TV: Hawaii coral “the worst scientists have ever seen” — Professor: “It’s like a ghost town… We would not typically see entire colonies bleached, ever” — Gov’t map of ‘maximum bleaching alert area’ in Pacific mirrors Fukushima plume model since 2011 (VIDEO)

Published: January 19th, 2015 at 11:28 am ET


KITV, Nov 25, 2014:

  • One of Hawaii’s prized snorkeling spots… is facing a potential coral die-off. The coral bleaching at the Kapoho tide pools… is the worst scientists have ever seen… Take a dive into the beautiful tide pools… and you’ll notice a dramatic change.
  • Dr. Misaki Takabayashi, University of Hawaii at Hilo marine science professor: “You’ll see kind of like a ghost town.”
  • A ghost town because these large clusters of white that indicate the worst coral bleaching the tide pools… have seen in recent years.
  • Takabayashi: “We’re talking about right now the entire coral colony being bleached and 80 percent of the colonies that exists in Waiopae tide pool being bleached for the rice coral.”
  • Dr. Takabayashi… says all 10 species of coral that call the tide pools home are undergoing some type of stress.  Some like the blue rice coral more than others. Although she says it is normal for coral to undergo a cycle of bleaching, she says this is severe.
  • Takabayashi: “We would not typically see entire colonies bleached — ever — and only 10 percent of the coral colonies that exists in that habitat would be slightly bleached.”
  • [She] says she noticed the spread in late September and blames warmer than normal ocean water as the major stressor…

NOAA Coral Reef Watch, Maximum Bleaching Alert Area2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014

Watch the KITV broadcast here

Published: January 19th, 2015 at 11:28 am ET


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151 comments to TV: Hawaii coral “the worst scientists have ever seen” — Professor: “It’s like a ghost town… We would not typically see entire colonies bleached, ever” — Gov’t map of ‘maximum bleaching alert area’ in Pacific mirrors Fukushima plume model since 2011 (VIDEO)

  • sayonara kitty sayonara kitty

    coral watch, kelp watch, beach watch… we've been watching for almost 4 years. problem is that it cost $ to take action. people need to realize that corporations have no children or grandchildrens futures to worry about. they don't care.

  • Homolumina Homolumina

    A friend is still frolicking in the waters around the Kona Coast, claiming all is still fine, no damage. Women are coming pregnant to swim with the dolphins, bringing their young children to do so too. Sadly this is dangerous now, and the idea of a garden Eden where lions and lambs or humans and dolphins interact has become a pipe dream…

  • melting mermaid melting mermaid

    " Animals of the earth, fowls of the heaven, fishes of the sea, reptiles, and these of every kind, appear there; and they are so much like those on our earth that they cannot be distinguished. I have seen them, and could not percieve any difference. But still there is this difference, that the things that appear in heaven are from a spiritual origin, while those in our world are from a material origin." Emanuel Swedenborg. See, all is not lost. They are all there, in heaven. Safe from corporations and human greed and perils of material existence. I'm sure Homolumina, from what little I know of you, you will get to go there and see for yourself.

    • We Not They Finally

      We've (us two) followed great Indian teachers. One of them, a woman saint, once said sweetly, "The life you think you have is not your real life."

      That may be true! Yet we are all here in material form for SOME immense purpose[s], and the squander and waste and destruction still resonates as an unbearable assault. I also want anyone who wants/needs to be here to have a good life. I can't ever discount that. Or that I DO look, so it must be bearable, but that whole huge portions of the population cannot (for whatever reasons) even get that far.

      We were trying to explain "ongoing, escalating, cumulative" to a "sharing" group recently, and a woman with a baby in her arms said, startled, "But bad things have always happened in the world." And the implication, of course was, "We've always come back from it." I couldn't bear to go further. Not right then, not to a woman with a baby in her arms.

      It's like living on a steep cliff…

      • melting mermaid melting mermaid

        I don't even bring it up anymore. I've been yelled at, cussed, fired more than once and I have more or less alienated all my friends and family. I have a severe case of Cassandra syndrome. And I hope everyone is right and I'm a crazy, fear mongering, environmental extremist conspiracy nut job. I truly do.

        • YukonRadiation YukonRadiation

          Fired? well done! sorry to hear that. i have not been fired but have run out of people to listen to me? i', surviving Cancer and am waiting for the big bang out of all of this and the only thing i see so far is that if you turn your tv, computer and radio off all is fine to the naked eye? as long as people have that nice warm house with all there great crap in it nothing will change and nothing is wrong in the world? sunsets are even cooler to take pictures of because of the pretty c-137 pink colour and the sea life is putting on a better show closer to home because it is running out of food and oxygen but yet i can breath and watch tv and go buy all that great Chiness crap . nothing wrong here oh and there is a sale on at that store today! i sure hope we are crazy and it is a bad dream but sadly we are not and the rest of the dumb ass world will have a real bad wake up soon? keep on keeping on is all we can do and keep spreading the nuclear word! RADIATION IS HERE AND IS KILLING US FAST!

        • Dick Shenary

          MM & YR – "Blessed are the courageous of heart and mind who would defy common belief". – Modern Scripture of Unknown Origin This has happened many times throughout human history, you are not alone!

        • FollowTheMoney FollowTheMoney

          At least the family/friends who stay with you are awake and ready for the "next phase" … it is frustrating but realize people will not awaken to a schedule. I thought I had lost my sister after years of my re-educating … well she doesn't think I'm a nutball anymore

          • Good to hear FTM. I'm sort of concentrating on my immediate family and friends who m-m-m-MAYBE moved me out of the nutball category. 🙂

            I've got an adult son who's totally hip to the trouble radiation's escalating, but recently he asked exactly how much buffered Vitamin C powder could he give his 3 yr old in a day, say if she's spending a lot of time around other kids who are getting hit with fevers, mystery flu's or other serious ailments.

            I figured a scant 1/2 t mixed in juice or yogurt, do that 3X, spread over her waking hours the day before a play date with the town sickies. (Parents don't always know how sick or contagious their kids are and show up anyway.)

            More if she gets really sick herself or during high radiation days. That would be approx 1700 mcg per 1/2 t. Hopefully most would absorb since its ascorbate plant based, correct PH.

            Whooping cough is coming back and sending kids to the hosp especially in the west coast states.

        • True; most people cannot handle reality.. they have to stay asleep and slumber in the sweet bliss of denial.

          Let's go shopping!

          See the latest football game?


        • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

          @meltingmermaid;I still bring it up and don't care who doesn't like it either or I wouldn't have used a response my late grandmother used so eloquently,"go piss up a rainpipe",in one case defending myself from 2 blocked punches followed by my own landing home and putting my attacker to sleep earlier than he'd probably have liked. Unfortunately getting fired for my stance or level of anti-nuclear or anti-NWO "Establishment" is an honor I'm unlikely to have bestowed upon me anytime soon because even if my feeling that there exists & I belong to a .gov "shitlist" weren't a factor,being chronically tied down via spousal caregiver duties & having fallen & remained below sub-poverty level status via illness & things beyond my control in concert with the computer age,where every negative issue/event for the past few decades is easily found & held against persons of my social/financial stature are routinely rejected from consideration for employment,credit,benefits(including the "benefit of a doubt") that might have made things easier to overcome or just continue surviving under what is far from prime conditions & opportunities available. Not enuff room here to elaborate,but one example being that if you honestly answer applications for jobs,etc. that describes being poor,it is construed by the corporate Human Resources scum as being a "thief" or "potentially corrupt" & automatically judged & precluded from employment consideration. TPTB can go piss up a rainpipe…

          • norbu norbu

            Johnny Blade I am with you all the way, cant stop wont stop telling the world…are you on ham or cb?
            peace to you and your family

          • I always look at your posts JB…and send you a thought cloud of good wishes. Keep a posting. You're real. I like real. 🙂

            And really, the only rebuking you do is at the nukers and trolls. Extra points for that.

          • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

            p.s.,m-m & others feeling belittled for displaying deep,heartfelt concern over what has been happening & the awful nightmarish world being forged to please corporate slave-driving masters should be as proud of themselves as I am to know them!! I wish all the skeptics among those propagating lies,disinfo & helping to "minimize" news of the ongoing "311/Fukushima,Slow-Motion ELE" as anything less than a global threat were right & I was "fear-mongering",mentally unstable & totally WRONG too meltingmermaid! But I know all too well how badly their operating procedures,mishandling & generally incompetent mismanaged nuclear infrastructure is impacting everything it touches starting with my most beloved of 24 years & even my 7 yr old chihuahua is now sporting several large tumors or something that causes him enough pain to attack me or family members who inadvertantly,"literally","rubs him the wrong way(spot)"??!! 🙁 Whether it's my wife,our dog,sick family,friends or persons sitting in the other constantly fully occupied chairs in the chemo infusion center/oncology dept. triage/registration areas, I can see it personally unfolding before my tear-filled eyes & can read the writing on the wall now and my heart goes out to all of them & all of you who have or will soon know the dreadful place from which I speak or post my sad,rambling comments and I still hold to my long-standing position that asks,no "BEGS" for someone to discredit & put my thoughts,fears & tears to rest!

          • melting mermaid melting mermaid

            I know how you feel. My daughter is really sick and we had to shut our business, not just because of her, but we have been really poor. Its hard to go get a job after owning your own business and in their defense Fukushima isn't the only thing I go on about that pisses people off. Y'all know how I feel about MIC, very touchy subject. Media, omg. Don't tell people you just check the news they depend on to see what the nazis are feeding the sheeple today. And I guess I've studied the actions of the CIA etc. enough to be called a true blue conspiracy theorist. I've seen 2 flying saucers, no tinfoil hat required and that's exactly what they looked like. And then I've read so much spiritual literature that people think I'm a fruitcake. I'm not a fan of organized religion and a whole lot of people are. And I somehow manage to shatter the pillars of peoples reality with a smile and a chuckle. I can't help it, it's my wall of humor. What can I do, the human mind can't handle panic 24/7 for 4 years. I'm up, I'm down, I'm all around. I am the poster child for cognitive dissonance. And I remember everything I read and nothing I hear and I read a lot. Always have. Drives everyone that still loves me insane. My boyfriend isn't jealous of hot guys, he's jealous of enenews, who he used to call my nerd herd, but now he calls y'all the Justice League. Rock on! I have 1 convert at least. Anyway, who wants to be a drone for an earth killing corporation. I'd rather live in a…

        • PurpleRain PurpleRain

          People turn their heads away just as soon as you mention the word radiation and/or Fukushima. I know. My daughter doesn't want to hear me say any more about it either, but … I still share all of the news here on Facebook and Twitter… (it's the very least that I can do). We just have to keep waking people up … even if they are happy and peaceful in their slumber. They NEED to know the truth! (We are each alarm clocks…and everyone hates the alarm clock)… but keep sounding the alarm! Keep on, keeping on! Each and every person on this site is very important in this struggle that we all face to ensure any kind of future at all.

    • name999 name999

      melting, that is one way out…maybe that is where we will all meet;-]] A burst of optimism…

  • Cisco Cisco

    Maybe, "It's the radiation, stupid"…duh? SSDD

  • VyseLegendaire VyseLegendaire


  • I picked a bad year to try and give up smoking.

  • YukonRadiation YukonRadiation

    I will miss the ocean!

  • Sam Sam


    My dog likes this on a T Shirt.
    The Golden Retriever just had two tumors removed.
    One was cancerous but not aggressive.
    He wants his Taste of the Wild food
    to be non-radiated. I just gave him
    a big hug and told him we are all
    in it together till the end.

  • demise demise

    The Pacific Ocean is dying. It is obvious to the informed, but we are a few in number. The uninformed do not want to know and accept outright government lies. Their SUV/big screen TV/cell phones and daily Big Mac/Starbucks trips are too good to interrupt.

    It is too late anyway so let them have their fun until their organs fail or tumors develop.

  • Cesium mixed with seawater makes Cesium Chloride. It will easily etch silicates. Lenses on many webcams near the ocean world wide are becoming chuck full of pock holes in their exposed polished objective lens. Even on the top of Mona Kia shown in this image from 12k feet:

    Global Oceanic Warming is the published blame as the most likely cause of course:

    Images of sky damage world wide in chronological progression:

    • ISPC

      Yes. Ontological. TY. Good to see your posts again.

      I am happy to know that warmer ocean water is causing "coral bleaching"(DEAD CORAL). I was afraid that the hundreds and thousands of tons of highly radioactive water pouring untold numbers of various deadly isotopes daily into the Pacific Ocean from the FDNPP for the past four years might have something to do with everything in the Ocean being sick, dying, or dead.

      WARNING: Warm water is deadly. Do not approach. Notify authorities immediately. (sarc)


    • @ Onto, I just looked at the first link (pock marked lens) Makes me wonder how long we'll still have various monitoring cams worldwide to interpret. Seems like the replacement costs will be a factor for some that aren't well funded.

      The Mt. Everest photo is interesting too. Thanks for turning us on to the color changes occurring everywhere. Even my teen age grand kids have taught their friends to notice when sunsets look different and to see the prevailing dirty pink layer visible 100 miles to the south of us almost any time of day now.

      Spokane, WA was always a pretty high background place to begin I imagine, with with it's military, hospitals, school labs, and old uranium mine days. But only since Fukushima have the readings increasingly elevated on rad maps, spiked dramatically at times and taken on the pink haze we can see from we live. Eyes don't lie. No geigar counters needed nowadays, sadly.

  • dunkilo

    Oh goody!Now we have all the bleached coral for fish tanks…and plenty to $ell to the tourist!(sarc)
    Onto,this am saw the most pinkish-red sunrise here in S.E. Va.Most think its a beautiful thing,me ,not so much….

  • Dick Shenary

    Am I just being paranoid or are nuclear issues and problems increasing with greater frequency and severity? This of course includes these present announcements. How can the government continue to ignore our situation? Why is the government silent regarding Fukushima and the fate of the Pacific Ocean regardless of supposed causes? We need some answers and we need them now.

    • We Not They Finally

      The government course was set quickly and decisively — in the wrong direction, of course. Even pregnant women weren't warned to stay out of the initial rain-out from Fukushima. While the Prez meanwhile (after giving America all of ten minutes on t.v.), hightailed his own personal family to South America, and Gina McCarthy, in charge of U.S. radiation monitoring, kept turning monitors OFF, and was then rewarded by being appointed head of the EPA.

      I still feel bruised to the quick by the Prez telling us all that all we needed to do was to "stay fully informed" — as the news black-outs went into effect! Then the abomination of appointing former first daughter Caroline Kennedy as Ambassador to Japan, and her now going lockstep in SUPPORTING the new fascist Japanese secrecy laws.

      It leaves nothing to build on but deception and lies. What would cause them to reverse that NOW? I honestly don't know. The media seems hostile to any real reporting — it's all distractions and diversions and majoring in the minors.

      I guess that our lives just do not matter, and shame on TPTB for deeming that so.

      • maybesomeday

        WNTF, How the Fukushima evacuation zones were finessed to allow U.S. military dependents to evacuate without causing panic in Tokyo. From the Council on Foreign Relations own publication "Foreign Affairs": The president's science adviser, John Holdren, provided a simulation "utterly at odds with what the Naval Nuclear Propulsion unit had projected". The simulations were "based on models for these types of reactors provided by the NRC and by General Electric, the manufacturer. That effectively settled the argument. From then on, there was no serious discussion of evacuation from Tokyo or the bases." By Jeffrey Bader, NSC, Director for Asian Affairs. "the results vindicated the process."

      • 4Yahshua

        1~28~5996 (out of 6000) in this "Twilight Zone Apocalypse"!
        Last Evil Days of "Manmean"! Yahshua Son of Yahweh Returns
        VERY SOON! Pray NOW to be SAVED and SEALED! Revelation 14:1
        HalleluYah! Hebrew: "Praise ye Yah!"

        Fukushima is part of the plan! Bush Sr. (of this 33 year New World Order under The Vatican's Christian CROSS, Revelation 13:18) wants the world population under 600 million! Web Search: Bush Family Nazi Connections.


    • Basically, they are no longer just worried about losing their power and privilege, they are worried about losing their lives when the pitchforks come out.

      Its your life or their life, how do you think the sociopaths feel about that.

    • Just wait.. soon all reactors will be switched to MOX fuel.

      Then the FUN really begins..

      Fukushima was just a dress rehearsal.

      Wait until it really gets cranked up and going..

      Got to burn all that surplus plutonium, don't ya know?

    • Bungalow Phil Bungalow Phil

      IMHO the government relies on science. If science is wrong the government has no option but to concede defeat in the face of all it considers sound policy. UFO's are similar to nuclear science in the same respect. Admitting that it can't define the problem or a solution is counter to what science presumes to know (Hubris). Failure in nuclear physics ala FUKU, Chernobyl many others is symptomatic of Newtonian science abysmal failure to live up to it's own perception. It really is symptomatic of our culture and how it diverted in its early development defined by edicts.

  • norbu norbu

    Dick Shenary, I have asked many people the same thing, Why not do something and 1+1=there must be something BIGGER coming soon? Why else not clean up thy mess…..

    • We Not They Finally

      They can't clean it up — they screwed up way too badly and negligently from the get-go — and now they think that politics and economics dictate their silence. Actually it is their lack of conscience that dictates their silence! Shame on the whole pack of them.

      • norbu norbu

        Yes true, but no effort at all…..and shit loads of lies…..shameful…

        • They could clean it up, just like they cleaned up Chernobyl..

          They can at least stop the reactors from leaking liquid death into the ocean.

          They can at least find the missing coriums.

          At least they can get real and tell everyone the truth.

          • Ness Ness

            What good is finding the coriums if you can't touch them? Anyway, those globs give off massive heat. Ergo, Tepco knows exactly where they are. Chernobyl is by no means cleaned up. It's a sleeping beauty, and if nothing is done, it will wake up again. They cannot stop the reactors (which ones?) from leaking if you mean those in F. If they stop pouring in swimming pools, criticality is inevitable and live fast breeders cannot be gotten rid off or stopped.

            I don't care much about the truth – it has sunken way deeper than those coriums. As long as they start looking for real solutions. Even if it that means the obliteration of their preciousssss.

      • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

        It strikes me, that the first step, would be admitting we have a problem.

        We will never be successful at collaborating on a problem we do not acknowledge we have.

        Once that step is taken, then we could focus all planetary intellect and public dollars on finding a way to slow this catastrophe down…

        hmmm, so is that the problem? the reason we are not even looking for a solution? what else could it be?

        • Dick Shenary

          Cataclysmic – Seems like the time to bring up the work of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and her work on the five stages of grief. Interesting in that her work was about near death experience and emotions. If you take her model of the stages of grief, we seem to be stuck between denial and anger. For those who are not familiar with EKR, she was a fine philosopher as well.

  • Citizen scientists, post your data!

    Massive Radiation found in Atmosphere

    Very interesting findings on my last airplane flight. It was during the day, so good lighting, and no adjacent passengers, so I could do plenty of Geiger testing without getting anyone upset.

    I have video and pictures are will place these into a post at Nukepro when I can

    There was considerable radiation differences in different areas on the flight path, and at the same cruising altitude. Basically 11 CPS to 15 CPS. CLICKS PER SECOND! not per minute, per second!

    The upper atmosphere is FULL of radiation. Much more so than 20 years ago. Cosmic radiation is various stuff, and what you will pick up on an Inspector Geiger will be gamma. There is no beta radiation in Cosmic.

    • norbu norbu

      Stock, wow 700 cpm yikes thank you for your hard work here. Our house pre-fuku 25cpm now 50cpm…..

      • We Not They Finally

        I think that 15 clicks per SECOND adds up to 900 CPM, yes?

        That's horrible for the passengers, but even worse for the flight crew. I think that Alaska Airlines flight attendants tried some legal action, they were getting so many physical symptoms. Christina Consolo covered that some time back.

    • Dick Shenary

      The big discussion at AA was about new uniforms that caused skin irritation. On a recent flight from California to Oregon I took several ten minute averages that were above 1,000 CPM. It is well known that the friendly skies are hot. In fact airline cabin workers are considered radiation workers and have been since the nineties. Airlines don't like to discuss this much.

      • melting mermaid melting mermaid

        My adopted mom was a stewardess. She died of lung cancer at 45. Coincidence? She was a smoker too. My dad was a fighter pilot. 6000 hours, he's almost 80 and still kicking. I like to attribute it to good scotch, but who knows. Maybe the air force knew a thing or two about it and tried to protect their pilots better. I'm sure that information is ccclassified. Don't want the peacenics to gain any ground I'm sure.

    • Stock: you know, the space weather folks claim the atmospheric radiation is from the sun… anything but Fukushima MOX nuc bomb/neutron beams & historic bomb tests, right?

      Data for USA (NREL – National Renewable Energy Lab)

      Our data is measured from approximately 5000 US ground stations

      Space weather and air traffic control


    Radiation up 472% in the Pacific

    This post consists of:

    1) Real radiation measured in Hawaii ocean water using boiled off samples taken and measured by the nukepro.
    2) Original "background radiation" levels in the ocean.
    3) Analysis of what it means

    1) Measured Radiation

    Inspired by Dana Dunford, I hooked up with a friend in Hawaii who had a small enough dinghy it could be transported by hand and launched on the beach. We went to Rabbit island which is a small island off Oahu's windward coast.

  • name999 name999

    stock, thank you for this reporting. It is also a tutorial on the process which citizen researchers might possible recreate.

    The Strontium and Cesium contamination are palpable on the West Coast.
    Flu, pneumonia and bronchitis are very high now on the West Coast and I think in the US. And of course the die-offs, so much evidence around us. But always helpful to see evidence like this.

  • Y'all know that this years flu mutated midstream and now the flu vaccine is only 22% effective. Spent the weekend at friends place, she is a board certified nurse.

    Asked how often does a flu mutate in a given year
    Answer: not once in my career, we have no idea what is going on.

  • SwimsWithGators

    Is it safe?, the gators asked me.

    For you gators, probably. For the rest of us, not so much, I answered.

    Gator said that doesn't sound good.

    All I can say, I said, is that if we are lucky we'll stumble onto a solution before everything dies.

    Gator said, well, I guess we'll be eating pretty good for awhile, since we like dead meat, much easier to catch.

    • SadieDog

      "The death is the second in Fukushima in less than a year. Last week, labor inspectors warned the operator of the plant, Tokyo Electric Power Co., about the rise in accidents and ordered it to take measures to deal with the problem.

      An unnamed laborer in his 50s working for construction company Hazama Ando Corp. on Monday fell into a 10-metre-high (33 feet) water storage tank he had been inspecting. The tank was empty at the time and the worker died on Tuesday after being taken to a local hospital, said Tokyo Electric."

  • Nick

    Blaming the bleaching on warm water is suspect. All coral at the same latitude as Hawaiian ones should also be bleaching if so.

    I would need to see data sets for, say 100 years, of surface temperatures at any given location to "blame" climate change.

    We have unleashed countless levels of toxins during that time.

    Go ahead, believe warmer water is to blame. Me? Poisons!

    • Poisons – especially radionuclides – don't have to kill animals directly. By compromising the immune response, poisons create the conditions of possibility for a creature succumbing to an otherwise manageable virus, fungus, bacteria, etc.

      Compromised immunity by radiation exposure is well understood and has been since the 1950s, as documented here:

      I. L. Shechmeister (1954, October) Susceptibility of Irradiated Animals to Infection. Radiation Research, 1(5), (Oct., 1954), pp. 401-409
      It is apparent from a number of observations, rapidly increasing during the last six years, that infection plays a prominent role in producing morbidity and mortality after exposure to ionizing radiation (p. 401)….

      Increased susceptibility after irradiation is shown not only to many pathogenic bacterial, viral, fungal, ricketsial, helminthic, and protozoal agents, but also to ordinarily harmless, common inhabitants of the gastrointestinal tract, such as Escherichia coli and Proteus spp., which become pathogenic and induce fatal infections of the irradiated host. (page 401)…

      The effects of radiation that may contribute to increased susceptibility are numerous, including such factors as (1) lower peripheral granular leucocyte and lymphocyte counts, (2) suppression of bone marrow and lymphatic tissue elements, (3) inhibition of antibody production, (4) altered activity of the fixed and wandering phagocytic cells, and (5) the impairment of lymphatic…

  • ftlt

    I happen to believe, it is the warmer waters / ocean acidification causing the bulk of the problems (it is consistent with the rest of coral bleaching being observed globally). That said, FUFU certainly is not helping the coral most likely.

    The oceans are dying.

    Where I live cool/cold season temperatures have soared over the past 10 years. It is far beyond anything on the historical record.

    We are talking a man made toxic cocktail here. This is not a one pony FUFU show we are dealing with.

    I am not saying FUFU is not a crisis here. I am just saying, we have other massive issues confronting us too. All of which, we will fail to deal with. We are now out of time and over the brink in free fall.

    I suggest folks read "Already Extinct" by Kyo. It is not a fun read.

    • melting mermaid melting mermaid

      Yes, I can sum it up in one word "mankind". Our actions are causing such a loss of biodiversity, and we know it and we can't stop ourself. We are collectively just like an addict. And one day we will collectively reach rock bottom and from there, who knows? I once saw this movie about Captain Bird and the Battle in the Arctic and flying saucers and Captain Bird met the leader of whoever they are and they predicted that mankind would almost wipe itself out because of nuclear, but they saw great things ahead for us after. A glimmer of hope maybe. Awesome movie too. I saw it on you tube.

  • spiritwoman

    To LastChants and others concerned about their health or their children's: I am a retired RN masters level and PhD psychologist with 35 years clinical experience.
    For starters, Gingko supplementation, esp product from Standard Process, protects and treats radiation symptoms which can seem like flu, esp GI. Smart Silver is an excellent product for any infection. No side effects. Ultimately, raising your energetic vibration will protect in a sea of toxins. Anyone interested in specifics can check Source Energy Medicine website.

  • Anyone want to play Asteroid? lol

    A big one coming Jan 26

    Updated asteroid list, 1-26-2015 will have energy of 6828 large atomic bombs, just hope it doesn't bounce off something else and change course.

    You can get the free asteroid calculator here too

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    There is a great deal we do not know about our own solar system, and if they do know, we minions are not being told what they know. The digging is speeding up worldwide.. 🙁

  • Nick

    Any fool who thinks that life underground is a means of survival is denuded.

    Radiation will find you….

    Large celestial objects will make for a very bad day if they hit, so what is the point of preparing for it?

    Nah…Just continue to live your life above ground and breathe in the air and drink the water.

    We are talking about coral. Right?

    Speaking of which, my family is somewhat geared to all things Hawaiian, I was born there, my mother was too. We have shells and huge chunks of coral picked up on shores across the Island Chain.

    I have even swum beneath the waves and marveled at the undersea life.

    In fact, one of my favorite past times was to play seaweed and slosh back and forth in the surf (pretending to BE seaweed).

    Bleaching coral points to ecosystem collapse wherever it occurs.

    Sure, warmer water may be a culprit but I suspect toxins (including rads) are also to blame.

  • Nick

    anomalously low and high sea temperatures can induce coral bleaching. Bleaching events occur during sudden temperature drops accompanying intense upwelling episodes, (-3 degrees C to –5 degrees C for 5-10 days)

    So what is it? Hot or cold?

    Remember the cold wave that hit Hawaii recently? If the COOLER water can trigger bleaching, how can you peg WARMER water as the culprit?

    Seems things are not quite cut and dry as one would think!

    "Coral bleaching is not well understood by scientists."

  • Nick

    "VERY QUIET SUN: Solar activity is very low. Not one of the sunspots on the solar disk is flaring, and as a result the sun's X-ray output has flatlined. NOAA forecasters estimate a scant 5% chance of M-class flares and no more than a 1% chance of X-flares. Solar flare alerts: text, voice"

    So, if coral bleaching might be triggered by FLUCTUATIONS in water temperature, the recent cool spell in Hawaii followed by more "normal" temps could trigger some of the bleaching.

    We humans think we can figure stuff out…but don't think for a minute that reduced solar activity is not a factor.

  • Ness Ness

    As on or off topic don't matter on this forum i'll just post here:
    Someone posted this youtube yesterday to 'prove' the existence of Annusomethings and planetX

    So what is Lorenzo Lorio really saying in his paper? This:
    Within the Newtonian framework, we considered the
    action of an almost circular massive ring modeling the
    Edgeworth-Kuiper belt of Trans-Neptunian Objects, but it
    does not induce secular variations of e. In principle, a viable candidate would be a putative trans-Plutonian massive object (PlanetX/Nemesis/Tyche), recently revamped to accommodate certain features of the architecture of the Kuiperbelt and of the distribution of the comets in the Oort cloud, since it would cause a non-vanishing long-term variation of
    the eccentricity. Actually, the values for its mass and dis-
    tance needed to explain the empirically determined increase
    of the lunar eccentricity would be highly unrealistic and in
    contrast with the most recent viable theoretical scenarios
    forthe existence of such a body. For example, a terrestrial-sized body should be located at just 30 au, while an object with
    the mass of Jupiter should be at 200 au.
    So what is the video about? About nonsense. Lorio disproves the planetX theory. Says "highly unrealistic".
    The problems they have with the lunar orbit derive from the general relativity theory used that has been proven wrong. By satellites. Time…

    • Ness Ness

      Special relativity not general! sorry. But it has been disproven. Time dilution was predicted to be reciprocal but it isn't as the clocks on the satellites show.
      ""Special relativity is supposed to be reciprocal, where both parties will experience the same time dilation, but all the examples that we have right now can be interpreted as directional time dilation," Kipreos said. "If you look at the GPS satellites, the satellite time is slowing down, but according to the GPS satellites, our time is not slowing down—which would occur if it were reciprocal. Instead, our time is going faster relative to the satellites, and we know that because of constant communication with the satellites."

      An alternative theory, the Absolute Lorentz Transformation, describes directional time dilation. Kipreos found that this theory is compatible with available evidence if the "preferred reference frame" for the theory, relative to which directional time dilation occurs, is linked to centers of gravitational mass. Near the Earth, the preferred reference frame would be the "Earth-centered non-rotating inertial reference frame," which is currently used to calculate the time dilation of GPS satellites."

  • Ness Ness

    **time dilution is not reciprocal.

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