CBS: “Health officials are investigating radiation levels” along coast near San Francisco after finding “higher than typical readings” — UC Berkeley Professor: “Absolutely no correlation” with nuclear disaster; Compares eating banana to drinking water from Fukushima plant (VIDEO)

Published: January 7th, 2014 at 3:05 pm ET


CBS San Francisco, Jan. 6, 2014: Health officials are investigating radiation levels along the San Mateo County coast after a video surfaced online showing Geiger counter readings five times higher than normal at a Pacifica Beach [actually detected at Surfer’s Beach, about 10 miles south of Pacifica] […] in a blog posting [the man says] that he has been monitoring levels in the area for two years before noticing a sudden spike in radiation at the end of December. […] County health officials began investigating the incident on December 28th. They also found higher than typical readings while doing an independent survey […]

Edward Morse, professor of nuclear engineering at UC Berkeley, Jan. 6, 2014: Someone going around for the first time with a Geiger counter is likely to discover these great variations in levels form time to time [See CBS report above: Man who filmed video “has been monitoring levels in the area for two years before noticing a sudden spike”]. That’s absolutely no correlation with anything that happened in Fukushima.

Morse does not address the findings of the San Mateo County environmental health director who detected radiation levels “about five times the normal amount” at a Bay Area beach last week.

Dec. 4, 2013 interview with Morse: “Nobody is exposed to any dangerous levels of anything […] I haven’t seen a single record of anything that would be of concern.” […] Morse has a series of responses he rattles off to those who ask him about Fukushima-related health risks. For example, if an individual were to regularly drink water from the outer harbor around Fukushima for a full year […] the radiation exposure would be equivalent to that of flying in an airplane for just a few hours, he said. And while naysayers may respond that the comparison of an internal exposure to an external one is unfair, Morse has a follow-up: A single banana naturally contains higher rates of radioactivity than a roughly equivalent amount of that contaminated harbor water.

Some ‘naysayers’ may also find that comparison unfair as well, like this physician originally from Kyoto, Japan: “Human bodies know what to do with the naturally occurring radiation [in bananas for example].  Our bodies do not absorb them unnecessarily. […] Artificial radiation as a result of nuclear fission is a different matter.”

Watch the CBS broadcast here

Published: January 7th, 2014 at 3:05 pm ET


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193 comments to CBS: “Health officials are investigating radiation levels” along coast near San Francisco after finding “higher than typical readings” — UC Berkeley Professor: “Absolutely no correlation” with nuclear disaster; Compares eating banana to drinking water from Fukushima plant (VIDEO)

  • Lion76 Lion76

    UC Berkeley Professor is not a very good/ethical scientist, then.

    Has he done the proper testing in order to defend is "no correlation" hypothesis? Mass Spectrum Analysis, Professor?

    Surely he can publish such results, assuming he has them.

    • Lion76 Lion76

      The public policy video "Radioactive Berkeley: No Safe Dose" premiered at the Berkeley City Council in December of 1996. Featured speaker Dr. John Gofman M.D, Ph.D. addresses the medical impacts of low-level radiation exposure. The video also expressed a public concern over children visiting the Lawrence Hall of Science to exposure to tritium emissions from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's (LBNL) National Tritium Labeling Facility.

      "No Safe Dose" was also viewed by numerous regulatory agencies including USEPA and was instrumental in establishing the stakeholders group dubbed the Tritium Issue Workgroup or TIWG in 1997. TIWG met at the Federal Building in Oakland for nearly two years. From the very beginning, Berkeley community members of the workgroup experienced many problems with the LBNL workgroup. This eventually forced community participants to walk out on the corrupted process. Four years later the facility was finally closed.

      For more information:

      • NoNukes NoNukes

        Thanks for the link, Lion76. Dr. Gofman is one of the most heroic men in U.S. history.

        Pacifica is only 35 minutes away from Berkeley, yet this Morse just performs his little unrelated magic trick in his office for our local news.

        I am concerned about the airborne contamination that has been hitting the San Francisco Bay Area for the last few weeks.

        We are having record levels of radiation reported in the San Francisco Bay Area, both by the EPA and private geigers, including my own.

        There have also been extremely high numbers reported from personal geiger counters across the country (personal geiger counters usually read far under 50 CPM) including 587.8 CPM in Maui, 513 CPM in Colorado, in 150 CPM Pennsylvannia, 137 CPM in Virginia, etc. Links to these readings can be found on the Radiation data forum on Enenews

        The high radiation readings in San Francisco have been accompanied by unusually smoky air and "Spare the Air" days. Some people have detected a metallic taste, and have had many symptoms including nosebleeds, headaches, fatigue, thyroid issues, teeth issues, lack of appetite, dogs refusing food and walks, etc.

        • jump-ball jump-ball

          The Surfer's Beach rad video showed 13X BG 390 CPM, not 5X. I'm glad to have posted it on 12/31 and to watch it go viral twice, and if there are any other scholastic or other pro-nuke partisans that I have failed to insult or put on the defensive, I apologize.

          • James Tekton James Tekton

            "I'm glad to have posted it on 12/31 and to watch it go viral twice"

            Howdy Jump.

            Did you do the original vid at the beach?

            Can you provide a link to the video you refer to here (12-31) pleaz.


        • digitalaardvarks digitalaardvarks

          i am told this site is unreliable, it consistently has the highest numbers than any other site

    • He looks like a dishonest toady to Nuke industry…but then the University of California Radiation Laboratory at Berkeley and associated Lawrence Livermore Lab is primarily funded by the United States Department of Energy..which is the most dangerous of US "Gov" departments along with the FDA that's nuking our food etc.

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      "Mass Spectrum Analysis, Professor?"

      Howdy hey Lion.

      It takes a lot of work to dumb down the results. More than gathering them and analyzing them. It is time consuming to work them down, compared to working them up. Stay tuned for more distractionary horsecarp and rancid puke from these blow-hards. Send them all to the beach for a picknic and volley-ball game for a week straight, sez we the People. Heck, we can even throw in a case of beer for the whole lot of these detractors from the fact that this is an EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT!!

    • Jebus Jebus

      I wonder if Eddie plays soccer?

    • hogy

      Uh oh……….bananainium again.

    • OhioPhil

      Fukushima: The Ticking Nuclear Bomb. Over 800 Tons of Radioactive Material …

      Global Research, October 31, 2013

      On a test made on 15 dead tuna, all 15 were found to be contaminated with radiation. Of the fish being sold to Canada, in 2012, the Vancouver Sun recorded the number of specimens testing positive for Cesium-137, namely: 100 per cent of monkfish, carp, seaweed and shark; 94% of cod and anchovies; 93% of tuna and eels; 92% of sardines; 91% of halibut; 73% of mackerel.

    • TooExpensiveToMatter

      Morse is just willfully blind.

      He has made up his mind that there is no issue and therefore will not even look.

      You're right. That's not good science and he is not a good scientist. Actually, drawing conclusions without evidence is not even science.

      His canned set of responses indicates that he has no interest in what the reality is.

      Do you suppose he would have his own grandchildren drink the Fukushima harbor water for a year?

      That would be the true test of what he REALLY believes.

      Morse reminds me of Christopher Monckton (even looks like him), a prominent climate change denier (and crackpot)

      They're both in deep denial.

  • OldFool

    Potassium 40 is actually a very rare isotope, all potassium isotopes are more quickly excreted from the human body than cesium isotopes, and the decay rate of potassium 40 is roughly about 100,000,000 times slower than cesium 137. Net result is that bananas should Never be compared to cesium 137 or other radiation sources.

    • Lion76 Lion76

      Nuclear Energy Apologists Are Going Bananas

      Nuclear apologists pretend that people are exposed to more radiation from bananas than from Fukushima.

      But the EPA explains:

      The human body is born with potassium-40 [the type of radiation found in bananas] in its tissues and it is the most common radionuclide in human tissues and in food. We evolved in the presence of potassium-40 and our bodies have well-developed repair mechanisms to respond to its effects. The concentration of potassium-40 in the human body is constant and not affected by concentrations in the environment.

      Wikipedia notes:

      The amount of potassium (and therefore of 40K) in the human body is fairly constant because of homeostatsis, so that any excess absorbed from food is quickly compensated by the elimination of an equal amount.

      It follows that the additional radiation exposure due to eating a banana lasts only for a few hours after ingestion, namely the time it takes for the normal potassium contents of the body to be restored by the kidneys.

  • Questionit

    Once scientists (especially professors), engineers and doctors put themselves above the general population for being ethical and letting the science take them wherever without agendas. Now there is no ethics, no integrity.

    He says someone with a counter for the first time. He knows this is not true, that the first individual had used it often and that a health inspector found the same thing as did many others. He says this amount of variation is typical which is not what others have found to be true.

    But lets put the same criteria on him the shills put on others. Prove this is typical, where are the studies from an acceptable source. He says it's cannot be from FUKU, then prove it. Prove that it cannot be.

    He pays no attention to the contaminated fish found etc..

    Do these people just turn blind to what happened because of their love for the technology or is there pressure on them?

    • Lion76 Lion76

      It is very Orwellian and laden with Fallacy

    • humptydumpty humptydumpty

      Undoubtedly, public concern is putting enormous pressure on nuclear scientists as well as all others associated with the nuclear industry. Their livelihood and profits depend on its perpetuation, which depends on downplaying all risks, therefore they will use any intellectual trick to convince us not to worry. This includes telling us we don't know what we're talking about and of course they know everything. If we just believe them, everything will turn out all right — the equivalent of a Japanese official telling his people to just smile and they won't get sick.

      • Usefulbreather

        It is hard to believe the world has allowed these profiteers to pass themselves off as "engineers." This is anti-safety at its very worst. How could we ever allow these people to build these things? I remember in the 1970's anti-Nuke people were painted as lunatics, ex-hippies, etc. Now I see they were right the whole time.

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      "…or is there pressure on them?"

      Hey now QI.

      It is called…the money god. Show any one soul any where if you can that does not bow down to the Moloch Money-god some how. These evil cretins of hell would sell their mother for a few dollars more. The rally sad part is, they sold their souls long ago, for to lie and deceive about this serious Extinction Level Event is purely criminal in the Highest Degree. There is no greater corrupted crime that has ever been committed against the world's people, than this Extinction Level Event. At the top of the evil pyramid sits the Rothschild banksters and the population elimination agenda. It is all pretty simple when looking down on it all.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Wuka wuka..super shill.

    Introduction to Controlled Fusion

    Along with this..

    "A five-member team of UC Berkeley researchers has just begun to tackle the dilemma. It's a key part of a new Academic Research Initiative sponsored by the National Science Foundation and the Department of Homeland Security to tap the brainpower of the nation's best university scientists."

    Sep 3 2007

    UC Berkeley team to study nuclear detection for homeland security

    Oh..he's got the answers..what we get is lies.

    • Questionit

      There it is. And he is the team leader for the DHS group. It gets sickening, you cannot trust anything/anyone at face value period.

    • Fall out man!

      In that second link, note the pose he strikes. He puts one hand on the side of his face in an awkward and deliberate manner. This mimics Helena Blavatsky the famous occultist/demon channeler/automatic writer. Its a common pose from people deeply into the occult (e.g., Freemasons, Theosophists etc) Its a signal about his beliefs and affiliations. To be fair, it will occasionally be a fluke, but its not a natural or even attractive pose. Its a signal.

      Assuming he is a freemason (based on the pose he strikes), that would fit perfectly with his role as a paid scientific liar. Freemasonry is a religious group that forbids its member from discussing its beliefs with outsiders (including family) and which routinely lies to new recruits about its beliefs and practices. It has members ultimately swear oaths to help fellow cult members escape justice for crimes they may commit, by perjuring themselves if necessary. Obviously a guy whose lies will ultimately cost many lives would be attracted to such a group that justifies lies and liars as being "good". Ultimately its a satanic group, and its hard to think of a better fit with the nuke industry than a group of practicing satanists.

      A lot to read into a pose, but nonetheless this is not uncommon, and very often there is something too it.

  • JP JP

    Nobody is exposed to any dangerous levels of anything […] I haven’t seen a single record of anything that would be of concern.

    There is one man's opinion. Maybe the sailors aboard the USS Reagan have a different opinion.

  • jec jec

    Morse needs to 'drink the water' at Fukushima. Especially tasty is the ground water..with Stronium and Cesium and more. I like the response of Lion76,
    "Has he done the proper testing in order to defend is "no correlation" hypothesis? Mass Spectrum Analysis, Professor?

    Surely he can publish such results, assuming he has them."

    Wonder who cuts HIS paycheck?

    • bo bo

      Yes, I would like to say to Morse: go drink the water at Fukushima, or shut up.

      • Tiza Tiza


        Yes, and tell him to eat a salad that is prepared from veggies grown around Fuku. Drink the water, eat him a salad. Let's see, what else? Oh, yeah, he can have clean-up duty around the FUKU place.

        • WavyGravy unobtanium

          After eating I think he should drink a tasty glass of milk from one of the Fukushima cows. One of the ones with the white spots all over it.
          Mmmm… yummy…

    • Tiza Tiza

      Many of those "professor" guys are really stupid. And they are the ones who get paid mega bucks.

  • Flapdoodle Flapdoodle

    Perhaps ALL measurements should be in bananas. For example, bananas per fortnight.

    • artika rama

      i REALLY cannot hear more about the fukuing bananas . I am getting sick of the bananas and potatoes and rocks and airline flights . Cant discuss anything anymore in those topics ,, sorry :((

    • bf9 Fitz

      "…groundwater readings of 1.9 million becquerels of bananacium per liter…average emissions of 200 tons banania oxide…70 banana touchdown pass…holy crap it's 110 bananas outside!"

      • artika rama

        yepp ,, there we go :)) lol ,,

      • Proton

        ugh… thirty below bananas here 🙁

        • James Tekton James Tekton

          "ugh… thirty below bananas here"

          So sorry Proton.

          This was foreseen Jan 2 when they were chemtrailling over the fourcorners region. We all knew it would make mean weather for the next distraction dujour from this ever growing Extinction Level Event, back east and up north in Canada. Can you say HAARP?

          This was planed because the ROTHSCHILD luciferic puppets knew the radiation was going to be noticed sooner or later, and they know it is going to get really, really bad. That is why they just ordered, and secretly ordered, and other govts ordered a lot of potassium iodide. Too bad most of the folks on the west coast won't need it. Stay tuned for more distractions, and there are reports of MRADS all over the Colorado/New Mexico border now. Something wicked is coming soon. Chinese troops and Russian English speakers in US uniforms.

          But then, everything east of the west coast is where the fukushima fissioning radiation is all settling down at. Colorado has the highest concentrated amounts and they are growing because as all the kids know, this stuff only accumulates and it gets worse day by day. Like pouring fuel on an already burning fire, it is getting hotter out there.


    • harengus_acidophilus

      One serious question more

      "For example, bananas per fortnight."

      May you translate this in "football fields",
      seems to me a common unit in the U.S.?

      😉 h.

    • 富岡_Blue_Heron 富岡_Blue_Heron

      The Moon is 5 million bananas from the earth.

  • AllenH AllenH

    Well they added take away cutlery to the list, guess it just doesn't have that punch like the others. Scientists aren't very good at imagination, unless it effects their pockets of course, but then they prefer to play
    They must be playing this game, I just found it on a search of word games:

  • AllenH AllenH

    Why aren't they digging up banana fields and putting them in black bags,and letting guards watch them till they less of a threat ?

  • Colinjames

    Except we evolved eating banana and other foods with that particular radioactive element, so when we eat those, our body dumps the corresponding amount to maintain homeostasis, so that "scientist" can gobble my banana and take a flying leap. Ass.

  • petfish

    Hi Folks,

    I used to live near this beach. I am familiar with the area.

    I know someone had tested the Cs134/137 ratio here and said it was not from Fukushima. (source)

    My initial guess is that this radiation is leaching from an old dump site located under hwy one near (Surfers Beach, Across Hwy1 from El Granada) which has been eroding for sometime. However I cannot explain the "sudden" recent increase in CPM? So my guess is a bit weak. Maybe new erosion?

    • bo bo

      Petfish, great to hear that. Does this person that did the analysis have any interest in sharing the results publicly on a website, or here, on enenews ? That would be great.

    • jec jec

      Whatever caused the radiation needs to be stopped. And if not Fukushima, then clean up the area EPA. I can not believe NO ONE knew of a possible radiation contamination in that area BEFORE this..its like those Radium bottles 'found' around Toyko to explain Fukushimas fallout. Either way, someone is not doing their job..and could be why the USA is playing along with Japans media silence efforts. Wonder if our own USA government has a lot of 'hidden' radiation they would rather not have to explain to the general public? People are very understanding when they are provided truth and efforts made to honestly protect them. HIDING the dangers..ignoring illnesses/bankrupting families with radiation caused diseases..IS JUST WRONG. No matter WHO does it. Sadly, media whitewashing.for radiation damage..does not make it go away..

      • nedlifromvermont

        on that note … I heard a "story" today on NPR whereby Russians and Americans have just "discovered" way more plutonium and cesium in the upper stratosphere as residual from atom bomb testing than they thought was there … hence a new "source" for large scale deposition from a different "source" than Fukushima is being "prepared" for release upon the general public … to perhaps tell the truth ??? or maybe mask and obfuscate the readings they know people will soon be picking up in their Geigers from the ongoing Fuku-mess … stay tuned … loyal party scientists will surely be spouting the "scientific" argument du jour … to save the world for GE's uranium fuel marketing campaign … it pays well, even in this twilight of nuclear devil worship …

        peace 'newsers; fight we on, to tell some truth about power!

        • socref

          The isotopes were already there. Its the mere fact that we have much better instrumentation now and more modern instrument technology than Geiger counters.

          • artika rama

            socref How about bananas socref ? we had bananas before the nuke industry too right ? banans contain isotopes right ? so no difference between fukushima and the grocer on the street .owuld you agree or kindly disagree ,, ? lol ,, :))

            • socref

              What are you talking about? Its not making sense.

              There are naturally radioactive foods yes.

              And beer is about 10 Bq/kg.

              Why go there to incite and goad?

              Cmon be the better person. No need for baiting.

              • hey everyone, if you keep feeding the sockpuppet, it will keep yapping on and on and on…just like a needy teenage girl.

                then it will change accounts and IP addys and become a new sockpuppet.

                By relating to sockpuppet, you take spirit and intelligence away from the issue of the moment and article and have surrendered your power to it. It wins, because the highly intelligent collective of minds here are now distracted with dealing with sockpuppet.

                Fukushima Research blog on articles and videos since 3-11-11

          • Socrates

            It was created mostly by French and Chinese "testing." Civilized countries signed a test ban in 1963 before JFK WAS assassinated. It comes down in fifty years. It is still coming down from two countries and an ill – fated space effort.

            There is already too much nuclear contamination. When will you guys stop your human experiments? You have no clue about the damage you do. Why do you keep pushing the most toxic substance on human populations? You must feel very powerful…

            The Cancer Data Bank spells out what radiation does to biological systems. You ought to read it.

          • retali8 retali8

            socref, hows your kids coping with your lies and misinformation? you must have a hell of a job sleeping at night.

    • bo bo

      Ok, petfish, I read through your link. I'm going to post it on the radiation monitiring thread for insights from the geiger pros.

  • harengus_acidophilus

    I would like to say:

    "Well, let's build a banana reactor
    and feed some shills with fuel rods!"
    Or vice versa? Maybye radiation has confused me …


    • AllenH AllenH

      Banana reactor, I laughed hard, I have not laughed out loud for a while.
      nowadays I am either up or down, a very vicious cycle. Its been going on for a few years. People have suggested medicine, I said get lost, it don't seem to help you anything !
      Its a mean old world, and then to know that we are all always constantly lied to just makes it worse.
      At least I got some good news today, my son got accepted to the Uni.

    • artika rama

      harengousacidophilous says banana reactor ,, lol ,, so i end the discussion here 🙂 Enough fuku for me for today :))

  • The Banana Argument

    The argument goes: “There’s more radiation in a banana then there is in the fallout or in the water from Fukushima.” You eat bananas right?

    This is straw-man argument. True there may be more “radiation” in a banana, but the radioactive potassium moves through the body, it does not seek out your bones and organs.

    Cesium will reside in your muscles and fat, while Strontium seeks out your bones and will accumulate there, -forever.

    Think of a long-living battery that is lodged in your lungs or in your bones emitting a radioactive pulse for the length of your life. It is likely you will get cancer, over a period of decades. Could be sooner but, this is not something that can be predicted.

    So, how is this different from being exposed to a banana?

    There is no difference, -If You Were to Suck the Banana into Your LUNGS.

    Otherwise, don’t buy the Banana Argument.

    • harengus_acidophilus

      How poetic …

      "emitting a radioactive pulse for the length of your life."

      "A pulse" – like a heartbeat?

      You know exactly how to paint pictures with emotions.
      I don't like this, usually it's propaganda.


    • Tim42

      Increasing the consumption of the slightly radioactive Potassium to your diet may help protect you from Highly radioactive Cesium fall out. The human body self regulates these levels, and at a minimum, such increased consumption will help decrease the biological half-life of any radioactive Cesium you may have consumed.

      Only a tiny fraction of the Potassium is the radioactive K-40 isotope. 0.012% by weight, which is tiny fraction and it has a very long half life 1.25 billion years. The remaining 99.988% of potassium is comprised of stable K-39 and K-41 isotopes.

      Combining those two factors makes Natural Potassium 600 billion times less radioactive than Cs-137 isotope. For Cs-134 that number increases by another 15x to 9 trillion times.

      Now where you might get screwed, is when a banana is grown in a fallout zone(northern hemisphere), it may have bio-accumulated the much deadlier /radioactive Cs-134, and Cs-137 isotopes.

      Thus, I prefer to get my additional potassium, by increasing low or no sodium salts(KCl) in my diet. Where a vast majority of that potassium is mined from ancient seabeds (no man made radioactive isotopes).

  • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

    Edward Morse is not exactly what I'd call a disinterested party. His income and career and professional reputation are dependent on staying in the good graces of the DOE and Dept of Defense.

    From the UCB dept webpage on him:

    "Recent consulting or other non-university activity:

    Reviewer for US Dept. of Energy Small Business Initiative.
    Reviewer for NERI Proposals, U. S. Department of Energy
    Member, International Atomic Energy Agency Coordinated Research Program
    Consultant to: Schlumberger, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
    Associate Editor, Journal of Plasma Physics
    Research: Experimental Irradiation of NIF Optics with 14 Mev Neutrons, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Contract; Accelerator Optics for Heavy IU Fusion, LLNL

    Supported Research
    “Experimental Irradiation of NIF Optics with 14 Mev Neutrons”, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Contract.
    “Accelerator Optics for Heavy IU Fusion”, LLNL"

  • I'm glad this thread has gone bananas. 🙂

    IMO – At least with a banana a person has 'the right to choose' whether or not they want to eat it.

    Right now our/my atmosphere and water sources are being destroyed by the most insidious polluter of all things, radioactive contamination.

    We no longer have a choice? 🙁
    How did that happen?

    Here's a look at what a couple of professors at Berkley had to say early on. They've been filed under the "FORUM: Links to news articles, reports, and posts that contain false or misleading information" on page 1. A rarely used but informational forum.

    Original comment: 232097

    Your Honor. I would like to submit the following statements as proof that many lives could had been saved had these 'experts' spoken the truth. 🙂

    DATE | March 17, 2011
    Radiation fears unfounded, campus expert says:
    UC Berkeley New Center, Media Relations

    DATE | March 22, 2011
    U.S. Safe From Japan Radiation, Berkeley Lab Expert Says

    Page one of the 'Nuclear Playbook Manual' remains the same, page two is still a blank.

  • Fred

    As long as it's not a capital crime to lie about radiation effects, these liars are in no danger of losing their freedom or life from the lies, which will continue, unabated, forever. Exactly like the Global Warming Religion, the Nuclear Religion goes on and on, doctoring the data and documents to keep the cash cows spewing billions for "research" to enrich themselves from the public treasuries of all countries. They've done it their whole lives.

    So far, no whistleblowers of note have come forward to expose the scams, like Climategate we've so conveniently forgotten.

    A Stanford professor coined a new term for the phenomenon, agnotology, culturally-induced ignorance from falsified data. Google it and weep.

    • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

      "As long as it's not a capital crime to lie about radiation effects"

      Heck, here in California you can lie to your heart's content if you are campaigning for / against a ballot initiative. If Monsanto and the Mormons can do it without any repercussions in the midst of our Democratic process…why should we hold the mass media itself to any higher standards?

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      agnotology. But it doesnt have to be falsified data.
      Ice has a compressive strength of only 1500 psi, tensile strength maybe 1/10 that. This is on the order of 1/25 as strong as aluminum. That means airplanes can fly through any hailstorm undamaged. Of course this is not true, but is an example of physics truths producing incorrect conclusions.

  • jackassrig

    If you really want to get laugh, read their dissertations.

  • shamwow shamwow

    Like we are living in a Banana Republic. Oops that might be closer to the truth then we would like to admit.

    Keep the bribes flowing. I will say or write anything.

  • w

    UC Berkeley's Department of Nuclear Engineering is deeply entrenched in the government's nuclear programs, and hence the nuclear industry. It was involved in the Manhattan Project from the onset of the nuclear program.

    • nedlifromvermont

      It's time to put an end to the Manhattan Project! No more federal subsidies, direct or indirect, to a mature industry which cannot survive without this edifice of lies: "nuclear is safe, cheap, necessary, low carbon, strategic, futuristic," or ever even a good idea!!! …. So:

      End nuclear power's life support systems and try and save the future of life on Earth.

      And stuff some bananas in these silly, faux-scientist enablers of a corrupt and fully discredited IAEA, sponsoring an industry which is contaminating, demonstrably, and irrevocably, the planetary biosphere.

      What about an injunction on the nuclear power industry by the World Court in den Haag???

      Do they have any sensible people in the Netherlands anymore?

      Would welcome an invasion from a planetary truth squad.

      NRC is fully discredited as a Propaganda Ministry.

      They do not care about the future. Let them step aside.

      peace …

    • socref

      Actually in the 70s the UC program was non-existent. THe only UC that had nuclear engineering back then was UC Santa Barbara. The Berkeley connection was through the physics department. Nuclear engineering as an academic program is only 50 or so years old.

  • KidIcarus KidIcarus

    For those new to the party, socref is a shill and will hopefully be gone soon. Disregard all the bullshit that spews out of his money-stuffed mouth.


    • socref

      There is no reason to be this way and respond in this manner. Can we all be adult and civil here? Why do you feel the need to lash out like this? Im here for the learning not for the reasons you state. I have just as much right to be here as anyone else.

      • artika rama

        socref ARe you here for learning , really ? so what did you learn for hours and hours you have been here ? enlighten us please>

        • zogerke zogerke

          the 'shill' doth protest too much. for the record for any newcomers quite a few here feel that gent is at best a shill and at worst a gov't operative collecting info on the anti nuke crowd in insidious ways. take heed and keep your wits on. and trust the hairs on the back of your neck.

          • socref

            Im neither a shill nor a government operative. However I am flattered that you would think that of me.

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

              You are a proponent of nuclear technology.

              • socref

                I said earlier I would not comment on my views on nuclear energy. I am concerned that ENE posters will not be tolerant of minority viewpoints. Why is that Anne?

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                  So why are in favor of LENR and thorium reactors?

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                    Liquid Fluoride Throium Reactors. Do I need to cite your comments?

                  • socref

                    LENR is low energy nuclear reactions and LFTR is a promise to solve both the meltdown and nuclear waste issues. I am sure you would appreciate the fact there are potential solutions to safety and waste in an innovative way.

                    Its all about solutions to problems and challenges. I can be interested in LENR and LFTR wihout going all ga ga over nuclear just because they are new and innovative.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                      There are no solutions to safety or nuclear waste. There are only empty promises from the last 70 years. Thorium is not the answer. LENR is also a big failure.

                      But you are obviously pro-nuke as both LENR and thorium reactors are nuclear reactors. Still extremely expensive and we can't have any more radioactive nuclides added to the environment. Every nuclear reactor spews radionuclides into the environment every day under every day operation. And if we don't say no to every promised innovation involving nuclear technology, the planet is doomed. Nuclear is a lOSE-LOSE proposition.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      lessons learned. How embarrassing this statement would be to rational people, who have caused the suffering and death of millions. The one lesson they dont learn is that the most toxic poisons known will harm and kill animals.

                    • harengus_acidophilus


                      "LFTR is a promise to solve both the meltdown and nuclear waste issues."
                      The "promise of promtheus", a tiny little naked ape want to play god. Oh, what a supernatural beeing.


                    • flatsville

                      socref, So glad you decided to stop being coy with your agenda-a subtle pitch for new gen SMRs.

                      But, the future looks bleak for the new, new thing…actually the new "old" thing. We are still trying to clean-up the messes from our last forays into "sodium." Heck, we are still trying to clean up the messes from the Manhattan Project.

                      Perhaps we should clean-up these crime scenes first?

                      I would like nothing more than to put myself out of business and shift gears. You see the writing on the wall – Iowa – but aren't reading it. Concentrate harder. Get ready to shift nuclear gears to…decommissioning.

                      Ratepayers are by and large are refusing to finance new or old gen plants and dedfending the RES on state and fed levels. They don't want to finance their own poisoning.

                • Jebus Jebus

                  For one I think that many would object to being part of your anonymous "project".
                  Two, while you remain anonymous your postings are an opinion, just like everyone else's posts.
                  Until you acknowledge that, I'm pretty sure your gonna have a rough time here.
                  Feel free to back any of your posts up…

                  • socref

                    Im going to remain anonymous for security reasons to my family as you would yours if you were on a site where you held unpopular and minority beliefs.

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      If I really thought that people were erronously causing harm by telling groups a lie, and I had credentials, connections, and data, then yes I would go public like Helen, Arnie, Christopher, John Goffman, and many others…

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      Even Atomic Rod doesn't hide behind a mask…

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                      I haven't heard of any pro-Nukers facing violence. Anti-nukers are against violence. Do you have even one example? Professors haven't been attacked physically, Dr. Cohen has never been attacked physically. Monbiot, etc., etc., are perfectly safe.

                    • harengus_acidophilus


                      "for security reasons to my family"
                      Psycologists say "Your greazest fear is your greatest desire."
                      Your "security reasons" is offending, maybye YOUR first choice is violence, but real humans fighting with their tongue!


                • AllenH AllenH

                  The not commenting point says it all for me. I just skip over his comments. like I did after the second day of reading his material.

        • socref

          I am here for leaning. I learned a great deal today about the human condition.

          • socref

            sp. learning. Sorry for that.

          • They call that a Freudian Slip of the nuker

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            What you should have learned is about nuclear technology and radiation poisoning. And you didn't really learn about the human condition as long as you claim that no one has died yet because of radiation poisoning. Tens of thousands of babies have already died in the US because of Fukushima. Over a million will die in India because of Fukushima. There are many studies correlating radiation and death.

        • socref

          I learned that the minority viewpoint isnt tolerated by commenters as much as people believe it to be. I learned that people would rather document their findings with antinuclear blogs rather than real links of technical value. I learned that there are "preferred" sources that people trust and others that they do not trust. It has to do with their preferences of course.

          I learned that ENE is very tolerant to allow me to research links and comment in a civil manner. As long as I am not breaking any rules, why shouldnt the minority view be allowed?

          I learned that some people are flummoxed by someone with a good education.


          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            Very well stated and it "is" exactly that, an education, that you are receiving right here.

            I would advise that you pay close attention! 🙂

            • KiloCharley KiloCharley

              obewan, and with his education are we not learning for ourselves what to believe?
              I welcome other points of view if only to strengthen or change my own views. If we all sit here with the same view and agree on everything, we learn nothing. If someone suggests something absurd, do we not learn from that? Right or wrong?

              • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                Kilo, I have no problem, since I know what the truth is. 🙂

                I never stated that Nuclear was not a great invention. It simply is not an invention that we here (humans) on this planet can handle at this time. Maybe in a couple hundred years we will be ready, but surely we are not ready now. Accident after accident and exposures to these toxins have killed many of millions from nuclear induced disease and cancers and these numbers are growing in the leaps and bounds based on all scientific data and projections.

                It's the best thing to shut the entire Nuclear Industry down and we should do it right now before it gets anymore out of hand. This is were wisdom at the International Level via legal Word Craft must come in to play.

                They say a picture tells a thousand stories and these pictures we are seeing are Nuclear Nightmares and these types of nightmares should be left outside the Earth's ecosystem/biosphere door.

                We simply must remove this Nuclear Technology from the planet's surface. 🙂

                • KiloCharley KiloCharley

                  Obewan, To be clear, I only ask that freedom of speech be observed here. I never stated that nuclear was not a great invention either, but I will without hesitation! In laymans terms it is 'nest shitting' to the tenth degree.

                • socref

                  Im not here to cheerlead nuclear energy. Im here to learn about Fukushima, fact or whose fiction. Sometimes people hold dear to their sacred cows, like the presumed Fukushima 3 prompt criticality. I for one would like to share something, that is if there is no evidence, why make things up with conjecture just for the sake of fitting a specific world view?

                  There is no reason to believe a prompt criticality if there is no recorded radiation dose spike that is the tell tale "signature".

                  There is no reason to believe uranium in the plume if there is no 185 keV gamma in the spectrographic analysis, the tell tale "signature" of uranium

                  So with this science, who would believe otherwise? Well those that would believe otherwise that is who.

                  • Jebus Jebus

                    What spectrographic analysis?

                    An absence of data proves you dont have any data…

                    Who are you again?

                  • The EPA showed us how much uranium was in the plume, not just a few tons.


                    The plutonium was found as far away as Lithuania


                    And now the USGov is measuring Uranium and Plutonium in the Alaska food chain


                    AND FOIA act shows that 5 people were killed by acute radiation does during the explosion.

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                    In the first place there was that much gamma radiation, and in the second place uranium is an alpha emitter.

                    Where is your source for that reading of gamma as an indicator of uranium? Please refer to all the sources we cited after this same assertion of yours on another thread.

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    socref, are you really here to learn about fukushima? You, the expert who knows more than anyone here?

                    Tell us again how the largest release of the most toxic stuff known to man is without consequence. Its really a eureka moment!
                    Storage or containment of nuclear waste has been solved, and socref should get a Nobel prize for it: just let it all out into the environment since it does no harm…

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      Um, I read where they are still working on making a nuclear reactor not go critical and blow up, like #3 did…

                    • socref

                      Yes. I never said I know more than everyone. What gave you that idea?

                      The most toxic stuff known to man is ebola virus. Instant death I believe. Radiation effects, even from acute doses takes a while to manifest. Maybe a couple days, maybe years. Its all a maybe for stochastic effects.

                      No one said radioactive releases are without consequences. However to exaggerate those consequences without foundation and to speculate wild animal effects without evidence is also not from rational and logical thought.

                      Many are asking if you claim X, then show the evidence for X, not conjecture.

                      Nuclear waste can be solved – we should just burn it in fast neutron reactors and be done with it. Why bury it?

                      I will tell you why they want to bury it. To dig it up later.

                      I would rather they destroy nuclear waste forever. Wouldnt you agree destroying it is better than burying it for some future despot?

                      Common sense should prevail – destroy nuclear waste forever. Dont bury it.

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      Your gettin' it. Try it with both oars…

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      socref, your response about the toxicity of radioactive toxins is disingenuous. You know that nuclear fallout and "waste" are among the most toxic substances. Need I dig out references?

                      Of course you think, and perhaps rightly so, that you know more about the nuclear issue than anyone on this forum. You have as much said so, based on your level of expertise.

                      You have indeed implied that radioactive releases of fukushima have minimal consequence, dwarfed, for example, by the effects of the tsunami, and lacking any "proof" of harm to humans. In fact, scientific field studies have shown a large percent of animals in the region have suffered deformity. Thyroid problems are up astronomically, and this is just the beginning, as you suggest. You say there is no proof, yet there is. Why do you say this? Then you go on to promote thorium reactors or some such pro nuclear stance. Millions of deaths and the tears and turmoil associated with it are a consequence of attitudes like yours. How can you be blind to it? Spend time looking at the deformed babies in Belarus. 80% health went down to 20%, verified scientifically, just for people like you

          • Jebus Jebus

            It's true, learning the reality of how real humans feel, about what nuclear power has done for them, in the last fifty years…

            Is Fukushima Pandoras Promise?

            • socref

              so dont take it out on a minority opinion. Isnt that what humans in a majority try to do? Robin Island was filled with those that held minority opinions that threatened the majority beliefs.

          • LOL you will be banned for lying, like Obama

          • retali8 retali8

            socref, so you twist it all around to your "shill" education, heh, ofcourse you are an expert on nuclear lies and you are trained and paid to do this job.

            • socref

              Im not paid to post my thoughts. I post what I know and what I learned from universities and the like. Thank you.

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                socref, I for one welcome your knowledge. Sincerely I do.

                In fact, you can help with a question; How much deadly radiation was released from Fukushima? You should know. How much plutonium, strontium and cesium are in the environment that werent there before? We need to size up the magnitude of the disaster, and even simple people know that it is not inconsequential. So put some figures to it….you can be useful and appreciated for it.

                • socref

                  Deadly radiation? You mean deadly radioactive particles. Radiation and radioactive particles are two different physical processes. I dont know if plutonium is in the environment since uranium wasnt shown in the plume with the 185 keV spectrographic line. In MOX, pu is attached to UO2. So if there is no evidence for uranium in the plume, why should there be evidence of Pu in the plume?

                  I think there are many web sites that have sized up the magnitudes of the disaster in very technical and verifiable terms. I think it is premature to ask me to perform such a complex calculation at 1:00 in the morning.

                  Hope this helps.

                  • Jebus Jebus

                    Did you ever stop to think that the UC Berkley data might be flawed?
                    After the many, many posts here, verifying, with data, that radionuclides, including plutonium, are scattered all over the planet from Fukushima's three full containment breaches and a equipment pool spent fuel fire?
                    Your still going to deny it?

                  • No that doesnt help, maybe try tomorrow? Thanks!

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    socref, thanks for hanging in. To be honest, your reply didnt help in sizing up the magnitude of the disaster…not very much anyway. We can assume that you believe no plutonium was released since there is no evidence of uranium in the plume which is attached to plutonium in MOX. At least we have it on record that socref believes no plutonium or uranium have been released into the environment. I see that Christina Consolo with credentials at National Institute of Health thinks there has been Iodine, cesium, strontium, plutonium, uranium, and a host of other fission products coming directly from Japan. So do you think that meltdowns and explosions which contained MOX will not release uranium and plutonium?

      • weeman

        If your motives are as you say it must be uncomprehendable to you and total bewilderment?
        No wonder mankind got himself into this predicament.

        • socref

          I am not bewildered by the hostile treatment. Its natural. Its as if I were a vietnam vet returning from the war in the 70s. We know how one segment of society treated them.

          • Jebus Jebus

            Ya, they called that segment, Uncle Sam…

            • socref

              It was hostile to people who just were called to a service. They were called real nasty names like "baby killer" ad hominem. See the parallel? Ad hominem attacks never work.

              • Jebus Jebus

                Did ya ever ponder the fact that, that war was uncalled for? And everyone knew it at the time, but some psycopathic humans determined that we needed to send our children over there, to do their bidding and suffer the consequences, for them…

              • name999 name999

                Many Vietnam vets were leaders in the anti-war movement because they
                saw for themselves what was happening in Vietnam.

                It was Vietnam vets who spoke honestly about war that enabled the fields of health and medicine to better understand and treat the traumatic effects of war and violence.

                We are in a war now, albeit a different kind of war. And we are all veterans of this new war.

  • Ontological Ontological

    First the post threads, next the fight will spread to Wal-Mart, and the supermarkets. Pathetic race we are.

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    Thot this guy was dead already.

  • Socrates

    Nuclear reactor meltdowns are like eating a banana? The people aboard the USS Reagan didn't think so when they all got cancer. The children of Fukushima didn't think so when they all got thyroid cysts and papillary thyroid cancer.

    A nuclear engineer is a guy who is too afraid of blood to be a physician, yet too unfeeling to care about the certainties of meltdowns (except for Arnie Gundersen). Even he thought that he was going to save the world with cheap energy. Now he understands that the costs are too great to justify the energy yield and that human populations are forced to bear the costs of the suffering. A perfect crime since it is impossible to prove where your cancer came from years later.

    Over the next century, the costs of this inevitable catastrophe cannot be calculated in dollars. Millions will get cancer, have weakened immune systems and succumb to opportunistic diseases, have recessive genetic mutations that show up generations later, suffer from learning disabilities, cretinism, stillbirths, spontaneous abortions.

    Shills are not physicians or dysmorphologists. In nuke school they learn formulas and propaganda. They lack a conscience for the most part. Pseudo-Spocks.

    Smithsonian Blog is reporting more plutonium in the stratosphere than they realized (from Chinese and French testing). The killing machine rolls on. On the job learning – Nazi experimentation.

    • Socrates

      The day will come when people wake up to the horrors of what these nuclear crimes have done to the human genome. The Mengeles that perpetrated these crimes against humanity will call themselves "scientists." They will claim that they were "patriots" for protecting freedom and capitalism – better dead than red. They will claim that meltdowns could never happen. Only in "perfect storms" or "if attacked" or there was "human error."

      Meanwhile, there is more plutonium in the stratosphere that trickles down into to the troposphere. They didn't realize this until just recently.

      They didn't know that Hanford would containing the the Columbia River. They did not know why SONGS was vibrating and ready to blow. Maybe these guys are guessing and bullshitter as they go along with some fancy words which confuse uneducated people.

      SONGS endangered 8.5 million people. Fukushima has contaminated at ed the Pacific Ocean. The stratosphere is still contaminated. Where will they stop? How many people do they need to kill?

    • socref

      If its impossible to prove where the cancer came from, why pin it on a source you cant prove? It seems illogical to cherry pick the "carcinogen of the day" as the culprit.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        This is the most unscientific position I've ever heard.

        • socref

          Its directly from the previous post. You have to prove causality. The current epidemiological studies dont confirm this assertion. Its ok though to hold your opinion.


          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            socref my friend, you are wrong, and Socrates is correct! 🙂

            His name should have given you a clue and here is your proof, just take this small sampling and then multiply this sampling by 2053 nuclear bomb tests all over the world! 🙁 Then also follow all the Radiation dump sites/downwind documentation!

            This Nuclear Industry is Exterminating the entire planet! 🙁

            It's only a matter of time now.. 🙁

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              This is the end of such silly arguments… 🙂 You are wrong! 🙁

            • socref

              There are many other biological stressors that are taxing our DNA other than radiation. Low low levels of ionizing radation doesnt compare with the hadronic cosmic ray interactions.

              "Secondary particles such as muons and thermal neutrons produced as a result of hadronic
              interactions of the primary cosmic rays with the atmosphere are able to reach the ground, enhancing the biological radiation dose"


              Our very Earth is our protection.

              Maybe nature is trying to tell us something regarding the shielding of the upper atmosphere.

              Its not about ionizing radiation so much as it is about the extra-terrestial subatomic particles that bombard our atomosphere.

              Our atomosphere is made up of atoms and those atoms are being destroyed not by man made radiation, but man made chemicals.

              The destruction of our atmosphere by either global warming and/or man made progress will increase hadronic interactions at the ground level with our biology.

              This has increased the cancer rates over the past 60 years more so than any nuclear weapons test.

              Petrochemical processing is one thing, fossil fuels are another.

              The gamma energies of Cs-137, Sr-90 are not large enough to break chemical bonds in the atmosphere.

              What is strong enough to alter our atmosphere at a chemical level is CO2 and inorganics.

              As the shielding of our atmosphere lessens we will be more vulnerable.

        • Those nukers are amazing….you cant prove it you cant prove it nan nan na nah nah

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            here is the point about socref; In essence, he maintains that the largest release of the most toxic stuff known to man is benign.

            Socrefs education didnt bring him closer to truth

          • socref

            Proving something requires evidence. Isnt that the rule rather than the exception?

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              You are wrong on this point socref. If I put boiling water into your fish aquarium, it requires no proof that plane old water killed your exotic fish. Its a bad analogy, but the point remains that it is accepted that one of the, if not the largest release of one of the most poisonous materials was, and is being released into the environment. How does it look for a person to claim that it does no harm just because a definitive paper has not been published proving cause and effect? Not good, I can assure you. Socref, why support a deadly practice, it puts a serious blemish on your persona

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                for the persnickety, its obviously 'plain old water', not 'plane ol water'

                More importantly, its obvious that socref adheres to the same simple doctrine of pro nukers; nuclear is safe, fear is our biggest threat, the public is ignorant thus not able to have a logical view, lessons learned can be applied to future nuclear projects, and low level radiation is good for you since it helps repair DNA

            • harengus_acidophilus

              Groovy proving

              "Proving something requires evidence."
              Ok, you've had said: "At unit 3 was no neutron beam detected."
              Can you prove this with evidence?
              Or can you just prove a lack of data?
              That's no evidence!

              Your words: "Proving something requires evidence."


      • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

        socref…"carcinogen of the day"? Why are you downplaying this so much? Have skin in the game?

        • socref

          I have no allegiance to commercial nuclear energy.

          Thank you.

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            socref…thank you for what? You are clearly pro nuclear. Nuclear has been shown to create uninhabitable zones on our finite space ship earth, kill millions, be subject to human and nature induced calamity on a frequent time line, cost an exorbitant amount, and require continual lies to support its business.

            thank you

          • Except for the business it creates

      • Gasser Gasser

        "Wichita Lineman"

        (Jimmy Webb)

        Go here first to get in the rhythm


        There are Shillmen for Pro Nuker's~~~they search the web's road

        Searchin' in there smoky cubicles~~~for truths heavy load.

You hear them lying through the wires, you can hear them by their repetitive whine
And the Witches lying men~~~are puke Shill's on the line.

        I know they need a knockout vacation~~~they don't have a brain
And when it snows Actinides in their parking lot~~~they won't stand the Radioactive strain.

And they need us more than want us~~~and need the truth for all time

        And the Witches lying men~~~are puke Shill's on the line.

        I am a poster on enenews~~~and I search it's posting load

        Searchin' for another~~~Pro Nuke bullshiter overload

        And 'll piss'em off more than they like~~~and
        I'll do it for all time

        And the Witches lying men~~~will get bumped off the line

        ~Gasser Classic~

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        socref, lack of definitive, court approved proof does not mean radionuclides dont harm. It could be a lack of academic rigor. Or even suppression of information. If I deluged your house with a known toxin….say aconite. Aconite leaves only one post-mortem sign, that of asphyxia. So its impossible to say someone didnt die of other causes of asphyxia. But you know that I inundated your property with aconite… You cant prove in court that your family died because of aconite, but its logical to assume that they did. Is this not true? Now the person who argues that just because they released aconite into your living space doesnt mean it harmed anyone, is almost the same as socref maintaining that the largest release of the most toxic poison didnt hurt anyone, because there is lack of forensic evidence. This is precisely why people hold you in contempt.

  • zogerke zogerke

    friends, please try and stop feeding the troll.

  • eatliesndie eatliesndie

    good grief!! Not only does his verbal diarrhea smell real bad, but the photo of Morse tells a thousand words. Or no words at all…

  • For those new to ENENews, Welcome! Aside from the above posts, a quick catch-up guide to shills and trolls. Have fun!

    For those who do know and are here wanting to share Fukushima, the following Japan Radiation Citizen Memos are designed to be widely shared everywhere in your local and internet communities. All citizens need to know about Fukushima, especially those with children expecting to have children.

    Find bulletin boards in your local area and post on social websites. Share with your local/state leaders.
    Please, Tell the People.

    Japan Radiation Memo to All Citizens PDF

    Japan Radiation Memo in JPEG (for social media upload)

    Vital1's Radiation Memo to Parents

    Information to your "leaders"

    Doesn't take much. A printer. Scissors. Thumbtacks. A stamp. For some, only a computer. And simple motivation to share your care.

    Also, please "like" and "share" ENENews throughout your use of social media

    For those wishing to personally confront radiation

    Please and Thank You for Telling the People. Aloha


  • Nick


    If Fukushima isn't responsible for the elevated levels in CA, then what is?

    Second question: How can California produce organic anything? Or are we going to eliminate radioactive readings in determining certified OG produce?

    • sweet pea sweet pea

      those canisters of radioactive waste found near the Farallon Islands have been leaking for decades. The Wall Street Journal recently reported finding Plutonium. I believe the University is totally corrupt. They're in bed with the bomb makers.

    • Pete

      What do you mean eliminate? I wasnt aware that organic certification requires any radiological testing, just like all other food that isnt tested.

      They cant really test food without turning it to ash so the internal liquid doesnt block radiation and then spectrographing the ash. So in reality there is no actual "testing", best case just limited sample spot checking, and they dont even do that. Organic foods can be radioactive, especially if we dont know it.

      I actually assume the mega corps are indeed testing for radioactive contamination and buying those products at a windfall, then mixing it with uncontaminated foods to lower the baseline, it all getting ground up the same anyway. And as they would say, Prove otherwise. Anything a megacorp can get away with to make a couple cents on the dividend is holy in the church of capitalism.

      People are only tools for profit, and the governments primary goal is not to protect its people but the continuation of governance.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks


  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    Since I don't even have the time to pore through my ENE peers responses to the CBS aka Westinghouse piece of disinformation trash being propagated to the ignoramus's gullible enough to swallow this and all the other new cesium-encrusted bullshit being spoon-fed to John Q. Public in the nuke-puke/govt.'s recently elevated anti-truth campaign initiated to prevent the logical,panic-stricken responses that should be being displayed by the larger portion of society currently with their heads in the sand or up the perpetrators asses(in the cases of those with vested interests in their filthy,homicidal-toxic,untamed,crap industry/technology possibly undertaken to counter the accurate,so-far honest & valid reports & assessments being made in at least the 1st two episodes of the 6-part series on Aljazeera's "America Tonight" titled "Return To Fukushima" that is airing Part #3 tonight @ 9pm CDT,and has been very helpful towards my mission/effort to at least allow those I care about to know what has(is)happening[ed] & how they can adapt to The New World Odor & what it means to those who have/are/will be impacted/sickened/killed by it sooner & later. I'm reserving my thoughts & feelings re; the ongoing "America Tonight" series focused on Fuku-Ichi until the finale,when it will be interesting to see what & who-by the closing comments are & if they reveal the same dire data & findings we see right here on good ol'ENEnews(?)! 😉 …so far so good…*TTYL ALL*

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      p.s.,yes I might've just posted the second-longest sentence on record here on ENEnews & yes I'm pissed-off & feeling much loathing for the sub-species of nuclear scum who brought me to this anxious,angry,depressing,hopeless state of mind-but I make no apologies for my response to 311 & all the foul updates on the true situation in Japan @ the release/event site & the rest of us downwind of the spewing shitpile blowing its smegma into & across the Pacific Ocean & beyond…how SHOULD I react??!!! 😐 TAKE CARE ALL,I gotta gtf outta here now…

  • MVB Michael Van Broekhoven

    Potassium-40 vs Cesium-137
    new blogpost:

    In short: 150 Bq Cs-137 is health-hazardous, while 150 Bq* K-40 is RECOMMENDED for health. What is up with these "experts"? All too often not that hard to debunk their bs.

    (And if you're misinterpretation-prone, start here: why I oppose nuclear energy (5 reasons): )