one up by Alaska as well. That stuff can’t be allowed to was up on our shores.

      • hbjon hbjon

        Another point to consider when trying to understand the magnitude of the debri contamination is that after the backwash and settling down of the sea, it may have taken a while for the disrupted ocean currents to regain their flow. It is only a guess. But, some models suggest the the bulk of the debris was still only 10 to 20 km’s off the coast several days after 3/11. Did they nuke the debris to try to sink it?

  • lam335 lam335

    re: “The debris washed out into the ocean before the problems with the nuclear reactor…”

    Why is there always this disconnect with these people? They say it can’t be contaminated because it went out to sea, but a big study said that EIGHTY PERCENT of the fallout went out to sea, so how could it NOT be contaminated?

    • James2

      I’ve said it before, but I think the “radiated debris” stories are probably overblown.

      The vast majority of debris is going to have been washed over and over by ocean water. Any dust that fell on it while it was out to see is going to be dluted considerably. i seriously doubt an entire building or house or something could travel all the way across intact. boats maybe.

      Most of it is going to be tons of trash…

      • lam335 lam335

        It may have been washed over and over, but the Japanese are finding that even when they power -wash surfaces most of the cesium does not wash off because it is so firmly attached to them. The “washing” that would occur in the sea currents/rain would presumably not be nearly as powerful as the water-stream shot out by power-washers.

        • lam335 lam335

          I hope you are right, however, because I hate to think what the “authorities” will do with the stuff if it IS radioactive. Will they try to burn it as as the Japanese are doing?

        • In my opinion its not the debris that we need to be weary of.

          It is the debris field. There is a central area that contains the masse of the contamination. Whether it accumulated and stretched across the oceanic current systems, or merely pooled into a large blob, and is riding the currents like a sea turtle.

          The main thing to be weary of. Is it is on its way here, regardless of how lucky we wish we could be.

          Eventually this will be a catastrophic multinational pandemic. In many ways it already is. Yet as always the worst is yet to come…

          • lam335 lam335

            That’s an interesting point. If there’s a lot of “loose” radioactive stuff floating amidst the pieces of debris, that would be a lot harder to “remove” from the beaches if it washed onto them than the large pieces of contaminated stuff, which can simply be collected/moved.

            They evidently know where this debris field is. I wonder whether any scientists have actually approached it with equipment capable of detecting at least the gamma stuff to find out whether it is “hot” (presumably they could even do this from the air using the “Geiger-copters” that were seen over the Pacific Northwest last summer).

          • hbjon hbjon

            There may be more radioactive contaminants riding the Plutonium raft to America than what has contaminated the whole freakin island of Japan for all the fark we know. Dear Lord, as you know I am not the most religious man in the world, but please listen to my prayers… Sink the raft and protect us from the evil forces of this man-made disaster. Amen

        • jec jec

          Ocean can be worse than power washers! Our boat, with professional paint job, was peeled like an orange in a gale. Looked like a spotted horse. And that was only a Force +gale for three days.

      • James. If spent fuel bundles from unit three vaporized into particle form. The entire ocean will eventually be uninhabitable to 80% or more of its species.

        We are talking 1,500+ underwater nuclear detonations being detonated simultaneously… That would be enough radioactive debris and decay to kill everyone on the planet 10,000+ times over if evenly dispersed.

        We should not take for granted, thousands of seals, fish and whales have died off this year. In addition to articles like the man who only fished near fukushima and was diagnosed with acute cancer.
        Its not a pretty good idea to take the bet you just took…

        There is quite literally a Nuclear debris field in the ocean the size of texas which is killing everything in its path and will continue to kill everything for centuries to come…

        • James2

          You misread my post.

          I’m not saying the ocean didn’t take a deadly wallop with radiation.

          I’m just saying that the tsunami debris that’s going to wash up on the beaches is overblown.

          I know full-well how much stuff burned off, and how bad it is for the ocean.

          The only question in my mind – which you have clearly answered, but i’ve never heard a credible second opinion on is what form the really bad stuff will take and how far it travels.

          • James2

            Arrgh still didn’t get it right.

            My only point was that the radiation attaching itself to the tsunami debris while it was floating away from Japan is probably overblown, because those debris will have gotten washed by the ocean.

            That’s not to say that everything in the ocean isn’t getting radiation.

            What i mean is the junk washing up on the beach is not going to be the real dangerous stuff – which i think you are saying too.

            Clear as mud, I’m sure.

        • mikey

          No Taco I disagree– not 80% all species in the ocean wipe out from the explosions alone (including all manner of attic based SFPs)but in the constant addition of sea water to cool the coriums on top of all that nuke puke crap then yea- we will get there.. if they keep it up

        • I agree.

          Look at pictures of the ocean currents around Fukushima. You’ll see that there are 7 or 8 major eddies that would bring the debris back into shore – even if washed out into the ocean a ways.

          Not knowing if it is radioactive or not means the damage is done.

          If you’re not sure if something is poisonous – you can’t eat it.

          The “not-knowing” is destroying our food supply, the air we breathe and everything else.

        • StPaulScout StPaulScout

          If reactor 3 blew it’s core and vaporized a large part of itself, and if reactors 1 and 4 vaporized parts of their cores, if SFP3 vaporized most of it’s contents, if SFP4 has burned, and these are not very big “IF’s” there is already enough Plutonium and Uranium floating about to fuck up virtualy all of the worlds fresh surface water and farmland, and all of the oceans and seas. The next 5 to 10 years will be telling, to say the least. Thankfully I have stashed a few bottles of Macallen 18. I plan to die partying my ass off!

      • mikey

        RADIOactive trash

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Whatever is being carried on ocean currents and is settling into ocean sediments is probably a bigger concern, but the jury’s still out of course ….

    • I agree Iam335.

      Everyone should probably sit down when they announce the results of this weeks fukushima lottery. lol.

      Remember that the chinese have already reported 100,000 square miles of radiation in the pacific. Contaminated 100,000,000 times the ‘Normal’ amount.

      It is not very likely that the radiation levels in Hawaii are anywhere near normal at this point in time. Along with the entire pacific ocean for that matter. being radiaiton levels in the puget sound showed low level radioactive contamination, just only weeks following the 3/11 disaster. We can only expect that the levels have gotten much much worse by this time.

      Especially in light of the fact that 80tons of coolant has leaked from the reactors daily for 320 days.
      But The funniest part is that almost every sample to-date taken for plutonium has turned up hot. Meanwhile Tepco has yet to admit the environmental damages to the continental united states, canada, and mexico.

      Why on earth wouldn’t they do more sampeling? Why are the results all being kept behind locked doors, and why is the public not paying any attention to this at all!

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      “Lau said, “The debris washed out into the ocean before the problems with the nuclear reactor.””

      The reactor, singular not plural. When I read these little distortions in a downplay spin piece I wonder which other elements are spun and which, if any, are facts.

      falsus in unum falsus in omnibus

      • aigeezer aigeezer

        “It is something that’s been quietly under way for the past year”. One other little distortion – taken at face value, they started testing a month before the earthquake, an amazing feat of prescience.

        To me, the word that screams loudest in that sentence is “quietly”.

        • or-well

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  • kauaisoapbox

    I live on Kauai and have been doing regular samples since early May when I received my first high quality Geiger-Meuller. There have been some spikes that were significant but they almost always occurred with rain and certain jet-stream behaviors. I now have four geiger counters set in a very clean enviroment. lead lined PVC tubing with UPC battery back up etc. I have taken numerous readings around the island and have not found readings over 60cpm in the field ever. ( With the exception of granite counters at several hotels that registered above 100cpm but that is another issue.) I will continue to take readings. In the next few weeks, I will see if I can get a few volunteers to go with me, and I will have the Geiger hooked up to a netbook and GPS and we will see what we find. I will keep you posted.
    K. deTreaux

  • retali8 retali8

    results? what results, people we may never see an accurate figuire here,
    what about the seals they were testing? results must of been concerning, hence they were not released leaving the unaware still living sheeple,,
    its time to group together in a race to save man kind,,

    • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

      Yeh, what about the seals? Didn’t they say it would take a week or so to get the results? Been over a month, right? Who was doing the testing? Who to contact? Are we going to need a FOIA request?

  • kauaisoapbox

    Also…I am interested in doing water readings. If anyone has insight as to how to do water reads with a unit such as the Inspector+ or The Detector… please let me know.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Have you asked International Medcom about doing those tests?

    • mikey

      Concerning water readings- Fill a plastic bag or bottles fill and wipe down and take 2 readings off of sum radaktive control to dial in ur machine then put ur machine in its own disposable plastic sheath and place it on top of water sample- For other readings say mud u pop that glop in a plastik bag n repeat. Ideally multiple readings from same area and then tag the phx location n log it thats it… well keep log updated and play out a grid with others so ur not overlapping too much cept for rechecking too hi or to low readings

  • TheMysticWizard1

    I remember reading about this debris field that was supposed to hit the west coast any day now. I think that was about a month ago. Maybe I’m missing something…. But where is it? Did we ever get satellite photos or anything of it? Not that I don’t believe it’s there, but maybe I’ve just missed this info?

  • ruth

    These are articles that talk about the Fukushima debris. Scientists in Hawaii have been tracking it and Russian ships have came across some of it in September by the Midway Islands. The Scientific American article says that the main debris field will not hit the US shores for 2 to 3 more years, however increasing amounts are now washing up in Canada.

  • Purple squirrel found in pennsylvania. (I like squirrels so i had to post this).

    Fukushima related ???

    • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


      I once knew someone who had a problem with pesky squirrels, so, one day, he trapped them in a cage and spray painted them yellow. He took them to a nearby National Forest and released them.

      The next day there were about the same number of squirrels of normal color pestering him.

      I surmised that the rangers working in the national forest reporting the sighting of yellow squirrels to their supervisors may have been tested for drugs.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    #Fukushima – 350 Times Maximum Annual Radiation Dose Permissible?
    I asked Physicist Dr. Paolo Scampa, PhD. of the AIPRI Blog fame, what this translates to for everyday people, their kids and families. The Fukushima nuclear tragedy is still going on after 335 days as of Wed, Feb 08, 2012 affecting the entire world.

  • Anthony Anthony

    New nuclear reactors set to be OK’d for Georgia
    By Steve Hargreaves @CNNMoney February 9, 2012: 5:10 AM ET

  • Anthony Anthony

    Fish radioactive but ‘still edible’
    WPTZ|Added on February 8, 2012
    A report finds some fish in northern Vermont have traces of radioactive materials in them. WPTZ has the story.

  • Anthony Anthony

    Scientists Find Radioactive Fish In New Part Of Vermont

    Levels Similar To Those Found At Vt. Yankee

    Lauren Victory
    POSTED: 11:51 pm EST February 7, 2012

    Read more:

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Thanks Anthony. Posted all to HP 🙁

    • ion jean ion jean

      Here’s some health dept details on the findings of STRONTIUM 90, CESIUM 137 AND POTASSIUM 40 IN FISH IN THE MOST PRISTINE PART OF VERMONT, where I live…

      Interesting to note 2 points…the insistance to measure and comment on Potassium 40 in an effort to “spin” radiation exposure and where is the damn CESIUM 134 TEST RESULTS???

      They are very careful to say that these provide a baseline for historic nuclear testing AND (RECENT?) GLOBAL NUCLEAR EVENTS:

      • ion jean ion jean

        “On July 26, 2011, we received results from our contract laboratory for nine additional samples of fish samples taken since June 2010. No iron-55 or nickel-63 was detected in these samples. Similar to earlier results from the Wadsworth Laboratory, strontium-90 (Sr-90) was detected in most of the nine new samples. One finding of Sr-90 just above the lower limit of detection in one fish sample was notable because it was the first time Sr-90 had been detected in the edible portion of any of our fish samples.

        Preliminary results of fish collected from Lake Carmi in 2011 show the levels of radioactive materials, both naturally-occurring and human-made were similar to those in fish collected from the Connecticut River in 2010 and 2011. Low levels of cesium-137 and naturally-occurring potassium-40 were found in all the fish tested, in both edible and inedible (bone, guts) portions. Low levels of strontium-90 were found only in the inedible portion of the fish.

        Lake Carmi was selected as a collection site because the Department of Fish and Wildlife was already sampling the lake at a time when we needed samples from water unaffected by nuclear power plants. The Lake Carmi fish provide a baseline measure of radioactive materials that are expected as a result of historical above-ground weapons testing and global nuclear incidents. The levels of radioactive materials are similar to what has been documented in the U.S. diet and do not pose a health risk.”

        • ion jean ion jean

          “…we needed samples from water unaffected by nuclear power plants.”



          This is how we know they’re full of bull!!!!

        • Whoopie Whoopie

          Oh man Ion Jean. That;s SPIN at it’s finest. Who do they think their kidding!?!? POSES NO THREAT. Riiight.

          • ion jean ion jean

            Hey Whoopie, how do they get away with contradicting their own agencies’ historic medical findings?

            “The levels of radioactive materials are similar to what has been documented in the U.S. diet and do not pose a health risk.”

            Then go watch a medical effects film from the early 50’s and the US government clearly states that internal contamination poses a health risk!

            • Whoopie Whoopie

              Hey IJ 1 word: MOTHERFLACKERS.

              • ion jean ion jean

                Or to put it another way: MOTHER BOOBSLAYERS!

                • Whoopie Whoopie

                  I truly dont see a way out of this shit. When you have a Government who works against us in every aspect of our lives, from reports claiming NO RISK to the EPA saying “ITS SAFE” ect. Kill me QUICK. I dont want a slow painful death. But that’s exactly what their doing to us.

                • ion jean ion jean

                  @Whoopie…oh, but what a crazy fun rollercoaster ride this is along the way…

                  I have young children and their future to think about…so am I gonna sit quietly and watch this go by?

                  HELL NO!!! HELL NO!!! I’m gonna keep on talking about this to anyone who will listen and one day I’m gonna tell the right people who will further the ANTINUCLEAR REVOLUTION that has been imposed upon us to create!

                  Keep faith in your heart…there are MANY variables at work here, including the fact that radioactive fission products CAN theoretically pass through your body without doing damage and some human DNA will adapt to the irritations and many natural substances like rosemary and clay will repair and/or remove isotopes.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    IEEE Spectrum: A massive solar storm could knock out nuclear plants, triggering many meltdowns.
    Take Survey Here

  • aigeezer aigeezer

    “The survey involves taking two samples at each spot, at waist height as well as at ground level.”

    It’s hard to imagine a debris field hovering at waist level.

    I see how it would be of academic interest to sample at waist level, but I think I’d rather see them take extra samples at ground level if they have limited resources.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    F***ing EPA..
    Look…. see their position on the BP oil spill..
    ..oh they come out strong in opposition..say like Nancy Pelosi..set it people up to think they are doing the right thing…while in the meantime they are conspiring to cover up the situation.
    Please see this document..see all the dedactions
    This is worthy of a download ..print… methinks.
    The government was sneaker this time…they won’t even admit to a problem.
    They will never admit to the tsumani garbage problem..until it is sitting in the harbors…and then they will continue to look the public in the eye..and proclaim it not there..
    …ust like there is oil on the beaches of the GOM…

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    OT OVERTURN CITIZENS UNITED: A Constitutional Amendment
    52893 grassroots supporters Dang…needs many more signatures!

  • hbjon hbjon

    Finally a thread in reference to one of my former posts. The debris will be radioactive. Despite all the speculation, logic would dictate that if PU and Ur follow the inverse square law in it’s deposition, the higher concentrations would have fallen closer to the source because of gravitational force on them. Secondly, when the vectors of air currents are factored in over time, the deposition will increase. Nowthen, understand that if Pu and Ur are in the rain, the raindrop hits an object, some of the molecules interact with the chemical forces of the matter that the water saturates. If the metallic element has a higher affinity with the wood, plastic or other floating matter, it will attach itself to it. In another example, a hot piece of matter can burn into another piece of matter. The forces of the tide and waves may have limited ability to wash the debris.

    • bluebonnet bluebonnet

      Hi – Would you mind giving us a link to your post. I’m very interested in the debris and would like to read your post.
      Thank-you !

    • hbjon hbjon

      I thought it might be in response to this one———————————————————-> hbjon
      February 7, 2012 at 1:14 pm Log in to Reply
      I still want to know about the tsunami debri. I am talking to you media. Some experts think that the debri collectively served as a transport barge of plutonium to our west coast of North America. Our common observations seem to confirm this as well. The debris was just off the shores of Japan when the plants spewed. The wind was blowing out to sea. Gravity pulled the heavier particles and pieces back down to earth. The debris has been floating in the ocean currents toward North America. 1+1+1+1= 4. 4=Don’t touch the stuff that washes up on shore.

      Report Comment

  • StillJill StillJill

    If their lips are moving,….they’re lying. At this point.

  • bluebonnet bluebonnet

    Hi – Would you mind giving us a link to your post. I’m very interested in the debris situation and would like to read your post.
    Thank-you !

  • arclight arclight

    want the low down on how monitoring systems are “loaded”?
    then youve come to the right place!
    been having a long winded day trying to access eurdep and i think they did a test run on the new improved “no information you can use here” mapping system! but there was!!

    this video outlines what they are up to! and hints at what they might be hiding! the nuclear industry is on its knees and the cover up is becoming a bit more desperate.. if these emmissions are no problem, why hide the data?

    was the beir report right and the dose moves in a linear fashion or is it worse for the young, especially girls! .. my interest? i have two daughters
    my fears, that science is being misused and reactor bred isotopes are far worse than we have been led to believe..

    you decide!

    it is a bit suspicious that since fukushima diachi reactor 3 went up that the usa, canada, japan and now europe are turning their monitors off or are over averaging the software to give a “mean” average.. a straight line!! thats not how fallout clouds move!

    i give you this hasty video and will post the second with the rest of the data i maaged to glean!

    take care everyone.. how bad or not do you think it is.. why no press coverage? why the clamp down on anyone described as an activist? whats there to fear?

    most depressing.. quickly though mid germany had over 7 bq/m3 Pb214 the average around germany 3.5 bq/m3
    bottom left corner of germany about 4.3 bq/m3
    did i say slovenia??
    american fallout expected in norway.. azores off
    all monitoring stations stopped taking data at 12.00 midnight of the 8th feb 2012 and this report was done at 18.00 gmt 9th feb 2012
    russia has switched off their monitoring stations as had ireland..
    uk monitoring stations remain on but the map has been de-linked, the isotope choice has been disabled (eventualy LOL!)


    • arclight arclight

      eurdep 9th febuary 2012 uodate Pt 2 of 2

      • arclight arclight

        in this second video i first found eurdep on and then i edited the various monitors to make things a bit clearer.. i tried my best.. it was a surprise to see it on.. and as i used the system it seemed someone was following me around and altering the coding to stop me digging

        i think that slovenia is reaching a peak in many isotopes but be7 is on the increase in the czech republic and the eastearn side of germany is showing high values in Pb210! the wind is from the south east… czech republic?
        the czech monitor shows an increase in the last week of
        and the pb214 was monitoring stopped a few days ago (approx)..suspicious??
        eiropes monitoring is being OBVIOUSLY manipulated and theis is the evidence.. though 20 good lawyers could easily argue the point!
        remember cigarettes??
        the czech monitoring sytem shows high values in gamma to the south of the country and as you head east the monitoring stations show lower values.. to the west 0.12 microsieverts/he with some higher values.. the wind direction..

        this will be heading to norway!! so will the american fallout weekly “pulse” double whammy for norway!!

        i love norway!! 🙁 and the nordea bank investing in refined uranium weaponry obviously has big clout in the country

        go long on mining and fracking beautiful norway out of existance!! merde!

        heres the links to the czech monitoring

        heres a link to the be7 and cs137 and pb214

        and heres the serbian one to keep an eye on slovenia 🙂

  • cant fool all the people all the time

    @ Kauai Soapbox

    I'll be back in Kauai in April if you need some help taking readings. I too am most interested in the water readings for obvious reasons having to do with surf but more importantly because I've two young boys and radiated water means radiated beaches – not to mention rivers and such. We live in kilauea.

  • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

    Anything "strangely" radioactive. There should be ZERO radioactivity of anything washing up on those shores. The plume of radioactive water is most efficiently, from a scientific standpoint, tested in biological organisms since radionuclides following the same, or even more efficient (more intense telescoping) BIOACCUMULATION of actinides, radionuclides and transuranics. This article is disinformation. It is trying to calm you down; but it is lying to Hawaiins. Hawaiin communities should be pooling resources and buying their own higher quality alpha, beta and gamma radiation emitter sensing Geiger Counters, which cost from $5,000 to $10,000, to test their own BIOLOGICIAL organisms caught in the waters off Hawaii, as well as the far less contaminated debris and beach sediments for evidence of accumulation of radionuclides directly from the plum of continuously worsening and increasingly radioactive water coming from ground water discharge from at least three fissioning Fukushima Dai ichi coriums in very porous bedrock with a lot of ground water communication with the ocean from 3/12/2011 to the present.