TV: “Growing problem in Fukushima” — “Healthcare workers trying to shed light on a silent killer” — “We’re seeing more and more people with physical conditions and diseases” (VIDEO)

Published: July 3rd, 2014 at 11:45 pm ET


NHK WORLD, July 2, 2014 (h/t Deep13th Nuclear Waste Info): Nuclear Watch: Disaster-Related Deaths

  • NHK: Healthcare workers in northeastern Japan are trying to shed light on a silent killer. More than 3,000 people have died in the years since the 2011 earthquake and tsunami and the start of the nuclear crisis… Different levels of government have been working to reverse the trend… The staff and volunteers at the nonprofit group Nagumi have been trying to stop a growing problem in Fukushima, they work on behalf of the prefectural government to prevent disaster related deaths.
  • Kazuma Yonekura, Director of Nagumi: We’re still seeing more and more people with physical conditions and diseases… I don’t think it’s enough to take measures against suicide… I will keep asking why the client died, what we can do to save his life, and what kind of support is truly needed.
  • NHK: Yonekura says the uncertainty about the future in Fukushima has prompted him to focus on long-term open ended support. He says communities need to come together to help individuals, especially in Fukushima, where the accident is still very much a present day concern.

Note: The orange bars on the map indicate the number of disaster-related deaths after 3/11 disaster. The blue bars indicate the number of deaths on 3/11 when the earthquake and tsunami struck. Notice that no data is shown for the area in red that has been most affected by the fallout from the nuclear disaster — and that the vast majority of deaths after 3/11 are in areas surrounding Fukushima Daiichi.

Watch the NHK broadcast here

Published: July 3rd, 2014 at 11:45 pm ET


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148 comments to TV: “Growing problem in Fukushima” — “Healthcare workers trying to shed light on a silent killer” — “We’re seeing more and more people with physical conditions and diseases” (VIDEO)

  • zogerke zogerke

    Thank you admin for posts tonight.

    Makes me think how there is no recent cancer registry for many states, pa among them.

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      zog…if there were a registry they would have to admit how bad things are.

      Yes, thanks admin…I'm happy to see you're still out there I was worried about you 😮

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        hello z & nbo,1st I want to agree that it's a big relief when admin gets back safe & sound and that goes with or without new threads! Secondly,I have someone working on getting me the IL cancer stats kept from public knowledge for 3 years and all current compared to the crap they pulled by publicizing only the 2010 report with a fucking smirk since it holds that cancer incidence is down based on that flawed data & position claiming & started out with "Good News!!" in the AMA
        journal a month or so ago! My source also is trying to get more obscure documents that evaded the shredders that describe the details surrounding the change many haven't heard about re; the standard "5 yr. treatment plan and criteria used to provide the prognosis's & odds of survival" has quietly been changed to 10 years but isn't widely known prior to whatever concocted explanation they plan to use to justify acts that change the outcomes,expectations of life & the presence of "something" that isn't exactly conducive to maintaining the stupid smile & "positive" attitude they politely claim has such a profound impact on survival expectations.Sounds too much like "go suck a banana & smile while you do it you POS civilian sheep!!?Anyways it may contain PA & other state/national stats you seek so I'll forward it upon my receipt to admin and/or anyone interested when I see him & pick up it & copies of the "sealed" portion of my wife's file & findings of the tumor biopsies! ttyl

      • califnative califnative

        newsblackout – it looks like you heard from the Admin, can you share what you found out? Is she working on the problems? How come she waits so long to respond to us while we are all worried about this? It's hard to track this conversation. Thanks

    • We Not They Finally

      zogerke, if you're in Pennsylvania (as you suggest?,) that's one State we would REALLY like to see the cancer registry for. A dear friend from Pittsburgh was suddenly diagnosed with two separate cancers — lung for a lifetime NON-smoker, and thyroid, which is still a rare cancer. By the time they operated on the thyroid it was stage four (though thank God, she's improving.) It mystified us because we thought that the West Coast was the MOST endangered. But recently, Leuren Moret said that a lot depends on air currents at the time and that right after Fukushima, PITTSBURGH got the worst hit.

      That probably solves the medical mystery with our friend (though we are still angry!,) but I'd be interested in knowing how many in Pittsburgh suffered the same fate.

      • Angela_R

        WeNotTheyFinally, Deaths in Pittsburgh?

        Try this:
        "Radionuclides associated with hydraulic fracturing are man-made radionuclides which are used in the hydraulic fracturing process as radioactive tracers or naturally occurring radionuclides released by this process. Injection of man-made radioactive tracers, along with the other substances in hydraulic-fracturing fluid, is often used to determine the injection profile and location of fractures created by hydraulic fracturing."
        There are many such articles online and there is also the possibility that this may be an avenue that has been pursued in the disposal of nuclear waste.

        And people wonder why there are earthquakes occurring around fracking?

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          And fracking is beginning in California (Central Valley) and in South Western Idaho, near Boise.

          Nuke waste, anyone? Some benzene in your tea?

          Oh, and don't forget to turn on the fan blowing the )*#)% out the windows and doors when you run water. And don't light any matches in your house when the water's running. Or you might go ka-boom! No lie.

          I feel for the people down in Bayou Corne and anywhere else they're doing fracking.

          A little WIPP with your fracking waste, then, sir?

        • J.

          Shortly before taking his life Michael Ruppert gave some video talks, one of which included an image of a deep tracking rig which used depleted uranium for some purpose. He didn't delve into this, but he was a brave and trustworthy reporter for decades, and I believe he was telling the truth. If this material gets into groundwater or comes out into the atmosphere it will do terrible damage.

      • zogerke zogerke

        we not they finally…i live in philadelphia. if i still worked for insurance or utilities i would have some access to some info. i do not.

        if anyone knows personally any insurance brokers or underwriters…especially from a place like state farm….they keep workers comp rates, and illness and injury medical cost data ny industry and by very general job title. And I suspect life insurance brokers and underwriters keep mortality data by age, professions, geographical area.

        SO, if anyone had any neigborly or family connections to these people…you COULD get access to cancer stats post 2011 by state that were aggregated (lumped together, no names)…and indicated clear trends. I don't have those connections…but many of us have big families with some cousin or in law in insurance…

        it would be interesting to see how the cancer rates have trended and changed from that perspective and data. Anyone?

      • mc225

        since 11 mar 2011, i've been watching … and it seemed pennsylvania was always a sort of 'hot spot'. there are a lot more detectors plugged into the network now, but before — when there were less inputs — there always seemed to be a fairly clear, 'semi-hotspot' in pennsylvania. maybe generally in the range of 40-60. i didn't know if it was a power plant, or fracking, or what…

        • zogerke zogerke

          mc225: i wonder too. In Philly I am near no less than 6 nuke plants. I woinbder about rdon (plenriful) and I really wonder about the wissahicken shist that everything stone is built out of. In center city my oiffice building reads in the highe 20s low 30s cpm on an inspector alert. but at home, in a heavily tree-full stone house, it reads round 44 cpm on average. sometimes as low as 28….sometimes much higher

    • califnative califnative

      zorgerke – your message says the Admin showed up but I don't see her comments prior to your post, as in I don't see the page number that shows her comments. I really would like to know what is going on!

    • or-well

      Well, on the topic of the article –
      it's Nagomi, not "Nagumi" and

      No doubt such care is needed, however, one realises any focus on mental health serves the Nukist agenda of blaming "anything but" radiation for all manner of health problems.

      In terms of menatal health care, the area was under-served BEFORE 3/11 and it just got worse after that.

      There's no safe dose of radiation. It's ALSO TRUE trauma and stress have negative health consequences. These people have experienced death, loss of homes & jobs & community. They face an uncooperative, resistant corporation and government that are making it as difficult as possible to get compensation and honest health advice. They face being railroaded back to contaminated areas. They face living in temporary housing in a contaminated region. Those untouched by earthquake, tsunami or evacuation face the dangers of radiation and they all face FURTHER disaster from Fuku.

      No one should be surprised if there's emotional and psychological problems among the populace but any effort to use that to deflect attention from radiation danger must be resisted.

    • Kia Kia

      You will need more than cancer stats to fully assess the damages of the disaster. This is creating a multitude of disorders, including psychological ones (I am not just talking about psychosomatic ones related to fears, poverty, displacement, and PTSD in Japan). There also needs to be extensive research on bio-accumulative effects. It would take an international body of scientists and researchers from many disciplines to cooperate with willing governments. As we know, that is not going to happen because of pride. That is the real Japan Syndrome. So there will be a lot of illnesses and deaths that no one will be able to connect with Fukushima. After a big chunk of the world population has gone, it won't matter.

      • zogerke zogerke

        kia, i do not blame this on japanese pride, that feels like ethnic stereotype and generalization…..i place the lack of research on the MONEY and POWER and REACH of the "military industrial corporate" complex and how it has controlled the MEDICAL and academic communities through money, grants, censorship, fear of job loss, publishing clampdown, and general corruption. THAT is the reason, not 'japanese pride', in my opinion. Huge social control mechanisms are the reason, not a national pride.

        • Tung Jen Tung Jen

          Kia, I fully agree with zogerke…. it is a world paradigm shift we are needing!

        • clamshellernh clamshellernh

          Z I sincerely hope that ignorance does not play into all this in victimizing the Japanese as history shows has been done .
          And of course the mob mentality that happened to the middle eastern peoples in this country with the so called war

      • heart attack, liver and kidney disorders, brain malfunctions, DNA disruptions… wide ranging effects – to understand the multitude of diseases must examine the quantity and quality of radionuclides emitting – way different than the first bombing of Japan – Hiroshima and Nagasaki – the list of radioisotopes is much larger with today's nuclear exploits.

  • Ontological Ontological

    "Shed light on a silent killer" I like that. This is exactly what I am attempting to do.

    Password pinksky all one word.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      There's a lot of that ugly poop-ski sky stuff floating around here, too. But I've noticed it since the geoengineering began. Just more of it in the past 3-4 years.

      What are they dumping out of those planes, in addition to the stuff coming out of the nuke poop plants?

    • chevvvy chev

      @ ontological, thanks for the pictures of the cesium sky, I watch the sunrise over the ocean in the north of NZ every morning as Im driving on the highway (regular run).
      and Ive noticed the changes (much more spectacular)ly, than your photos even indicate,and the colors look sick (bad).
      Interestingly though, our background gamma has changed very little if at all here (yet) and we dont seem to be getting rainfall spikes yet either.
      Still, our day will come ,I am sure…….peace Chevvy

      • Ontological Ontological

        Ho T and Chev, yes enhanced color has been around basically since Chernobyl. Getting worse by the year. Slight inclusions in the NZ sky would make for spectacular sunset/rise events. Did here early on, and due to the uplift of the air here on the Mojave, we are spared the effects to a certain degree. The examples I used as images are BAD and will get worse! I spend much of my days doing this research, and am most dismayed on certain days when this damage is very prominent in a web cam image. HoTaters, they use Aluminum crystals, Beryllium, Boron, and lord knows what else from Anthrax virus, to "NORM's" like Radium in there chemtrails! So yes the colors would be lovely but deadly as I tell people.

    • sayonara kitty sayonara kitty

      ontological, thank you for those photos, they confirm the same types of skys i am seeing in san diego, although that vivid pink one with the rainbow or arc, … wow! (i think it was over atlanta), i've not seen one like that yet. but, wow!

    • PurpleRain PurpleRain

      Excellent collection of photos. Thanks for sharing them with us. Do you recommend that some of us create our own photobucket accounts to share with others too? Has there been any further discussion about this site having some photo-collection, posting. sharing ability here? Sorry I have not been able to read as often as I like so if it was discussed already then I apologize.

  • just breathe just breathe

    My dear friend that died suddenly this week, died of Parialcardio Tamponade.
    His heat blew up. Pretty rare… or is it the beginning of the new norm?

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      just breathe, my friends husbands died three weeks ago from the same thing. A healthy, physically fit 41 year old…and his heart exploded on the way home from work. Another friend lost her little brother 45 six months ago, her sister's husband fell over dead two months later at 46. The new norm is not normal. 🙁

      • just breathe just breathe

        Plz forgive my vulgar fingers…but come on…
        IT is here!

        • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

          Just breathe-That's not all…another friends young 34 year old husband died last year (2013)..he was sick to his stomach for a couple of weeks went to the doctor and they found he had advanced lymphoma…he died 3 weeks later.

          Another friend 47 just had to have two heart valves replaced. He was fine two years ago.

          • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

            It's happening all over NBO! 🙁 But how does surviving loved ones still reject anything holding the logic & circumstances to provide answers or even closure re; the question I know I ask[ed] EVERY time someone good died young,"WHY"? WHY THEM?!! I'm greeted with contempt & anger for even daring to ever associate the radiation I strongly suspect with their illnesses & deaths as if "I" or the deceased "did something BAD" or I'm implying they were careless & deserved it??!! NOTHING could be farther from the truth and I get deeply offended even though I drop any subject that angers or saddens grieving family & friends,but often compelled to risk it anyways when the situations hold the likelihood that if families suffer unexpected tragic losses without explanation it stands to reason that whoever was with or around them when the deadly exposure[s] began then there's likely to be more local friends & loved ones that will be diagnosed with terminal things or just die young "mysteriously"(?)! If no one is allowed to mention cesium,etc. or test & release the findings(if results are positive,that is!)then it isn't such a mystery after all!What gives the nuke-pukes including those "leadership" figures who failed so badly in every way the right to groom such apathy?Naively,I trusted they'd "do the right thing" if/when ANY massive,life-threatening event ever happened,they didn't,but allows better understanding why 3/11 is ignored/dismissed & conveniently…

            • PurpleRain PurpleRain

              I'm so sorry for your frustration and angst about this… I get the same type of response whenever someone has or shows symptoms, etc.. For example, I have a pet bird… have had it for a long time now because it was a rescue..and now it's tail feathers are growing strange and this has just started within the last 6 months or so. I fed it some meal worms..and don't know where those might have originated from, but… well… I can't help but worry esp after reading of similar things happening with birds. Of course my own family members berate me for even thinking it might have anything at all to do with 311.

          • Angela_R

            JustBreath and NBO, please see my reply to WeNotTheyFinally @ 2.46am

          • jcfougere jcfougere

            Friend of mine living in Halifax (Maritime Coast Canada) was feeling sick for a few weeks, went to the doctor and was diagnosed with leukemia.

            He was fit, healthy, and 30 years old.

            Died 2 days later.

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              There is allot of this going on….radiation contamination moves in sporadic waves and drops in sporadic places and it can be found anywhere and everywhere today on this planet. We have seen the vibrating water and the same can happen to the/our blood that flows through our veins..because it's all water. 🙁

      • jonnyboy jonnyboy

        were just droppin like flies huh?

      • yeah… my mom who had Rheumatoid Arthritis for years suddenly died due to her heart blowing up two years ago. I asked her to stop eating fish… but, no… she had been in serious pain for days before her heart blew up. This was not an expected condition reported by her doctors, it was completely out of the blue. Eating Fukushima contaminated food destroys organs.

        There should be a tracking system of all the youth and sports enthusiasts who've had heart conditions pop up the past three years. That is not normal but becoming more frequent.

        • alasanon

          So sorry for your loss!!…
          I've been worried about my folks, but I stayed after them, and they're hanging in there. Many of their friends have not been so fortunate. They've been going to so many funerals… It does not seem coincidental. In general, heart failure and cancer seem to be on an upswing…

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      How old were your friends, NewsBlackout, just breathe?

  • just breathe just breathe

    Sorry -his heart blew up.

  • We Not They Finally

    It's good that the Japanese man with the non-profit health group is able to speak at all. The people at Fukushima Medical University just lie and cover up and follow the fascist rules. I hope that Nagumi has success in getting publicity for this desperately-needed help.

  • Ontological Ontological

    Sorry about your friend JB. Damage to heart wall muscles is a Cesium thing.

  • Jebus Jebus

    How many of these deaths are from workers at the plant.

    How many will go, into eternity, with no acknowledgement of their lives?

    How many creatures are at the edge of darkness right now?

    How many citizens of Japan are standing, kneeling, and lying, on the beach?

    How many children have Fukushima heart?

    How many?

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      It is something I think about daily…

    • Tung Jen Tung Jen

      Fred died yesterday, an Iranian friend who ran the Bamboo bar in San Ignacio, heart attack, under 50.
      Bol dealing with his white hollow bone cancer stopped by in the morning on his way up the road to check on his caves, he will turn 51 next month. Asako has taken her family , her Belizean husband young daughter and son back to Japan to see her folks in Ibaraki.

      Call it La-La Land and plant more seeds! Need another Robert Anton Wilson hit!

  • just breathe just breathe

    ONE is too many

  • Uranium_Mountain Uranium_Mountain

    Do you all remember back in the 80's?The world had some messed up moments but we still believed things could get better and we could make it happen.

    Look where we are now.

    Listen to this song, remember those days and how it felt.

    We are the World…

    • nedlifromvermont

      Thank you Uranium_Mountain for the memory; I can't watch/listen to that without tearing up in a major way; … but

      I'm reminded how the 80's became our "Morning in America" … where the US Gov cynically helped both sides in the Iran/Iraq war: 'helping them kill each other better/faster … where the truths of Three Mile Island were covered up by the former Nuclear Navy man, Jimmy Carter; Hyman Rickover went over to the anti-nuke side and was not heard from in a meaningful way, ever again;

      How the keys to the kingdom were handed over to the former GE pitchman, Ronnie Reagan, … and the uranium madness was allowed to flourish and flower, even though the ultimate nightmare of a full-on plutonium economy had been avoided; …

      Well-educated idiots, such as myself, were won over to the sappy lies of the uranium pushers … I would not become a full-throated nuclear abolitionist until the late 1990's (!!!;) …

      Chernobyl was covered up, even though it really couldn't be; …

      We were stinkin' mad at Iran for humiliating us at the embassy … so we elected a pitchman for the nuclear holocaust we now endure and die from; …

      The smart people in the movement (Nader, Gofman) moved on and fought whatever battles they could fight and the nuclear juggernaut rolled on;… All Lies and Death and exploding hearts …

      Even my skeptical son was willing to listen, a little, at the family wedding: two friends recently dead from leukemia; … !

      peace …

      • PurpleRain PurpleRain

        Where is Nader now .. when it comes to this topic, Is he even aware? I wonder how many of them are just too heavily invested in these death-industries to care at all.

        • DebbyS-AbqNM DebbyS-AbqNM

          I suggest you use a search engine (Google, DuckDuckGo, etc) to search Nader Fukushima He is well aware of the problems; also note he is 80 years old now. I'd vote for him again if he were to run for national office…

  • Kashiko Kashiko

    Sorry to tag in on you UM but I can't log in another way.
    Saw this on NHK World TV. They never mentioned radiation at all, it was all a 'Psychological' problem. The diseases where caused by depression from losing one's home etc. It frustrated me a little to watch it. They are still avoiding the main issue.

    • mt1000

      … or they are trying to get out a warning in the only language allowed (avoiding the 'r' word). They are hampered by draconian new laws denying free speech or honest reporting or honest science.

  • General User General User

    July 4, 2014 at 2:46 am

    Angela_R, WNTF, Deaths in Pittsburgh?

    My employer has a small campus 20 miles north of Pittsburgh, at Cranberry Twp. We have lost three people (total population at that site ~=89) to sudden heart problems in the last 7~9 months. That is one heck of a percentage for office workers under 55 years old.

    I was stationed there 3/11 and came down with a purple eye. Only the white of the eye was discolored, no pain, no flesh injury.
    Learned here that is symptomatic of a hot particle in the eye.
    I can only guess why the bi-yearly chest X-ray for 2014 has been 'lost'. Time will tell…

  • General User General User

    About the possibility of rad waste to supplement fracking fluid.
    At 2+ years ago, to the East of Pittsburgh a (fracking worker came down with a debilitating skin condition. It was all over the PA news media, unknown reason for 'chemical like' burns on arms, chest, anterior torso. Never any follow up on that story, sounded a LOT like Beta burns.

    2) Randy Moyer of Portage, PA worked with a local gas company from August 2011 to November 2011. transporting brine … For a short time he cleaned out storage tanks …waste water at the drilling sites. Since that time his health has been so bad that he has seen more than 40 medical doctors; he has … in 17 months… swollen lips and appendages, and a fiery red rash.

  • Angela_R

    GeneralUser, I've just seen your post @ 4.06am. Re: Cleaning storage tanks. Are they checked for radioactivity?
    btw we are off topic, I did not realize that I had posted here on a Fukushima related thread. The OFF Topic or General Nuclear Forums are, I believe acceptable for this kind of posting.

    here is an UK site re fracking, though only in its infancy

    and another in Australia:

  • just breathe just breathe

    Got it Angela
    I was OT

  • Nick

    Oceans of light

    over vast human contrived darkness.

    Folks, the silent killer (s) of decaying atoms is just one more way and means that humans obliterate those around them.

    Deep in our genes we learned to kill. Others teamed up with the guy
    with the proverbial big stick.
    But some different genes lingered
    on in the gene-pool, across time, for millenia, the ones of a more
    powerful sort, the peacemakers.

    The killing cycle is like radioactive atoms, it doesn't get go away. but festers and fissions as others fan the flames and join the cause. War.

    The genes of peace are everywhere, just dominated by those who cherish corporate profits and death above all else.

    The warring genes are like ebola, trying to hemmorage social safety nets into oblivion, while they grow fat and flaunt fate every step of the way, but eventually killing the host.

    We are at a cross roads. There is NO other choice, for the rest of time, than to turn our backs on splitting the atom.

    The illness of the warring genes is and has been tryly successful.

    Time to breed and hope for healthy peace-niks.

  • or-well

    "Can't Log In or Register at page upper right?
    Click on either at page bottom."

    Maybe we should add that to the start of every new thread.
    Whoever is around at the time.
    At least until the "404" problem is fixed.

  • Nick

    The scary thing about our time, is the tendency to revert to earlier
    times and beliefs, to digress as a species and reject what our brain pans have actually figured out.

    Now is the time for the best medicine everywhere, across the planet.

    Not just Western medicine, nor Eastern, etc. But a blend of the best.

    Why are we in a society of pills and extravagant x-ray imagers when
    we could be herbaling our selves back to health and sanity?

    Why are we altering the genes of anything? Who are we to do that?

    We have the capacity to use the best science AND the best folklore simultaneously.

    To survive we have got to actually do the reverse of prepping and build community.

    What is mine is more valuable to me if you enjoy and share it as well.

    • JimLynch JimLynch

      NICK: Perhaps the very best medicine is this site and a few others, where we all knowingly come together to support each other at this endpoint. The mutagenic damage is already done, although continuing. Your thoughts at the end about survival are quite inciteful. HIS plan is being carried out. We are all paying for our folly. Sadly, as more and more of it's evidence becomes apparent, more and more humanity will become "numb" to it. Why do we only change our ways on the cusp of extinction? To all those suffering the loss of loved ones, I wish you peace–soon to come for all of us.

    • Tung Jen Tung Jen

      This is my thing too Nick… check us out at Pacbitun Farm on "ugh" Facebook Also enjoy "ideas" on the CBC podcasts about Nogrowth, Uhotium in Brazil and I like concepts of the "modern primitive".

  • Nick

    The signs of Fukushima are all around me.

    I admit to an unfathomable sorrow, not a depression, but an ache in my soul for the ripping away of our collective futures.

    The necklace. Notice how many more folks around have the neck scar?

    The earth. Something is wrong with the decay cycle on the leaf litter. When the worms leave, the soil changes. (but also micro changes- soil bacteria, etc)

    The sky. see pink as altered atmosphere, letting more solar energies to penetrate and devastate life below.

    The political world. Absolutely batshit crazy. Just what is Independence again?

    Everywhere, people are hungering for a genuine life, not a plastic and superficial one.

    The change we want to see in the world partially comes from our own actions and thoughts.

    Time to change our world view.

    Notice how things have gotten a tad more violent since 3/11/11?

    Resources are growing scarcer as the earth diminishes her gifts due to the decaying atoms of Fukushima.

    Have noticed kids are getting swollen lymph glands in strange places (like groin area)…….

    • jec jec

      OT, should be with WIPP comments, BUT bottom line..LIQUID is banned at WIPP…The comment “identified certain conditions that might potentially cause an exothermic reaction inside a drum. Among them are neutralized liquids, a low pH and the presence of metals.” Thats LIQUID!

  • jackassrig

    I had lymphoma and the lymph glands will swell under the arm pits and around the groin. Lymph glands are heavy in those areas. If the glands swell it is very painful. Lymphoma is in the lymph system which is as vast as the blood system. So someone who has lymphoma has cancer from top to bottom. Lymphoma tends to collect around the stomach area. I never had stomach pain. I never had any pain at all. Lymphoma is a silent killer.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Yes, it is, and this cancer is still growing in alarming numbers worldwide. 🙁 Hope you beat it!

    • JimLynch JimLynch

      To reply to this and others that have written of "exploding hearts" or pericardial tamponade, this is usually the collection of lymph and blood around the heart,contained by the pericardial sac, which "squeezes" the heart not allowing movement to pump blood to the rest of the body–literally strangulation of the heart. "Exploding" hearts could also be a massive infarction as well-what we call "widowmaker" lesions. These conditions are not normally found in the young.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      Wild grizzly bear dies while running uphill 2013

    • nedlifromvermont

      Ran through the last link … Guess there is a little more than civilian nuclear power to be concerned about … but that seems to be their weak link … this program is so obviously STUPID … as in: if we can't get people to agree with us on the uranium scam … then there really is little hope to corral the monsters …

      I was surprised at the quote from Barbara Marx Hubbard … I've met her and went to elementary school with her kids … she seemed sensible, at the time … back in 1997 …

      But I wouldn't put anything past Dick Cheney or Heinrich Himmler (d.)

      I will come back to the survival guide.

      Thanks back at you American Phoenix57!

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      +1000000. TY American Phoenix.

      “…1986 Chernobyl – 195 days to containment. A single uranium powered nuclear plant without plutonium (MOX) fuel and NO spent fuel pools, located far from any ocean in the middle of what was then the Soviet Socialist Republic of Ukraine was running at low power had a partial meltdown, exploded and burned for ten days until an army of half a million “liquidators” buried it and entombed it in a concrete sarcophagus. It sent a plume of radioactive particles 2 kilometers into the atmosphere – equivalent in toxicity to 400 Hiroshima bombs. It contaminated forty percent of Europe and Central Asia. A thousand kilometers in all directions are permanently contaminated. It has slowly killed a million people and destroyed the DNA of millions more….”

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      “…2011 Fukushima – 1210 days no containment. Three uranium and plutonium powered nuclear plants and four large spent fuel pools, located on the shores of Eastern Japan were running at full power, had triple "China Syndrome" meltdowns, exploded and two hundred tons of radioactive fuel burned up into the atmosphere and burned down into the groundwater aquifer that empties into the Pacific Ocean. For over two and a half years an army of ten thousand down on their luck contract workers have tried to mop it up and then filter and save the mop water. It didn’t work. It can never be stopped. It sent a plume of radioactive particles 5 kilometers into the atmosphere – equivalent in toxicity to 6000+ Hiroshima bombs. It has contaminated seventy percent of Japan and much of East Asia. Three thousand square kilometers of the Pacific, and growing, are permanently contaminated. It has begun to slowly kill millions of people in the northern hemisphere and destroy the DNA of billions more….

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      “-‘ No amount of radiation is safe. Every dose is an overdose. ‘
      – Nobel Laureate George Wald, in 1953.”

  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. The Japanese have to be the stupidest humans on earth. Hey Japan, guess what, you can't live in a radioactively contaminated area and not get sick and die. End of great mystery. Move the people to a non-contaminated area or leave them there to die, you're call. Let's all watch and see what Japan does with it's own citizens.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      Well, all the nuclear industry worldwide including the US and Russia share equally stupidity and craziness. There are people in all the nuclear countries who don't share the characteristics of the nuclear industry and who are protesting.

      TPTB don't want to move then because all these people living near nuclear facilities are extremely radioactive. Include in that all the soldiers and their children of all the nations attacking and having been attacked with depleted uranium weapons and armament. There is nuclear contamination all over the nuclear countries, especially the US and Russia. TPTB are killing off everyone including their own children.

      • nedlifromvermont

        Nothing like "eating your own …";

        I'm glad we're all still here, still posting … a flickering beacon of sanity and truth …

        peace to all the 'newsers!

  • jackassrig

    Lymphoma is a slow growing cancer. It may take 10 – 12 years before it rears its ugly head. By then you are probably stage 4 and need treatment soon. Doctors who see swelling in the lymph glands assume the patient has an infection. They treat the infection – which can't be found – with antibiotics. The swelling recedes. This happened to me. About 10 – 12 years later the cancer will surface. If you have swelling glands and the doctor can not find the cause, try to get a bone marrow test. Lymphoma will be in the marrow. The doctors could not find the cancer but when I had a bone marrow test, there it was lurking.

  • weeman

    Their is no stastistics on red area, but did you note that the areas to the north east have a higher level off incidents, why is that not the prevailing wind direction?
    Can't fool a fool?

  • dunkilo

    The horrific death watch continues…all over the globe.Growing everyday.It seems EVERYBODY has chronic medical issues."healthy" people dropping dead .Cancer anyone?Everyone?Gov.owned by who knows.($)

  • davidh7426 davidh7426

    I wonder just how the Japanese medical authorities will be categorizing the deaths of those residents that choose to return to live in Fukushima.

    Suicide perhaps… State sponsored suicide…

    Because to be honest that's just what it is, I'm not saying that people wouldn't die earlier than they should have elsewhere in Japan. But returning to Fukushima, is just playing radiological Russian roulette, with just one empty chamber instead of five.

    Of course whatever wording they put on those 'death certificates', it won't be the truth, no mention of radiation, no mention the State.

    It's a million different ways to die, all cause by one radioactive particle.


    Forgive me, I'm ranting again 🙁

  • For Independence Day, Take Some Time and read our Basic Law —-Constitution of USA, Read It, Its simple

    Links to the Constitution and Amendments and AoC

    Happy 4th!

    You can read all the docs below in less than 1 hour. Misinformation is rampant concerning these basic laws of the US. Read them, you will be really glad you did. In fact these documents are so simple that a group of high school students, would be able to read and interpret them and apply them to real situations, maybe with just a little help by an older person to provide some historical context and explanation of an older version of English, however for the most part the language used is 97% exactly the same as today.

    • weeman

      It's a beautiful piece of literature unfortunately it has changed from non fiction to fiction and we the people, for the people, by the people, need not apply, but still I can think of regimes that are still in the dark ages?
      4th of July, I am luv in it.

  • For a summary of the Bill of Rights, read here. It may surprise you….they are all gone.

    Lets get them back. Tip it!

  • Ana Ana

    I found an article on the fellow who got overdosed at Hanaford when there was a chemical reaction and the glass glove box he was using exploded in 1976. It lists a horrific year of decontamination procedures and medical issues he endured. I wonder if his death certificate listed something medical rather than radioactive. I think the official party rule here and in Japan is that no one is going to die from radioactive contamination so we officially don't have a radioactive problem. Also helpful to the party line is not collecting the death information of anyone who works or lives around radioactivity. Yep yep no problem here, move along folks.
    Ana in Sacramento

    • maybesomeday

      According to this Bellingham, WA. article Harold McCluskey (the Atomic Man) was only "injured" when "he received 500 times the amount of radiation doctors considered safe in a lifetime and his body set off Geiger counters 50 feet away. He died at the age of 75 of a heart condition that had plagued him before the accident. The room was too radioactively contaminated to be used again and was shut up for periods of as long as 15 years at a time."

      • StPaulScout StPaulScout

        maybesomeday – I have asked this question before on ENEnews. What do we do with humans whose bodies are so radioactive less radioactive humans should not go by them?

        • maybesomeday

          StPS: Harold McCluskey "The Hottest Human Alive". This archived "People" magazine article is from December 3, 1984 (Vol 22, No. 23). "For nearly a month after the explosion, his family could come only within 30 feet of him. In his hometown of Prosser, he was known as 'the atomic man'. Some fearful friends called and said, 'Harold, I like you, but I can never come to your house.' For months, McCluskey rotated his haircuts among several barbers. 'I didn't want anyone's business to be hurt.' The atomic man doesn't express anger, but (his wife) Ella sometimes does. 'The Hanford and Department of Energy spokespeople tried to make it seem as though it was just an industrial accident, like someone falling in a sawmill. It was a catastrophe that ruined Harold's life." Great article.,,20089304,00.html Sometime in the future, who knows? We may all be wearing dosimeter badges.

  • clamshellernh clamshellernh

    Neural tube birth defects occur at 400% the national rate near Hanford nuclear site –

    Friday, July 04, 2014 by: Julie Wilson
    Tags: anencephaly, Hanford nuclear site, pesticide exposure
    (NaturalNews) Experts are still claiming to have no idea what's causing an increase in neural tube birth defects throughout central Washington, at a rate that's much higher than in the rest of the country.

    Since 2010, more than 30 babies have been diagnosed with anencephaly, a "nightmarish neural tube defect in which the fetus does not develop a forebrain, and the rest of the brain is not covered by skin or bone."

    Most babies plagued with this horrid condition either die in the womb or survive for only minutes after birth.

    The anencephaly cases are occurring in a three-county area in central Washington, including Yakima, Benton and Franklin. This particular region is known for being a major agricultural hub, producing cherries, grapes, apples, potatoes and wheat, all cultivated with pesticides containing nitrates.

    Also, the Hanford nuclear site occupies a vast area of land near this region.

    Hanford, a highly classified nuclear weapons development site responsible for developing the plutonium for the bombs that incinerated tens of thousands of Japanese during WWII, is now the most toxic nuclear waste site in the Western Hemisphere.

    Despite the last reactor being shut down in 1987, the facility still maintains solid and liquid radioactive waste, and…

  • clamshellernh clamshellernh

    Dr Helen Caldicott Medical Implications of Nuclear Power – YouTube

    Worthy of a spot here

  • tinfoilhatbrian tinfoilhatbrian

    Geewiz wouldn't the same technology used to detect fractures using radioactive tracers be used to detect tons of it below the fuku-shima world-fracker? Just sayin'!

  • rogerthat
    Interview with Tom Carpenter, Executive Director of the Hanford Challenge about the Hanford Nuclear Reservation – the largest toxic waste site in the Western Hemisphere.

  • rogerthat
    5th US/German Workshop on Salt Repository Research, Design, and Operation
    La Fonda Hotel Santa Fe, New Mexico
    September 7 – 11, 2014
    Title 40 CFR Part 191
    Subparts B and C
    Compliance Recertification Application 2014 for the
    Waste Isolation Pilot Plant
    Appendix PA-2014
    Performance Assessment

    New Mexico Mercury
    6 hours ago – Why do we still not know what's wrong with WIPP? By DON HANCOCK, Southwest Research and Information Center More than four months after a radiation …
    Nuking the World One Spot at a Time!

  • rogerthat
    Tuesday, Jun. 24, 2014
    AP NewsBreak: Few Hanford workers question bosses
    Nuclear waste disposal plans must not remain ‘aimlessly adrift’
    7:52 pm, July 03, 2014
    The Yomiuri Shimbun
    Deciding on disposal sites for “high-level radioactive waste” that comes from spent nuclear fuel at nuclear power plants is a pressing matter.
    Shunsuke Kondo has been appointed president of the Nuclear Waste Management Organization of Japan (NUMO), the entity overseeing the selection of the sites and the construction of the disposal facilities. Kondo was previously chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission. Eight of NUMO’s top 10 executives were replaced at the start of this month, including the previous president, who left his position before his tenure was up.
    In a report compiled in May, an expert committee of the Economy, Trade and Industry Ministry detailed problems in the lack of progress made in the drawn-out process of selecting candidate sites for disposal facilities since NUMO was established in 2000. The report blasted the process as being “aimlessly adrift on the ocean.” …

  • rogerthat

    July 4, 2014
    A safe nuclear waste repository is not possible
    Newburyport Daily News
    To the editor:
    No More Fukashimas applauds The Daily News for printing the editorial from Meriden, Conn., entitled “Storing nuclear waste” on June 17. The editorial warns that “the best-laid schemes of the country’s regulators — the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Department of Energy — seem to have gone awry, [since] even though they have been trying for decades to establish a secure national dumping place for depleted nuclear fuel, it hasn’t happened. Nevada’s Yucca Mountain was supposed to be the site but that plan fell through.”
    The result is that nuclear plants including Seabrook are storing their high-level nuclear waste in our backyards indefinitely, even though nuclear plants were not designed to permanently store spent fuel.
    The permanent, safe disposal of nuclear fuel is a problem that may never be solved. Putting aside the formidable technical challenges of locating a proper geologic site, governors and legislatures vigorously oppose siting a nuclear waste repository in their states. In Nevada, billions of federal dollars were spent at Yucca Mountain before the government had second thoughts and stopped the project.
    The reason for the states’ relentless opposition is that voters, however open to nuclear power they might be, do not want a national nuclear waste…

  • rogerthat

    … repository in their backyards.
    But, in any event, a national waste repository would not guarantee “safe” spent fuel storage because it would create horrible new risks for the nation. If a waste repository opened, it would result in thousands of shipments of high-level radioactive spent fuel moving across the United States, raising the specter of 1.) weather or transport related accidents; or 2.) terrorism in the states through which the spent fuel travels. This threat to our nation’s security is not worth the risk.
    The only way to begin to effectively address the nuclear waste storage problem is to stop generating new spent fuel by banning the licensing and relicensing of nuclear plants, including Seabrook. A ban would gradually end production of new spent fuel as plant operating licenses lapse. Obviously, the U.S. would still need to address spent fuel that has already accumulated. As the editorial stated, “we are stuck with the consequences” of nuclear waste that has already been created. But we can stop creating more.

    Tom MacLachlan

  • Sol Man

    What shall there be: more money, or more life?
    Simple questions and very sadly we know how tptb answer this.

  • reaiege

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